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My Dear Gangster Oppa is a Thai BL series about two online gaming friends.

My Dear Gangster Oppa is a Thai BL series about two online gamers from different walks of life. The main character is a lonely student who turns to video games for companionship. He arranges a real-life meeting with his virtual buddy, who is a surprisingly sophisticated hunk. However, the protagonist doesn't realize his new friend works in the world of crime. They must navigate a complex relationship as their atypical lifestyles collide.

The early episodes of My Dear Gangster Oppa showed promise. The sweet, quirky relationship between a gamer and a mobster seemed compelling. Both attractive leads also make a telegenic couple, carrying the series with the sheer power of their good looks. Yet, the romance unfolds annoyingly and wastes time on a love triangle. The last few episodes become derailed with nonsensical chaos and frustrating plot developments.

My Dear Gangster Oppa Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Crime drama


My Dear Gangster Oppa is a wild & intense BL drama.


Guy and Tew face each other at night.

Guy is a lonely student who has trouble socializing with others in school. His only friend is Wahl, a friendly classmate who keeps him company. They have known each other since high school and maintained a close relationship. Guy is grateful for Wahl's companionship and almost becomes codependent on him. Guy applies to the same university as Wahl, studying a subject he has no interest in.

Over time, Guy has developed a secret crush on his friend. On Wahl's birthday, they agreed to meet at the aquarium to hang out. Guy gathers the courage and decides to confess his feelings. Before he gets to do so, Wahl introduces him to his new girlfriend, Nami. They just started dating. Guy feels heartbroken as he becomes the third wheel.

Guy feels lonely again. He turns to an online video game to alleviate his misery. Adopting the alias "Idealize", he makes many new friends as they team up and defeat virtual monsters together. Guy logs in every day to play the game. His usual crew includes Doctor Strange, Insomnia, Tua Tung, and Yuri. The group leader, Doctor Strange, suggests they meet in real life. Everyone else agrees. However, the mysterious Yuri doesn't respond. Unlike the others, she has always protected her identity and never uses a microphone to speak. Still, the others want to meet her.

Guy has the closest relationship to Yuri. The other gamers ask him to convince her to attend the hangout. The event wouldn't be complete without her. After chatting for a while, Yuri finally agrees to go. Guy and Yuri arranged to meet up first. That way, they can get acquainted before meeting the others. To Guy's surprise, Yuri's real-life identity is a sophisticated man. He introduces himself as Tew. Initially, Tew is quiet and brooding. They don't talk much during their meet-up at the aquarium. Guy's social awkwardness alienates them further.

As they share a meal, Guy consumes lots of alcohol to loosen up and becomes intoxicated. Tew has no choice but to care for him, showing a surprisingly gentle side. Despite Tew's cold exterior, Guy realizes his new friend isn't as tough as he looks. They begin a cozy friendship, meeting outside the gaming world. Despite their bond, Tew has kept a significant secret about his identity. Tew works as a gangster. He's heavily involved in the world of crime. Guy remains oblivious to his friend's dangerous line of work, although Wahl becomes suspicious of Tew.

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My Dear Gangster Oppa Cast



Ping Krittanun Aunchananun (ปิง กฤตนัน อัญชนานันท์)

Guy is portrayed by the Thai actor Ping Krittanun Aunchananun (ปิง กฤตนัน อัญชนานันท์).

Guy is a lonely university student with low self-confidence. He doesn't have many friends besides Wahl. Although Guy harbours a secret crush, he's devastated when Wahl finds a new girlfriend. Guy starts playing video games and makes new virtual friends. He grows close to the mysterious Tew, meeting him in real life. They befriend each other and form a special connection.

Ping Krittanun Aunchananun

Ping Krittanun Aunchananun (ปิง กฤตนัน อัญชนานันท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 6, 2004.

Ping Krittanun Aunchananun (ปิง กฤตนัน อัญชนานันท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 6, 2004. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Ai Long Nhai. He is also the star of the 2023 drama, My Dear Gangster Oppa.


Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak (นิชคุณ ขจรบริรักษ์)

Tew is portrayed by the Thai actor Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak (นิชคุณ ขจรบริรักษ์).

Tew is a gangster. He joined the world of crime during his teenage years. His boss, Paiboon, has taken him in during an emotionally difficult time. Tew plays online video games as a recreational hobby, using a female character avatar. He meets Guy and becomes smitten with his new friend's enthusiasm. However, Tew keeps his criminal occupation a secret.

Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak

Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak (นิชคุณ ขจรบริรักษ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 3, 1999.

Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak (นิชคุณ ขจรบริรักษ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 3, 1999. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Love by Chance 2. He is the star of Ai Long Nhai (2022) and My Dear Gangster Oppa (2023).


Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin (ธนทัต คูณอเนกสิน)

Wahl is portrayed by the Thai actor Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin (ธนทัต คูณอเนกสิน).

Wahl is Guy's best friend. They have known each other since high school. Despite his popularity, he still makes time to hang out with Guy. He invites him to meals and various events. Recently, Wahl has found a new girlfriend, Nami. They started dating on his birthday. Unbeknownst to Wahl, Guy has a secret crush on him and feels devastated that they can't be together.

Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin

Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin (ธนทัต คูณอเนกสิน) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 22, 2000.

Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin (ธนทัต คูณอเนกสิน) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 22, 2000. His first BL project is a supporting role in Nitiman (2021). He also appears in War of Y (2022), My Dear Gangster Oppa (2023), and My Universe (2023).

Supporting Cast

Tul is portrayed by the Thai actor Tinn Boonpongthong (ติณณ์ บูรณ์พงษ์ทอง).


Tinn Boonpongthong (ติณณ์ บูรณ์พงษ์ทอง)

Boss is portrayed by the Thai actor Cosmo Milis (คอสโม่ มีลิส).


Cosmo Milis (คอสโม่ มีลิส)

Paiboon is portrayed by the Thai actor Pu Anon Saisangcharn (ปู อานนท์ สายแสงจันทร์).


Pu Anon Saisangcharn (ปู อานนท์ สายแสงจันทร์)

Kenji is portrayed by the Thai actor Tommy Charupob Ruangsuwan (ทอมมี่ จารุภพ เรืองสุวรรณ).


Tommy Charupob Ruangsuwan (ทอมมี่ จารุภพ เรืองสุวรรณ)

Tom is portrayed by the Thai actor Paam Setthanan Manunapichu (แป๊ม เสฏฐนันท์ มนุญปิจุ).


Paam Setthanan Manunapichu (แป๊ม เสฏฐนันท์ มนุญปิจุ)

Pai is portrayed by the Thai actress Nitta Pinyadar Salinvarradar (นิต้า พินญดา สรินวระดา).


Nitta Pinyadar Salinvarradar (นิต้า พินญดา สรินวระดา)

Muffin is portrayed by the Thai actress Yoghurt Yosita Wasuphiruk (โยเกิร์ต โยษิตา วสุภิรักษ์).


Yoghurt Yosita Wasuphiruk (โยเกิร์ต โยษิตา วสุภิรักษ์)

Nami is portrayed by the Thai actress Tonlew Nunnapat Songsakseree (ต้นหลิว นันท์นภัส ส่งศักดิ์เสรี).


Tonlew Nunnapat Songsakseree (ต้นหลิว นันท์นภัส ส่งศักดิ์เสรี)

Guy's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Guy's mom

Guy's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Guy's dad

Tew's father is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Guy's dad

Kenji's lackey is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Kenji's lackey

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Ping and Meen) have starred together in the 2022 Thai BL series Ai Long Nhai. In addition, Meen has a supporting role in the 2020 drama Love by Chance 2.
  • Wahl's actor (Winner) has appeared in Nitiman (2021), War of Y (2022), and My Universe (2023).
  • Paiboon's actor (Pu) has appeared in the 2023 drama Boyband.
  • The actor who portrays Tom (Paam) has a supporting role in the 2021 series Bite Me.
  • Pai's actress (Nitta) has a supporting role in Be Mine SuperStar (2023).

My Dear Gangster Oppa Review


Drama Review Score: 6.5

Guy and Tew almost kiss.

Early on, My Dear Gangster Oppa shows much promise. The first episode does an excellent job of introducing the storylines, characters, and relationships. There's sentimental drama as the protagonist gives his introspective thoughts on loneliness and heartbreak. There's also a cute yet awkward meeting between the leads, subtly hinting at their attraction. Plus, the aquarium scenes have a beautiful ambiance and add grandeur to the visuals. My Dear Gangster Oppa captivated me, at least in the beginning.

My Dear Gangster Oppa has a unique premise, focusing on the unlikely bond between a gamer and a gangster. The couple flirts cutely and shares passionate chemistry. Their sweet relationship scenes are on par with the romantic fluff you expect from BL dramas. However, the love triangle annoys me. Tew and Wahl's petty feud makes both characters unflattering. I'm also disappointed by the first kiss, which occurs at an odd point in the story. A few moments ago, Guy still pined after Wahl. Now, he makes out with Tew. His fickleness undermines the significance of the milestone.

There's a steady quality decline as the story progresses. Each episode reveals more aggravating flaws in the narrative. One of my frustrations is the flat characterizations. Guy's defining trait is that he has no friends, but can we learn other facets about him? My least favourite part is anything to do with Tew's gangster job. The chaotic crime drama overtakes the plot, consuming the second half of the series. From random abductions to senseless schemes, none of it is entertaining. I don't care about this ridiculous mobster nonsense that has nothing to do with BL.

The attractive leads are one of the biggest draws to My Dear Gangster Oppa. Oh my god, Tew's actor (Meen) looks so hot in this series! He dazzles in a sophisticated wardrobe, wearing dark colours that complement his complexion. He's also in peak physical shape and oozes sex appeal during the shirtless scenes. Every inch of this handsome BL star is camera-friendly, from styling to grooming. Likewise, his costar (Ping) appears adorable, especially when he flashes his beaming smile. The costume & make-up teams deserve credit for polishing both their images splendidly.

MeenPing charmed me in their previous BL series, Ai Long Nhai. Despite my soft spot for them, they underperform in My Dear Gangster Oppa. Ping's strength is being cheerful, charismatic, and comedic. However, he lacks a dramatic range and cannot express intense emotions convincingly. As the plot becomes more serious, it exposes his limitations. In contrast, Meen can handle the gritty material with an impressive gravitas. Yet, he seems wooden during lighthearted moments. Unlike his bubbly costar, Meen doesn't display much personality, swagger, or humour.

The story becomes derailed in the last three episodes. It wastes time on the outrageous mobster drama and tedious love triangle. To my exasperation, all the worst plots are annoyingly prominent. I also hate Tew's behaviour with Guy, from telling lies to breaking promises. His untrustworthy actions diminish their romance. Overall, I'm bitterly disappointed. I enjoyed the first half of the series, excusing hiccups here and there. Despite the early potential, My Dear Gangster Oppa goes downhill toward the end. The awful final stretch has destroyed any goodwill.


Chaotic story

Despite a compelling introduction, My Dear Gangster Oppa goes downhill toward the end. There's too much focus on the annoyingly chaotic crime drama. Also, the characterizations seem flat.

Cute romance

The romance between a gamer and a gangster is a unique premise. The couple shares cute, flirty exchanges and passionate chemistry. However, the love triangle drama gets annoying.

Lacklustre acting

Guy's actor (Ping) lacks a dramatic range and can't express intense emotions convincingly. The serious plots expose his limitations. His costar (Meen) seems wooden during lighthearted moments.

Happy ending

My Dear Gangster Oppa has a happy ending as Tew navigates life away from crime. The finale includes one last showdown with the villain. The plot developments are absurd and unentertaining.

Stylish artistry

The aquarium scenes have a gorgeous ambiance. Also, both actors look telegenic thanks to the styling team's efforts. Meen is so hot in this series. Every inch of him resembles a handsome BL star.


My Dear Gangster Oppa delights me with cute flirtation and attractive BL stars. Despite a compelling start, the chaotic story becomes nonsensical toward the end. The last few episodes are atrocious.

My Dear Gangster Oppa Episodes

Episode Guide

Tew touches Guy's face.

My Dear Gangster Oppa has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 6 hours. My Dear Gangster Oppa started on October 26, 2023 and ended its last episode on December 14, 2023.

My Dear Gangster Oppa is an adaptation. The original story is a Korean webtoon by Ken (켄).

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

This first episode is a great start, setting up the storylines and relationships in an intriguing way. The aquarium scenes look gorgeous. I also enjoyed Guy & Tew's cute yet awkward first meeting.

Episode 2

Wait, is that a doo-doo stain on Tew's pants? *lol* I like that Tew is a gentleman and takes care of a drunken Guy. Despite his dangerous line of work, he shows a softer side. Plus, he looks hot!

Episode 3

Tew & Wahl's feud is annoying, making both characters look bad. While I respect Wahl's concerns for his friend's safety, his tone irks me. It's funny how Tew buys a shabu restaurant just because of Guy!

Episode 4

I like learning about Tew's backstory. However, his first kiss with Guy feels rushed. Guy was still smitten with Wahl a few scenes ago. I don't believe his feelings for Tew have developed that deeply.

Episode 5

The crime storylines aren't my favourite. I hope Tew quitting the gang is the end of this plot. Guy & Tew make a sweet couple after they start dating! I like their cute flirting and passionate kisses.

Episode 6

This episode sucked! There's too much emphasis on the awful crime plots. Can Kenji stay dead already? I liked Boss and Tul as a secondary pair until the betrayal. Guy & Tew's breakup pisses me off.

Episode 7

OMFG. I don't wanna watch those annoying gangster scenes! Wahl seems more compatible for Guy, but I don't like his character. Tew has too much baggage. Maybe Guy should stay single.

Episode 8

Ugh, I hate Tew breaking his promise and saving his boss. WHY!? These last few episodes have been atrocious, ruining the love story's momentum. I hardly care about the couple anymore.

My Dear Gangster Oppa Information


The DND is a Thai BL studio that made Bite Me (2021).

The DND is a Thai BL studio that made Bite Me (2021) and My Dear Gangster Oppa (2023). The DND's full name stands for The Dream and Destiny.


Dome Jade Bunyoprakarn (โดม เจตษ์ บุณโยประการ) is a Thai director.

Dome Jade Bunyoprakarn (โดม เจตษ์ บุณโยประการ) is a Thai director. His BL projects include Bad Romance (2016) and its sequel Together With Me (2017). He also worked on Boyband (2023) and My Dear Gangster Oppa (2023).

  1. Another series that promised a lot for what it ends up being in the end. Tew and Guy's Romance doesn't even make sense. It seems too rushed when Tew goes to find Guy at his parents' house to tell him that he wants to stop being a Gangster for him. Like, why? At what point did Guy become so important that he wanted to leave his entire life behind and start over? And can we please talk about how OBVIOUS it was that Boss was a traitor? I was even excited to see him with Tul, however in the end nothing was exciting anymore. Kenji was so cartoonish that it HURT to watch every one of his scenes.

    Although I hate love triangles, that could have been more interesting, but Wahl's last intervention was disastrous. He was always a terrible friend, making Guy a lonely guy who depended on Wahl for everything since it was seen that every time Guy wanted to be independent, Wahl, like the toxic one, interferes with that. He hurt two people in the end, his girlfriend and Guy, so that in the end all that happened to him was that they only hinted that perhaps a new love would be born with the boy who approaches him. Sorry, but what the hell?

    One disappointment after another, it would have been more exciting if Guy accepted Tew's gangster side, that's sexy, even though they are in constant danger. I'M SICK of the cliché of the gangster who becomes good for his sweetheart, ugh, when they don't even execute it well. C is a very pious grade. Or maybe I'm still very angry hahahaha

    1. Yeah, the romance escalated too quickly after the first few episodes. They were just getting to know each other. But suddenly, they're attached like soulmates. It didn't make sense for me, but I tried to overlook it.

      Yes, the love triangle did show some potential. Early on, Wahl was looking out for a friend. He was concerned about the meeting with some random guy online. Fair enough. However, his actions just rubbed me the wrong way. His behaviour keeps getting worse and worse. I still feel like he's slightly more suitable than dating a gangster. But ideally, I was rooting for all the characters to stay single lol.

      Ooh, that idea would be exciting! Tap into Guy's inner bad boy energy. They could be like Bonnie and Clyde!

      I've thought about giving a lower review grade, but I held back. I'm a little biased toward these two actors. Plus, I did enjoy the first five or so episodes, despite some flaws here and there. The last stretch is really hard to defend, though.

    1. Yes, we need more MeenPing dramas! Have you heard of The Rebound? They're the leads of that upcoming series about basketball players. I look forward to seeing them dazzle on screen again.

  2. I was so happy to see MeenPing again, and Meen's wardrobe was on point! However, they needed a script, and direction, that played to their strengths. Meen does have gravitas, give him something worthwhile to take seriously. And Ping needs to be allowed to effervesce, which he does better than anyone else.

    1. Yeah, I was excited to see MeenPing! I loved them in Ai Long Nhai. I was ready to love them again in My Dear Gangster Oppa and made sure to prioritize this review. Maybe the anticipation made the disappointment more pronounced? I was upset this series didn't reach its potential for all the reasons you've mentioned. Still, I like the actors and want to see them in another series.

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