Light On Me – Drama Review & Ending Explained

In Light On Me, Shin Woo becomes close to Tae Kyung despite the rocky start to their relationship.

Light On Me is a Korean BL drama that takes place in an all-boys high school. The main character is a lonely outcast until he joins the school's student council. Although he is welcomed by a new group of friends, there's one particular student who clashes with him and makes his life more volatile. As they get to know each other better, the line between their feud and friendship becomes blurred.

Recommended for BL fans, Light On Me is an incredibly bubbly series packed with lots of vibrant charisma. This innocent high school romance is supported by its charming story, the captivating characters, and a perpetually cheerful energy. You'll have fun throughout the sixteen half-hour episodes, which are capped off with a sweet and satisfying conclusion.

Light On Me Summary


새빛남고 학생회

Series Info:

South Korea (2021)


7 hours

Total Episodes:

16 episodes


School romance


Light On Me is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Tae Kyung and Shin Woo don't get along with each other at first.

Tae Kyung is a quiet student who attends an all-boys school. He is shy, lonely, and doesn't have any friends at school. Mr. Seo, a friendly teacher, encourages him to step out of his comfort zone. Following his teacher's advice, Tae Kyung musters up the confidence to apply for the student council.

The student council has twenty members in total, but it is mainly run by three key figures. The president is Da On, a popular high school senior known for his kindness. He is joined by his friend Namgung, a bubbly and goofy student with lots of exuberant energy. Another council member is Shin Woo, the vice president, who has a cool and aloof personality.

Unfortunately, Tae Kyung makes a terrible first impression on Shin Woo. Due to a careless accident, Tae Kyung embarrasses Shin Woo and puts him in a very compromising situation. Ever since the incident, the student council vice president has held an irrational grudge. Although Da On and Namgung want Tae Kyung to join the club, Shin Woo sternly forbids his membership.

As a compromise, Tae Kyung is given a one-month probation period to prove his worth to the student council. For Da On and Namgung, the probation is pretty much a formality. These two good-natured students have gone ahead in befriending Tae Kyung and welcoming him to their inner circle. However, Shin Woo maintains his stubborn streak and continues to give their newest member a tough time. Tae Kyung is left exasperated and can't figure out how to make Shin Woo like him.

Unlike Shin Woo, Da On has welcomed Tae Kyung and made him feel included. Tae Kyung is won over by Da On's warmth, developing a camaraderie with his new friend. However, he is intimidated by So Hee, the student council president at the nearby all-girls school. Since So Hee has a massive crush on Da On, she acts hostile towards anyone too close to him. With both Shin Woo and So Hee as his enemies, Tae Kyung finds it challenging to adapt to his student council life comfortably.

Light On Me Trailer

Light On Me Cast


Tae Kyung Lee Sae On (이새온) Lee Sae On Instagram

Tae Kyung is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Sae On (이새온).

Tae Kyung is a Grade 11 student at an all-boys school. Shy and quiet, he used to have no friends until a teacher convinced him to join the student council. Tae Kyung is a straightshooter, but can be so blunt with his words that he comes across as tactless. He hates mathematics (his reason: "because it's hard") and needs to be tutored regularly by Da On.

Shin Woo Kang Yoo Seok (강유석) Kang Yoo Seok Instagram

Shin Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor ng Yoo Seok (강유석).

Shin Woo is a junior high school student and the vice president of the student council. His prickly and oversensitive personality doesn't make him the easiest person to get along with. Beneath his gruff exterior, Shin Woo is a caring, thoughtful, and fiercely loyal friend. Shin Woo gets embarrassed quite easily, and his ears turn red every time he feels uncomfortable.

Da On Choe Chan Yi (최찬이) Choe Chan Yi Instagram

Da On is portrayed by the Korean actor Choe Chan Yi (최찬이).

Da On is a senior high school student and the president of the student council. The intelligent Da On gets the top grades in school, but he remains humble about his academic achievements. He is also sociable and loves to help people with all sorts of problems. Da On doesn't have the best relationship with his family, and he often feels neglected by his parents.

Namgung Go Woo Jin (고우진) Go Woo Jin Instagram

Namgung is portrayed by the Korean actor Go Woo Jin (고우진).

Namgung is a bubbly and vivacious high school student, recruited by Da On to join the student council. He has a mischievous sense of humour, but can be quite astute underneath his cheeky observations. Namgung loves eating snacks, playing games on his phone, and taking naps during school. He hates to work and always tries to find excuses to evade his student council responsibilities.

Supporting Cast

So Hee is portrayed by the Korean actress Yang Seo Hyun (양서현).

So Hee

Yang Seo Hyun (양서현)

Mr. Seo is portrayed by the actor Lee Ki Hyun (이기현).

Mr. Seo

Lee Ki Hyun (이기현)

Light On Me Review


Drama Review Score: 9.3

Namgung dresses up with a red cape and a pink rose in his hair.

Light On Me is a charming BL drama that depicts a high school romance in a fun, bubbly, and enthusiastic way. It has a promising start with a memorable scene in the first episode, which will have you giggling and guffawing. The subsequent episodes are just as cheerful, brimming with a bright and exuberant energy. A silly interaction, a lighthearted joke, or an incredibly sweet moment will bring a warm smile to your face.

The strength in Light On Me comes from the four immensely likable main characters. With their distinctive and colourful personalities, you will find each character endearing despite their various quirks. As a collective group, they share excellent chemistry with one another and their delightful rapport emanates in every scene. Plus, these actors portray their roles with a wonderful flair, breathing life into the vibrant characterizations.

Noh Shin Woo is a revelation. Oh my god, his character might be the best tsundere I've ever seen in BL. My love affair with him began from the first episode, where he held a hilariously petty grudge against Tae Kyung. In every episode onwards, Shin Woo had me under his captivating spell. Whether he's being sassy and belligerent or sweet and bashful, I love every facet of his capricious personality. Those averse to the tsundere archetype may not like him as much, but the Noh Shin Woo journey is easily the series highlight for me.

Light On Me features an enchanting high school love story that doesn't play out in a straightforward manner. For the most part, I enjoyed the emotional storyline filled with engaging drama, character-driven conflicts, and occasional misunderstandings. However, the series falls into a tiny slump near the middle, where a few episodes keep treading the same waters without diving into the heart of the plot. Thankfully, the romance comes into full swing during the final arc. Those relationship scenes near the end are powered by wholesome charm and sparkling repartee.

There's much to appreciate about Light On Me, an excellent series with a solid start, plateaus slightly near the middle, but regains momentum in the final episodes. Best of all, the satisfying ending reaffirms its positive messages about friendship, first love, and forgiveness. All these themes are handled with delicate sensitivity, of course. It should come as no surprise this drama has such an enthusiastic reception among BL fans. With its brisk and upbeat tempo, watching all sixteen half-hour episodes should feel like a breeze, leaving you with a gentle warmth in the end.


Promising start
Tae Kyung and Shin Woo begin their relationship with an embarrassing situation.

I knew Light On Me would be a fun series from the moment that ~dildo scene~ popped up. Any BL drama that begins with the main character poking a dildo into his love interest's butt is off to a very promising start. 😙 This iconic incident defines Light On Me, and it's one of the few details that I'll remember vividly about the series years down the line.

As silly as this comedic moment might seem, it effectively breaks the ice and sets the lighthearted tone of the series. When I started Light On Me, I didn't know what to expect from the first few minutes. When that scene appeared, the sheer cheekiness won me over and I felt way more relaxed about the drama. Strap me in for whatever shenanigans you prepared over the next sixteen episodes, because I'm ready for the ride!

Tae Kyung
Tae Kyung gets smashed in the face with a cake.

My first impression of Tae Kyung is that I don't buy his character as the school outcast. There's a disconnect between his appearance and his persona. I'm not saying that beautiful people can't be loners, but it takes more of a stretch imagining someone like Tae Kyung on the bottom of the social hierarchy. His introduction in the first episode just didn't convince me enough why this guy had no friends.

Nonetheless, I liked Tae Kyung and thought he served as a likable protagonist to the story. He marches to a slightly different beat than the other characters, leading to some quirky reactions and funny scenarios. The Tae Kyung at the beginning was okay, but I enjoyed him more once he opened up and became comfortable around Shin Woo. He is at his best with a bit of cheekiness, teasing Shin Woo in a harmless way.

Shin Woo
Shin Woo is the ultimate BL tsundere.

My favourite part about Light On Me is definitely Shin Woo, a perfect specimen of the tsundere archetype. His character goes on a well-crafted personal journey, turning from a hostile antagonist to an amicable love interest. He comes across as really temperamental in the beginning. Shin Woo takes his grudge against Tae Kyung to an extreme, almost like he's overreacting to a genuinely careless accident.

However, keep in mind that Shin Woo has a history of being bullied for his sexuality. Getting propositioned with a dildo comes with negative connotations that may remind him of the homophobic stunts he endured in the past. After their first encounter, Shin Woo feels embarrassed, defensive, and suspicious of Tae Kyung, worsened by the fact that he's flustered by his secret crush.

If Shin Woo's personality seems too harsh at first, just know there's a rationale for his petty and prickly behaviour. He lashes out at Tae Kyung as a defence mechanism to stop himself from getting hurt. After realizing that Tae Kyung is actually a nice guy, Shin Woo becomes too prideful to apologize. He tries his best to be friendlier, but does so in such an awkward way (i.e. corners Tae Kyung in a classroom to tell him his fly is open) that it's really endearing to watch. 😚

Best tsundere ever
Shin Woo flashes a sneaky smile at Tae Kyung.

What makes Shin Woo so lovable is that beneath his tough exterior, he's a big softie trying to conceal his vulnerable side. He rarely opens up about his feelings, hiding any sentimentality beneath a pretense of pride and prejudice. Shin Woo will tell you he's fine, pretends like he's completely fine, but deep down you know he isn't fine at all.

His mannerisms and body language always betray him in the end. You can tell whenever Shin Woo isn't honest because his ears turn red, or he chokes on a gulp of water, or he acts more standoffish than usual. Observing his character is fun as you try to decipher how he really feels. You pay attention to his every move, interpreting his subtle expressions and reading into his little gestures.

Like all the best tsunderes, Shin Woo eases up throughout the series. He opens up more during the second half, lets down his emotional barriers, and steps out of his comfort zone. Shin Woo becomes super sweet towards Tae Kyung, supporting his friend fiercely after the love rejection. Shin Woo's behaviour is a drastic change from how he acted at the beginning, and I love following his journey of transformation.


Tae Kyung and Shin Woo
Tae Kyung and Shin Woo link arms together.

An adorable romance between two introverts, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo make a compatible couple together. Their personalities are fundamentally similar, since both characters are quiet, passive, and socially anxious. Nonetheless, they overcome their shyness, work through any insecurities, and forge a romantic connection with each other.

Although there're some sparks between them at the start, their relationship doesn't really take off until Episode 11. From that point onwards, their romantic scenes come strong and heavy. Every interaction between them is precious, as they navigate their first love in a cute, awkward, and endearing way. The strongest chemistry usually comes when Tae Kyung is being cheeky and Shin Woo gets a little flustered, but all their moments are pretty spectacular.

My favourite scene in Light On Me is the love confession at the end of Episode 13. After discovering the many unread text messages, Tae Kyung asks Shin Woo if he had been thinking about him all this time. Shin Woo replies, "Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow, I'll continue thinking about you." It's kind of an epic line in a momentous scene that plays out beautifully. Just when I think I couldn't love Shin Woo more, he drops a line like this that makes my heart flutter even faster. 😚

Tae Kyung and Da On
Da On holds onto Tae Kyung at the party.

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo are the final couple in Light On Me. However, their romance isn't as straightforward as you'd expect. In most BL dramas, the main couple is obvious and defined from the get-go. Yet, Light On Me plays around with the ambiguity and defies the conventional narrative. Surprisingly, Tae Kyung doesn't develop a crush on Shin Woo, his fellow costar. Instead, Tae Kyung finds himself drawn to Da On and they are the ~official ship~ in the beginning.

From a narrative standpoint, it makes sense that Tae Kyung would feel attracted to Da On. Early in the series, Da On is friendly, attentive, and takes great care of Tae Kyung as he struggles to fit in. His character's biggest flaw is being too nice to people, so you know this guy is a catch. Da On appears even better when you compare him to Shin Woo, who treats Tae Kyung awfully at the start. Based on how the relationships formed, Tae Kyung had every reason to like Da On more than Shin Woo.

The Tae Kyung and Da On romance isn't treated like a minor subplot. Light On Me dedicates multiple episodes to build up Da On as a viable love interest. For a while, this relationship progressed so smoothly that I questioned myself how Shin Woo would come in between them. The dynamic is that Tae Kyung likes Da On, who reciprocates the romantic feelings. Surprisingly, Shin Woo was relegated to being the third wheel and it didn't seem like he had a chance of winning over Tae Kyung.

Love triangle
There's a love triangle between Tae Hyung, Shin Woo, and Da On.

The love triangle between Tae Kyung, Da On, and Shin Woo becomes the main plot in Light On Me. Obviously, I was rooting for Shin Woo to succeed, but I couldn't see an opening for him in Tae Kyung and Da On's budding romance. Fortunately, an opportunity arose after Tae Kyung confessed his love. Although Da On has feelings for Tae Kyung, he isn't ready to confront them in public. Deeply bothered by the gay rumours, Da On starts putting distance between himself and Tae Kyung.

A lot of compelling drama came from that photograph of Tae Kyung and Da On holding hands on the balcony. Da On didn't come out (pun intended) of the storyline looking well and his indecision was infuriating. It's okay if you want to stay in the closet, but at least show some respect to Tae Kyung and have an honest chat with him. Unsurprisingly, Da On's inability to commit to a public romance marks a notable shift in Tae Kyung's feelings. Where the Tae Kyung and Da On ship falters, the Tae Kyung and Shin Woo ship rises like a phoenix from the ashes!

Sticking to the bro code, Shin Woo gave Da One one last warning before making a move on Tae Kyung. Unfortunately, Da On took too long to muster up his courage. By that time, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo were already deeply smitten with each other. Tae Kyung might've liked Da On at the start, but his feelings are allowed to change. Da On only has himself to blame for not snagging a boyfriend when he had the chance. In the end, Tae Kyung picked the guy who made him feel happy and proud instead of sad and shameful.

Da On and So Hee
So Hee has a massive crush on Da On, who doesn't reciprocate these feelings.

In Da On's defense, he was under a lot of pressure from his family, his peers, and his weirdly obsessive stalker. Sorry, I usually try to empathize with the female love interest in BL dramas, but So Hee makes it so difficult to like her. Leaking that picture is the most obvious offense, but her character's attitude is annoying as hell. On one hand, I do admire So Hee for being strong-willed, determined, and persistent. On the other hand, this girl needs to CHILL.

We love strong assertive women in BL only when they don't base their entire self-identity on a schoolgirl crush. I can tolerate a lovesick character to a certain extent, but I can't deal with this jealous, possessive, and spiteful scorned woman schtick. So Hee crosses the line on multiple occasions, acting as if Da On will return her feelings if she cleared away all the competition. Girl, he just isn't that into you! It has been three years and he hasn't made a move so far. Conventional wisdom tells you to move on instead of plotting and scheming like some evil jilted lover.

So Hee is my least favourite part of Light On Me. Her character is simply too annoying, too aggressive, and too antagonistic. Any time the story focused on So Hee, my heart felt a heavy slump as I embraced myself for another irritating scene with her nonsense. Sadly, I couldn't forgive her even with the character redemption arc near the end. I acknowledged her apology, but the damage was already done and I couldn't put up with this girl's theatrics any longer. Mostly, I just want So Hee to go away in a self-imposed restraining order and leave Da On alone already.


Good acting
The actor playing Namgung is very energetic and lively.

The acting in Light On Me is solid and everyone embodies their characters well. They feel authentic to their roles with vibrant personalities. The two leads are especially well-cast. Besides looking really cute as a BL couple, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo's actors sharing a fantastic rapport with each other.

For me, the most impressive cast member is the actor playing Namgung (Go Woo Jin), who brings an infectious enthusiasm to the series. He's extroverted and responsible for the liveliness in many scenes. Namgung's character is already designed to be likable, and his actor takes it to the next level with his natural charisma. Plus, he has great chemistry with everyone in the cast and jibes well with each on-screen partner.

Great rapport
Da On, Namgung, Shin Woo, and Tae Kyung are the four student council members.

Another strength in this cast is their group chemistry. The four main actors have an engaging rapport, which translates into an easy effortlessness in all their scenes together. There's a fun, energetic vibe whenever these characters interact. As a result, the student council scenes are always so bubbly and boisterous to watch.

This type of camaraderie between the actors isn't always easy to develop in a cast, but these guys genuinely feel like friends. Kudos to them for gelling so well with each other, making the character dynamics feel more vibrant and authentic.


Happy ending

Light On Me has a happy ending with Tae Kyung and Shin Woo becoming a couple. Although Da On makes a last-minute attempt to win over Tae Kyung's affections, he is unsuccessful. In the last episode, there is no emotional drama or heated confrontation between the characters. Da On acknowledges Tae Kyung has picked Shin Woo and gracefully bows out of the love triangle.

At school, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo do not hide their relationship from the other students. Some of their peers gossip about them, but Namgung is their biggest supporter and tells everyone to mind their own business. Later, the student council decides to throw a birthday party for Mr. Seo, who is touched by their gestures. After the party, Mr. Seo gets a special visitor, a mysterious figure from his past.

The final scene in Light On Me is also the first scene of the series. Two years later, the five friends have gathered together for a night out. Tae Kyung and Shin Woo are still a couple, exchanging some cute banter between them. Tae Kyung suddenly surprises Shin Woo with a peck on the lips. Startled at first, Shin Woo follows up with a longer and more intimate kiss with his boyfriend.

They kiss in front of their friends, who tease them for being so sweet with each other. Tae Kyung and Shin Woo respond by holding hands, proudly displaying their relationship. The five of them walk off together, and Tae Kyung narrates that he'll cherish these happy memories.

Ending review
Tae Kyung and Shin Woo share a kiss in the Light On Me ending.

What a lovely ending for Light On Me. Episode 15 concludes in a way that makes you doubt Tae Kyung's feelings for Shin Woo momentarily. However, those fears are put to rest with Episode 16. The last episode is packed with adorable Tae Kyung and Shin Woo moments, culminating in their first kiss in the final moments. That kiss was a fantastic scene, depicting the initial nervousness of both characters, but also capturing the excitement and intimacy between them.

I like how the last episode didn't rely on conflicts, tears, or arguments to produce any drama. You'd think the love triangle plot would carry over to the final episode, but it gets resolved in a clean, effortless way. The rest of the episode is dedicated to a lighthearted subplot with the teacher. We also receive satisfying closure for Da On and So Hee. Plus, there're many cute moments between Tae Kyung and Shin Woo. The half-hour flew by quickly and enjoyably, concluding the series on a pleasant note.

Ending explained
Tae Kyung and Shin Woo become an out couple at school.

My favourite moment in the Light On Me ending is actually not the kiss. Instead, it's that scene where Tae Kyung and Shin Woo hold hands as they go to school. Even as the other students gossiped about them behind their backs, they were proud to display their relationship in public.

Holding hands might seem like a small and ordinary gesture, but there's such a powerful significance to coming out in this manner. Given all the homophobic bullying and rumours they encountered, it would've been easier for these two teenage boys to hide their relationship or keep to themselves.

However, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo are out, proud, and open about loving each other. They show the world that their love will endure, no matter what others say about them. The two of them are relaxed, comfortable, and happily in love. I can't think of a better ending for Tae Kyung and Shin Woo.

Mr. Seo
The student throws a birthday party for Mr. Seo in the final episode.

The final episode focused on a fun subplot with Mr. Seo, a likable supporting character that definitely deserves time in the spotlight. It's nice how the final episode paid tribute to him, acknowledging he was an instrumental figure to each character's personal growth. Without Mr. Seo, Tae Kyung wouldn't have joined the student council in the first place.

The episode featured an intriguing moment where Mr. Seo meets someone from his past, a mysterious man who goes by the name of Lee Tae Sung. According to the original webtoon (which Light On Me adapts from), this guy was one of Mr. Seo's love interests when he was younger. There's an unofficial BL music video floating around that may shed some light on their relationship.

This scene didn't have to be included in the episode, so it's interesting that the drama left an ambiguous cliffhanger in there. It might signal that we'll see Light On Me Season 2 with a focus on Mr. Seo's love life, or it might not. We'll keep our fingers crossed to see if there's any sequel in the works!

Light On Me Episodes

Episode Guide

Light On Me has a total of 16 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 30 minutes long. This is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 7 hours. Light On Me begins its first episode on June 29, 2021 and ended on August 19, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12


Episode 13


Episode 14


Episode 15


Episode 16


⭐ Best episode

Episode 12

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo watch a movie together in his home.

Light On Me has a fantastic streak of excellent episodes near the end. Any of the episodes has a strong case for being the best, but I ultimately picked Episode 12. This is the episode where Tae Kyung stayed over at Shin Woo's apartment. Since the parents are away, it's just the two boys chatting, eating, and watching movies together.

Episode 12 is the first time that Shin Woo and Tae Kyung actually have a heart-to-heart with each other. Their interactions in the past eleven episodes are cute, but this episode finally takes it to the next level. We see them bond in a serious way, and Shin Woo reveals a much softer side to their personality.

After the sleepover, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo continue to bond. In the past, we were used to seeing the two of them bicker back and forth. It's refreshing to see them be nice towards each other in a cute and adorable way.

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 14

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo go on their first date in Episode 14.

Once again, any of the episodes near the end can be described as the most romantic. I picked Episode 14, which involved Tae Kyung and Shin Woo go on their first date together. It's funny watching both boys feel nervous on the night before. Tae Kyung frets over not getting a text message response from Shin Woo. Meanwhile, Shin Woo is anxious about what to wear and how to look "effortlessly chic" on their date.

The date itself is a hilarious mess, because Shin Woo follows bad dating advice from the internet. He keeps nodding his head to appear agreeable, but overdoes it to the point that Tae Kyung gets pissed off over his insincerity. The date ends cutely though, and you can tell both characters come out of it liking each other a little more. 😙

😭 Tearjerker episode

Episode 11

Tae Kyung cries after he breaks off the relationship with Da On.

Episode 11 might be the most dramatic episode in Light On Me. After the "scandalous" photo surfaces, Da On isn't comfortable with all the gay rumours about him. Face with lots of peer pressure and parental neglect, he distances himself away from Tae Kyung. At the end of the episode, Da On admits that he doesn't want a relationship with Tae Kyung anymore, leading to some bitter words and heartbreaking tears.

If there's any consolation, the episode ends optimistically because Shin Woo is there to support Tae Kyung after his rejection. Shin Woo consoles him, as Tae Kyung breaks down and cries into his friend's shoulder.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 16

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo become a couple in Episode 16.

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo finally become a couple in Episode 16. Despite Da On's best efforts, Tae Kyung makes it obvious that he wants to be in a relationship with Shin Woo. Later, Shin Woo gets embarrassed and refuses to admit that he hasn't dated anyone before. However, Tae Kyung finds it reassuring they're each other's first love.

The final scene takes place two years later. Tae Kyung and Shin Woo have remained a couple, while all their friends are still single. Tae Kyung pecks Shin Woo on the lips, followed by a more intimate kiss between the couple.

Light On Me Behind the Scenes

Light On Me Information

  1. Light On Me is for sure my favorite korean BL, no doubt.

    It has start, middle and end, without getting lost in the plot or trying to do too much, it just gives us what was promised and leave us happy with it.

    Watching this I couldn't help but fall in love with Noh Shinwoo, he's such a good character everything he does makes sense, even when he starts to open up more he never stops being himself. And you're absolutely right when you say that he is the perfect representation of a tsundere, he is the best tsundere i've ever seen in a BL.

    Every time he did those awkward stuff, like weirdly waving when he says hi to Taekyung, I started smiling, his awkwardness is so cute and pure.

    Noh Shinwoo also gave us one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the show, that one when he and Taekyung are watching a movie together and Taekyung ends up sleeping in his shoulder. In that moment when he just makes Taekyung sleep closer to him and closes his eyes, you can clearly see how the character was feeling, he was just enjoying the moment of affection cuz he knew that that was all he was going to get, and that broke my heart.

    One thing that really surprised me was the acting, they are so good when compared to other BLs I watched. When I was watching the behind the scenes of the episodes I could see how different the actors are from the characters, Saeon and Youseok are the total opposite of Taekyung and Shinwoo, they were always playing and joking around the set, it's amazing how they did those characters so well. The behind the scenes of the kiss scene is even better than the actual kiss scene, seen them all nervous about kissing each other was the cutest thing I ever seen (and Youseok can REALLY kiss, it surprised me).

    If I have to be nitpicky here, I would say that the only problem I see in this show is that it has some pacing issues (don't know if I'm using the right word for that, my english is not that good). Light On Me has a lot of dialogues, almost every scene is just dialogue after dialogue, and in a lot of then was just they talking and starring at each other, without doing anything, those scenes made the show feel kinda stiff, with a weird pacing.

    It's clear how different it is from the scenes were they are doing stuff, like fighting over carrying a chair or holding hands in the street.

    Light On Me is definitely a new milestone for Korean BLs, It's the biggest one so far and showed that Koreans and international fans really have interest in Korean BLs.

    I really hope that we get a second season, with focus on our favorite teacher Mr. Seo, and we get to see Taekyung and Shinwoo just being a cute supporting couple.

    (oh and I followed you on twitter, if you want to keep in touch over there, mine is @dontdoitfen were I just flood pictures of Anson Lo and Kang Youseok.

    1. Yeah, I think Light On Me might be my favourite Korean BL too. Shinwoo's character alone elevates this series to god-tier 🤴🏻. However, it also gets so many aspects right in terms of storytelling, romance, acting, as well as the atmosphere and vibe. Despite some minor pacing issues, everything else is so consistently excellent. I'm delighted the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive, giving Korean BLs a big boost.

      I fell for Noh Shinwoo so fast, so hard, oh my god. His character defines everything I love about the tsundere archetype. The scene where they watched the movie together was soooo good. It's cute, it's romantic, it's lighthearted, but it's also complex and shows how the characters have deepened their feelings for each other. Every Shinwoo moment is iconic, to be honest.

      In the behind-the-scenes footage, I was surprised too at how different the actors are from the characters. It makes me more impressed by how their acting performances are. In real life, the two leads are so bubbly and energetic, but still very lovable. 🤗 And yes, the kissing was too cute for words.

      A second season would be very exciting to me and I hope that it happens. Imagine watching 12 more episodes of Shinwoo being a powerful tsundere king, yesssss. Fingers crossed!

      And thanks for following my Twitter! I followed back too! 💞

  2. Light On Me is hands down, my favourite bl drama of all-time. it was so interesting and realistic as well, a high-school love story. the love triangle was depicted so well in this drama and it was interesting to see. not gonna lie, i wouldn't have minded if taekyung and da on got together in the end, they shared some cute moments and i could see them as a cute couple. unfortunately the homophobia at school didn't help their relationship bring it to life but its ok. yes, noh shin woo stole my heart; his character was absolutely well-written.


    he's such a tsundere yet the most humble person in the whole drama. pls, the moments he had with taekyung killed me!! THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER.


    now to namgung, I LOVE HIM!! I NEED A FRIEND LIKE HIM, he's so funny and immature, but during serious matters, he's so loving, supportive and wise. his character was well-written as well.


    now, mr. seok is everybody's favourite teacher. he's the reason we got this happy ending. i'm glad they gave him that little subplot in the last episode, he clearly deserved it. he helped with everyone's character development. i wonder who's that person that he saw after the party, it could be like you said, "his love interest from the past", it would've been so interesting to know more about this.


    overall, Light On Me captured so many things; storyline, emotions, characterisations, settings, OSTs (yes, i love A.C.E) and everything was perfect. the ending was so beautiful, the cute kiss aaa (i saw the behind-the-scenes of the kiss scene and it's so adorable that both actors were comfortable with it, noh shin woo seemed like he liked it when they kept repeating the scene to make it perfect hehehe 😉 )


    SO YEAH THIS IS SO FAR, MY FAVOURITE BL DRAMA. i got butterflies from the cute cute cute moments. i want a boyfriend like noh shin woo ^_^ he's the perfect one.



  3. While watching, I wondered if the character Tae Kyung, was meant to autistic/asperger or somewhere on the spectrum. If they had made that a point in the beginning, his lack of affect, lack of understanding friends, relationships, and him being on the bottom of social standing, makes much more sense, despite his good looks. He has several people that champion him to grow and expand, and perhaps knowing that he was on the spectrum, it fits with key characters helping him to socialize. I just chose to watch his character as if he was trying to learn and adapt to high school life, while being on the spectrum. Doing so, the director and writers missed an opportunity for inclusiveness.

  4. Very good and sweet BL drama, I wonder how realistic the story is for young man, I thought it looked like too gentle. Fairytale;

    Tae Kyung character is probably on the spectrum but somehow they don't care/talk/know or address the issue and I kept thinking they should have.

  5. *spoilers follow*

    Set in a boys’ high school, this drama centers on four friends who are leaders of the student council. Each character is distinct and interesting. Two of them start to fall for each other, but, plot twist, the older one is too insecure about homophobic gossip so backs away (while disappointing, that’s fair enough, but he does it in a cowardly way unbefitting of his status as president). Enter the awesome Shin Woo: he’s in it to win it, with class, tact, candor, kindness, loyalty, and courage. Unwavering.

    I can’t say it better than blwatcher’s review, so I’ll quote it here here:

    “Noh Shin Woo [played by Kang Yoo Seok] is a revelation. Oh my god, his character might be the best tsundere I’ve ever seen in BL, period. My love affair with him began from the first episode, where he held a hilariously petty grudge against Tae Kyung. In every episode onwards, Shin Woo had me under his captivating spell. Whether he’s being sassy and belligerent or sweet and bashful, I love every facet of his capricious personality.”

    My grade: A+ for everything about this show except for the female student character. The less said about her, the better.

  6. Dear BL Watcher,

    Guess I'm sort of "late to the party" to discover, then comment on Light On Me, which I recently discovered, and just finished watching, this past week. I'd taken a break from watching any BL series for a while, as they so often seemed shallow and unsatisfying…

    BUT the "Light On Me" series… was SO WELL DONE, terrific writing and Production, with the crew of exceptionally believable primary actors… I'm really so sad the series ended! The story had really become a part of my life, over these past 3 weeks.

    First of all, THANK YOU for the links to the Music Video, and the Instagram accounts!! Reading the replies to the music video, I managed to get some names to some BL series that star the "teacher" Mr. Seo (Lee Ki Hyun) which I'll take a look at… (Mr. Heart, Nobleman Ryu's Wedding, the "Color Rush" series/movie, etc.)

    Your synopsis of the series was phenomenal; so very thorough, so I'll stick to the few areas which I'd like to expand upon…

    1) So first off, the "credibility factor" of Tae Kyung (Lee Sae On) being friendless, as you alluded to: how could anybody so attractive not have friends…!?!?

    I totally get your view, but I had a different slant on this, having recently become "aware and educated" as to the personality traits of those of us with "Mild Autism" (so I'm including myself in that "mild disability" too; it explains a LOT of my lifetime's difficulties).

    The inability of Tae Kyung to be able to shake the hand of the teacher Mr. Seo, when offered, on the opening day of school…

    AND Tae Kyung asking, directly, Mr. Seo for help, while explaining that he's NEVER EVER had a friend in his life! Additionally he has a overly blunt and direct way of speaking, not having mastered the ability of socially "lying" to soften the impact of his words, nor seemingly having mastered any basics of simple socializing!

    ALL of these behavioral symptoms are very typical for those of us with Mild Autism.

    So having said that, when watching the series, I put Tae Kyung into my mental category of being Mildly Autistic, and yet, having said that, I still had to struggle (as did you) to overlook his amazingly stunning good looks, to join the 11th grade school year, while supposedly being so genuinely clueless and friendless. Please research "Mild Autism" for more insight, which really wasn't begun to be understood and catagorized as a disability until 1980, if you're interested in this disability.

    Prior to 1980, people with any degree of autistic behavior were lumped into the "mentally ill" category. Often, people with Mild Autism have other exceptional gifts of [alternative] talents that they have developed, yet the Tae Kyung character doesn't seem to exhibit ANY real "special talents", (maybe "chic fashion" or photography? but certainly not math!) although he did seem to have a deeper than normal gentleness and affection.

    2) The initial "meeting" of Tae Kyung and Shin Woo (Kang Yoo Seok) over the "Dildo Accident", I'd say was CRITICAL for establishing multiple series story baselines…

    I also took away some messages (and lovely absurd humor from Lee Ji-eum, the writer) from this incident:

    a) In a classic gay labeling sense, it actually set up Tai Kyung as the [possible eventual] TOP, and Shin Woo as the receiving "BOTTOM" in quite clear messaging (IE Tai Kyung literally jamming the dildo INTO Shin Woo's buttocks, in this bizarre incident!!!!)

    b) AMAZINGLY FUNNY direct dialog, to help drive home in this initial episode of TK's astounding social inability, with VERY funny results, AND establish the soon-to-be-BEGINNING-antagonistic-relationship between Tai Kyung and Shin Woo. Looking at the scene, in detail:

    …Shin Woo, walking slowly down the school classroom hallway, unknowingly drops a dildo from the box he is carrying…

    (were these props to help teach high school students how to use a condom??? 😉 )

    TK picks up the dropped dildo, holding it up high, and yells out to SW:

    TK: "Hey! You dropped this!"

    SW is somehow oblivious to TK's commotion, so TK now holds the dildo higher and yells louder…

    TK: "You dropped this!"

    SW remains in his self-absorbed daze, and continues just plodding along, so then TK chases after SW, then when right behind him manages to astoundingly trip on his own feet(!), falling down directly against SW's back, and apparently FIRMLY INSERTS the held dildo into SW's buttocks (as described in the upcoming dialog) within the fall!

    This frozen scene is THEN transitioned (single camera production) into another frozen-in-time-scene, NOW looking like TK is on his knees, offering the dildo to SW (in a gift-giving body language pose), which gets witnessed and laughed at by two classmates just then exiting an adjacent classroom, who say "My gosh!" [This scene must have been so much fun to shoot!]

    TK finally stands up to face SW.

    TK: "I'm really sorry. Are you okay?"

    (TK genuinely thinks he might have injured SW with what he KNEW was the VERY FIRM poking of the dildo into SW!)

    TK: "I think I poked you a bit hard."

    SW: "What are you talking about? It didn't even touch me." [deny deny, LOL]

    [TK missing the point that SW wishes to gloss over this hugely embarrassing incident ASAP, due to TK's gross social ineptitude:]

    TK: "No, I'm pretty sure I did. …It must've hurt a lot. Let me see.

    !!!!!! LET ME SEE???? !!!! So TK wants to examine SW's butt for possible injury???? LOL! IN FACT, TK reaches toward SW as tho he's about to inspect SW's buttocks for injury!!!

    SW BACKS UP, evading TK's outreached inspecting hand.

    SW: "Don't touch me."

    TK finally starting to grasp some of the evolving reality of the situation…

    TK: "What? I'm sorry."

    TK reaches over to replace the dildo into the box SW is holding, AND NOW NOTICES how SW's strong emotions have turned his ears quite bright red…]

    TK: "Your ears are really red. It must've hurt a lot." [IE red ears from pain?!?! LOL]

    SW: "Just leave. Please."

    TK: "Hey. I'll carry this [box] for you since you're in pain."

    SW: " I'm not in any pain."

    This, of course, is obvious to anyone with even a minor grasp of human socializing and behavior.

    Attempting to close out this bizarre encounter, SW steps close to TK's face to forcefully make his closing point:]

    SW: "Also… …watch where you're going." [then turns around and walks away]

    TW is left alone, now talking to himself…

    TW: "Right. It's better to be alone than become friends with someone like him."

    What a terrific AND hilarious scene!!! KUDOS TO THE WRITER, actors, and Production staff for setting the character groundwork for this drama!!!

    3) So Hee's (Yang Seo Hyun) super-tedious annoying episodes (what were there, THREE???) could have been shaved down to a PORTION of a SINGLE episode, just enough to set up the breakup between her and Da On (Choe Chan Yi). Seriously, in a BL series, do we really need to dwell on a catty self-obsessive bitchy girl's antics?

    BUT, after thinking about it more, I think what was SO VERY DISTURBING about So Hee's behavior was that she deliberately OUTED her supposed "boyfriend" as being GAY, causing him such a deep humiliation and loss of prestige, in the school social hierarchy, as WELL as calling into question his motivation behind being the President of the school's Student Council! TOTAL HUMILIATION!!! And she thought this would help her get Da On back, as a boyfriend? WTF!!!

    Giving some thought as to WHY So Hee's actions were such a turn-off for most of the audience… How many of us gays have ALSO been humiliated, outed, and/or betrayed, over our sexuality in our lifetime? And where would that personal experience RATE on the level of PAIN, as a lifetime experience?

    I've "been there" numerous times, myself, and as one example even have my only brother who TOTALLY disowned me, and forbid his family to communicate with me, while spreading his hateful poison throughout my family, all due to my accidentally self-outing myself, at a moment when I thought the van we all were in had started to slip down off the dirt mountainside road we were traveling on at the time. I accidentally cried out to my secret boyfriend "HONEY!!!", at this moment of certain death.

    Being outed can be a severely traumatic experience, at least in USA homophobic culture.

    Granted, the character of So Hee was ONE of FIVE main characters, for an expansive 16(!!!) episode BL drama, so I understand why the writer felt he needed to give her significant story-line time midway through the episodes, but choosing the plot-scheme of her deliberately OUTING the very kind and generous Da On with an idea that this could make him reject Tae Kyung and cement Da On and So Hee's relationship… was, in my humble opinion, a rather "far-reaching [unrealistic], a bad story-line choice, to the detriment of the overall series, which left a "bad taste in my mouth", as well as many others have expressed. FFS!!!

    4) The (drum-roll) possible restoration of the intense relationship to re-kindle between Tae Kyung and Da On??? (which was left as a genuine possibility, just teetering on the edge, at the end of Episode 15)?

    When thinking back about the details of the story-line and characters up to that point, I felt that the degree of rejection and betrayal that Tae Kyung had experienced from Da On, directly due to Da On's various concerns, (first stated to be the certainty of his parent's objection to Da On being gay, AND their powerful connection to the school [administration?], BOTH OF WHICH items oddly seemed to LEAVE the plot-line quickly afterward) then transitioning primarily into being Da On's strong reluctance to being willing to commit to being known publicly as OPENLY GAY, in an openly gay relationship… made him rather TOTALLY unsuitable for Tae Kyung, as a partner he could actually be able to really TRUST… into the future. AS IN: Betrayed ONCE, likely will be betrayed AGAIN, I believe.

    I was so glad he chose Shin Woo, as his first love. I adore Shin Woo. Hopefully (were this real life) the two of them wouldn't both be so equally PASSIVE so as to instead give their relationship the dynamic energy to be able to actually continue over time.

    HOWEVER the writer referring to this romance as Tae Kyung's FIRST LOVE could imply that there will be at least a second love(?) should the series be renewed, or at least in Tae Kyung's life.

    (I'm hoping and praying for a "Light On Me PART 2"!!! Certainly the mysterious visitor who approached Mr. Seo in the final episode could be the kickoff for the sequel?)

    5) I kept wondering if in modern South Korean youth society there is so much dislike and verbal insults and objections to openly male-male gay relationships as was frequently shown in this drama?

    However, living as an expat in Thailand for 17 years [they hardly care, here, if at all] could be biasing my feeling about what I would HOPE for the acceptance of gay relationships, in South Korea.

    So I had to accept, on face value (whether correct or not) that the story-line depicted the reality of frequent gay-verbal-bashing [EVEN IN THE FINAL EPISODE!] as being current anti-gay reality in South Korea. Armed only with my dozens of gay South Korean Instagram accounts that I follow and admire, plus having watched BL dramas based in South Korea…

    I know this is not sufficient input for me to be able for me to accurately judge current South Korean's youth's gay acceptance, at this point in time. Brief Internet searches has shown me that South Korea's legal system still doesn't recognize Gay Marriage, and LGBTQ rights there are still in a struggling phase.

    6) Lastly, I really just wish to echo how much I enjoyed the FUN and HUMOR written and performed in Light On Me. Often, I'm sure I had a silly grin on my face, as the story expanded. I'll probably take the time to watch it a second time, certainly catching additional nuances anew.

    "Light On Me" was a JOY to watch, and will probably remain my NUMBER ONE BL Drama Series… forever.

    Kudos to the Cast and Crew!!! (and BL Watcher!!! ♥♥♥)

    AND THANK YOU, BL Watcher, for turning me on to this series!!! ♥♥♥


  7. In my opinion I really love Daon, I wouldn't mind if him and Tae did or didn't end up together but I still love Tae and Shinwoo. My biggest issue is Daon still being her friend at the end, it just made me feel unsatisfied with how his story ended. It's like on the final episode they were trying to set them up again, with her trying to give him gifts and her love. Like for me I think it would be good if they didn't stay friends for 1 it really drives the idea that no there is nothing between us, 2 she needed consequences for her actions. For me being outed is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person, and given the cultural context I can imagine how bad it can be, especially since his life can literally be ruined. I do think If that situation didn't happen, T and D would've been together. Daon felt tragic but I am happy that he gained courage to not people please and be more selfish. I do wish that we got a deep talk between Daon and Shinwoo, it would've been a great friendship building moment, since Shinwoo did go through what Daon did.

  8. 2 episodes from finishing this, and I am loving it. Great characters, actors, very well written, totally top notch. I know whom I rooting for in the end!

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