Our Days is a Thai BL series about two university students who feud over a stolen kiss.

Our Days is a Thai BL series about two university students who become enemies after a drunken night together. The main character cannot forgive his acquaintance over a stolen kiss. The other protagonist is apologetic and seeks forgiveness, but hostility continues brewing between them. Their relationship turns complicated once they must live in the same house as roommates.

If you have the patience, Our Days is a slow-burning drama that takes time to develop. Each episode quietly explores intimate emotions, thoughtful introspection, and character growth. However, fans may feel bored by the mundane plot or the tepid romance. Also, the narrative makes several storytelling missteps in the second half, ruining the momentum for the rest of the series.

Our Days BL Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


School romance


Our Days is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Mon and Soh are in the basketball court.

Mon travels away from home for his first year of university. He plans to live with his friend Pond, whose uncle offers free boarding. However, Mon follows the wrong address and accidentally ends up at a stranger's home. He meets Soh, the resident of the luxury loft. Despite the mix-up, Soh is hospitable and allows Mon to stay for the day.

Mon and Soh spend the night drinking. Soh becomes drunk and accidentally kisses his acquaintance. While Mon is mortified by the kiss, Soh does not recall what happened. Later, they meet at the university campus. Soh is surprised by Mon's sudden hostility around him. Mon accuses Soh of inappropriate conduct. His partner is apologetic and claims the kiss isn't intentional. Nonetheless, Mon never wants to see Soh again.

Mon and Pond decide to move away from the uncle's place. Instead, they chip in the rent with their friends, Fame, Jean, and Tiger. In an ironic twist of fate, Mon discovers Soh is a mutual acquaintance and one of his new roommates. Soh is remorseful about what happened between them and asks to make amends. He desperately wants them to have a fresh start, as if the drunken kiss never happened. Yet, Soh continues to act standoffish, leading to awkward tensions around the house.

Mon used to love playing basketball, the sport his father introduced. However, Mon fell out of love with the sport recently. He refuses to apply for the school's team. A part of his disinterest stems from his high school rival, Tack, who received the basketball scholarship over him. Tack and Mon attend the same school, becoming adversaries. Mon's rival constantly taunts him about not being a good enough player for the campus team.

While living together, Soh becomes curious about Mon's past. Soh meets Mon's younger brother Micky, an energetic high school student. Micky reveals his older sibling's struggles. Beneath Mon's cold exterior, he is wounded and vulnerable. In addition, Soh meets Saint, a popular basketball player from another school. Saint shares a mysterious past with Mon and seems strangely fond of him. Soh wonders about their ambiguous relationship.

Our Days Cast



Gap Narongkorn Arunraktham (แก๊ป ณรงค์กร อรุณรักษ์ธรรม)

Mon is portrayed by the Thai actor Gap Narongkorn Arunraktham (แก๊ป ณรงค์กร อรุณรักษ์ธรรม).

Mon is a first-year university student. He leaves his hometown for the first time and lives with his friend Pond. Later, they move into a house and split the rent with mutual acquaintances. Mon used to love playing basketball. However, he lost passion for the sport. Mon has become lost and depressed, uncertain what to do with his life.

Gap Narongkorn Arunraktham

Gap Narongkorn Arunraktham (แก๊ป ณรงค์กร อรุณรักษ์ธรรม) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 14, 2001.

Gap Narongkorn Arunraktham (แก๊ป ณรงค์กร อรุณรักษ์ธรรม) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 14, 2001. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Our Days.


Mhing Thatsaphon Ruengkitrattanakun (หมิง ทัศน์พล เรืองกิจรัตนกุล)

Soh is portrayed by the Thai actor Mhing Thatsaphon Ruengkitrattanakun (หมิง ทัศน์พล เรืองกิจรัตนกุล).

Soh is a senior university student. He comes a well-to-do background and lives in a fancy loft. However, he moves into the same house with Mon and becomes his roommate. Soh enjoys playing music. He is a part of a band with his friends Q, Amy, and Tan.

Mhing Thatsaphon Ruengkitrattanakun

Mhing Thatsaphon Ruengkitrattanakun (หมิง ทัศน์พล เรืองกิจรัตนกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 21, 1995.

Mhing Thatsaphon Ruengkitrattanakun (หมิง ทัศน์พล เรืองกิจรัตนกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 21, 1995. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Our Days.


Offroad Kantapon Jindataweephol (ออฟโรด กันตภณ จินดาทวีผล)

Saint is portrayed by the Thai actor Offroad Kantapon Jindataweephol (ออฟโรด กันตภณ จินดาทวีผล).

Saint is a university student who goes to a different school than Mon. However, they used to share a mysterious past. Saint is a talented basketball player, viewed as one of the best in his facility. His father is the team coach, although they don't have a great relationship. Saint is famous on campus and has many adoring fans.

Offroad Kantapon Jindataweephol

Offroad Kantapon Jindataweephol (ออฟโรด กันตภณ จินดาทวีผล) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 4, 2000.

Offroad Kantapon Jindataweephol (ออฟโรด กันตภณ จินดาทวีผล) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 4, 2000. His first BL project is Our Days (2022). He is the star of Love in Translation (2023). He also had a small role in Rak Diao (2022). Offroad is a member of LAZ1, a Thai boy group.

Supporting Cast

Pond is portrayed by the Thai actor Poon Mitpakdee (ปูน มิตรภักดี)..


Poon Mitpakdee (ปูน มิตรภักดี)

Fame is portrayed by the Thai actor Yang Petchtechin Sriratnapan (หยาง เพชรเตชินธ์ ศริรัตนพรรณ).


Yang Petchtechin Sriratnapan (หยาง เพชรเตชินธ์ ศริรัตนพรรณ)

Jeab is portrayed by the Thai actor Year Chotritud Wannaworrawit (เยียร์ โชติทัศน์ วรรณวรวิทย์).


Year Chotritud Wannaworrawit (เยียร์ โชติทัศน์ วรรณวรวิทย์)

Tiger is portrayed by the Thai actor Putter Phubase Pratumrat (พัตเตอร์ ภูเบศ ประทุมรัตน์).


Putter Phubase Pratumrat (พัตเตอร์ ภูเบศ ประทุมรัตน์)

Micky is portrayed by the Thai actor Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak (คอปเปอร์ ภูริวัจน์ โชติรัตนศักดิ์).


Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak (คอปเปอร์ ภูริวัจน์ โชติรัตนศักดิ์)

Mon's mom raises her two sons on her own.

Mon's mom

Tonaoy Pintira Singhaseem (ต้นอ้อย ปิณฑิรา สิงหเสม)

Q is portrayed by the Thai actor Pide Monthapoom Sumonvarangkul (ไปป์ มนธภูมิ สมนวรางกูร).


Pide Monthapoom Sumonvarangkul (ไปป์ มนธภูมิ สมนวรางกูร)

Amy is portrayed by the Thai actress Olive Thitichaya Chiwpreecha (โอลีฟ ฐิติชญา ชิวปรีชา).


Olive Thitichaya Chiwpreecha (โอลีฟ ฐิติชญา ชิวปรีชา)

Tan is portrayed by the Thai actor New Akaravin Nanthipat (นิว อัครวินท์ นันทิพัฒน์).


New Akaravin Nanthipat (นิว อัครวินท์ นันทิพัฒน์)

Coach Ryu is Mon's basketball coach.

Coach Ryu

Tack is portrayed by the Thai actor Mew Pittinun Jariyavilaskul (มิว พืตตินันท์ จริยวิลาศกุล).


Mew Pittinun Jariyavilaskul (มิว พืตตินันท์ จริยวิลาศกุล)

Padlom is portrayed by the Thai actor Rew Passakon Niyatiwatchonchai (ริว ภาสกร นิยติวัฒน์ชาญชัย).


Rew Passakon Niyatiwatchonchai (ริว ภาสกร นิยติวัฒน์ชาญชัย)

Angpao is portrayed by the Thai actor Nut Traipat Wuthibowornnant (นัท ตรัยพัทธ์ วุฒิบวรนันท์).


Nut Traipat Wuthibowornnant (นัท ตรัยพัทธ์ วุฒิบวรนันท์)

Tim is portrayed by the Thai actor Zax Nattapat Suthisawan (แซ็ก ณัฐภัทร สุกธิสวรรค์).


Zax Nattapat Suthisawan (แซ็ก ณัฐภัทร สุกธิสวรรค์)

Saint doesn't have a good relationship with his dad.

Saint's dad

Soh is close with his mother.

Soh's mom

Shinee is one of the players Amy recruited on her basketball team.


Smiley is one of the basketball players Amy recruited for her team.


Arthur Nattawut (อาร์เธอร์ ณัฐวุฒิ)

Kung is portrayed by the Thai actor Mon Varakorn Waruncharoentham (ม่อน วรากร วรุณเจริญธรรม).


Mon Varakorn Waruncharoentham (ม่อน วรากร วรุณเจริญธรรม)

Fame has a turbulent relationship with his girlfriend.

Fame's girlfriend

Tan's girlfriend is also Soh's cousin.

Tan's girlfriend

Cast Highlights

  • The actor who portrays Saint (Offroad) is the lead of the 2023 BL series Love in Translation. He plays a bubbly and youthful character who runs a general goods store.
  • Pond's actor (Poon) has a supporting role in the 2023 Thai BL drama Shadow.
  • Micky's actor (Copper) is one of the leads in the 2023 horror BL series Dead Friend Forever.
  • Tan's actor (New) stars in the 2019 BL drama Missing Piece. Angpao's actor (Nut) has a supporting role in the 2023 sports series Twins. He plays one of the volleyball team players.
  • The actor who portrays Tim (Zax) appears in the 2023 BL series 7 Days Before Valentine in a supporting role. He portrays one of the love interests.

Our Days Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Mon and Saint used to be high school classmates.

Our Days is an unconventional BL drama because it goes against the standard formula in the genre. Many other series make a loud splash with surreal plots, snappy dialogue, or sensationalist twists. In contrast, this story avoids flashiness and tries to be as ordinary as possible. The leads are regular guys instead of your typical twinks or pretty boys. Our Days cherishes authenticity, portraying a down-to-earth narrative that can happen in the real world. It strives for rawness and realism, although sometimes unsuccessfully.

This series has a different rhythm than most BL dramas. The story is slow, quiet, and mundane, unlike the sleek, sexy, and fast-paced romances prevalent in the genre. It takes ample time to advance the plot, develop the characters, and explore their motivations. The protagonists go on long journeys of growth and self-discovery. If you have patience, the narrative builds to precious moments of introspection. However, I suspect many fans won't respond well to the dull pacing. Our Days is too much of a slow burn and doesn't offer enough excitement to hold your attention.

As much as I appreciate the thoughtful story, Our Days starts to drag in the second half. It makes a few mistakes in the last few episodes. Firstly, the romance stalls for too long. There was a perfect time for the characters to become an official couple, but the series missed that window of opportunity. The relationship stagnates when the narrative needs a fresh boost of new storylines. Secondly, Soh's behaviour becomes aggravating. I liked him before due to his character's kind personality. However, he turns insensitive and needlessly cruel, losing all my goodwill toward him.

Episode 4 introduces Saint, my favourite character in Our Days. For starters, the actor (Offroad) looks sharp on camera with an abundance of shirtless scenes. In addition, Saint brings seduction, emotional drama, and an air of intrigue. He's like a breath of fresh air in a series low on energy. Saint is supposed to be in a love triangle with the leads. However, the storyline doesn't work. I find Saint more appealing than Soh in every aspect, including personality, looks, backstory, and compatibility. It perplexes me why Mon pines for Soh when he has a much better alternative.

Our Days features an unknown cast, many newbies without prior screen experience. The leads aren't dreadful, but they lack the charisma to carry the series alone. Mon's actor (Gap) doesn't have the range to portray a tsundere character. He may not be the best fit for this role. His costar (Mhing) is okay, yet he doesn't share sparks or chemistry with his partner. Both get outshined by several supporting cast members, particularly Offroad. I also enjoy the perky actor who portrays Pond (Poon). Plus, Coach Ryu is delightful and livens up the basketball scenes.

Overall, I like how Our Days offers a calm, pensive story that feels distinctive in the landscape of BL. I enjoy the subdued drama, delicate emotions & intimate character journeys. The unhurried pace doesn't bother me, but I know others will complain it's dull. Yet, I don't feel passionate after finishing this series. Fatigue sets in during the last few aimless episodes, enough to dampen my interest. Our Days also suffers because it's missing the traditional BL magic. It lacks the bold plots, the juicy romance, and the exciting thrills that make this genre entertaining to watch.


Thoughtful story

Our Days has a quiet, thoughtful story. It explores delicate emotions, intimate introspection, and lengthy character arcs. However, some viewers may not enjoy the slow pacing or the ordinary plots.

Slow romance

The romance takes too long to develop and stagnates instead of moving forward. Also, Soh behaves cruelly in the second half. I prefer Saint, who is a more appealing love interest for Mon.

Ordinary acting

Unfortunately, the inexperienced leads don't exude enough charisma to carry the series alone. They also don't share chemistry with each other. I like the actors who portray Saint (Offroad) & Pond (Poon).

Sad ending

Our Days has a sad ending that depicts realistic consequences for Mon and Soh's romance. My favourite moment in the finale is the emotional chat between Saint and his dad.

Atmospheric artistry

This series thrives on a calm, cozy atmosphere. Some visuals look beautiful, highlighted by thoughtful scene composition. You can tell much love and care are put into polishing the production.


Our Days is a slow BL drama that favours quiet, mundane moments. The leads go on long journeys of self-discovery, which may bore the viewers. The series lacks a juicy romance, which drags near the end.

Our Days Episodes

Episode Guide

Saint and Tim are on the same basketball team.

Our Days has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 55 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 11 hours. Our Days started on February 18, 2022 and ended on May 13, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I like the intriguing conflict between the main characters, exploring the boundaries of a drunken kiss. The twist at the end of the episode is clever, adding depth to the relationship dynamic.

Episode 2

Our Days handles the conflict between Mon and Soh well, showing both perspectives. I like how sincere Soh is about apologizing and making amends. Yet, I respect Mon's decision not to forgive him.

Episode 3

Dedicating an entire episode to a basketball game isn't my favourite. However, I like the bonding scenes between Mon and Soh. It's nice to see them getting along after their rough start.

Episode 4

I like seeing how the leads bond over lollipops at the start of the episode. So far, I'm intrigued by Saint's character. This seductive minx brings a sense of danger and a mysterious aura around him.

Episode 5

I like learning Mon's backstory in this episode. That intimate chat between Mon & Sho by the sea is well-done. However, I'm not a massive fan of the pointless antics with the other roommates.

Episode 6

Saint's actor (Offroad) looks so sharp on camera. He makes up for the lost charisma the leads don't have. Instead of the love triangle, I wish Our Days added a secondary romance with his character.

Episode 7

OMG. Wow, that ending shocked me. Why does Soh reject Mon!? That doesn't make sense! I thought we reached a breakthrough with Mon reciprocating his romantic feelings. Why, Soh, why!?

Episode 8

Screw Soh. This guy had his chance with Mon, and he blew it. Honestly, I prefer Mon and Saint together more. Saint is so compatible with Mon. He's a better love interest than mopey Soh.

Episode 9

Do we need to dedicate an episode to Mon's brother? I'm not a fan of the bond between Micky and Q. This episode feels like a diversion when the plot should focus on Mon and Soh's drama.

Episode 10

OMG, Soh's behaviour is awful. His actions at the bar are needlessly cruel. He hurts Mon way more than just telling him the real reason. Screw Soh so much. I'm completely rooting for Mon and Saint!

Episode 11

While I'm happy Mon and Soh are finally together, I don't care about this couple anymore. I'm suffering from fatigue. The story has dragged on for too long, and I lost enthusiasm for the characters.

Episode 12

I love Saint's chat with his dad. "Remember you're the reason for this team's defeat" is a powerful line. Honestly, I don't care Mon & Soh aren't together. Pond has the best ending in the epilogue lmao~

Our Days BL Information


Atime26 is a Thai BL studio. It has produced the 2022 drama Our Days, which is its first BL project.

Atime26 is a Thai BL studio. It has produced the 2022 drama Our Days, which is its first BL project. Its other series includes Love in Translation (2023).


Kyo Thanate Limchaloen (เกี๊ยว ธเนศ ลิ้มเจริญ) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Our Days. He also directed some of the stories in Club Sapan Fine (2020) and Club Sapan Fine 2 (2022), an anthology series with gay characters.

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