180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us – Series Review & Ending Explained

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is a Thai BL series about trauma and family melodrama.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is a Thai BL series about trauma and family melodrama. The protagonist and his mom have depended on each other since his dad's untimely death. Recently, they encountered an old family friend who shared a fascinating history with his parents. The main character delves into secret scandals, emotional conflicts, and unspeakable truths about who his father used to be.

I'm thrilled with 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. The early episodes entertain me with witty banter, cheeky humour, and juicy homoeroticism. Later, the series unleashes exhilarating melodrama, accompanied by sensational acting and profound messages. It leans heavily on dialogue and lacks romantic content, which may bore some BL fans. Nonetheless, the angsty story and clever commentary leave viewers with much to ponder.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Summary


เส้นลองจิจูดที่ 180 องศาลากผ่านเรา

Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is a sad & emotional drama.


Wang and In form a close relationship while living together.

Wang is a university student who lives with his single mother, Mol. Years ago, his father was killed in a drunken car accident shortly after getting divorced. The sudden and unexpected death devastated Wang, who idolized his dad and had a close bond with him. He had combed through the personal belongings of his deceased parent, hoping to learn more about him. Wang knows from old photos that his dad used to have a best friend called In.

Before passing away, Wang's dad aspired to travel the world. Wang inherits this dream and wants to quit school to visit different places. His mom opposes this idea, insisting that he must complete his education. Wang's mother is a famous director with an extroverted and flamboyant personality. Sometimes, people affectionately refer to Mol by her cheeky nickname, The Great Sasiwimol. Mol and her son have a close relationship, although they often quarrel about everything. Wang's progressive views clash with his mother's traditional mindset.

Mol must travel for work, and Wang accompanies his mother on this road trip. However, they don't follow directions and get lost. Their car is seemingly stuck in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness. Wang searches for assistance and encounters In, an architect currently working on a construction project. Mol is delighted to recognize her old friend from college, marvelling over this lucky coincidence. After solving their car issues, In invites Mol and Wang to his residence nearby.

In lives in a fancy secluded house by himself. He provides free lodging to Mol and Wang, welcoming them to stay with him for a few days. Mol accepts this generous offer, eager to catch up with her college friend. In used to be the lead actor in one of her amateurish plays. He was also the one who introduced Mol to his best friend, Siam. Although In and Mol were close back in the day, they fell out of touch after graduation. In tells Mol that he became a university professor for a while. Now, he works as an architect.

Wang is curious about In, a man he recognized in his dad's photos. Wang wants to hear stories about his father from his best friend. However, In seems cagey around the topic and avoids discussing Siam whenever possible. His secrecy only makes Wang more interested in digging deeper into the past. Later, we learn that In had been studying abroad when his best friend got killed. He didn't even return for the funeral. Wang could sense something momentous must've transpired between In and his father, who shared an unspeakable history.

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180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Cast



Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn (ปอนด์ พลวิชญ์ เกตุประภากร)

Wang is portrayed by the Thai actor Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn (ปอนด์ พลวิชญ์ เกตุประภากร).

Wang is a university student who lives with his mom. He used to dream of travelling the world with his father. Unfortunately, his dad was killed in a car accident. Now, Wang wants to quit school and visit different places, a decision his mom vehemently opposes. Wang has a close relationship with his mom, although they argue a lot. His progressive views clash with her traditional mindset.

Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn

Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn (ปอนด์ พลวิชญ์ เกตุประภากร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 25, 1999.

Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn (ปอนด์ พลวิชญ์ เกตุประภากร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 25, 1999. His first BL project is the 2022 series, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us.


Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ)

In is portrayed by the Thai actor Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ).

In is an architect who lives in a fancy secluded house in the wilderness. He used to work as a university professor before making a career switch. In was best friends with Wang's father and introduced him to his future wife, Mol. In and Mol fell out of touch after graduation, but they're happy to catch up after a chance encounter. He welcomes his old college friend to stay at his home for a few days.

Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan

Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 6, 1988.

Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 6, 1988. His first BL project is the 2017 anthology series, Club Friday 9, where he portrayed a gay character in one of the stories. Nike starred in the 2022 drama, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. He has a supporting role in the 2023 series, Make a Wish.


Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh (แหม่ม คัทลียา แมคอินทอช)

Mol is portrayed by the Thai actress Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh (แหม่ม คัทลียา แมคอินทอช).

Mol is Wang's mother. She is a famous director with an award-winning career. She has an extroverted and flamboyant personality, standing out wherever she goes. Her peers sometimes refer to Mol by a cheeky nickname, "The Great Sasiwimol". Mol dotes on her son, but they have a complicated relationship. Mol often quarrels with Wang and disagrees on a lot of topics.

Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh

Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh (แหม่ม คัทลียา แมคอินทอช) is a Thai actress. She is born on November 10, 1972.

Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh (แหม่ม คัทลียา แมคอินทอช) is a Thai actress. She is born on November 10, 1972. Mam has a supporting role in the 2022 Thai BL series, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us.

Supporting Cast

Wang's dad died in a car accident before the series started.

Wang's dad

Sangkam is portrayed by the Thai actor Pug Raywat Peanpojjananarth (ปั๊ก เรวัฒน์ เพียรพจนนารถ).


Pug Raywat Peanpojjananarth (ปั๊ก เรวัฒน์ เพียรพจนนารถ)

Cast Highlights

  • Int's actor (Nike) appeared in the 2017 Thai anthology drama Club Friday 9. He featured in one of the stories as part of a gay couple. In addition, he has a supporting role in the 2023 fantasy series Make a Wish.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Review


Drama Review Score: 8.4

Wang and In forge an emotional connection.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through You is a poignant melodrama that achieves exhilarating emotions. However, the angst comes later. This series makes a favourable first impression with its sparkling wit. The early episodes use sassy banter and shrewd humour to introduce the leads, showcasing their personalities. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us makes me giggle by sprinkling its cheekiness throughout various clever scenes. The occasional playfulness lightens the mood in case it turns too bleak.

The series becomes more solemn as it explores the scandalous past between In and his best friend. Their secret isn't a big surprise, so you can deduce what happened between them. Yet, the compelling tension comes from those cryptic chats, nervous reactions, and reluctant confessions. The storyteller creates suspense by slowly drawing the truth out of the traumatized protagonist. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us navigates an emotionally charged journey with heartbreaking exchanges. Most scenes are engrossing, although there are a few hilariously over-the-top moments. 

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us relies heavily on dialogue to convey the plot, resembling a stage play. Thankfully, many exchanges are supported by sharp writing and strong acting. Each actor delivers the lines heartily, maintaining a snappy back-and-forth rapport. A few episodes suffer from too much talking. I want to replace these lengthy conversations about the past with actual flashbacks that portray the events. At times, the discourse feels a bit pretentious. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is intelligent, but it shows a flair for the grandiose.

The secret formula to great BL dramas is putting two gay guys in a house with their mother. This dynamic will create fireworks in every story, as proven by 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. I was obsessed with the mom in this series from start to finish. Mol is a brilliantly complex villain who brings excitement and flamboyance to each scene. Whenever The Great Sasiwimol appears, I know I'll be entertained. This manipulative matriarch is the personification of the mantra, "gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss". She's an evil force to be reckoned with, and I love to hate her.

Nearly every aspect of 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us gets top marks from me. I like the melancholic soundtrack used in this series. Also, the performances are excellent from the three principal actors. I don't think they nail every scene, but their highs are so sensational that they eclipse the weaker moments. It's impressive how they carry six hours of content with such a small cast. Just memorizing the long and wordy script seems like an accomplishment. Everyone saves their best work for the finale, which has a phenomenal display of raw feelings.

I'm iffy about the romance. On the one hand, I enjoy the wicked thrills of watching a young muscled twink seduce a sophisticated older man. On the other hand, I find it impossible to champion this couple, given their outrageous circumstances. The lack of a conventional love story lowers my review score from a BL watcher's perspective. Regardless, this series is still captivating because of its astute themes, assertive social commentary, and admirable political stance. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us earns my respect with its powerful messages.


Emotional story

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us has an emotional story that explores trauma. It relies on clever dialogue to convey the plot. The sharp writing is witty and contains astute messages.

Outrageous romance

This series doesn't have much romantic content. Also, I don't champion the couple. I can't immerse myself in the outrageous circumstances behind their unconventional love story.

Powerful acting

All three actors share a snappy rapport and deliver powerful performances, especially in the finale. The small cast carries six hours of content filled with lengthy dialogue.

Sad ending

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us has a sad ending with a poignant confrontation between the leads. The finale delivers a burst of powerful emotions, concluding with thoughtful commentary.

Good artistry

I like the melancholic soundtrack that accentuates the atmosphere. However, I grew tired of looking at the same few locations, particularly the bedroom. Can they chat somewhere else?


180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is an entertaining series that explores trauma poignantly. It is powered by sparkling wit, juicy melodrama, sensational acting, and exhilarating emotions.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Episodes

Episode Guide

In is glad that Wang and Mol have apologized after their fight.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. The last episode is around 55 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 6 hours. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us started airing on August 14, 2022 and ended on October 2, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Wang sees old photos of his father with his best friend.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us begins by introducing the protagonist, Wang. He idolized his father, who passed away in a drunken car accident. His death prompted Wang to inherit his deceased parent's dream of travelling the world. Wang wants to quit school and go to different places, but his mom cries and talks him out of the idea. Wang also goes through his father's mementoes. He sees old photos of his father acting chummy with his best friend, In.

Wang lives with his mother, Mol. She is a famous director with a flamboyant personality. Sometimes, her homophobic comments bother him, but she brushes him off flippantly. Wang accompanies his mother on a work trip, where they quarrel over who gets to drive the car. Eventually, Wang takes a shortcut and becomes lost in the middle of nowhere. After having car troubles, Wang seeks assistance from the locals. He encounters In, who happens to be Mol's old friend from college.

Mol and In are happy to catch up after falling out of touch years ago. During their school days, he was best friends with Wang's father and introduced him to Mol. In invites Mol and Wang to stay at his secluded house for a few days. In works as a successful architect, but he is single and lives alone. Interestingly, he never visited the funeral of his best friend after the accident. The episode ends with Wang and In chatting casually. They seem to build an intimate connection in the middle of the night.

Episode 1 Review
Wang stands up and embraces the air.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is funny. The series made me laugh more times than it made me cry. I find the humour in the witty dialogue, snappy banter, flamboyant personalities & over-the-top scenarios. Yes, the story becomes sadder as it progresses. However, the melodrama is mixed with a bit of cheekiness. Some serious BL dramas are bleak and depressing from start to finish, but this series knows how to lighten the mood. The laughter can be a great release from the pent-up tension in the narrative.

Those old photos of In and Siam crack me up. I love that they use the same actor to play the father and son. The only difference is that Siam has ridiculously impractical bangs covering his eyes. This thinly veiled camouflage is much funnier than hiring some random actor to play Wang's dad. Also, I can't stop laughing at the blatant homoeroticism displayed in the pictures. They hug, grab thighs, and gaze lovingly into each other's eyes in every shot. As someone who enjoys interpreting imaginary gay subtext between characters, the pics are like fodder for me.

Mol has a close relationship with her son.

OMG. I'm obsessed with Mol. She's a blend of narcissism, manipulation & emotional terrorism rolled into a flamboyant maternal package. Every extravagant statement she makes is like catnip to my ears. The moment when Mol won me over was when she exclaimed: "Good morning, my gay friend!" I cracked up because she delivered her line with such casual irreverence, exuding strong "I'm gagging for you…" energy like that famous joke from The Other Two. This fabulous matriarch sets 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us ablaze.

I like the sassy conversations between Wang and Mol. Generally, I enjoy all the mother-son interactions, from the bantering to the feuding. The actors have great chemistry together. In this episode, Wang starts rambling about longitude and latitude like a weirdo, but Mol immediately shuts him up. "Stop it, you silly boy!" *claps hands* Another funny moment is when Wang stands up in the car to embrace the sky, and Mol freaks out. WTF are you doing!? Get down from there! 😆

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
In won't sleep in the same bed as Wang.

The episode begins with In enjoying dinner with his guests, Wang and Mol. Wang becomes curious about his host's love life and interrogates him with many invasive questions. In insists that he had a romantic history, but evades mentioning specific details. Later, In becomes flustered when he accidentally walks in on Wang during his shower. Wang doesn't seem to mind and has a flirty conversation while the camera lingers on his shirtless body.

The power goes out in the middle of the night. Mol takes this opportunity to reminisce about the past, boasting about how she met In. They were college friends, and he starred in one of her amateur plays. Mol discusses creating romantic dramas for her work, but Wang dismisses her career and thinks she's producing unrealistic fantasies. The mother and son argue vehemently over this topic, leaving Mol in tears. Later, she has a gloomy chat with In about her divorce and her husband's death. In comforts his friend as she cries.

Wang doesn't believe he was in the wrong, but In encourages him to apologize. In tells the young man to be more considerate of his mother's feelings. Wang is annoyed about compromising his values. In gives wise advice, "You can't ask people to understand you when you aren't willing to understand others." He also says, "What's important is how to live together without hurting each other." Eventually, In convinces Wang to make up with his mom. The episode ends with the characters going to bed. However, In refuses to sleep in the same bed as Wang.

Episode 2 Review
A shirtless Wang seduces In in the bedroom.

That shower scene is like some fantasy scenario that would only happen in gay adult films. Picture this: a muscled twink walks out of the shower, completely naked. He rubs a towel over his wet shirtless torso while flashing a seductive smile at this older gentleman. Their exchange ends with the young man inviting himself to sleep in the same bedroom. May I enter your boudoir tonight, mister? The entire scene plays out like the prologue to some steamy erotica. Naturally, I was cracking up from start to finish. 😆

In Episode 1, I wasn't 100% sure how the story would handle the romance, so I reserved my judgment. Episode 2 confirms the brewing sexual tension between In and Wang. I'm sorry, but this couple is so hilariously outrageous. There's at least a 20+ year age difference between them, so the love interest is old enough to be Wang's parent. Also, I laugh at how In is attracted to both the dad & the son, like some McDonald's family combo meal. I don't know who makes the rules, but there should be an unspoken etiquette about not falling for your deceased best friend's son.

So far, I'm enjoying how well I know all three leads. Each has colourful personalities, different views, and compelling relationship dynamics. Their characters are fleshed out vividly. The conflict between Wang and Mol leads to fascinating discussions. I love In's talks with both of them afterwards. In's advice seems calm and intelligent, highlighting the wisdom that comes with age. While the shower scene teases a physical attraction, this chat establishes the emotional bond between the characters.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Wang and In flirt in the morning.

Episode 3 begins in the morning. As the leads greet each other, In becomes self-conscious after he catches Wang checking out his body. They head to the kitchen, where In prepares breakfast. Wang marvels at his healthy ingredients and meticulous food preparation process. Mol joins the conversation, but she is still upset and deliberately ignores her son. Eventually, Wang apologizes to his mom. She cries and forgives him. In is glad to see their reconciliation.

Mol leaves the house to visit her friend, leaving In and Wang alone. Wang decides to help In with a construction project. They are building a bridge over a creek so the villagers can navigate more easily. As In works diligently, Wang admires the older man's knowledge and expertise. Later, Wang asks why In never crossed the other side of the creek. In rationalizes that he doesn't want to impose on the villagers. Wang challenges his mindset and accuses his companion of not being a risk-taker. "I don't want to grow old and regret not taking risks," Wang says.

That night, Mol throws a birthday party for Wang, who is turning 20. She plans a fancy performance to celebrate the occasion. Then, the leads play a party game where they talk about their role models. In jokes that his idol is the 52-hertz whale. Suddenly, Mol gets a call and learns she has been nominated for an award. She ditches the party, upsetting Wang. The episode ends with Wang telling In, "You think you're sending out a certain frequency no one hears like that whale, but I hear you." Finally, Wang gets In to admit something happened between him and his dad.

Episode 3 Review
In puts a strawberry in Wang's mouth.

I laughed at that scene where In's smile disappears after he realizes Wang is blatantly checking out his shirtless body. His eyes are up there, dude! Besides his physique, I understand In's appeal. This sophisticated bachelor is attractive because he seems intelligent, mature, and worldly. It's impressive how he mediates the conflict between Wang & his mother, showing immense wisdom. In epitomizes brains and beauty. He'd be a real catch if it wasn't for all the emotional insecurities beneath the surface.

One of my favourite details about In is that he never buttons the top half of his shirts. Typically, his clothes have these deep V-plunges, so he's constantly walking around with cleavage. The most outrageous scene is when he works on the bridge. Almost the entire shirt is unbuttoned from top to bottom. In has his tits out, but I love how he leaves one bottom button on for modesty. This wardrobe choice is slutty but classy!

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us doesn't have any explicit scenes between Wang & In. They never even go as far as kissing. Yet, the series still creates sexual tension in their relationship dynamic. Moments like In putting a strawberry in Wang's mouth feel suggestive, even though nothing salacious is happening. Wang does a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle flirting as he tries to seduce his housemate. Let me strip and bathe myself in the creek! Wanna join me? 😚

82-hertz whale
In is traumatized and has secluded himself in the middle of nowhere.

In says his idol is the 82-hertz whale. Initially, it seems like a joke, but he shares similarities with this mammal. In admires the whale's ability to live alone without anyone disturbing it. In also isolates himself in the wilderness, committed to solitude. He glorifies the idea, but his life in this fancy house is like a beautiful prison. In says he doesn't mind being lonely. Yet, that's only because In's feelings of anguish, trauma, and guilt are overpowering his loneliness. His internal suffering is so complex that being alone doesn't even crack the top three spots.

I love this memorable line at the end of the episode: "You think you're sending out a certain frequency no one hears like that whale, but I hear you." There's something lyrical about In emitting a silent signal only Wang can pick up. In is traumatized by his repressed sexuality and the guilt of what he did to his best friend. He carried this burden for many years. In secludes himself in the middle of nowhere, thinking he can be discreet about his pain. Yet, Wang finds him and sees through his carefully cultivated façade. I know your secret, and I can hear your cries for help.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Wang and In have a meaningful chat by the bridge.

Mol will leave the house for a few days to attend the awards ceremony. Wang stays with In for the time being. Before she departs, Mol vents to In about her son's rebellious streak. In commends Wang's intelligence, but Mol says his generation causes too much trouble over changing the world. Mol asks In if he can set a good example for her son. "I hope you can inspire something in him. I don't want to be disappointed in him." Yet, In insists they can't control Wang's happiness, success, and dreams.

Wang and In spend time together at the house alone. In recommends a book about philosophy ("Symposium" by Plato) to his younger companion. Wang's thoughts reveal that he's falling for In. Later, Wang challenges his housemate to take risks. He dares In to jump over the incompleted bridge and cross over to the other side of the creek. In overcomes his initial apprehension and takes the leap. The leads then spend a lovely afternoon wandering outdoors and admiring the scenery.

On their way back, In falls into the creek and hurts himself. He returns home in a cast, limiting his mobility. Wang feels guilty about what happened and offers to take care of In during his recovery. That night, In opens up about his past. He came from a poor family, but Wang's father Siam befriended him throughout his school years. Wang is glad to hear stories about his dad from someone else besides his family. These positive anecdotes inspire warmth in his heart. The episode ends with Wang reaching out to hold In's hand, thanking him for the emotional connection.

Episode 4 Review

Mol's conversation with In carries such a deliciously sinister vibe. She puts her hand on his face, smiles menacingly & shoots daggering eyes at him. "In. Inthawut. You don't have to apologize. Who knew you'd become my best friend and the friend I trusted most?" Each word comes with implicit intimidation and passive aggressiveness. It's an open secret In and Mol's husband have feelings for each other. Yet, In still lets his friend marry a closeted gay guy. Mol alludes to the betrayal, subtly reminding In that he has wronged her.

I like the symbolism between taking risks and crossing the creek. It highlights In's cowardice because he's afraid to leave his comfort zone and venture into the unknown. In doesn't dare to jump over the bridge, just like how he wouldn't admit his feelings for Siam. He makes a surprising breakthrough in this episode, thanks to Wang. The young man's courage inspires In to take a literal and symbolic leap of faith. They spend a lovely day enjoying the view from the "dangerous" side. The lesson is that you'll explore a new perspective after overcoming your fears.

Unfortunately, taking risks may come with consequences. In harms himself after the jump. Although being brave and adventurous seems noble, risky behaviour means that you can also hurt yourself. In's injury is severe, and he spends the rest of the series with a broken leg. 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us makes an interesting choice to delay his recovery. The storyteller wants to highlight that In is a wounded individual. Every time we see him in crutches, it reminds us that he's suffering physical and emotional trauma.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Wang helps In get dressed in the bedroom.

In continues to talk about his memories of Siam. Although they remained best friends throughout college, Mol pursued Siam aggressively. In was the one who played matchmaker between them. At the time, In was dating a girl called Rosalin. Wang interrogates him about her existence. His line of questioning annoys In, who continues drinking more wine as he grows flustered.

In grows emotional during the chat. He cries about not being a good person and regrets what happened after Siam married Mol. Wang comforts his companion and stops him from drinking more. In thought Siam would be happy with Mol, but their marriage didn't go as planned. When he learned about Siam's death, it devastated him. Later that night, In invites Wang to sleep in the same bed as him, although they remain on separate sides. They spend the night talking about Siam, whom In still cherishes dearly.

Wang takes care of In during his recovery. He cooks meals, bathes him, and helps him get around the house. In appreciates Wang's tenderness around him. As they chat, Wang opens up about his past. He befriended a bullied student at boarding school, and they had a romantic fling. Nobody else stepped in to help with his friend's bullying situation, which made Wang sensitive to the injustices in society. Their relationship didn't last after they went to different colleges. The episode ends with In comforting Wang and thanking him for sharing his story.

Episode 5 Review
In tells Wang about his childhood past with Siam.

I love how Wang keeps asking about In's ex-girlfriend Rosalin. Wang uses such a skeptical tone during his interrogation, almost like he doesn't believe she existed. Hmm, what's her name again? Is this girlfriend imaginary or not? Episode 2 has a similar exchange where Wang's line of questioning seems particular. It's almost like he throws these curveballs and waits for the closet case to slip up. You have this so-called love life that nobody else can prove, hmm? Tell me more. 🤔

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is heavy on dialogue from start to finish. However, the wordiness becomes pronounced after Mol's departure. In and Wang are constantly talking. They have long conversations that extend to twenty minutes. It's tedious handling so much verbosity at once. Also, Mol's absence amplifies the monotony. Her character brought liveliness, comedy, and a different voice during the scenes. I missed her exuberance in these last two episodes.

The characters reminisce about the past a lot. In my opinion, the series could've benefited from replacing a few chats with actual flashbacks. Show us the bonding moments between In and Siam. Likewise, let's depict Wang's relationship with his boarding school friend through visual memories. The flashbacks would break the monotony of the lengthy exchanges, making the characters' backstories more digestible. Also, they have an excuse to include more BL content in these scenes, something sorely lacking in the series.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Mol earns an award for directing the best drama.

Wang cooks dinner for In. They chat about various subjects during the meal, from politics to the symbolism behind lines. Wang reveals he has strong opinions about the politics in the country, whereas In doesn't even watch the news. They also discuss whether love is considered politics. Wang doesn't think so since love is only between two people. However, In is more skeptical and believes romances involve other factors.

Wang and In watch Mol win an award for her drama. During her speech, she states her shows promote escapism and inspire viewers to fantasize about a more idyllic world than reality. Afterwards, Wang and In start chatting about the past again. In reveals he broke up with Rosalin after graduation. Meanwhile, Mol and Siam got married to start a family. Although Siam was a good father, he had a terrible relationship with his wife. One night, he met with In and confessed his feelings for him. "What he told me was merely a word, but it held so much power to hurt."

In didn't respond to Siam's love confession positively. Later, Siam called him to apologize and wanted to restore their friendship. Yet, In hangs up without a reply. He also moved away overseas to put distance between them. They ceased communication until In learned about Siam's death. After sharing his story, both leads cried while comforting each other. In blames himself for his cowardice, but Wang absolves him of the guilt. They almost share an intimate moment, but Mol's phone call disrupts them. That night, all the characters look miserable and wallow in their agony.

Episode 6 Review
In uses chopsticks to denote lines.

Wang and In's dinner talk highlights the differences in their thinking. Wang is astute, informed, and opinionated. He wants to read about news online and stay up-to-date with current issues. Meanwhile, In is an intelligent guy who has studied architecture and reads philosophy books. Yet, he shows little interest in the world outside of his house. In lives in a sheltered bubble without wishing to expand his horizons.

We finally get the big reveal about the romantic connection between In and Siam. All along, I just assumed they had a scandalous affair that ended with regrets. However, the truth was far more devastating. Those two guys never even had a fling. In was so deep in the closet that he rejected Siam's love confession, cutting off their years of friendship. Despite never meeting Siam, we can sympathize with his character. He was trapped in a loveless marriage, abandoned by his best friend, and struggled with his sexuality. These circumstances are dark as hell.

After learning the truth, Wang responds with forgiveness and understanding. He doesn't blame In for what happened with his dad. In already seems distressed, so it's admirable that Wang treats him tenderly without adding to his agony. They almost come close to kissing during a vulnerable moment, but I don't endorse this couple. Wang displaces the fondness for his dad and interprets it as misguided affection for In. Given all the baggage in the past, Wang and In should keep a platonic relationship.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary
Wang hugs In after coming out to his mom.

Mol returns to In's house. She wants to throw a party to celebrate her victory at the awards show. Mol talks about an interviewer upset that her show won over 4 other BL dramas, signifying the lack of LGBTQ+ progress. Mol gives a diplomatic response, but she doesn't see why there's a problem. She gets called a boomer. Later, Mol scoffs at the idea when asked if she'd make a BL series in the future. "A young man falls in love with his uncle!? I want to laugh!"

In compliments Wang's critical thinking skills, telling him he'd make a good philosophy student. Later, Wang tells his mom he wants to switch majors and study philosophy. He also wants to move in with In permanently during his studies. This decision upsets Mol, who accuses him of abandoning her. As their chat gets more heated, Wang drops a bombshell and reveals he has fallen in love with In. Mol reacts to her son's coming out terribly. She doesn't show understanding and storms away. Yet, Wang remains committed to a future with In.

Wang says he won't wait for his mom or the world to change their views while living out his life. In seems reserved, and Wang asks why the older man is afraid of being honest with himself. Later, Mol believes her son confused his admiration for In as love. She pleads for In to give Wang back to her, the only family in her life. The episode ends with a heated argument during dinner. Wang refuses to go home with his mom. He accuses Mol of feeling traumatized by her gay husband, who loved In instead of her. "Is it so wrong I'm in love with someone who Dad used to love?"

Episode 7 Review
A line separates Wang and In.

As Wang & In chat, we see a vertical line in the middle of the screen, separating the two characters. This clever piece of imagery signifies their divide. Earlier in the series, Wang and In seemed to be growing closer. In almost makes a breakthrough by becoming vulnerable and speaking about the past. Yet, he regresses after Mol's return. She's a walking reminder of his guilt and trauma. Now, In has put up his barriers again, and there's a clear line distancing him from Wang.

secretly love the over-the-top melodrama in 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. Mol only leaves for a few days, yet she returns to discover In madly in love with this uncle. Wang is ready to move in after less than a week together. Mol must be shocked by how In keeps targeting the men in her life. First, he steals her husband. Now, he seduces her son too. His homewrecking superpowers strike again! The scenario feels so outrageous that it makes me CACKLE. 

I'm living for all the juicy confrontations throughout this episode. Every argument is engrossing, and I feel riveted by all the raw emotions on display. The last scene is a notable highlight. When Wang drops the bombshell, "Is it so wrong I'm in love with someone who Dad used to love?", Mol and In's reactions are priceless. OMG! Wang said the quiet part aloud! After these massive revelations, the characters can't hide behind a facade anymore. The ugly truth is now out in the open, and they must address the drama.

Mol's trauma
Mol begs In to let go of her son.

Mol is a distressed woman broken by her divorce. She unknowingly married a closeted man and started a family with him, yet he pined for his best friend. Siam deprived Mol of a healthy marriage for all these years, making her feel unworthy of his affection. He left her, and now she's alone. Instead of being surrounded by family, Mol has nobody to celebrate with after a massive career achievement. Episode 1 shows that Mol has casual flings. Yet, she seems wary of committing to a new man after what happened with her husband.

As sympathetic as Siam's circumstances are, he has taken away control in Mol's narrative. She feels like a powerless victim, deceived by a gay husband who can't return her love. Although nothing justifies the homophobia, Mol's resentment may stem from Siam & In wronging her. After the divorce, Mol desperately clutches onto her son to avoid feeling abandoned. Wang represents a positive experience in her loveless marriage, proving she didn't waste years with a man who never loved her. Mol thinks she failed as a wife, so she doesn't wish to be an unsuccessful mother either.

Mol wants to dictate Wang's life, from his schooling to his romantic partners. She uses tears, gaslighting, and arguments to assert control over him. Mol disguises her emotional manipulation as maternal instincts, acting as a mother who wants what's best for her son. Yet, she has no right to meddle in his life this much, overriding his choices and autonomy. The series paints Mol in an unflattering light to show her approach is wrong. Parents should offer suitable guidance and support for their kids. Don't cry, shout, or throw tantrums if they refuse to do what you want. 

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Ending Summary
Wang confronts In to live honestly.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us has a sad ending for In. He cannot be honest about his attraction, cope with his trauma, or admit his feelings for Wang. In the final episode, Wang drives away in the middle of the night after his outburst. The circumstances remind Mol of what happened to Siam before his accident. She blames In for the distress in her family. Mol's final words to him are, "You disgust me, Inthawut." He tearfully apologizes to Mol. Later, Wang returns home safely. Mol cries and reiterates she loves her son.

Wang says he understands how his dad felt on the night he died. Siam was surrounded by darkness and couldn't turn to anybody for help. Unlike his father, Wang will fight for his love with In. However, the older man rejects him. Wang calls him a coward, unwilling to be honest with himself. He challenges In to admit his feelings. As they argue, Wang forces himself on In, who pushes him away. Wang yells, "You're hurting because you're ashamed of the feelings you had for Dad!" In cries as Wang shouts condemnations. Unable to cope, In shoves Wang violently and injures him.

Sad Ending
Wang and In share a final hug before they part ways.

After the fight, Wang runs to his mother and cries in her arms. They leave the house together the next day. Before their departure, Wang says goodbye to In on amiable terms. They give each other parting gifts. In provides his philosophy book while Wang offers a keepsake from his dad. Wang asks for one last hug and tells In to channel his real feelings into this embrace. In's final words to Wang are, "Hold onto your beliefs, use your talent for good, and maybe one day…" 

Wang stands on the bridge, which completed its construction in the last episode. He reflects on In's words with a monologue: "Yes, Uncle In. I'll hold on to my beliefs and be true to my nature. One day, maybe one day… But sadly for you, In, that day will never come." Wang leaves the house with his mom, bantering cheerfully as they drive away. The series ends with In at the bridge, trying to cross to the other side of the creek. He pauses after a few steps and glances at the sky with tears on his face. His inner turmoil continues.

During the ride home, Wang starts crying as he stares out the window. The last shot of the series shows the car driving towards the sunset. A poignant message appears on screen: "To you who call yourself a parent, you can only give birth to them, but you don't own them. To you who are still young, you have to bleed first before you learn. To you who call themselves wise, don't let your cowardice get the best of you. Pick a side or throw away what you believe in."

Ending Explained
180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us has a sad ending for In.

In is a closeted gay man who can't come to terms with his sexuality. His self-loathing caused him to reject Siam, ending years of friendship on a terrible note. Siam was so tormented that he turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows, which led to his untimely death. Now, In must carry the lifelong burden of driving his best friend to such despair. He also feels guilty about destroying Mol's marriage and Wang's family. On top of his internalized homophobia, In believes his romantic feelings contributed to other people's pain.

Wracked with guilt, In commits to a life of exile. For years, he lives like a hermit who stopped caring about the outside world. His self-imposed isolation is a form of imprisonment. In doesn't think he deserves to find a companion or act on his sexual desires. He's also afraid to leave his comfort zone to try new experiences. Pursuing a romance with Wang means In must face his same-sex attraction after repressing it for decades. Likewise, he fears reopening wounds that remind him of how awfully he treated Siam & Mol. He cuts off emotional connections to avoid hurting himself or others.

For a while, Wang helps In open up about his trauma. In seems to make progress, gathering the courage to live honestly. Sadly, he can't overcome his anxieties in the finale. He is weighed down by decades of trauma, and every instinct tells him to resist Wang's love. In chooses cowardice and solitude over a risky, unknown future with Wang. Ultimately, Wang gives up after realizing In is a lost cause. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be saved. Unable to confront his insecurities, In seems resigned to being alone and miserable until the day he dies.

In vs Wang
Wang gives himself a hug.

If In represents cowardice, Wang symbolizes courage. His character's guiding principles are honesty, justice, and righteousness. The series makes a point by comparing his progressive views with In's older generation of thinking. Unlike Wang, In seems complacent and won't challenge the status quo. A coward like him continues to hide, even if it means being unhappy for the rest of his life. In contrast, Wang strives for change and fights against systematic homophobia. He's proud to love who he wants, unwilling to compromise himself.

Wang's speeches speak to more significant themes beyond being gay. His finale quotes are fuelled by ideology"I'd rather fight for it and lose instead of sitting around doing nothing." This line is the mission statement for all activists advocating for their causes, whether it be LGBTQ+ equality or human rights in Thailand. It doesn't matter if Wang is powerless to make a difference. Trying and failing is better than taking no action in the face of injustice. Wang resents those who yield power, yet they refuse to fight for progress. He tells In, "You won't give up what you have for what you truly want."

The series endorses Wang's messages, highlighting that his character has youth on his side. Wang has plenty of time to strive for change until he achieves equality and rights for his community. And maybe one day, his contributions will be enough to make the world change for the better. But for In, that day will never come. Those unwilling to take risks and fight for their beliefs must live insecurely. The difference between In and Wang is their futures. The remainder of In's life looks bleak and depressing, whereas Wang has the potential to inspire a cultural revolution.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us OST

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Information

Miti Art Media

Miti Art Media is a Thai studio that made the BL series 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us (2022).

Miti Art Media is a Thai studio that made the BL drama 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us (2022). That series is the first BL project for the studio.


Tu Punnasak Sukee (พรรณศักดิ์ สุขี) is a Thai director. He directed the 2022 BL series, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. His portfolio of work also includes the 2023 drama, 7 Days Before Valentine.

  1. I didn't like the drama. I don't think it's a BL. It wasn't a boys love story. It was a sad family drama with selfish boy, Selfish mom and a miserable person who tries to forget the past.
    Wang suspected his father loved In and he decided to find In, and make him fall in love with him? I am not sure he really loves In, he has a very serious "daddy issues" plus he wanted to hurt his mom in the most painful spot probably. It was cruel!
    Everyone thinks the mother is bad but I don't think so, in this situation she acted as expected. Who tells his mom he is gay and then adds Im in love with the same person daddy loved? this is brutal! it makes me think he only wanted to hurt her, he tried to seduce In with no luck, He tried to shake and shock them both and he did make them suffer. I don't like him. He was punishing them both for what? I kept on thinking "poor In, just leave him alone, go back to were you came from, leave him be". If some person chooses to stay in the closet respect that. No need to hurt him and make him suffer more than he already suffers…… just Let it go
    I was happy with the ending.
    My opinion about "I’d rather fight for it and lose instead of sitting around doing nothing" I don't think what happened there was fight for the right cause! it wasn't a fight for justice. I saw it like vengeance spree. my opinion: he shouldn't have opened the wound like that! he could have talked about this with his mom, without hearting In, he could have told his mom he is Gay without the awful salt on the wound! Why? this in not a fight for the truth, this is been cruel and evil. Sorry.

  2. I feel like all the three characters were struggling,no one is at fault, everyone is right in their own way and with the perspective of the character they potraied be it son or mother or uncle In ,everyone is pathetic in this story.
    This series is a verbal art ,the dialogue clings in my head,but i still don't know whether wang meeting uncle In was planned or a fate that came along while taking risk.
    Overall i totally like this series .

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