Adachi and Kurosawa have an office romance in the Japanese BL drama Cherry Magic.

Cherry Magic is a Japanese BL drama about a workplace romance with a quirky twist. The protagonist is an ordinary office worker, who never had any sexual relationships during his twenties. He suddenly develops a magical power on his 30th birthday, allowing him to read other people’s minds every time they touch. This newfound ability completely transforms his life and comes with many exciting surprises.

If you are looking for a sweet and lighthearted romantic comedy, Cherry Magic is one of the best series in the genre. Featuring a charismatic couple, you will be smiling from episode to episode as their fairytale romance develops. This fun BL drama is powered by charm, humour, positivity, and lots of wonderful imagination.

Cherry Magic Summary

What is the show called?


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What is the show’s genre?

Office romance

How would you describe the show?

Cute and sweet

How long is the show?

12 episodes + 2 specials

How long is each episode?

Around 12 to 15 minutes


In the elevator, Adachi discovers that Kurosawa has a secret crush on him.

Adachi is an office employee who works at a big stationery company. A timid and unassuming man, he never had a romantic relationship in his life. In fact, his virginity is still intact. A colleague teases Adachi about his lacklustre relationship history, stating that he’ll gain “magical abilities” if he remains a virgin in his thirties.

Just as the urban myth predicted, Adachi suddenly gains a unique power on his 30th birthday. After turning thirty years old, Adachi can now read the minds of everyone he touches. As long as any part of their bodies is touching, he can hear their innermost thoughts. Finding this ability troublesome, Adachi withdraws even further and goes out of his way to avoid physical contact with people.

One day, Adachi goes to work and finds himself crammed inside a crowded elevator, where he bumps into Kurosawa. Handsome and charismatic, Kurosawa is one of the top salespeople in the company. He is successful at work, popular with the ladies, and conducts himself with immaculate perfection. Adachi envies him from afar and always feels inferior next to him.

Inside the elevator, Adachi can hear Kurosawa’s thoughts as their bodies touch. Surprisingly, he learns that Kurosawa has a secret crush on him. Despite his poised composure, Kurosawa gushes over Adachi giddily in his mind. Adachi is stunned and doesn’t know how to behave around his coworker anymore. As the two of them continue working together, Adachi feels scandalized every time he listens to Kurosawa’s intimate thoughts.

Adachi confides in his university friend Tsuge about his magical powers. Tsuge is a romance author with an eccentric personality. Although Tsuge doesn’t believe Adachi at first, he develops the same psychic ability on his 30th birthday. He’s able to read the mind of Minato, a young courier who makes deliveries to his apartment, and begins falling in love with him.

Cherry Magic Trailer

Cherry Magic Cast


Adachi Eiji Akaso (赤楚衛二) Eiji Akaso Instagram

Adachi is portrayed by the actor  Eiji Akaso (赤楚衛二).

Adachi is a quiet, introverted, and painfully shy employee at a stationery company. He doesn’t have any experience with romance or sex, even at thirty years old. Adachi gains the ability to read people’s minds on his 30th birthday, but he finds this newfound power overwhelming. He likes to collect stationery and his room is decorated with various supplies.

Kurosawa Keita Machida (町田啓太) Keita Machida Instagram

Kurosawa is portrayed by the actor Keita Machida (町田啓太).

Kurosawa is a top salesperson who works at Adachi’s company. He is handsome, charismatic, and popular with all his colleagues in the workplace. Seemingly good at everything he does, Kurosawa carries an air of composure, sophistication, and perfection at all times. He has an athletic background and won awards at all types of sporting events in school.

Tsuge Kodai Asaka (浅香航大) Kodai Asaka Instagram

Tsuge is portrayed by the actor Kodai Asaka (浅香航大).

Tsuge is Adachi’s best friend since their university days together. He works as a romance author and his published novels are quite the hit. He gets along with Adachi due to their similar personalities, except Tsuge is even more eccentric and socially awkward. Tsuge spends most of his time cooped up inside his room and likes to do online shopping, especially for his cat Udon.

Minato Yutaro Goto (後藤優太朗) Yutaro Goto

Minato is portrayed by the actor Yutaro Goto (後藤優太朗).

Minato is a young courier who makes deliveries to Tsuge’s apartment. Since Tsuge orders a lot of things online, he develops a familiarity with Minato. The two of them grow close initially due to Tsuge’s cat Udon. When he isn’t working at his delivery job, Minato loves to dance and dreams of making his professional debut.

Supporting Cast

Rokkaku is portrayed by the actor Takuya Kusakawa (草川拓弥).


Takuya Kusakawa (草川拓弥)

Fujisaki is portrayed by the actress Ryo Sato (佐藤玲).


Ryo Sato (佐藤玲)

Urabe is portrayed by the actor Suzunosuke Tanaka (鈴之助).


Suzunosuke Tanaka (鈴之助)

Udon is an abandoned cat that Tsuge adopted.


Cherry Magic Review


Drama Review Score: 9.5









Adachi and Kurosawa begin dating midway through the series.

Cherry Magic comes pretty close to being the perfect BL series. This charming romantic comedy hits all the right spots with a creative story, a cute couple, and a cheerful relationship dynamic. The tone is relentlessly positive, featuring two main characters who are kind, empathetic, and supportive towards each other. It’s comforting to watch a sweet, lighthearted romance where two nice guys fall in love.

What I appreciate about Cherry Magic is its boundless imagination. The unique premise allows for many fun comedic scenarios to take place. Every time the two leads touch, Adachi can hear Kurosawa’s over-the-top mushy thoughts about his secret crush. These scenes are handled delicately, so that they feel funny and adorable rather than invasive and humiliating. You will actually end up liking Kurosawa more because his inner thoughts are so pure and innocent.

Both protagonists in Cherry Magic are immensely likable. Adachi might be riddled with insecurities at first, but he’s a sensitive soul who goes on an empowering journey of personal growth. As for Kurosawa, he’s pretty much the perfect love interest, the epitome of a beautiful person inside and out. You can always rely on him to say the right words, make the right moves, and even think the right thoughts. Yet, Kurosawa can also feel vulnerable beneath his poised persona, and his character development is just as intricate throughout the drama.

The romance between Adachi and Kurosawa is incredibly sweet and wholesome. Their bond is well-documented throughout the twelve episodes, so you’ll feel immersed as their relationship develops from coworkers to sweethearts. Both actors are also perfectly cast in their roles, bringing such a natural warmth and effortless ease to their performances. As for the other romance, Tsuge and Minato are admittedly not as well-written. They’re an okay couple, but watching their relationship makes me wish we got more scenes with Adachi and Kurosawa instead.

Impressively, this BL series keeps up its excellent quality from start to finish. Nearly every episode is packed with a strong balance of humour, romance, and sentimentality. The only fault preventing Cherry Magic from perfection is that the two characters don’t ever kiss. Despite the many storytelling opportunities, we regrettably end up with a pairing where the physical intimacy is left to the imagination. The lack of kissing doesn’t ruin the series whatsoever, but the detail is significant enough to dock points from my review.

Even without kissing, the romance in Cherry Magic remains superb. Everything about this series has an exceptional polish, from the wonderful storytelling to the charismatic acting. There’s no question that Cherry Magic is among the best BL dramas ever made. You won’t need to read my mind to know that I highly recommend this feel-good romantic comedy!


Fairytale story
Kurosawa comes to Adachi's rescue when he gets into a public fight.

Cherry Magic is almost like a fairytale. There’s a fantasy element to the story, where almost everything is too good to be true. You develop a magical ability to read minds, only to discover that the hottest guy in the company is madly in love with you. Not only is he gorgeous, but your prince charming has a winning personality as well. If that isn’t the definition of a self-gratifying fantasy, I don’t know what is. 😛

At the same time, there’s an everyday sensibility infused into the narrative. In a different set of hands, the ability to read minds could go very wrongly, and we’d have a much different story on our hands. Instead, Adachi is so innocent that he rarely exploits his powers, only using them to read the thoughts of his coworkers and workplace crush. Despite such an extraordinary ability, the events feel so common and relatable. As such, it’s easy to immerse yourself into the storyline.

Not only is the story relatable, but it’s also a lot of fun! The scenes are imaginative, full of amusing moments and cute little surprises. Even though the humour might not be laugh-out-loud, there’s a lighthearted brevity that will put a smile on your face. From start to finish, the series has won me over with its effervescent charm. Cherry Magic is an enchanting BL experience, like watching a modern-day fairy tale romance take place.


Adachi and Kurosawa
Kurosawa and Adachi almost kiss on the rooftop.

Adachi and Kurosawa are the type of couple that any BL fan will find easy to ship. They’re two handsome guys with endearing personalities and a vibrant relationship dynamic. Their scenes together are as sweet as they are amusing. It’s funny whenever Adachi reacts to Kurosawa’s amorous thoughts about him.

The first half of the series focuses on Adachi developing feelings for Kurosawa. As he falls in love for the first time, Adachi’s journey involves finding the self-confidence to be open about how he feels. The second half of the series follows the couple as they start dating. It’s a mostly happy experience, except for some tension near the end when Adachi’s secret power becomes a liability in their relationship.

What makes Adachi and Kurosawa so watchable is that they are kind, sensitive, and positive towards one another. Kurosawa always sees the good in Adachi, even when Adachi doesn’t believe in himself. Adachi helps Kurosawa to let his guard down, putting him at ease without the constant need to be perfect. The two of them motivate each other, encourage each other, and support each other. They’re the example of a happy, healthy BL couple, and I love watching them together.

Tsuge and Minato
Tsuge and Minato kiss for the first time.

To be honest, I’m not that invested in the Tsuge and Minato relationship. I don’t hate them together, but I just don’t find their romance too interesting. Tsuge’s character is a caricature with big over-the-top reactions that don’t really appeal to me. As for Minato, he’s kind of bland for a love interest and doesn’t share that much chemistry with Tsuge.

On paper, I like the idea that there’s a second character with the same magical ability. In execution, the attraction between Tsuge and Minato doesn’t seem that deep. I still don’t really understand why they like each other. Considering this couple takes up a significant portion of the series, I don’t think their romantic arc is written that well. If I had a choice, I would rather replace all the Tsuge and Minato scenes with more Adachi and Kurosawa content instead.


Great acting
Kurosawa winks at his boyfriend Adachi during lunch in the workplace.

Adachi and Kurosawa are brilliantly cast. These two lead actors play a large part in what makes Cherry Magic so successful. In lesser hands, the Adachi and Kurosawa characters might be nowhere near as likable. However, the actors bring so much charm and charisma to their roles that they really elevate the characterization.

I don’t need to emphasize how good looking Kurosawa’s actor (Keita Machida) is. His attractiveness is so obvious to everyone that it doesn’t need to be stated. Beyond his good looks, the actor also has a relaxed charisma that sells the Kurosawa character. He comes across as confident without being arrogant, suave without being sleazy, and lovesick without being overbearing.

Adachi is a tricky role to get right. The actor needs to restraint to portray a shy, introverted character without turning into a caricature. Think of how less likable Adachi would be if he behaves like Tsuge. Fortunately, Adachi’s actor (Eiji Alaso) delivers a nuanced performance, showing us the many hidden depths of his character.


Happy ending
Adachi and Kurosawa hold hands as the reunite in the Cherry Magic ending.

Cherry Magic has a happy ending. In the last episode, Adachi and Kurosawa get back together after breaking up previously. Tsuge helps Adachi realize that his relationship is more important than any magical power. Adachi learns not to worry about making mistakes just because he can’t read Kurosawa’s mind. Part of being in a relationship is making mistakes, forgiving each other, and growing stronger as a couple.

Adachi goes to the rooftop where he and Kurosawa were supposed to watch fireworks on their Christmas date. Adachi admits that he has made a mistake, feels remorseful over the breakup, and misses his boyfriend dearly. He doesn’t get to continue his apology before Kurosawa has already forgiving him, absolving all his guilt with an intimate embrace. Just then, Adachi and Kurosawa enjoy the fireworks in the sky, thanks to Fujisaji and Rokkaku for coordinating the spectacle nearby.

Kurosawa and Adachi become a couple again. The two of them have sex for the first time (not shown, of course) and Adachi finally loses his virginity. Although he doesn’t have the magical ability anymore, he’s still perfectly content in his relationship with Kurosawa. In fact, he knows his boyfriend so well that he can tell what he’s thinking, even without the magic power. Cherry Magic ends with the final scene in the elevator, as Kurosawa and Adachi lean in for a kiss right before the doors close.

Ending explained
Kurosawa proposes to Adachi for a long-term relationship with a pen.

In the Cherry Magic ending, Kurosawa got a pair of matching fountain pens, one for himself and one for Adachi. The intent is for them to use the same pen in the office to symbolize their love. Aww! In a way, this gift is almost like a proposal between the two characters, representing their long-term relationship commitment. Instead of getting officially engaged, they got unofficially pen-gaged.

Originally, Kurosawa wanted to get matching rings for them. However, he knows that type of present draws too much attention and Adachi wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. Instead, the pens are more low-key and inconspicuous, which goes with Adachi’s style. Plus, the gift seems suitable considering how much his boyfriend loves stationery. As always, Kurosawa is so thoughtful at picking out the perfect gift for Adachi. 🎁

No kissing
Kurosawa and Adachi almost kiss in the elevator in the Cherry Magic ending.

No, we don’t actually get to see Adachi and Kurosawa kiss in the Cherry Magic ending. The elevator doors close at the exact moment when they are about to kiss, and then we cut to the ending credits afterwards. That means we go through all twelve episodes without a kiss from the main couple.

I am disappointed that Adachi and Kurosawa never shared a kiss on-screen. It’s the one detail that prevents Cherry Magic from being the perfect BL series for me. I asked myself, is it that important for them to kiss when the rest of their love story is so well-crafted? I thought about the question and my answer is still yes. I can’t be fully satisfied with a story that celebrates love, yet feels too ashamed about the backlash of two men kissing.

Although I don’t feel that strongly about the Tsuge and Minato couple, at least they share a quick little kiss. More power to them. Unfortunately, the long-awaited kiss between Adachi and Kurosawa never happens, so photoshopped images are the best that viewers will ever get. The missing kiss doesn’t tarnish the series for me. However, it’s the one piece of regret that’ll be on the back of my mind when I think about this nearly perfect series.

Cherry Magic Analysis


Adachi’s personal growth

Adachi is painfully shy and doesn't think he is good enough compared to Kurosawa.

Adachi is introduced to us as an ordinary guy who’s painfully shy, lacks self-confidence, and doesn’t enjoy attention. His character constantly doubts himself and doesn’t think he’s good enough, especially compared to somebody as perfect as Kurosawa. It should be noted that Adachi hasn’t suffered any type of trauma that made him this timid. Some people are simply born introverts and that’s just the type of personality he has.

During the series, Adachi goes through a journey and gains more confidence in himself. His personal growth is greatly aided by his newfound magical ability, but more importantly, Kurosawa’s encouragement. Every time Adachi doubts himself, Kurosawa gives him the reassurance that he needs. Whether it’s entering the company contest or pursuing a romantic relationship for the first time, Kurosawa’s unconditional support helps Adachi to step out of his comfort zone.

Adachi doesn’t end the series as a drastically different person from who he was at the start. At times, he’s still really shy and suffers from some confidence issues. However, Adachi is a little happier, less harsh on himself, and views life more optimistically thanks to Kurosawa’s influence. His boyfriend is one of Adachi’s biggest cheerleaders and a fantastic source of morale for his self-esteem. Kurosawa helps Adachi to appreciate his self-worth, making him believe in himself significantly more.

Adachi’s power

Adachi makes it really obvious that he's touching Rokkaku to read his thoughts.

The ability to read minds is a powerful talent that can be exploited in many different ways. In a workplace setting, you can read the minds of your boss, your clients, or your competitors to get ahead in your career. However, Adachi doesn’t have that ruthless ambition to misuse his secret power for nefarious gain. He reads the minds of his coworkers either accidentally or to help them out in a pinch. It’s what makes Adachi so endearing that he has this incredible power and never uses it with ill intent.

Adachi doesn’t use his mindreading ability often, because he’s unwilling to find out what other people are thinking. There are very few instances where he takes the initiative to touch someone and read their minds. Most of the time, he can stave off the curiosity and respect other people’s privacy. It’s a massive strength in Adachi’s character, indicating that he doesn’t need other people’s validation to lead his life.

Of course, even Adachi has his fallible moments. In Episode 11, he accidentally reads the mind of an executive, then uses his knowledge to boost his chances in the company competition. Many people might have easily exploited the mindreading power to gain an advantage, but not Adachi. He is overwhelmed with guilt afterwards, thinking he didn’t earn the praise with his own merit. Such remorse shows that Adachi is guided by a strong moral conscience, and treats his power as more of a curse than a blessing.

The loveless Adachi

Adachi and Fujisaki develop a platonic friendship instead of a romance.

The moment that I’ll always remember about Adachi is his conversation with Fujisaki in Episode 4. When the topic of Fujisaki’s love life comes up, Adachi shares a refreshing insight that you wouldn’t expect from the main character in a BL drama.

“I know everyone talks about romance, but it’s not like that’s all there is to life. Even if I don’t have love or romance, every day is fun in its own way.”

That’s a surprisingly enlightened view on relationships, coming from the lead in a BL romantic comedy no less. Adachi can go against the prominent belief in mainstream society that he needs a romantic partner to be happy. Instead, he’s able to find joy and fulfillment even in solitude. Much like Fujisaki, I started admiring Adachi after he made this statement and thought he had such a heightened philosophical view on life. Like whoa, this guy gets it! 🤯

Even though Adachi doesn’t have much confidence in himself, he shows a strong sense of self throughout the series. He knows himself well, understands his personal limitations, and doesn’t try to change his personality to fit in. This thirty-year-old virgin doesn’t give in to the peer pressure of dating or having sex, rising above it all. Again, it ties into the recurring theme that Adachi doesn’t need other people’s validation to be happy. He doesn’t seek a companion, can lead an enriched life by himself, and remains unaffected by what others think about his lifestyle.


Fujisaki is happy without any relationships in the Cherry Magic ending.

Of course, Adachi ends up betraying his life’s philosophy after falling in love with Kurosawa. However, Cherry Magic still maintains its message with the Fujisaki character, who remains single throughout the entire series. Like Adachi, she firmly believes that you don’t need a relationship to be happy. Although her family and the rest of society believe she needs to find a man, Fujisaki is perfectly content on her own.

Cherry Magic resists the temptation to go the conventional route and pair Fujisaki with another side character (Rokkaku, for example). Instead, Fujisaki begins pursuing a personal passion as she studies labour law. She puts all her energy into enriching herself instead of trying to find a romantic partner. Cherry Magic sends a positive message with her character’s ending, showing that you can achieve happiness alone, even without a traditional relationship.

Fujisaki also stands out because she’s a rare portrayal of an asexual or aromantic character in a drama series. She’s portrayed in a sensitive and sympathetic manner, helping you understand the mindset of somebody who doesn’t necessarily want a relationship. Her character contributes to a positive representation and meaningful message that makes Cherry Magic a bit more special than your average BL series.

Lovesick Kurosawa

Kurosawa dreams of his fantasy date with Adachi.

While Adachi and Fujisaki show an aversion to romance, we have Kurosawa on the opposite end of the spectrum. Here’s somebody who desperately wants love and romance, so much that it consumes his every thought. Okay, I’m sure Kurosawa doesn’t think about Adachi all the time, but it really feels like his crush preoccupies 99% of his headspace. You know you’re obsessed with a guy when you care about what shampoo he uses!

Kurosawa is an interesting character because of the discrepancy between how he presents himself on the outside and what he thinks on the inside. Based on his appearance, he seems like the golden boy of the company, who exudes confidence and composure. Deep down, Kurosawa is actually giddy and excitable, always gushing over his schoolboy crush. If Adachi didn’t have his magical power, he’d never know the real Kurosawa beyond his professional persona.

There’s also a discrepancy between Kurosawa and Adachi as characters. One is completely lovesick, while the other doesn’t prioritize love. When we first meet Adachi, he has kinda given up on finding a partner. Over the course of the series, Kurosawa’s powerful feelings moved Adachi to the point that he reassessed his original stance on romance. Kurosawa loved him so much that Adachi felt compelled to give their relationship a go.

Secret crush

Kurosawa is secretly smitten with Adachi.

Interestingly, Kurosawa didn’t intend on confessing to Adachi at first. It was only meant to be a secret crush, one that Kurosawa kept to himself as he observed his coworker from afar. Primarily, Kurosawa never imagined that Adachi would reciprocate his feelings. According to his ~research~, Adachi supposedly liked girls who were neat, which kinda ruled Kurosawa out of contention.

However, I’m sure the sensitivity of their relationship played a factor in the secrecy as well. Confessing to your colleague is already tricky enough, let alone a coworker of the same sex. Even though Kurosawa might seem like such a confident guy, he has reservations as well. For somebody that meticulous, he wouldn’t confess to Adachi on an impulse, not without thinking over his decision and the consequences carefully.

Without Adachi’s magical ability, I don’t think the two of them would be together. Bless his heart, but Adachi doesn’t seem sharp enough to observe that somebody has a crush on him. Kurosawa also hides his feelings too covertly and wouldn’t go far enough to make a move. In the series, their relationship progresses because Adachi read Kurosawa’s mind and then gave strong signals like “I DIDN’T HATE WHEN YOU KISSED ME, HEHE~ 😘” Otherwise, Adachi and Kurosawa weren’t on the same wavelength, and it was the magical power that brought them together.

Workplace romance

Fujisaki looks on as Kurosawa takes care of Adachi after the brawl.

Even after they get together, Kurosawa and Adachi don’t become an out couple. They continue their covert office romance, exchanging secretive glances and sly little smiles at each other. Only Fujisaki knows they are dating in the workplace, but their relationship is kept on the down-low with all other colleagues. Rokkaku remains oblivious even as Kurosawa and Adachi blatantly flirt in front of him.

The secrecy of their relationship is interesting. I can imagine the complexities of being a gay workplace couple in a corporate office setting. There could be gossip, others might pass judgment, and their careers might even get affected. A spotlight would shine onto the two of them, something that wouldn’t make Adachi feel comfortable.

Of course, Kurosawa and Adachi aren’t obliged to tell anyone they are dating. Frankly, it’s none of their business. As long as they’re happy together, nobody else has to know the two of them are a couple. Adachi and Kurosawa can keep having a secret workplace romance until the day they retire.

The perfect Kurosawa

Kurosawa is seemingly perfect at everything he does.

Kurosawa is introduced to us as the image of perfection. We meet Kurosawa based on how Adachi and everyone else sees him: handsome, popular, charismatic, and successful. He’s the top company salesperson for five consecutive years, won numerous athletic awards at school, and did we mention he’s a culinary master too? If there’s a hierarchy in life, then Kurosawa would surely be in the top tier.

Although Kurosawa makes perfection seem so effortless, his many achievements don’t just come naturally. On top of being handsome and talented, he is also a hard worker. Kurosawa puts in a lot of work to excel in everything he does. He spends time cultivating relationships, does a ton of research, and prepares all his projects in meticulous detail. His successes aren’t just accidents, but the result of giving 100% effort into every facet of his life.

Kurosawa is the ultimate perfectionist, working tirelessly to maintain the appearance of flawlessness. Being perfect all the time isn’t easy though. When you set such a high bar of excellence, it comes with incredible pressure and expectations. There are people with high hopes for him and he doesn’t want to disappoint any of them. Most importantly, Kurosawa doesn’t want to disappoint himself.

Kurosawa’s flaws

Kurosawa dotes on Adachi a lot.

Kurosawa’s biggest flaw is that he can be too much of a people pleaser. He needs their validation to feel reassured about himself. Earlier, we discussed how Adachi has a strong self-identity and won’t change his personality just to fit in with any subculture. In contrast, Kurosawa is more adaptable and bases his feelings on the other people in his life. He cares about what they think of him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t try so hard to maintain this perfect persona in front of them.

Kurosawa masks his insecurities beneath a confident persona, so you might not identify his character flaw right away. However, this codependency is sometimes evident during his interactions with Adachi, because Kurosawa seems too eager to accommodate him. Kurosawa constantly dotes on Adachi, puts his boyfriend’s priorities first, and never challenges him on anything. It’s good to be agreeable, but is it normal for Kurosawa to make all the compromises in their relationship?

Of course, the ability to think of others before yourself is also a positive trait. His eagerness to make other people happy comes from a good place. It’s what makes Kurosawa such an endearing character, because he’s considerate, supportive, and sensitive to Adachi’s needs. As it turns out, his personality flaw is just as much of a personality strength!

Kurosawa’s good looks

A lot of girls confess to Kurosawa just because he's good looking.

Here it is, the section where we analyze Kurosawa’s beauty in an academic way. 😘 Yes, in case it isn’t blatantly obvious, Kurosawa is a gorgeous guy. Going beyond your run-of-the-mill handsomeness, he is the type of good looking that comes with many extraordinary privileges in life. All those Valentine’s Day chocolates, the endless love confessions, and the gaggle of office groupies are only some of the perks.

Surprisingly, there are some downsides to being too good looking. It becomes Kurosawa’s defining feature, overshadowing all his hard work and accomplishments. People turn to him not because of his capabilities, but they think of him as a superficial pretty face. Even worse, some assume that Kurosawa’s successes are attributed to his looks, assuming his achievements had not been earned through actual merit.

These misconceptions drive Kurosawa to work harder to validate himself. It annoys him to be solely reduced to his physical attractiveness, as if he has no other remarkable substance. Kurosawa doesn’t voice these frustrations though, for he knows that complaining about his beauty will foster resentment against him. He keeps his feelings to himself and pretends to appreciate all the attention. But deep down, he doesn’t like being judged by his looks.

Why Kurosawa loves Adachi

Kurosawa and Adachi hold hands in the middle of the night.

In Episode 7, the series switches to Kurosawa’s point of view. We see an extensive flashback that describes how Kurosawa first fell in love with Adachi. It started at a company function that both lead characters attended. The client made a predatory pass at Kurosawa, who rejected the advances quite aggressively. His bosses were upset and chastised him for being nothing more than eye candy, a stereotype that Kurosawa had worked so hard to prove wrong.

At his lowest moment, the heavily intoxicated Kurosawa was accompanied by Adachi in the middle of the night. Adachi offered gentle consoling words to make his coworker feel better, praising his work ethic and attention to detail. Then, Adachi mentioned that he liked seeing this different side to Kurosawa, who’s more vulnerable, not as polished, and less than perfect.

Adachi didn’t say too much, but his words resonated with Kurosawa deeply. All his life, Kurosawa only ever got recognition for being handsome, popular, and successful. Yet, here was somebody who still appreciated him with all his imperfections on display. While Kurosawa felt insecure over his failures, Adachi told him it was okay not to be perfect all the time. You don’t always have to be the best, because I think you’re good enough even when you’re at your worst.

Kurosawa fell in love with Adachi after this moment. As he said himself so elegantly, “For the first time, I felt that my heart was touched.” Adachi’s encouragement stands out in a modern society where everyone always strives to be the best. What Adachi said was refreshing and it must’ve lifted a massive weight off Kurosawa’s shoulders. Finally, he no longer feels the burden of perfection from this one special person in the world.

Why Adachi loves Kurosawa

Kurosawa is about his first perfect date with Adachi.

Adachi has noticed Kurosawa from the start. Kurosawa’s achievements are so prominent that he isn’t the type of person you can ignore. Adachi is familiar with who he is, understands what his colleague has accomplished, and admires him from afar. It should also go on record that Adachi commented on Kurosawa’s blinding smile more than once, a physical attribute that he subconsciously finds attractive. 😙

Although Adachi was acquainted with Kurosawa, he didn’t know his coworker that closely. He takes Kurosawa at face value, idealizing him as this perfectly competent employee who can do no wrong. Adachi would often compare himself to Kurosawa and point out his own inferiorities. Although this version of Kurosawa is pretty perfect, Adachi doesn’t fall in love with him because of his successes. The way he speaks about his coworker comes from a place of awe instead of attraction.

It was only after Adachi read Kurosawa’s mind that he saw a different side to his colleague. The actual Kurosawa would’ve never let his guard down around Adachi, whereas he’s more authentic and sincere inside his mind. In his thoughts, Adachi saw through the pretenses to find a more vulnerable Kurosawa, one who isn’t solely defined by his successes. He learned about his hopes and aspirations, fears and insecurities, as well as an unwavering love for Adachi.

Kurosawa’s inner thoughts humanized him, making him seem more relatable and well-rounded. Despite Kurosawa’s best efforts, Adachi didn’t fall in love with the perfect version of him. Instead, he was more attracted to the flawed Kurosawa, packaged with both the good and the bad. Yes, he likes the guy who recites mushy romantic poetry, who giggles uncontrollably at a silly joke, and who might have hair coming out of his nostrils in the morning. These little quirks complete Kurosawa, and that’s whom Adachi ultimately falls in love with.

Cherry Magic Series

Episode Guide

Cherry Magic has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 22 minutes long. This is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 4 hours. The first episode of Cherry Magic began on October 9, 2020 and ended on December 25, 2020.

In addition, Cherry Magic has two 20-minute specials that take place after the main series. The first special is focused on Adachi and Kurosawa, while the second special is about Tsuge and Minato.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12


Special 1


Special 2


⭐ Best episode

Episode 7

Kurosawa hugs Adachi after his confession scene.

Honestly, I have too many favourite episodes of Cherry Magic to pick the best one. If I must choose, Episode 7 is perfect for me. The episode begins right after Kurosawa’s failed love confession. The relationship between the two main characters is understandably strained, as they go out of their ways to avoid each other.

For the first time ever, the narrative switches to Kurosawa’s point of view. In the past, we hear tiny snippets of his inner thoughts, which are nowhere as comprehensive as what we get in Episode 7. In various flashbacks, we learn about why Kurosawa fell in love with Adachi, an interesting journey that reveals many facets of his personality.

Of course, the highlight of the episode is the confession scene in the end. Adachi finally sorts out his feelings and admits that he also wants a romantic relationship. Kurosawa is overjoyed, as am I, with the two of them finally becoming a couple. Hooray! 🥳

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 9

Kurosawa dreams of his fantasy date with Adachi.

Episode 9 focuses on Tsuge and Minato as they finally get together. That storyline is okay and I’m glad they’re a couple, but they aren’t really the reason why I find this episode romantic. As always, Cherry Magic is all about the Adachi and Kurosawa pairing for me. I find their interactions particularly delightful in Episode 9.

This episode doesn’t feature any big special romantic moment between Adachi and Kurosawa. However, they’re just really cute together in their everyday couple moments! First, there’s an adorable scene in the beginning where Kurosawa takes a secret picture and video of Adachi. In the next scene, Urabe guesses that Adachi must be in a relationship because he’s exhibiting an aura of pure bliss. Right afterwards, we see an exact example of the ~pure bliss~ with Adachi smiling from ear to ear just because Kurosawa sent him a text message. 🥰

The rest of the episode focuses on a subplot where Adachi hesitates to enter the companywide competition. However, Kurosawa is supportive as always and encourages him to apply. It’s a small moment, but such a boyfriend thing to do. The subplot concludes with them embracing in the middle of the street. They both affirm their love for each other in their thoughts.

😭 Tearjerker episode

Episode 7

Kurosawa's first confession isn't received well by Adachi.

Kurosawa’s failed love confession at the start of Episode 7 is an emotional moment. In the previous episode, the two of them bonded closely, and Kurosawa even demonstrated some uncharacteristic pettiness as Rokkaku keeps getting in the way of the ~private sweet life~. However, Kurosawa grows doubtful when he oversteps some personal boundaries, startling Adachi but most of all himself.

Unable to skirt around his crush anymore, Kurosawa finally musters the courage to confess his feelings. It’s a very vulnerable moment for the normally confident Kurosawa, who tries his best to contain his nerves. Kurosawa has no idea that Adachi already read his mind and knows all his thoughts. From his perspective, his love confession is a pretty big deal that will change their relationship dynamic forever.

Unfortunately, Adachi is not mentally prepared to handle this confession, and Kurosawa takes his prolonged silence as a rejection. The confession scene ends with Kurosawa pretending he’s okay with them being just coworkers, even though his devastation is obvious.

😡 Most triggering episode

Episode 11

Kurosawa and Adachi break up on their perfect date.

So much for their perfect date, huh? The moment where Adachi confesses to Kurosawa is filled with high emotions. Understandably, Adachi isn’t in the best mood after losing the company contest, and he also feels bad for “cheating” to get an advantage with his magical ability. Feeling guilty, I understand why he’d want to be honest with Kurosawa once and for all.

Unfortunately, the conversation spirals out of control because Adachi can’t articulate himself well. He is confused, but gives off the impression that their relationship is a liability, as if he’d rather keep his superpower over his boyfriend. As always, Kurosawa puts Adachi’s feelings ahead of his own and doesn’t fight to save their relationship. If Adachi is unhappy, then I guess we should give up being together. 🤷🏻‍♂️ No, fight for him, dammit! 😣

The episode ends with Kurosawa and Adachi breaking up, and it honestly pisses me off with how the events unfolded. Their misunderstanding frustrates me so much, highlighting both of the characters’ worst qualities. Adachi is too insecure and indecisive, while Kurosawa doesn’t have enough grit to hold onto this relationship. I was internally screaming, why are these two behaving like this!? Thankfully, I was only upset for one episode before they got back together in the finale.

💋Episodes with kissing

Episode 8, 9

Kurosawa kisses Adachi on the forehead in Episode 3.

Minato has a kiss with his ex-boyfriend at the end of Episode 8. He also shares a quick kiss with Tsuge after they get together in Episode 9. By comparison, Adachi and Kurosawa don’t kiss at any point during the series. Technically, Kurosawa kisses Adachi on the forehead in Episode 3, if you count that as a kiss (which I don’t).

The two of them come close to kissing in Episode 4 and 12, but we never see it happening on-screen. The two characters do hold hands and embrace each other throughout the series, so I guess you’ll have to settle for that type of intimacy.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 7 – 12

Kurosawa and Adachi enjoy an amusement park ride together in Episode 10.

Adachi and Kurosawa become an official couple at the end of their confession scene in Episode 7. They remain a couple throughout the second half of the series, although the two of them break up in Episode 11. However, they get back together again in Episode 12 and resume their private sweet life as the series concludes.

Tsuge and Minato officially become a couple in Episode 9, the same episode where Tsuge loses his magical ability. They also get into a couple’s quarrel in Episode 11, but manage to make up by Episode 12 and remain together as a pair.

Best Scenes

Episode 1 – Kurosawa’s fantasy

Kurosawa fantasizes Adachi using a towel.

We were introduced to Adachi’s mindreading power in Episode 1. Up until this scene, his ability was only conveyed through dialogue. We’d hear what Kurosawa was thinking around Adachi, which usually consisted of something really mushy. Near the end of the episode, Kurosawa invited Adachi to stay over at his apartment. After accepting the offer, Adachi was able to read Kurosawa’s thoughts again.

Except this time, there were visuals!

In his mind, Kurosawa was already fantasizing about Adachi’s sleepover at his home. The fantasy began with a camera shot of Adachi as he drank from a cup. This was followed by another shot of Adachi as he dried his head with a towel. It was accompanied by one more shot of Adachi as he lay on his bed. In each shot, we’d get a close-up of Adachi smiling so preciously.

Is it just me, or did Adachi increase his hotness tenfold in Kurosawa’s fantasy sequences? I know he’s the same person, but why does he look like such a snack in this scene? I admit, I didn’t quite understand why Kurosawa was attracted to Adachi at the beginning until this fantasy sequence. Now I get it. Total bae. 😋

Kurosawa fantasizes Adachi smiling.
Kurosawa fantasizes Adachi holding a cup.

Episode 3 – Kurosawa & Adachi almost kiss

Kurosawa and Adachi almost share a kiss on the rooftop in Episode 3.

One of the biggest regrets in Cherry Magic is that the lead characters don’t kiss during the series. However, they come pretty close to locking lips near the end of Episode 3. In the previous scene, Kurosawa and Adachi played a game where their coworkers pressured them into kissing. However, Kurosawa sensed that Adachi looked uncomfortable and only gave him a peck on the forehead.

Kurosawa was upset afterwards, believing that Adachi felt distressed by the prospect of kissing a guy. Adachi clarified that he was just shy because it would be his ~first kiss~. In fact, he isn’t totally against the idea of kissing Kurosawa! 😮

As soon as Adachi admitted this, Kurosawa was like SAY NO MORE and immediately ran over to kiss him. The episode ends with their faces mere inches apart from each other. Unfortunately, they were interrupted at the start of the next episode and the kiss never happens…

Episode 4 – The Fujisaki scene

Fujisawa observes that Kurosaki has a crush on Adachi.

Fujisaki was seemingly introduced to us as the female love interest for Adachi. Episode 4 was headed towards that direction until this scene in the elevator. As Adachi read his coworker’s mind, it turns out Fujisaki’s thoughts are preoccupied everywhere.

Based on her remarkable observation skills, Fujisaki knows that Kurosawa is in love with Adachi. Kurosawa thought he hid his feelings well, but Fujisaki totally sussed him out. I love her sneaky little smiles every time the three characters are together. 🤭 Fujisaki secretly ships her two coworkers, and I recognize that look in her eyes whenever she glances at the two of them. It’s the familiar look of a BL fangirl, I can tell~

The elevator scene continues and Adachi is surprised to learn that Fujisaki isn’t interested in having a relationship herself. She pretends to care about dating to appease her family and fit in with society. However, Fujisaki has made up her mind that she doesn’t need a romance in her life. This revelation makes Adachi admire her even more.

Episode 6 – The Rokkaku scene

Kurosawa got jealous of seeing Adachi and Rokkaku's intimacy.

In Episode 6, Kurosawa and Adachi become roommates. Kurosawa could barely contain his excitement about starting a ~private sweet life~ with Adachi. Unfortunately, Rokkaku invites himself to Adachi’s apartment. Even though Kurosawa hoped to spend quality alone time with Adachi, the three of them ended up having a mini party together.

During dinner, Kurosawa seethed with jealousy as he watched Rokkaku dotes on Adachi. First, Rokkaku fed food to Adachi, an affectionate gesture that Kurosawa wouldn’t have the courage to do himself. Usually, only couples would feed food to each other like this. However, Rokkaku is just being friendly here and his intentions are strictly platonic.

Afterwards, Rokkaku picked up a tissue to wipe Adachi’s lips, another affectionate gesture done right in front of Kurosawa. Imagine his utter frustration. Not only is this guy cockblocking the two of them, but he’s also stealing every precious moment of Kurosawa’s private sweet life with Adachi.

This scene is really funny to watch, showing us a different dimension to Kurosawa’s character. Normally, he’s always calm and composed, so it’s refreshing to see him act a little jealous and petty. Much like Adachi, I like seeing Kurosawa when he isn’t perfect all the time. His character is kinda cute when he gets flustered like this.

Episode 7 – Adachi’s confession

Adachi tells Kurosawa that he likes him too in Cherry Magic Episode 7.

Even though Episode 7 starts gloomily with Kurosawa’s failed love confession, it ends on a much more positive note. Earlier, Adachi had been confused and couldn’t commit to a relationship. However, he finally made a decision and realized his feelings for Kurosawa.

At the end of the episode, the two of them meet up in the middle of the night. It is finally Adachi’s turn to give his love confession! The confession is quite lengthy and it takes Adachi a while to get to the point. At first, Kurosawa even gets the wrong impression that he’s being rejected again.

The actual speech is quite sweet, although I will not repeat it line by line here. The most important part is that Adachi reciprocates Kurosawa’s feelings and does want a relationship with him. That’s all Kurosawa needs to hear, immediately accepting the love confession with a deep embrace. Congratulations, Adachi and Kurosawa have officially begun dating!

Episode 9 – Secret picture

Kurosawa takes a sneaky video of his boyfriend Adachi.

After they started a relationship, Adachi and Kurosawa enjoyed many cute couple moments together. There were too many scenes to include in this list, but rest assured that I loved each and every one of them!

I highlighted this small trivial moment in Episode 9, where Kurosawa sneakily took a picture and video of his boyfriend. This scene isn’t that complex, but I liked it simply because the moment showed Adachi and Kurosawa in their natural element. Both of them seemed so happy, relaxed, and comfortable with each other. They looked, felt, and behaved like a real couple.

In this scene, Kurosawa is a little goofier than usual. The Kurosawa that we know was usually more reserved, holding back this part of himself underneath his workplace persona. However, he seemed really fun and lighthearted around Adachi, more than we’ve ever seen him before. Kurosawa appeared so happy to be in a relationship with Adachi, and his exuberant joy was refreshing to watch.

Episode 12 – Rooftop reconciliation

Kurosawa and Adachi watch fireworks in the Cherry Magic ending.

In the previous episode, Adachi broke up with Kurosawa after telling the truth about his magical ability. However, Tsuge knocks some sense into Adachi, making him realize that he made a terrible mistake. Feeling remorseful, Adachi goes to the rooftop where he was supposed to enjoy his Christmas date with Kurosawa. He gives a heartfelt apology and the two of them get back together again.

Their reconciliation is celebrated by a beautiful fireworks show in the sky. Earlier, it was stated that the fireworks event got cancelled due to safety concerns. However, Fujisaki and Rokkaku released their own fireworks from a nearby building. This was part of Fujisaki’s plan. She is like the ultimate BL fangirl, going out of her way to ensure Adachi and Kurosawa enjoyed a memorable Christmas together.

During this scene, Kurosawa also proposes to Adachi! He gets down on one knee and presents him with a box…of pens? Instead of getting engagement rings, Kurosawa’s proposal involves stationery instead. Of course, Adachi loved this type of nerdy gift and was moved to tears by the gesture. These pens symbolized Adachi and Kurosawa’s long-term commitment to each other, reassuring the viewers they’ll remain together even as the series concludes.

Special – Valentine’s Day gift

Kurosawa and Adachi give each other chocolates on Valentine's Day.

I really enjoyed the first half of the Cherry Magic special. The plot was simple, focusing on the first Valentine’s Day that Kurosawa and Adachi spent together. On this special occasion, Kurosawa is showered with chocolates and gifts from his female coworkers. However, he only cares about Adachi and wants to give him his homemade chocolates.

The special takes place from Kurosawa’s point of view. He becomes paranoid upon discovering a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates in Adachi’s drawer. Kurosawa jumps to the conclusion that Adachi must have a secret admirer in the office, even though it’s pretty obvious his boyfriend bought those chocolates for him. Despite the really predictable story, I liked how the events played out and found all the scenes so charming.

At the end of the workday, both Adachi and Kurosawa exchanged their chocolates with each other. Adachi was super attentive, remembering that his boyfriend doesn’t like sweets. Instead, he got him a special type of spicy chocolates. The chocolates ended up being TOO spicy, but Kurosawa insisted on eating them anyway. He can’t resist the first ever Valentine’s Day present from his boyfriend. 😅

Cherry Magic Online


  1. I watched this in only one day like a maniac, but I couldn’t stop myself.
    This is the sweetest BL I’ve ever watched, for real, it made me smile from the start to the end, sometimes I even had to pause it because it was too cute.
    I don’t have much to say about it, it was cute and I love every second of it. (even when Tsuge made me feel second hand embarrassment)
    My favorite scene was that one with Kurosawa taking pictures of Adashi, soooooooooo cute.

    1. I’m pretty sure I binge watched the entire series in a day or two too, hehe. The story has such a relaxing pace, but it’s so addictive at the same time. 💛

      If I asked heaven to give me the perfect BL couple, it would drop Kurosawa and Adashi out of the sky for me. A sweet, warm, charming, supportive, and handsome couple who champion each other’s dreams and aspirations. They are like BL goals.

      I can handle a little second-hand embarrassment in fictional characters, and Tsuge is just the right amount for me. I can tolerate him in small doses. 😅

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