Fairy Ranmaru focuses on two fairies, Ranmaru and Sirius, who have a complicated past.

Fairy Ranmaru is a fantasy anime series with homoerotic undertones. The story focuses on five fairies from a fallen kingdom. They descend to the human world, using magical superpowers to help various ordinary women with their troubles. As the fairies fight for justice, a rogue enemy works against them to spread discord and despair.

Although Fairy Ranmaru includes multiple gay romances and kissing scenes, the BL content has a minimal focus. Nonetheless, this campy anime is a titillating guilty pleasure with provocative visuals, skimpy outfits, and lots of flamboyant flair. Regrettably, this series suffers from oversimplified plots and formulaic episodes, limiting the entertainment value.

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Anime Info:

Japan (2021)


5 hours




Fairy Ranmaru is a wild & intense anime.

Is Fairy Ranmaru BL?

No, but there is light BL content.


Ranmaru and the fallen angel Sirius have a complicated past.

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous fairy kingdom. However, this formerly idyllic paradise has faced tough times recently. As a solution, the Queen assembles a team of five fairies, each from different clans. These fairies must go into the human world and help various women with their everyday problems. Every successful mission will earn them a magical "Attachment", which can be used to rebuild their fallen kingdom.

The fairies get settled into the human world, posing as high school students. There's Ranmaru, a mild-mannered fairy from the Lux clan. Despite his unassuming appearance, he is the most powerful of the group. His team members include Homura and Uruu, from the fire-based Ignis clan and the water-based Aqua clan. The fiery Homura and the poised Uruu constantly butt heads over a personality clash. They are joined by Jyuka, the bubbly fairy from the Arbor clan, and Takara, the flirtatious fairy from the Metallum clan.

The fairies encounter ordinary women troubled by various issues in their personal lives. Some are getting cyberbullied, facing workplace harassment, or suffering from relationship issues. Others struggle with an unreasonable boss, an unfaithful lover, or an unkind loan shark. The fairies come to these women's rescue by identifying the culprits of their unhappiness. Then, they transform into their fairy form and go into battle with the evil manifestations.

As the fairies complete their missions, they collect pieces of "Attachments", a resource used to rebuild their kingdom. However, they are met with resistance from Sirius, a rogue angel working vehemently against the protagonists. Sirius doesn't believe in restoring the fairy world. Instead, he wants to cause chaos, dissent, and misery around him. Ranmaru and Sirius also share a complicated history. However, Ranmaru's memory loss means he can't remember what had transpired between him and his enemy.

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Fairy Ranmaru Cast


Ranmaru Shogo Sakata (坂田将吾)

Ranmaru is voiced by the Japanese actor Shogo Sakata (坂田将吾).

Ranmaru is an angel from the Lux clan, known for his light-based magical powers. Although he is among the strongest of the five fairies, Ranmaru is a gentle and humble soul with a mild-mannered personality. The soft-spoken Ranmaru is guided by a solid moral compass and always believes in helping others. He has suffered from a memory loss and can't remember his complicated history with Sirius, the fallen angel.

Homura Kohsuke Tanabe (田邊幸輔)

Homura is voiced by the Japanese actor Kohsuke Tanabe (田邊幸輔).

Homaru is an angel from the Ignis clan, specializing in fire-based combat powers. He is a straight-shooter with a feisty, headstrong personality. Homaru and Uruu often clash over their differences, hardly agreeing on anything. Plus, their families hate each other in an ongoing feud.

Uruu Yutaka Balletta (バレッタ 裕)

Uruu is voiced by the Japanese actor Yutaka Balletta (バレッタ 裕).

Uruu is an angel from the Aqua clan, specializing in water-based powers. His lineage is responsible for performing administrative tasks in the fairy kingdom. Uruu is a meticulous perfectionist with a poised and diligent personality. He holds himself and others to very high purity standards. Uruu likes to draw water paint art in his spare time.

Jyuka Taichi Kusano (草野太一)

Jyuka is voiced by the Japanese actor Juka Taichi Kusano (草野太一).

Jyuka is an angel from the Arbor clan, specializing in earthly healing powers. He is the most boisterous in the group with his bubbly and enthusiastic personality. Jyuka feels inferior to the other angels because his combat abilities aren't as strong. He doesn't think his healing powers are that special.

Takara Akihiro Hori (堀曜宏)

Takara is voiced by the Japanese actor Akihiro Hori (堀曜宏).

Takara is an angel from the Metallum clan, specializing in gold and metals. Unlike the other angels, he is older and manages a bar in the human world. Takara has a rebellious streak and often breaks the disciplinary rules that angels are supposed to follow. He is a natural flirt and likes to seduce the opposite sex instead of doing his job.

Supporting Cast

Sirius is voiced by the Japanese actor Tetsuei Sumiya (住谷哲栄).


Tetsuei Sumiya (住谷哲栄)

Hojo is voiced by the Japanese actor Junpei Morita (森田順平).


Junpei Morita (森田順平)

The Queen is voiced by the Japanese actress Shiori Mikami (三上枝織).


Shiori Mikami (三上枝織)

Bakkun is voiced by Kazutomi Yamamoto (山本和臣).


Kazutomi Yamamoto (山本和臣)

Shiina is voiced by the Japanese actress Sayuri Yahagi (矢作紗友里).


Sayuri Yahagi (矢作紗友里)

Fairy Ranmaru Review


Anime Review Score: 6.5

Homura and Uruu share a kiss in the Fairy Ranmaru ending.

I was introduced to Fairy Ranmaru after stumbling upon pictures of the male characters kissing. I also saw many titillating images of muscular physiques, skimpy outfits, and crotch shots. Feeling curious, I skimmed over the reviews, which contained buzzwords like "camp", "very gay" & "overt homosexuality". This fantasy anime seemed to be bursting with rainbow pride based on the descriptions. I had read enough to feel hyped and intrigued by Fairy Ranmaru. Say no more, I was in!

After finishing the series, I'm sorry to report the BL content is pretty minimal. Some of the reviewers used the term "gay" interchangeably with flamboyance, giving me the wrong expectations. No, I wouldn't classify Fairy Ranmaru as a BL anime. The quantity of male-on-male content adds up to a few moments in a five-hour series. While the characters kiss, their relationship subplots feel sidelined. If anything, I wish there was more ~overt homosexuality~ beyond the two underdeveloped romances.

With that said, Fairy Ranmaru is delightfully campy and packs exuberant flair. It's loud, it's colourful, and it's a little naughty. The anime often displays provocative visuals with the scantily clad leads and their ripped physiques. You see group baths with partially obscured nudity, prominent bulges in tiny thongs, and the men thrusting their bodies at compromising positions. The sexuality is so in-your-face that you can't overlook it. Fairy Ranmaru pushes the boundaries without crossing into 18+ explicitness, but it comes close with the indecent imagery.

This anime looks stylish and spectacular. Fairy Ranmaru is skillfully drawn with vibrant colours, attractive designs, and flashy visual effects. Every episode features an extended combat scene, where the creativity shines brightly. The fairy transformation sequences are also animated with dazzling glamour, amplified by an upbeat soundtrack. The only aspect I don't like is the aesthetic of the fairies in their transformed states. They appear tacky and skanky, like low-rent RuPaul's Drag Race contestants who would typically get eliminated first.

Fairy Ranmaru suffers from a rigid, formulaic structure. Each repetitive storyline begins with the protagonists meeting a generic character of the week. A villain emerges, a battle ensues, and then the good guys win in the end. The anime is overeager to wrap up everything neatly before the episode finishes. Instead, it could afford to be more adventurous, introducing suspense, plot twists, and moral ambiguity. Fairy Ranmaru improves towards the end when it finally deviates from the tedious norm. Even so, the anime still lacks complexity and subtlety.

Ultimately, Fairy Ranmaru doesn't have enough substance. The narrative is too superficial with oversimplified plots, shallow developments, and predictable resolutions. However, I still appreciate the anime as a guilty pleasure, entertaining me with its extravagant silliness. I giggle whenever the protagonists exclaim their over-the-top catchphrase, "Go to heaven!" I also enjoy the flamboyant visuals, the cheesy songs, and yes, the gratuitous nudity. Even though I can't take Fairy Ranmaru seriously, it's a fun, endearing cult series with a fabulous charm.


Formulaic story

Fairy Ranmaru follows a predictably formulaic story template. The oversimplified plots feel very repetitive, taking you through the same ups and down for twelve consecutive episodes.

Shallow romance

Fairy Ranmaru is not a BL series, even though it contains same-sex attraction and a couple of gay kisses. The BL content is light, underdeveloped, and not the primary focus.

Flashy visuals

This anime looks stunning with vibrant colours, smooth animations, and striking designs. The combat scenes and transformation sequences are visually stimulating.

Happy ending

Fairy Ranmaru finally deviates from its episodic structure near the end. Better late than never. The finale is still pretty predictable with an expected happy ending, but at least we see something different.

Campy style

This anime series exudes flamboyance. It is also packed with titillating visuals, including scantily-clad characters with their bodies thrust in compromising positions.


Fairy Ranmaru isn't a profound anime. The repetitive story, shallow characters, and flimsy romances lack significant depth. Nonetheless, some fans may enjoy this series for its silly campiness.

Fairy Ranmaru Episodes

Episode Guide

Fairy Ranmaru has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 20 minutes long after you subtract the lengthy intro and ending segments. It is a long BL anime, and you can finish the entire series in under 5 hours. Fairy Ranmaru started airing on April 8, 2021 and ended its last episode on June 24, 2021.

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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
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Episode 12

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