Night Dream – Series Review & Ending Explained

Night Dream is a Thai BL series about two high school friends reuniting years later.

Night Dream is a Thai BL series about three high school friends in a love triangle. The trio used to be close as teenagers. After a family tragedy, the main character moves away and ceases contact. They reunite years later, cautiously rebuilding their bond. Memories and old feelings return to the surface as they spend time at the cafe. The protagonist has a secret crush, but he believes his companions are attracted to each other.

I enjoy Night Dream, albeit ironically. It entertains me like a parody of a cliched teen drama. The socially awkward characters and their constant relationship angst provide unintentional comedy. I also adore the handsome protagonist, whose shy, sensitive demeanour represents one of my favourite fictional archetypes. However, I must admit the story isn't well-written. All the annoying love triangles and clunky conflicts overshadow the romance.

Night Dream Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes




Night Dream is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Night and Dream are friends.

Night and Dream are high school best friends. Night is a bookworm who enjoys reading novels instead of studying. He struggles academically and often gets bad grades, especially in mathematics. Dream worries Night may have to repeat a grade, so he offers tutoring help. Another friendly classmate, Namwan, joins these studying sessions. The trio becomes close friends.

Dream has a close relationship with his parents. Their family runs a food cart business, inspiring Dream to open a cafe one day. He wants to make mini pancake rolls in this specialty shop. This recipe has a sentimental value to his family. Dream's mother enjoyed her husband's cooking so much that she married him. Due to his parents' successful marriage, Dream becomes a hopeless romantic. He hopes to operate his dream cafe with a loved one, too.

Unfortunately, a family tragedy occurs. Dream suddenly moves away and ceases contact with his friends. Night and Namwan lose contact with him. Five years later, Dream opened a cafe called "Tokyo Boy." He runs it with his friends, Zone and Khun. This specialty cafe offers mini pancake rolls. However, the business may not continue for long. Khun will return to his hometown, while Zone is about to graduate and start a full-time job. Soon, Dream won't have his business partners for support.

Meanwhile, Night has become a literature student. In his final year, he must complete a romance novel to graduate. However, his professor rejected his drafts, claiming the writing was inauthentic. He encourages Night to understand what love is. The struggling writer loses confidence and falls into a creative slump. One day, Night and Namwan meet at the cafe. They are surprised to see Dream as the shop owner. After not seeing each other for years, the three former friends catch up and reconnect.

Night returns to the cafe. He misses his high school friend and wants to make up for lost time. Night sincerely hopes that Dream will never disappear from his life again. Afterwards, they meet regularly and rebuild their bond. Night sometimes even helps out at the cafe. However, Dream has observed Night and Namwan's close interactions. Dream doesn't have proof, but he suspects they may be attracted to each other.

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Night Dream Cast



Toosafe Krittawat Suwanich (ตู้เซฟ กฤตวัฒน์ สุวานิช)

Dream is portrayed by the Thai actor Toosafe Krittawat Suwanich (ตู้เซฟ กฤตวัฒน์ สุวานิช).

Dream is a cafe owner. He runs Tokyo Boy with two other friends. Their shop specializes in mini pancake rolls, Dream's family recipe. Recently, Dream reunited with two of his high school friends. They haven't seen each other for five years. Dream used to be close to Night and Namwan, but they lost touch over the years.

Toosafe Krittawat Suwanich

Toosafe Krittawat Suwanich (ตู้เซฟ กฤตวัฒน์ สุวานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 12, 1997.

Toosafe Krittawat Suwanich (ตู้เซฟ กฤตวัฒน์ สุวานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 12, 1997. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Night Dream. He also appears in Love Mechanics (2022).


Ohm Thanakrit Chiamchunya (โอม ธนกฤต เจียมจรรยา)

Night is portrayed by the Thai actor Ohm Thanakrit Chiamchunya (โอม ธนกฤต เจียมจรรยา).

Night is a literature student. He must complete a romance novel to graduate. However, his professor rejected the drafts and claimed the writing was inauthentic. Since then, Night has fallen into a creative slump and struggles to finish his work. To his surprise, Night reunites with his high school best friend at the cafe. They haven't seen each other for over five years.

Ohm Thanakrit Chiamchunya

Ohm Thanakrit Chiamchunya (โอม ธนกฤต เจียมจรรยา) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 9, 2001.

Ohm Thanakrit Chiamchunya (โอม ธนกฤต เจียมจรรยา) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 9, 2001. His first BL leading role is the 2023 series, Night Dream.

Supporting Cast

Namwan is portrayed by the Thai actress Jina Thanchanok Sanguansitthikul (จีน่า ธันย์ชนก สงวนสิทธิกุล).


Jina Thanchanok Sanguansitthikul (จีน่า ธันย์ชนก สงวนสิทธิกุล)

Day is portrayed by the Thai actor Jeff Nathadej Pititranun (เจฟ ณธเดช ปิติตรานันท์).


Jeff Nathadej Pititranun (เจฟ ณธเดช ปิติตรานันท์)

Zone is portrayed by the Thai actor Frong Thammasiri Umpujh (ฟร้องซ์ ธรรมศิริ อัมพุช).


Frong Thammasiri Umpujh (ฟร้องซ์ ธรรมศิริ อัมพุช)

Khun is portrayed by the Thai actor Aomsin Wongrapee Krusong (ออมสิน วงษ์ระวี ครูส่ง).


Aomsin Wongrapee Krusong (ออมสิน วงษ์ระวี ครูส่ง)

Nat is portrayed by the Thai actor Namping Napatsakorn Pingmuang (น้ำปิง นภัสกร ปิงเมือง).


Namping Napatsakorn Pingmuang (น้ำปิง นภัสกร ปิงเมือง)

Night's father is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Night's Dad

Dream's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Dream's Dad

Dream's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Dream's Mom

Night's professor is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Night's Professor

Cast Highlights

  • The actors who portray Dream, Day, Zone, and Khun (Toosafe, Jeff, Frong, and Aomsin) have appeared in the 2022 Thai BL drama Love Mechanics.
  • Jeff, Frong, and Aomsin also appear in the 2023 series Future.
  • Nat's actor (Namping) has a supporting role in the 2023 movie After Sundown.

Night Dream Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Night and Dream almost kiss in the bedroom.

Even though the story isn't well-written, I have a soft spot for Night Dream. It reminds me of hilariously bad fanfiction, parodying the cliched tropes from teen dramas. My entertainment comes from mocking the contrived scenarios and giving snarky commentary. All the characters seem socially awkward. They behave without etiquette, so their interactions provide unintentional comedy. I find Night Dream amusing and enjoy this series ironically. However, most fans are unlike me and may not appreciate it as much.

Although I make fun of the writing, the quality isn't worse than your typical BL series. The plot may be clumsy and predictable, but everything remains coherent. It's only guilty of some formulaic melodrama rather than offensive narrative flaws. With that said, the annoying love triangles receive too much focus. The tedious scenes prolong an endless cycle of agony, jealousy, and misunderstandings. Likewise, the constant conflicts get on my nerves. The characters frustrate me because they behave immaturely and won't communicate. Their unresolved tensions overshadow the romance.

Night's character is my favourite. Most viewers won't share my controversial opinion. You'll consider this wishy-washy protagonist an emotional nightmare, but I adore him unapologetically. Night represents one of my favourite fictional archetypes. This shy, sensitive writer has a sweet disposition with an air of sadness. He's hopelessly neurotic, lacks self-confidence, and struggles with daddy issues. He makes many wrong decisions due to his insecurities. Despite acting against his best interests, I find him sympathetic. Every character flaw makes Night complex and fascinating.

Night Dream has peered into my soul, creating a protagonist that suits my tastes perfectly. Another successful factor is Night's actor (Ohm). I see the vision behind the inspired casting choice. Firstly, this handsome lead looks telegenic with an angelic smile. He makes a cute pairing with his costar (Toosafe). Secondly, Ohm's clean-cut image & bashful mannerisms match Night's personality. Despite his shaky performance in a few scenes, he seems authentic in the role. Like a diamond in the rough, Ohm can be polished into a star. I want to see him shine in more BL dramas.

Besides looking adorable together, Night and Dream share cozy interactions. I enjoy them as a couple whenever the series focuses on their positive interactions. The high school flashbacks and heartfelt chats bring out this pair's gentle charm. However, the love story suffers from too much unpleasant melodrama. The series is overeager to separate the leads with aggravating rivals or needless conflicts. The emphasis is on angst over affection. Also, the relationship scenes seem mild. The leads flirt like nervous teenagers instead of confident adults in their twenties.

The last two episodes focus on Night's insecurities. His indecisive behaviour will infuriate most of you, but I became more attached to his character. As he wrestles with his inner demons, my heart aches for him. I understand Night's pain, even if the world doesn't take his side! IMO, the storylines near the end are more meaningful than the generic teen drama in the beginning. With that said, I must admit the writing is lacklustre. It muddles the narrative themes and fails to convey clear messages. While I can overlook the flaws, Night Dream has so much unfulfilled potential.


Awkward story

Night Dream reminds me of hilariously bad fanfiction, from cliched melodrama to socially awkward characters. The unintentional parody entertains me, but you may feel annoyed instead.

Emotional romance

I enjoy Night and Dream's cozy interactions during some moments. Yet, their love story suffers from aggravating melodrama. The constant conflicts & annoying love rivals overshadow the romance.

Dreamy acting

I adore Night's actor (Ohm). This handsome lead has star potential. Despite his shakiness in a few scenes, he portrays a sensitive protagonist authentically. He makes a cute pairing with his costar.

Happy ending

Night Dream has a happy ending as the protagonist conquers his inner demons. The last two episodes focus on Night's insecurities. His behaviour may frustrate you, but I sympathize with him.

Soothing artistry

The series looks fine for a small-budget production of its size. The visuals look pleasant to the eye and capture a soothing vibe. I also enjoy the music choices during the emotional climaxes.


Night Dream suffers from lacklustre writing, excessive conflicts & annoying love triangles. Yet, I ironically enjoy the series and find the cliched teen drama amusing. I also adore the dreamy protagonist.

Night Dream Episodes

Episode Guide

Night and Dream prepare food in the kitchen.

Night Dream has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 4 hours. Night Dream started on December 16, 2023 and ended on January 27, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Night, Dream, and Namwan are in a love triangle.

After meeting the three characters, my first thought is the love rival's name should have been Day. The wordplay combinations make me giddy: DayNight, DayDream, and NightDream. OMG, it's like portmanteau heaven! I spent the first few episodes annoyed at the wasted opportunity. If the story insists on a dull love triangle, at least make their names Day, Night, and Dream. Thankfully, the series introduces Day's character in Episode 5. Ahhh, the word nerd in me let out a giggle! YES!!!

Night and Nat have an interesting chat. Night asks his classmate for romance novel ideas. Nat suggests the secondary lead should end up with the protagonist, defying convention. He foreshadows the love triangle drama in the last two episodes. Night feels insecure since he gets upstaged by Day. A supporting character steals his love interest, making Night believe he isn't the protagonist of his own love story. This discussion in Episode 1 is like a seed planted in his head. BTW, I support Nat's idea. Not knowing the endgame couple would make romances more surprising!

I like Night and Dream's high school memories. Their conversation on the beach gives intriguing vibes. "Am I also in your dream?" Night asks with a playful smile. That moment is flirty and makes my heart skip faster! I also like hearing Dream talk about his aspirations. The backstory about his parents and the pancake rolls is intimate. I like knowing that personal detail about him. Honestly, I am more interested in the flashbacks than the present timeline. Let's see how these teenagers become friends and form their attraction before they reunite in adulthood.

After their first meeting, Night waits outside the cafe to talk to Dream alone. Night asks if he can visit again. His friend welcomes him to return any time. Then, Night sheepishly admits, "At first, you seemed uncomfortable. I thought you didn't want to see me." This moment of self-consciousness is endearing to me. Night comes across as a little shy about seeing his friend again. While saying goodbye, Night stumbles and accidentally hits his head on a tree. Once again, it shows that he's nervous. Night seems adorably earnest, winning many points with me.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Night and Dream almost share a kiss in the bedroom.

Oh damn. Dream lost both his parents. That's rough. I want to see how Dream copes after their deaths. How does this orphan recover and rebuild himself during those five years? What led him to open the cafe? Dream's backstory would have been more interesting than the beach resort trip or the love triangle drama with Namwan. All the significant events occurred in the past. If the series focused on exploring the characters' history, it would make the present timeline more impactful.

I thought Namwan and Night became a couple, only to find out she was still pining after him. Girl, what have you been doing in the past five years!? Namwan faced no competition and had 1800+ days to start dating her friend. "Can you find out if he's into me?" Um, reality check? If you still haven't clarified your relationship after all this time, he's not into you. How can we take Namwan seriously as a rival when she never left the friend zone? Wrap up this love triangle because the poor girl doesn't stand a chance.

Besides her painful procrastination, Namwan has zero self-awareness. Night never shows romantic interest in her, not even the faintest signal. Their lack of chemistry is cold as ice. In contrast, Night gets giggly and flirty around Dream. He doesn't try to hide his fondness. Let me peel all the shrimp for my beloved Dream, but nothing for Namwan! Despite their lack of passion, Namwan randomly starts a conversation about weddings. GIRL, NO! Not the wedding talk! I'm cringing so hard. Please end this love triangle before the second-hand embarrassment kills me. 😱

Namwan isn't the only one who lacks social cues. The other characters also talk and behave oddly. For example, Night takes off his shirt in one scene. He turns to Dream and says, "Don't act like you haven't seen it. I always stripped like this~" What the hell is this weird remark? Is he trying to seduce his friend? Night makes the moment more awkward than it needs to be. The exchange would've worked better without dialogue. Just undress and let the nonverbal sexual tension speak for itself.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Night and Dream are at the swimming pool.

Night goes to the bedroom to lie on his bed. As he plops down, the camera focuses on his upper body. He breathes heavily, with his torso rising and falling. Did anyone else get sexual undertones during this scene? LMAO. The scenario isn't meant to be erotic, yet it leaves room for my imagination to wander. Night's expression and mannerisms also contribute to the illusion, especially when he gulps. Even when there's no lustful content, my brain can conjure thoughts out of nothing!

Namwan's relationship drama plays out like bad fanfiction. It resembles a teenager's first Wattpad story based on their limited experiences of unrequited love. Ugh, half the series is wasted on this cliched love triangle drama, ultimately achieving nothing. I like Namwan's line after realizing Night's lack of interest. "Being unclear is an answer." Exactly! It took her five years to reach this verdict, but she gets it now. Later, Namwan has a funny moment when she greets Dream's friend. He calls her gorgeous. "You too," she replies with a straight face. Her deadpan response makes me laugh.

I started feeling emotionally attached to Night's character in this episode. His backstory resonates with me. Night struggles between achieving his dreams and gaining family approval. He disobeyed his dad to study literature, wanting to prove him wrong. Yet, he can't write, doubts himself, and feels like a failure. During a flashback, Dream calls his friend a puppy while drying his hair. This apt metaphor depicts Night as helpless and vulnerable, stirring my sympathy. I enjoy the scenes when Dream takes care of him. We both feel the urge to comfort Night.

With added context, I have a different perspective on Night and Dream's drunken encounter. In Episode 4, we learn they already kissed as teenagers, but Night rejected his friend. This history adds complexity to their intimacy in Episode 3. Since Night represses his sexuality, he only expresses his desires while drunk. He needs alcohol to be honest with himself. Meanwhile, Dream feels skeptical about their relationship. Although Night may be attracted to him, he won't commit to a romance. Regardless of their bedroom antics, Dream believes this love is unattainable.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Night and Dream kiss each other.

The episode's most shocking moment is finding out Night and Dream kissed as teenagers. I thought they were friends who never confessed. However, they were already intimate five years ago. That drastically changes how I perceive their dynamic. The distinction goes from not knowing your partner's feelings to not admitting your own feelings. The leads have been putting up a facade for the past few episodes. They pretend to be platonic without defining the ambiguous relationship from their youth.

I have a preconceived notion that your first adolescent kiss is sweet and innocent. Instead, Night stuck out his tongue and took a deep plunge. Wow, I didn't expect their teenage kiss to be even steamier than their adult passion! With that said, I also like the slow, tender intimacy they shared in the present timeline. Although Dream initiates the affection, Night guides him to this moment with his deliberate questions. "Oh, tell me how you feel…" The sexual tension builds with each response. After being coy with their feelings for so long, I'm glad everything unleashes in an emotional climax.

While I enjoy the kisses, the aftermath is annoying. Night immediately pulls back and won't confront his desires. He rejects Dream for a second time, just like in their youth. The history of Night's insecurities repeats itself, which is frustrating. Don't kiss your friend until you know what you want! The story also explains Night's thought process poorly. Since he stood up against the homophobe earlier, I expected him to be self-assured about his sexuality. The series only confirms Night's discomfort about being gay in Episode 5, but it should've dropped hints earlier.

Night and Dream kiss passionately on the beach.

It's okay if Night hasn't come to terms with his sexuality yet. Take your time to figure things out. However, he's irresponsible for kissing Dream and rejecting him afterwards. Stop toying with your friend's feelings until you're ready to commit. Likewise, Night should've clarified his relationship with Namwan earlier. If you don't like your friend romantically, tell her rather than stall for five years. Night takes an annoyingly vague stance on both relationships.

In Night's defence, he displays his sweet-natured personality in other scenes. He consoles Dream after a family tragedy. He stands up against the bully and even takes a punch in the face. Night is a good friend, but his character flaw is that he won't be honest with his relationships. The professor criticizes him for not knowing what love is. Indeed, Night seems confused. He can't differentiate between a platonic love for Namwan and a romantic love for Dream. "I don't understand myself," Night reflects. His journey involves recognizing his feelings for Dream are actually love.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Dream and Day flirt in the bedroom.

I enjoy the novelty of Day's character due to his name. The fact that Day & Night are brothers makes the shipping wars more hilarious. Yet, I'm annoyed the story introduces another rival. How many love triangles does this series need!? Also, Dream befriends Day & Night separately without knowing they're related. The scenario seems contrived. What are the odds of that happening? It's more logical that Dream meets Day after becoming friends with Night.

In the opening scene, Dream confronts Night over their kiss. They chat in university, a public setting with many students nearby. Night immediately feels self-conscious. He glances behind him, worried others may overhear the conversation. Night doesn't want anyone to know he hooked up with a guy. He keeps his head down and won't answer his friend's questions. He's so scared that his hand trembles. While Night should've taken accountability, I sympathize with his anxiety. Night might've responded more openly if they were in a secluded location.

Night goes to the cafe to apologize. He practices outside, stumbling over his words due to nervousness. "I didn't mean to kiss you… Damn, I meant to…" Even now, he still struggles with his inner conflict. The apology doesn't go well. Dream, who feels rejected, suggests they remain friends. Then, Day interrupts their conversation. Like before, Night suddenly feels self-conscious because they aren't alone anymore. He loses the confidence to admit his feelings. As Night mopes around and shoots jealous glances, I feel bad. His insecurities have gotten the best of him again.

Besides struggling with his sexuality, Night suffers an inferiority complex. He lives in the shadow of his older sibling. The father pits his two sons against each other by comparing their achievements. Faced with constant criticisms, Night has a shattered self-esteem. As the golden child, Day takes his dad's side and doesn't support his brother. Night loses more confidence over Day & Dream's closeness. Once again, his sibling has overshadowed him. Night's upbringing explains why he behaves so neurotically. His family makes him feel like he's never good enough.

Night, Dream, and Day are in a love triangle.

I love Night because he represents my favourite character archetype. He's a shy, sensitive lead with a sweet disposition and a sad backstory. Night has a neurotic personality and many insecurities, but the flaws make him more complex. Also, he embodies the trifecta of gay narrative tropes. He struggles to accept his sexuality, can't meet family expectations, and has doubts about fulfilling his dreams. All three plots resonate profoundly with me in fiction. The series has created the ideal protagonist of my dreams!

Out of all the BL dramas, three protagonists have come the closest to my preferences: Jungwoo from Choco Milk Shake, Tai from La Pluie, and Night from Night Dream. Unfortunately, the clumsy writing muddles Night's characterization and doesn't highlight his full potential. Even so, I'm still fond of him. My favourite fictional character is Jude Kinkade from Hit The Floor, an American show with a gay subplot. I love Jude for all the reasons stated above. He encompasses every beloved trait and storyline. IMO, Night is a lite version of Jude and shares many similar qualities.

Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode 6

Ending Review
Night and Day are arguing.

Ugh, I hate Day! When Night writes his novel, his brother asks, "Do you want me to help where you're struggling?" The question sounds patronizing, as if Night is incapable and can't write without Day's ideas. You disrespect a professional writer by implying you can do his job better. Later, Day thinks his brother needs tough love and states Night will never succeed. Night's dad already makes him feel worthless. Why reinforce this negative thinking instead of encouraging him?

I understand Dream is upset about Night's mixed signals after the kiss, but he gives a brutal rejection. "I'm the only thing you can outdo your brother in." OMFG, this line is heartless! It took Night so much courage to admit his feelings. Not only does Dream turn him down, but he also attacks Night's insecurities. Hey, you can never be as good as your brother in anything! Night's family and friends all reinforce his inadequacies. I expected better from Dream, who could've spoken more sensitively. His cruelty in this scene tarnishes my view of their romance.

Night's life has gone to hell. His friend rejects him, his family doesn't believe in him, and his professor wants to flunk him. Worst of all, Night is harsh on himself. He feels like a colossal failure and a lifelong disappointment. "I can never make my dad proud." Night even quits being a writer, a sign of his broken spirit. There's a scene where he sits nervously on the sofa. As Night chews his fingernails and clasps his hands, his whole body trembles with anxiety. He looks so vulnerable in that moment, making my heart ache for him. I want to give Night a reassuring hug. 😢

Night looks up thoughtfully.

Night and Dream go their separate ways, but the time apart helps both characters gain clarity. Night used to be dishonest with himself. He hid behind ambiguous relationships with his friends, never committing to anyone. "An uncertain love is a certain pain." Now, he has learned to be decisive. Unlike the cowardly protagonist from before, he faces his romantic desires confidently. The professor passes his assignment, a metaphor for Night understanding his feelings. Finally, he can admit to being in love with Dream.

The story's ending has some loose ends. I wish it ties up Night's relationships with his family better. Nonetheless, I like the meaningful reunion between the leads. Night asks Dream to be his boyfriend, defining their romance without ambiguity. He also expresses his affection openly. "Why do I have to be shy? It's love." I adore seeing his newfound confidence! Night seems happier, self-assured, and honest with his feelings. The final scene of Dream signing an autograph on the book is powerful. It represents how Dream played a pivotal role in Night's growth & self-discovery.

Night Dream Information

Rookie Thailand

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021).

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021), 21 Days Theory (2022), Future (2023), and Night Dream (2023). It also produces several variety shows.


Ball Kanathorn Tabvilai (บอล คณธร ทับวิไล) is a Thai Director who worked on several BL dramas. His portfolio of work includes Night Dream (2023) and Twins (2023).

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