Cooking Crush – Series Review & Episode Guide

Cooking Crush is a Thai BL series about a culinary student and a medical student.

Cooking Crush is a Thai BL series about an aspiring chef in culinary school. One day, the main character stumbles upon a hungry medical student and prepares a free meal for him. His delicious food left a memorable impression. The protagonist is surprised when he gets hired as a private cooking teacher. As he spends time with his new acquaintance, each intimate lesson in the kitchen brings them closer together.

With childish plots and cringy interactions, Cooking Crush leaves a poor taste. Many storylines feel too silly, frivolous, and ridiculous. The leads have a cute enough romance, sharing sweet interactions. Yet, their lightweight relationship struggles to hold my interest for twelve episodes. I despise anything to do with the annoying secondary couple. Most of the supporting characters aggravate me, especially the antagonists.

Cooking Crush Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


School romance


Cooking Crush is a happy & funny BL drama.


Ten listens to Prem's heartbeat.

Prem and his younger sister, Pang, live with their grandmother. Their family runs a small restaurant by the canal. Prem's grandmother has inspired him to follow in her career footsteps. He aspires to become a professional chef and open a restaurant. Despite not having much money, Prem's grandma pays his tuition at a fancy culinary school. He wants to make her proud by taking his studies seriously.

Prem is a third-year student at his culinary school. Contrary to his expectations, the first two years included few practical cooking lessons. He must learn classroom theories and take prerequisite courses before earning access to the kitchen. He finally gets to cook at the start of this semester. Prem attends the lectures with his friends, Dynamite and Unky. However, they are bullied by another trio of students. Known as the 3Bs, Boon, Ball, and Babe often taunt their classmates for lacking talent. Boon is the group's ringleader and initiates the hostility.

Nearby, Ten is a medical student who attends the same university as Prem. He comes from a wealthy family. Years ago, Ten's mother passed away due to illness. Since then, he has maintained a poor relationship with his strict father. Ten defies his overbearing parent, who wants to control his son's life. Recently, they argued over breakfast. Ten skips the meal to prove a point. He spends the rest of the physically strenuous day without eating, almost causing him to collapse.

While wandering campus in a daze, Ten almost faints due to hunger. Prem takes pity on the stranger and prepares him a bowl of soup. Ten feels amazed by how delicious the food tastes. Later, he approaches Prem with a job offer. Ten wants to hire this talented chef as a private cooking teacher. Prem wasn't interested initially. However, he changed his mind due to the astronomically high compensation. Ten is willing to pay a lot of money! The pair begins their one-on-one cooking lessons. As Prem understands his client better, he designs each tutorial thoughtfully.

Ten is friends with Fire and Metha. Like Ten, Fire has a strict family. His mom runs a pharmacy and expects perfection from her son. Despite trying to please his parents, Fire goes behind their backs with cheeky mischief. Fire is fond of his classmate, Jane, and wants to ask her for a date. Before doing so, he gets interrupted. Dy gives his contact information to Fire and starts flirting with him. However, Fire claims he isn't attracted to guys. Despite the rejection, Dy persists in his pursuit. He wants Fire to take his affections seriously.

Cooking Crush Cast



Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (กัน อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์)

Prem is portrayed by the Thai actor Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (กัน อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์).

Prem is a third-year culinary student. He lives with his grandmother and younger sister, Pang. Their family runs a small restaurant by the canal. Prem has a close relationship with his grandma, who constantly motivates him. Prem aspires to be a chef and open his restaurant one day. Prem is friends with Dy and Unky. They meet weekly to watch Super Monster Chef, a cooking competition show. However, they get bullied at school.

Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat

Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (กัน อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 4, 1993.

Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (กัน อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 4, 1993. His first BL project is Our Skyy (2018). He also starred in Theory of Love (2019), I'm Tee, Me Too (2020), Not Me (2021), and Cooking Crush (2023).


Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (ออฟ จุมพล อดุลกิตติพร)

Ten is portrayed by the Thai actor Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (ออฟ จุมพล อดุลกิตติพร).

Ten is a medical student from a wealthy family. He is friends with Dynamite and Metha. Ten's mother passed away due to a sudden illness. Since her death, Ten and his father have maintained a distant relationship. His overbearing dad wants to control every aspect of his son's life. Yet, Ten constantly defies him. After a chance encounter, Ten is impressed by Prem's culinary skills. He wants to hire this aspiring chef to teach him cooking in private lessons.

Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn

Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (ออฟ จุมพล อดุลกิตติพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 20, 1991.

Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (ออฟ จุมพล อดุลกิตติพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 20, 1991. His first BL project is the 2016 drama, SOTUS (2016). He also appeared in the sequel (2017). In addition, Off starred in Our Skyy (2018), Theory of Love (2019), and I'm Tee, Me Too (2020). He is the lead in Not Me (2021) and Cooking Crush (2023).


Aungpao Ochiris Suwanacheep (อังเปา โอชิริส สุวรรณชีพ)

Dynamite is portrayed by the Thai actor Aungpao Ochiris Suwanacheep (อังเปา โอชิริส สุวรรณชีพ).

Dynamite, also known as Dy, is a culinary student. He lives alone in a condo. Dy is close friends with Prem and Unky, forming a goofy trio in class. Each week, they meet to watch their favourite cooking competition on television. Despite their close bond, the bullies taunt their group for lacking talent. Dy has a crush on Fire and starts flirting with him. Although Fire doesn't reciprocate his feelings, Dy continues the romantic pursuit.

Aungpao Ochiris Suwanacheep

Aungpao Ochiris Suwanacheep (อังเปา โอชิริส สุวรรณชีพ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 20, 2006.

Aungpao Ochiris Suwanacheep (อังเปา โอชิริส สุวรรณชีพ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 20, 2006. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Cooking Crush.


Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์)

Fire is portrayed by the Thai actor Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์).

Fire is a medical student and one of Ten's friends. Fire's mother runs a pharmacy and expects perfection from her son. She constantly pressures him academically. Although Fire tries to please his family, he's involved in cheeky mischief behind their backs. Fire is surprised when Dy starts flirting with him. Fire declines firmly, stating he isn't attracted to guys. Yet, Dy persists in his romantic pursuit.

Neo Trai Nimtawat

Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 14, 2001.

Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 14, 2001. His first BL project is the 2018 series, 'Cause You're My Boy. He is one of the leads in Only Friends (2023). Neo also had supporting roles in Tonhon Chonlatee (2020), Fish Upon the Sky (2021), Vice Versa (2022), The Eclipse (2022), and Cooking Crush (2023).

Supporting Cast

Unky is portrayed by the Thai actor Dome Jaruwat Cheawaram (โดม จารุวัฒน์ เชี่ยวอร่าม).


Dome Jaruwat Cheawaram (โดม จารุวัฒน์ เชี่ยวอร่าม)

Metha is portrayed by the Thai actor Tum Warawut Poyim (ตั้ม วราวุธ โพธิ์ยิ้ม).


Tum Warawut Poyim (ตั้ม วราวุธ โพธิ์ยิ้ม)

Prem's grandma is portrayed by the Thai actor Pu Piyamas Maneeyakul (ปิยะมาศ โมนยะกุล).

Prem's grandma

Pu Piyamas Maneeyakul (ปิยะมาศ โมนยะกุล)

Pang is portrayed by the Thai actress Pim Pimwalee Phunsawat (พิม พิมพ์วลี พูลสวัสดิ์).


Pim Pimwalee Phunsawat (พิม พิมพ์วลี พูลสวัสดิ์)

Chang Ma is portrayed by the Thai actor Victor Chatchawit Techarukpong (วิคเตอร์ ชัชชวิศ เตชะรักษ์พงศ์).

Chang Ma

Victor Chatchawit Techarukpong (วิคเตอร์ ชัชชวิศ เตชะรักษ์พงศ์)

Ten's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor Chokchai Charoensuk (โชคชัย เจริญสุข).

Ten's dad

Chokchai Charoensuk (โชคชัย เจริญสุข)

Fire's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Kook Apinya Khaosabai (กุ๊ก อภิญญา ขาวสบาย).

Fire's mom

Kook Apinya Khaosabai (กุ๊ก อภิญญา ขาวสบาย)

Jane is portrayed by the Thai actress Lookjun Bhasidi Petchsutee (ลูกจัน ภาสิดี เพชรสุธี).


Lookjun Bhasidi Petchsutee (ลูกจัน ภาสิดี เพชรสุธี)

Ten's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Apple Lapisara Intarasut (แอปเปิ้ล ลาภิสรา อินทรสูต).

Ten's mom

Apple Lapisara Intarasut (แอปเปิ้ล ลาภิสรา อินทรสูต)

Boon is portrayed by the Thai actor Suam Sukhapat Lohwacharin (สุขพัฒน์ โล่ห์วัชรินทร์).


Suam Sukhapat Lohwacharin (สุขพัฒน์ โล่ห์วัชรินทร์)

Ball is portrayed by the Thai actor Nuree Thawatchai Petchsuk (หนูหรี่ ธวัชชัย เพชรสุข).


Nuree Thawatchai Petchsuk (หนูหรี่ ธวัชชัย เพชรสุข)

Babe is portrayed by the Thai actor Porsri Nawaporn Boonmee (ปอศรี นวพร บุญมี).


Porsri Nawaporn Boonmee (ปอศรี นวพร บุญมี)

Earn is portrayed by the Thai actress Apple Lapisara Intarasut (แอปเปิ้ล ลาภิสรา อินทรสูต).


Apple Lapisara Intarasut (แอปเปิ้ล ลาภิสรา อินทรสูต)

Charlotte is portrayed by the Thai actress Jib Pokchat Thiamchai (ปกฉัตร เทียมชัย).


Jib Pokchat Thiamchai (ปกฉัตร เทียมชัย)

Child Prem is portrayed by the Thai actor Suphakit Wongsa (ศุภกิตติ์ วงศ์ษา).

Prem (Child)

Suphakit Wongsa (ศุภกิตติ์ วงศ์ษา)

Child Ten is portrayed by the Thai actor Boky Suphach Tawsagun (โบกี้ ศุภัช ท้าวสกุล).

Ten (Child)

Boky Suphach Tawsagun (โบกี้ ศุภัช ท้าวสกุล)

Teen Ten is portrayed by the Thai actor Yochi Suriyawit Thanomchaisanit (ยชิ สุริยาวิชญ์ ถนอมชัยสนิท).

Ten (Teen)

Yochi Suriyawit Thanomchaisanit (ยชิ สุริยาวิชญ์ ถนอมชัยสนิท)

Premi's instructor is portrayed by the Thai actor Jareuk Sriaroon (จารึก ศรีอรุณ).

Prem's instructor

Jareuk Sriaroon (จารึก ศรีอรุณ)

The judge is portrayed by the Thai actor Pruek Sumpantaworaboot (พฤกษ์ สัมพันธวรบุตร).


Pruek Sumpantaworaboot (พฤกษ์ สัมพันธวรบุตร)

Chef Paul is portrayed by an actor.

Chef Paul

Fire's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Fire's dad

Unky's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Unky's mom

Unky's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Unky's dad

Mai's actress is portrayed by a Thai actress Cherry Yanee Laoviriyarat (เชอร์รี่ ญาณี เหล่าวิริยะรัตน์).


Cherry Yanee Laoviriyarat (เชอร์รี่ ญาณี เหล่าวิริยะรัตน์)

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Gun and Off) have worked together in several Thai BL dramas, including Theory of Love (2019) and Not Me (2021).
  • Fire's actor (Neo) has appeared in several series, including Tonhon Cholatee (2020), Fish Upon the Sky (2021), and The Eclipse (2023). He is one of the leads in the 2023 drama, Only Friends. Jane's actress (Lookjun) also appears in that drama.
  • Neo has a supporting role in Vice Versa (2022). Chang Ma's actor (Victor) also appears in that series.
  • Ten's father (Chokchai) has a small role in the 2023 drama, Moonlight Chicken.
  • Earn's actress (Apple) has supporting roles in the 2020 comedy YYY and 2021 series Golden Blood.

Cooking Crush Review


Drama Review Score: 6.1

Prem and Ten almost kiss in the middle of the night.

Each episode of Cooking Crush begins with cheerful opening credits. My mood lifts as I nod enthusiastically to the catchy music and quirky dances. The segment captures the lighthearted vibe of this BL drama, which doesn't take itself too seriously. The series likes to tell jokes, enjoy mischief, and exaggerate playfully. Even if the humour doesn't always make me laugh, its silliness still feels relaxing. Cooking Crush offers cheeky comedy and casual romance for BL fans who want to decompress. 

While Cooking Crush tries to be amusing, some misfired jokes fall flat and come across as cringy. The zany characters prolong embarrassing gags. Also, the childish humour is reflected in the plot. Many storylines seem too goofy and frivolous, potentially turning off viewers who want a mature drama. You won't find complex themes or substantial messages in this ditzy series. As the narrative progresses, several moments seem particularly foolish. I'm dumbfounded by the bizarre arc with Ten's mother in Episode 8. What a hilariously absurd turn of events!

As the lead couple navigates their feelings, they form a charming romance. From sweet exchanges to bashful flirting, the series conveys the bubbliness of developing a crush on someone. I enjoy Prem & Ten enough to ship them. With that said, their cutesy rapport struggles to hold my interest over twelve episodes. Several frustrating subplots drag out the relationship's momentum. Oh, we can't be boyfriends yet! Ah, we should stay apart from each other! Besides the needless drama, I like Ten's character less due to his jealousy toward his love rival, Chang Ma.

Sorry, but I despise the secondary couple. Their repetitive scenes get on my nerves. Fire rejects his love interest not once, not twice, but in every early episode. Dy continues the romantic pursuit, never taking a blatant no for an answer. From the creepy stalking to the constant harassment, his behaviour is a turn-off. I also don't understand the basis of their attraction. What do they like about each other!? Dy's energetic actor (Aungpao) performs well. However, this teenager seems too young to portray Neo's love interest. The real-life age gap reduces the pair's shipping potential.

I adore Prem's grandmother! Her cozy scenes bring a heartwarming touch of sentimentality. Unfortunately, the rest of the supporting cast is so damn aggravating. I hate Ten's dad and Fire's mom, both overbearing parents who treat others disrespectfully. I wish someone would call them out on their unacceptable behaviour. Likewise, the school bullies are one-dimensional villains who get away with too much cruelty. Nobody ever holds them accountable. These infuriating antagonists drain my enjoyment in a series where I don't find many characters likeable.

Every Cooking Crush episode has a few entertaining moments. For the rest of the time, I'm either bored with the uninspiring plots or annoyed by the detestable characters. The series doesn't improve much after a clumsy start. It maintains a consistent mediocrity from beginning to end. I lost interest before midway and had to motivate myself to finish the remaining drama. Despite being almost eleven hours long, the meandering story has a lot of pointlessness. Overall, Cooking Crush leaves a poor taste. This undercooked series doesn't satisfy my BL appetite.


Mediocre story

Cooking Crush tells a cheerful story. Many storylines seem too silly and frivolous, so I can't take the plot seriously. I lose interest in the uninspiring drama and unlikeable characters.

Playful romance

Prem and Ten have a sweet romance. They share cute and playful interactions, even if the relationship drama drags on after a while. Dy and Fire make an obnoxious secondary couple.

Lively acting

The cast brings enthusiasm to their roles, but they are working with mediocre material. They can't elevate their characterizations significantly. The supporting cast also annoys me too much.

Happy ending

Cooking Crush has a happy ending where the characters gracefully accept the results of the cooking competition. The finale includes a time skip as the couple celebrates their romance.

Cheerful artistry

I love the cheerful opening credits! Each episode begins with quirky dances and upbeat music, lifting my mood. The rest of the production looks decent, although Ten's hair has continuity issues.


Cooking Crush is a mediocre BL drama with foolish and frivolous storylines. The lead couple has a sweet romance, but the secondary pair is obnoxious. I'm bored or annoyed during most episodes.

Cooking Crush Episodes

Episode Guide

Prem and Ten hold hands.

Cooking Crush has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 55 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 11 hours. Cooking Crush started on November 26, 2023 and ended on February 18, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I'm obsessed with the opening credits. From the catchy music to the silly dances, this segment starts each episode cheerfully. Otherwise, I didn't like the first episode. Too many characters are annoying!

Episode 2

Whoa, Off Kardashian! His butt looks so glorious in that scene~ The main couple is okay so far, but the secondary pair has obnoxious interactions. Prem should scrub harder when washing his body lol.

Episode 3

That's a lot of money for cooking lessons! I like when Ten asks, "What the hell am I doing?". His self-consciousness is endearing. Dy needs to reign it in with his stalking and harassment.

Episode 4

I like how the leads have different tastes. Prem likes gourmet food at fancy restaurants, but Ten is the opposite. "You may see me as your stalker." OMG, the secondary couple is such a mess.

Episode 5

I'm already bored with the story, yet this series isn't even halfway over. Poor Prem. The "price" of making money from wealthy people is they look down on you. He must endure their insults.

Episode 6

Prem and Ten falling in love is cute. I like how the dessert scene emphasizes the couple's class differences. However, I hate Fire and Dy's relationship. Their scenes are childish, annoying, and repetitive.

Episode 7

Ten's hair has glaring continuity issues. The glasses scene is written awfully. Don't blame Prem for Ten's grades slipping! The evil dad needs comeuppance. You'll begin to cough in seven days!

Episode 8

WTF!? The lookalike mom is such a strange storyline. And now, the clone collapses in the same way as Ten's mother, triggering his trauma. This nonsense feels hilariously absurd lol.

Episode 9

"The world is giving you a sign to heal!" By world, he means the writers lol. Why are Prem & Ten still not boyfriends? I'm annoyed they need to test their relationship by staying apart. No, just be together!

Episode 10

I'm glad Unky gets a storyline. I like how his subplot examines the theme of friendship. Chang Ma is too late to be a serious rival. OMG, don't punch him! You're going to get Prem's team in trouble!

Episode 11

I like Ten's character less after this subplot. Punching Chang Ma makes him look reckless. Ten seems petty whenever he's jealous of his rival. Ten is lucky his temper didn't jeopardize Prem's opportunity.

Episode 12

That one memo note has so much power lol. Ugh, the evil dad is so annoying. Why does Prem have to return the money he rightfully earned? I hate how the parents get away with being awful people.

Cooking Crush Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Golf Sakon Wongsinwiset (กอล์ฟ สกล วงษ์สินธุ์วิเสส) is a Thai director.

Golf Sakon Wongsinwiset (กอล์ฟ สกล วงษ์สินธุ์วิเสส) is a Thai director. He has directed various BL drama throughout his career. His portfolio of works include Fish Upon the Sky (2021) and Cupid's Last Wish (2022), and Cooking Crush (2023).

  1. sighs I was so hyped for this show because I was looking forward to some silly offgun after the rollercoaster that was not me. ended up dropping it in like 2 episodes because everything single joke made me cringe (and I like comedy, ffs bad buddy is one of my all time fave BLs). the only character I liked was prems grandma. Reading this review it looks like I didn't miss much.

    1. I sigh with you. I was happy to see OffGun get another project after the extended break from Not Me. Unfortunately, Cooking Crush is a dud. They have another upcoming drama – The Trainee. Let's hope this one is better… I mean, it can't be any worse, right?

      My patience lasted a bit longer than yours. I wanted to quit the show around Episode 4 or 5, but forced myself to continue for the sake of this review. No, you didn't miss much. If you didn't like the first two episodes, the rest of the series is just as cringy and infuriating.

  2. Lo único que tengo para decir, a parte de lo decepcionada que estoy de la serie, es que si bien no aplaudo el comportamiento de Ten al golpear a Chang Ma, ¿qué se creía este coqueteando con un concursante de un concurso donde es juez? Como dije, si bien no aplaudo el comportamiento de Ten, tampoco el de Chang Ma y que debieron decirle que dejara pasar el asunto, o hablarían de cómo coquetea con un concursante y, aunque no tenía malas intenciones, NO era el momento ni el lugar al parecer una situación de abuso de poder.

    Lo mejor es conocer un poco fe Unky, lo adoré y sus interacciones con Metha me hacían pensar ¡¿Por qué no?! Hay que emparejarlos, los mejores personajes merecen algo de amor.

    El actor de Dy es increíble, una lastima que su personaje sea una bandera roja andante. Aunque se alejó de Fire cuando parecía que sí iría en serio con la chica, el daño estaba hecho. Ojalá consiga un papel mejor en el futuro.

    Los papás, como la mayoría de los padres en series BL, son el diablo. Ugh, ODIO al papá de Ten, LO ODIO. Lo único que espero es que Ten sea independiente y nunca jamás hable con él de nuevo.

    1. Oh, I didn't like Chang Ma's conduct either! As you mentioned, he's unprofessional. And honestly, this character is delusional. Prem never even showed romantic interest in him, so Chang Ma's courtship efforts are embarrassing. I just wish Ten showed more composure to being provoked. The cooking competition means so much to Prem, and punching the judge may jeopardize his chances. I didn't like how Ten let his pettiness get the better of him.

      I was secretly rooting for the Unky and Metha romance too. I love being surprised by unexpected relationships between minor characters. Go for it! Speaking of surprises, the Unky and Pang romance came out of nowhere…oh my god. Plot twist!

      Dy's actor is a great young talent and holds his own against more experienced performers. I'm actually glad GMMTV gave him an opportunity with a substantial role. But yeah, he's saddled with a red-flag character. It's so hard to appreciate him when all his scenes are written so frustratingly.

      OMG. I hate the dad so much. I thought he might be redeemed in the finale, but his attitude toward Prem is nasty. I wish Ten would've spoken up in his boyfriend's defence. Honestly, if Chang Ma got punched for his offence, then this dad also deserves a kick in the ass. Shoryuken him!

      BTW – I figured out the problem with the comments that you mentioned earlier. It was a spam filter issue, which ate up many comments. It affected other readers too, and I still have to fix a handful of messages. 😭 However, yours are showing up on the website now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for commenting and bringing it to my attention.

  3. TBH, I liked the second couple way more than the leading couple (I love off-gun). I didn't even finish because the joke was so cringy. Now I have to force myself to finish it just so I can check it off my list of BL's.

  4. Exactamente, como dices, Prem jamás muestra un interés romántico por Chang Ma en ningún momento. Quizás al principio, la vez que Prem lo lleva a su restaurante, puede verse la admiración que siente por él como chef, pero más allá de eso no hay nada y debió conocer sus límites con un concursante.

    Bastante increíble él plot twist con Unky, un personaje que totalmente merecía todo el amor del mundo. Pero totalmente debió ser con Metha. Las series BL deberían enseñar que todos merecen amor sin importar nada y que los protagonistas de la vida no siempre van a parecer modelos. Pero supongo que eso no vendería 🙄 pero con que sea feliz me basta.

    Estaré esperando tranquila de que le den algún otro papel interesante a Aungpao. Lo GMM se arriesgó al darle un papel casi principal con una de sus parejas más famosas y creo que no decepcionó. La verdad lo encontré encantador a pesar de su comportamiento alarmante. Su carisma no me repele para nada. Sin embargo, no sé puede obviar lo incorrecto de la situación.

    Ay, mil gracias por tomar en cuenta mi comentario. La verdad dudé mucho en decir algo, pensé que quizás era algo con mi navegador y yo de quejumbrosa 🥺🥺🥺 todo mi amor para ti 🥰🥰🥰

  5. Good night everyone! I loved shabby, tradicional scenography around Prem's family restaurant. Prem's house, plants, vintage stuff and granny were so cute. And the contrast between Prem and Ten' environment.
    Me encantó la ambientación de la casa de Prem. Disfruto mucho cuando la trama transcurre en este tipo de escenarios cotidianos y que muestran aspectos tradicionales de una cultura. Reconozco que el personaje de Dynamite tenía comportamientos crynge pero igual me daba ternurita 😉

  6. I'm only 1/4th of ep 12 away from finishing this one. I give it a D. It feels like everyone including the director and screenwriter- mailed it in. I enjoyed the comedy (if not much else) of the poorly written/plotted Fish in The Sky- so surprised at how flat Cooking Crush was- esp after as you mentioned- the very fun opening credit. Off/Gun showed their respective weakness (fish lip freeze kiss, lack of passion, Off's trouble with nuance, Gun's so-so comic ability)- they had low energy and especially Gun seemed bored.
    I liked Neo/Aungpo energy and now Aungpo is 18- so 18/23 not an issue- but Neo/Mark was a more sensual pairing for sure. Neo is like Singto and First- they are able to build chemistry with just about anyone. Aungpo shows promise- hope he doesn't just coast on cuteness.
    The ingredients were here for a light, fluffy souffle- it never got the time and care and collapsed.

  7. This show was such let down. The writing was really weak, but more than that I was so dissapointed that this was a real waste of the acting skills of Off and especially Gun (and Neo). They did the best they could with what they had. But they've steadily gotten stronger and stronger as performers and up until this point were rewarded by getting more challenging and meatier roles where they could really strech their craft. After Not Me, we got a taste of what they could do creatively, and this just regressed them. They deserve better material to work with, I think they've more than earned it.
    One other thing that kinda bothered me, I think we need to graduate them out of school and university roles. No more school uniforms. These are grown men and I really want to see them take on grown men roles.

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