Love Mechanics – Series Review & Ending Explained

Love Mechanics is a Thai BL series about two engineering students after they have a drunken one-night stand.

Love Mechanics is a Thai BL series about two engineering students and their turbulent romance. Triggered by a failed love confession, the heartbroken protagonist has a drunken one-night stand with a stranger at a bar. He feels scandalized by their encounter, especially after discovering his sex partner already has a girlfriend. As the characters meet again on campus, they must battle their confusion, remorse, and secret desire for each other.

This Love Mechanics remake is a welcomed improvement over the original series. It has exceptional production values, offers plenty of juicy BL content, and highlights the delightful chemistry between the leads. Yet, the sketchy plot suffers from trashy melodrama, shameless adultery, and despicable characters. I can't decide whether the provocative story is stupid and offensive or spicy and entertaining.

Love Mechanics Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes


School romance


Love Mechanics is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Mark flirts with Vee, his university senior.

Mark is an engineering student who has a crush on Bar, his university senior. Both are part of the swim team. Although Mark confesses his feelings, Bar rejects him without even entertaining the thought. Bar already fancies Kan, another med student on campus. Mark claims he doesn't mind competing in a love triangle. Nonetheless, Bar begins a romantic relationship with Kan, devastating Mark.

Mark feels desperate and pleads for Bar to reconsider. Bar's friend Vee feels annoyed with this pestering behaviour. Vee speaks up, warning Mark to stay away. Later, Mark is so upset about his rejection that he gets heavily drunk at a bar. Vee encounters his acquaintance, who is so intoxicated that he cannot even walk properly. Mark lies in the parking lot in the middle of the night, barely conscious. Vee takes pity on Mark and takes the younger student to his home for the night.

As they enter the bedroom, Mark suddenly initiates sexual advances on Vee. In his drunken state, Mark has misidentified him as Bar. Initially, Vee resists this physical affection. However, he changes his mind midway and begins reciprocating. Mark and Vee spend the night having sex. On the following day, Mark is upset about what happened between them. He runs home and cries in the shower, distressed about the nonconsensual encounter.

Vee has a girlfriend, Ploy. They have been dating for three years. Vee wants to keep their one-night stand a secret, and Mark agrees to forget the incident happened. However, Mark is still grieving his heartbreak, unable to move on after Bar's rejection. Vee keeps checking in on the younger student, hoping to help him recover emotionally. Their budding relationship leads to another kiss. Mark's crush on Bar subsides, replaced by new feelings for Vee.

Vee continues flirting with Mark behind his girlfriend's back. They kiss, go on dates, and meet up for secret rendezvous in the dorm room. Despite his attraction, Mark feels guilty and insecure about their relationship. Meanwhile, Vee's friend Nuea has developed a crush on Mark. Nuea wants to be Mark's rebound boyfriend, making his intentions obvious. Everyone in their social circle supports this romance, encouraging the two of them together. Although Nuea seems like a compatible partner, Mark still harbours forbidden feelings for Vee.

Love Mechanics Cast



War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์)

Mark is portrayed by the Thai actor War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์).

Mark is a freshman engineering student who had a crush on his senior, Bar. They are part of the swim team. After his failed love confession, Mark gets involved with Vee in a drunken one-night encounter. He feels guilty after discovering Vee already has a girlfriend. Although Mark comes from a wealthy family, he has a rocky relationship with his domineering father.

War Wanarat Ratsameerat

War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 23, 1994.

War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 23, 1994. His first BL project is the the 2020 BL franchise, En of Love. He is the lead of The Best Story (2021) and Love Mechanics (2022).


Yin Anan Wong (หยิ่น อานันท์ ว่อง)

Vee is portrayed by the Thai actor Yin Anan Wong (หยิ่น อานันท์ ว่อง).

Vee is a senior engineering student who had a drunken one-night stand with Mark. He was sober during the sexual encounter, unlike the intoxicated Mark. Vee is already in a relationship with Ploy, his girlfriend of three years, so he wants to keep his infidelity a secret. Vee comes from a humble background, and his family fixes cars for a living.

Yin Anan Wong

Yin Anan Wong (หยิ่น อานันท์ ว่อง) is a Thai-Hong Kong actor. He is born on October 1, 1998.

Yin Anan Wong (หยิ่น อานันท์ ว่อง) is a Thai-Hong Kong actor. He is born on October 1, 1998. His first BL project is the the 2020 BL franchise, En of Love. He is the lead of The Best Story (2021) and Love Mechanics (2022).


Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich (วีริณฐ์ศรา ตั้งกิจสุวานิช)

Ploy is portrayed by the Thai actress Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich (วีริณฐ์ศรา ตั้งกิจสุวานิช).

Ploy is Vee's long-time girlfriend. Their relationship started after being crowned homecoming king and queen. Since then, they have been dating for three years. Ploy seems like the ideal girlfriend with a chipper and easygoing personality. Ploy and Mark live next door to each other in the school dormitory.

Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich

Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich (วีริณฐ์ศรา ตั้งกิจสุวานิช) is a Thai actress. She is born on February 19, 2002.

Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich (วีริณฐ์ศรา ตั้งกิจสุวานิช) is a Thai actress. She is born on February 19, 2002. Her first BL project is the 2022 series, Love Mechanics. She also has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, War of Y.


Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran (ก๊อต คณิศร เลียวรักษ์โอฬาร)

Bar is portrayed by the Thai actor Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran (ก๊อต คณิศร เลียวรักษ์โอฬาร).

Bar is an engineering student and one of Vee's friends. Mark has a crush on him and confesses his love. However, Bar rejects him and doesn't feel the same way. Instead, Bar fancies Kan, a medical student on campus. Bar and Mark are both on the school's swim team.

Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran

Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran (ก๊อต คณิศร เลียวรักษ์โอฬาร) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 12, 1996.

Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran (ก๊อต คณิศร เลียวรักษ์โอฬาร) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 12, 1996. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Love Mechanics.


Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn (พร้อม ราชภัทร วรสาร)

Nuea is portrayed by the Thai actor Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn (พร้อม ราชภัทร วรสาร).

Nuea is an engineering student and one of Vee's friends. He has a crush on Mark and openly pursues him after his recent heartbreak. Nuea's friends support this relationship. They keep inventing scenarios for the two guys to spend time together. Nuea's family owns a vineyard, and he comes from a wealthy background.

Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn

Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn (พร้อม ราชภัทร วรสาร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 12, 1996.

Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn (พร้อม ราชภัทร วรสาร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 12, 1996. His first BL project is the 2020 franchise, En of Love. He is the star of En of Love: This Is Love. Prom also has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, Love Mechanics.

Supporting Cast

Gun is Bar's boyfriend.


Jeff Nathadej Pititranun (ณธเดช ปิติตรานันท์)

Yiwaa is Vee's friend and the only female among the engineering students.


Ormsin Supitcha Limsommut (สุพิทชา ลิ้มสมมุติ)

Fuse is one of Mark's engineering friends.


Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ)

Yoo is Vee's older brother.


Bonz Nadol Lamprasert (บ๊อน ณดล ล้ำประเสริฐ)

Vee's mom supports her son's relationship.

Vee's mom

Randa Tinnachotratsami

Vee's dad works at the family garage.

Vee's dad

Wit Phutharit Prombandal (วิทย์ ภูธฤทธิ์ พรหมบันดาล)

Mark's mom has a close relationship with her son.

Mark's mom

Namthip Siamthong (น้ำทิพย์ เสียมทอง)

Mark's dad

Teeradech Tisanuruk


Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ)

Kamphan is one of Mark's friends at school.


Win Thanakom Minthananan (ธนาคม มีนธนานันท์)


Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun (พรรษพล เจนสรรพกิจกุล)

Wind is one of Mark's friends at school.


Frong Thammasiri Umpujh (ฟร้องซ์ ธรรมศิริ อัมพุช)

Lee is one of Vee's friends.


Saran Lek Davika (ศรัณย์ นักสอดสี)

Tee is one of Vee's friends.


Pharaoh Thamrong Cunpisut (ธำรงค์ คุณพิสุทธิ์)

Kla is one of Vee's friends at school.


Prat Itthichaicharoen (ปรัชญ์ อิทธิชัยเจริญ)

Pond is one of Vee's friends at school.


Aomsin Wongrapee Krusong (วงษ์ระวี ครูส่ง)

Pack is Mark's ex-boyfriend and neighbour.


Ritz Rueangritz Siriphanit (เรืองฤทธิ์ ศิริพานิช)

Krating is a boxing champion interested in Mark.


AA Pattarabut Kiennukul (ภัทรบุตร เขียนนุกูล)

Cast Highlights

  • Love Mechanics is the remake of the Thai BL drama, En of Love: Love Mechanics (2020). The leads and many of the supporting cast appear in both series, portraying the same characters. There are a few recasts, including the actors who portray Bar, Kan, and Ploy.
  • The two leads (War and Yin) are a popular on-screen couple who have appeared in multiple BL dramas together. In addition to the En of Love franchise, they also starred in the 2021 series The Best Story. They portrayed a sweet and wholesome high school romance.
  • Nuea's actor (Prom) starred in the 2020 BL series En of Love: This Is Love Story, the third installment of the franchise.
  • The actor who portrays James (Bever) is the lead of the 2022 BL drama 21 Days Theory. Kla's actor (Toy) also appears in a supporting role.
  • Fuse's actor (Boom) is the star of the 2023 series Future. He portrays the same character. A few other actors from Love Mechanics appears in the spin-off.

Love Mechanics Review


Drama Review Score: 7.8

Vee and Mark have an intimate moment in the middle of the night.

Love Mechanics capitalizes on a precious second chance to redeem its reputation. The original came out in 2020 under its En of Love title, but the quality was underwhelming. Compared to the predecessor, this 2022 remake marks a welcomed improvement. It refurbishes an old plot with expanded storylines, attractive recasts, and polished production values. It also corrects past mistakes, smoothing the clunky parts of the narrative. Impressively, Love Mechanics has moulded itself into a far more enjoyable series.

Despite the positive changes, Love Mechanics still suffers from many flaws. The woeful writing relies on one-dimensional villains & ridiculous coincidences to create artificial conflicts. Also, this depraved BL drama is overflowing with toxic tropes. In the first episode, the main character rapes his drunken and hardly lucid love interest. He also cheats on his girlfriend, throws jealous tantrums, and behaves hypocritically throughout the story. The best way to approach Love Mechanics is to go into the series morally blind. Switch off your conscience and accept that you're watching trash.

Love Mechanics has an insufferable cheating storyline, which dominates the plot. Vee is an unfaithful scumbag who feels no shame in betraying his partner. He brazenly flirts with Mark as if Ploy doesn't exist. Vee even goes shopping with his secret lover to buy a birthday present for his girlfriend. How much compartmentalization does it take to reach this total lack of ethical dissonance!? There are also repetitive scenes of the sleazy bastard waffling between his two choices. Yet, it couldn't be more obvious Vee has no feelings for Ploy. Stop the dumb nonsense and break up already!

Although Love Mechanics glorifies a problematic couple, the tacky relationship drama is morbidly entertaining. I derive guilty pleasure from mocking these trashy characters and laughing at their messy antics. When they aren't feuding, the leads excite me with plenty of juicy BL moments. Mark and Vee maintain a fun, vibrant dynamic with engaging interactions. They share playful banter, cute flirting, and constant physical affection. Their comfortable on-screen chemistry elevates each scene, producing sparks that ignite the intimate romance.

Vee's actor (Yin) portrays his role energetically. His confident performance conveys perky enthusiasm, impish mischief, and a dash of cheeky rascal charm. I would've hated his character if it wasn't for his jubilant charisma. His partner (War) appears less consistent, overacting in several dramatic exchanges. However, he seems perfectly in sync with his costar, displaying their compatibility. Also, War is an incredibly telegenic lead, from his angelic smile to his divine physique. The stylish cinematography captures his mesmerizing beauty in many atmospheric shots.

Love Mechanics ends on a high note. The last episode explores family tensions, relationship dynamics & character growth compellingly. While I still find Vee dubious, he becomes a lovable loser and wins over me with his cartoonish personality. The series gains brisk momentum in its final stretch, proving it doesn't need obnoxious love triangles to propel the plot. Love Mechanics works best when it showcases the scintillating rapport between the leads without angst. Overall, this remake may not be a well-written BL drama, but it's sexy, saucy, and delightfully scandalous.


Trashy story

Love Mechanics has a woefully written story, relying too much on senseless conflicts, absurd coincidences & one-dimensional villains. The series is packed with toxic tropes, including rape and adultery.

Spicy romance

Although the leads make a problematic couple, they have an affectionate romance with cute banter and playful flirting. They share comfortable on-screen chemistry with constant sparks.

Comfortable acting

The actors are in sync with a relaxed rapport around each other. Vee's performer (Yin) exudes perky enthusiasm, while his costar (Mark) is telegenic and looks flattering from every camera angle.

Happy ending

Love Mechanics has a happy ending as the characters strengthen and solidify their romance. The last episode explores family tensions, relationship dynamics & personal growth compellingly.

Glossy artistry

The Love Mechanics remake is highly polished with stylish and sophisticated cinematography. The production values have a much higher budget than the original series.


Love Mechanics is a fun remake with glossy visuals, expanded plots & juicy BL content. Led by charismatic actors, their tortured romance suffers from poor writing and problematic melodrama.

Love Mechanics Episodes

Episode Guide

Vee and Mark form a heart with their hands.

Love Mechanics has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 55 to 65 minutes long. The last episode is around 65 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 10 hours. Love Mechanics started on June 18, 2022 and ended its last episode on August 6, 2022. Love Mechanics is the 2022 remake of En of Love: Love Mechanics, which released two years ago.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Mark and Vee have a drunken one-night stand.

Love Mechanics begins with Mark confessing his feelings to Bar, a university senior on the swim team. However, Bar rejects him bluntly. Mark is devastated and gets drunk to drown his sorrows. He becomes so intoxicated and cannot even walk properly. Bar's friend, Vee, finds Mark lying on the ground in the parking lot during the night. Vee feels sorry for the heartbroken freshman and brings him home for the night. 

As they enter the bedroom, Mark initiates sexual advances on Vee. In his drunken and barely lucid state, he misidentifies the older student as Bar. Initially, Vee resists the intoxicated student. However, he gives in and reciprocates the physical affection. They end up having sex. The next day, Mark regains consciousness and feels traumatized. Vee, who has a long-term girlfriend, wants to keep their one-night stand a secret. He warns, "You'll die if you tell someone about this." Afterwards, Mark runs away and cries in the shower.

Mark sees Bar flirting with another student, Kan. Mark is so upset that he throws himself into the swimming pool. He also contemplates suicidal thoughts on a bridge. Vee rescues him each time. Vee reveals an urban legend, which involves granting a wish if they cross the bridge while holding their breaths. They work on this prophecy, keeping Mark's mind occupied. Later, Mark goes missing after witnessing Kan's public love confession to Bar. Vee is worried and desperately searches for him. Vee finds Mark on the rooftop. The episode ends with them kissing.

Episode 1 Review
Vee wins a doll for Mark at an arcade game.

My first impression of Love Mechanics is that it looks way better than the original series. The production values have a polished revamp, from the stylish visuals to the lush soundtrack. I love the use of neon lighting to create a moody ambiance throughout the first episode. From a storytelling perspective, I take issue with the nonconsensual one-night stand. However, that scene looks stunning aesthetically. It nails the dark, gritty atmosphere.

I appreciate the novelty of taking a crappy series (En of Love: Love Mechanics sucked, sorry not sorry) and giving it a dazzling makeover. Initially, I was concerned that knowing the story beforehand would ruin the surprise element of the remake. However, the new Love Mechanics expands the plot so much that having prior knowledge isn't too influential. This glossy remake gets me excited about the possibilities of other revamps in the future. I have a long list of underachieving BL dramas that deserve a second chance at improvements! 

The sexual encounter in this episode gives me the ick. Mark is so drunk that he has no recollection, doesn't recognize anyone, and can't even walk. That imagery of his lifeless body in the parking lot is chilling. He's clearly not in an appropriate state to consent to sex. Although Vee also downed a few beers, he seemed lucid and in control of the situation. It's despicable of Vee to take advantage of Mark sexually. Also, observe their reactions the next day. Mark appears traumatized, whereas Vee acts smug and even taunts him. Wow, Vee is a piece of shit. 🤢

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Mark feels uncomfortable with Vee after their one-night stand.

Mark is upset about Vee forcing a kiss on him and wants the older student to leave him alone. Yet, they keep encountering each other on campus. Vee's girlfriend Ploy lives beside Mark in the dormitory. She is friendly toward him and initiates small talk, creating awkward love triangle scenarios. Vee sneaks behind Ploy's back to meet up with Mark. They go on a cute lunch date together. Mark is charmed and cheered up, flattered by Vee's constant attention. Over time, Mark seems to have moved on from Bar.

Vee's friend Nuea expresses interest in Mark as a romantic prospect. Everyone in their social circle, especially Yiwaa, is eager to play matchmaker. As Nuea and Mark spend time together, Vee becomes jealous of their bond. Nuea invites Mark to go on a date at the local market. Vee also plans to visit with Ploy, but she's busy and cancels on him at the last minute. Nuea invites Vee to tag along as a third wheel on their date. Nuea continues flirting with Mark throughout the day. Vee's jealousy flares up, and he becomes upset.

Episode 2's climax occurs when a random madman holds Mark captive in a hostage situation. Vee and Nuea work together to save Mark from danger. Vee decides to leave the date and go home. However, Mark doesn't stay with Nuea. He makes up an excuse to ditch Nuea. Instead, Mark finds Vee and chooses to spend time with him. Mark has bought a pair of new sneakers for Vee as a thank-you gift. The episode ends with them heading home. However, Mark sees Ploy flirting with another guy and suspects she might be cheating on his boyfriend.

Episode 2 Review
Vee is jealous about Mark and Nuea spending time together.

Poor Mark is in the middle of multiple love triangles throughout the series. For many scenes, the cinematographer deliberately places him in the centre between two other characters. Whenever Vee and Ploy talk, the camera shows Mark positioned in the middle of their chat. The imagery symbolizes how he comes between this couple. Likewise, Mark is in the centre again during his scenes with Vee and Nuea. In this context, he's caught in the middle as the two guys fight over him.

I'm not invested in the love triangle storylines. Love Mechanics sidelines all the rivals, treating them like blatant plot devices without fleshing out their characterizations. Maybe Nuea shows a bit more personality. However, Ploy and Bar are generic love interests solely defined by their romantic prospects. Bar's actor (Got) is a stud with a rocking six-pack, yet he feels bland and forgettable due to his criminally underdeveloped role. His secondary romance with Kan is considered an afterthought when they could've been an integral part of the plot.

How random is it that Mark finds himself in a sudden hostage situation? This plot is so bizarre. We're supposed to believe a distraught inmate escapes from a facility and chooses to flee to the local market. Instead of running away for his freedom or doing anything else, he decides to attack Mark. Also, the extreme events escalate out of nowhere. For most of the episode, Mark had been going on a casual date. Unexpectedly, some stranger holds a knife to his neck! A minute later, the conflict gets resolved, and Mark is still in the mood to go shopping for shoes. WTF!?

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Mark kisses Vee after Ploy's birthday in Love Mechanics Episode 3.

Mark realizes he's attracted to Vee, especially after a steamy dream about his crush. However, Mark feels guilty about having an affair with a taken guy. He begins distancing himself from Vee, but the older student won't leave him alone. Later, Bar and Kan challenge Vee and Mark to a swimming competition. Vee notices Mark's foot injury and helps him clean the wound. Bar is observant and senses their growing bond. Bar also seems confident that Mark no longer has feelings for him.

Lately, Ploy also seems distant from Vee and doesn't spend time with him. While Mark is hanging out with his friends, he sees Ploy flirting with another guy again. Before he can confront her, Mark runs into a group of hooligans in the parking lot. Vee arrives and rescues him in time. However, Mark is ungrateful and tells the senior student to pay attention to his girlfriend instead of him. Mark reiterates they shouldn't spend time together anymore. Vee reluctantly agrees.

Mark catches Ploy flirting again outside the dormitory. She asks him to keep this a secret. Later, Vee invites Mark to go shopping for Ploy's birthday present. As they check out perfumes, the leads share an intimate moment. Afterwards, Mark confesses Ploy is cheating on him. At first, Vee doesn't believe him and thinks the accusations come from jealousy. Then, Bar also reveals he saw Ploy with another guy. Vee is upset as he celebrates Ploy's birthday, but he doesn't confront her. Mark consoles a distressed Vee. The episode ends with them kissing in the rain.

Episode 3 Review
Vee sniffs the perfume scent on Mark's body.

Is Ploy the least discreet cheater ever? How can Mark possibly stumble upon her love affair on three separate occasions? Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but thrice means you're being careless. I love how both Mark and Bar recorded video footage. There are multiple clips of Ploy cheating on her boyfriend lmao. Meanwhile, Vee is also trotting around town with his secret lover, yet nobody catches him in the act. Can Vee please give his girlfriend some tips on how to get away with an affair?

Many cheaters tend to feel a little guilty about two-timing their partners. Yet, Vee doesn't show a shred of remorse about hooking up with Mark. He's completely okay with it! This guy plays lovey-dovey with his girlfriend before heading next door to flirt with the neighbour. The most offensive example is when he asks his lover to buy a birthday present for his girlfriend. What the fuck, dude? Do you have any SHAME!? At least Mark feels a heavy conscience, but Vee is brazen with his infidelity. The audacity of this cheating scumbag is astounding.

I thought Vee's conversation with his girlfriend would be a hilarious exchange. He confesses, "Hey, I'm cheating on you!" And then, she replies, "Oh my god, me too!" Instead, Vee cries crocodile tears about being wronged. Boohoo! Spare me the theatrics, asshole~ 🙄 Sorry, but I can't sympathize with Vee's situation when he is constantly cheating on his girlfriend behind her back. It aggravates me to see Vee play the victim since his behaviour is just as bad as Ploy, if not worse. He lost his right to the moral high ground long ago. 

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Vee cheats on his girlfriend and flirts with Mark.

Mark and Vee spend the night together in the dormitory room. They sleep in the same bed and cuddle lovingly. The next day, Vee answers Ploy's phone call and lies about his location. Mark is annoyed and posts a cryptic message on social media: "Is the punishment in hell for adultery too painful?" Nonetheless, Vee continues cheating on his absent girlfriend and spending all his time with his secret lover. After chatting with Bar, Vee decides to break up with Ploy. However, she's suddenly hospitalized after a car accident.

At the hospital, a remorseful Ploy admits her affair to Vee. She has been secretly seeing Ton, a wealthy suitor who started courting her two months ago. Ploy asks Vee not to break up with her. Mark sees their affectionate interaction on the next-door balcony and tears up. Vee also cries, feeling trapped in this relationship. Nuea uses this time to cozy up to Mark. They spend time together in the dorm room. However, Mark snaps at Nuea when he touches the food in the refrigerator. Mark had been saving those ingredients for a special meal with Vee.

Ton visits Ploy and wants to continue their relationship. Later, Ploy decides to pause her relationship with Vee until she sorts out her feelings. Vee is upset about their separation as he moves out of her room. His friends invite him to the bar, where he becomes heavily drunk. Mark encounters Vee and brings him home. The episode ends with the leads reconciling. Mark wants to start a relationship with Vee.

Episode 4 Review
Vee pretends to be cute to amuse Mark.

Of course, the girlfriend has a ~car accident~ just when he's about to break up with her. Can the story get any more cliché? This cheating couple and their relationship drama are trashy as hell. All their agonizing scenes are so obnoxious and unnecessary. If you want to date other people, just break up with each other already! Don't put your romance on pause. END IT AND MOVE ON. Spare us four more episodes of your misery until you reach the most obvious conclusion. 

I'm annoyed that Vee doesn't get exposed for cheating. Ploy is in the wrong too, but at least she comes clean about her affair. Vee continues to be dishonest and makes his girlfriend shoulder all the guilt. Worst of all, the series never holds Vee accountable for his infidelity. He suffers no consequences despite his serial cheating. Meanwhile, Ploy is the victim of a car accident and domestic violence later in the series. Even though both committed the same misdeed, her fate seems significantly worse than Vee. Karma, where are you!? *points at Vee* You missed a target!

Although Vee's character is despicable, I find the lead (Yin) effortlessly charming. He oozes charisma with his cheeky, playful, and flirtatious persona. His assured performance in Love Mechanics has been a pleasant surprise. Going into this YinWar series, I admit to favouring War more in their BL couple. However, my perception changed afterwards because of Yin's delightful acting. I should've hated Vee vehemently, but Yin salvages the character and injects a roguish likability.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Vee and Mark go shopping for ingredients in Love Mechanics Episode 5.

Although Mark & Vee agree to be together, they hide the relationship from their friends. Vee brings Mark to his family home, introducing his parents and older brother Yoo. There's tension with the father. Vee's dad has been sensitive ever since Yoo came out and brought home a boyfriend. The leads decide to conceal the romance from their families. It's getting late, but Mark doesn't want to spend the night at Vee's home. Yet, he can't leave because travelling around this part of town is risky.

Mark sleeps in Vee's bedroom. The couple has a heart-to-heart about moving on after a heartbreak. As they almost kiss, Yoo interrupts their intimate moment and teases them. Later, Yoo has a serious chat with his younger brother. He advises Vee to sort out his relationship with Ploy. Although Vee is confused about his feelings, he wants to stay committed to Mark. Nearby, Mark overhears the conversation between the brothers and reflects quietly. The next day, Mark helps Vee's mom cook food in the kitchen. Vee enjoys the meal.

Nuea invites his friends to his family's vineyard for a group meal. He also brings along Mark's friends, Fuse and Kamphan, to help with the matchmaking. Vee is jealous seeing Nuea and Mark prepare pastries together. Nuea invites Mark to the market, buys a bouquet of roses, and confesses his feelings. Vee meddles in their conversation. Later, Nuea follows up with Mark, who rejects him and admits he likes someone else. The episode ends with Vee tasting Mark's pastries and reacting enthusiastically. Vee also gives a single rose to his boyfriend, pleasing him.

Episode 5 Review
Nuea buys a bouquet of roses for Mark.

I like meeting Vee's family! The series does a good job introducing the dad, mom, and brother, giving each character a bit of individuality. It's insightful to watch Vee in his natural environment and observe his interactions with each family member. Vee seems just as cheeky and mischievous at home as he is on campus. These scenes flesh out his backstory and help us understand the character better. Also, we get a much-needed reprieve from the love triangle drama. Thank god!

The series has focused primarily on the love triangle storyline so far. However, there have been subtle hints of class discrepancy between the leads. Mark is a sheltered rich kid who comes from a privileged upbringing. In contrast, Vee is part of a working-class family and lives in a crime-ridden hometown. Their different backgrounds don't pose an enormous issue for the time being. However, these tiny moments foreshadow the tensions in the future.

When Nuea buys the rose bouquet, it's the first time I've seen Mark smile genuinely around him. In the past, Mark always seemed so awkward or reserved near Nuea. You'll notice the differences compared to his easygoing attitude with Vee. I like the contrast between Nuea's elegant bouquet and Vee's single, scraggly flower that he shoved into his backpack. Nuea's present may seem more polished. Yet, Mark reacts fondly to Vee's gift despite its simplicity. Nuea tries hard to impress his love interest, but Vee can win over Mark with just one sweet, low-key gesture.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Vee and Mark flirt at orientation camp.

The engineering students are going to orientation camp in Episode 6. During the trip, Vee looked forward to sitting on the tour bus with Mark. However, Yiwaa intervenes and assigns him to another vehicle. Instead, Nuea and Mark get the opportunity to enjoy the ride together. Vee is agitated by their closeness. Upon their arrival, Vee sneaks into Mark's room and flirts with him. Yiwaa almost catches them. Yiwaa has her suspicions about their secret relationship.

Despite Mark's rejection, Nuea persists in courting him. At the drinking game, Nuea publicly confesses his love in front of everyone. He claims Mark is admirable for stepping away from Bar after he got together with Kan. Vee feels insecure, lashing out at Mark in a jealous tantrum. Later that night, a drunken Nuea visits Mark's room. They accidentally fall into bed together. Vee sees them in a compromising position and accuses his partner of being "easy". Mark is upset and hits Vee before storming away.

Meanwhile, Bar and Kan are also feuding. Bar grew jealous after seeing his boyfriend talk to a girl. Seeing the parallels in their situations, Kan and Mark share a heart-to-heart. Bar has a similar conversation with Vee. The next day, Vee apologizes for his comment. Mark falls ill during an orientation game, so Vee takes care of him. Yiwaa confronts her friend about the secret romance. Vee tells her the truth. Although supportive, Yiwaa doesn't want Mark to be labelled a homewrecker. The episode ends with Mark and Vee kissing under the stars.

Episode 6 Review
Mark and Yiwaa gossip about his secret romance.

During the drinking game, Nuea commends Mark for not coming in between Bar and Kan's romance. Mark looks so remorseful afterwards because he's secretly homewrecking another relationship instead. Nuea thought he was giving a compliment, but it was actually a backhanded diss. *lol*

Yiwaa does a lot of hilarious shit-stirring in this episode. I like her meddling in Vee's relationship and cockblocking him all the time. Vee had such an easy time getting away with his scandalous affair, so I'm glad Yiwaa gives him some grief. On a related note, Yiwaa stands out in the bloated supporting cast. Vee and Mark have many interchangeable university friends, few of whom I recognize. As the sole female in the group, Yiwaa is definitely the VIP out of all the minor characters. 

Vee's jealous tantrums are irritating as hell. Shockingly, he isn't even the worst offender in this episode. Bar comes out of nowhere and throws a fit because he saw his boyfriend talking to a girl. To be clear, Kan didn't flirt with her. They simply had a platonic chat. Yet, that mundane interaction is enough to send Bar spiralling. The possessive behaviour from Vee & Bar is unflattering. At BL Watcher, we stan self-assured men confident in their partners' autonomy and not insecure boys with trust issues.

Vee and Mark kiss and make up after their fight.

OMFG. Vee is a hypocritical piece of shit. 💩 Where does he find the audacity to accuse Mark of being "easy"? Last time I checked, Vee has been bed-hopping from one dorm room to the next. The call is coming from inside the house! Vee has no credibility to judge others for cheating or sleeping around when he's the poster child of promiscuity. 

After the fight, I love how Mark storms out of the room wearing nothing but his shorts. He doesn't even hesitate to put on any clothes first. Mark struts outside with his naked body, not giving a damn who sees. Only hot guys have the confidence to do something like this lol. 

Speaking of Mark's hotness, there's a gorgeous shot of him lying in bed. As the sunlight pours over his cherubic face, he resembles an angel who descended from heaven. The actor (War) looks absolutely divine. Actually, this observation isn't exclusive to Episode 6. His mesmerizing beauty is the highlight of every episode in Love Mechanics. Whenever I review a series with War, I gush about his physical appearance like a boy-crazy idiot. But I can't help myself. War is in the top echelons of BL actors I find most attractive. 🤤

A shirtless Mark lies in bed in Love Mechanics Episode 6.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary

The other students leave the camp, but Vee makes an excuse to stay longer with Mark. The couple has a delightful time with various outdoor activities, including cycling and kayaking. That night, Mark serenades Vee with the guitar. They cap off the day's events with a steamy encounter in the shower. The next morning, Mark is sad about ending their honeymoon phase. He thinks Vee won't treat him this sweetly after returning home. Vee proves him wrong and posts a social media photo of them holding hands.

Vee's friends tease the couple about going public with their relationship. Nuea remains in good spirits and seems happy for them. Vee moves into Mark's dorm room. He also sets up a meeting to break up with Ploy officially. She pretends to be okay with moving on, but Vee learns Ton has been abusing Ploy. He confronts Ton, getting into a violent fight. Later at the hospital, Ploy thanks Vee for defending her. She makes up her mind to end the relationship with Ton. Ploy suddenly initiates a kiss, which Mark witnesses. He feels betrayed and cries on Nuea's shoulder.

Although Vee tries explaining the situation, Mark wants nothing to do with him. He ends their relationship decisively, leaving Vee devastated. Mark cries as he packs up his ex's belongings. A heartbroken Vee gets into a motorcycle accident. He's mildly injured, while Yoo chastises his brother for endangering his life. Vee's parents encourage their son to make up for his wrongdoings. After their pep talk, Vee stops wallowing in self-pity. The episode ends with Vee feeling determined to win over Mark again.

Episode 7 Review
Vee and Mark take a selfie on the beach.

My favourite part of the episode is when the leads cosplay as mermaids on the beach. It's such a cute scene seeing them with their tails, hehe~ 🧜🏻 This episode begins sweetly with a relaxing montage of their relationship moments. It feels like Mark & Vee are on their honeymoon. Of course, the climax is the steamy shower sex. That exchange is written and filmed like an adult movie scenario. I love the imagery of Vee's hand pressing against the glass as they make out in the blurry backdrop. It's sexy without showing too much explicitness.

My least favourite part of the episode is anything to do with Ploy. Ugh, is Vee's girlfriend back again? I have a hard time immersing myself in her storyline. The abusive boyfriend, the street brawl, and the impulsive kiss are all over-the-top scenarios that don't flow smoothly in the narrative. They feel like calculating plot devices dropped into the story to create artificial drama. Ploy is also an undeveloped love interest, and we don't get to know her personally. If Love Mechanics actually bothered to invest in her characterization, I might feel more sympathetic to her situation.

I like the stylish cinematography in this episode. Many scenes are filmed at a slanted angle, especially when the characters are in conflict. The skewed perspective creates disarray and uneasiness in the viewers. It gives you the feeling that something is offset and doesn't seem right. There's a scene where Vee walks down the stairs, but the camera captures him at a tilted angle. That shot looks striking because of all the diagonal lines in the background. They accentuate the psychological tension in the storyline.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Summary
Mark and Vee are in a joint photoshoot in Love Mechanics Episode 8.

Episode 8 begins Vee visiting the dorm to apologize. However, Mark has moved out and thrown away his ex's belongings. Mark has taken a short break from school to visit his family. His domineering father greets him with hostility. Mark's dad is still angry about his son's university choice, leading to tensions over family dinner. Mark has a much closer relationship with his mom, who coddles her only son. She consoles him over his recent heartbreak as he cries into her arms.

Mark meets up with Pack, his neighbour and ex-boyfriend. The old couple tours the university campus, where they encounter Vee and Nuea. Mark pettily introduces Vee as "Nuea's friend". Pack maintains the charade and pretends to be dating Mark. Initially, Vee sees through the plan and assumes Mark recruited a fake boyfriend to get under his skin. As the characters meet at the bar, Pack flaunts that he knows Mark better than Vee. Feeling riled up, Vee performs a drunken karaoke performance.

Pack stays overnight at Mark's dorm. When Vee visits, he gets the wrong idea about their sleeping arrangement. He finally believes Mark & Pack are a couple. While Vee gives up on reconciliation, Mark feels lonely and revisits their old dating locations. The leads reunite during a campus photoshoot, but Ploy is also present. Mark is upset after observing Vee and Ploy's closeness. However, she clarifies the misunderstanding with the kiss and confirms Vee wasn't at fault. The episode ends as Mark forgives Vee and teases his ex playfully about a second chance.

Episode 8 Review
Mark has a close relationship with his mother.

I cracked up so hard when Mark referred to Vee as Nuea's friend. That's so petty of him, I love it~ 😆 I'm not a fan of the relationship drama with the exes in this episode. However, Mark's sick burn makes up for the other irritating scenes. I'm glad the leads reconcile in the ending instead of dragging out their misunderstanding any longer. Why is Ploy still a relevant source of conflict in Episode 8? We've established Vee has no feelings for her long ago. It's time to move on to new plots!

Like in Episode 5 with Vee, I love meeting Mark's parents. We discover many insights from observing how the protagonists interact with their family members. Mark has a close relationship with his sweet and caring mom. Clearly, he inherited his emotional sensitivity from her. In contrast, Mark's hostility around his domineering dad explains where he develops his sass. Expanding on the characters' home lives is one of the best improvements in the Love Mechanics remake. The details add to their backstories, making me understand Mark & Vee much more than the original.

I'm over these characters constantly turning to alcohol whenever they face a relationship setback. Mark and Vee get irresponsibly drunk after every heartbreak. They don't drink in moderation. Their excess leads to nausea, lack of consciousness, and regrets the following day. After a certain point, their behaviour feels reckless and repetitive. Maybe they should put down their beers and pick up a phone to call a therapist instead!

Episode 9

Episode 9 Summary
Mark feeds food to Vee in Love Mechanics Episode 9.

Mark celebrates his victory at a school swimming competition. As Vee cheers on the sidelines, he notices a weird man staring at Mark lecherously. Vee throws a towel over his boyfriend's shirtless body and makes a big deal about the revealing swimsuits. However, Mark and Bar laugh off his concerns. Later, Mark is taking a shower when the strange man suddenly walks in and spies on him. Afterwards, the peeping tom continues harassing Mark until Vee intervenes.

This pervert is Krating, the school's reigning champion at the boxing club. During the confrontation, Vee challenges Krating to a duel without thinking about the consequences. Although he's scared, Vee doesn't want to back down from the fight. His friends also egg him on, claiming he'll look mighty and heroic to his boyfriend. As Vee trains rigorously, Mark offers encouragement and feeds him lots of food. However, Vee overate before the day of the match and suffers from diarrhea. Krating kicks his ass in the fight. Despite the loss, Mark declares Vee the winner and dismisses Krating.

Mark visits Vee's home to help him heal from his injuries. Mark also assists Vee's mom in the kitchen in preparing a homemade meal. His cooking isn't great. Vee's dad says Mark should keep visiting their house to get more practice. It's his subtle way of welcoming his son's boyfriend into their family. Later, Vee expresses his desire to meet Mark's family. However, Mark doesn't think it's a good idea. The episode ends with the leads having sexy foreplay in the dorm. Surprisingly, Mark's parents visit the room during the intimate moment, creating an embarrassing situation.

Episode 9 Review
Vee hugs Mark after the boxing match.

Vee is turning into a funny cartoon character. His cheeky expressions, goofy reactions, and silly mannerisms are often comical. The series successfully rehabilitates his image in these last few episodes. Before, my prevailing opinion of Vee was a cheating jerk. Now, I see him as a lovable rascal with a bubbly charm. I credit the actor's charisma for bringing so much zest, energy, and likability into his role. Watching Vee's scenes makes me happy and laugh a lot.

I surprisingly enjoy the boxing storyline. Yes, the events are dumb and ridiculous. However, they highlight Vee's lighthearted silliness and make his character sympathetic. The humourous scenes soften Vee's unflattering portrayal earlier. Also, Love Mechanics settles into a cozy narrative structure. First, the series introduces a villain of the week (Pack in Ep 8, Krating in Ep 9 & Mark's dad in Ep 10). Then, the plot revolves around the protagonists overcoming the bad guys. Each episode ends with a reassuring message. This predictable format is oddly comforting to watch.

I adore Mark's playful little flirtation in the final scene. He strips off, teases his boyfriend, and adopts a deliberately innocent persona. Mark's angelic face mixed with naughty seduction is a powerful combo. That coy yet calculating smile is everything. I thought this episode would end with frisky foreplay between the leads. Suddenly, Mark's parents appear out of nowhere! Seeing them startles me for a moment before I laugh my ass off. The series pulls the wool over our eyes with a sexy scene before turning it into a hilariously awkward scenario. 😆

Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode 10

Episode 10 Summary
Vee and Mark kiss in the bedroom.

Mark's parents are shocked to see him hooking up with a guy. The dad calls his son "easy" and threatens to transfer him to another school. Mark's mom diffuses the situation, suggesting they meet Vee properly. Mark brings his family to his boyfriend's house. Vee's parents are understanding and support their relationship. Yet, Mark's dad looks down on their poor living conditions. He still disapproves of the romance. As Mark's parents drive away, their car breaks down. They encounter muggers, but Vee and his dad chase off the baddies.

Mark's parents head back to Vee's house to treat their injuries. Vee's mom and Mark's mom bond over dinner, although the dad refuses to try the food. Later, Vee's dad shares an anecdote of how he reacted awfully to Yoo's coming out. Since then, he has learned not to worry and interfere as long as his son is happy with his partner. Afterwards, Mark's dad softens his stance and seems more tolerant of his son's romance. Mark spends the night in Vee's bedroom. The leads are in a flirty mood. Vee jokingly refers to his boyfriend as "Masa-kun", the nickname Mark's mom calls him.

Happy Ending
Love Mechanics has a happy ending as Mark and Vee share a rooftop kiss.

Love Mechanics has a happy ending where Mark and Vee strengthen their relationship. Mark feels reassured and overcomes insecurities about the longevity of their romance. Earlier, he overhears two girls gossiping at a party. They joke Mark will get karma for stealing Ploy's boyfriend after Vee leaves him for someone else. Vee insists his feelings won't change. However, Mark still worries after his boyfriend answers a covert phone call at night.

Mark investigates Vee's secret and discovers his boyfriend started a new job at the bar. Vee reveals he wants to earn money to support their future together. He uses his paycheque to buy his boyfriend a ring. Although it isn't the fanciest jewellery, Mark is delighted with the gift. They post a picture on social media. Mark's dad reacts with an angry emoji, but he smiles approvingly at the photo. The series ends with Mark and Vee enjoying a lovely rooftop dinner. They share a passionate kiss as the ending credits roll.

The epilogue consists of a cute roleplaying scene between the leads. Mark dresses up in an engineering student's uniform and pretends to be Vee's university senior. He adopts a bossy demeanour while his boyfriend cheekily plays along with the charade. After they have sex, Vee laughs that he's exhausted. Yet, Mark mounts on his partner seductively because he's ready for round two! 

Ending Explained
Mark's parents finally approve of their son's relationship in the Love Mechanics ending.

I like seeing Mark and Vee's parents interact in this episode. This sensitive family drama is far more compelling than the stupid love triangles. In fact, Love Mechanics should've expanded this storyline into earlier episodes instead of squeezing everything in the finale. Why waste time on the ex-girlfriend when we could explore Mark's complex dynamic with his father? Anyway, I appreciate the sentimental message, especially the touching speech from Vee's dad. The moment feels empowering without being sappy.

Unfortunately, the storyline about Mark's relationship insecurities doesn't make a powerful impact. I blame Love Mechanics for overdoing the jealousy angle in the past episodes. Nonetheless, Mark's concerns are legitimate. It makes sense for Mark to doubt the longevity of his romance because Vee cheated in the past. Once a cheater, always a cheater. What happens when Vee has the three-year itch and flirts with another neighbour? The promise ring is a reassuring symbol of Vee's commitment and a lovely way to wrap up the subplot. 

Mark roleplays as a senior engineering student.

I love the cute little moment when Vee calls out Mark's nickname, "MASA-KUN!!!" The way he says it that cracks me up. 😆 This trivial scene is appealing because it feels real. Everything about this exchange seems comfortable, highlighting the natural rapport between the boyfriends. Vee's genuine laughter, Mark's annoyed reaction, and their playful banter add to the authenticity of the couple.

My favourite part of the episode is the epilogue, where Mark roleplays as a senior engineering student. Oh my goodness, that's a great piece of BL content! The scene manages to be funny, cheeky, and a little naughty. Mark is typically delicate and sensitive, so it's unexpected to see him in this fierce aggressor role. I appreciate how Love Mechanics can create these sexy moments without relying on physical eroticism. The leads don't need to strip naked or hump each other to produce a stimulating encounter that excites the viewers.

En of Love: Love Mechanics

Original Series

En of Love: Love Mechanics 2020 series Drama review

Love Mechanics is the 2022 remake of the original En of Love: Love Mechanics, released in 2020.

Love Mechanics is the 2022 remake based on En of Love: Love Mechanics. The first series was released in 2020, condensing the narrative into four compact episodes. The original follows a nearly identical storyline with many of the same plot developments as the remake. The leads (Yin and War) appear in both versions of the drama, as do most of the supporting cast. Only the actors who portray Bar, Kan & Ploy feature new recasts. Due to their similarities, you won't need to watch the original to enjoy the new Love Mechanics remake.

Compared to its predecessor, Love Mechanics is the superior drama. It features better production values, substantial character development & juicy BL content. The old series has even worse writing. Its shorter length also stops the narrative from building with satisfying momentum. Both versions suffer from trashy tropes and despicable protagonists, but the remake corrects some mistakes to smooth the clunky narrative. I wouldn't advise watching En of Love: Love Mechanics since the remake covers everything with much higher quality.

Future 2023 spin-off Sequel review

Future is the 2023 sequel to Love Mechanics.

Future is the 2023 sequel to Love Mechanics. Fuse, a supporting character in the original story, is one of the leads in this six-episode BL drama. He falls in love with dental student Ana and begins a relationship with him. Ana has a small guest cameo in Love Mechanics, where he interacted with Fuse in Episode 6. Several cast members from Love Mechanics also return in the spin-off, including Barn, Kan, Kamphan, James, Wind, and Kle.

Vee and Mark, the leads of Love Mechanics, do not appear in Future. However, they are referenced multiple times throughout the drama. The characters constantly explain why their friends are absent in a particular scene. Without YinWar's star power, Future may not be as enticing to BL viewers, especially since the story and romance are lacklustre. For all its faults, Love Mechanics was an entertaining drama. The same cannot be said about the dull and thoughtless spin-off. You don't have to watch the original story to understand Future, and vice versa.

Love Mechanics Information


Lit Phadung Samajarn (ผดุง สมาจาร) is a Thai director. He is the director of the 2016 drama SOTUS and its 2017 sequel SOTUS S. He is also the director of Our Skyy (2018), My Engineer (2020), and Meow Ears Up (2022). In addition, he is in charge of making Love Mechanics (2022). The original Love Mechanics story is written by Faddist.

  1. Great review, Thank you. I loved this toxic series, I also loved En of love… back than I was surprised that I could love it and still am now – how could I switch my moral OFF? 🥴
    This annoying hypocrite Vee who cannot see his own flaws, the camel does not see its hump… He was actually worse than Ploy because
    a. he didn't confess to her and b. we didn't actually see her sexy lust cheating, she only went on dates, while he took advantage of drunk Mark…no regrets once or ever.
    Mark had better suiters… Nuea of course and even the pervert boxer looked more trustworthy.
    The last scene was great,
    What was the magic of this series? bits me! the chemistry? two horny guys? how great they look together? because we all know- the plot was total crap.

    1. Yeah, I also find Vee's behaviour worse than Ploy. He initiates much of the flirting with Mark, whereas Ploy has a more passive role in her affair. We also don't see things from her perspective, so her culpability doesn't seem as visible to us. Plus, I'm super annoyed about Vee's dishonesty and lack of accountability. Both of them cheated, but only he gets away with it scot-free. How infuriating!

      After a certain point, I also thought Nuea was a catch. He's friendly, rich, and, most importantly, single. Nuea comes with no baggage, and he's the type of guy that Mark should date instead. However, Mark seems so reserved during their scenes together that I can't imagine a romance between them. His demeanour around Nuea always indicates he's disinterested in him.

      I don't know about the magic of this series either, haha! Maybe it's the actors. Or perhaps I simply enjoy trashy entertainment. Regardless, I enjoyed Love Mechanics inexplicably more than I should have.

  2. This series is like an ultimate guilty pleasure to me. I hate how despite the fact that Vee also cheated on Ploy by sleeping with Mark its never bought up in the show and it's made to seem like Ploy was the only one who was cheating in this relationship. At the end of the day even though the plot is terrible like you said the actors, the chemistry and the production was great so I could actually get over a lot of the trashy parts. The bedroom scene in ep 1 in particular really caught my eye, although I hate what actually happened in the scene😅


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