Be My Favorite – Series Review & Ending Explained

Be My Favorite is a Thai BL series about a time traveller returning to the past.

Be My Favorite is a Thai BL fantasy series about a time traveller returning to the past to fix his regrets. The main character is dissatisfied with his life after university graduation. A magical crystal ball transports the protagonist to ten years ago, giving him a chance to make better decisions. He uses this opportunity to win the girl of his dreams, even though she likes another guy. Surprisingly, he develops a connection with his love rival.

I appreciate the creative ideas, eventful plots, and meaningful messages in Be My Favorite. The story focuses on self-discovery journeys with empowering character growth. While the protagonist can be annoying, he learns valuable life lessons through trial and error. The series also includes a sweet, sentimental romance with exciting ups and downs. The polished visuals and elegant soundtrack accentuate the story's brilliance.

Be My Favorite Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Be My Favorite is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Kawi and Pisaeng become close friends.

Kawi is a university student in the humanities department. He has poor grades, little money, and a low self-esteem. Kawi is self-conscious about his background and hardly socializes with the other students on campus. Only Pear, his compassionate classmate, goes out of her way to talk to him. Kawi develops a secret crush on Pear, admiring her from afar. However, he is too shy to confess his feelings.

Kawi and Pear's class organizes a secret buddy system for a semester. Kawi has the good fortune of drawing Pear's name. His sweet, anonymous messages make her smile. All the buddies will reveal their identities at a gift-giving event. Kawi plans to impress Pear and purchases a beautiful decorative crystal ball at a market stall. The ball sparkles and plays music when you rotate it. Kawi wants to give this present to Pear before confessing his love.

However, Kawi has an accident on his way to the school party. He drops the crystal ball on the floor, shattering the item. Feeling demoralized, Kawi loses the courage to attend the event and hides in his room instead. Later, he discovers that another popular student, Pisaeng, filled the vacancy. Pisaeng pretended to be Pear's secret buddy and gave her a gift. Kawi is furious that his rival stole the spotlight.

Twelve years later, Kawi is discontent with his life. He works as a freelance translator, which doesn't inspire him. His father also passed away due to illness. Furthermore, his love life is a bust. Recently, Kawi received a wedding invitation from Pear and Pisaeng. These two childhood friends are getting married. Kawi still harbours a grudge against Pisaeng for upstaging him. While reminiscing, Kawi wants to repair the broken crystal ball. The shop can't fix it, but a mystery man overhears his conversation and offers to help.

The crystal ball is fixed. As Kawi gives it a spin, he is suddenly transported into the past. To his utter confusion, he arrived at the same market stall twelve years ago. Kawi discovers the crystal ball has magical properties, allowing him to travel between the past and present. Furthermore, his actions in the past will directly impact his future. Kawi is excited about using this second chance to win the girl of his dreams. His first order of business is to confront Pisaeng and stop his rival from becoming close to Pear.

Be My Favorite Cast



Krist Perawat Sangpotirat (คริส พีรวัส แสงโพธิรัตน์)

Kawi is portrayed by Thai actor Krist Perawat Sangpotirat (คริส พีรวัส แสงโพธิรัตน์).

Kawi is a university student with low self-esteem and isolates himself from others. He has a secret crush on his classmate, Pear. Kawi plans to confess his feelings during a school party, but his rival Pisaeng upstages the romantic moment. Twelve years later, Kawi gains the magical power to transport to the past. He wants to use this second chance to win over the girl of his dreams.

Krist Perawat Sangpotirat

Krist Perawat Sangpotirat (คริส พีรวัส แสงโพธิรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 18, 1995.

Krist Perawat Sangpotirat (คริส พีรวัส แสงโพธิรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 18, 1995. His first BL project is the 2016 drama, SOTUS. He also stars in the 2017 sequel, SOTUS S. Krist is the lead in the 2023 series, Be My Favorite.


Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้)

Pisaeng is portrayed by Thai actor Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้).

Pisaeng is a university student. Unlike Kawi, Pisaeng is a popular college student and friends with many of his classmates. He plays on the school's basketball team and works part-time as a DJ. Pisaeng comes from a wealthy family with a politician mom. He is childhood friends with Pear. They start dating during university and will get married twelve years later.

Fluke Gawin Caskey

Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997.

Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, Dark Blue Kiss. He had supporting roles in the Not Me (2021) and Enchanté (2022). He is the lead of the 2023 series, Be My Favorite.


Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol (สรัลชนา อภิสมัยมงคล)

Pear is played by the actor Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol (สรัลชนา อภิสมัยมงคล).

Pear is a university student with a sweet personality. She is one of the only classmates to socialize with Kawi and include him in events. Kawi has a secret crush on her and wants to confess his feelings at a party. Pear is childhood friends with Pisaeng, whose families know each other. Pear's parents are divorced. She lives with her father, a doctor. She has a poor relationship with her mother, an artist.

Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol

Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol (สรัลชนา อภิสมัยมงคล) is a Thai actress. She is born on March 25, 2000.

Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol (สรัลชนา อภิสมัยมงคล) is a Thai actress. She is born on March 25, 2000. Her first BL project is the 2021 drama, A Tale of Thousand Stars. She is also a supporting character in the 2023 series, Be My Favorite.

Supporting Cast

Max is portrayed by Thai actress Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์).


Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์)

Knot is portrayed by Thai actor Title Kirati Puangmalee (ไตเติ้ล กีรติ พวงมาลี).


Title Kirati Puangmalee (ไตเติ้ล กีรติ พวงมาลี)

Kwan is portrayed by Thai actress Jus Justina Suvanvihok (จัส จัสติน่า สุวรรณวิหค).


Jus Justina Suvanvihok (จัส จัสติน่า สุวรรณวิหค)

The mystery man is portrayed by Thai actor Pu Montree Jenuksorn (มนตรี เจนอักษร).

Mystery man

Pu Montree Jenuksorn (มนตรี เจนอักษร)

Kawi's father is portrayed by Thai actor Kob Songsit Rungnopakunsi (กบ ทรงสิทธิ์ รุ่งนพคุณศรี).

Kawi's dad

Kob Songsit Rungnopakunsi (กบ ทรงสิทธิ์ รุ่งนพคุณศรี)

Pisaeng's mom is portrayed by Thai actor Grace Mahadumrongkul (เกรซ มหาดำรงค์กุล).

Pisaeng's mom

Grace Mahadumrongkul (เกรซ มหาดำรงค์กุล)

Pear's dad is portrayed by Thai actor Tom Phollawat Manuprasert (ต้อม พลวัฒน์ มนูประเสริฐ).

Pear's dad

Tom Phollawat Manuprasert (ต้อม พลวัฒน์ มนูประเสริฐ)

Pear's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Dujdao Vadhanapakorn (ดุจดาว วัฒนปกรณ์).

Pear's mom

Dujdao Vadhanapakorn (ดุจดาว วัฒนปกรณ์)

Pisaeng wins a doll for Kawi.

Turtle doll

Cast Highlights

  • Kawi's actor (Krist) is well-known for starring in the 2016 Thai BL drama SOTUS and its 2017 sequel SOTUS S. His costar from that series, Singto, was supposed to be the lead of Be My Favorite until he left GMMTV.
  • Pisaeng's actor (Gawin) has supporting roles in Not Me (2021) and Enchanté (2022).
  • The actress portraying Pear (Aye) has a supporting role in the 2021 Thai BL series A Tale of Thousand Stars.
  • Max's actor (Aou) also appeared in Enchanté (2022), Vice Versa (2022), and Hidden Agenda (2023).
  • Knot's actor (Title) appeared in the 2018 series Love by Chance and its 2019 sequel Love by Chance 2. He also has a minor roles in Hidden Agenda.

Be My Favorite Review


Drama Review Score: 8.0

Kawi and Pisaeng laugh together.

Be My Favorite combines creative ideas, eventful plots, and sentimental messages into a thoughtfully produced series. While it begins with a quirky time-travel premise, the narrative evolves to intimate storylines about personal growth. The characters embark on self-discovery, but the path isn't always pretty. They make mistakes, face heartbreaks, or succumb to their insecurities. Be My Favorite depicts the emotional highs and lows on a complex journey from adversity to triumph.

The series deals with different themes involving family, friendships, and romantic relationships. Not everything is compelling. Some plots seem heavy-handed, especially the tiresome love triangle drama. However, other storylines are sensitive and meaningful. I appreciate Pisaeng's character arc as he confronts his same-sex attraction. From doubting his identity to embracing the gay community, he undergoes a profound transformation. This BL drama portrays realistic LGBTQ+ experiences, showcasing positive and negative moments. It paints a multifaceted portrait of self-acceptance.

Be My Favorite has an incredibly annoying main character. I can't stand Kawi's childish tantrums or his petulant overreactions. He also has a perpetual victim mentality. Kawi throws the biggest pity parties, whining how the world has wronged him. The series tries to redeem Kawi, give him a sympathetic backstory, and create a well-rounded protagonist. Regardless, he gets on my nerves and deters me from enjoying Be My Favorite. Thankfully, Pisaeng is a likeable lead who maintains a calm demeanour. He neutralizes Kawi's irritating qualities during their scenes.

Kawi and Pisaeng were initially rivals until they formed an unlikely connection. Despite their different personalities, these two mesh well and get along. They develop a fun, engaging rapport with playful banter. As their uncertain feelings grow, the couple grapples with repressed sexual tension. Whether kissing or confessing, the ferocious relationship drama leaves a memorable impact. This romance solidifies toward the end. The leads settle into a sweet bond with a charming flirtation. Both their volatile emotions and cozy lovey-doveyness are equally captivating.

I love the majestic soundtrack in Be My Favorite, accentuating the drama in the love story. Each emotional moment resonates more vividly due to the evocative music. Likewise, the series displays elegant and polished production values. The cinematographer creates dreamy visuals with an enchanting vibe. Everything looks appealing to the eye. In addition, the cast delivers respectable performances. However, Kawi's actor (Krist) overdoes his perkiness. He tries to be cutesy but doesn't pull it off. His cheeky personality seems forced and doesn't come naturally to him.

Be My Favorite has a happy ending as the leads overcome a sudden health crisis. The fascinating predicament forces the couple to reassess their priorities. I like how the story resolves the conflict with empowering messages. Despite the satisfying conclusion, my enthusiasm is moderate. I like this BL drama, but I don't love it with passion. Ironically, it has failed to be my favourite. Some aspects, like the obnoxious lead or a few rough subplots, weigh down my final opinion. Nonetheless, Be My Favorite is still an impressive series. I admire its valuable insights on life and love.


Insightful story

Be My Favorite begins with an eventful time-travel premise. Over time, the narrative evolves into intimate and insightful storylines about personal growth. Some plots are more compelling than others.

Dynamic romance

Kawi & Pisaeng go on an epic journey as a couple, experiencing ups and downs. I enjoy them when they navigate their repressed sexual tension. I also like the lovey-doveyness toward the end.

Respectable acting

The cast gives respectable performances throughout the series, handling the dramatic scenes with poise. Kawi's actor (Krist) overdoes his perkiness, which almost seems like a false front.

Happy ending

Be My Favorite has a happy ending as the couple resolves a health crisis. The last episode forces them to reassess their priorities. The conclusion provides a satisfying closure for their love story.

Majestic artistry

The series contains a majestic soundtrack that accentuates emotional moments in the story. I love it whenever the elegant music plays. In addition, the production values are fancy and polished.


Be My Favorite is an eventful BL series with intimate storylines about life and love. The couple's riveting relationship drama is like an epic journey, containing many emotional ups and downs.

Be My Favorite Episodes

Episode Guide

Kawi and Pisaeng lie in bed together.

Be My Favorite has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. Be My Favorite started on May 26, 2023 and ended its last episode on August 11, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Kawi gazes into a crystal ball.

My first impression of the series is irritation. OMG, this main character is ANNOYING! Kawi's hostility toward Pisaeng seems unwarranted. Pisaeng does nothing wrong in this situation, but Kawi's low self-esteem creates an imaginary rivalry. I'm not a fan of how the actor (Krist) portrays him. The perkiness seems forced, like it isn't part of his natural personality. That said, I'm willing to give Kawi some grace. It's the first episode, where stories typically introduce the protagonist's flaws. I assume his rehabilitation will occur in the future.

Before Be My Favorite started, there was a casting change. The original lead was supposed to be Mike, but Gawin replaced him midway. While I don't know the circumstances behind the scenes, I feel bad for Mike. After years of supporting parts, he finally lands his first leading role in a series, only to get dropped. That's rough. The optimist in me hopes he gets another chance, but… *sighs* 😢 Nonetheless, Gawin is a good fit for Pisaeng's character. He carries the suaveness of a university campus stud, yet he doesn't come across as snooty. I see the vision behind this casting choice.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Kawi and Pisaeng become friends.

The time travel concept is cool! I like how the protagonist travels between the two timelines. His actions in the past impact the future, and he sees the immediate consequences. It's a creative narrative device to stimulate Kawi's character development. Kawi reflects on what he did wrong and uses his second chance for self-improvement. Despite the power of foresight, things don't go as planned. Either he reverts to his old habits, or life throws new curveballs at him. Kawi learns a lot about himself through trial and error.

I like this episode because it shows the story's immense potential. The premiere didn't excite me, whereas this episode fills my mind with possibilities. There's so much Kawi can do with his time-travel powers. Knowing him, he'll probably abuse the ability and screw up his life lol. I'm curious about how his journey will develop. So far, the events are already hilarious. Kawi returns to the future and unexpectedly discovers he has become a homewrecker. Not him destroying a heterosexual marriage and converting the groom! The BL version of the butterfly effect is cracking me up. 😆

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Kawi is jealous of Pisaeng's meal.

I'm not super invested in the love triangle drama. However, I like how the story sets up the group dynamics. Kawi likes Pear, but she likes Pisaeng, even though he likes Kawi. There's a complex interplay of relationships among the three characters where nobody reciprocates each other's feelings. The time travel aspect adds complexity. Kawi knows about Pisaeng's attraction to him in the future, but they're still platonic friends in the present. The tension between them is intriguing.

In the last scene, Kawi describes feeling unsafe around Pisaeng. On the one hand, his discomfort is valid. Future Pisaeng ambushes him with an unwanted sexual advance, causing Kawi to be leery of his companion. On the other hand, Past Pisaeng hasn't done anything wrong thus far. He behaves graciously toward his new friend. Yet, Kawi holds Pisaeng's future misconduct against him and lashes out. Is Past Pisaeng the same entity as Future Pisaeng? The story presents a fascinating moral conundrum that makes me ponder the characters' perspectives.

"You two talk. I'll go eat in the bathroom." LOL. Kawi is such a weirdo. At times, I see fleeting glimpses of Kawi's charm. His quirkiness can be endearing. However, Kawi's behaviour is also annoying. From childish tantrums to incessant neuroticism, his personality bothers me. Kawi is gifted a valuable second chance to redo his life. He has the power to do so much with this precious opportunity. Yet, he constantly whines and feels sorry for himself. Three episodes in, I'm already fed up with him. Can his character rehabilitation come faster?

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Kawi and Pisaeng have an intimate moment in Be My Favorite Episode 4.

This episode contains several intimate conversations. First, Pear rejects Kawi's confession. Then, Kawi and Pisaeng have a heated confrontation. Later, Pisaeng clarifies his relationship with Pear. These exchanges are well-written, thoughtfully considering each character's feelings and perspectives as they experience heartbreak. Kawi, Pear, and Pisaeng have different responses to unreciprocated love. Kawi is upset, whereas Pear puts on a brave face and maintains her composure. Meanwhile, Pisaeng learns to be honest with himself.

Argh, those college seniors are jerks! 😠 Although Kawi has an irritating personality, I don't like seeing him bullied by these asshats. The scene where they eavesdrop on Kawi and Pear leaves a bad taste. Firstly, listening in on someone else's conversation is inappropriate, like an invasion of privacy. Secondly, I hate how they treat Kawi's feelings like entertainment. It takes enormous courage for the socially awkward Kawi to confess. Yet, these students mock and laugh at his vulnerability. Their nastiness undermines the sensitive exchange between Kawi and Pear.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Piseang contemplates visiting a gay bar.

I adore Pisaeng's character arc in this episode. Pisaeng comes to terms with his sexuality before he reveals his love to Kawi. He goes on a journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance. By highlighting his transformation, the series adds nuance to the confession scene. We saw how much Pisaeng overcame to become honest with his feelings, so there's more emotional weight. Kawi rejects Pisaeng, but the story doesn't dwell on heartbreak. Instead, it celebrates Pisaeng's growth, clarity, and honesty as he enters the gay bar confidently.

Max is great. I love the advice he gives the protagonists in this episode. Kawi freaks out about Pisaeng's feelings and wants to avoid him. However, Max astutely points out how Pisaeng has always shown tolerance & understanding toward his friend. Shouldn't Kawi return the favour? Likewise, Max supports Pisaeng and listens to his problems. He shows admirable allyship toward another member of the gay community. Max plays a significant role in bringing the two leads together for their love confession scene. He encourages both to be honest and communicate.

I have a pet peeve. I'm tired of GMMTV constantly turning their protagonists into singers. Their BL dramas have a disproportionate amount of main characters with musical ambitions. Every series, expect a shoehorned scene where the lead sits on a chair and serenades with his guitar. La dee la, here's my sappy love song for youuuu~ Be My Favorite has this issue, but the trend is prevalent in other projects too. I know the agenda is to sell concert tickets IRL, but these performances have lost their novelty. Mix it up! Play other instruments like bongo drums or the trombone!

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Pisaeng gives Kawi a hug.

Kawi's reaction at Pear's house is bizarre. You want an enormous favour to save your dying father's life. Yet, you leave abruptly during dinner because you need to yell at Pisaeng. Why is this your priority? Swallow your pride and focus on securing that medical appointment for your dad! Kawi's sudden departure disrespects Pear, who is trying to help him. Even if you're upset at Pisaeng, you don't have to confront him immediately. Show some emotional restraint and finish your meal!

Kawi was offended because Pear and Pisaeng discussed family matters behind his back, almost like gossip. However, I don't interpret it that way. From my perspective, Pear and Pisaeng are two supportive friends who want to help Kawi's dad. Their intentions are well-meaning, yet Kawi reacts like he was wronged. 😓 Thankfully, Pear is a sweetheart. She brushes off the dinner mishaps and responds like a class act. Pear's compassion shines brightly in this episode, making me root for her character. She deserves better than to end up with Not. Stay away from her, loser!

Kawi's dad hesitates to get the medical procedure because he worries about the cost. "I don't want to be your burden," Kawi's father tells him. I like how the series adds nuance to the storyline. The conflict doesn't end after Kawi secures an appointment. Instead, the narrative delves deeper and explores the father's perspective. I'm moved by Kawi's passionate plea to his dad to persuade him. You can sense the urgency behind every heartfelt word. The evocative dialogue has a significant emotional impact, highlighting Kawi's love and concern for his family.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Kawi and Pisaeng kiss in Be My Favorite Episode 7.

Theoretically, I like the concept of this episode. Kawi discovers he is successful in the future, but he remains unhappy with his life. However, all the scenarios in the darkest timeline seem bizarre. Kawi is an alcoholic, Pear marries Not, and Pisaeng becomes a hermit. WTF. These extreme outcomes seem random. I would've liked to see how the characters reached rock bottom in their lives. What were their experiences? Instead, the story skips the journey and jumps to the results. That's not very fun.

This episode also contains elements that I dislike about the series. Firstly, there's too much heterosexual love triangle drama. Out of all the men in the world, Pear and Kwan insist on fighting over the worst guy imaginable. What do they see in Not!? I can't sympathize with those who sabotage themselves. Secondly, Kawi behaves even more annoyingly than usual. Kawi is only bearable in scenes with Pisaeng, who neutralizes his obnoxiousness. Otherwise, he's a neurotic mess. And thirdly, I must sit through another song and another serenade. These musical numbers feel like filler. 

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Max gives a speech at an LGBTQ+ event.

I like this episode because it moves the story forward. It's about time to wrap up these old plots. One, Kawi closes the chapter on his dad. I appreciate the gutsiness to kill off the main character's father, highlighting the inevitability of destiny. Despite all of Kawi's efforts, he's powerless against fate. And two, the leads have started dating. Finally! Their relationship has gone through many emotional ups and downs, from rejections to misunderstandings. I'm relieved the turmoil is behind us. Let this couple be happy!

Some BL series don't address LGBTQ+ topics. Others may have representation, but the emphasis is on homophobia or coming out. What I like about Be My Favorite is that it celebrates advocacy. This episode contains a scene where Max & Kawi attend an event that promotes equal rights. It's a small yet meaningful display of activism. Lately, GMMTV has included more progressive themes in its BL dramas. I respect the studio for using its powerful platform to send positive messages. As the industry leader, it sets an example for others to tell empowering gay stories that raise awareness.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Kawi and Pisaeng hold hands on the balcony at night.

Pisaeng is a likeable protagonist with a level-headed personality. I don't mind him most of the time. However, Pisaeng's least appealing trait is his disregard for physical boundaries. The kiss in Episode 2 and the encounter in Episode 6 are iffy moments that raise red flags. Feeling confused or being influenced by alcohol cannot excuse problematic behaviour. Pisaeng's antics in this episode are also concerning. His advances make Kawi visibly uncomfortable. I want Pisaeng to be respectful and conscious of personal space.

The relationship drama is tiresome. I understand why Pear is upset about Kawi & Pisaeng dating, but her scenes are tedious. The more fascinating storyline is Kawi's moral dilemma. His happiness with Pisaeng comes at the expense of hurting Pear's feelings. Although Kawi's life improves in this timeline, Pear appears worse off. I like how the series examines Kawi's conscience, offering insights into his guilt. Kawi is pessimistic and worries he ruined Pear's life. Yet, Pisaeng thinks optimistically. Even though the present seems grim, Pisaeng reassures Kawi the future will work out in their favour.

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Kawi and Pisaeng kiss before they have sex.

Thank goodness Pear and Kwan didn't let that toad come between their friendship! I'm also glad Pear has overcome her turmoil from the last episode. Even though her subplot is dull, I like that the series fleshes out her perspective. Pear doesn't just accept the news of Kawi & Pisaeng's relationship with immediate understanding. Instead, she processes her feelings, cries a bit, and eventually reaches a sensible response. Pear goes on an emotional journey as she rises from her heartbreak and becomes more self-assured.

I always look forward to what Max wears in each appearance. His character is like an eclectic fashion statement, from sparkly shirts to sleeveless vests. Everyone else dresses in plain clothes, whereas Max's outfits are quirky and distinctive. I love the gay punk chic of his wardrobe in this episode~ I wish Max had a more prominent presence in Be My Favorite. While I like this supporting character, his role is minimal. He's mostly there to act as a relationship guru and dispense wise advice. There's room to grow his backstory, give him a love interest, and create a more nuanced role.

In this episode, Kawi overcomes his anxiety about having sex for the first time. Meanwhile, Pisaeng and his mom reach an understanding about his sexuality. Both plots are fine, and I enjoy watching the events unfold. However, these storylines are typical. They are ideas that we've seen before. Be My Favorite loses a touch of its creativity. The series started with an exciting time-travel premise about altering the future. Yet, the last few episodes have settled into generic plots. For a BL drama with many possibilities, it could've delivered more unique scenarios.

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Pear reads poetry on stage.

Pear reciting sad poetry while her two male love interests have sex is high camp. The scenario plays out hilariously. Pear stands on stage and reads random passages about swans, rice fields, or whatever. Her narration is spliced with steamy visuals of Kawi and Pisaeng making love. The juxtaposition of her words and their romp strikes me as comically jarring. I laughed throughout the entire exchange. It's my favourite scene of the series due to the sheer absurdity. Be My Favorite has delivered a masterclass in camp! 😁

Kawi and Pisaeng's romance hadn't moved me thus far. I didn't hate the couple, but their scenes failed to sway my heart. That changed during this episode. Seeing that four-minute relationship montage triggered an emotional response in me. I like the quick snapshots of the couple's happiest moments living together. They share meals, cuddle in bed, or hang out idly. The casual day-to-day routine is surprisingly sweet, highlighting their coziness and conveying ordinary joy. The inexplicable power of one montage converted my indifference into a fondness for this pairing.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Ending Review
Be My Favorite has a happy ending where Kawi and Pisaeng remain together.

Be My Favorite is a story about contentment. The protagonists learn to be satisfied with their current lives, even if there may be flaws. The series began with Kawi returning to the past to fix his regrets. Kawi discovered his life would never be perfect, no matter how he tried manipulating the timelines. Instead, Kawi drops his pessimistic view and adopts optimistic thinking. One of his quotes in the finale reflects this theme, "I'm happy just the way I am now." Kawi cherishes what he has instead of desiring the unattainable.

Future Pisaeng and Past Kawi enjoy a day at the amusement park. Unlike previously, Kawi participates in the scary rides. His willingness is a testament to the story's theme of living fearlessly. The best way to avoid regrets is to embrace every experience and opportunity, even if it's out of your comfort zone. If you fulfill your heart's desires in the present moment, you won't look back at the past with remorse. Free your insecurities and live to the fullest! Pisaeng & Kawi's car ride is symbolism. The open-roof vehicle represents freedom, while the drive conveys moving your life forward. 

Some future events, like a health crisis, are out of your control. The story maintains the stance that you can't manipulate death. Everyone dies at one point. Kawi and Pisaeng must accept their fates are final. Yet, don't let this fear restrict your happiness. As Kawi says, "Live like we never want to go back and fix it." His words echo the concept of living ambitiously. Forget what transpired in the past or what may happen in the future. Focus on the present and spend your time on fulfilling experiences. You'll die with no regrets, knowing you've lived your favourite life possible.

Be My Favorite Music


ย้อนเวลา (REDO)


ย้อนเวลา (REDO) is the OST for Be My Favorite. It is performed by Krist, one of the leads.

It Might Be You (เธอก็พอ)

Krist & Gawin

It Might Be You (เธอก็พอ) is one of the songs performed by Krist and Gawin, the leads of Be My Favorite.

Be My Favorite Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Waa Waasuthep Ketpetch (วา วาสุเทพ เกตุเพ็ชร์) is a Thai director. His portfolio of work includes Be My Favorite (2023).

  1. I gave this a solid 7/10- also felt Krist pushing to be "comical" – it was a tough role as it really is one of those "rom com—- everyone finds this whiny, selfish thing an object of desire?" Oh- because the script says so!
    I know Gavin was a last minute replacement in the series- he is an experienced second lead with some nice vulnerable moments in Not Me and Dark Blue Kiss- he struggles at complex anger/giddiness/etc.
    My fave episodes were 4-7- I thought it really started to cook- only to fall in the usual dross of GMMTV stretched out formats.
    What really sold the series for me was the secondary actors: Aye as Pearl- one of the better written and acted BL love interests- even when the plot/writing got creaky- she made me believe in her experience.
    Max as Aou- really popped with his take on Kawins best friend- wish he'd had a better written character.
    Title as Knot- usually would be played by a leering, mugging actor such as Gunsmile. Here Title plays a not so great guy as someone who exists and has his own goals and interests.

  2. Thanks for this review. This is one of the very few times when my rating for a series is lower than that of BL Watcher (if I feel good at the end of a show I tend to forgive a lot that came before). However, following are my takes.
    Story: I found it draggy and redundant much of the time
    Romance: I can't get behind a romance where one character is so thoroughly unlikeable, and the other is a worthwhile person, much as I want Pisaeng to "win." The narrative leaned hard into the assumptions that Kawi is both cute and funny; for me he was neither
    Acting: I thought Gawin as Pisaeng was solid here and certainly sympathetic. Krist as Kawi a cringe start to finish
    Ending: It was a happy ending if Pisaeng really wants that guy after all
    Style: Good production values
    I really appreciated the characters of Pearl and Max. More characters like those please, and more roles for those actors. I laughed when I saw the actor playing Kawi's dad — there seem to be three actors playing every dad in Thai BL and he's probably on the top since KinnPorsche 🙂

  3. I feel bad to admit Kawi was frustrating to watch because I like Krist. He really was the worst and I wondered what Pisaeng saw in him, but they are cute together once they're a couple. I love time travel drama.

  4. I really enjoyed the drama after a slew of mediocre ones recently. However, I like Krist and Gawin's acting individually, but not as a couple and this might be one of Krist's less well-acted roles. Honestly his performance in SOTUS was exemplary and that chemistry was too good. Can't wait to see Gawin in more great roles, BL or otherwise. Thanks for the review, I always stop by here before or after a BL watch 🙂

  5. I find it really interesting that while Kawi is whiney and immature, somehow, he makes those around him grow, whether it's to accept themselves or learn to fight for themselves. Yes, his character can get annoying, but he is also the seed of change for his friends. I kind of think that his own struggles with himself, because of his cowardice and indecisiveness, that he displays on his sleeve are what encouraged those around him to grow. If someone this immature and chaotic can open up and try to be better, why can't they?

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