Make a Wish – Series Review & Ending Explained

Make a Wish is a Thai BL series about a doctor and an angel.

Make a Wish is a Thai fantasy BL series about a doctor who sees ghosts. Since birth, the main character can communicate with undead spirits. He feels troubled by his power, which gets in the way of leading a regular life. The protagonist makes a wish to get rid of this ability forever. To his surprise, an angel physically manifests and accepts the request. They go on quirky misadventures, solve mysteries, and develop a close bond.

Despite a lousy first impression, Make a Wish becomes delightful for the rest of the series. I enjoy the quirky storylines with a creative supernatural twist. I also appreciate its lighthearted humour. While some jokes seem annoyingly over-the-top, other comedic gags and silly punchlines make me giggle. This drama sometimes rushes the plot and doesn't develop the romance convincingly. Even so, I'm entertained by each episode.

Make a Wish Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes




Make a Wish is a happy & funny BL drama.


Phum and Krit gaze at stars together.

Phakphum, also known as Phum, is a doctor at Hospital Karinrak. He stands out due to his handsome looks and unusual habits. Phum frequently wears sunglasses, even when indoors. The other staff also gossip about his mysterious love life. They believe Phum is dating Noongning, a fellow doctor. However, they are only best friends. The pair goes clubbing after work to pick up hot guys.

Unbeknownst to most people, Phum has an extraordinary power. Since birth, he can communicate with ghosts. Phum sees undead spirits lingering in the mortal world instead of reincarnating into the afterlife. Only his parents and his best friend know he has this vision. Since Phum works in a hospital, these ghosts surround him constantly. He feels troubled by their presence and wears sunglasses to avoid eye contact.

Phum's parents are concerned about their child's curse. They used to take him for medical consultations. However, these treatments were ineffective. Phum spent a lonely childhood because the other kids feared his supernatural ability. Although Phum has learned to live with the power, he feels stressed about seeing the ghosts of his dead patients. Noongning suggests that he should try seeking a cure again. She offered to cover his hospital shifts so he'd have more free time. Phum tries researching online and visiting temples, yet he can't find a solution.

A wise guardian spirit tells Phum to ask for an angel's help. After following the instructions, Phum meets Krit. This angel grants wishes to humans who pray before the great Bodhi tree. Whenever Krit fulfills a request, he earns merit. The merit system is what keeps angels alive. Without merit, the angel disappears. Despite his responsibilities, Krit isn't interested in granting wishes. Instead, this angel likes to slack off. He's fascinated by human traditions, wandering the world to observe their experiences. His boss, Shan, is exasperated with Krit's lack of discipline.

Krit agrees to investigate Phum's problem with the ghosts. Due to the complexity of the wish, it can earn the angel lots of merit. Before starting the mission, there are prerequisite conditions. First, Phum must find a human vessel for Krit to possess. This person must be technically alive, yet their soul has already separated from their body. After a difficult search, Krit wants to take over Met's body. The medical student became unconscious after falling over the stairs. Phum and Krit communicate with Met, hoping to convince his spirit to do an identity swap.

Make a Wish Cast



Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom (ยูโด ธรรม์ธัช ธารินทร์ภิรมย์)

Phum is portrayed by the Thai actor Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom (ยูโด ธรรม์ธัช ธารินทร์ภิรมย์).

Phakphum is a doctor who can communicate with ghosts. He feels troubled by his curse and wears sunglasses to avoid eye contact with the spirits. Phakphum's best friend, Noongning, encourages him to find a solution. He receives help from a guardian angel, who agrees to investigate the problem. Phum is an only child who comes from a loving family. His parents tried to cure his condition during childhood, but to no avail.

Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom

Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom (ยูโด ธรรม์ธัช ธารินทร์ภิรมย์) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 29, 1991.

Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom (ยูโด ธรรม์ธัช ธารินทร์ภิรมย์) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 29, 1991. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Make a Wish. He also appears in The Miracle of Teddy Bear (2022) and Y Journey: Stay Like a Local (2023).


Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร)

Krit is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร).

Krit is a guardian angel who grants wishes to those praying before the great Bodhi tree. Whenever Krit completes a mission, he earns merit to prolong his survival. However, this quirky angel often slacks off instead of fulfilling his responsibilities. Krit is fascinated by human traditions and likes to wander the world to observe everyone's experiences. His boss, Shan, is upset about Krit's lack of discipline.

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 1, 1996.

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 1, 1996. His first BL project is the 2013 movie Change. He also starred in the films My Bromance (2014), Red Wine in the Night (2015). and My Bromance 2 (2021). Fluke is the star of various BL dramas, including Until We Meet Again (2019), Close Friend (2021), Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022), and 609 Bedtime Story (2022). He appears in Boyband (2023), Make a Wish (2023), and Shadow (2023).


Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย)

Met is portrayed by Thai actor Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย).

Met is a medical student at Phum's hospital. Phum used to be his mentor. A while ago, Met had a suspicious accident where he fell off the stairs. Since then, he has fallen into a coma. His parents are concerned about his well-being and turn to spiritual guidance for help. Krit wants to take over Met's body to complete his mission for Phum. They must ask for Met's consent to do an identity swap.

Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai

Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 1, 1995.

Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 1, 1995. His first BL project is the 2020 drama, The Moment. He also appears in The Moment Since (2020), Gen Y (2020), Gen Y 2 (2021), Make a Wish (2023), and Pit Babe (2023).


Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ)

Shan is portrayed by Thai actor Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ).

Shan is a senior guardian angel and Krit's boss. Shan is like the department head, overseeing a team of angels and ensuring they fulfill their responsibilities correctly. Most of the time, they follow orders. However, Krit is a troublemaker who breaks rules and causes problems. Shan feels exasperated by Krit's disobedience. He must keep a close eye on this mischievous angel.

Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan

Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 6, 1988.

Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan (ไนกี้ นิธิดล ป้อมสุวรรณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 6, 1988. His first BL project is the 2017 anthology series, Club Friday 9, where he portrayed a gay character in one of the stories. Nike starred in the 2022 drama, 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. He has a supporting role in the 2023 series, Make a Wish.

Supporting Cast

Noongning's actress is portrayed by the Thai actress Farida Waller (ฟาริด้า วัลเลอร์).


Farida Waller (ฟาริด้า วัลเลอร์)

Met's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Pamela Bowden (พาเมล่า เบาว์เด้น).

Met's mom

Pamela Bowden (พาเมล่า เบาว์เด้น)

Met's dad is portrayed by Thai actor Big Sarut Vichitrananda (บิ๊ก ศรุต วิจิตรานนท์).

Met's dad

Big Sarut Vichitrananda (บิ๊ก ศรุต วิจิตรานนท์)

Phum's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Pym Pympan Chalayanacupt (พิมพ์พรรณ ชลายนคุปต์).

Phum's mom

Pym Pympan Chalayanacupt (พิมพ์พรรณ ชลายนคุปต์)

Phum's dad is portrayed by Thai actor Earth Nuttanan Khunwat (เอิร์ธ ณัฐนันท์ คุณวัฒน์).

Phum's dad

Earth Nuttanan Khunwat (เอิร์ธ ณัฐนันท์ คุณวัฒน์)

Dao is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Intouch is portrayed by a Thai actor Ko Tanyadis Thanadenuth (โกะ ธัญดิศ ธเนศนัฎฐ0.


Ko Tanyadis Thanadenuth (โกะ ธัญดิศ ธเนศนัฎฐ0

Pong is portrayed by a Thai actor Fronk Tharadol Aiamphan (ฟร้อง ธราดล เอี่ยมพันธ์).


Fronk Tharadol Aiamphan (ฟร้อง ธราดล เอี่ยมพันธ์)

Non is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Bank is portrayed by a Thai actor Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul (ภัค ชวิศพงศ์ พูสมจิตสกุล).


Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul (ภัค ชวิศพงศ์ พูสมจิตสกุล)

Tick is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Badin is portrayed by a Thai actor James Punnaphat Danaiarunphat (เจมส์ พัณณภัทร์ ดนัยอรุณพัฒน์).


James Punnaphat Danaiarunphat (เจมส์ พัณณภัทร์ ดนัยอรุณพัฒน์)

Joom is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Min is portrayed by a child actress.


Night is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Lily Chang is a bunny doll.


Narin is portrayed by Thai actor Fluke Natouch Siripongthon.


Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร)

Aoy is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Cast Highlights

  • Phum's actor (Judo) has a supporting role in the 2022 Thai BL drama, The Miracle of Teddy Bear.
  • Krit's actor (Fluke) has appeared in numerous BL projects, including Until We Meet Again (2019), Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022), 609 Bedtime Story (2022), Between Us (2022), and Shadow (2023). He also has starred in Red Wine in the Dark Night (2015), Close Friend (2021) and its sequel, and My Bromance (2014) and its sequels.
  • The actor portraying Met (Pon) began his BL career with The Moment (2020) and The Moment Since (2020). He also has supporting roles in Gen Y (2020), Gen Y 2 (2021), and Pit Babe (2023).
  • Shan's actor (Nike) is the lead of the 2022 melodrama 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. Bank's actor (Pak) is the star of the 2021 drama Love Area and its 2022 sequel Love Area Part 2.
  • Make a Wish is an adaptation. The original story is written by Sammon, who appears in a guest cameo in Episode 3. She portrays an emergency room doctor.

Make a Wish Review


Drama Review Score: 7.7

Phum and Krit gaze into each other's eyes.

Make a Wish is a pleasant surprise for a BL drama with almost no buzz. However, I didn't like it in the beginning. The first episode annoyed me with exaggerated antics, overshadowing a creative premise about a doctor who sees ghosts. From the cringy humour to the goofy supernatural shenanigans, the story seemed tacky and distasteful. I lowered my expectations between eye rolls, ready to classify this series as a dud. Thankfully, Make a Wish improves after a lousy start and becomes a lot of fun.

The second episode is when Make a Wish springs to life. The series introduces many compelling plots and impresses me with its colourful imagination. I adore how it portrays the guardian angels, comparing their roles to a business organization. The details are so quirky! Also, Krit has a whimsical journey as he navigates the world under his new identity. Since he's unfamiliar with human traditions, his zany mishaps create entertaining scenarios. Plus, there's a murder mystery, sentimental family drama, and a budding romance. Make a Wish is buzzing with storytelling possibilities.

Instead of irritating me, I grew used to the campy comedy after a while. This drama's constant silliness becomes an endearing trait. There's a steady stream of random gags, cheeky punchlines, and wacky reactions. Not all the humour is funny. Some dumb, over-the-top moments can be embarrassing. Regardless, the series makes me giggle when its jokes hit the mark. I also appreciate how it defuses angsty drama with a healthy dose of lightheartedness. The cheerful story never lingers on sadness for long. It bounces back by being as energetic and playful as possible.

Fluke is excellent as Krit, capturing the angel's adorable charms and hilarious quirks. Over the past few years, Fluke's mainstream projects failed to highlight his charisma. 609 Bedtime Story, Oh! My Sunshine Night, and Shadow don't use him to his full potential. Make a Wish is the first time Fluke's lively spark has returned since Until We Meet Again. Pon is another familiar actor from several BL dramas. His performance as Met is the best I've seen of him, displaying Pon's range. I also enjoy the enthusiasm of Noongning's actress (Farida), who adds a delightful comedic presence.

Unfortunately, Make a Wish has a lacklustre romance. Phum and Krit's interactions are cute as they flirt, but they don't share a deep connection. At most, they know each other for seven days. Their attraction is only in the early stages, yet the series pretends a significant bond exists. The leads seem disingenuous as they declare their feelings. Also, the story's goofiness is a double-edged sword. Some relationship scenes may be funny, but I don't take the couple's passion seriously. Even in the final episode, I remain skeptical about Krit and Phum's superficial love.

Make a Wish shows moments of brilliance. I love its clever explanation about why Phum sees ghosts. Other plots feel abruptly resolved, like the mystery behind Met's accident. I suspect the original story by Sammon is superb, while the adaptation implements the source material clunkily. With only six episodes, this series is on a tight schedule to pack everything into the narrative. It would benefit from extra time to develop the romance better and flesh out the complex arcs. Although rushed, Make a Wish still delivers an engaging BL drama. It's quirky, creative, and hilarious!


Zany story

Make a Wish has quirky storylines, from murder mysteries to supernatural shenanigans. Some ideas are creative, although rushed in execution. The series keeps the mood lighthearted with silly jokes.

Rushed romance

Phum and Krit have cute exchanges as they flirt. However, they don't have a deep romantic connection. They only know each other for a few days, undermining the credibility of their attraction.

Charming acting

Krit's actor (Fluke) shows a charismatic spark, capturing his character's quirks & charms. His costar (Pon) delivers a solid performance, while Noongning's actress (Farida) exudes perkiness.

Happy ending

Make a Wish has a happy ending where Phum and Krit reunite under surprising circumstances. The finale includes a celebration of romance and a sentimental moment with Shan.

Playful artistry

The production values are on par with your average BL drama. I appreciate the playfulness of this series. It often cracks random jokes and silly punchlines, even if not all the humour lands.


Make a Wish is a quirky fantasy BL series with creative storylines, silly comedy, and enthusiastic acting. Some plots have rushed resolutions, while the romance is underdeveloped.

Make a Wish Episodes

Episode Guide

Krit holds up a rubber chicken.

Make a Wish has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 6 hours. Make a Wish started on March 22, 2023 and ended on April 26, 2023.

Make a Wish is an adaptation. The original story is a Thai novel by Sammon.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Phum and Krit meet each other for the first time.

The first episode of Make a Wish doesn't hook me. It takes too long to introduce the premise. If you have the luxury of a full-length twelve-hour series, then go ahead and enjoy your leisurely pacing. But with only half the time, the storyteller must hurry up and set up the main plot points. Most of the frivolous scenes can be condensed or eliminated. Don't waste your attention on dumb comedic gags. Instead, the two leads should've met sooner and started interacting ASAP.

The humour in Make a Wish is campy and over-the-top, especially in the first episode. I didn't have a great early impression of the obnoxious comedy. The jokes felt more annoying than they were funny. Once I looked past the goofy antics, I was intrigued by the story's creative premise. We have a doctor who sees ghosts and an angel interested in human culture. They seem so different, yet their worlds are about to collide. I'm curious about how the plot unfolds, even though the silliness gets on my nerves. 

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Krit and Shan are in the hospital.

I love the humour in opening scene! On the one hand, Krit explains the laws of the universe with a surprising amount of detail. Some people search for a lifetime to uncover these mysterious answers, and here's Krit rattling away about everything. On the other hand, the street vendor talks over him as she sells her food. Her mundane words hilariously drown out Krit's voice. We can only hear her speak about skewers instead of Krit's profound elaboration of life and death. 😅

The hospital scene is also funny. Noongping looks under the bed where Met is hiding. Suddenly, she exclaims in surprise. I felt confused since her character doesn't have the power to see ghosts. Oh my god, what's going on!? As it turns out, Noongping is being hilariously melodramatic about finding her lost pen. After a prayer, she opens her eyes and acts shocked again. OMG, does she see Met this time!? No, she only reacts to discovering money on the floor. Both situations overturn the audience's expectations with comedic outcomes. The silly gags are entertaining!

The identity swap is a creative idea! I love that Krit doesn't manifest in the human world in his own body. That's the easy option. Instead, he must possess Met and live through his persona. This imaginative twist adds layers of complexity, humour, and character development. Before deciding on Met's body, the story jokes that Krit will possess an 80-year-old woman. Can you imagine if that happened and she becomes one of the leads in a BL drama? Iconic! I also adore the comedic scene where Krit sees his mirror reflection. Met's little shoulder shimmy is delightful!

Met reacts to Phum and Krit's drunken kiss in the car.

Krit gains access to Met's memories. It's a quick way to move the story forward without wasting time on the adjustment period. It also gives us Krit's snarky commentary as he watches Met's memories with Phum"He just smiles, and you like him? You fell for him easily!" LMAO. Ironically, that's what happens with the Krit & Phum romance later on. Another classic line is when Krit reacts to the nurse disrupting Met & Phum. "Ugh, she's in the way." My thoughts exactly! I want to hear Krit's hilarious sarcasm for every BL drama.

The body swap is a quirky scenario with many comedic gags. However, it also creates emotional depth. Poor Met must watch helplessly from the sidelines as Krit assumes his identity. Met tries to hug his mom in the hospital, but he can't do it. Instead, Krit receives her warm embrace. This moment reminds us of Met's tragic predicament. The episode also ends with a memorable scene. Met had a crush on Phum, yet he must watch Krit kiss him in the car. OMG, that's some twisted out-of-body experience. You get to make out with the guy of your dreams, but it's not the real you!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Phum puts a ring on Krit's finger.

Fluke is crushing his role as Krit. The quirky angel has so much personality, allowing the actor to express many spontaneous emotions. It's the most animated I've seen of him in a long time. Fluke's mainstream BL projects haven't showcased his charisma for the past few years. His spark was dimmed in moody dramas like 609 Bedtime Story, Oh! My Sunshine Night, and Shadow. In contrast, Make a Wish gives Fluke a dynamic character with much flexibility. He gets to be vibrant, enthusiastic, and charming.

I love how the series depicts the angel world, comparing it to a corporate organization. Details like business departments and labour unions show the drama's colourful imagination. I also like how God is the President, represented by a beam of celestial light. This BL drama is so quirky! Likewise, I enjoy Krit's mishaps in the human world. There's a culture shock as he experiences many traditions for the first time. This divine being is fascinated by mundane activities like food, shopping, or toys. His childlike wonder and hilarious lack of etiquette make his character endearing.

I also like how Krit and Phum spend the entire day together, strengthening their bond. They go on cute little dates and establish enchanting memories. The series pushes them into several typical BL scenarios, like accidentally falling on your partner's body. I don't sense romance in these moments. Nonetheless, the characters have grown closer. I can feel the beginning of an attraction. Also, I like the drama toward the end. Krit & Phum have their first argument, but they clear the air by the end of the episode. This feud makes them stronger as a couple.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Phum and Krit kiss in the car.

I don't like how the story imposes a 7-day deadline. That's such a short amount of time to fall in love. Although Phum and Krit get along, they haven't built a deep connection yet. The urgency that Krit must leave in a few days ruins the prospect of a long-lasting romance. It also seems irresponsible for Phum to enter a relationship doomed to fail. Logistically, he shouldn't get involved with an angel. Krit mentioned he'd disappear if the mission failed. Yet, Phum's constant flirting makes it seem he doesn't care about Krit's survival.

When we first meet Phum's parents, they seem like the ideal family. The loving mom and dad dote on their only child. They act hospitable when he introduces his boyfriend. Based on their exchanges, Phum was raised in a supportive home. Once they're alone, I like how we see the cracks beneath the picture-perfect facade. This tension adds more nuance than having everyone behave perfectly. Phum's mom secretly struggles with her son's sexuality, but she doesn't place the emotional burden on him. She deals with the distress privately without troubling Phum.

Met's family scenes are inherently emotional because of the tragic situation. His mom and dad believe it's a miracle their child survived after waking up from a coma. In reality, he's living on borrowed time. Met gets their parents' hopes up, only to break their hearts since he must die. Can you imagine the emotional rollercoaster? Your comatose son wakes up and then suddenly perishes a week later. In a way, Met is fortunate that he can say goodbye after his accident. Yet, his family must suffer the trauma of losing a child again. I'm devastated for all of them.

The story makes a point of highlighting the humour from Met's parents. For example, Met's dad makes a funny innuendo about the size and softness of his pad thai. I never thought of the dish this way until he sexualized it. 😳 Likewise, Met's mom likes joking around too. She injures her hand in the kitchen and comments wryly, "I still have nine fingers left!" The comedy shows the characters' optimistic outlooks and emotional fortitude. They seem mentally strong enough to cope with a tragedy. Even after Met dies, his parents have the resilience to endure grief.

Phum and Met chat in the living room.

I like Met and Phum's conversation in the living room, where they clear the air between them. Met had a secret crush on the doctor and got upset at Krit for kissing him. I wouldn't want this unresolved love to cause anger and regret for him in the afterlife. I'm glad the characters have a mature chat. Met confesses his feelings, while Phum rejects him kindly. Not only does this moment provide closure, but it feels humanizing. Beneath the silly comedy, Make a Wish respects its characters' emotional journeys.

Met's actor (Pom) impresses me in Make a Wish. I've watched him in several past BL series, including The Moment, Gen Y, and Pit Babe. While his performances seemed fine, he never stood out to me. To my surprise, I took notice of Pon in his role as Met. He can be funny with his expressions and body language. He also handles the dramatic moments with gravitas. I like his angry outburst in this episode. Similarly, I appreciate how he portrays his wistfulness as a ghost who must observe his loved ones from afar. This drama is the best I've seen of Pon's acting range.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Met hugs his family before dying.

The murder mystery has an abrupt resolution. The explanation itself is acceptable. I'm okay with Met accidentally falling on the stairs while Intouch provoked him. Yet, I dislike how the awkward investigation scenes unfolded. The joy of a mystery is a detective following clues and reaching logical deductions. In this series, Krit randomly figures out what happened. "Oh, I just remembered Intouch hates me!" Gaining sudden memories is a cop-out and doesn't seem satisfying.

I feel bad that Met died in an accident. I also feel bad for Dao, an innocent bystander to the crime. Imagine if Dao had taken a different set of stairs that day, she wouldn't be incriminated in the murder. Now, she must live with the trauma forever. I understand the reason for her secrecy, especially since Intouch intimidated her. Despite earning my sympathy, Dao should have been truthful and must face accountability for her cowardice. As for Intouch, I don't feel bad for him. Nonetheless, I like that he shows remorse. Quitting his medical career is a sign of penance.

I love that the series included a farewell scene between Met and his parents. Met can't tell them he'll die soon, but one last hug conveys how much he loves them. Seeing the family in a deep embrace is such powerful imagery, which makes me emotional. The next day, Met dies in his sleep. Waking up to your son's dead body is traumatizing. Yet, there's also a sense of comfort that his parents were beside him in his final moments. Met departed the world while enveloped by their love and warmth. The story has found an incredibly moving way to end Met's storyline.

Phum hugs his crying mother.

I like the story's explanation about why Phum can see ghosts. He shares souls with his twin brother, who died at birth. The mother's ongoing trauma keeps her unborn child's spirit alive. Wow, that's incredibly poignant. Also, I like how the two family storylines mirror each other. Both Phum's and Met's parents deal with the loss of a child, creating meaningful parallels in the narrative. As the mom's reaction shows, parental grief persists no matter how much time has passed.

This episode includes two family tragedies. Both storylines are emotionally heavy and should weigh down the mood. Yet, the series avoids excessive angst and injects humour in the appropriate moments. I appreciate the funny gags, like the women winning the lottery based on random numbers. I also adore Noongning's reaction after discovering her friend can see angels. "I know you aren't lying. But for someone who has never seen ghosts before, when I imagine it, it's like…really? Do they exist!?" Her response is so relatable. Plus, the performer's comedic delivery adds pizazz to the line.

Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode 6

Ending Review
Phum and Krit kiss in bed.

My biggest wish for this series is that it could have more time instead of rushing everything. At least two extra episodes would have made a difference in fleshing out the storylines. Most importantly, the romance needs better development. This drama's undoing is that it can't convince me Phum & Krit have fallen in love. Their feelings are superficial. At most, they're only fond of each other. Prove to me they have an epic love rather than a frivolous crush.

Krit possessing the body of a lookalike human celebrity is hilariously random. The logistics don't make much sense, but I'll roll with it. At least this new identity gives us funny moments, like Noongning's reactions to being around her beloved idol. I love the scene where she struts and shows off those photos of him. LOL. I also laughed at Phum's line, "Does he always have that face?" and Noongning was offended by his question. "What are you trying to imply? He never had plastic surgery!" Despite many dumb jokes, the writing in this series can be very witty. 😆

I don't know whether this is a hot take, but I ship Krit and Shan more than Krit and Phum. For starters, the two angels have a significant history between them. It makes sense for Krit to connect with his boss rather than a random human he met for seven days. Also, I like the poignant theme of how angels aren't supposed to fall in love. Shan, who always followed protocols, finds himself experiencing forbidden feelings for his subordinate. As he breaks the rules for Krit, his sacrifice feels so romantic. Forget the official PhumKrit relationship. ShanKrit is MY endgame!

Make a Wish Information

Waga Creative

Waga Creative is a Thai studio. Its portfolio of work includes the 2023 series, Make a Wish.

Waga Creative is a Thai studio. Its portfolio of work includes the 2023 series, Make a Wish. This drama is the studio's first BL project.


Sammon (แซมม่อน) is a Thai author.

Sammon (แซมม่อน) is a Thai author. Her stories have been adapted into famous BL dramas, including Manner of Death (2020), Bite Me (2021), Triage (2022), and Make a Wish (2023). Sammon comes from a medical background, and health-related storylines frequently appear in her works.


Gib Chapoon Chamroensarn (กิ๊บ ชาปุญญ์ จำเริญสาร) is a Thai director. Her portfolio of work includes the 2023 fantasy BL series, Make a Wish.

  1. Where can we watch Make a Wish, with English subtitles please? It looks interesting and quite new plot.

  2. In fact, I also preferred Krit more with Shan and I really hoped that a miracle would happen and Met could revive to be with Phum because Met seemed much nicer to me than the capricious Krit, which is why in my headcanon Met meets in the afterlife to Phum's twin and they both reincarnated together.

    1. Oh, I would've liked to see Met and Phum together! Technically, the story could make up some far-fetched reason to keep Met alive. Say that his good deeds or his parents' merit earned him the chance to live longer. It doesn't have to make much sense lol.

      I like your version too. I want Met to find happiness in the afterlife with Phum's twin, hehe~

  3. Is there now an official international release? I can't find it anywhere.

    By the way, your reviews are really appreciated. Even if I don't always agree (especially with overall ratings), your reviews are serious, thoughtful and intelligent, and I respect and greatly value your work and efforts.

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