Twins is a Thai sports BL drama about a volleyball team.

Twins is a Thai sports BL drama about a volleyball team. A pair of identical twins separated after their parents' divorce. Years later, both have become aspiring university athletes. The main character trains in martial arts, whereas his sibling plays on the school's volleyball team. However, his brother is hospitalized due to an injury, jeopardizing his sports career. The protagonist must adopt his twin's identity and try to lead a double life.

Despite the plot holes, Twins has an entertaining premise. Leading a double life creates funny scenarios, suspenseful drama, and intriguing dilemmas. It also benefits from a hunky cast, proud to showcase their muscular physiques and steamy encounters. However, the convoluted story makes no sense as it drags on. The last few episodes take a nosedive in quality and sour my opinion of the couple. This series has too many flaws I can't overlook.

Twins Summary


สลับรัก นักลูกยาง

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


School romance


Twins is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


First and Sprite are volleyball teammates.

Sprite and Zee are identical twins who grew up together. During their childhood, their parents got a divorce. The father gained custody over Sprite, while the mother raised Zee instead. Since then, the two siblings have led separate lives without crossing paths. Both grew up to become aspiring athletes. Sprite trains in his university's jujitsu club and wants to win a gold medal one day. Likewise, Zee is the star player on his school's volleyball team. His goal is to play for the national team.

Zee is a talented athlete. Coach Wit adores Zee and chooses him as one of the starting players on the volleyball team. His teammates include First, Sam, Jack, Mike, Daew, Tom, and Ko. Jack is the captain, while Koh is a substitute player. Despite his prowess, Zee doesn't get along with the others. Everyone else hates his arrogance and alienates him from the group. He trains alone since nobody wants to practice with him. He also eats meals by himself. The only person Zee talks to is Salmon, the team's manager. Zee and Salmon are childhood friends. She understands him well.

Sam has a crush on Zee and tries to include him in group events. Daew, who is deeply religious, also wants to show compassion toward him. However, Zee remains unfriendly and doesn't want to hang out with anyone. First holds the biggest grudge against Zee. They have seen each other as rivals since childhood. Their relationship is hostile. In addition, Tom and Koh resent Zee. They make many snide remarks and ostracize their teammate. Salmon encourages team spirit and wants Zee to get along with the other guys. Yet, he looks down on all of them.

One night, Zee is suddenly attacked outside a restaurant. A group of criminals assault him violently. He ends up hospitalized with severe injuries. Although he survives, he will take a while to heal physically. That means Zee won't be able to play volleyball. He'll miss his chance at tryouts, jeopardizing a pivotal opportunity in his future sports career. Zee's mom is upset about her son's predicament and proposes a scheme. She asks Sprite to adopt his brother's identity. He'll pretend to be his twin and continue playing on the volleyball team until Zee's full recovery.

Sprite doesn't want Zee to lose his spot on the volleyball team, so he agrees to this secret identity swap. He begins leading a double life. During the day, Sprite will pretend to be Zee and practice with the NSU Volleyball Club. Afterwards, he'll return to being Sprite and practice with the jujitsu club. Salmon helps him get used to his new role. However, the other teammates notice Sprite isn't as mean or arrogant as Zee. They also think his volleyball skills have worsened. In addition, Sprite's best friend, Tan, is suspicious. Sprite struggles to keep up with this charade.

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Twins Cast



Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha (เฟรม ฤทธิ์ชนนท์ ศรีประสิทธิ์เดชา)

Sprite is portrayed by Thai actor Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha (เฟรม ฤทธิ์ชนนท์ ศรีประสิทธิ์เดชา).

Sprite is Zee's identical twin brother. He has lived with his father since his parents' divorce. Sprite trains in the school's jujitsu club and aspires to win a gold medal one day. His best friend, Tan, is also a part of the club. Sprite must assume his twin's identity after Zee's hospitalization. Unlike his serious sibling, Sprite is perkier, more easygoing, and wants to get along with his teammates.


Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha (เฟรม ฤทธิ์ชนนท์ ศรีประสิทธิ์เดชา)

Zee is portrayed by Thai actor Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha (เฟรม ฤทธิ์ชนนท์ ศรีประสิทธิ์เดชา).

Zee is Sprite's identical twin brother. After his parents' divorce, Zee has lived with his mother. She wants him to become a professional volleyball player, so he has trained in the sport since a young age. He's a talented athlete. However, Zee clashes with his teammates. He rubs them the wrong way due to his arrogance. Zee only gets along with Salmon, the team manager and his childhood friend.

Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha

Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha (เฟรม ฤทธิ์ชนนท์ ศรีประสิทธิ์เดชา) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 4, 1997.

Frame Ritchanon Sriprasitdacha (เฟรม ฤทธิ์ชนนท์ ศรีประสิทธิ์เดชา) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 4, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Twins.


Ryan Panya Mcshane (ไรวัน ปัญญา แม็คเชน)

First is portrayed by Thai actor Ryan Panya Mcshane (ไรวัน ปัญญา แม็คเชน).

First is one of Zee's teammates on the volleyball team. He is a good player and fulfills the "outside hitter" position. He is also well-liked and gets along with his teammates. The only person First dislikes is Zee. They have maintained a hostile relationship since childhood. First has a younger sister, who is a big volleyball fan and often attends his practices.

Ryan Panya Mcshane

Ryan Panya Mcshane (ไรวัน ปัญญา แม็คเชน) is a Thai-Irish actor. He is born on December 23, 2002.

Ryan Panya Mcshane (ไรวัน ปัญญา แม็คเชน) is a Thai-Irish actor. He is born on December 23, 2002. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Twins. He also has supporting roles in Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) and For Him (2023).


Team Tatchanon Thongpao (ธีม ธัชนนท์​ ทองเภ้า)

Sam is portrayed by Thai actor Team Tatchanon Thongpao (ธีม ธัชนนท์​ ทองเภ้า).

Sam is a volleyball player who fulfills the "libero" position. Unlike his teammates, he's friendlier toward Zee and tries to include him in group events. However, Zee doesn't seem receptive. Sam has an obvious crush on him. Everyone else knows and teases him about his attraction. Yet, Sam is too shy to make a move.

Team Tatchanon Thongpao

Team Tatchanon Thongpao (ธีม ธัชนนท์​ ทองเภ้า) is a Thai actor.

Team Tatchanon Thongpao (ธีม ธัชนนท์​ ทองเภ้า) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2023 university sports drama, Twins.


Pooh Phiangphor (ภูร์ เพียงพอ)

Tan is portrayed by Thai actor Pooh Phiangphor (ภูร์ เพียงพอ).

Tan is Sprite's best friend and a member of the jujitsu club. He doesn't realize that Sprite has adopted his brother's identity. However, Tan is suspicious due to his friend's frequent absences from the club. Sprite acts cagey and won't tell him the truth. Tan tries to investigate by following Sprite everywhere. Besides making a shocking discovery, Tan also meets Sam and develops a crush.

Pooh Phiangphor

Pooh Phiangphor (ภูร์ เพียงพอ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 24, 2004.

Pooh Phiangphor (ภูร์ เพียงพอ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 24, 2004. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Twins.


Tuss Thotsawat Sing-uppo (ตัส ทศวรรษ สิงอุปโป)

Jack is portrayed by Thai actor Tuss Thotsawat Sing-uppo (ตัส ทศวรรษ สิงอุปโป).

Jack is the captain of the volleyball team. As the leader, he feels responsible for winning matches and tournaments. Although his teammates bully Zee, Jack maintains a neutral stance and doesn't want to escalate the drama. Jack has an ambiguous relationship with his roommate, Mike. They are close and like flirting with each other.

Tuss Thotsawat Sing-uppo

Tuss Thotsawat Sing-uppo (ตัส ทศวรรษ สิงอุปโป) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 1, 1997.

Tuss Thotsawat Sing-uppo (ตัส ทศวรรษ สิงอุปโป) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 1, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Love Syndrome III. He also appears in the 2023 sports drama, Twins.


Ten Apivit Ueamahasopa (เท็น อภิวิชญ์ เอื้อมหาโสภา)

Mike is portrayed by Thai actor Ten Apivit Ueamahasopa (เท็น อภิวิชญ์ เอื้อมหาโสภา).

Mike is one of the starting players on the volleyball team. His mother was a professional player and placed high expectations on him to succeed. Mike is roommates with Jack and develops a close bond with him. Despite their sexual tension, Mike is upset with how the captain runs the team. He accuses Jack of favouritism toward other players, especially during important matches.

Ten Apivit Ueamahasopa

Ten Apivit Ueamahasopa (เท็น อภิวิชญ์ เอื้อมหาโสภา) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 10, 1998.

Ten Apivit Ueamahasopa (เท็น อภิวิชญ์ เอื้อมหาโสภา) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 10, 1998. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Twins.

Supporting Cast

Salmon is portrayed by Thai actress Mimi Ruethaiphat Phatthananapaphangkorn (มีมี่ ฤทัยภัทร พัทธนนปภังกร).


Mimi Ruethaiphat Phatthananapaphangkorn (มีมี่ ฤทัยภัทร พัทธนนปภังกร)

Daew is portrayed by Thai actor Nut Traipat Wuthibowornnant (นัท ตรัยพัทธ์ วุฒิบวรนันท์).


Nut Traipat Wuthibowornnant (นัท ตรัยพัทธ์ วุฒิบวรนันท์)

Tom is portrayed by Thai actor Hearth Chindanai Dechawaleekul (ฮาร์ธ ชินดนัย เดชะวลีกุล).


Hearth Chindanai Dechawaleekul (ฮาร์ธ ชินดนัย เดชะวลีกุล)

Ko is portrayed by Thai actor Kong Kooppong Chumnanyong (ก้อง คุปต์พงษ์ ชำนาญยง).


Kong Kooppong Chumnanyong (ก้อง คุปต์พงษ์ ชำนาญยง)

Sprite's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Jum Amata Piyavanich (จุ๋ม อมตา ปิยะวานิชย์).

Sprite's mom

Jum Amata Piyavanich (จุ๋ม อมตา ปิยะวานิชย์)

Sprite's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Sprite's dad

Coach Wit is portrayed by Thai actor Tao Adisorn Athagrisna (เต๋า อดิศร อรรถกฤษณ์).


Tao Adisorn Athagrisna (เต๋า อดิศร อรรถกฤษณ์)

Meena is portrayed by Thai actress Mew Sadanan Thipchan (มิว ศดานันท์ ทิพย์จันทร์).


Mew Sadanan Thipchan (มิว ศดานันท์ ทิพย์จันทร์)

First's sister is portrayed by Thai actress Thongfah Alicha Sripratak (ท้องฟ้า อลิชา ศรีประทักษ์).


Thongfah Alicha Sripratak (ท้องฟ้า อลิชา ศรีประทักษ์)

Medploy is portrayed by Thai actress Truly Phuntipa Pongruangrong (ทรูลี่ พันธุ์ทิพา พงศ์เรืองรอง).


Truly Phuntipa Pongruangrong (ทรูลี่ พันธุ์ทิพา พงศ์เรืองรอง)

May is portrayed by Thai actress Houng Nattawadee Pipobpornchai (ฮ๋วง ณัฐวดี พิภพพรชัย).


Houng Nattawadee Pipobpornchai (ฮ๋วง ณัฐวดี พิภพพรชัย)

Phu is portrayed by Thai actor Chan Phuliwat Yananruenon (ฌานต์ ภูริวัฒ ยานานฤนนท์).


Chan Phuliwat Yananruenon (ฌานต์ ภูริวัฒ ยานานฤนนท์)

Att is portrayed by Thai actor Tan Tirawat Hmokchai (แทน ถิรวัฒน์ หมอกชัย).


Tan Tirawat Hmokchai (แทน ถิรวัฒน์ หมอกชัย)

Tong is portrayed by Thai actor Plub Warawut Saengsriruang (พลับ วราวุฒิ แสงศรีเรือง).


Plub Warawut Saengsriruang (พลับ วราวุฒิ แสงศรีเรือง)

Boy is portrayed by Thai actor Ohm Napatt Utsaha (โอม นภัทร อุตสาหะ).


Ohm Napatt Utsaha (โอม นภัทร อุตสาหะ)

Sprite's coach is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Sprite's coach

Tonkla is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Young Sprite is portrayed by Thai actor Anawin Nanthiyakun (อาณาวิน นันทิยะกุล).

Young Sprite

Anawin Nanthiyakun (อาณาวิน นันทิยะกุล)

Young Zee is portrayed by Thai actor Archawin Nanthiyakun (อาชาวิน นันทิยะกุล).

Young Zee

Archawin Nanthiyakun (อาชาวิน นันทิยะกุล)

Young First is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Young First

Cast Highlights

  • First's actor (Ryan) has a supporting roles in Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022). He and Ko's actor (Kong) both appear in For Him (2023).
  • Jack's actor (Tuss) previously appeared in the 2023 Thai BL series Love Syndrome III. The actor who portrays Tom (Hearth) also appears in that drama. Hearth is also the lead of the BL series Live in Love.
  • The actress who portrays Salmon has a supporting role in the 2019 BL drama 2 Moons 2.
  • Daew's actor (Nut) has a supporting role in Our Days (2022). Boy's actor (Ohm) has a supporting role in the 2021 drama Love Area and its 2022 sequel Love Area Part 2.
  • The actress who portrays Rin (Jum) has appeared in He's Coming to Me (2019), Bad Buddy (2021), and The Eclipse (2022). The actor who portrays Coach Wit (Tao) has appeared in the 2023 movie After Sundown.

Twins Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Sprite and First come close to kissing.

Twins begins with an intriguing premise. The protagonist switches identities with his brother and leads a double life, an unusual scenario with many storytelling possibilities. This mix-up can be hilarious as he navigates comical misunderstandings. The early episodes also highlight his predicaments. How does he cope with the pressure of multitasking? Will he escape suspicion or get caught? Despite noticeable plot holes, Twins captivated me with thrilling drama and entertaining humour. I was having a lot of fun!

All the cast members are hunky beefcakes with buff physiques. This BL drama presents scenarios where everyone goes shirtless or becomes scantily clad. Not shy about exhibiting their bodies, there's a constant display of sweaty torsos, muscular arms, and bare thighs. Wow, their sex appeal makes me drool with desire! In addition, get ready for passionate kisses and steamy hookups between the couples. Each sensual encounter is visually titillating. From making out in locker rooms to secret rendezvous in shower stalls, Twins fulfills your favourite erotic sports fantasies. 

The twin twist is an outlandish situation. Initially, I excused some illogical antics for the sake of the plot. I told myself to accept the absurdity and not overthink the circumstances. However, the drama seems increasingly convoluted as it drags on. It doesn't make sense for Sprite and Zee to extend their charade after a while. Yet, they continue swapping roles and do a sloppy job of maintaining the deception. Worst of all, I hate how Sprite treats First in the last few episodes. Sprite's dishonesty puts his love interest through cruel mind games, souring my opinion of their romance.

Beyond the lack of logic and realism, the writing has other issues. A crucial plot is how Sprite befriends his antagonistic teammates, but the transition from enemies to allies is clunky. I want more meaningful scenes with apologies, earning trust, and building team spirit. Likewise, First's character development is lacklustre. The series doesn't explore his backstory and gives him little personality besides being grumpy. Also, the secondary couples have repetitive exchanges. Sam & Tan and Jack & Mike keep circling the same conversations episode after episode.

Frame has the challenging role of portraying twins. He does a decent job differentiating the characters, so I can always tell Sprite & Zee apart from their demeanours. At times, Frame's enthusiasm appears awkward. His reactions could be smoother. His costar (Ryan) gives a subpar performance, but I blame the series for not offering him engaging material. Among the others, I like Sam's actor (Team). He's a cutie with a charming personality and a fit body. I also get good vibes during the group scenes. The cast shares an easygoing camaraderie and has fun banter.

Twins was enjoyable until the final stretch, but the story turns into ridiculous nonsense in the last four episodes. I hate the offensive drama with the villains, which unfolds idiotically. Also, the secondary romances receive little focus and deserve better development. My least favourite is the frustrating conflict between the leads, as Sprite's lies cause trust issues in his relationship. I want to blame Sprite for his misconduct, but the fault lies in the thoughtless writing. Overall, Twins has too many narrative flaws I can't overlook. Despite its early promise, this series crashes and burns.


Convoluted story

Twins begins with a fun twin twist, leading to thrilling drama and entertaining humour. Yet, the story becomes convoluted as it drags on. The illogical plot holes don't make sense, especially later on.

Steamy romance

The couples engage in sensual kisses and steamy hookups. Each erotic encounter is titillating! Yet, I dislike Sprite & First's conflict near the end. The secondary pairs don't receive enough focus.

Subpar acting

The cast shares an easygoing camaraderie, especially in group scenes. First's actor (Ryan) gives a subpar performance. His costar (Frame) appears awkward in his enthusiastic reactions.

Happy ending

Twins has a happy ending as the couple resolves their conflict. However, the last few episodes are unenjoyable. Many storylines are aggravating. I hate how Sprite treats First and causes trust issues.

Dingy artistry

I enjoy the skin show! There are many close-up shots of the cast's muscular physiques, making me drool. However, some visuals look dim and dingy. The volleyball matches are also lacklustre.


Twins shows early promise with intriguing drama and racy hookups. The hunky cast also flaunts their hot physiques. Yet, the convoluted plot doesn't make sense. The last few episodes are too frustrating.

Twins Episodes

Episode Guide

Jack and Mike are in the shower.

Twins has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 10 hours. Twins started on November 3, 2023 and ended on January 19, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Zee stares at a volleyball.

Like an idiot, it took me a while to realize that Sprite and Zee were supposed to be two separate characters. I watched the first few scenes, thinking they were all about the same person. Is this guy playing two different sports? One actor = one character. That's how my brain works. Only after getting confused over the names did I realize I misunderstood. Then, I remember I was watching a series literally called Twins. That was my lightbulb moment. Ohhhh, so they were meant to be brothers! *lol*

I have mixed feelings about Zee. On the one hand, I don't like how his teammates ostracize him. Stop it, bullies! On the other hand, Zee behaves like such an arrogant jerk that it's hard to defend him. His teammates are having fun at lunch, but Zee must butt in and spoil the mood. Ugh, no wonder he doesn't have any friends. The only time I like Zee is when Salmon talks to him. They have a cute moment where she gives advice and cheers him up. OMG, I was secretly shipping them a little. My worst nightmare as a BL watcher is to find myself supporting the straight couple. 😱

The first episode ends with a cliffhanger. The protagonist gets attacked by hired assailants, like the BL version of Nancy and Tonya. IMO, this storyline should have been a mystery. Don't reveal the identity of the villain right away. Instead, it's fun for viewers to guess who placed the hit on Zee. In this scenario, Sprite suspects First, Tom, and Koh as his brother's attackers. One by one, he eliminates the suspects. The story then reveals a shocking twist: the bad guys wanted to hurt Sprite, except they got the wrong target. Unfolding the plot this way would be more suspenseful.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Jack is shirtless on the volleyball court.

Salmon starts introducing the volleyball players one by one. The camera pans over and… WHY ARE NONE OF THEM WEARING CLOTHES??? My favourite part about Twins must be how the characters are randomly shirtless half the time. If there's any opportunity to showcase these hunks and their muscular physiques, this series takes it! Of course, the gratuitous skin-friendly displays increase my enjoyment of this BL drama. Wow, I can't stop ogling at their biceps, pecs, abs, and thighs~

Switching roles with your hospitalized twin brother is an outrageous idea. So many things could go wrong with this ruse. If Sprite gets caught for impersonation, he'd face severe academic penalties and legal consequences. He has committed identity theft on his brother. Also, managing the logistics of a double life seems nearly impossible. How can you fake your nonexistent skills and pretend to be a professional volleyball player? Despite the risks and improbabilities, I'm intrigued by the story's premise. There's much potential for drama, scandals, and ethical dilemmas.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Sam has a crush on Zee.

My favourite character is Sam, an adorable cutie with an attractive physique. He possesses the face of an angel and a body made for sin. Tan has good taste for hitting on Sam. Hey, I understand the appeal! However, Sam's storylines don't interest me. His crush on Zee is a one-dimensional subplot that occupies too many episodes. The series hardly explains why he likes Zee. Similarly, Tan's superficial attraction relies on the annoying ~love at first sight~ cliche. Instead, I'd rather see Tan know Sam better before falling in love with him.

The most scandalous moment of the episode was when Zee's mom touched Coach Wit's hands. OMG, my eyebrows were raised! The story implies the coach showed favouritism because he felt flattered by the female attention. This horny single dad must think he can make moves off the court. However, Rin later clarifies she has no feelings for the coach. She scoffs in her son's face when he suggests the possibility of a romance. "We're only classmates!" For some reason, I giggle at this random subplot between the two minor characters. I like being nosy about their love lives lol.

Poor Zee regains consciousness and experiences unpleasant news. He discovers his mom traded away his identity like a substitution in a sports game, swapping one son for another. Zee, you have been benched! Sprite, you're his replacement! Regardless of the original intention, I understand why Zee feels upset. It's insulting to know an impersonator has taken over his life, especially without his consent. His existence is interchangeable with someone else. Plus, Sprite can destroy Zee's legacy as a volleyball player. Psychologically, this situation is messed up.

After taking over his brother's identity, Sprite can't be in two places simultaneously. He often misses his practices at the jujutsu club and must make excuses for his absences. One of his default explanations is that he has a bad case of diarrhea. Sorry, coach! I can't come in today because of my irritable bowel! However, karma punishes Sprite for telling constant lies about his health. Sprite experiences actual diarrhea at the end of the episode. Yet, he can't make it to the toilet in time and shits his pants. The boy who cried bowel issues suffers an ironic twist of fate!

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Sprite looks at his wounded chest.

The past few episodes focused on Sprite's lighthearted antics since taking over his brother's identity. I like how the story starts tackling heavier themes. It explores our protagonist's growing physical fatigue and psychological distress. Leading a double life takes a toll on Sprite's body because he must overexert himself in two intense sports. Also, maintaining the charade is tiresome, especially since his teammates have been ostracizing him. These hardships make his journey more poignant.

Another storyline I like is how Zee suffers an existential crisis. This injured athlete lacks his past confidence and experiences self-doubt. Before his hospitalization, Zee thought smugly about his abilities. Oh, he'll make the national team! Now, he doesn't seem sure about his future. Zee also feels guilty about being a burden to his brother. His distress is a surprisingly complex topic. However, I wish the series dug deeper into his psychological state. Focus on his struggles with rehabilitation and trauma. Regrettably, the future episodes skim over his recovery process.

I don't like seeing Sprite's teammates isolate him. However, I find this storyline insightful from a psychological perspective. The series examines pack mentality and peer pressure. Most characters have no serious beef with Zee. They just feel irked by his arrogance. A few people, like Sam and Daew, are sympathetic. They speak in Zee's defence and want to include him in activities. Yet, they back down quickly due to a fear of opposing the others. This plot highlights the intricacies of group dynamics. Individuals may compromise their empathy to align with the consensus.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Jack and Mike kiss in the shower.

WOW!!! Jack & Mike's sex scene is super hot! The steamy encounter only lasts a minute, yet every second is dripping with passion and desire. It benefits from the fantasy setting. Hooking up in the locker room shower is always a sensual scenario. There's also the shock factor. Although the couple flirted in the past, escalating their sexual tension so dramatically is a scandalous development. Plus, Jack's incredible body evokes sheer lust. As the camera pans down his pecs and abs, the eroticism has soared off the charts!

So far, First hasn't been a prominent figure in the narrative. The story has focused predominantly on Sprite and Zee's twin twist. While the drama is fun, it has neglected to develop the other protagonist. Fortunately, this episode shifts the spotlight on Sprite & First's relationship. I'm glad to see their feelings evolve. First still seems annoyed with his love interest, but at least the hostility isn't as intense. That's progress! The series is almost halfway over, so I need this couple to start getting along. The enemies-to-lovers trope is only enjoyable if they stop being foes.

In this episode, Sprite reveals the twin twist to his father. However, that conversation feels clunky. The dad's responses don't seem natural. He finds out his son has been assaulted to the extent of hospitalization. His ex-wife has also hidden a massive secret from him. You'd expect more concerns, confusion, and outrage. Yet, he reacts weirdly and only asks about Zee's condition as an offhanded question. This exchange seems inauthentic, exposing the weak writing. Similarly, there are other instances in Twins where the dialogue lacks persuasiveness.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Sprite and Jack get chummy on the volleyball court.

"You're only normal when we fuck." OMG I GASPED. As much as I hate to agree with this quote, the only time I enjoy Jack & Mike is during their sex scenes. Otherwise, their non-romantic moments are dull and aggravating. What are they even bickering about? Ugh, please don't waste their chemistry on these tedious arguments. *shakes head* Later, I gasped again when Jack & Sprite got chummy. Jack putting his hand on his teammate's leg is kinda wild. He's getting more below-the-waist action than First!

Koh and Tom remind me of the two evil stepsisters from Cinderella. Despite their animosity, Sprite succeeds in befriending his other teammates. First, Sam, and Daew don't join the others in ostracizing him anymore. I'm glad he's making friends! Sprite also develops feelings for First, but it seems rushed. While they're on better terms, their relationship needs a smoother transition into romantic territory. For example, I wish there were a scene where First stands up against the bullies explicitly. The story could use First's courage to explain why Sprite starts liking him.

My two favourite moments in this episode both involve Sam. The first scene is when he works out and does the pull-up exercise. The camera lingers on Sam's shirtless body, highlighting every inch of his glorious physique. Oh my god, I was utterly captivated~ The second scene is when Sprite strips naked. Everyone reacts in shock, but Sam covers his eyes and peeks through his fingers. His response is adorable! Sam's character has the perfect duality of hotness and cuteness. I drool over how hot he looks, but I also giggle at his cute antics. That's the best combination!

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Sprite and First have their first kiss in Twins Episode 7.

In the opening scene, Salmon shouts Sprite's name as a joke. She's like, "HEY ARE YOU SPRITE OR ZEE? LOL!!!" Oh my god, I panicked when she did that. I thought she blew his cover. Does Salmon realize her voice carries in the hallway? Imagine Sprite going through all this trouble to swap identities, only to fail because Salmon doesn't understand volume control. Later, I felt bad when she was cyberbullied. Those ZeeFirst fans are ruthless. "Tell your dad to fire her." WHAT!? Over a harmless photo!?

Speaking of bullies, Sprite successfully makes amends with his teammates. He turns all his haters into allies. However, I'm unsatisfied with this storyline. The series has emphasized an intense feud for so long, yet the conflict is settled in one measly scene. It's not even a meaningful moment. "Let's get along." "Um, okay." Is that it!? I expected more substance from a multi-episode story arc. Where are the apologies? Also, let's show additional scenes of Sprite earning Koh and Tom's trust. Building team spirit should have been a gradual journey instead of a quick resolution.

Sam and Tan hang out in this episode. While eating, Sam has some food in the corner of his mouth. Tan reaches out to wipe it away. It was supposed to be a romantic gesture. Yet, he fumbles and makes the smudge even worse. LMAO. I don't think it was intentional, but I laughed at his carelessness. 😆 Unfortunately, the rest of the date bores me. Sam and Tan's interactions are all vaguely similar. Tan keeps flirting with Sam, who is still smitten with Zee. The couple has been stuck in this same relationship dynamic since Episode 3. Give them some new material, please!

OMG! Sprite and First share their first kiss! Despite the milestone, this couple doesn't make me enthusiastic. The series fails to highlight their attraction satisfyingly. IMO, the relationship needs more nurturing. Before they kiss, show us what the two leads like about each other. Also, First is missing significant character development. Seven episodes later, he still feels like an enigma. When First confessed his feelings, I was shocked. My surprise comes from knowing little about his thoughts or perspective. The story focuses on Sprite so much that it has neglected First.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Jack and Mike kiss during a steamy sex scene.

Jack and Mike's actors have excellent chemistry! Once again, they produce another hot sex scene. My favourite moment is when Mike lifts his arms and waits for Jack to undress him. I like this gesture because it carries a bit of swagger. My minor critique is that the ambiance could be better. The lighting and decor are visual details that enhance a steamy encounter. Judging by physical intimacy, Jack & Mike outshine the other two couples. Unfortunately, their storyline is so lousy. I don't support this pairing outside of sex.

I know it's hard to film scenes with Zee and Sprite together. However, I want to see meaningful interactions between the siblings. Since leaving the hospital, the twins have barely communicated. Isn't Zee curious about how Sprite has been handling his life? There's a lot of untapped storytelling potential here. Give us a scene where Zee spies on the volleyball practice. He sees how Sprite gets along with his teammates, adding to Zee's self-doubt. Also, let's explore their brotherly bond. Are they close? Or are they rivals? This complex relationship dynamic deserves attention.

Another underdeveloped storyline is First's relationship with his father. The series hasn't followed up after revealing Coach Wit and First are related. I kept waiting for a backstory segment between them, yet nothing came. First hardly talks to his dad. Why not explore this parent-child dynamic? Give us meaningful character development instead of annoying scenes with the bad guys in the jujutsu club. I'd also like to see exchanges between First and his sister. Showing First in the role of an older brother highlights a different facet to his characterization.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Sprite and First kiss in the locker room.

Ooh, I love First and Sprite's kiss~ This series benefits from its sports theme. It's hot seeing two athletes hook up in their uniforms! After practice, the couple is alone in a dimly lit locker room with an intimate vibe. They touch each other tenderly, draw their faces nearer, and start making out. My favourite part is Sprite sitting on the bench while First kneels before him. What a sexy position! The excitement I felt during the encounter is like celebrating a touchdown. SCORE!!! 😝

My favourite line of the episode occurs before the locker room kiss. As the couple flirts, Sprite teases his boyfriend, "I like it when you don't speak your mind. The more you don't, the cuter you are." Hehe, I love how he phrases that! First is a quiet guy with a reserved personality. As you may have noticed, he doesn't open up about himself or admit to his feelings. Yet, Sprite has embraced his partner's introverted nature. I appreciate how Sprite doesn't see First's shyness as a flaw. Instead, he turns it into an endearing quirk.

Argh, I hate the storylines with the villains! It's bad enough that we must deal with those two thugs from the jujutsu club. For some reason, they can assault someone in broad daylight without consequences. In addition, Koh is now slipping unknown drugs into water bottles to poison his teammates. WTF!? This bully has become a criminal! Why does the series need so many bad guys? Can these evil bastards go away? I DON'T WANNA WATCH THEM. 

Why would Sprite want to continue switching identities with Zee? That's so nonsensical. Your brother has recovered, so give him back his life! This deception also puts Zee's volleyball career in needless danger. You increase the risk of people discovering the twin twist (which the bad guys already did). Sprite suggests switching back and forth, a ridiculously dumb arrangement. What does he plan to achieve besides confusing everyone around him? If you want to spend time with First, tell him the truth about your identity. You can't keep up this stupid charade forever.

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Sprite and First kiss in the middle of the night.

Zee gets poisoned, misses the volleyball match, and contacts his brother to replace him. The entire storyline is convoluted. I don't want this type of drama. Also, the series cuts corners and doesn't even show a comprehensive game. Sprite launches the ball, which flies over the net, and that's supposed to be the winning shot. Sorry, but this choppy editing isn't good enough. The short sequence hardly captures the adrenaline of sports. Please put more effort into creating immersion.

I'm flabbergasted by Sprite's idiotic scheme. "Oh, I'll pretend to be Zee on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!" Um, has Sprite thought about what happens during his off days? Surely, First will notice whenever his boyfriend behaves differently around him. It doesn't help that Zee puts zero effort into maintaining the charade. He antagonizes First and flirts with Salmon in public, sending the wrong signals. Poor First is confused by the weird hot-and-cold treatment. Sprite sucks for putting him through needless mind games. Stop lying and tell him your identity!

The more I think about Sprite's irresponsible actions, the more he pisses me off. He isn't just acting dumb, but he's also being cruel to his love interest. Earlier, circumstances forced him to falsify his identity. But now, he has no excuse to continue lying. The best time for honesty is before having sex. Don't sleep with First while still pretending to be your twin. Instead, introduce yourself properly, explain what happened, and hope for understanding. Sprite's deceit creates trust issues in the relationship. First will feel betrayed when he discovers his boyfriend is a fraud.

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Zee catches Koh as a culprit.

The twins work together to catch the bad guys. However, the investigation scenes are annoyingly dumb. The villains have loud, incriminating conversations for no reason. Of course, the protagonists are nearby to overhear everything. The storylines feel like a waste of time, especially since the bad guys are irrelevant characters. Also, Sprite and Zee can't report to the police without drawing suspicion on themselves over the identity swap. They must let the criminals go with empty threats and minimal punishments.

Sprite may be wrong for lying to his boyfriend, but Zee is a jackass who causes needless conflicts. Zee knows his brother is romantically involved with First. Yet, he continues to treat First awfully and make reckless statements. "I'm dating Salmon! I'll never like you!" Why would you say those hurtful words to him? Does Zee understand how to be tactful? There's no point in swapping identities with your twin if you won't put effort into maintaining the charade. Zee is responsible for destroying Sprite & First's relationship, making the mind games worse than necessary.

Koh betrayed the team by leaking information to a competitor. What should his punishment be? Do you report him to the authorities and ruin his sports career forever? Or do you let him go with a light penalty out of sympathy? This ethical dilemma offers a compelling source of conflict. Imagine if Mike wants to protect Koh, whereas Jack goes behind his back and tattletales to the coach. Their disagreement leads to divided allegiances in the team. This potential storyline would have given Mike & Jack more complex scenes than simply bickering or having sex.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Ending Review
Sam and Tan kiss in the Twins finale.

The most unnecessary moment of the finale is when Tan gets into a car accident. That's so random lol. Thankfully, he survives the pointless last-minute trauma. Also, I'm glad his character has a happy ending. After spending most of the series feeling bored by Tan and Sam, I circle back to liking the couple. Besides a few iffy moments here and there, their relationship is sweet. I wish they received a more substantial storyline than *waiting for you to like me*. There's no reason to drag out this romance until the end.

OMG! Tween girl drama! Was anyone surprised by how dark Namkhing's storyline became? These fangirls were introduced as comic relief. They giggled on the sidelines and squealed over Zee's attractiveness. Yet, the finale includes a sinister scene where Namkhing's friends turn against her. SURPRISE, WE HATE YOU ALL ALONG!!! The series ends with the poor girl feeling betrayed and abandoned. This karma is quite intense for a relatively harmless minor character. I wish there were a scene where First comforts his little sister or something else to soften the blow.

Sprite and First's ugly drama soured me on this couple. I wasn't excited during their reconciliation or makeout sessions. By the way, HIStory 2: Crossing the Line did the ~kissing through the volleyball net~ scene first! I also hate Zee so much that I'm rooting for his relationship with Salmon to fail. She deserves better than him. As for Jack and Mike, I don't care about their dating status. Yeah, they should remain fuck buddies instead of boyfriends. Whatever. I only have mildly positive feelings for Sam & Tan, but even their lacklustre romance leaves me unsatisfied.

Twins BL Information

Lovemedia Thailand

Lovemedia Thailand is a Thai studio.

Lovemedia Thailand is a Thai studio. Its projects include the 2023 BL drama, Twins. It is the studio's first BL project.


Pro Siwasit Phondongnok (โปร ศิวศิษฏ์ พลดงนอก) is a Thai director. He directed Twins (2023) with Ball Kanathorn Tabvilai (บอล คณธร ทับวิไล). Additionally, he was the assistant director for Red Wine in the Dark Night (2015), The Eclipse (2022), 609 Bedtime Story (2023), and Our Skyy 2 (2023). He is also the screenwriter for Love Area Part 1 (2021) and Love Area Part 2 (2022).

  1. Always enlightened by your reviews and your insight. Was reading the episodes review but it stops at epidode6 is it because the series nosedives from hereon?

    1. Thank you for enjoying the review! The episode guide was partially done yesterday, but now it's complete! And yes, the series takes a nosedive in quality around that point. I lose my enthusiasm more and more after each episode. 😞

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