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Happy Merry Ending is a Korean BL series about a pianist and a singer forming a romance.

Happy Merry Ending is a Korean BL series about a singer, a pianist, and their romance. The main characters are musicians who meet while performing at a wedding. Despite their connection, the introverted protagonist is uncomfortable socializing and suffers from panic attacks. His trauma stems from a manipulative relationship in the past. His new love interest tries to help him overcome these insecurities.

Occasionally, Happy Merry Ending shows a glimmer of promise. An emotional moment or an intimate exchange may seem intriguing. However, most of the narrative is uncompelling. The last few episodes steer the plot to angsty melodrama. A poorly executed time skip also halts any momentum in the romance. All these lacklustre elements add up to a dry, clunky BL series with unfulfilled potential.

Happy Merry Ending Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Happy Merry Ending is a nice & heartwarming BL drama.


Seung Jun and Jae Hyun have an outdoor date.

Seung Jun is a vocal coach who occasionally works as a wedding singer for a hotel. Despite his beautiful voice, he has a shy personality and doesn't like mingling in groups. Seung Jun feels self-conscious in group settings. He wears sunglasses indoors to avoid initiating eye contact with others when performing. Seung Jun also takes medication to manage his anxiety levels.

Seung Jun meets Jae Hyun, a pianist recently hired to accompany his performances. Jae Hyun owns a coffee shop and only plays the piano for fun. He introduces himself to Seung Jun and compliments his singing. Jae Hyun invites him to a group meal, but his coworker politely declines. Nonetheless, Jae Hyun persists until Seung Jun finally changes his mind. However, the meal doesn't go well. Jae Hyun asks too many questions, triggering Seung Jun's anxiety. Seung Jun has a panic attack and causes a commotion at the restaurant.

Seung Jun becomes drunk after the meal, so Jae Hyun offers to take him home. While chatting, Seung Jun agrees to give his coworker free vocal lessons. The following day, Jae Hyun calls and gets in touch. Seung Jun is embarrassed about making a fool out of himself. Jae Hyun wants to apologize for making him uncomfortable during last night's meal. Seung Jun keeps his distance and doesn't want to socialize. He quickly heads home and consumes more medication to ease another panic attack.

Seung Jun is traumatized by what happened with Joo Won, his former manager. Five years ago, Seung Jun was a trainee for an idol group. He developed a crush on Joo Won, who cared for him tenderly. However, Joo Won was also fooling around with another group member. Seung Jun felt betrayed by his mentor and called him out on his misconduct. Afterwards, Joo Won undermined Seung Jun's confidence and sabotaged his career. The young singer was left with little self-esteem.

Seung Jun lives with Ho Yeon, his neighbour who loves surfing. They have a close relationship and often visit each other's flats. Ho Yeon cared for his friend after Joo Won kicked Seung Jun out of the idol group. Ho Yeon has a secret crush on his flatmate. However, Seung Jun seems oblivious to his feelings. Ho Yeon notices Seung Jun's recent bond with Joo Won. He starts drifting away from Seung Jun.

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Happy Merry Ending Cast


Seung Jun

Lee Dong Won (이동원)

Seung Jun is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Dong Won (이동원).

Seung Jun is a vocal coach who sometimes works as a wedding singer at a hotel. Despite his musical talent, Seung Jun is shy and doesn't like socializing with others. Sometimes, he suffers from panic attacks and must take medication to soothe his nerves. Seung Jun is traumatized due to a manipulative relationship in the past.

Lee Dong Won

Lee Dong Won (이동원) is a Korean actor. He is born on January 1, 1994.

Lee Dong Won (이동원) is a Korean actor. He is born on January 1, 1994. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Happy Merry Ending.

Jae Hyun

Byun Sung Tae (변성태)

Jae Hyun is portrayed by the Korean actor Byun Sung Tae (변성태).

Jae Hyun is a coffee shop owner. He recently accepted a new side job, working as a pianist for a hotel. Jae Hyun is friendly and outgoing. He wants to know Seung Jun better even though his coworker seems unsociable. Jae Hyun begins taking vocal lessons with Seung Jun and soon develops a crush on him.

Byun Sung Tae

Byun Sung Tae (변성태) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 9, 1998.

Byun Sung Tae (변성태) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 9, 1998. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Happy Merry Ending.

Supporting Cast

Ho Yeon is portrayed by the Korean actor Shin Myung Sung (신명성).

Ho Yeon

Shin Myung Sung (신명성)

Joo Won is portrayed by the Thai actor Kim Kyu Jong (김규종).

Joo Won

Kim Kyu Jong (김규종)

Chan Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Song Yu Vin (송유빈).

Chan Woo

Song Yu Vin (송유빈)

Hyun Ji is portrayed by the Korean actress Baek Ye Bin (백예빈).

Hyun Ji

Baek Ye Bin (백예빈)

Jae Hyun's employee works at the coffee shop.

Jae Hyun's employee

Seung Jun gives singing lessons to his student.

Seung Jun's student

Happy Merry Ending Review


Drama Review Score: 6.2

Seung Jun and Jae Hyun hold hands.

Happy Merry Ending centres on a protagonist who struggles to socialize with others. Initially, he just seemed shy and introverted. However, it becomes evident that his psychological challenges run deeper. The main character shows many signs of underlying trauma, from medication to panic attacks. The plot explores his backstory, revealing that he came out of a toxic relationship. Thankfully, his new love interest helps him recover as they embark on a journey of romance, music, and mental wellness.

The idea behind Happy Merry Ending seems decent. I see occasional glimpses of an intriguing story, making me curious about the protagonist's troubled past. However, most of the narrative is dry and clunky. The scenes are too mundane, the dialogue lacks substance, and the interactions don't have oomph. There are also meaningless exchanges that convey nothing new about the main characters. These are all signs of a weak script, which doesn't develop the plot compellingly. Happy Merry Ending needs a better storyteller to guide the series with a sense of purpose.

Seung Jun is a sympathetic protagonist with a fascinating backstory. The actor (Lee Dong Won) portrays his role earnestly, making the character feel vulnerable and sincere. You want to root for him to overcome his mental health relapses or prevail against his manipulative mentor. However, the other lead isn't well-developed. With his shallow personality and little substance, I barely know anything about Jae Hyun. Also, I don't understand his motivations. He seems overly invested in Seung Jun, trying too hard to please someone who shows no interest in him.

The leads are initially awkward around each other. However, I like their rooftop dinner scene at the end of Episode 4. The couple shares a faint romantic spark, intriguing me about their possibilities. As their gentle love story unfolds, I'm glad Seung Jun has found a supportive partner who makes him happy. Regrettably, the last few episodes halt any momentum in their budding relationship. There's too much obnoxious melodrama instead of happy and merry BL content. In addition, the series wastes time teasing an unnecessary love triangle. Ho Yeon adds nothing to the plot.

Happy Merry Ending gets derailed in the last three episodes. The story shifts focus onto Joo Won, a one-dimensional antagonist who dominates the narrative with his laughable villainy. His scenes cheapen the plot, making it feel theatrical. Also, there's a terribly executed time skip. All of a sudden, Seung Jun conquers his trauma. He transforms his life, but this character development happens off-screen. I want to witness how Seung Jun makes empowering changes to grow as an individual. Yet, Happy Merry Ending omits the most crucial part of his emotional recovery.

Like the title suggests, Happy Merry Ending has a happy ending as the main characters enjoy a blissful relationship. They share a passionate kiss in the finale, marked by a sentimental ballad and elegant surroundings. Yet, I feel nothing toward the couple. The previous episodes have failed to establish a meaningful connection, so the lovey-dovey conclusion seems unearned. I'm left uninspired by the clumsy storytelling, poorly developed romance, and sloppy melodrama near the end. Happy Merry Ending is a mediocre BL series that underdelivers in every aspect.


Clunky story

Happy Merry Ending has a dry, clunky story with mundane scenes, dull exchanges, and annoying melodrama. It suffers from a poorly executed time skip that omits character development.

Weak romance

The gentle love story shows moments of potential. However, the last few episodes halt any momentum in the romance. The underdeveloped relationship doesn't inspire any emotions in me.

Sincere acting

Seung Jun's actor (Lee Dong Won) displays an earnestness that makes his character feel fragile and sincere. His costar (Byun Sung Tae) is fine, but he's limited by a shallow role without much flexibility.

Happy ending

Happy Merry Ending has a happy ending as the couple reconciles and enjoys a blissful relationship. The last few episodes show a decline in quality. I'm particularly frustrated by the time skip.

Pleasant artistry

The series has a pleasant looking aesthetic. The cinematographer presents various scenes through unusual angles or unique positions. There is an apparent effort to elevate the artistry.


Happy Merry Ending is an underwhelming BL drama that doesn't develop the plot or romance compellingly. The series derails in the last few episodes, glossing over crucial character development.

Happy Merry Ending Episodes

Episode Guide

Seung Jun and Jae Hyun pose for a picture together.

Happy Merry Ending has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 15 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 2 hours. Happy Merry Ending started on April 26, 2023 and ended on May 18, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Not the most compelling introduction. The first episode takes too long to introduce the leads and their relationships. The protagonist's panic attack is intriguing. I wonder what happened to him.

Episode 2

The plot is darker than I thought. Where are the happy scenes and merry events? The focus on the main character's mental health struggles is an interesting angle to approach a BL drama.

Episode 3

The scene where Seung Jun meets Chan Woo is cute. However, the story needs to pick up its pace. The leads must spend more time together and form a romantic bond. Their interactions are too mild.

Episode 4

I like learning more about Seung Jun's past, giving more context to his trauma. The last scene is decent. I sensed a tiny romantic spark between the leads, giving me a tingly sensation.

Episode 5

There has been too much focus on Seung Jun. I barely know anything about Jae Hyun. If you ask to kiss someone, you should wait for the answer first before smooching him. 😓

Episode 6

Joo Won is a cartoonish villain with an unpleasant storyline. I don't want his annoying drama to dominate the plot. Instead, please focus on the BL content and highlight the couple's romance.

Episode 7

WTF? Why is there suddenly a time skip? Seung Jun's drastic career change and personality overhaul should have been explored on screen. It's unsatisfying to skip over such crucial development.

Episode 8

The couple shouldn't have split up. Their time apart halted the romance's momentum. These last few episodes have been poor, derailing the plot. I don't care about the couple or their reunion.

Happy Merry Ending Information

Kidari Studio

Kidari Studio is a Korean studio. Its BL portfolio of work includes Happy Merry Ending (2023).

Kidari Studio is a Korean studio. Its BL portfolio of work includes Happy Merry Ending (2023). Kidari Studio also specializes in various productions, including many webtoons and movies.


Min Chae Yeon (민채연) is a Korean director. Her first BL project is the 2023 drama, Happy Merry Ending.


Dorae (도래) is the original creator of the Happy Merry Ending webtoon.

  1. BL Watcher as always stating facts,
    I was excited to see this bl , but after the first episode I couldn't even bring myself to finish it till the end , everything was all over the place and I felt there was some time jumps and some parts were missing, I think we are past the point where bls were just some quick cash grab, the plot was a good one but they surly weren't able to deliver it's aspects

  2. This is the first BL I saw that mentioned social anxiety disorder which I'm grateful for, as someone who suffers from it.

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