Cupid Last Wish is a Thai BL series about two siblings who have swapped bodies after a car accident.

Cupid's Last Wish is a Thai BL series about two siblings who swap bodies. After an accident, the protagonist switches identities with his sister, who has fallen into a coma. He must collect holy water across the country to reverse the curse. His childhood friend joins him on the journey, but their relationship is strained after a dramatic argument. They must put aside their differences to complete this urgent road trip in seven days.

Backed by a fan-favourite couple, Cupid's Last Wish squanders its star power with disastrous writing. The plot is riddled with cheesy melodrama, outrageous behaviour, and incoherent nonsense. I despise the protagonist whose rotten personality overshadows all romantic moments. Some episodes are so stupid and ridiculous that I almost enjoy them ironically. However, this inexcusably awful series aggravates the BL fan in me.

Cupid's Last Wish Summary

What is the drama called?


Where was the series made?


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How long is Cupid's Last Wish?

Around 8 hours

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How would you describe the series?

Happy and funny

How many episodes are in Cupid's Last Wish?

10 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 45 minutes


Win and Korn hold hands in the middle of the night.

Win is the owner of Warodom Farm, one of the leading dairy farms in the country. He has inherited the farm since his father passed away recently. Win is heavily involved in the farm's daily operations, while his sister Lin isn't as skilled or interested in agricultural work. Korn, Win's childhood friend, works on the farm. Beyond being a diligent employee, Korn is a close friend to the entire Warodom family.

Recently, Win's father passed away. During his will reading, he splits his fortune and assets with his family members. His wife gets the house, while his daughter gets the money. Win inherits 25% of the farm, sharing ownership with his aunt In and uncle Nu. Surprisingly, Korn also receives 25% of the farm's stocks, even though he has no relation to the family. This announcement shocks everyone. Win accuses his best friend of manipulating his father to include him in the will. Korn refuses to explain himself. The argument leads to a massive fallout between the two former friends.

A year later, Win is stressed about the farm's struggling finances. Lin wants to open a bakery as a new source of revenue, but Win opposes his sister's plan. Nonetheless, Lin goes behind his back to communicate with Korn about the idea. Korn, who now works at a restaurant, has stayed in touch with Lin. Yet, he doesn't maintain a relationship with Win anymore. Their previous argument has ruined any friendship between them. Win still holds a bitter grudge, so he lashes out at Lin for contacting the enemy.

After erupting in a blind rage, Win physically drags his sister to the car. He drives to meet Korn, demanding to clarify the situation. However, Win's overemotional frenzy causes him to drive recklessly. He ends up crashing the vehicle. Both siblings are taken to the hospital. Lin's body is lightly injured, but Win has fallen into a coma since the accident. However, a strange phenomenon happened after the car accident. Lin and Win have switched bodies. Win now assumes his sister's identity while his sister is trapped in his unconscious body.

A monk tells Win about a way to reverse the curse. He must collect four vessels of holy water across the country. Win plans to test this superstition alone, but he's still traumatized about driving. Korn, who knows about Win's real identity, offers to accompany him on this trip. The two former friends must put aside their differences and complete this journey in seven days. If they don't meet the deadline, the body swap will become permanent.

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Cupid's Last Wish Cast



Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์)

Win is portrayed by the Thai actor Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์).

Win is the owner of the leading dairy farm in the country. However, the farm hasn't been doing well financially since his father passed away a year ago. Win used to be good friends with Korn. However, they fell out when Win's father included Korn in the will.

Mix Sahaphap Wongratch

Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 22, 1998.

Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 22, 1998. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, A Tale of Thousand Stars. He also stars in the 2022 series Cupid's Last Wish. Mix appears in the 2023 series Moonlight Chicken and Our Skyy 2. In addition, he has supporting roles in Fish Upon the Sky (2021) and Vice Versa (2022).


Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (เอิร์ธ พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ)

Korn is portrayed by the Thai actor Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (เอิร์ธ พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ).

Korn used to work at Win's farm. They had a close friendship since childhood. However, they don't keep in touch anymore after clashing over a family inheritance. Nowadays, Korn works as a restaurant chef. The restaurant owner, Phat, seems romantically interested in him.

Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri

Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (เอิร์ธ พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 23, 1994.

Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (เอิร์ธ พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 23, 1994. His first BL project is the 2017 series, Water Boyy. His breakout role is the 2021 drama, A Tale of Thousand Stars. Earth also stars in Cupid's Last Wish (2022) and the 2023 dramas, Moonlight Chicken and Our Skyy 2. In addition, he has supporting roles in Love by Chance (2018) and Theory of Love (2019).


Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์)

Lin is portrayed by the Thai actress Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์).

Lin is Win's sister. Unlike her brother, Lin isn't as skilled or interested in running the dairy farm. Nonetheless, she wants to open a bakery as a source of income. Lin maintains her friendship with Korn, even though Win doesn't talk to him anymore.

Jan Ployshompoo Supasap

Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์) is a Thai actress. She is born on January 5, 1995.

Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์) is a Thai actress. She is born on January 5, 1995. Her first BL project is the 2016 series SOTUS. Jan has appeared in supporting roles for SOTUS S (2017), Our Skyy (2018), Tonhon Chonlatee (2020), and Fish Upon the Sky (2021).

Supporting Cast

Non is portrayed by the Thai actor White Nawat Phumphothingam (ไวท์ ณวัชร์ พุ่มโพธิงาม).


White Nawat Phumphothingam (ไวท์ ณวัชร์ พุ่มโพธิงาม)

Win and Lin's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress White Nawat Phumphothingam (ไวท์ ณวัชร์ พุ่มโพธิงาม).

Win's mom

White Nawat Phumphothingam (ไวท์ ณวัชร์ พุ่มโพธิงาม)

In is portrayed by the Thai actress Geejee Chayajee Krittayapongsakorn (จีจี้ ชญจี กฤตยาพงศกร).


Geejee Chayajee Krittayapongsakorn (จีจี้ ชญจี กฤตยาพงศกร)

Nu is portrayed by the Thai actor Gunsmile Chanagun Arpornsutinan (ชนกันต์ อาพรสุทธินันธ์).


Gunsmile Chanagun Arpornsutinan (ชนกันต์ อาพรสุทธินันธ์)

Phat is portrayed by the Thai actor Na Thanaboon Wanlopsirinun (ธนบูลย์ วัลลภศิรินันท์).


Na Thanaboon Wanlopsirinun (ธนบูลย์ วัลลภศิรินันท์)

Jorn is portrayed by the Thai actor Champ Nattharat Kornkaew (แชมป์ ณัฐรัชต์ ก้อนแก้ว).


Champ Nattharat Kornkaew (แชมป์ ณัฐรัชต์ ก้อนแก้ว)

Cast Highlights

  • The two leads (Earth and Mix) are best known for their roles in the 2021 Thai BL series, A Tale of Thousand Stars. That drama catapulted them into a fan-favourite couple.
  • In addition, Earth and Mix appear in the 2022 anthology series Magic of Zero. They feature in the third episode, portraying the same characters as Cupid's Last Wish. That drama is like an epilogue, continuing their relationship after the events of this series.
  • Earth and Mix also star in the 2023 BL series Moonlight Chicken, portraying a couple for the third time in their careers. Earth portrays the owner of a chicken rice diner, while Mix plays the customer who falls in love with him.
  • Lin's actress (Jan) had a supporting role in the 2020 BL comedy Tonhon Chonlatee. Nu's actor (Gunsmile) also appeared in that drama, portraying another villainous character.
  • Mix and Jan had supporting roles in the 2021 comedy Fish Upon the Sky. However, their characters never interacted.

Cupid's Last Wish Review


Drama Review Score: 5.3

Win and Korn almost come close to kissing.

Cupid's Last Wish features the popular actors from last year's hit BL drama, A Tale of Thousand Stars. Unfortunately, this series is nowhere near as good. The shockingly terrible story has idiotic plots, incoherent writing, and insufferable characters. I expected much better from GMMTV, the leading BL studio in the world. The company is supposed to set the industry standard, yet it produces this amateurish nonsense for one of the most bankable couples. The awfulness of Cupid's Last Wish is unacceptable.

In Cupid's Last Wish, Win and Korn travel across the country to collect holy water at various destinations. I like how this folksy series does lots of outdoor filming, showcasing diverse locations in forests and caves. However, the journey is unexciting and uneventful. The leads just randomly drive around, bickering everywhere they go. There's no attempt to highlight the lore, showcase the culture, or explore the locations. Each episode follows a stale and formulaic narrative as they move from Point A to Point B. This snoozy road trip isn't my idea of entertainment.

Sometimes, Cupid's Last Wish focuses on other diversions to break the monotony of the narrative. However, these trivial side plots contain cringy jokes and corny messages. The PMS storyline is the most egregious example. Oh my god, why are the two male leads discussing period pain in a BL drama!? A woman's menstrual cycle may be the least relevant topic to the Boys Love genre. At least this subplot is memorable, which cannot be said about the rest of the forgettable filler. It's incredible how Cupid's Last Wish creates ten episodes of content with little substance.

Cupid's Last Wish goes downhill midway through the first episode due to the family inheritance storyline. As soon as money is involved, the main character drops the friendly facade and shows his true colours. Win's senseless outrage over his father's will paints him in a hideous light. As his behaviour worsens, I'm disturbed by Win berating his timid sister and using physical aggression toward her. He leaves a vile early impression, making it impossible to redeem him. The story portrays the greedy relatives as the antagonists, but Win is an even bigger villain than them.

Win remains brash and obnoxious throughout the narrative. Any attempt to depict the character's rehabilitation fails miserably, undermined by his rotten personality. He always reverts to behaving like a petulant brat. Win also treats his love interest horribly. I can't support their romance because the conflict is so unpleasant. Their bond is strained by infuriating accusations, confrontations, and miscommunication. It doesn't help that Korn is a bland lead with no personality, absorbing all of Win's vitriol without any emotional response. This couple seems highly incompatible.

Near the end, Cupid's Last Wish is ironically enjoyable. The story turns so bad that the absurd antics crack me up. My favourite is when Win shrieks at the ocean over an imaginary love triangle with his comatose sister. Another highlight is when Korn drowns, and Win dives in to give an underwater kiss instead of rescuing him. I talk about these funny scenes endearingly, but it's driven by resentment. I want to watch a well-written BL drama instead of mocking its stupidity. Cupid's Last Wish deserves harsh feedback because the quality is inexcusable from a professional studio.


Amateurish story

Cupid's Last Wish is a terribly written BL series burdened by dumb plots, pointless filler, and incoherent nonsense. I also despise the obnoxious protagonist and his aggravating personality.

Infuriating romance

EarthMix may be a fan favourite, but the characters are incompatible. Their bond is strained by awful conflicts and vile accusations. I can't support a romance that breaks over a money dispute.

Average acting

Win and Lin's actors (Mix & Jan) do an okay job portraying their characters' swapped identities. However, Korn's lead (Earth) is stiff. He seems low on enthusiasm, looking uninspired by the material.

Happy ending

Cupid's Last Wish has a happy ending after another shocking family revelation comes to light. Despite the senseless and cheesy melodrama, the leads have an amicable reconciliation.

Folksy artistry

I appreciate the abundance of outdoor filming in Cupid's Last Wish. This series has a relaxed and folksy vibe as the characters travel to different locations, from forests to caves.


Cupid's Last Wish is an awful BL series with cheesy melodrama, annoying characters & amateurish writing. I almost enjoy the absurd antics in the hilariously bad story, but this quality is inexcusable.

Cupid's Last Wish Episodes

Episode Guide

Win and Korn have a close encounter in the hospital.

Cupid's Last Wish has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 8 hours. Cupid's Last Wish started on February 21, 2022 and ended on March 22, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

WTF!? Win's behaviour in this episode is scary as hell. He showed his ~true colours~ during the will reading. I also got major red flags when he dragged his sister to the car. What an asshole!

Episode 2

Win experiences multiple traumas: a car accident, hospitalization, and a body swap. Yet, none of these events are explored in depth. Suddenly, he goes on a random road trip with his archenemy. WTF!?

Episode 3

Is the whole series just about Win and Korn driving around to different places? I'm already bored with the journey. Also, Win's personality gets on my nerves. I usually love tsunderes, but not him.

Episode 4

OMG! I never expected a subplot about period pain in a BL drama. You'd think there are zero overlaps between menstrual cycles and the BL genre. Yet, this story dedicates half an episode to the topic.

Episode 5

I can't wait to discover why the dad gave Korn the farm. Given this story's track record, I bet the reasoning will be hilariously absurd. 🤭 I hate the aunt and uncle. These cliched villains bring annoying drama.

Episode 6

The family melodrama and love triangle angst are so cheesy. I cracked up at that ridiculous scene of Win screaming and kicking the ocean because he's jealous of his comatose sister. What a lunatic!

Episode 7

After Korn offers to give up his stocks, Win suddenly gets along with him again. I now love you because I have your shares. 🤑 If Korn was so generous, why didn't he give up his ownership long ago?

Episode 8

SCREAMING at how the uncle accuses the aunt of murder because she took the holy water. 🤣 And that bizarre underwater kiss…omg. Cupid's Last Wish has officially reached iconic levels of bad.

Episode 9

Oh my god, what is this bullshit with the mom and the sister? Why are Korn and Lin getting married all of a sudden!? LMAO. That makes no sense! I can't handle how ridiculous this story is.

Episode 10

Cupid's Last Wish saved the worst episode for last. This wedding debacle is the dumbest thing ever. I almost enjoy the story because it's hilariously bad, but the awful writing annoys me as a BL fan.

Cupid's Last Wish Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), and Bad Buddy (2021), among many others.


Golf Sakon Wongsinwiset (กอล์ฟ สกล วงษ์สินธุ์วิเสส) is a Thai director. He has directed various BL drama throughout his career. His portfolio of works include Fish Upon the Sky (2021) and Cupid's Last Wish (2022). Golf will direct the upcoming BL drama Cooking Crush (2023).

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