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Jun and Jun is a Korean office BL series about an intern and his boss.

Jun and Jun is a Korean office BL series about a marketing intern and his boss. After starting his first day of work, the main character is surprised to reunite with his childhood friend. His old playground buddy has become his new boss. The protagonist tries to maintain professional boundaries and focuses on passing his job probation. Yet, his love interest seems eager to reconnect, setting up intimate scenarios between them.

Beyond the problematic boss-employee romantic dynamic, Jun and Jun has awful writing. Each episode bores me with tedious plots, from dull office chats to annoying love triangles. The story focuses on doomed rivals instead of nurturing the bond between the leads. The couple's flirting is so cringy that it gives me second-hand embarrassment. Even if they have a decent kiss, it doesn't negate the four hours of uncomfortable relationship drama.

Jun and Jun Summary


준과 준

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Office romance


Jun and Jun is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Choi Jun flirts with Lee Jun in the office.

Lee Jun is an office worker starting his first day of internship at a marketing agency. He, along with three other interns, must pass a probation period. Full-time employment isn't guaranteed if their performances don't match expectations. Many of the interns lack workplace experience. They talk nervously among themselves about the strict recruitment policies in this company. Getting a job here isn't easy.

There is a traffic jam on Lee Jun's first day of work. He has trouble getting a taxi to pick him up. While waiting, he clashes with Yeong, another woman waiting nearby. She refuses to compromise with him. As they bicker, Yeong's friend, Choi Jun, arrives in his car. Choi Jun offers to drive Yeong to work. Before the pair departs, Lee Jun boldly asks for a ride with these strangers. Yeong opposes due to pettiness, but the friendly Choi Jun agrees to drop him off.

Lee Jun is grateful for the ride. He offers a carton of chocolate milk as a token of gratitude, making Choi Jun laugh. Surprisingly, both men work at the same company. Furthermore, Choi Jun is actually the director of the advertising department. Lee Jun is startled to learn that his driver from this morning will be his manager. The other interns are suspicious that Lee Jun arrived with the boss at the office. They gossip that he may have gotten this internship through connections. Lee Jun overhears the discussion but pretends to brush off their remarks.

Lee Jun is grateful for the ride. He offers a carton of chocolate milk as a token of gratitude, making Choi Jun laugh. Surprisingly, both men work at the same company. Furthermore, Choi Jun is actually the director of the advertising department. Lee Jun is startled to learn that his driver from this morning will be his manager. The other interns are suspicious that Lee Jun arrived with the boss at the office. They gossip that he may have gotten this internship through connections. Lee Jun overhears the discussion but pretends to brush off their remarks.

Before starting this internship, Lee Jun used to be a former idol. He enjoyed his short-lived celebrity fame before quitting the spotlight. Lee Jun met Heyon Jae during his career. Hyeon Jae was a talent manager before switching careers to work at Choi Jun's marketing agency. He is the one who recruited Lee Jun as an intern. Hyeon Jae looks after his younger friend, helping him fit in with the workplace. There is an element of truth to what the interns gossiped about. Despite his inexperience, Lee Jun hopes to prove his worth to his colleagues.

Choi Jun calls Lee Jun into the office for a meeting. Choi Jun stirs his memories until Lee Jun remembers who his boss is. Years ago, they used to be childhood friends. They were playground buddies who spent their time together by the swings. Choi Jun and Lee Jun bonded because they shared a similar name. However, Choi Jun's family moved away, causing the pair to lose touch over the years. Choi Jun is happy to reunite with Lee Jun and wants to reconnect romantically. Their boss and employee workplace dynamic is about to become complicated.

Jun and Jun Trailer

Jun and Jun Cast


Lee Jun

Yang Jun Mo (양준모)

Lee Jun is portrayed by Korean actor Yang Jun Mo (양준모).

Lee Jun is an office intern beginning a new job at a marketing agency. He used to be a former idol who retired from the spotlight. His friend, Hyeon Jae, introduced him to this job. Lee Jun is grateful for his help. Upon his arrival, Lee Jun is surprised to meet Choi Jun, his childhood friend. The pair lost communication over the years. Choi Jun is now Lee Jun's boss.

Yang Jun Mo

Yang Jun Mo (양준모) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 23, 2001.

Yang Jun Mo (양준모) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 23, 2001. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Jun and Jun.

Choi Jun

Ki Hyun Woo (기현우)

Choi Jun is portrayed by Korean actor Ki Hyun Woo (기현우).

Choi Jun is a marketing director and Lee Jun's boss. They used to be childhood friends who bonded due to their similar names. Over the years, the pair lost touch after Choi Jun moved away with his family. Choi Jun studied in America before returning to a thriving career in South Korea. He is well-respected in the company for his leadership skills, creativity, and work ethic. Choi Jun is interested in reconnecting with Lee Jun.

Ki Hyun Woo

Ki Hyun Woo (기현우) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 27, 2000.

Ki Hyun Woo (기현우) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 27, 2000. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Jun and Jun. He also has a tiny guest role in Semantic Error (2022).

Supporting Cast

Hyeon Jae is portrayed by Korean actor Jo Chan Hyun (조찬현).

Hyun Jae

Jo Chan Hyun (조찬현)

Yeong is portrayed by Korean actress Jung Ye Bin (정예빈).


Jung Ye Bin (정예빈)

Simeon is portrayed by Korean actor Park Hyeong Seop (박형섭).


Park Hyeong Seop (박형섭)

Mi Young is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Mi Yeong

Young Seok is portrayed by a Korean actor Lim Min Ho (임민호).

Young Seok

Lim Min Ho (임민호)

Dong Hyeon is portrayed by a Korean actor Park Young Un (박영운).

Dong Hyeon

Park Young Un (박영운)

Chief Kim is portrayed by Korean actor Jung Sang Moon (정상문).

Chief Kim

Jung Sang Moon (정상문)

Ms. Lee is portrayed by Korean actress Yeoreum (여름).

Joo Ha

Yeoreum (여름)

Ms. Ha is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Ms. Ha

The barista is portrayed by a Korean actress.


Young Lee Jun is portrayed by a Korean child actor.

Young Lee Jun

Young Choi Jun is portrayed by a Korean child actor.

Young Choi Jun

Cast Highlights

  • The leads of the 2021 Korean BL series Mr. Heart (Han Se Jin and Cheon Seung Ho) appeared in a cameo appearance in Episode 5 of Jun and Jun. They portrayed a couple.
  • Thai actors Tutor and Yim, well-known for their supporting roles in Cutie Pie, have a guest cameo in Episode 6 of Jun and Jun.

Jun and Jun Review


Drama Review Score: 5.5

Lee Jun is startled by Choi Jun's morning wood.

Jun and Jun has an okay premiere, setting up intriguing relationship dynamics for an office BL drama. Unfortunately, each episode declines in quality until I'm bored out of my mind toward the end. The vapid series wastes four hours on mundane conversations, dull office meetings, and tedious love triangles. None of the drab storylines entertain me. Likewise, the bland characters and their stale relationship drama are all uninspiring. Jun and Jun is a joyless experience, failing miserably in its attempt to tell a love story.

A part of me wants to like Jun and Jun because the lead is gorgeous. Choi Jun's performer (Ki Hyun Woo) looks suave and dashing in his business suits. From his alluring gaze to his seductive smile, he exudes a strong sex appeal that propels the BL drama. Beyond his physical appearance, he gives a convincing portrayal. Choi Jun is supposed to be a business prodigy who commands awe from others. The actor pulls off his role well, capturing the character's confidence and charisma. I wish he were in a better series that could showcase his star power properly.

Despite the handsome leading man, Jun and Jun fails for multiple reasons. Firstly, it perpetuates a problematic relationship between a boss and his employee. I've grown weary of office BL dramas because many storytellers disrespect professional boundaries. In Episode 2, Choi Jun orders his subordinate to undress in the office. Given his position of power, the exchange is egregiously inappropriate. There are multiple instances where the sleazy boss misuses his authority to flirt with the intern. This romance is an HR nightmare with alarming red flags.

Secondly, the romantic scenes have embarrassingly cringy writing. I squirm and shudder every time the characters flirt. Their awkward displays of affection have the opposite effect, turning me off from love. The couple's soft vs. squishy conversation in Episode 2 is baffling, like watching aliens try human interaction for the first time. The morning wood scene in Episode 3 feels even more uncomfortable and gives me second-hand embarrassment. This series can't deliver cute romantic fluff or sexy and playful banter. The BL content is downright abysmal.

Thirdly, the story indulges in meaningless romantic subplots with irrelevant rivals. The show is literally called Jun and Jun. We already know the protagonists will end up together. Let's not waste time on the annoying supporting cast. The series focuses so much on misunderstandings and redundant relationship drama instead of building a genuine connection between the leads. The couple's love story is choppy, confusing, and cluttered with unnecessary distractions. Also, Choi Jun comes across as such a prick that I prefer the nice and bland Hyun Jae as a love interest.

Jun and Jun has a happy ending, but only after dragging out the couple's romance for a needlessly long time. The final episode contains lovey-dovey scenes, compensating for the lack of intimacy earlier. Admittedly, the kissing is decent and lasts for a while. However, I won't fall for a lousy BL drama that tries to redeem itself through last-minute passion. A few smooches aren't enough to negate the terrible writing, cringy flirting, or aimless storytelling throughout the series. Jun and Jun deserves a low review score for a thoroughly unenjoyable viewing experience.


Dull story

Jun and Jun declines in quality with each tedious episode. From dull office conversations to annoying love triangles, the story bores me out of my mind. The series doesn't entertain me.

Cringy romance

Besides perpetuating the problematic boss-employee relationship, the couple's flirting is embarrassingly awkward. It spends too long on love triangles instead of establishing the main romance.

Decent acting

Choi Jun's actor (Ki Hyun Woo) is suave and dashing. This handsome leading man gives a confident and convincing portrayal. Yet, he is working against a poorly written plot and romance.

Happy ending

Jun and Jun has a happy ending for the couple, finally resolving their prolonged sexual tension. Although the finale contains several lovey-dovey scenes, they don't make up for the quality issues earlier.

Solid artistry

The series has solid visuals that showcase the actors attractively. Everyone looks their best, especially when Choi Jun struts in his fancy business attire. Sadly, this series is all style and no substance.


Jun and Jun suffers from a problematic office romance, awkward flirting scenes, and tedious love triangle drama. Despite a handsome lead, the dull and uninspiring series can't hold my interest.

Jun and Jun Episodes

Episode Guide

Choi Jun and Lee Jun are in the bedroom.

Jun and Jun has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 33 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 4 hours. Jun and Jun started on July 20, 2023 and finished its last episode on September 7, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

This premiere is okay and sets up the office relationship dynamics intriguingly. It may be the best episode of the series by default. Choi Jun's actor is quite handsome and pops on screen.

Episode 2

Choi Jun is such a dirty pervert. There's zero reason to ask your intern to get undressed over a coffee spill. OMG. The couple's flirting is so damn awkward! WTF is that soft & squishy discussion!?

Episode 3

The morning wood scene gives me second-hand embarrassment. If the series is trying to be arousing, it hasn't succeeded. The couple's romance is a turn-off and makes me uncomfortable.

Episode 4

I'm so friggin' bored. These dull office scenes are even more boring than going to work in real life. Stop with the mundane chats, vapid texts, and pointless business meetings.

Episode 5

Why is the series introducing another love triangle!? It barely has time to develop the lead, Choi Jun. Hyun Jae is already a pointless rival, but Simeon feels even more annoyingly redundant.

Episode 6

Ugh, not an entire episode of irrelevant love triangle drama. I don't care about Hyun Jae, but I prefer him as a love interest over sleazy Choi Jun. Please change this series title to Jun and Jae instead.

Episode 7

Oh, another episode where nothing happens. Every time that coworker gossips and talks shit, he gets caught lol. Not Choi Jun upstaging the model that his company paid for the ad campaign.

Episode 8

No, I refuse to give this crappy BL drama a high score simply because of a few kissing scenes in the last episode. This couple sucks, their relationship sucks, and the entire series sucks!

Jun and Jun Information


W-STORY is the Korean BL studio that made Where Your Eyes Linger (2020).

W-STORY is the Korean BL studio that made Where Your Eyes Linger (2020). Its portfolio also includes Mr. Heart (2020), You Make Me Dance (2021), Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022), and Jun and Jun (2023).


Kim Eun Hye (김은혜) is a Korean director. She has worked on several BL series, including Jun & Jun (2023) and Why R U? (2023).

  1. I usually agree and appreciate every comment from BL watcher, but certainly not this time. I have seen practically all the series that are rated on this page and without a doubt I enjoyed Jun and Jun more than many other Korean series that are better rated by Bl watcher.

  2. The few times i agree to disagree. Personally i enjoy the series, but I also understand the middle is boring to many. But still i would put it on par with the other C rating KBL on this site instead of a D.

  3. Like others commenting here I nearly always agree with BL Watcher's assessments. Having said that, I enjoyed Jun & Jun and was sorry to see it ranked so low. Sure, the office romance genre is problematic whenever there is an imbalance of power within the lead couple, which there often is (rare exceptions include Our Dating Sim, Tokyo in April Is, and Candy Color Paradox). I was amused and entertained by many aspects of Jun and Jun: Choi Jun rocking all the suits, the fake fiancé's hostility toward Lee Jun transforming to affection for her Jun "eonni," the chocolate milk business card, the passive aggression of the mild-mannered manager, the baffled narcissism of Simeon, Lee Jun's bossy side which kept him from being perceived as a victim ("keep this distance, Director nim!" and the iconic bag toss), and the push me/pull you confessions were all fun. I found it to be a frothy, stylish, brief, and pleasant little K-bl. Rating it a C+

  4. p.s. Although it pans a series I liked, I did thoroughly enjoy BL Watcher's review of Jun & Jun, particularly the petulant response to episode 8, lol. Stick to your guns!

  5. I agree with bl watcher in here, I really like the first episodes but after week after week the episodes keep declining, I was severely disappoint on how this story progress.

  6. I totally understand your feelings (more like frustrations) while watching this drama. I felt the same. Even the very small positives that you've said about the acting doesn't feel justified in my eyes. Yung Jun Mo as Lee Jun looked clueless all the time. If he had been an Idol in the past, he ought to have some confidence on his face and demeanor. Even Choi Jun has no variety in his expressions. The only positive about this drama was Choi Jun's good looks which i don't really think can be credited as a talent.

    considering the fact that you are reunited with an old buddy after years, for whom you've secretly harbored feelings all this while, their behavior upon reunion seemed illogical, like totally emotionless and shallow. And who starts hitting on an old buddy like that in the office? and what was the need for taking off the shirt for a coffee spill.
    let's not get started about the morning scene.

    what were the writers thinking? I mean I totally agree with the fact that Hyeon Jae's feelings looked much more convincing than Choi Jun's.

    And why the hell was Siemon in this plot? He seemed to be more comfortable, frank and warm towards Hyeon Jae than Lee Jun. The writers could have used his character to help Hyeon Jae get over his crush on Lee Jun. They would have made a better couple.
    Why the hell was Lee Jun so clueless about the feelings of Hyeon jae and Siemon??? Was he blind? and if he was aware, then taking favors from them was out n out exploitation of their feelings for him.
    and rest of the interns, seniors, existence of Yeong , everything was meaningless.
    And what exactly were they working on???? Perfume? Hairspray? Love potion?

    The conflicts in this drama weren't even conflicts.

    i get that Lee Jun is an intern, but he doesn't even know how to make a presentation or spreadsheets etc. ??? What was he thinking joining in the marketing field. He wouldn't have survived a day if it weren't for Hyeon jae and Choi jun's favour.

    I liked 'the new employee' better, as compared to this Cringe Compilation.

  7. i was actually really excited after the first episode, but things just went downhill. it reminds me of the new employee with its lack of substance and actual plot

  8. This one I totally agree with your comments… so disappointed on this one. Sooo badly written is amazing it got produced. Few comments:
    – So Lee Jun was in a kpop group. Where's the group now? why was disbanded? or it was just him the the one who left? why?
    – Choi Jun disappeared for years… get's explained why? no Apparently always liked Lee Jun, did he try to look for him? why not?
    – Choi Jun girlfriend… apparently just for convenience but gets fully cleared? no
    – Hyun Jae apparently was an idol manager, why did he resigned? did he had a crush on Lee Jun? why never said anything?? was this explained? no
    – why was so much time wasted on the silly interns interactions?
    – If Lee Jun was so eager to be an office worker (you silly man!) why didn't even bothered to learn a bit of a basic Office package? not even an spreadsheet or know about the cloud..? He shouldn't have lasted there a full week. If I was one of the other interns and I had to prove I could do the job before being accepted I would be really pissed someone with no qualifications or knowledge whatsoever was allowed to do this internship. Nepotism at its best
    – Simeon appears to hit on Lee Jun but apparently the one he wants is H Jae…???
    …. and just to be a bit nasty, were the producers looking for just "dentally" challenged actors??? because Simeon and both Juns… their teeth would arrive at destination ahead of the rest of their bodies… hehehe…! ( sorry could not resist..)

  9. this bl series disappointed me. the story is boring and fucking hell the office scenes were soooooo boring and unbearable to watch. choi jun's actor is so hot and that's probably the only thing i enjoyed about this series lol. i kept pausing every minute because the scenes were so cringey and gave me second-hand embarrassment. it took me 2 weeks to finish it all.

  10. Despite the bad rating this was one of my favorite BLs. The main lead Choi Jun is so charming!xD. I also really enjoy love triangles, and wish it was explored even further. The acting, pacing, and plot do keep you engaged.

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