Nitiman – Series Review & Ending Explained

In Nitiman the Series, Jin is an engineering student who falls in love with Bbomb the law student.

Nitiman is a Thai BL series about a university romance. After breaking up with his girlfriend, the heartbroken protagonist feels angry when his ex has quickly moved on with another guy. He lashes out at his love rival, only to discover there's a misunderstanding between them. As they clear the air, the two characters navigate through their confusion, frustration, and passion towards each other.

I would describe Nitiman as a mediocre BL drama that never finds its footing. The story feels a little dull, the romance becomes increasingly problematic, and the trajectory of the series goes on a slow decline. These ten episodes are mostly watchable, but I had trouble maintaining my interest at certain points.

Nitiman Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


9 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes


School romance


Nitiman is a nice & gentle BL drama.


Jin and Bbomb stare at each other in the bedroom.

Jin is an engineering student in his freshman year of university. At the start of the series, he breaks up with his high school girlfriend Aim. Although the breakup is a mutual decision, Jin is heartbroken. He spends the following days moping around sadly. His engineering friends Keam, Jack, and Singh try to cheer him up, but Jin continues to be inconsolable.

When Jin stalks his ex-girlfriend's activities online, he discovers that Aim is chummy with another student from the law faculty. Angry that she moved on so quickly, Jin confronts Bbomb for stealing his girlfriend from him. Bbomb denies the allegations, but his flippant attitude only infuriates Jin further. As rumours about Aim and Bbomb's relationship escalate, Jin resorts to leaving spiteful messages to his love rival online.

A month later, Jin is still obsessed with "the law guy" (aka. Nitiman). Since Keam is in a band with some of Bbomb's friends, Jin and Bbomb's social circles overlap at times. When the two of them interact again in a school function, Jin continues to torment his rival. However, Bbomb seems more coy and flirtatious around him, catching Jin by surprise. Jin's friends begin teasing him about having a crush on the law guy. An online fan page even springs up, shipping Jin and Bbomb together.

Later, Jin discovers that Bbomb and Aim are actually relatives. With the misunderstanding cleared up, Jin suddenly feels guilty for being so mean towards the innocent Bbomb. He offers a sincere apology, and the two former enemies are now on friendlier speaking terms with each other. Unbeknownst to Jin, Aim has already moved on with another guy in a rebound relationship. However, her new boyfriend isn't Bbomb.

Both Jin and Bbomb play football for their school faculty teams, so they have plenty of chances to interact with each other. Every time they meet, Bbomb continues to flirt with him, laying it on thick with his affections. Jin brushes off his advances and even flirts with other girls in front of him. Yet, Bbomb remains undeterred. His flirting intensifies as they secure more one-on-one time with each other.

Nitiman Cast


Jin Jom Thanathorn Khuankaew (ธนธรณ์ เขื่อแก้ว) Jom Instagram

Jin is portrayed by the actor Jom Thanathorn Khuankaew (ธนธรณ์ เขื่อแก้ว).

Jin is a freshman university student who studies engineering. He is close friends with fellow engineering students Keam, Jack, and Singh. After Jin breaks up with his high school girlfriend Aim, he blames Bbomb for stealing his ex away from him. Jin is part of the football team for the engineering faculty. He has a reputation around campus for being a cheeky flirt, and many girls are attracted to him.

Bbomb Noh Phouluang Thongprasert (ภูหลวง ทองประเสริฐ) Noh Instagram

Bbomb is portrayed by the actor Noh Phouluang Thongprasert (ภูหลวง ทองประเสริฐ).

Bbomb is a law student in university. He is a close relative of Jin's ex-girlfriend Aim. However, he gets mistakenly identified as her new love interest instead. Bbomb is a talented musician who sings well and knows how to play the drums. He is also part of the school's football team and basketball team. Bbomb is good friends with fellow law students U, Ultra, Jay, and Song.

Supporting Cast

Keam is portrayed by the actor Kong Sarun Boonmongkol (ศรัณย์ บุญมงคล).


Kong Sarun Boonmongkol (ศรัณย์ บุญมงคล)

Jack is portrayed by the actor Bhu Bhudis Viseshchitra (ภูดิส วิเศษจิตร).


Bhu Bhudis Viseshchitra (ภูดิส วิเศษจิตร)

Singh is portrayed by the actor Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong (ทินกร ภูวศักดวงศ์).


Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong (ทินกร ภูวศักดวงศ์)

Aim is portrayed by the actress Natty Thanyanan Pipatchaisiri (นัตตี้ ธันยนันท์ พิพัฒน์ไชยศิริ).


Natty Thanyanan Pipatchaisiri (นัตตี้ ธันยนันท์ พิพัฒน์ไชยศิริ)

Ball is portrayed by the actor Fourwheels Chayanond Boonmanawong (โฟร์วีล ชญานนท์ บุญมามะวงศ์).


Fourwheels Chayanond Boonmanawong (โฟร์วีล ชญานนท์ บุญมามะวงศ์)

Somsom is portrayed by the actress Namfah Zhang (张新星).


Namfah Zhang (张新星)

Pang is portrayed by the actress Bell Sornsiri Chawalitworakul (สรณ์สิริ ชวลิตวรกุล).


Bell Sornsiri Chawalitworakul (สรณ์สิริ ชวลิตวรกุล)

R-Rui is portrayed by the actor Dearis Doll (เดียริส ดอล).


Dearis Doll (เดียริส ดอล)

U is portrayed by the actor Dan Kreangsak Muangsaen (เกรียงศักดิ์ เมืองแสน).


Dan Kreangsak Muangsaen (เกรียงศักดิ์ เมืองแสน)

Ultra is portrayed by the actor Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin (ธนทัต คูณอเนกสิน).


Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin (ธนทัต คูณอเนกสิน)

Jay is portrayed by the actor Turbo Chanokchon Boonmanawong (เทอร์โบ ชนกชนม์ บุญมานะวงศ์).


Turbo Chanokchon Boonmanawong (เทอร์โบ ชนกชนม์ บุญมานะวงศ์)

Song is portrayed by the actor Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen (ก้าวหน้า กิตติภัทร แก้วเจริญ).


Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen (ก้าวหน้า กิตติภัทร แก้วเจริญ)

Tong is portrayed by the actor Boss Thawatchanin Darayon (ธวัชนินทร์ ดารายน).


Boss Thawatchanin Darayon (ธวัชนินทร์ ดารายน)

Mark is portrayed by Boss Thanabat Ngamkamolchai (บอส ธนบัตร งามกมลชัย).


Boss Thanabat Ngamkamolchai (บอส ธนบัตร งามกมลชัย)

Yin is portrayed by the actor Kritthanet Mayoorowars (กฤษธเนตร มยุโรวร).


Kritthanet Mayoorowars (กฤษธเนตร มยุโรวร)

Maprang is Bbomb's old high school friend.


Soon is Ball and Keam's friend from high school.


Bbomb has a good relationship with his mother.

Bbomb's mom

Cast highlights

  • The director behind Nitiman is the same individual who directed 2020 BL drama Oxygen, so there're some overlaps in the casting. The actors playing Aim, Ball, Mark, Jay, and Song appeared in both dramas.
  • In addition, Jack's actor Bhu appeared in the 2020 mystery series Manner of Death. He also portrays the secondary BL couple in the 2023 series The Luminous Solution. Singh's actor (Tontae) also appears in that drama.
  • Tontae is one of the secondary couples in the 2023 series Venus in the Sky. He gets to flex his natural comedy in this role.
  • Keam's actor (Kong) and Ball's actor (Fourwheels) have supporting roles in the 2023 series La Pluie.
  • Jay and Song's actors (Turbo and Kaownah) appeared in the 2022 BL live-action adaptation Love Stage. They portrayed the lead couple. Tong's actor Boss starred in the 2021 supernatural drama Hidden Love, where he played one of the BL leads. Aim's actress Natty had a supporting role in the 2021 BL series Paint with Love.

Nitiman Review


Drama Review Score: 6.4

Jin and Bbomb share a bed together.

Nitiman doesn't have the strongest premise. The protagonist falls in love with a guy he mistakenly thought was dating his ex-girlfriend… Okay, the idea isn't making me jump out of my chair in excitement. The plot also isn't executed interestingly, progressing in a very linear direction. Every storyline is packed with overused tropes, following the expected trajectory with few surprises. While the episodes aren't dreadful, some uninspired parts leave me feeling a little bored.

Besides a predictable plot, Nitiman also suffers from a convoluted romance. The main characters are stuck in a rut, repeating the same tiresome relationship drama again and again. Either they get upset because their feelings are unreciprocated, or they wallow in self-pity due to jealousy issues. There always seems to be a stale love triangle in the narrative. Just when you think one triangle is finally over, another random rival appears to introduce more artificial conflicts. Does Nitiman have any other tricks up its sleeves, or is this the limit of its originality?

Nitiman can be a lighthearted series, relishing in some cheeky mischief or a naughty line of dialogue. Jack and Singh contribute to lots of the liveliness, bringing much levity to the drama. I enjoy the fun brotherly camaraderie among their group of friends. The scenes where they hang out, gossip, and tease each other feel authentic, evoking a sense of familiarity. They also exude a strong heterosexual energy, like I'm watching straight college guys who party, play sports, and hit on girls. At times, I asked myself whether I was still watching BL. 😅

This drama could've really used a secondary romance to diversify the narrative, giving us a reprieve from Jin and Bbomb's relationship woes. I guess Keam and Ball were supposed to be that second storyline? However, Ball is so missing in action that his character might as well not exist. Even less relevant are Bbomb's gaggle of friends, who hang around with no purpose. Their only memorable moment is in Episode 8, where they drugged Bbomb's drink as a "prank". I definitely docked points in my review of Nitiman because of that egregious offence.

The production values in Nitiman are decent, occasionally stunning you with some pretty visuals or intimate camera angles. A couple of scenes also resonate emotionally, delivering more sophistication and complexity than usual. I see glimpses of a better BL drama in my peripheral vision, but then my hopes fade away again when the story can't rise above its mediocrity. Overall, Nitiman is a very average series that mostly flatlines and never reaches greater heights.

Story review

Weak story
Bbomb gives Jin a hickey on the neck.

Nitiman's story is a bit unexciting. Only Jin and Bbomb's romance drives the plot, while the other characters don't contribute anything substantial. The relationship drama between Bbomb and Jin doesn't offer enough adrenaline to sustain your interest throughout all ten episodes. Plus, they're constantly cycling through the same types of conflicts. It's hard to feel inspired after watching one love triangle after another, like a never-ending loop.

This drama desperately needs more compelling storylines. It doesn't even have to be romantic in nature. The hypothetical subplots can be school drama, family drama, health drama, or anything else. We just need a reprieve from Jin and Bbomb's constant relationship scenes for ten consecutive episodes.

Cheeky humour
Bbomb grabs the water bottle near Jin's groin.

Nitiman gets a little cheeky sometimes. It sprinkles a bit of mischief and naughtiness throughout the series, but does so in an implicit way. For example, there's a scene in Episode 2 where Bbomb grabs a water bottle from Jin. However, the scene composition is filmed so that it looks like he's grasping at something else instead. 🤭

Another example is in Episode 8, which contains one of my favourite lines in the series. Jin and Bbomb are in the middle of a massive argument after finding a condom planted by Bbomb's friends. The condom gives Jin the wrong idea that his boyfriend has been messing around behind his back. As the cheating allegations escalate, Bbomb proclaims, "The condom is too small. I won't fit. It's not mine." This scene was supposed to be really serious and tense, so it startled me when he utters such a ridiculous line with a straight face. 🤭

Acting review

Okay acting
Jin cries when he thinks Bbomb doesn't want to be with him.

I thought the acting from the two leads was just okay. Both Jin and Bbomb's actors do an acceptable job with a very heavy workload. Jin's actor (Jom) improves over the series, becoming more comfortable in his role.

As for the supporting cast, I already raved about Jack and Singh, whose actors (Bhu and Tontae) exude lots of lively charisma. I also think Aim's actress (Natty) is pretty decent. She probably could've handled more material than what the plot gave her.

Ending review

Decent ending
Aim is happy that Jin and Bbomb got together in the end.

I'm mostly satisfied with the Nitiman ending, which sees Jin and Bbomb's relationship at its strongest point so far. However, there have been so many similar conflicts between them, where Bbomb or Jin would get jealous towards each other. Even when they reconcile happily, it feels like yet another ~kiss and make up~ scene that we've already seen before. Let's count down until the next time Bbomb throws a tantrum and gets jealous over Jin again…

I like that Aim played a role in the happy ending, bringing the two leads together. The Nitiman series begins with Aim and Jin falling out of love, while it concludes with her helping him fall in love again. This ending gave both characters the necessary closure to move on with a fresh start.

Nitiman Couples


Jin and Bbomb

Jin and Bbomb share a kiss before agreeing to be boyfriends.

Jin and Bbomb don't have the healthiest romance. Bbomb comes out of the gate very strong, aggressively hitting on a guy who doesn't show any interest in him. Meanwhile, Jin is very reluctant around him, barely tolerating his presence. He seems way more interested in flirting with Som than reciprocating Bbomb's advances.

Bbomb forces a kiss on an intoxicated Jin (🙄) at the end of Episode 4. In an emotionally tense moment, Bbomb insists that he made his romantic feelings very obvious. Still, Jin just pretends not to acknowledge them. While Jin admits that he's confused, he doesn't shut down the possibility of a romance between them. Surprisingly, Bbomb's persistence in the past few episodes rubbed off on Jin, unlocking a bit of bi-curiosity inside him.

Frustratingly, Nitiman manufactures tension by throwing a bunch of random love interests at the couple. Som, Mark, Maprang, and Aim all get in the way of the budding romance between the main characters. Driven mad by jealousy, Bbomb's behaviour becomes very erratic. One moment, he's moping and sulking. The next moment, he's prickly and pissed. The exhausting drama drags on for numerous episodes until they clear the air in the ending. Their relationship in the second half is a mess, and it's just not very fun to watch.

Bbomb's identity revolves around Jin so much that he loses any individuality. I was iffy on his character since the start because he came across as too desperate. Please stop thirsting after a guy who openly despises you! Later, Bbomb becomes increasingly unlikable as a love interest. The neediness, obsessiveness, and perpetual jealousy are such ugly looks on him. His behaviour is problematic enough that I'd rather ship Jin with a single life than with someone as messy as Bbomb.

Jin, Aim & Bbomb

In Nitiman, Aim feels guilty for coming in between Bbomb's feelings towards Jin.

Jin's ex-girlfriend Aim drifts in and out of the narrative, never establishing much of a presence. However, she plays a vital role in Jin's relationship with Bbomb. There's actually a dramatic irony to the story. Even though Jin blamed Bbomb for stealing his girlfriend at first, the twist is that Aim feels guilty for coming in between Bbomb and Jin. She only dated her high school ex out of boredom, whereas her friend Bbomb was the one with a massive crush.

That's why Aim has been pulling the strings behind the scenes, orchestrating some secret master plan to make Jin fall in love with Bbomb. I guess I sorta understand Aim's misguided motive, even though she has no business interfering with their romance in any capacity. If you want Jin and Bbomb to be happy, maybe just leave them alone and stop involving other people to meddle with their feelings?

Jin and Som

Jin rejects Som when she confesses to him.

Although Jin has a reputation of being a flirt, I think he manages his relationships quite responsibly. As soon as Jin acknowledged that he might be attracted to Bbomb, he immediately cut off ties with Somsom. He didn't lead her on, didn't drag out their prospective romance, and didn't start dating her. Some BL leads use their female love interests as a litmus test for their sexuality, but not Jin. Despite his confusion, he shows clarity and decisiveness when it comes to Som.

Nitiman has been building up the Jin and Som romance for the past few episodes, so it's almost anticlimactic how this storyline got resolved so effortlessly. She confessed, he rejected her, and they moved on. Understandably, Som got upset at first, but Jin gave her space and time to process the heartbreak. Once Som was ready to interact with him again, Jin offered another sincere apology for hurting her feelings earlier. They both handled the rejection very maturely. The two of them go back to a cordial friendliness with each other.

While this storyline didn't amount to anything, I liked the way Nitiman handled it. I was impressed they didn't try to milk the drama between Jin and Somsom, showing a remarkable restraint instead.

Jack and Som

Jack and Somsom end up together as a couple.

Somsom had some nerve approaching Jack for matchmaking help, considering their history. Jack confessed his feelings to her before, but she had rejected him. Afterwards, Som asks Jack to be her wingman so that she can date his friend Jin. I don't know if this girl is naive or simply thick-skinned, but why would you get him involved!? As if it wasn't humiliating enough that you turned him down, now he's supposed to help you hook up with his friend? 🥴

With that said, I'm glad Jack and Som ended up together as a couple because it gave both characters happy endings. One of the ongoing minor subplots is how Jack behaves like a sleazy playboy, flirting with every girl he sees. Later on, we find out that his over-the-top antics simply mask his insecurities about getting rejected. Jack puts on this bravado so that he wouldn't feel hurt when they turn him down. Deep down, Jack just wants to settle into a steady relationship, so I'm glad Som gave him another chance.

Jack and Singh

I ship Jack and Singh together in Nitiman.

Anyone who watches BL properly knows that the best ship in Nitiman is Jack and Singh. This drama's biggest mystery is why Pang and R-Rui chose to ship Jin x Bbomb on their fan page when there's Jack x Singh right in front of them. Imagine the two goofy best friends who are always together as they develop feelings for each other. C'mon, the BL content writes itself.

I thought Singh's storyline was that he'd end the unhappy relationship with his girlfriend after finding love with his best friend, Jack. Instead, he was randomly paired off with Pang in a heterosexual ending that no BL fan wanted. Jack and Singh have an undeniable spark. If I was the director and witnessed the chemistry between these two actors, I would've thrown away the script and made them a couple on the spot. In my fantasy, they'd be the secondary romance instead of the nonexistent Keam and Ball relationship.

Yes, I'm aware that pairing the two straight characters with girlfriends puts me on the same level of delusional fandom as Pang and R-Rui. And what about it? The fact that they aren't canon only makes their impossible romance more epic, to be honest. My heart wants what it wants, and what I want is a JACK x SINGH gay romance~ 😚

Jack and Singh are good friends.
Jack and Singh are great friends.
Jack and Singh are best friends.
Jack and Singh are platonic friends.

Keam and Ball

Keam and Ball barely have a romance in Nitiman.

The Keam and Ball romance amounted to nothing in the end. Their nonstarter relationship was designated the lowest priority, treated as a mere afterthought with minimal focus. Ball barely appeared in the series, had no relevance to the plot, and we didn't know who he was as a person. Not to mention, the scenes were awkward as hell every time the two characters interacted. I don't understand what Nitiman tried to achieve with this storyline, but it was mishandled from start to finish.

Keam's character felt like he had bigger plans that never unfolded. He started out with some intriguing ambiguity, since his coy glances at Jin & Bbomb imply there's more to him beneath the surface. You'd suspect that he might have secret feelings for Jin or Bbomb. OR BOTH!? Now that would be a twist, haha.

However, nothing interesting happened during all ten episodes, as if they skipped Keam's turn with the character development. The actor is pretty telegenic with handsome leading man looks, so it's a shame that he didn't get more time in the spotlight. I feel like Keam's awesome hairstyles ended up having more of a journey than he did during the series.

Nitiman Ending Explained


Happy ending

Bbomb kisses Jin by the hand in the Nitiman happy ending.

There's a happy ending in Nitiman, where Jin and Bbomb reconciled after they clear up their misunderstanding. In the last episode, Jin reassured Bbomb that he had no feelings for Mark. However, Bbomb still felt insecure after witnessing Jin and Aim in an intimate embrace.

As the semester comes to an end, Bbomb disappears from university without telling anyone. He wouldn't answer calls and texts from Jin or his friends. Just when everyone is at their wit's end, Bbomb finally answers a call from U. They learn that he's back home with his mom, so Jin and Aim fly to his hometown to clear the air with him.

Ending explained

Jin and Bbomb reconcile in Nitiman Episode 10.

Upon their arrival, Bbomb realizes that he got it wrong and jumps to conclusions again. During a heart-to-heart chat, Aim tells Bbomb to stop feeling sad and insecure about his relationship. He needs to start believing in Jin, who has stuck with him for a very long time already.

During the visit, Jin and Bbomb's mom also meet for the first time. She teases him at first, pretending not to know about their relationship until Jin comes out as Bbomb's boyfriend. However, Bbomb had already told his mom everything, and she's very supportive of them. The mom gives them her blessing and hopes Jin can continue to make her son happy.

Final scene

Jin and Bbomb stare into each other's eyes lovingly in the Nitiman happy ending.

Nitiman concludes with a picturesque scene by the lake, where Jin and Bbomb reaffirm their love for each other. Jin finally goes "Facebook official" with his boyfriend, updating his online status to confirm their relationship.

All their university friends see the update and respond happily. We see that the other supporting characters have paired up as well:

  • Jack and Som are now a couple.
  • Singh and Pang are flirting with each other.
  • R-Rui and Tong are also getting cozy together.
  • Keam and Ball share a moment as well, but their relationship is still kept a little ambiguous.

Back at home, Aim is relieved that her plan worked. These two guys are finally together, just as she had hoped for since breaking up with Jin. The final scene has Jin and Bbomb holding hands as they stare into each other's eyes lovingly.

Nitiman Episodes

Episode Guide

Nitiman has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 55 minutes long. The last episode is around 60 minutes long. This is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 9 hours. Nitiman began airing on May 7, 2021 and finished its last episode on July 9, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


⭐ Best episode

Episode 5

Sometimes, watching Nitiman feels like I'm watching a bunch of straight college guys.

I picked Episode 5 because it marked a significant turning point in Jin and Bbomb's relationship, where the two of them became boyfriends. Up until this point, Nitiman felt like a one-sided romance where Jin didn't reciprocate any feelings towards Bbomb. It's a refreshing change of pace to see Jin warm up towards Bbomb, seeing him beyond platonic terms.

Episode 5 is one of the few episodes where Jin and Bbomb were a couple without getting bogged down by the love triangle drama. Instead, they simply enjoyed each other's company. This episode also featured a cute party where Jin's friends and Bbomb's friends hung out together. There was a chilled, relaxing atmosphere that captured the essence of the university experience.

😡 Most triggering episode

Episode 8

Bbomb gets drugged by his friend and forced into a sexually compromising situation in Nitiman Episode 8.

In Episode 8, Aim and her trashy friends DRUGGED Bbomb to force him into a sexually compromising situation with Jin, like date rapists. WTF!?!? 😰 U is the only one to speak up against this heinous act, but he gets vilified for expressing concern and then succumbs to peer pressure. Next episode, Song and Ultra openly laugh in Bbomb's face because it's so funny they spiked their friend's drink hehehe. 😬

Aren't these guys supposed to be future lawyers? Why are they acting like criminals instead? Needless to say, they are all awful. In football terms, Aim, Song & Ultra would get red cards, U gets a yellow card, and Jay is the only nonproblematic angel in their circle of friends. Bbomb should ditch his toxic friends before they slip him another aphrodisiac as a "prank".

💋 Episodes with kissing

Episode 4, 6, 8

Jin and Bbomb kiss in Nitiman Episode 8.

Jin and Bbomb share their first kiss at the end of Episode 4. It was a kiss initiated by Bbomb, after Jin insists that he doesn't have any feelings towards him. The kiss carries on to the start of Episode 5, where Jin admits that he does have (very confused) feelings for Bbomb after all.
After they become boyfriends, the two of them kiss again in Episode 6. It was probably the most cinematic kiss of the series, taking place in a gazebo decorated with lights.

The couple kissed again in Episode 8, but Jin was drunk and Bbomb was drugged, so both were in states of disorientation. In Episode 9, Singh gave Jin a quick peck on the forehead after they finished a round of drinking, but it wasn't meant to be a romantic moment. In Episode 10, Bbomb also gave Jin a tender kiss on his hand.

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

Jin's sisters catch Bbomb shirtless in bed in Nitiman Episode 7.

Bbomb makes up most of the shirtless content in Nitiman. His character gets shirtless on multiple occasions in Episodes 3, 5, and 6. These are mostly standard shirtless scenes where he wakes up from bed or comes out of the shower.

In Episode 7, Jin's sisters catch a shirtless Bbomb sleeping in their brother's bed, which definitely raises some eyebrows and prompts a couple of sly smirks. We also get a brief shirtless scene of Ultra on the football field in Episode 9.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 5-10

Jin and Bbomb start becoming boyfriends in Nitiman Episode 5.

Jin and Bbomb become official boyfriends in Episode 5, going through lots of ups and downs along the way. Despite the emotional turmoil and endless love triangle drama, the two have remained together since then. The pair has a couple dramatic spats, but they always reconcile and don't break up with each other.

The other BL pair Keam and Ball don't become a couple during the series. They remain on awkwardly platonic terms with each other, down to their final scene.

Nitiman Information

PlanT.N Entertainment

PlanT.N Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that made the series Nitiman (2021).

PlanT.N Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that made the series Nitiman (2021). Nitiman is the first and only drama produced by the studio so far.

  1. This series was boring. I kept falling asleep during the series. The chemistry between Jin and Bbomb was non-existent and lacked any real clarity. The side story of Bam and Kean went nowhere and there were no sparks between them because there was no real storyline. The series consisted of getting drunk, eating too much (Jin) and playing soccer. Totally irrelevant in any romantic type of BL series. The writers went nowhere with this series and hopefully the actor who portrayed Bbomb will be able to play a more worthy role in the new Ohm/Fluke series Oh My Sunshine Night! BL Watcher has been correct in all of his reviews of the series he has commented on I totally agree with him! Gives us a great way of judging the series before we watch it!

  2. As per your review and comment, this was an struggle to finish. Found it quite, quite boring at times but keep hoping it would change. It didn't. Also confusing with subplots that never develop so you never knew what was happening. Was Kean in love with Jin? or with Bbomb? if not why those looks? also why the girlfriend and those looks to Ball? Also, same issue btw Bbomb and Jin of jealousy happening time and time again. To me was a huge red flag how Bbomb was trying to control what Jin was doing and with whom… that smelled like toxic future a mile away. And all those friends trying to get them together but making comments to fuel that jealousy and making them fight? Didn't understand the objective and found it really awful the way they interfere. Another subplot that made no sense was Singh and his girlfriend? what was happening there? We never found out… All in all, very forgettable series and would not recommend anybody to waste their time on it.

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