Sky in Your Heart – Series Review & Ending Explained

Sky in Your Heart is a Thai BL series about a doctor and a volunteer teacher who meet at a rural village.

Sky in Your Heart is the spin-off of the Thai BL series Star in My Mind. The main character is a doctor who must do community service after his drunken car accident. The protagonist arrives at a rural village, where he clashes with a volunteer teacher over a lousy first impression. As they work past the early misunderstandings, the leads form a bond despite their personality differences.

Although Sky in Your Heart is technically a sequel, you'll understand the plot without knowledge of Star in My Mind. This series improves over its predecessor with better storytelling, charming characters, and a more exciting relationship dynamic. Most of the romantic journey is a delightful experience, even if the ending deteriorates into a sloppy mess.

Sky in Your Heart Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Sky in Your Heart is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Fah and Prince are coworkers at a rural village.

Fah is a charming young doctor dedicated to his job. He used to have a seven-year relationship with his girlfriend. However, she felt alienated by his workaholic nature and broke up with him. Since then, Fah can't commit to another long-term partner. He fills the emotional void with a streak of casual hook-ups.

Fah's ex-girlfriend is getting married. He attends her wedding, hoping to deal with their breakup gracefully and maturely. Yet, he is miserable and spends the night drinking too much alcohol. Despite his impaired state, Fah drives his friends home and accidentally crashes the car. He is lucky nobody injured themselves in the accident.

The court sentenced Fah and his friends to community service after the DUI. The three guys arrived at a remote village in the countryside. This location is so off-the-grid that it barely has a phone signal. Fah volunteers as a doctor for the villagers. Meanwhile, his buddy Mesa works at the school, while JJ helps with various maintenance errands.

Initially, Fah isn't used to the shabby conditions of the village. He misses his creature comforts from the city. Fah also clashes with Prince, a young volunteer teacher. Prince thinks the doctor is only here to goof off and doesn't take his work diligently. Fah has considered leaving for a more comfortable job in an urban area. He stays behind after Prince recognizes Fah's sincerity and changes his perception of the newcomer.

Prince and Fah improve their relationship after working past the early misunderstandings. Nonetheless, they still butt heads over their personality differences. Fah's mischievous cheekiness often rubs Prince the wrong way. Meanwhile, Mesa has a crush on Prince, his coworker at school. Mesa relies on his friends as matchmakers. Even though Fah develops an interest in Prince, he's concerned about his friend's feelings and hesitates to make an advance.

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Sky in Your Heart Cast



Mek Jirakit Thawornwong (เมฆ จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์)

Fah is portrayed by the Thai actor Mek Jirakit Thawornwong (เมฆ จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์).

Fah is a charming doctor who devotes himself to his job. Unfortunately, his girlfriend thought he was a workaholic and broke up with him. Her recent marriage sent him into a downward spiral, and he got into a drunken car accident after her wedding. Fah lives with his younger brother, Dao. The two siblings have a close relationship.

Mek Jirakit Thawornwong

Mek Jirakit Thawornwong (เมฆ จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 28, 1994.

Mek Jirakit Thawornwong (เมฆ จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 28, 1994. His first BL project is the 2019 series, Dark Blue Kiss. He is the star of the 2022 drama, Sky in Your Heart. He has a supporting role in Star in My Mind.


Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์)

Prince is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์).

Prince is a young volunteer teacher in a rural village. Thanks to his work ethic and kind personality, he is beloved among the children. Prince initially clashes with Fah, the overconfident doctor from the city. Their relationship improves after a lousy first impression. Prince comes from an unusual family background, which he hides from the villagers.

Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon

Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 15, 1997.

Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 15, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Sky in Your Heart. He also appears in the companion series, Star in My Mind. Mark has a supporting role in the 2023 drama, Cherry Magic.

Supporting Cast

Dao is portrayed by the Thai actor Dunk Natachai Boonprasert (ดัง ณัฎฐ์ฐชัย บุญประเศริฐ).


Dunk Natachai Boonprasert (ดัง ณัฎฐ์ฐชัย บุญประเศริฐ)

Kluen is portrayed by the Thai actor Joong Archen Aydin (จุง อาเชน ไอย์ดึน).


Joong Archen Aydin (จุง อาเชน ไอย์ดึน)

Mesa is portrayed by the Thai actor Arm Weerayut Chansook (อาร์ม วีรยุทธ จันทร์สุข).


Arm Weerayut Chansook (อาร์ม วีรยุทธ จันทร์สุข)

JJ is portrayed by the Thai actor Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit (ไมค์ ชินรัฐ สิริพงษ์ชวลิต).


Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit (ไมค์ ชินรัฐ สิริพงษ์ชวลิต)

Yayan is portrayed by the Thai actress Prigkhing Sureeyares Yakares (พริกขิง สุรีย์ญะเรศ ยะคะเรศ).


Prigkhing Sureeyares Yakares (พริกขิง สุรีย์ญะเรศ ยะคะเรศ)

The village chief is portrayed by the Thai actor Lift Supoj Janjareonborn (สุพจน์ จันทร์เจริญ).


Lift Supoj Janjareonborn (สุพจน์ จันทร์เจริญ)

Oua is portrayed by the Thai actor Toptap Jirakit Kuariyakul (จิรกิตติ์ คูอาริยะกุล).


Toptap Jirakit Kuariyakul (จิรกิตติ์ คูอาริยะกุล)

Sompor is one of the children that Prince teaches.


Wee-ah is one of the children that Prince teaches.


Uncle Phang is one of the villagers.

Uncle Phang

Sincere is portrayed by the Thai actor Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​).


Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​)

Prince is close with his mom.

Prince's mom

May is Fah's ex-girlfriend.


Gong is the village pig.


Cast Highlights

  • Dao and Kluen's actors (Dunk and Joong) starred in Star in My Mind, the prequel of Sky in Your Heart. The first series aired earlier in the year.
  • Fah's actor (Mek) appeared in various Thai dramas, including Dark Blue Kiss (2019) and The Player (2021). Meanwhile, the actor who portrays Prince (Mark) is a supporting character in the 2023 remake of Cherry Magic Thailand.
  • You may have recognized Mesa's actor (Arm) from numerous Thai series, including Water Boyy (2017), Friend Zone 2 (2020), and 55:15 Never Too Late (2021).
  • The actors portraying JJ and Oua (Mike and Toptap) appeared together in Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), and Tonhon Chonlatee (2020). They also featured in Our Skyy (2018).
  • Sincere's actor (Napat) starred in the 2020 Thai BL series My Gear and Your Gown. He also had a supporting role in the 2022 drama Enchanté.

Sky in Your Heart Review


Drama Review Score: 7.7

Fah and Prince embrace each other.

The similarities between Sky in Your Heart and A Tale of Thousand Stars are undeniable. This series resembles the hit BL drama last year, from the rural setting to the redemption story. I shouldn't call it a knockoff, but GMMTV has a clear agenda and wants to replicate the successful formula. Let's recycle everything the fans loved and make tiny tweaks to the details! Surprisingly, duplicating the same plot twice works. Sky in Your Heart is an excellent imitation with many appealing qualities.

Sky in Your Heart is delightful to watch with a healthy mix of drama, comedy, and romance. Although it won't win points for originality, the storyline is engaging. The early episodes highlight topics about culture shock, personality clashes, and moving on after a heartbreak. The series maintains a playful and easygoing vibe while exploring these thoughtful themes. Thankfully, the charming characters, amusing scenarios, and mischievous humour keep the mood lighthearted. 

The leads begin their romance with a feud, but the animosity isn't intense or mean-spirited. Fah's cheekiness and Prince's sassiness create a lively rapport between them. As their bond develops, the funny banter transitions smoothly into flirty exchanges through a comfortable relationship journey. My complaint is that some BL moments seem too engineered. Let's dial down those cheesy scenes of the leads making googly eyes with overdramatic soundtracks. I'm also not a fan of the secondary pair. The Dao and Kluen fanservice feels irrelevant to the plot.

I adore Fah's actor (Mek), whose boundless enthusiasm translates on screen. Sky in Your Heart is an excellent vehicle for his natural charisma, allowing him to show off his roguish charms. The performer is perky and larger than life while immersing himself fully in the role. His costar (Mark) is more mild-mannered, but the two leads share cozy chemistry. You can champion their genuine connection easily. In addition, I like Mesa's actor (Arm) among the supporting cast. He's bubbly and makes a memorable impression whenever Fah interacts with his friends.

Sky in Your Heart has a solid start and continues the momentum for a while. However, the series never digs deep enough into its narrative themes. It's missing the level of emotional sophistication that makes A Tale of Thousand Stars so compelling. Likewise, there are too many exes, love triangles, and superfluous rivals. Does the storyteller have any better subplots than rehashing tired relationship drama all the time? Generally, Sky in Your Heart suffers from a lack of creativity. It borrows a few interesting ideas from other series and coasts along to the end.

Even though Sky in Your Heart has a happy ending, that last episode is a sloppy mess. The leads behave uncharacteristically, the conflict seems irrational, and the resolution is laughably contrived. I'm sorry to say, but this drama loses its magic after departing from the countryside setting. Despite the disappointing finale, it doesn't underdo the enjoyable parts of the story. Overall, Sky in Your Heart has been cute, cheerful, and casually entertaining. This spin-off is a striking improvement over Star in My Mind, and I consider it a satisfying BL series.


Engaging story

Sky in Your Heart borrows many similar narrative elements from A Tale of Thousand Stars. Despite the resemblance, the story is still enjoyable, engaging, and entertaining.

Comfortable romance

Fah and Prince have a delightful romance. Their funny banner in the beginning transitions into flirty exchanges. They share a lively rapport with a balance of humour, sentimentality, and intimacy.

Cheerful acting

Fah's actor (Mek) is irresistibly charming in this role. His performance exudes a natural charisma, boundless enthusiasm, and a roguish cheekiness that makes him endearing.

Happy ending

Sky in Your Heart has a happy ending for the main characters after they depart the village. Even though the last episode is sloppy, the series ends with satisfying closure.

Beautiful artistry

This drama is filmed beautifully in a scenic outdoor setting with a casual and relaxing ambiance. There are many BL-friendly visuals to accentuate the romance throughout the series.


Sky in Your Heart is a lighthearted series with charming leads, playful humour, and a cozy romance. Although it borrows ideas from other BL dramas, the familiar storyline plays out delightfully.

Sky in Your Heart Episodes

Episode Guide

Fah and Prince ride a bicycle on their outdoor date.

Sky in Your Heart has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 6 hours. There are also behind-the-scenes footage for every episode. Sky in Your Heart aired its first episode on June 3, 2022 and finished on July 22, 2022.

Sky in Your Heart is the spin-off series to Star in My My Mind, which aired on April 8, 2022 and finished on May 27, 2022. A special episode for both dramas was released on July 29, 2022. The special is a lighthearted follow-up, depicting the two leading couples on a resort getaway.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Prince doesn't have a good first impression of Fah.

Fah arrives at a rural village with his friends, Mesa and JJ. The trio must complete their community service in this remote location after their involvement in a drunken car accident. Fah is a volunteer doctor, Mesa works as a teacher, and JJ runs errands as a maintenance officer. These city slickers have a tough time adjusting to the heat, cuisine, and run-down conditions. They miss their urban lifestyles.

Fah meets the village chief, his daughter Yayah, and a volunteer teacher named Prince. Prince is their tour guide to the village. However, he has a poor first impression of the newcomers, especially Fah. He sees Fah oversleeping, drinking with his friends, and skipping his medical duties. Prince chastises the doctor for not taking his responsibilities seriously. However, Mesa comes to Fah's defence. In the past, Fah was too much of a workaholic, causing his long-term girlfriend to break up with him. He got drunk at her wedding and crashed the car.

After learning the backstory, Prince sympathizes with the doctor and realizes he isn't a bad guy. Initially, Fah wanted to leave the village and find a new community service job in the city. However, Prince and the schoolchildren work hard to clean the messy clinic. Fah is touched by their welcoming gestures and decides to stay in the village after all. The episode ends with Prince maintaining a tough stance against him, but Fah gives a cheeky and flirtatious response.

Episode 1 Review
Fah and Prince don't have a great relationship when they first meet.

Sky in Your Heart is the spin-off to Star in My Mind, but I watched the first season without knowing about the sequel. Back then, I felt pretty bored with Dao & Kluen's romance. One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was, "I wish I could watch a series about the brother instead." Fah was a likeable side character, making me intrigued about him. Imagine my pleasant surprise to learn that Sky in Your Heart exists, and it focuses on Dao's brother! GMMTV's marketing gimmick worked for me. I responded positively before even starting the spin-off.

My first impression is this series blatantly rips off A Tale of Thousand Stars. The premise, the characters, and the locations are almost copied and pasted. A few details are different, but I can't overlook the many similarities. The story takes place after a car accident, the lead is a volunteer teacher, and the setting is a rural village. If both dramas didn't come from the same studio, I would've cried plagiarism. After the immediate gut instinct, the resemblances didn't bother me that much. Surprisingly, I liked watching a repeat of the same plot with little variations here and there.

There are too many instances of Fah and Prince staring into each other's eyes. The background music is also disproportionately overdramatic. Like, it's the first episode, and the leads barely know each other. I understand the series wants to emphasize their connection, but can we dial down the theatrics? These BL moments go so overboard that they come across as corny instead of romantic.

Episode 2

Fah helps Prince after he falls unconscious.

Mesa has developed a crush on Prince, speaking admirably about his many positive qualities. Mesa, Fah, and JJ follow Prince for a while, and the teacher seems popular with all the villagers. However, Fah remains skeptical and believes the perfect teacher must have some flaws. He challenges Prince to a one-on-one football match, adding a twist that the loser must strip. However, the overconfident doctor loses the game and must take off his clothes. 

Fah performs medical check-ups on all the villagers, and the chief has assigned Prince to be his assistant. Fah is so preoccupied with his work that he skips his meals. However, Prince forces him to eat the food and reminds him to take better care of himself. During the check-ups, Fah meets Uncle Phang. This village butcher became an alcoholic after his wife died recently. Seeing the similarities in their situations, Prince wants the doctor to set an example for Uncle Phang. 

One of the pigs is about to be butchered for an upcoming feast. The children are upset about this news and hide their favourite pet at the clinic. Eventually, Prince finds the missing animal and helps the kids understand it's a necessary duty. Meanwhile, Uncle Phang controls his alcoholism and participates in the butchering. After the pig gets killed, Prince faints from seeing the blood. As Fah takes care of the teacher, he observes that Prince has expensive perfumes & designer bags in his room. This episode ends with the villagers throwing a feast for the volunteers.

Episode 2 Review
Prince makes bunny ears as he interacts with his students.

I like both leads. Fah comes across as cheeky and charming instead of arrogant and annoying. Of course, the actor's good looks definitely help. He has an irresistible allure with his long eyelashes, boyish smile, and fit body. As for Prince, his personality comes off well. He seems mature and level-headed. There's a bit of hostility and sassiness, but he isn't overly rude to his love interest. Both characters have a comfortable rapport in their interactions.

Mesa's crush on Prince is a good subplot, in my opinion. It depicts Prince's best qualities through a side character's perspective. The storyline portrays him flatteringly, so I can understand his personality and popularity. In addition, it introduces an ongoing conflict because Fah's friend has feelings for the same guy. As Fah and Prince grow closer, my subconscious is thinking, "Oh, but Mesa likes him too…" There's a subtle love triangle without the tensions being too obnoxious.

It's a trivial moment, but I like seeing Fah play games on his phone in a vacant clinic. There are no patients, so that's how he chooses to spend his time. Earlier, the episode made a big fuss about how Fah is such a ~workaholic~ that he doesn't even eat. So, it's a funny contrast to see him slacking off during his downtime. This quirky detail makes his character seem less perfect. Fah is a hard worker, but he can also be a lazy bastard. 😁

Similarly, I like that detail where we see expensive perfumes and designer bags in Prince's room. Star in My Mind hinted his character comes from a rich background, so I already knew his mysterious backstory. Nonetheless, it's funny seeing this humble, down-to-earth guy with expensive tastes. Knowing that he's secretly extravagant makes Prince less flawless and more endearing. Later, he lies about the perfume being a counterfeit, which sounds like an embarrassed excuse. Just admit you like splurging on fancy designer stuff, hehe~ 🤑

Episode 3

Fah and Prince share their first kiss in Sky in Your Heart Episode 3.

Aou, the chief's son, has returned to the village with much fanfare. He acts like a celebrity and even has bodyguards. Fah and his friends immediately dislike him. Aou also has a crush on Prince and makes advances on him. Fah stirs the pot by starting a rumour among the children that Prince and Mesa are in a secret relationship. However, the kids misconstrue the gossip. The fake news circulates across the village that Fah and Prince have feelings for each other.

Yayah is upset after discovering her father planned an arranged marriage for her. She doesn't want to wed the chief's son from a neighbouring village. Yayah hides in Fah's house to escape from her dad and brother. Fah and Prince keep her company throughout the night. Although Prince tries to reason Yayah's dad, the chief won't change his stance on this age-old tradition. Fah says they shouldn't intervene in the village's affairs and will tell the chief's family where she's hiding. Yayah flees the next day.

Prince helps his friend escape by donning a disguise and tricking everyone. Fah chases after the fake Yayah, only to discover he's Prince in a costume. Hilariously, Yayah changes her mind and is okay with getting married after seeing the villager's attractive son. The wedding proceeds, but Fah is reminded of his ex-girlfriend. In a flashback, May says that Fah never needed her, whereas her husband couldn't live without her. Fah cries about his heartbreak to Prince, who comforts him. The episode ends with Fah initiating a kiss in the middle of the night.

Episode 3 Review
Yayan hides from her family because she doesn't like her arranged marriage.

Yayah kills me. Why is her hiding spot inside a large pot!? *lmao* Her arranged marriage subplot should have been grim, but she turns it into a silly and lighthearted storyline. I also laugh at how this conflict resolves because her fiancé has a handsome & masculine personality. Yes, I'll marry him because he's hot! 👰🏻 I actually like this goofy approach. Sky in Your Heart can be kooky and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Generally, the writing lacks emotional depth. Its inspiration, A Tale of Thousand Stars, resonates powerfully with BL fans because the storytelling themes are nuanced and sensitive. In contrast, Sky in Your Heart only scratches the surface in its narrative themes and doesn't offer the same level of sophistication. There's a noticeable difference in the quality of writing between the two dramas. Nonetheless, this series compensates with humour and playfulness. The plot might not be super deep, but I still find it entertaining and enjoyable.

Episode 4

Fah, Mesa, and JJ take a shirtless shower.

On the following day, Fah wakes up and panics about the kiss from last night. The main characters pretend like nothing happened. While showering, Fah asks Mesa about what it's like to feel attracted to a guy. JJ jokingly asks if his friend has a crush on Uncle Phang. Later, Prince asks Fah who he calls on the phone every night. The doctor asks if he's jealous, but Prince denies it. After some teasing, Fah clarifies that he has been chatting to his little brother, Dao. His sibling's birthday is coming up, and he doesn't know what present to give him.

Prince suggests Fah should make a necklace with a unique stone found in the village. They spend the night creating jewellery together. The final step involves a tradition called "moonbathing", where they expose the necklace to the moonlight. However, it started raining and they couldn't complete the process. The leads take shelter in the school, where they fall asleep overnight. Mesa finds them together the next day, observing how close they have gotten. Fah denies anything happened between them. Later, Mesa admits he doesn't have a crush on Prince anymore.

Fah returns home to attend his brother's birthday party over the weekend. They visit a club, where Fah is tempted by alcohol and female attention. He reunites with Kitty, one of his past hookups. However, Fah isn't interested in her. Instead, his friends keep him updated on Aou's advances on Fah in the village. A jealous Kitty calls Prince and implies they spent the night together. In reality, Fah turned her down. Prince gets the wrong idea and feels upset. The episode ends with Fah returning to the village to clarify the misunderstanding.

Episode 4 Review
Fah and Prince fall asleep in the classroom.

I like the jewellery-making scene and the moonbathing lore. However, I don't understand how Fah and Prince could have fallen asleep in the classroom. Their resting positions looked so uncomfortable. They're sitting on the desks, leaning against each other's shoulders, and Prince even has a bag across his shoulder. How can you relax with this awkward posture? This BL moment feels too engineered for me. I focus more on its impracticality than the romance.

I'm not a fan of the Kitty storyline. On paper, I like the idea of Fah turning down temptations from the city because he has evolved as a person. He shuns one-night-stands and wants a committed relationship instead. However, the events play out bizarrely. The storyteller forces a series of unrealistic reactions to create unnecessary tensions between the characters. The writing is awkward and uncomfortable.

Sky in Your Heart resolves the subplot with Mesa's crush in an understated way. He admits his feelings for Prince are in the veins of admiration than attraction. It sounds like a sensible and self-aware explanation. I like Mesa a lot. He plays a surprisingly influential role in bringing the two leads together. He always defends Fah whenever Prince doubts or misunderstands him. Mesa's character gets way more substance than JJ, who feels like a spare part in the trio of friends.

Maybe I have a low comedy threshold, but "Are you having feelings for Uncle Phang?" got a giggle out of me. The characters were having a regular conversation, but then JJ blurts out this ridiculous line out of nowhere. Now that they introduced the possibility of a Fah x Uncle Phang romance, I can't get this crack ship out of my head. Can you imagine if the heartbroken widower and the hot doctor hooked up? That would have been the best plot twist!

Episode 5

Fah almost falls on top of Prince during the sports day.

Nuea and Kluen have a thoughtful conversation in the middle of the night. Nuea is still upset about how he handles Papang's love confession. He remembers his failed confession in high school, which devastated him. He doesn't want to hurt Papang the same way.

Although Nuea acts standoffish around Phoon, his friend continues hitting on him. However, Nuea becomes annoyed after observing Kluen and Gia's close interactions at a social gathering. He leans on Phoon for emotional support. Kluen gets feisty after seeing them together. He confronts Nuea in the bathroom and kisses him impulsively. However, Nuea rejects the kiss and thinks his partner is toying with his feelings.

A flashback reveals that Kluen and Gia actually broke up in high school. Kluen realized he didn't have feelings for her after Nuea's confession. In present time, Nuea continues to act hostile towards his love interest. The episode ends with another heated confrontation in the parking lot, where Kluen initiates another kiss. This time, Nuea doesn't resist.

Episode 5 Review
Fah takes care of Prince's injury after the race.

As cheesy as the moment may be, I love the sentimentality of the characters crossing the finish line together. It's an appropriate way to conclude a casual children's event, demonstrating teamwork and good sportsmanship. Earlier, Prince mentioned that he didn't want this contest to become too competitive. I like how Fah respected Prince's wishes and kept the atmosphere friendly. He prioritizes reconciliation over individual victory.

Fah's hostility towards Aou seems unwarranted. Aou might be his love rival with an over-the-top personality. However, his character treats everyone respectfully. Yet, Fah and his friends are so rude to him. They make snide comments and pull mean-spirited pranks when Aou has done nothing objectionable. Just because Aou harbours a crush on Prince doesn't mean you should bully him. Fah is behaving like a jackass, and I wish someone called him out on his nasty streak.

Episode 6

Fah and Prince kiss at the end of Sky in Your Heart Episode 6.

This episode begins with Fah laying the charm offence. He goes all-out and flirts with Prince hardcore, including a serenade outside his house. Prince is receptive and lets him spend the evening in his bedroom. They happily talk through the night. Prince takes Fah & his friends on an excursion to his hometown, where they have an enjoyable time. 

Prince's mom invites Fah to visit their family home. Fah is shocked to discover Prince is part of royalty and comes from a powerful background. Despite his wealth, the young schoolteacher is modest and down-to-earth. Fah meets Prince's group of friends, including his ex-boyfriend Sincere. The ex wants to get back together and feels jealous about Prince's close bond with Fah. Sincere makes Fah feel insecure about his relationship prospects, pointing out the incompatibilities between the leads.

A female customer at the restaurant suffers from a health problem, and Fah helps her recover. However, Sincere tricks Prince into believing the doctor is flirting with her. Prince is upset and gets drunk. Later, Prince confronts him about whether his feelings are genuine. Fah has doubts and feels uncertain whether a relationship is feasible after they leave the village. He's traumatized by his last break-up since his ex dumped him for being busy with work. The main characters don't sort out their feelings when the episode ends. Nonetheless, they kiss passionately in the car.

Episode 6 Review
Fah and Prince take a selfie together.

Fah is sexy when he flirts. His charm offence at the beginning of the episode totally worked on me. I was swooning by the time he performed that serenade outside Prince's home. Fah's actor (Mek) exudes a cheeky charisma that makes these scenes highly persuasive. Not every performer can pull off this flirtatious persona, but he makes the romance look so effortless. His character's confident demeanour seems so natural.

My favourite moment in this episode is when Mesa randomly photobombs Fah and Prince's couple selfie. The leads are trying to create a BL moment, staring lovingly into each other's eyes. Meanwhile, Mesa is making goofy faces in the peripheral of the shot. The imagery just cracks me up. 😝

Episode 3 was the last time I enjoyed an entire Sky in Your Heart episode from start to finish. I've felt less enthused about the other episodes since then. Typically, I like one-half of the episode a lot. But then, the other half contains an annoying subplot that aggravates me. This episode is no different. I adore the flirting at the beginning and the kiss at the end. However, the tensions with Prince's ex-boyfriend is dire. Why are there so many love triangles in this series? Can we take Prince's backstory in a different direction instead of more relationship drama

Episode 7

Fah and Prince stand under the umbrella.

Fah and Prince have a few days left before they leave the village. Although they continue flirting, the leads still haven't finalized their relationship. They spend one night gazing at the stars and completing the "moonbathing" process from an earlier episode. Fah and Prince spend their remaining time together at various locations. They go hiking, pick flowers, and frolic in the waterfall.

The villagers throw a farewell party for the volunteers. However, many people get sick from food poisoning. Fah is busy attending to everyone's health that he neglects his well-being. Prince feeds him food and reminds the doctor to take better care of himself. As the day progresses, Prince falls sick with a high fever. Fah takes care of him, but the other villagers also need his help. Fah finishes treating a medical emergency elsewhere and returns to find that Prince's health has deteriorated significantly. 

Fah believes Prince has malaria, a life-threatening condition if not treated promptly. The village doesn't have the necessary medicine, and they can't get in touch with a doctor. Just then, Sincere shows up in a car and offers to take his ex to a hospital. Fah wants to accompany them, but he's tied down to his obligations to the sick villagers. He's reminded of May's parting words when she says Fah chooses work over romance every time. The episode ends with the doctor remaining in the village while Sincere drives Prince to the city.

Episode 7 Review
Prince has life-threatening malaria and may possibly die.

Prince has a weak constitution. Every other episode, his character is either getting injured or falling sick in some capacity. In fact, I suspected his character had a ~secret terminal illness~ that would become a prominent focus in the last few episodes. I was wrong, but it seemed odd that Prince received a disproportionate amount of medical attention throughout the series. His sudden malaria disease came out of nowhere. I went along with the shenanigans, but I wasn't engaged with the chaotic storyline.

That scene with Fah carrying Prince down the mountain in heavy rain was so melodramatic. Did anyone else laugh inappropriately at the theatrics, or was it just me? Sky in Your Heart had a down-to-earth story in the beginning, but the events in this episode were pretty ridiculous. Besides, I never felt a sense of urgency over Prince's life-or-death situation. The storyteller didn't do a good enough job convincing me his life was in danger. I knew Prince had plot armour and wouldn't die so easily lol.

Oh my god, can Prince's attention-seeking ex-boyfriend go away already!? This random mofo suddenly appears and causes annoying conflicts that nobody wants to watch. Sincere's character may be the worst storytelling decision in the entire series. Fah and Prince's romance was developing at an okay pace until this pesky ex came along and disrupted the flow. I hate these one-dimensional antagonists who show up near the end and drag everyone into their senseless drama vortex. GTFO Sincere.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Fah and Prince kiss in the Sky in Your Heart happy ending.

The finale begins with a flashback montage that highlights Prince's romantic feelings for Fah. Prince wakes up from his coma in the city hospital. Fortunately, he has healed from his sickness. Although Fah learns about the recovery, he doesn't know how to find Prince. Due to Sincere's meddling, the village chief won't disclose Prince's hospital location. Shockingly, Fah gives up on their relationship after returning home. He ceases communication and doesn't try to get in touch again.

A month has passed. Fah is back to being busy with work, while Prince is settling into his university studies. They still haven't talked to each other. Fah receives a letter from the village that asks him to attend a ceremony. Upon his arrival, fond memories come rushing back to him. Yayah doesn't understand why he has given up on the relationship and gives Fah encouragement. Fah also meets Sincere, who admits defeat after getting rejected by his ex again. Sincere believes Prince seemed happy with Fah and wished them all the best.

Fah regains his conviction and wants to be in a relationship with Prince. Initially, he believes Prince has travelled to Germany with his family. However, Prince has stayed behind for school. Fah shows up at the university with a bold love confession in front of everyone. Prince is receptive to the romantic gesture. Sky in Your Heart has a happy ending where they officially become boyfriends. The series ends with them revisiting the village. They climb the mountain together, fulfilling one of Fah's wishes. The final scene portrays an intimate kiss between the couple.

Ending Review
Fah and Prince climb the mountain in the Sky in Your Heart ending.

Wow, the Sky in Your Heart ending is an unwatchable mess. The only moment I enjoyed was the final exchange between the leads. I like the ambiance of them kissing on the mountain with the cloudy sky as the backdrop. Otherwise, everything else is bizarre, unpleasant, and incoherent. The series loses its magic as soon as the characters return to their ordinary lives. Once they leave the rural village setting, the shallowness of the generic storyline is fully exposed.

Why did Fah and Prince break up for a month!? The protagonists ceased contact after some minimal meddling from a minor character. Fah just surrendered to Prince's ex-boyfriend without a fight. Frustratingly, the leads put little effort to get in touch with each other. Fah knows where Prince lives. If you genuinely wanted to reconnect, there's no excuse. This inexplicable separation undermines the foundation of their romance. If they gave up on each other so easily, I question whether their feelings are strong enough in the first place.

I haven't mentioned the secondary couple in the episode guide. However, I don't understand the point of Dao & Kluen. Their characters appear in numerous filler segments that add nothing to the narrative. They have zero storylines except to flirt pointlessly. I tolerated the fanservice at first, but this pair's irrelevance got on my nerves after a while. These guys already had an entire series dedicated to them. They don't need the spotlight. Their relationship fluff belongs in Star in My Mind instead of dumping these unrelated scenes into the spin-off.

Sky in Your Heart Season 1


Star in My Mind 2022 series Drama review

Star in My Mind is the prequel to Sky in Your Heart.

Star in My Mind is the prequel to Sky in Your Heart. However, the two series have pretty separate storylines. You can watch Sky in Your Heart without prior knowledge of Star in My Mind. The original drama focuses on Fah's younger brother, Dao. The story is about Dao reuniting with Kluen, his high school crush who once rejected his love confession. Fah appears in the series as a supporting character. Prince also shows up in the final episode, which introduces his character's background.

In my opinion, Star in My Mind is a lacklustre BL drama and inferior to Sky in Your Heart. The story, romance, and character development do not meet an acceptable standard to earn my recommendation. If you're a completionist, you may want to watch the first series before starting Sky in Your Heart. However, you can also watch this drama without putting yourself through misery. Sky in Your Heart is an improvement. It feels like the studio put more effort and resources into this spin-off series.

Sky in Your Heart Behind the Scenes

Sky in Your Heart Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul (ศิวัจน์ สวัสดิ์มณีกุล) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2016 series, Make It Right. He is also the director for Make It Right 2 (2017), Love by Chance (2018), Until We Meet Again (2019), and My Gear and My Gown (2020). In 2022, New directed Star in My Mind and its companion series Sky in Your Heart. Later that year, he also made My Only 12% and Between Us. Additionally, he directed A Boss and a Babe (2023) and Our Skyy 2 (2023).

  1. I did find the story was a copy and paste of 1000 stars and I think because of this I found it lack interest or that some of the sub plots were so expected !
    Although I LOVED little gossip Wee-ah!!
    When it came back as "you're pregnant" oh that pleased me !!

    I also agree 100% on your comments about the last episode!
    The chief being unhelpful
    And no one else were able to get Princes new number?
    And Prince also tried to get intouch but unable?
    If Fah hasn't changed numbers then leave a message . . .
    Why does everyone change numbers within a month for no reason?¿

  2. It started so good, both leads are cute apart and together and I love them both (still love them, even though the series let me down) but the story was so boring! two adults, far away in the rural romantic area, no proper lights, no internet, what is the best way to handle all this free time? what are you waiting for?
    The last two episodes where in my opinion ridiculous. I felt so bad for the actors, I do love them.
    The other couple, I had enough of them, I fast forwarded their parts. sorry. It didn't give me any development or anything that made me think I want to watch them again. The series started as 8.5 and every ep got less, in 45min per ep they could have told us much more and develop the story and the characters.

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