Cherry Magic Thailand – Series Review & Ending Explained

Cherry Magic is the Thai remake of the Japanese BL series.

Cherry Magic Thailand is the Thai remake of the famous Japanese BL series. The main character is a single office worker with low self-esteem. Suddenly, he gains the power to read other people's minds on his 30th birthday. To his surprise, he discovers his colleague has a secret crush on him. Beneath his confident demeanour, the company's star employee is lovestruck and constantly thinks about the protagonist.

The Cherry Magic Thai remake captures the charm of the original Japanese series. From the adorable leads to the cutesy interactions, every episode makes me smile warmly or giggle delightfully. The storylines encourage empathy, kindness, and self-confidence. The casting is spot-on, and both heartthrob actors match the essence of their characters. Best of all, the couple's relationship is so sweet. It may be one of the most romantic BL series ever.

Cherry Magic Thailand Summary


30 ยังซิง

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


Office romance


Cherry Magic Thailand is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Achi and Karan are office coworkers.

Achi is an office worker at Toyokaw Thailand Corporation. He works as an administrative officer. His responsibilities involve managing the office and helping other staff members with their duties, like photocopying or recordkeeping. Despite being a reliable employee, Achi doesn't stand out at the company. His role has no career growth or promotion opportunities, so he has stayed in the same position for the past seven years. Achi lacks ambition and doesn't believe he'll excel in another job.

Achi often compares himself to Karan, a sales supervisor at his company. Both employees started their jobs at the same time. Unlike Achi, Karan's career thrived over the past seven years. Besides being a top salesperson, he has won the "Employee of the Year" award for seven consecutive years. Karan's accomplishments at a young age earned the admiration of many. Achi perceives Karan as the perfect overachiever, whereas he feels inferior. "I used to wish I could be a tiny fraction as smart as Karan. Just a little would be enough," Achi thinks.

Due to his low self-esteem, Achi doesn't put much ambition into his love life. His first relationship ended poorly, with his girlfriend calling him boring. Since then, Achi kept a quiet life and never had sex. Recently, Achi celebrated his 30th birthday. According to an urban legend, those who haven't lost their virginity by this age will become telepathic. Achi is shocked when he gains this magical power and can read other people's minds. Whenever Achi makes body contact with anyone, he can hear their thoughts.

Achi goes to work in shock and disbelief over his new ability. While riding a crowded elevator, he accidentally touches shoulders with Karan. Achi is shocked to discover Karan has a secret crush on him. Beneath his confident demeanour, Karan is smitten with his colleague. He gets giddy at the most trivial interaction between them. After overcoming his confusion and surprise, Achi must figure out how to navigate their work relationship. Karan looks poised on the outside. Yet, Achi keeps hearing his coworker's infatuated thoughts or seeing over-the-top fantasies.

Besides Karan, Achi's coworkers include Pai and Duj. He also helps Rock, a new employee, get acquainted with the company. Outside work, Achi is best friends with Jinta, who writes novels. Jinta is an eccentric recluse and stays in his apartment all day. He clashes with Min, a young courier who delivers online shopping to his home. Achi reveals his secret power to Jinta, who doesn't believe it's real. Jinta pretends to be a love expert. In reality, he never had a relationship or slept with anyone. After turning 30, Jinta is shocked when he also gains telepathic powers.

Cherry Magic Thailand Cast



New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ)

Achi is portrayed by the Thai actor New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ).

Achi is an administrative officer at Toyokaw Thailand Corporation. He has stayed in this job for the past seven years, accepting that there's no career growth. Achi has low self-esteem and shows little ambition. He also leads a quiet lifestyle and lacks a love life. Achi remains a virgin on his 30th birthday. To his surprise, he gains telepathic abilities. Achi can read other people's minds upon physical contact.

New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun

New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 30, 1993.

New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 30, 1993. His roles include Kiss (2016), Kiss Me Again (2018), Dark Blue Kiss (2019), and Cherry Magic (2023). New also features in SOTUS (2016), SOTUS S (2017), Water Boyy (2017), Our Skyy (2018), and The Warp Effect (2022).


Tay Tawan Vihokratana (เต ตะวัน วิหครัตน์)

Karan is portrayed by the Thai actor Tay Tawan Vihokratana (เต ตะวัน วิหครัตน์).

Karan is a sales supervisor at Toyokaw Thailand Corporation. He started this job around the same time as Achi. Over the past seven years, Karan's career thrived. He is promoted to a managerial position. In addition, he also won the Employee of the Year award for seven consecutive years. Beneath his poised demeanour, Karan is secretly infatuated with Achi. Karan has lacked the courage to confess his feelings to his coworker.

Tay Tawan Vihokratana

Tay Tawan Vihokratana (เต ตะวัน วิหครัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 20, 1991.

Tay Tawan Vihokratana (เต ตะวัน วิหครัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 20, 1991. His first BL project is the 2018 series, Kiss Me Again. He also appears in Our Skyy (2018), 3 Will Be Free (2019), Dark Blue Kiss (2019), and Cherry Magic (2023).


Junior Panachai Sriariyarungruang (จูเนียร์ ปณชัย ศรีอาริยะรุ่งเรือง)

Jinta is portrayed by the Thai actor Junior Panachai Sriariyarungruang (จูเนียร์ ปณชัย ศรีอาริยะรุ่งเรือง).

Jinta is Achi's best friend and an author of romance novels. Jinta has an eccentric personality. He typically stays in his apartment to work on his next book. Jinta recently adopted a stray cat, Madam Noi. After Achi reveals his secret power, Jinta initially doesn't believe his friend. Jinta pretends to be a love expert, but he also lacks relationship or sex experience. After turning 30, Jinta gains telepathic abilities as well.

Junior Panachai Sriariyarungruang

Junior Panachai Sriariyarungruang (จูเนียร์ ปณชัย ศรีอาริยะรุ่งเรือง) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 23, 1996.

Junior Panachai Sriariyarungruang (จูเนียร์ ปณชัย ศรีอาริยะรุ่งเรือง) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 23, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Cherry Magic.


Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์)

Min is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์).

Min is a delivery worker. He often makes online shopping deliveries to Jinta's apartment. However, the two clashed after setting a poor first impression of each other. Min thinks Jinta is a weirdo. Outside work, Min is passionate about dancing. He and his friends are trying to form a boyband. They want to enter an idol competition and become famous.

Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon

Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 15, 1997.

Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (มาร์ค จิรันธนิน ตรัยรัตนยนต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 15, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Sky in Your Heart. He also appears in the companion series, Star in My Mind. Mark has a supporting role in the 2023 drama, Cherry Magic.

Supporting Cast

Rock is portrayed by the Thai actor Sing Harit Cheewagaroon (ซิง หฤษฎ์ ชีวการุณ).


Sing Harit Cheewagaroon (ซิง หฤษฎ์ ชีวการุณ)

Pai is portrayed by the Thai actress Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์).


Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์)

Duj is portrayed by the Thai actress Parn Thanaporn Wagprayoon (ปาน ธนพร แวกประยูร).


Parn Thanaporn Wagprayoon (ปาน ธนพร แวกประยูร)

Mr. Tanaka is portrayed by the Thai actor Roj Sereeroj Jayaphorn (โรจน์ เสรีโรจน์ ไชยพร).

Mr. Tanaka

Roj Sereeroj Jayaphorn (โรจน์ เสรีโรจน์ ไชยพร)

Madame Noi is a cat.

Madam Noi

Achi's aunt is portrayed by the Thai actress Ya Janya Thanasawaangkoun (จรรยา ธนาสว่างกุล).

Achi's aunt

Ya Janya Thanasawaangkoun (จรรยา ธนาสว่างกุล)

Achi's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Warapun Nguitragool (วราพรรณ หงุ่ยตระกูล).

Achi's mom

Warapun Nguitragool (วราพรรณ หงุ่ยตระกูล)

Achi is portrayed by the Thai actor.

Achi's dad

Karan's sister is portrayed by the Thai actress Pimtha Thanida Manalertruengkul (พิมฐา ฐานิดา มานะเลิศเรืองกุล).


Pimtha Thanida Manalertruengkul (พิมฐา ฐานิดา มานะเลิศเรืองกุล)

Karan's mother is portrayed by the Thai actress Ple Hattaya Wongkrachang (เปิ้ล หัทยา วงษ์กระจ่าง).

Karan's mom

Ple Hattaya Wongkrachang (เปิ้ล หัทยา วงษ์กระจ่าง)

Karan's father is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Karan's dad

Warapun Nguitragool (วราพรรณ หงุ่ยตระกูล)

Ms. Kem is portrayed by the Thai actress Lookwa Pijika Jittaputta (ลูกหว้า พิจิกา จิตตะปุตตะ).

Ms. Kem

Lookwa Pijika Jittaputta (ลูกหว้า พิจิกา จิตตะปุตตะ)

Pong is portrayed by the Thai actor Guy Sivakorn Lertchuchot (กาย ศิวกร เลิศชูโชติ).


Guy Sivakorn Lertchuchot (กาย ศิวกร เลิศชูโชติ)

Luang Wee is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Luang Wee

Kaimook is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Kin is portrayed by a Thai actor Arm Varot Makaduangkeo (อาร์ม วรท มรรคดวงแก้ว).


Arm Varot Makaduangkeo (อาร์ม วรท มรรคดวงแก้ว)

Shay is portrayed by the Thai actor Ashi Peerakan Teawsuwan (อชิ พีระกานต์ เตียวสุวรรณ).


Ashi Peerakan Teawsuwan (อชิ พีระกานต์ เตียวสุวรรณ)

Pai's ex-boyfriend is portrayed by the Thai actor Papang Phromphiriya Thongputtaruk (ปาแปง พรหมพิริยะ ทองพุทธรักษ์).

Pai's ex

Papang Phromphiriya Thongputtaruk (ปาแปง พรหมพิริยะ ทองพุทธรักษ์)

Cast Highlights

  • Achi and Karan's actor (New and Tay) have starred in various BL series, including Kiss Me Again (2018), Our Skyy (2019), and Dark Blue Kiss (2019).
  • New is the lead of the 2023 drama The Warp Effect. Rock's actor (Sing) and Pai's actress (Jan) also appear in that series.
  • Min's actor (Mark) is the star of the 2022 drama Sky in Your Heart.
  • Jan has supporting roles in various BL dramas, including Tonhon Chonlatee (2020), Fish Upon the Sky (2021), and Cupid's Last Wish (2022).
  • Sing is a supporting actor in Lock Sick (2014), Love Sick 2 (2015), He's Coming to Me (2019), 3 Will Be Free (2019), and Not Me (2021).

Cherry Magic Thailand Review


Drama Review Score: 9.4

Karan gives Achi a piggyback.

If you can read my mind, you'll know I have many positive thoughts about Cherry Magic Thailand. This remake captures the charm and sentimentality of the original Japanese drama. From the adorable protagonists to their playful interactions, the story evokes a sense of whimsical joy. Each episode leaves me smiling warmly or giggling delightfully. The Japanese version is one of my favourite BL series, so the Thai reboot faces high expectations. Fortunately, Cherry Magic Thailand has recreated an enchanting romantic comedy.

For those who haven't watched the famous Japanese drama, you'll enjoy a quirky story full of warmth, humour, and creativity. It emphasizes empathy and conveys uplifting messages about kindness toward others. For fans who did finish the original, you may recognize familiar plots or iconic moments in the remake. Despite following a similar narrative, it introduces new arcs, changes some ideas, and expands on the supporting characters. There are also cultural differences. This adaptation showcases Thailand's unique traditions and lifestyles, bringing a distinct flavour.

My favourite part of Cherry Magic Thailand is Achi and Karan's precious relationship. They epitomize the concept of couple goals. I might envy them if I weren't so happy about seeing two nice guys in love. The pair spends ample time together, supports each other, and strengthens their emotional bond. After growing closer, they continue to show mutual respect and an unbreakable commitment. From cute flirting to gentle chats, all the lovey-doveyness makes my heart leap. Not only is this series sweeter than the original, but it's one of the most romantic BL dramas ever.

After Cherry Magic announced the cast, I remember slapping my knee in excitement. Both leads are the perfect choices, encompassing the essence of their characters. New has an endearing awkwardness that matches Achi's shy, innocent persona. Likewise, Tay is a natural heartthrob who exhibits Karan's suaveness and sincerity. Thanks to their sensitive portrayals, the charismatic actors are essential to making the protagonists so lovable. Best of all, their chemistry is spot-on. They resemble the princes from a modern fairy tale, gracing every scene with a romantic aura.

Cherry Magic Thailand has a few hiccups that diminish its perfection. The writing can be clumsy, lacking the elegance and nuances of the Japanese story. The narrative themes are transparent instead of taking a subtle approach. Also, some plots seem inferior to the original. Pai's character is a downgrade compared to her counterpart. Likewise, the secondary pairs occupy too much time without the same appeal as the leads. On the bright side, there are welcomed changes. This series puts a new spin on Achi & Karan's romantic moments, improving upon the predecessor.

Unlike the original drama, Cherry Magic Thailand embraces skinship. The leads kiss and have sensual encounters in a way their Japanese actors would never dare to perform. I appreciate the boldness of the remake. Even without physical intimacy, Achi and Karan's romance is more persuasive than Adachi and Kurosawa's. The Thai couple makes me swoon, and their loving relationship outshines many of the best BL pairings. Regardless of the pros and cons, I don't need to compare the two versions of Cherry Magic. Both series have beautiful stories that captivated my heart.


Sentimental story

Cherry Magic Thailand has a sentimental story full of warmth, humour, and creativity. Like the original drama, the remake conveys uplifting messages about empathy. Each episode leaves me smiling!

Charming romance

Achi and Karan have a charming relationship. From cute flirting to physical affection, their lovey-dovey moments are couple goals! This series may be one of the most romantic BL dramas ever.

Endearing acting

The casting is spot-on. Both leads capture the essence of the characters, from New's endearing charm to Tay's natural suaveness. Their charisma shines in every scene, like fairytale princes.

Happy ending

Cherry Magic Thailand has a happy ending that celebrates the couple's loving relationship. The finale includes sentimental family moments, a beautiful romantic climax, and lots of positivity.

Romantic artistry

The series looks and feels like a fairytale fantasy. Many intimate moments, especially in the last few episodes, look picturesque. The story's atmosphere evokes joy, romance, and whimsy.


Cherry Magic Thailand is an enchanting remake that captures the warmth and charm of the original drama. It has a lovey-dovey romance with sweet flirting, physical intimacy & adorable leads.

Cherry Magic Thailand Episodes

Episode Guide

Achi and Karan stand in front of the office elevator.

Cherry Magic Thailand has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 65 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. Cherry Magic Thailand started on December 9, 2023 and ended on March 2, 2024.

Cherry Magic is an adaptation. The original story is a Japanese manga by Yuu Toyota (豊田悠). It was first adapted into a Japanese live-action drama in 2020, titled Cherry Magic. A movie sequel, Cherry Magic! The Movie, was released in 2022. There is also an anime adaptation in 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Achi is shocked to read Karan's mind in the elevator.

Around a year ago, GMMTV announced the Thai remake of Cherry Magic. As a fan of the original, the news delighted me. My excitement skyrocketed after learning New and Tay are the leads. IMO, the roles are spot-on. These two actors match the characters perfectly, including looks, age, and vibe. New has an innocent charm, while Tay seems suave yet sincere. Both are dreamy heartthrobs that suit a romcom. Like a perfect strike in bowling, this casting is executed with skilled precision. Before it even started, Cherry Magic showed promise.

Remakes aren't for everyone. I understand that some fans don't want to watch the same story more than once. However, I love them! Each storyteller reimagines the narrative differently, putting a creative spin on plots or characterizations. I like comparing the unique perspectives. Also, there are cultural discrepancies that offer a new experience. Cherry Magic Thailand infuses the country's traditions into the series, like spirituality, festivals, and locations. For example, Achi takes a boat to work! That's not a detail you often see in Japan. I appreciate these nifty nuances in remakes.

It's the year of Cherry Magic! In addition to the Thai remake, an anime adaptation has been released around the same time. When I wrote my Cherry Magic movie review, my last sentence was: "I always welcome more Cherry Magic in my life!" Yes, I still stand by my sentiment. I will watch and enjoy each rendition of this story. I hope it becomes a franchise for every country. Imagine a Korean GL version of Cherry Magic, a Taiwanese polyamorous version of Cherry Magic, and a Vietnamese elderly version of Cherry Magic. The possibilities are truly endless!

Karan holds an umbrella for Achi.

At the start of the episode, we see a montage of Karan's achievements. Besides receiving awards, there's a random shot of him in a bathtub. I love how this shirtless scene is included in the sequence. The Japanese version only shows Kurosawa winning trophies, whereas the Thai remake is like, "But yes, a fancy bathroom also epitomizes success." Also, I question this company's organizational culture. Granting the award to the same employee seven times creates low morale. Please recognize someone else!

This episode captures Achi's inferiority complex. He feels insecure after comparing himself to Karan, the perfect overachiever with many career accomplishments. This feeling of inadequacy is relatable. A lot of us compare ourselves to peers around our age, especially in schools, workplaces, or highly competitive environments. Why does this student have better grades than me? Why is that coworker promoted instead of me? This unhealthy mindset can drain your confidence. I used to think like Achi, but now IDGAF lol~ As I grow older, I stop caring and take pride in myself.

Karan has a different vibe from Kurosawa. The Japanese character is like a fairytale prince who thinks wholesomely. He has a secret crush on Adachi, but his thoughts remain pure. He only envisions his coworker smiling sweetly instead of doing anything affectionate. (This may be due to the actors' aversion to physical intimacy lol~) However, Karan's fantasies are less virtuous. After inviting Achi to his home, Karan wishes for a night of seduction between them. They almost kiss in his mind. Karan seems more calculating than his original counterpart.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Karan fantasizes about Achi.

Achi's ability relates to empathy. The series puts a quirky spin by giving him the power to read minds. But the story is more than just about hearing other people's thoughts. Achi acts sensitively once he learns their perspectives, using the insights from telepathy to make his colleagues feel better. He comforts Rock after noticing his troubles. Even if Achi isn't great at giving advice, Rock appreciates having an empathetic friend who listens to his problems.

Imagine a version of Cherry Magic where Achi doesn't have telepathy. Instead, he understands other people's thoughts simply through observation and empathy. Achi already behaves like this without relying on his mind-reading powers. He constantly thinks about everyone's perspectives and considers their feelings. The beauty of this story is that it encourages us to be as thoughtful and sensitive as Achi. We don't need a superpower to sense if someone is troubled. By observing our loved ones and communicating with them, we can discover what is on their mind.

As much as Achi is mindful of other people's feelings, he doesn't understand himself. He's clueless about his physical attraction to Karan. Have you noticed how he's constantly complimenting Karan's appearance? An egregious line is: "A good-looking home, just like its owner." Imagine the mental gymnastics of calling someone hot just because they have a stylish apartment. Later, Achi thinks: "He's handsome, has a sweet smile, and can cook. What a perfect man he is." Does Achi hear his own thoughts sometimes? Despite not realizing it yet, he also has a crush on Karan.

Achi and Karan almost kiss on the rooftop.

Cherry Magic Thailand interprets Karan differently from Kurosawa. Despite sharing similar traits, their personalities deviate. While the Japanese character has mushy thoughts, he still seems poised and relaxed. In contrast, Karan is secretly a neurotic mess beneath his perfect image. Hearing his stream of consciousness makes you realize he masks numerous insecurities. One example is the manga scene. Kurosawa admits he reads the story, whereas Karan is sheepish about his hobby. Their reactions show differing levels of confidence.

I adore Kurosawa for being a dreamy lead with a sweet personality. Karan is a more flawed protagonist and shows less composure, but I love him anyway. I'm turned on by seemingly perfect guys who are neurotic dorks on the inside, hehe~ During the restaurant scene, Karan's thoughts reveal his insecurities. "Yakinku will heal everything!" He jokes, only to feel self-conscious when Achi doesn't laugh at his silly line. As Karan's inner voice speaks, we learn he's too scared to ask his crush on a date. He must hide behind an excuse. This vulnerability makes his character endearing.

"No guy would be okay with kissing a guy," Karan states in the final scene. We hear his thoughts and discover he desires to kiss Achi. The duality of this line is devastating since Karan doesn't say what he means. He must vocalize homophobia to repress his self-doubt. Deep down, Karan agonizes over having an unrequited crush on a straight guy who recoils at their intimacy. "Seeing him afraid makes me feel so bad." Fortunately, Achi expresses open-mindedness and isn't against kissing the same sex. Karan becomes hopeful after realizing Achi may return his attraction.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Achi and Karan are in the onsen.

New is believable as Achi. From the goofy reactions to the earnest look in his eyes, he portrays the protagonist's nuances. He only breaks immersion when Achi delivers the line, "My body looks like tofu." Sorry, but that's blatantly false. The actor's muscular physique clings to his form-fitting clothes in many scenes! With that said, Achi's body image issues adds depth to his character. It makes sense his insecurities may extend to his appearance. Due to low self-esteem, Achi doesn't realize how attractive he looks.

I love hearing Madam Noi's thoughts! I laugh whenever the belligerent feline refers to its owner as "hoo-man". Unfortunately, I enjoy the cat more than the secondary couple. I didn't care about Tsuge and Minato's scenes in the original drama. While Jinta and Min receive better development, I still find them unnecessary. Despite a few cute moments, the pair occupies too much time in the plot. At least the Japanese version minimizes their presence, whereas they're annoyingly prominent in the remake. For both series, I prefer the focus to remain on the leads.

Karan describes his hobbies, including Go, sports, and manga. His natural talent brings him success in each field. He overachieves even in his leisure time. Typically, talking about your accomplishments may sound egotistical. Yet, Karan's assessment seems self-conscious: "I don't know why everything I do for fun always becomes serious." His humility feels genuine. By the way, I love knowing that Karan writes manga analysis on social media. That's such a quirky character detail! I wanna read his thousand-word essays about Attack on Titan. Where do I subscribe?

Achi is glad that Karan notices him.

Karan's inner dialogue about Achi is so funny. "Did he get cuter? Of course, he got cuter." I like that Karan has random chats with himself in his head, gushing over his crush like a teenager. I laugh at his over-the-top comments, from "Am I going to get a heart attack?" to "I want to protect Achi in his dreams." I can relate to Karan because my mind is also filled with dumb, nonsensical thoughts. I used to keep my inane commentary to myself, but now I publish them on BL Watcher lmao~

Initially, I was disappointed we couldn't hear Karan's company speech about Achi. However, I love the storyteller's decision to end the episode with this powerful scene. Karan's words are appropriate for a business setting. He doesn't shower Achi with exaggerated praise like in his thoughts, but his sincerity is still evident. This speech confirms Karan doesn't only have a silly crush. He shows genuine admiration toward Achi, cherishing his qualities. Karan also displays eloquence and charisma. When he speaks with such flair, I understand why he won Employee of the Year for seven years!

I love the final scene when the leads are on the bus. When Achi puts his head on Karan's shoulder, his inner squeal is hilarious. I also giggle when Karan says, "Good job!" just because Achi's bruise has healed. He's so dorky, hehe~ Achi used to idolize Karan and put him on a pedestal. He perceives his coworker as perfect. After bonding, Achi realizes Karan is flawed and down-to-earth beneath his confident demeanour. This episode closes the distance between the leads. Achi and Karan are made for each other since both are neurotic dorks who overthink everything.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Achi and Karan are eating.

I like the moment when Karan washes up. He sees Achi smiling at him and feels self-conscious. Oh no, is there something on my face? He doesn't realize Achi is checking him out and smiling because Karan looks gorgeous. I admire your beauty! Karan is clueless that Achi's feelings have changed. It's no longer a one-sided crush, but a mutual attraction has formed. In later scenes, we see both smiling fondly at each other for no reason. That's what happens when you fall in love~

Achi and Jinta can communicate through their thoughts. Unlike a regular verbal chat, they must be honest with each other in their minds. One of the reasons why I enjoy this story is because of creative moments like this. Two friends celebrating their virginity over telepathy is only something you'd see in Cherry Magic! Achi and Jinta's friendship scenes are adorable. I enjoy when they interact. Jinta may have eccentric habits, but he's a decent guy who means well. Like Min, I'm won over by this uncle's kindness!

Achi overthinks and creates two nonexistent love triangles. First, he worries that Pai has a crush on him, but she's just a closeted BL fangirl. Second, he gets the wrong idea about Karan's sister and misidentifies her as his girlfriend. Achi feels tormented, even though neither woman wants to come between him and Karan. In reality, Pai ships them together. Likewise, Karan's sibling gives knowing looks and sets up an excuse for her brother to live with his crush. In a case of comical misunderstanding, all four characters secretly want Achi and Karan to be a couple!

Achi thinks Pai has a crush on him.

It pains me to write this because I like Pai's character. I have no animosity against her. With that said, Pai is a downgrade from her Japanese counterpart. Fujisaki has one of the best subplots in the original drama. She offers a positive aro/ace representation in media. Also, Fujisaki sends an empowering message about finding happiness in her independence. She doesn't rely on a love life to feel fulfilled. Sadly, this meaningful storyline disappears in the Thai remake.

Fujisaki and Pai are different. The Japanese character seems calm and gentle, whereas the Thai version is blunt and assertive. I don't mind the personality change. Admittedly, Pai resembles a comedic caricature. Her exaggerated BL obsession is the butt of the jokes. Still, that doesn't bother me. You can never make me hate my fujoshi sister. 🫡 My issue is that Fujisaki has a nuanced characterization, whereas Pai's role seems simple and generic. Instead of the elegant narrative themes about independence, there are only silly jokes about delusional BL fandom. IMO, that's a massive downgrade.

I'm against the Pai and Rock romance. This couple is dull, taking up excessive time in the plot with repetitive exchanges. Their relationship hardly progresses until the finale. At least Jinta and Min are a BL pairing with several cute moments, whereas this straight relationship stimulates zero interest. Initially, I thought Pai was still ace/aro, and the remake merely gave Adachi's sentimental scenes to Rock. In my version, Pai would reject Rock after understanding she doesn't want a romantic partner. Instead, I'm bored and disappointed as they flirt mundanely.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Achi and Karan feed each other food.

There's a very trivial scene that I like. Karan's car broke down in the last episode due to a flat tire. I assumed it was a silly comedic gag that wouldn't get referenced again. To my surprise, Karan chats with the mechanic in this episode. It's a meaningless moment, but I like how the story keeps continuity with minor details!

I love the segment where Karan and Achi go to work together. Achi's aunt disparages him, but Karan jumps to his defence. He praises Achi while speaking respectfully to the auntie. I admire how Karan defuses the situation without making anyone uncomfortable. With those problem-solving skills, no wonder he's "Employee of the Year"!

Later, I laugh at Karan's hilariously schmaltzy fantasies about their married life. They haven't even started dating yet, but he jumps a hundred steps ahead. Ahhh, every romantic moment is like pumping BL bliss into my veins! My favourite is when they cross arms to feed each other. I've seen couples do this with wine glasses, but never with grilled pork skewers. Karan's imagination is so absurd. 😆

Speaking of ~married life~, I get this vibe from the leads during one of the scenes. Rock sleeps on the living room sofa, while Achi and Karan wash dishes in the kitchen. The cozy domestic bliss reminds me of two parents and their child lol. This comparison doesn't make sense outside my delusional BL mind, but I can envision the three characters as a family unit. Rock and his fathers live happily ever after!


This may be a hot take, but I secretly ship Min and Rock as a couple. They share an unexpected history as former bandmates. I appreciate the extra backstory for both supporting characters, giving them more depth in the Thai remake. After they embrace during their reconciliation scene, my BL intuition pings as I think, "Why not?" They have a built-in emotional bond as friends who drifted apart. The two actors look good together. Best of all, there's a surprise element. They're the secondary romance you didn't predict!

Karan loses his composure in this episode. He envies Rock's emotional bond and Jinta's physical intimacy with Achi. Jealousy isn't a good look on Karan. However, hearing his thoughts gives him a sympathetic portrayal. Karan knows his emotions are toxic, even though he can't help himself from feeling them. He carries guilt over his misconduct afterwards. Instead of spiralling further, Karan confronts the issue. His confession in the final scene marks an exciting turning point in their relationship. Declaring his love in front of so many boat passengers is gutsy! 

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Karan flashes his memory loss pen.

Why does nobody on the boat react to Karan's love confession? Surprisingly, all the passengers sit still and mind their own business. Um hello, you have front-row seats to an epic BL spectacle! If my nosy butt were there, I'd be turning my head back and forth to watch the couple's responses. If you hear someone gasp in the background, that'd be me. Also, I would hold the boat hostage and not let Achi go home until he accepts Karan's confession. You love him, he loves you, now kiss!

I love the moment Karan uses the pen and pretends to erase Achi's memory. Even if it's only an ordinary pen, the hint of magical surrealism ties to the story's fantasy themes. Also, I appreciate Achi's sensitivity. Karan isn't at fault for defying the client, but the public disgrace still feels humiliating. Achi eases his coworker's distress by creating a safe space for him to be vulnerable. True to his promise, Achi represses the memory and never brings it up again. Yet, Karan always remembers his colleague's kindness on a traumatic night. The origin of his secret crush is poignant.

The flashback appears in both series. While the events are similar, the character arcs feel different. In the remake, Karan is affected by the short-term trauma. In the original, this evening triggers Kurosawa's lifelong anxieties about self-worth. He grew up thinking others only valued him for his good looks or perfect behaviour. Yet, Adachi embraces his colleague's flaws and failures. On the surface, the two scenes are essentially the same. If you examine closely, the stories highlight distinct messages. The Thai version offers a fresh experience from the Japanese drama.

Achi and Karan hug each other after the airport confession.

In a flashback, Karan is nervous to ask Achi on a date. He backtracks and pretends to want office supplies. I sympathize with Karan's self-doubt. Contrary to his suave exterior, he can't work up the courage to admit his feelings. This scene explains why he never made progress with his crush for seven years. Seeing the full pen holder on Karan's desk is a comical image. He has enough stationery to open a shop! Yet, it's a sad reminder of how long he struggled psychologically. Each pen represents a failed confession attempt.

This episode emphasizes random acts of kindness. Achi and Karan do good deeds around the office, which go unnoticed for years. Pai helps Achi's emergency on a whim and gives her rationale: "Going out of my way to help someone makes me feel good." Also, Jinta asks for Min's autograph before he's famous. While the signature doesn't have tangible value, the gesture boosts his partner's morale. In all cases, the story reinforces kindness toward others without expecting recognition or reward. Altruism stems from a desire to uplift others, knowing your compassion improves their day.

Once again, BL fangirls save the day~ Thanks to Pai, the leads have a heartfelt reunion at the airport. Karan was ashamed and wanted Achi to forget the confession, mirroring his coping strategy from that traumatic evening. Fortunately, Achi returns his affection"I have feelings for you too!" Karan responds by tearing up in disbelief. After nearly seven years of torment, he can love Achi openly without hiding behind a facade. Karan doesn't have to make up fantasies in his head anymore. Achi's attraction is reality! As they embrace, I'm sobbing with joy. 🥹

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Karan takes Achi on a helicopter date.

OMG. Karan is so damn intense! Let's do the math. From a 5:00 AM wake-up call to a 6:30 PM sunset viewing, the couple has spent over half a day together on nonstop activities. He also has QR codes for every dating spot, showing even more preparation than a travel agency. And the helicopter ride reminds me of a reality TV show. Karan has packed an entire season of The Bachelor into his first date with Achi. I know he's excited about creating memories, but take it down a notch!

Earlier, Karan said, "I don't know why everything I do for fun always becomes serious." Yeah, he wasn't kidding! It's his nature to be a perfectionist in every pursuit, including his career, hobbies, and love life. Even his friend is a high achiever who turned drinking coffee into a thriving business. At the end of the episode, Achi reveals he only wants an ordinary time together, but Karan seems incapable of being casual. He can't help himself and already researched meticulously for their second date. Achi must accept that ~doing too much~ is one of his boyfriend's endearing quirks.

Karan is an overachiever, a quality that helps him gain professional success. However, the same trait causes him to overthink everything. Due to his ambition, he turns a first date into an exhausting adventure. Achi has the opposite problem. He's an underachiever who fears taking risks because of self-doubt. Achi constantly underestimates his worth and expects himself to fail. By being together, this couple balances each other's strengths and flaws. Karan's extraordinary flair and Achi's easygoing simplicity help them compromise between the extremes.

Achi and Karan hug after becoming boyfriends.

Although empathy is a positive trait, an excessive amount can be a hindrance. Achi suffers from always putting other people's feelings ahead of his own. He doesn't want to upset Karan or even the street vendor. By accommodating everyone else, Achi neglects his personal needs. This episode warns about the risks of being too selfless. As much as we should be considerate, self-care is just as vital. Achi learns to express himself more rather than internalize his discomfort.

Karan wanted to create a memorable first date for himself. The expensive jacket and the helicopter ride are Karan's ideas of romance, not Achi's. He got carried away with fulfilling his extravagant fantasies and didn't think about his partner's needs. In this instance, Karan's ego overpowered his empathy. At the end of the episode, he learns to be more considerate. Karan communicates with Achi and understands his perspective on arranging an ideal date. Karan may not have begun as the perfect boyfriend, but he's trying to be better.

I have a conspiracy theory! IMO, the series made Pai and Rock a couple to offload the mandatory product placements. The showrunner must plug the sponsors, but he doesn't want the leads to have too many romantic scenes with advertisements. As a compromise, he dumps the promotional content onto the secondary pair. In a way, we should be thankful that Pai and Rock exist to shoulder the annoying ads. Otherwise, Karan and Achi would be eating Lays on the helicopter trip. Or they'd visit the Oishi corporate headquarters instead of the coffee plant. 😓

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Achi and Karan take a photo together.

Awww~ I'm glad to see Achi & Karan go on an ordinary date at the start of the episode. A simple, laidback afternoon at the shopping mall fits Achi's style better. Even if the couple isn't doing anything fancy, their romantic interactions are still cute. My favourite moment is when Karan uses the camera to take pictures of Achi holding the images from the photobooth. It's like a photo within a photo, haha!

Have you noticed how often Karan mentions that two men dating is a potential issue? He raises his concerns with his boyfriend, "Telling people you're dating a guy isn't easy." Achi disagrees. "No, I don't mind telling others I'm dating you." Likewise, Karan's boss shuts down a similar notion and claims not to care about sexual orientation. Their indifference highlights Karan's insecurities about himself. He's the one most uncomfortable with his sexuality, whereas everyone else seems okay with it. This self-doubt adds complexity to Karan's characterization.

Our protagonists chat about choosing between love and work. I like Karan's decisive reply. He values their relationship over his career. Even if the company doesn't let them date, he'll find a job elsewhere. Likewise, Achi mentions he'd resign with his boyfriend out of solidarity. Good for them! They have their priorities in check. Karan and Achi could easily secure employment with their qualifications. Both are ideal job candidates who spent seven years at a famous company. They possess skills, experience, and loyalty. Many organizations would want to hire them.

Karan finds out Achi can read his mind.

The no-dating workplace policy is foolish. Karan isn't an ordinary worker. He's a top salesperson, a promising leader, and the "Employee of the Year" for seven years. He's the company mascot. Firing him would destroy morale, conveying to the staff that hard work doesn't matter. The boss should be desperate to retain Karan, not chase him away. Other businesses will gladly recruit the best talent from their competitor. This company needs Karan more than he needs them. They should offer him perks instead of threats.

This company is overstepping and shouldn't police the staff's romantic relationships. The boss doesn't want his employees to date since he thinks love is destructive. If Achi and Karan break up in the future, it may affect workplace performance or morale. Well, if that happens, deal with the issue then. Don't take pre-emptive disciplinary action when the couple made no mistakes so far. Achi and Karan have remained professional during office hours. They even work during evenings, weekends, and holidays. As long as they perform their jobs, let them be in love!

I'm glad the story addresses Achi and Karan dating in the workplace. The original series avoids this topic, whereas the remake explores the repercussions of an office romance. However, it handles the plot poorly. Meeting the sales quota or appeasing the predatory client are unnecessary conflicts. I hate how Karan must get on his knees to acquire a sales contract, which seems undignified and over the top. Although the boss intervened, he shouldn't have let the situation escalate. The tacky drama unfolds tastelessly, cheapening the prestige of Cherry Magic.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Achi and Karan flirt as a couple.

adore how the series handles the mind-reading revelation. Instead of causing conflict, the secret power brings the couple closer with lots of playful flirtation. Karan experiments with Achi's telepathy like an intercom system. Testing, testing! We get hilarious lines like, "Achi, stop reading manga and read my mind instead." I laugh when Karan weaponizes his thoughts and sneakily asks for a goodnight kiss. The series flexes its clever humour in many delightful exchanges. My jaw hurts from grinning nonstop!

Karan is curious about his boyfriend's ability. "Did you get bitten by something?" I love that he assumes Achi is like Peter Parker from Spiderman lol. Karan wants to know whether Achi's telepathy works on random body parts, like ankles, elbows, or lips. He rests his head on his boyfriend's legs and wonders if Achi still hears his thoughts. Besides being funny, these scenes show immense creativity. I'm impressed by the story's imagination as it explores unique facets of Achi's powers.

Oh my god, Achi and Karan are soooo sweet together! When they start play-fighting at the restaurant, that's the cutest exchange ever~ 😚 Jinta's envious response reflects how I feel as a spectator. On the one hand, I'm happy to observe their relationship bliss. On the other hand, I WANT WHAT THEY HAVE!!! Achi and Karan are the epitome of couple goals. As they flirt, every interaction warms my heart. I'm convinced the director, X, eats romance novels for breakfast. From Vice Versa to Cherry Magic, he has a talent for creating the most adorable BL moments.

Achi and Karan have their first kiss.

After moving in, Achi & Karan have grown closer. Both seem more relaxed around each other. Achi cracks jokes and teases his boyfriend, a sign that he has overcome his nerves. Likewise, Karan becomes unapologetically himself. He doesn't hide his mushy feelings or silly thoughts anymore. The real him is a goofball who says corny lines like, "I love you cherry much!" Karan may be a dork, but his sincerity is what Achi cherishes about him. They want to be dorkily in love together~

Achi is frustrated by his lack of career growth. Karan supports him whether he stays in the same job or becomes more ambitious. Either way, Karan believes his boyfriend will succeed. During their chat, Karan carries Achi in a piggyback. Achi asks to walk by himself, symbolizing his desire to gain independence. Later, he declines a work opportunity due to self-doubt. Once again, Karan gives him the perfect advice. They have a gentle, mature, and motivational discussion. Inspired by Karan's reassurance, Achi finds the encouragement to achieve a new career goal.

The kiss is epic! It comes after a sweet episode where the couple strengthens their emotional bond. The milestone feels like a natural progression in their relationship. Also, Achi delivers an empowering line, "I have the courage to try many things, even doing something I never thought I'd do." The story cleverly ties his personal growth to his desire for romantic intimacy. Plus, the rooftop is a thoughtful location for their first kiss, mirroring the exchange in Episode 2. Most of all, the original drama excluded physical affection, whereas the Thai remake displays love boldly!

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Karan kisses Achi on the forehead.

One of Achi's concerns is that he can't read Karan's mind over long distances. He relies on his telepathy to support their relationship. However, Achi should realize he already has a sharp intuition. He can pick up on the subtle nuances when Karan seems evasive over the phone. "Every time you say there's nothing, there's something." In addition, he detects Karan's self-consciousness and reassures him. "Nothing about you is ever nonsense to me." With or without his power, Achi understands his partner well.

Ooh, there's trouble in paradise~ Achi and Karan have gotten along without much interpersonal conflict. Both support and accommodate each other, so they rarely clash. This episode marks the first time the couple faces trust issues. Achi's paranoia causes him to doubt his partner's sincerity. Likewise, Karan tells a tiny lie. Despite missing his boyfriend, he doesn't want to seem needy as Achi focuses on work. While Achi's offence may be more severe, both have moments of personal weakness. Thankfully, they apologize and overcome their mistakes through honest communication.

"LIAR!!!" Why does Achi begin his apology with so much hostility!? You're supposed to say sorry to Karan, not make accusations! Thankfully, Achi shows tactfulness in the rest of the conversation. He delivers an excellent line: "Sometimes, your love is so great that it's hard to believe anyone could love me this much." Beyond acknowledging Karan's devotion, Achi's quote reveals his troubled self-esteem. He viewed himself as unlovable until Karan came along and lifted his confidence. The more Karan cherished his partner, the more Achi recognized his self-worth.

Achi and Karan look at the beautiful lights.

I'm glad Achi planned a special date with his boyfriend. Of the two, Karan is typically more romantic than his partner. He has a colourful imagination and likes to be flashy with his affection. In contrast, Achi has a low-key personality. He doesn't perform over-the-top stunts, so tonight is a memorable exception. Achi looks suave when he snaps his fingers as the lights flicker on! Karan's creativity has rubbed off on him. Even an ordinary guy like Achi can display an extraordinary flair.

I dislike Jinta's jealousy storyline, which highlights his character's annoying personality. Most of the time, the secondary couple has less engaging plots than the leads. However, Jinta has a funny line about his relationship with Min: "Our names rhyme and sound a lot cuter." LMAO. Jinta describes two of my main criteria for supporting a BL couple. As unreasonable as it may seem, a catchy ship name is a major deciding factor. I'm also a sucker for any pairings that rhyme, have alliteration, or contain abstract meaning. The name determines the ship's fate before it even sails!

JinMin have a lovely scene in this episode. Poor Min feels demoralized after losing the contest. He has prepared for multiple episodes in this ongoing story arc, so I feel emotionally invested in the outcome. I feels sorry for Min when he cries over his defeat. To his credit, Jinta comforts him with inspirational advice. "An idol isn't the best singer or dancer, but someone who can inspire everyone. Do you know you inspire so many people? You're already an idol to me." Aww, that's sweet! Jinta may look unhip on the outside, but he can deliver the coolest lines.

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Karan takes care of Achi.

This episode gives an incredible portrayal of a long-distance relationship. Achi & Karan overcome physical limits by emphasizing their emotional connection. Every night, the lovers call each other to talk after work. They spend time together virtually, from eating meals to brushing their teeth. Karan's support was crucial during the early days as Achi struggled to adjust to his new office. Despite their distance, the bonding feels so intimate that they have grown closer as a couple.

I love how much Achi and Karan communicate as their relationship develops. Karan is an attentive listener who asks the right questions. He gives advice, offers motivation, and responds patiently to his partner's busy schedule. Likewise, Achi opens up emotionally instead of bottling his feelings. Unlike in the past, he understands the importance of expressing himself. Besides their mature conversations, Achi and Karan entertain themselves with jokes, songs, or random thoughts. Their chats aren't serious all the time. This couple discusses everything, from intimate issues to casual topics.

Beyond his love life, I enjoy the focus on Achi's personal growth. He doesn't magically become confident overnight. Instead, the story highlights his early struggles. He started at his new office timidly, doubting his leadership ability. Karan motivates him and offers wise advice, like a mentor. After identifying he should work on his social skills, Achi takes himself out of his comfort zone and bonds with everyone. From anxiety to assertiveness, he goes on an empowering character arc. I love seeing our protagonist believe in himself, building the self-esteem he always lacked.

Achi and Karan are kissing.

"You're always watching clips of men flirting with each other. Enough already!" Achi's colleague talks to his daughter, but why does it sound like a thinly veiled jab against me? I FEEL ATTACKED~ 😭 While the statement isn't directed at him, Achi becomes cautious about his sexuality. After starting a new job, he doesn't know how accepting his coworkers are. Achi worries about potential judgment, discrimination, and danger. His uneasiness is common among LGBTQ+ employees. I appreciate the series for adding this realistic detail.

Achi feels intimidated by his new office culture. Unlike a corporate job in the city, his staff includes blue-collar men from rural backgrounds. Some workplaces are less diverse, so there won't be BL fangirls like Pai to express allyship. Achi navigates his sexuality discreetly and gets to know his colleagues better before sharing personal details. Like in real life, Achi should only come out if he feels comfortable at the right time and place. The good news is he has open-minded coworkers. They welcome Karan as Achi's loved one, treating their relationship equally like any family member.

Achi & Karan reach a significant relationship milestone. They have sex for the first time! To their credit, the leads embrace physical intimacy in the Thai series. If it were the Japanese version, the scene would be filmed modestly. We'd see the back of Adachi's head while Kurosawa places a hand on his shoulder. And the screen fades to black~ The actors (Eiji & Keita) will never dare to be as affectionate as TayNew. But please, feel free to prove me wrong! Anyway, I'm delighted by the couple's bedroom magic. Their romance has made the ultimate breakthrough. 

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Ending Review
Achi and Karan are in bed together.

Cherry Magic has a happy ending for everyone, including the entire office! I'm glad the company abolished the dumb no-dating policy. The boss looks delighted by Achi & Karan's wedding invite, even though he was the villain who instructed them to break up. In case anyone cares, Pai & Rock also become a couple. I did like their subplot for this episode as Pai helps Rock rediscover his passion for dancing. Like the boss, I'm converted from a former hater to a last-minute shipper.

Achi comes out to his parents. Rather than focus on the gender of her child's lover, Achi's mom is interested in understanding their relationship. First, she asks a seemingly innocuous question: "What do you like about my son?" Her tone sounds casual, but Karan needs to prove he knows Achi's best qualities. His gushing response is met with approval. Later, the mom invites them to work in the kitchen. She wants to observe their interactions and smiles when Karan dotes on her son. Achi's mom includes Karan in the farewell hug, conveying that she approves of him. He's a keeper!

Karan also comes out to his parents. As the electronic gate opens, the camera reveals his mother standing in the centre. It reminds me of the epic intro to a FINAL BOSS BATTLE, like she's the couple's strongest opponent. While Karan's mom doesn't explicitly condemn their relationship, her apathy speaks volumes. Parental disapproval can be subliminal, existing through silent treatment or emotional detachment. Karan is only praised when he conforms to family expectations. As the sister points out, his mom and dad subtly manipulate him to change his behaviour.

Achi and Karan hug after getting engaged.

Karan's sister gives a powerful speech that should be studied by families worldwide. Carve her words into stone, put the text into museums, and spread her message like gospel. Karin appeals to her mom's empathy. "If it was me who introduced a guy, would you just ask his name and end the chat?" I love how she uses a simple analogy to explain the prejudice. She also highlights her brother's lifelong turmoil. As Karin elaborates, I nod along to every insight. Give this woman a platform! Karin for president!

After receiving family acceptance, Karan has conquered a psychological burden. Still feeling emotional, he asks Achi to marry him on a whim. This low-key proposal isn't Karan's usual style. His boyfriend even teases him, expecting theatrics like a marching band. Here's an instance where Karan learns from Achi's sensible personality. Karan knows this moment should focus on sincerity instead of pressuring his partner with fancy distractions. Achi's reply is simple yet romantic. "No matter how you asked, I'd say yes." Oh my gosh, their engagement is as enchanting as a fairy tale!

My heart hasn't settled after the first proposal, but here comes another one! Nobody is surprised Karan walks around with an engagement ring in his pocket. Marriage was on his mind before they started dating lol. However, Achi thinks the same and proves he's just as committed to the relationship. He gets down on his knee, showing a surprising flair. He knows Karan enjoys schmaltzy gestures like this, hehe~ Karan states, "We'll take care of each other." The theme of this double proposal is reciprocity. Achi and Karan nurture their love through mutual support.

Karan hugs Achi after the engagement.

Karan began the series with several psychological burdens. He struggled with unrequited love for many years. Karan lacked the courage to confess to his secret office crush. He was tormented by the fear of rejection, the anxiety of coming out as gay, and the risk of jeopardizing his career. Karan would admire Achi from afar, indulging in fantasies instead of expressing himself honestly. He only dares to pursue this romance after his feelings outweighed his insecurities. Karan admits, "You make me so much braver, Achi."

Beneath his poised demeanour, Karan agonizes over his sexuality. You may have noticed the disparaging comments about himself. Karan carries an internalized belief that he makes others uncomfortable with his same-sex attraction. Family expectations add to his turmoil. The perfectionist in Karan wants parental validation, yet they seem reserved after he comes out. He interprets their lack of positive reinforcement as a passive form of disapproval. Later, Karan refrains from holding Achi's hand near his mom's vicinity. His insecurities have gotten the best of him, overshadowing his feelings once more.

Thankfully, Karan's parents change their stance due to their daughter's intervention. She urges them to stop hindering his happiness. As the mother gives her blessing, Karan breaks down in tears. The fact he immediately cries reveals the heavy weight of his mental strain. He must feel relieved and exhausted after overcoming years of anxiety. Karan's self-doubt vanishes once his parents reassure him of unconditional support. The mom's social media post sends a powerful message that he brings pride, not shame. At last, Karan can live confidently and love authentically.

Achi and Karan get married.

Beneath the quirky premise of a mind-reading protagonist, Cherry Magic is a story about empathy. Achi never weaponizes his telepathy to exploit or embarrass others. Instead, he understands their perspectives and uses these insights to empower his loved ones. After gaining his superpower, Achi becomes more caring, sensitive, and observant. While Achi loses the ability to hear thoughts, the positive virtues remain with him forever. He'll continue to empathize and be kind to everyone.

Like Karan, Achi suffered from insecurities at the start of the series. He lacked confidence and doubted his self-worth. Achi felt hopelessly ordinary, from his stunted career growth to his nonexistent love life. He faded into the background, outshined by his peers and their achievements. However, Karan recognizes Achi's best qualities, including the traits his partner has overlooked about himself. During the home visit, Karan praises his lover: "Achi has a good heart. He's a very thoughtful person. Once he puts his mind to something, he does it well every time. He's more talented than you think."

Achi and Karan marry in the finale. The song lyrics during the wedding ceremony reflect the story's themes: "You give power so extraordinary to someone so ordinary." Achi used to feel insignificant about himself, but Karan's constant support has transformed Achi's self-esteem. With Karan's encouragement, Achi recognizes his potential. He gains the confidence to succeed at work, fall in love, and believe in his abilities. In the final scene, Achi states he doesn't need telepathy to feel special. The wholehearted love Achi receives from his husband already empowers him.

Cherry Magic Japan

Original Series

Cherry Magic

Cherry Magic Japan is the original drama that precedes Cherry Magic Thailand.

Cherry Magic Thailand is a remake of the famous Japanese drama, which was first released in 2020. The twelve-episode series can be completed in under 4 hours. The Japanese and Thai versions have a similar plot, although several character arcs have been changed. You don't need to watch the original series to understand the remake.

Like many BL fans, I fell in love with Cherry Magic Japan. This heartwarming tale is sweet, funny, and romantic. In my opinion, the Japanese series has more graceful writing. It handles the narrative themes subtly and elegantly, whereas the Thai drama can be clumsy. The original story also includes an incredible subplot with Fujisaki's character, who lost her nuances in the Thai adaptation. However, Cherry Magic Japan is very timid with physical intimacy. It is also shorter than The Thai version, which can explore the romance and character arcs extensively.

Cherry Magic! The Movie

Cherry Magic! The Movie is the film sequel of the original Cherry Magic series in Japan.

Cherry Magic! The Movie is the film sequel to the Japanese drama. It follows the events after the original story. You should watch the series before starting the 2022 movie. Cherry Magic Thailand combines both the plots from the TV drama and the movie sequel.

I enjoyed the emotional messages from Cherry Magic! The Movie. The lead characters remain endearing, while the film contains powerful sentiments about love. With that said, it lacks a bit of energy compared to the original drama. The leads also remain too timid with affection, even when the story demands it. In my opinion, the Thai remake handles the movie portion of the story better. Cherry Magic Thailand is bolder when portraying LGBTQ+ themes. It is also gutsier with the physical intimacy scenes, outshining the Japanese counterpart.

Cherry Magic Thailand Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Yuu Toyota (豊田悠) is a Japanese artist and the original creator of the manga, Cherry Magic.

Yuu Toyota (豊田悠) is a Japanese artist and the original creator of the manga, Cherry Magic. The story has been adapted into a Japanese drama into 2020, a Thai remake in 2023, and a Japanese anime series in 2024.


X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas (ณัฐพงษ์ มงคลสวัสดิ์) is the director of Vice Versa and Cherry Magic Thailand.

X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas (ณัฐพงษ์ มงคลสวัสดิ์) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the series Theory of Love (2019). In addition, he directed I'm Tee, Me Too (2020), Vice Versa (2022), and Cherry Magic Thailand (2023).

  1. Wow, este review fue increíblemente rápido de llegar hahahahaha eso creo que habla de lo mucho que te gustó. Como alguien que no vio el trabajo original, no soy muy fanática de las actuaciones de los japoneses, disfruté bastante Cherry Magic. Mi único problema fue lo INNECESARIO de la pareja heterosexual. Incluso la segunda pareja BL se me hacia un poco irrelevante aunque los encontraba adorables. Preferiría haber pasado más tiempo conociendo a la pareja principal, se me hicieron tan adorables. Nunca había visto nada de Tay y New y realmente lo disfruté mucho.

    Regresaré para leerme todo el análisis completo cuando esté listo 🤗

  2. Ahhhh!!!! Finally!!!! Been waiting to read your views on this ‘cause I have mixed feelings about this drama. I haven't seen the original Japanese version so I didn't have any comparison.
    Although I loved how Karan was smitten with Achi while keeping a poised demeanor outside, I still didn't feel connected to Karan's character. It was almost as if he was too perfect to be real. When Achi started hearing his thoughts, even then Karan was a perfect human who loved Achi unconditionally and always did the right thing. I started to feel connected to Karan when it was revealed how and when he fell in love with Achi. Otherwise, it wasn't making sense and Karan looked too perfect to be humane.
    But he looked more humane when we got to know that everyone judged him only due to his external perfection and not the internal person, which made him fall for Achi.

    I couldn't agree more with you about the casting. TayNew were perfect for their characters
    “The Thai remake is like, "But yes, a fancy bathroom also epitomizes success." Also, I question this company's organizational culture. Granting the award to the same employee seven times creates low morale. Please recognize someone else!”——- Two personalities of the BL Watcher in consecutive sentences. LOL!!!The appreciator of shirtless hot guys and, the logical, politically correct one! Hahaha
    Karan's fantasies are less virtuous.—–just like ours BUDDY!!! SAME!!!!!
    “Karan is secretly a neurotic mess beneath his perfect image.”—Really this quality makes him adorable!!!!!

    2 episodes???????!!!!!!! TORTURE!!!!!!!

    the more this series progressed the more I became a fan of Karan. The episode where Karan gets to know Achi’s mind-reading powers was my favorite…. Just like Achi said “Who’s power is this actually. You are better at using my mind-reading powers”
    The last two episodes were amazing…… achi losing his powers, visiting Achi’s parents, visiting Karan’s parents, and the marriage.
    I love that both Achi and Karan propose to each other.
    Jinta was a sheer surprise in the last episode when he was drunk and suddenly replied to Min's thoughts about marriage. He removed his spects and looked at Min….The way he looked at Min, suddenly Jinta became so damn charming. All of a sudden he looked like the more mature, wise, supportive, and caring partner, whereas Min looked more mature and composed throughout the series while Jinta was the goofy childish one. But that last scene and kiss!!!!!! It made me weak in the knees seeing Jinta’s kiss.

    I have to admit Karan's good looks were playing a lead role in this series… Hehehehe

    Also Madame Noi's reply when Jinta started hearing thoughts was savage…!!! Cupid Madame Noi….
    Thank you BL watcher (Buddy) for always mentioning the animal characters in the cast. Really appreciate the thoughtfulness. Lots of love!


  3. I've been following you for awhile now but this review made me so happy I had to comment, too! I love all the versions of Cherry Magic because the story and the characters really encapsulate all of my favorite things about a BL love story with none of the negative/toxic tropes that always appear. Each version will always be a 10 for me, but TayNew stole the show here. You really nailed it when you said they encompassed the essence of their characters– they were perfectly cast. Thank you for another lovely review and making my heart flutter all over again, just reading about them LOL


  4. Bl cruncher since September 2023,
    Cherry magic is one of my favorite bls and like you, I can watch any version they want to make.
    Not a fan of Tay and New (at least not 100%), I was quite apprehensive about my reaction to their acting and great was my surprise to see myself completely succumbing and melting several times in front of my screen. I think it's because I hadn't watched Kiss Me Again at the time and because of that, I couldn't get hooked but when Cherry Magic aired, I watched both series as it was necessary and dark blue kiss went up in my list but that's not what I was talking about…

    I think Cherry magic comes down to one word for me, communication…
    I liked how Ashi's power was just salt, seasoning to the way she was.

    And Karan, are we talking about it? He always expresses what he feels and I really like the moment when Ashi tells him : I'm afraid I won't be able to read your thoughts if I'm far away and him saying: anyway I always tell you what I think.

    Having a couple discuss how they feel is amazing. And the fact that Karan was always there as Ashi's support even when it meant he was going to leave and leave him alone. I think Gmmtv gave me a real batch of green flags for the start of the year, Mhok from last twilight, Prem from cooking crush who let her boyfriend prove himself and Karan who helped Ashi take off.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Ashi organized this little date for Karan because he wanted them to have their date even though he wasn't there. It was beautiful to finally see something for Karan and even Karan expressed it out loud.

    My other favorite scene is in episode 12, -anyway it's my favorite episode -and I saw that you didn't add it in your review- , it's when he wakes up and he sees that he has lost his power. (Hello Ashi, Karan told you no, you wouldn't be able to read his thoughts after what he was going to do to you 😜😜) Karan just expressed his thoughts out loud at that moment to make him understand that He didn't really need that power with him.

    We talk about how Karin is the best sister in the world… In the bls and even in real life, parents always pretend to agree with you, but subtly, they always show us what they want us to do and most of the time, it still influences us.
    I liked that she helped her mother understand how she reacted. Yes, you said you agree but since when do you only ask a person their name and even if Karan had really brought a friend home, you would have never asked just their name. So, she didn't even make the effort she would have made if Ashi was Karan's friend just to try to influence him.

    My heart broke for him when I saw that he wanted to take Ashi's hand but when he remembered that his mother was there, he backed away. (Also thanks to the producers for not giving us an unnecessary argument at this point)

    Thanks to the mother for making the effort afterwards. And hearing Ashi say that he wanted to take care of Karan as well as he took care of himself.. (Awww, my heart melted) And Karan crying in his mother's arms and holding his mother's hand Ashi at the same time. They could have ended there but they tried to stop my poor bl girl heart by giving me one of the most beautiful proposal scenes I've seen since my debut in bl.
    I think I was as surprised as Karan to see that Ashi had prepared a ring (my poor heart 💓❤️)

    And this wedding… Gmmtv's first I think and what a great way to commemorate Tay and New (I heard they were Gmmtv's first bl couple in kiss me again, I hope I'm not wrong)

    I think I wanted some more Karan and Ashi and if they want to give me special episodes, I'm all ears.
    This is one of the bls where the cheesy conversations were easier to digest for me like I love you cherry much (very nannian but we love it) or when Karan asks him to speak to him in the northern dialect or when Karan can't really stay away for Ashi himself and he comes very close to his house…

    In short, I love it.

    I try this time to comment in English but I'm not too fluent in English. Sorry if I made some mistakes


  5. Another fantastic review! The only place where my experience differed from you was that, happily, I LOVED both side couples (especially that overly dramatic uncle and his cute kitten-boy LOL), so it was an A+++ show for me. I did slightly regret the loss of aro/ace representation, an identity I don't understand very well so appreciate whenever it's portrayed well because it increases my understanding. But I'm a brainless fool for certain actors and Sing is one of them — he's so incredibly adorable and a great actor so I was really happy to watch his romantic subplot.

    Anyway, thanks again for the care and personality you put into every review!


  6. No idea why this shallow commercial with a show inbetween, with stupid overacting (Jinta) is an A. The best pairing was the "hetero" pair, which is not part of Cherry Magic at all…
    This show comes not close to the charm of the japanese originial, full of cliches and I feel it's really overrated.

  7. This is an excellent review. I appreciate all of your reviews, even if I don't always agree, but in this one I agreed 95% (5 points off because I liked Pai + Rock). For me, the solid A you awarded this show was well earned. Tay and New and the director and the writers hit it out of the park. There are lots of reasons – a strong script which as you mentioned adapted the Japanese story (which I also liked) to a warm and unabashedly affectionate Thai context.

    Also Tay and New's chemistry has had all kinds of time to mature and is now fine, fine wine. There is depth and complexity to their characters too. We saw the handsome, accomplished and suave Karan being subjected to odious and illegal sexual harassment endorsed by his employer. Shocking. Who wouldn't fall for Achi after his intervention there. As for Achi, yes, he looks innocent and is always understated but there are two other things to note.

    One, as you've said, his body dysmorphia is not confirmed by an objective look at that actor who is a solid stud muffin. Secondly, Achi is not only shy but a bit of tsundere. When adored, he'll withhold which is massively attractive to a subset of the population (naming no names). I could go on. But I'll end by saying thanks again for a wonderful and detailed review which allowed me to relive the pleasure of this series, which is in a class by itself.

    p.s. I loved Min's line after Jinta's confession, that he would accept his love and his cat too, LOL.

  8. I liked your opinion on this, you made a lot of good points. I wish you wouldve mentioned some of the scenes where taynews chemistry really showed. Tay is really good at showing affection, for example, in the beginning of episode 12.

    Also, have you ever considered watching taynews first series, Dark blue kiss? Id really like to hear your opinion on it.

  9. Yes, I want a version of Cherry Magic inn every culture and I will watch them all.

    Reading the episode by episode recaps, I realized I don't remember some scenes. Thank you so much for all the work you put into these reviews. It's like watching the show over again.

  10. I've watched all versions of Cherry Magic and I have to say that the Thai version made my heartbeat faster. Lol. The Japanese Version is one of my favorite BL but I have to say that the Thai Version turned me to jello with their sweetness. LOL. The chemistry of TayNew is off the charts. They look amazing together!

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