Venus in the Sky – Series Review & Ending Explained

Venus in the Sky is a Thai BL series about two university friends reuniting after their love confession.

Venus in the Sky is a Thai BL series about two university friends reuniting after a failed love confession. Three years ago, the main character was heartbroken when his college roommate rejected him. They cut ties with each other and went their separate ways. The protagonist recently quits his job, moves back to his hometown, and lives with his older brother. His former crush visits him, hoping to reconnect after a change of heart.

If you don't take Venus in the Sky too seriously, this silly slice-of-life comedy can be stupidly fun. The goofy characters amuse me with cheeky banter and sassy humour. One of the actors is so charismatic, bringing tons of flamboyance to all his scenes. However, some storylines are either not interesting or not well-executed. Also, the series contains a lot of pointless interactions, irrelevant dialogue, and unnecessary filler.

Venus in the Sky Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


12 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes + 1 special




Venus in the Sky is a happy & funny BL drama.


Sky and Venus used to be good friends.

Venus, also known as Vee, is an interior designer who recently quit his job. He makes this decision after disagreeing with his boss about plagiarizing a design. Despite his departure, Vee keeps in touch with his friend Tong, who remains at the company. Vee has no employment opportunities or meaningful plans after his resignation. He returns to his hometown while figuring out what to do next.

Vee moves in with his older brother, Janus. The two have a close relationship, even though they often squabble or tease each other. Janus has a playful personality and likes to annoy his younger sibling. Janus is a business owner who runs a convenience store. Vee agrees to help out on a part-time basis. However, Vee also finds excuses to skip his shifts. He'd rather stay home and watch dramas than work for his brother.

Janus is in a loving relationship with his boyfriend, Bomb. They live and work together. Bomb is Vee's school senior and used to flirt with him. Over time, he fell in love with Janus instead. Due to this unusual history, Bomb feels slightly awkward around his boyfriend's brother. Janus likes to dote on Bomb with many public displays of affection. Vee, who is single, feels bothered seeing the couple's constant lovey-doveyness around him. Their relationship bliss highlights his loneliness.

Three years ago, Vee used to have a secret crush on his university roommate, Sky. They had a close relationship and did everything together. Vee confessed his feelings one night and made out with his friend. After the kiss, Sky rejected him and suggested he felt more comfortable being friends. The failed confession broke Vee's heart. He moved out of the dorm, cut ties with Sky, and refused to keep in touch. They haven't talked since then.

During a delivery run, Vee brings the shop's products to Sky's house. Sky is glad to see his former friend again. Afterwards, he constantly visits the convenience store, hoping to reconnect. Yet, Vee is bitter about their history and tries to avoid him. Sky wants to apologize for what happened three years ago. He misses his buddy, regrets the rejection, and wants them to date. Despite Sky's change of heart, Vee is still mistrustful and can't forgive him. Sky is determined to prove his sincerity and win over Vee again.

Venus in the Sky Cast



Cheque Wacharawee Kaewpoolsri (เชค วัชรวีร์ แก้วพูลศรี)

Venus is portrayed by Thai actor Cheque Wacharawee Kaewpoolsri (เชค วัชรวีร์ แก้วพูลศรี).

Venus, who also goes by Vee, is an interior designer. After quitting his job recently, he returned to his hometown and moved in with his older brother. Currently unemployed, he sometimes works part-time at his brother's convenience store. Vee and Janus have a close relationship, even though the two siblings often squabble. Venus is single and feels bitter about relationships after Sky broke his heart three years ago.

Cheque Wacharawee Kaewpoolsri

Cheque Wacharawee Kaewpoolsri (เชค วัชรวีร์ แก้วพูลศรี) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 26, 1996.

Cheque Wacharawee Kaewpoolsri (เชค วัชรวีร์ แก้วพูลศรี) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 26, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Venus in the Sky.


Tod Panapong Khaisang (ต๊อด ปนพงศ์ ไขแสง)

Sky is portrayed by Thai actor Tod Panapong Khaisang (ต๊อด ปนพงศ์ ไขแสง).

Sky is a doctor who works at a hospital. His demanding job keeps him busy all the time. Sky used to be friends and roommates with Venus during university. However, Sky rejected Vee's love confession. They haven't kept in touch for the past three years. After reuniting, Sky misses his buddy and wants them to reconnect. Vee's nickname for Sky is "stinky-faced cat".

Tod Panapong Khaisang

Tod Panapong Khaisang (ต๊อด ปนพงศ์ ไขแสง) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 16, 1990.

Tod Panapong Khaisang (ต๊อด ปนพงศ์ ไขแสง) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 16, 1990. His first BL project is the 2014 movie, Summer to Winter. He is the star of What the Duck (2018) and its sequel What The Duck 2 (2019). Tod is the lead of Venus in the Sky (2023).


Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong (โต๋นแตร์ ทินกร ภูวศักดิวงศ์)

Janus is portrayed by Thai actor Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong (โต๋นแตร์ ทินกร ภูวศักดิวงศ์).

Janus is Venus' cheeky, mischievous older brother. He has a playful personality and likes to joke around. The two siblings live in the same house, often annoying each other. Janus is in a loving relationship with Bomb and enjoys pubic displays of affection. He owns a 24/7 convenience store, which employs his boyfriend and brother.

Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong

Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong (โต๋นแตร์ ทินกร ภูวศักดิวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 23, 1988.

Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong (โต๋นแตร์ ทินกร ภูวศักดิวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 23, 1988. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Nitiman. He also has supporting roles in the 2023 dramas, The Luminous Solution and Venus in the Sky.


Aungpao Chananyu Sinprasit (อั่งเปา ชนัญญู ศิลป์ประสิทธิ์)

Bomb is portrayed by Thai actor Aungpao Chananyu Sinprasit (อั่งเปา ชนัญญู ศิลป์ประสิทธิ์).

Bomb is Janus' boyfriend who lives with him. While his partner enjoys public displays of affection, Bomb often feels shy and embarrassed. Before they dated, he used to be interested in Venus romantically. Over time, he developed feelings for Janus instead. Their history makes Bomb slightly awkward around Vee. Bomb comes from a wealthy family, but his parents aren't fond of Janus.

Aungpao Chananyu Sinprasit

Aungpao Chananyu Sinprasit (อั่งเปา ชนัญญู ศิลป์ประสิทธิ์) is a Thai actor.

Aungpao Chananyu Sinprasit (อั่งเปา ชนัญญู ศิลป์ประสิทธิ์) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2023 series, Venus in the Sky.


Boss Wasupol Panyalertprapha (บอส วสุพล ปัญญาเลิศประภา)

Baitong is portrayed by Thai actor Boss Wasupol Panyalertprapha (บอส วสุพล ปัญญาเลิศประภา).

Tong is an interior designer. He and Venus used to be colleagues at the same company. They remain friends and still keep in touch after Vee's resignation. Bomb and Tonkla have been dating for five years. Bomb often has to travel for work, but he still wants to meet with his boyfriend in his busy schedule.

Boss Wasupol Panyalertprapha

Boss Wasupol Panyalertprapha (บอส วสุพล ปัญญาเลิศประภา) is a Thai actor.

Boss Wasupol Panyalertprapha (บอส วสุพล ปัญญาเลิศประภา) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2023 series, Venus in the Sky.


Max Detter (อชิระ เอทเตอร์)

Tonkla is portrayed by Thai actor Max Detter (อชิระ เอทเตอร์).

Tonkla is Baitong's boyfriend. They have been dating for five years. Tonkla is a medical student who often feels swamped with his studies. Unfortunately, he doesn't always make time for his partner. Tonkla is good friends with Sky. He comforted Sky after Venus left him during university.

Max Detter

Max Detter (อชิระ เอทเตอร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 4, 1997.

Max Detter (อชิระ เอทเตอร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 4, 1997. His first BL project is a guest stint in the 2020 series, Ingredients. He also has supporting roles in Love With Benefits (2021), Work From Heart (2022), and Venus in the Sky (2023).

Supporting Cast

Day is portrayed by Thai actor Poom Sirawit Homanake (ภูมิ สิรวิชญ์ หอมเอนก).


Poom Sirawit Homanake (ภูมิ สิรวิชญ์ หอมเอนก)

Act is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Sky's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Sky's mom

Sky's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Sky's dad

Tin is portrayed by Thai actor Plai Chattrin Chotticomporn (ปลาย ฉัตริน โชติฑิฆัมพร).


Plai Chattrin Chotticomporn (ปลาย ฉัตริน โชติฑิฆัมพร)

Tul is portrayed by Thai actor Pan Jirachot Chotticomporn (ป้าน จิรโชติ โชติทิฆัมพร).


Pan Jirachot Chotticomporn (ป้าน จิรโชติ โชติทิฆัมพร)

Cast Highlights

  • Sky's actor (Tod) has appeared in various BL dramas, including What the Duck (2018) and What the Duck 2 (2019). He also stars in the 2014 movie Summer to Winter.
  • The actor who portrays Janus (Tontae) has supporting roles in Nitiman (2021) and The Luminous Solution (2023).
  • Tonla's actor (Max Detter) has supporting roles in Love With Benefits (2021) and Work From Heart (2022).
  • The actors who portray the cousins (Plai and Pan) appear in Beyond the Star (2023).

Venus in the Sky Review


Drama Review Score: 7.7

Sky tries to win over Venus again.

Venus in the Sky is a silly slice-of-life comedy combined with a lighthearted love story. Each episode highlights the funny and flirty interactions between the characters. The humour comes from their cheeky jokes, sassy banter, playful mischief, and goofy reactions. As you laugh at the shenanigans, the couples also navigate relationship drama while seducing each other. When Venus in the Sky finds its stride, this BL series can be stupidly entertaining and showcase lots of affection.

Although Venus in the Sky amuses me, it has glaring quality issues. Some storylines are dumb, dull, or poorly executed. The characters behave irritatingly and often prolong contrived conflicts instead of addressing their complaints. The narrative also suffers from unnecessary filler. This lengthy twelve-hour series contains so much bloat, from irrelevant scenes to pointless dialogue. For every joke I laugh at, there are clunky exchanges that ruin the comedic momentum. Venus in the Sky frustrates me with its unevenness, delivering both the good and the bad in inconsistent doses.

The story begins with the protagonists reuniting after a failed love confession. Sky wants to reconcile, but Venus feels bitter about his rejection. Episode by episode, Sky's sincerity wins over Vee's trust. The journey has its ups and downs. Sky puts tremendous effort into making amends, yet Vee treats him harshly. Their strained relationship is aggravating at times. Vee, stop being hostile and accept the olive branch! Eventually, Sky's persistence pays off as Vee softens. I'm glad these former friends can rebuild their bond, reach a mutual understanding, and reciprocate their attraction.

My favourite part of Venus in the Sky is Janus. This hilarious supporting character elevates the series with his cartoonish antics and larger-than-life personality. Whenever Janus appears, I prepare to laugh at anything he says or does. The actor (Tontae) is a natural comedian with vibrant charisma. He improvises with his humour, adding zany expressions, playful body language, and spontaneous quirkiness to make each scene livelier. He also energizes the other performers, who perk up when interacting with him. Without Janus, Venus in the Sky would lose its spark.

Sky's actor (Tod) is bubbly and contributes to the comedic moments. He overdoes his giddiness and comes across as slightly annoying, but I still appreciate his perpetual enthusiasm. His costar (Cheque) is okay. I like him most when bantering with Janus due to their cute brotherly rapport. However, Sky & Vee's romantic encounters are clumsy. Their kissing technique looks sloppy and uncoordinated. Tong and Tonkla are the weak links, displaying no personality. Their characters are isolated in tedious subplots. My excitement drops whenever the story focuses on these dullards.

Venus in the Sky is hilariously raunchy. I snort in laughter as Sky sucks Vee's nipples or licks his knee during sex. The smuttiness is unintentionally funny rather than arousing, but I don't mind as long as I'm entertained. This series cracks me up, whether giggling at the mischievous humour or exaggerated sex scenes. Based on the poor reception, most BL fans don't share my acquired taste. I admit there are insipid plots, obnoxious characters, and storytelling flaws, which frustrate me too. Despite the valid criticisms, Venus in the Sky remains a messy favourite of mine.


Mischievous story

Venus in the Sky is a lighthearted story with cheeky jokes and playful mischief. Some storylines are dumb, tedious, or not well-executed. It also creates contrived conflicts and drags out the annoying drama.

Playful romances

All three pairs are affectionate with hilariously raunchy encounters. There's a lot of playful flirting. Although Vee & Sky's romance can be frustrating, I'm glad to see them rebuild their bond.

Bubbly acting

Janus' actor (Tontae) is the standout, outshining the others. This natural comedian brings charisma, liveliness, and improvisational humour to his scenes. I prepare to laugh whenever he appears.

Happy ending

Venus in the Sky has a happy ending for all three couples. They overcome any minor drama and settle romantically with each other. Also, the leads have an extended lovemaking scene in the finale.

Quirky artistry

I like how the characters decorate their rooms. For example, J puts photos of himself on the wall in the shape of a heart. Little touches of quirkiness reflect this drama's sense of humour.


Venus in the Sky is a silly slice-of-life romantic comedy that delivers hours of stupidly fun entertainment. While some storylines are dull or poorly executed, I enjoy this drama's mischievous humour.

Venus in the Sky Episodes

Episode Guide

Janus hugs Bomb in the convenience store.

Venus in the Sky has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 60 to 70 minutes long. The last episode is around 80 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 12 hours. Venus in the Sky started on September 2, 2023 and finished on November 4, 2023. Venus in the Sky also released a half-hour epilogue special on November 11, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Venus and Sky share their first kiss in university.

Imagine hearing your friend's love confession. He works up the courage to be honest with his feelings. You respond by making out with him and replying, "Nah, we're better off as friends." Ouch. A rejection is already hurtful enough, but the kissing sends mixed signals. Sky misleads his friend into thinking the attraction may be mutual, only to crush his hopes. He could've handled the confession more sensitively. Both of them should have communicated better. But their regret is necessary, or else we wouldn't have a story otherwise!

I adore Vee's interactions with Janus! They have a hilariously playful rapport, like siblings who tease each other. There's a scene where Vee scolds Janus for putting his feet on his bed. Yet, his brother continues stomping everywhere to annoy him. This type of mischief is cute, hehe~ Despite their pranks, Janus looks after his baby brother. He gives mature advice in the last scene. Just talk to Sky. You don't have to become friends with him. But you'll feel better letting go of the anger and living in peace. Even though Janus acts silly, he shows surprising wisdom at the appropriate moments.

My first impression of Venus in the Sky is it feels clunky. The premise is decent. Two former friends reunite after a failed confession. Sky regrets his decision and wants to make amends, but Venus doesn't trust him. Their dynamic seems intriguing. However, the series introduces unnecessary filler, cringy jokes, and pointless scenes that don't have much significance. This crap obfuscates the compelling part of the narrative, which is Sky & Vee's relationship history. A better storyteller would've trimmed the bloat and focused on setting up the central plot cohesively.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Venus and Sky kiss in the bedroom.

I enjoy the flashbacks of Vee & Sky's time together in university. These memories serve several purposes. One, the series provides BL content while the characters feud in the present timeline. I like seeing them get cozy with each other. Two, the scenes emphasize the close bond the couple used to have. Each cheerful interaction highlights what they've lost. And three, we see a difference in Vee's behaviour. He was a happy guy before the heartbreak. Now, he seems bitter and jaded, all because Sky broke his optimism.

I like how the series juxtaposes Vee's loneliness with his brother's lovey-doveyness. Vee, representing the single community, is annoyed when he sees Janus and Bomb flirting sweetly. They cut each other's toenails, a seemingly mundane activity. Yet, it triggers Vee's memories with Sky, so he lashes out at them. His response is irrational, but I understand his hurt. Vee feels bitter about seeing other happy couples, reminding him of his unattainable love. As Vee storms off, J mocks his brother's tantrum. His pitch-perfect whiny impression makes me laugh. 😆

Day and Tonkla share many similarities. Both are Sky's friends, wear glasses, and work in medicine. There's too much overlap between the two characters. I have nothing against Day's actor, but his role is redundant. We can give all his scenes to Tonkla, who needs more involvement in the plot. He's quarantined in a boring subplot, barely interacting with the other cast members. Tonkla doesn't have the opportunity to showcase his personality. The series should've made his supporting part more prominent instead of splitting the material with his doppelganger, Day.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Venus and Sky kiss in the cinema.

The movie scene in the beginning is supposed to be comedic, but Vee's behaviour bothers me. Sky is frightened by the horror flick and wants to leave. Yet, Vee forces him to sit through the experience. He even tries to trick Sky into opening his eyes during the scariest moment. While Venus hasn't done anything offensively wrong, I dislike his malice. Instead of comforting his distressed friend, he provokes him even further. After this scene, my opinion of Venus has dropped. He seems like a jerk with a cruel streak.

Although the acting isn't the best, I like the emotionally intense scene where Venus and Sky confront their history. They avoided this touchy subject in the first two episodes, not addressing it directly. Sky finally clarifies his intentions. He apologizes and asks for a second chance. Yet, Vee is resentful and won't reconcile with him. First, you rejected me, but now you want me back. Am I supposed to go along with your whims!? Although Vee's hostility isn't rational, I understand why he feels guarded about opening his heart again. This tension between the leads is compelling!

After the argument, Sky goes to take a shower. He gets undressed, rubs soap over his wet body, and starts sobbing. LMAO! Did anyone else laugh inappropriately during this moment, or am I the only sociopath? I'm sorry, but seeing a naked stud weep in the shower is morbidly funny to me. Only in BL dramas would a crying scene be combined with a gratuitous shirtless display. This genre can be so hilarious, killing two birds with one stone. Look at this hunk being in touch with his emotions! Simultaneously, here's a close-up shot of his juicy pecs!

Venus draws pictures outside while Sky hangs out with him.

I like the moment when Venus vanishes from Sky's memories. It began as a cheerful flashback during their university days. Suddenly, there's a transition as Vee fades away. It's an effective way to depict Sky's shock and sadness about his friend's absence. Also, he was leaning against Vee's body for support. After Vee disappears, this visual cue highlights how Sky has lost his support system. Although I mocked Sky for crying in the shower, the series successfully conveys his vulnerable emotions. I can tell he misses his friend very much.

In the first episode, there's an awkward scene where Venus walks in on Janus and Bomb having sex. Afterwards, Bomb keeps referencing the embarrassing incident because he's self-conscious. The awkward encounter feeds into his underlying insecurities about whether Vee disapproves of the relationship. It's endearing how much Bomb cares about being on good terms with his boyfriend's brother. I like how the two have a conversation where they clear the air. What was supposed to be a comedic nudity gag turns into an unexpected lead-in of character development for Bomb.

Janus is easily my favourite character. I always look forward to his scenes because he's so damn hilarious. He gets the best lines. I love the scene where Vee cockblocks Janus and Bomb from flirting in the store. Janus immediately deadpans, "My mood interrupter has arrived." His delivery accentuates the snarky humour. Later, he jokingly curses his brother's injury. "I hope your foot rots, gets infected, and undergoes surgery." OMG, this guy has no filter. Janus knows how to weaponize humour and constantly kills me with inappropriate remarks.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Sky gives Venus a flower.

My favourite line in this episode comes from Janus during a random conversation. You may be familiar with the saying, "The early bird catches the worm." But have you heard Janus' contrarian version? "The early worms also get eaten by the birds." LOL. This series is so stupid, but it still manages to crack me up with its silly jokes. 😆

I like this episode since it consists of lighthearted scenes where Sky tries to win over Venus. There's little drama. It's just an hour of mindless romantic fluff, emphasizing the flirty rapport between the leads. Sky hiring Vee's design services is a clever storyline. It gives them a legitimate reason to spend time together instead of Sky visiting the store and begging for his love interest's attention. These scenes also show Vee in his natural environment. As he works professionally and discusses design tips, we see another side of his characterization.

Sky keeps pestering Venus and acts overeager in their interactions. His behaviour has a whiff of desperation. If I were Vee, Sky would get on my nerves. Nonetheless, I appreciate how much effort Sky puts into restoring their relationship. His sweet gestures come from good intentions, like carrying the boxes for Vee or buying him water when thirsty. Even if Sky may be trying too hard, his sincerity is winning over Venus. Gradually, our protagonist lets his guard down and enjoys Sky's companionship. We see Vee's tiny smile at the end, a sign of growing fondness.

Despite Sky's friendliness, Venus doesn't trust him. The failed love confession remains a thorn in his heart. During this episode, they enjoy hanging out at the furniture store. Yet, Vee recalls a happy memory from university and puts up his guard again. You can see his expression darkening. Although Vee's nickname for Sky is "stinky-faced cat", this descriptor is more accurately applied to himself. Vee feels conflicted. He wants to forgive, but he can't forget their history. His defence mechanism stops him from opening up around Sky, lest he be heartbroken again.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Venus and Sky flirt in the hospital staircase.

This series likes using juxtaposition as a narrative device. It compares two similar scenes to make a point. For instance, Vee acted coldly toward his love interest in the first half. He wouldn't invite Sky to dinner until his brother forced him. He also got annoyed by Sky's shoulder massage. However, Vee changes during the second half. He's willing to have a meal together. Likewise, he allows Sky to rest his head on his shoulder. Compared to his aloofness at the start, the series emphasizes Vee's transformation as he warms to Sky.

Early in the episode, Vee gives nasal ointment to Sky, who doesn't feel well. In a later scene, Janus does something similar for his boyfriend. As Vee observes the couple's tenderness, he recognizes the nature of his feelings for Sky. He cares for his friend in the same way Janus dotes on Bomb. This realization softens Vee's stance. Instead of trying to push Sky away, Vee grows closer to him. He even waits in the hospital to deliver a drink. The episode ends with Vee contemplating a kiss. Although nothing romantic has happened yet, we're hopeful about the couple's reconciliation.

I admire Sky's dedication to repairing his relationship with Venus. We see how busy he is at work. Those long hospital shifts leave him exhausted. In his free time, Sky could've relaxed at home. Instead, he visits Vee and keeps him company. Despite his fatigue, he seems determined to reconnect with his former friend. I sympathize with Sky and root for him to succeed. I also want Vee to treat him more kindly. Sky is making so much effort to reconcile. His sincerity is evident. Can't you forgive him already? C'mon, take the olive branch! Let go of the past and start over!

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Tong and Tonkla hook up after reconciling.

Vee and Sky's flirtation is dragging on. While I want them to get together, a drunken hookup isn't the ideal direction. Alcohol introduces dubious complications to romances. The story should find better ways to highlight the couple's sexual tension. Meanwhile, the secondary couples face some conflicts, but their subplots are very basic. Whatever Tong and Tonkla are arguing about, their relationship drama doesn't excite me. Just shut up and kiss.

"Why don't we break up?" Bomb's remark startled me. Whoa, melodramatic much? Lately, Janus has been preoccupied with business troubles. While he seems cagey, his behaviour isn't severe enough to call for a breakup. IMO, Bomb could've expressed his discontent tactfully. Janus & Bomb have received comedic fluff since the start, so I'm glad the series develops this pairing more. With that said, their conflict isn't deep. The minor storyline is better than nothing, but it lacks sophistication. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see the couple discuss and work through their issues.

The brotherly banter between Janus & Venus is charming. I enjoy the scene where Janus is angry about Vee using his perfume. His exaggerated outrage looks comical, like a cartoon character. The actor is naturally funny and gives a flamboyant performance. Tontae adds extra quirkiness to his expressions or body language, making the scenes livelier. I'm sure he improvises in some exchanges. He seems more spontaneous than the other performers who are following a script. Tontae has fun with his role, which translates on screen. Watching him is delightful!

Did anyone notice the gigantic rhinoceros doll in the background? While J and Bomb chat in the living room, my eye drifts to the edge of the screen. I see an oversized animal doll sitting on the sofa. The story never explains its presence. It just sits there randomly, like an easter egg for the observant viewer. LOL. Another detail is the wall decorations in J's room. He puts photos of himself in the shape of a heart, haha. These details are trivial, but I appreciate the quirky little touches in the set designs.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Bomb gives Janus a massage.

Venus gives Sky a head massage. We see Vee rubbing his partner's temples and singing a soothing song. The atmosphere is gentle, emphasizing the couple's intimacy. In the next scene, Janus and Bomb do the same thing, except it turns into comical shenanigans. Instead of tender affection, Bomb gives a sensual massage as Janus makes wacky expressions at the camera. I like the discrepancy between the two couples. Venus in the Sky pulls off a romantic exchange and follows up with a comedic moment.

Venus and Sky have a pivotal breakthrough in this episode. They finally apologize to each other for mishandling the confession. Both are remorseful, blaming themselves for inelegant responses. I appreciate their self-reflection. They admit their mistakes and be vulnerable with each other. This candid conversation needed to happen before the couple could reconcile. After clearing the air, a burden has been lifted. Vee seems receptive in their interactions, no longer resisting his attraction. For the first time, he invites Sky for a sleepover. I'm overjoyed to see this progress!

I enjoy Vee and Sky's bonding. They go on a cute date in the cafe, flirting sweetly and getting to know each other better. During the sleepover, Sky drops a bombshell about buying a house in the area just to be close to Vee. His purchase is extreme, but it shows his commitment. Sky wants to make this relationship work, so he goes all in and doesn't hold back. However, I hate the last scene where Sky gets jealous of Vee & Bomb. What an annoying reaction. All signs indicate that Vee is growing attached to you. Why do you suddenly lose your confidence in him?

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Venus and Sky kiss in the hospital room.

The conflict between Vee and Sky seems contrived. It's odd for Sky to get jealous over Bomb based on little evidence. However, I'll cut him some slack. Sky has been persistent in pursuing Vee since the start. Yet, Vee rejects most of his advances and acts reserved about his feelings. Even after their reconciliation, he won't admit his attraction. From Sky's perspective, their flirtation is a one-sided pursuit without validation for a long time. Sky is allowed to have a moment of insecurity where he doubts their relationship.

The tables have turned. So far, we've only seen Sky pursue Venus throughout the series. But now, Vee realizes he must take an active role to win back his love interest. It's time to show initiative, express his feelings, and reciprocate in this relationship. The good news is that Vee knows what to do. He marches into the hospital and plants a decisive kiss on Sky's lips. Problem solved! The kiss immediately clarifies the misunderstanding between them. Sky gets the confirmation that Vee feels the same way about him. Their attraction is mutual. Congratulations, you're officially a couple!

Once again, Janus hides his business troubles. I side with Bomb and understand why he's upset. Mortgaging your house is a big deal. Janus should've discussed this decision with his family. Yet, he keeps it a secret due to his pride. He's ashamed of his financial struggles and sees them as a sign of failure. Interestingly, Bomb forgives his partner after watching Janus & Venus tease each other. As the two brothers horse around, their playfulness reminds Bomb why he loves his boyfriend. Despite his secrecy, Janus has many endearing qualities that Bomb cherishes.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Venus and Sky hold hands outside.

Why did Sky blindfold Vee before visiting his parents' house? Worst surprise ever. Besides, wouldn't you want to mentally prepare your boyfriend instead of blindsiding him? 😅 That said, I adore this subplot. As a consequence of cutting ties with Sky, Vee stopped seeing Sky's family. He severed multiple relationships, adding to his emotional toll. I like how the story addresses the issue and includes a touching conversation with Sky's mom. As Vee welcomes old acquaintances into his life, his reunion with Sky becomes more poignant.

Another pleasant surprise is the scene where Vee and Sky play board games. I love this moment. Upon entering the bedroom, I assumed they'd kiss and sex it up. That's the expected norm for BL couples. Instead, they spend their time playing Monopoly, a typical activity for friends. This board game is an emblem of their platonic bond. Beyond just dating romantically, Vee and Sky have also restored their friendship. The storyteller wants to highlight their poignant reconciliation. These two former friends had been estranged for years, but they regained each other's companionship.

What I like about Vee and Sky's storyline is the concept of lost friendship. They don't just fall in love with each other. Their romance has an extra nuance since they must rebuild trust and repair a fractured bond. In the board game scene, we see another flashback of the leads. Previously, all of Vee's memories contradicted the current timeline. He looked happy in the past, only to feel bitterness in the present. For the first time, Vee's flashback aligns with his current situation. Vee is no longer heartbroken when he reminisces about his relationship with Sky.

Sky and Venus have wild sex.

OMFG, Vee and Sky's sex scene is hilariously raunchy! Their bedroom activities are so over the top, resembling a comedic porn parody. The moment that kills me with laughter is when Sky sucks on Vee's nipple. What on earth is happening here lmao!? Sky feasts on Vee's areola, licking and slurping it ferociously. It reminds me of breastfeeding. Is he thirsty and trying to drink milk from his boyfriend's tits!? I couldn't focus on the rest of the episode. Everyone else moved on, but my mind stayed on the tit-sucking. 🤣

Shortly after having sex, Venus falls ill. Although the story never confirms it, I can't help but think these two events are related. My theory is that Sky sucked all the healthy nutrients out of Vee's right nipple. With every slurp, Sky drains his boyfriend's life force more and more. LMAO. I'm kidding, but it's a funny coincidence. The tit-sucking and the mysterious sickness happened one after the other. That is what we call a correlation

"Do you want to break up with me?" Oh my god. Why does Bomb reach this extreme conclusion after every disagreement? Ending the relationship must be on his mind a lot. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a recurring topic. Janus is in the wrong for lashing out. However, Bomb also seems insecure and thin-skinned. Despite their quarrel, Janus and Bomb apologize to each other later in the episode. Even though neither reacts perfectly at the moment, I like how they always calm down and talk it out afterwards. This couple overcomes their conflicts positively and productively.

Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Venus and Sky have sex in the finale.

The opening scene is cute. I laughed at Sky bragging about the bite mark on his neck. Look, my boyfriend bit me! *lol* He's infatuated and can't contain his happiness. In contrast, Vee is reserved and doesn't instantly share their relationship with others. There's a little tension between the couple, but they resolve the drama quickly. It's a decent storyline for the finale, not disrupting the lighthearted vibe. The rest of the scenes are Vee & Sky reaffirming their love. I'm happy for them and believe they'll last.

The subplots for the secondary couples are lacklustre. I don't care about whatever is happening between Tong & Tonkla. Yawn! Meanwhile, Janus and Bomb's storyline feels underdeveloped. Janus meeting Bomb's family is momentous, yet we only see a quick discussion afterwards. Why didn't they film the actual scene? This couple always seems sidelined, not receiving enough substance. The series misses an opportunity to explore meaningful relationship drama. I wish they scrapped Tong & Kla's scenes and allocated that time to develop Janus & Bomb better.

The highlight of the finale is Vee and Sky's sex scene. Once again, the encounter is hilariously exaggerated. This time, Sky chooses to lick his boyfriend's knee. That's not the most desirable body part for me, but Sky has a hungry appetite for it. Another moment that stands out is when he grabs Vee's chest with both hands. I don't typically see this much titty action from a sexual encounter in a BL drama. From nipple sucking to breast grabbing, Sky's moves seem suited to the female anatomy. It's like taking the straight porn formula and applying it to a gay couple.

Episode 10


Special Review
Janus wears cat ears while roleplaying with Bomb.

LMAO. The Venus in the Sky special is so pointless. This half-hour epilogue has no plot. Its sole purpose for existing is to include two additional sex scenes. Instead of wasting time on this filler, why not expand on Janus and Bomb's storyline? Let's start by filming the actual scenes of Janus meeting Bomb's parents. I also would've liked to learn more about the couple's origin story and Bomb's family situation. There are many meaningful topics the series could have explored, yet it chooses gratuitous sex.

Despite its pointlessness, the special appeals to the part of me that loves camp. Imagine dedicating an entire episode to anal sex. Nothing substantial happens in the plot besides Venus and Janus taking it up the ass. That's kinda iconic, I fear. Also, the raunchy sex scenes continue cracking me up. Sky gobbles on Vee's nipple so hungrily that I worry he may choke. He munches on his boyfriend's chest with his whole mouth. LMAO. What am I watching!? I want to defend this BL drama's merits against its naysayers, but ridiculous moments like these make me go, "…errrr, never mind lol".

Venus in the Sky Information


9NAA Production is a Thai BL studio that produced Check Out (2022). It also made I Am Your King (2017), I Am Your King 2 (2019), and Skinship (2020).

9NAA Production (also known as 9NAA Channel) is a Thai BL studio that created Check Out (2022). It also made I Am Your King (2017), I Am Your King 2 (2019), Skinship (2020), and My Blessing (2023).


Paapare Khachaporn Roopchang (ผ้าแพร คชาภรณ์ รูปช้าง) is a Thai director. She worked on the 2023 BL series, Venus in the Sky.

  1. The B- suprise me. I like the series but I know it's not a good one. I totally agree, Janus is the best part. I love all about him and need this actor in another series 😍


    1. I know this is a controversial rating. I don't know if I can justify it, but I'll try:

      1.) Every year, there's a lowly-rated BL drama that nobody appreciates except me. The 2023 candidate is Venus in the Sky. I allow myself to have a few messy favourites, even if the stories aren't well-written.

      2.) I honestly enjoyed Venus in the Sky more than the other BL series that received a B- score this year. For me, it's more mindlessly fun than the other dramas I ranked below it.

      3.) Without Janus, this series would get at least one or two letter grades lower. Every time the series starts sucking, his character shows up to crack a dumb joke. I laugh, forget what bothered me earlier, and it gets better. He is the best part! 😍

  2. I agree that it's certainly one you have to take at very surface level without too much depth. I found it a somewhat enjoyable mindless distraction each week. Was tough to get past Vee's expressions during the intimate scenes, I think that he was trying to go for 'sexy' and 'lustful' but came across as bored most of the time hahaha.
    I feel the series would have benefited from being at least 2 episodes shorter with less filler

  3. Jellow again(?)

    Yesterday I was barely awake and I couldn't extend my comment more than I would like, besides, my english isn't perfect -or good, cof-. But I'll give it a try right now. Thank you very much for responding, by the way, I love your page.

    Now, I'm very simple and uncritical, so I mostly enjoy silly series without complicated plots. However, Venus in the Sky was a surprise. I don't know if I expected more and it was my mistake -I should never expect anything from Thai BL- but it seemed like a very long series for its little plot. I mean, the whole problem is Vee refusing to forgive Sky, and it was quite curious that when Sky and Vee made progress, the other two couples came into conflict. That always made me laugh a lot. Janus my love is all that is right in this world. He has the problem of not asking for help when he need it and not leaning on his partner enough, perhaps because Bom is younger? Btw, I want a video with all the scenes of Janus to keep it right in my heart. I have never agreed more with your review than today, without Janus I would have even stopped watching the series.

    My second biggest problem is the "special", leaving aside the scenes taken from amateur porn, it seems that Venus regresses too much in his progress throughout the series. Where it seems that he learns to trust Sky, a simple love note makes him distrust. I mean, Sky rejected him once because he was perhaps confused himself, -or whatever- he didn't cheated to create that drama. It seems like we didn't learn anything throughout the chapters and that made me very angry. Maybe that's also why the rating caught me off guard.

    But Janus gets an A+ in my heart.

    Anyway, sorry for the long message and the bad english. I once left a comment in spanish, but I think this is better (?) I don't know 🙁


    1. Your English is great! I can understand you perfectly. Feel free to comment in whatever language makes you comfortable. 😄

      Venus in the Sky is too long, for sure. There's a lot of crap in this bloated series, including clunky exchanges, cringy jokes, gratuitous sex scenes, and unnecessary filler. It should trim the excesses to create a more cohesive story.

      The plot is not that complex. Personally, it's not a major drawback for me. I see Venus of the Sky as a slice-of-life comedy, so it's not story-driven. Instead, the entertainment comes from the characters' interactions, like the brotherly banter or the playful flirtation. Each episode, I tune in to see the characters goof around, cause mischief, and make me laugh. Along the way, we also see Vee and Sky rebuild their relationship.

      Venus in the Sky is similar to Ai Long Nhai and Tin Tem Jai, sharing the same strengths and flaws. These are slice-of-life BL comedies that get accused of having little plot. Yet, I enjoy watching them. They depict the characters and their interactions lightheartedly. The writing knows how to derive humour from ordinary settings – not always successfully, but enough to amuse me every episode.

      The special is dumb and pointless, but I didn't take it seriously. Personally, I put less weight into these special episodes. It's great when a series delivers a meaningful epilogue, but I usually expect fluff.

      Ultimately, Janus is one of the biggest highlights. Most BL dramas don't have a Janus character who is hilarious and entertains me so much. 😄 I remember this actor from another BL series, Nitiman. He was also funny in that series, but the only drawback was that his supporting part limited his time in the spotlight. In contrast, Venus in the Sky assigned a significant role and gave him the freedom to showcase his charisma. This excellent decision deserves credit.

  4. I had a good laugh reading your review coz I can relate. This part especially cracked me up "It's like taking the straight porn formula and applying it to a gay couple."

    Anyway, this drama also made it to my favorite simply for its entertainment value. I know that logically there are loopholes here and there, but I honestly enjoyed the show, at least for first 7 episodes before it drags on.

    It's funny, cute and just so fluffy that cottoncandy would melt lol


  5. I did such a double-take when I saw your B- rating for this series. I thought it would hover between D and F, landing in the same category as that slurpy one with the Dino character (name escapes me).

    I was expecting your review to be closer to that of another reactor who memorably ranted, "I wanted to gouge my eyes out … why must 9NAA continue to compete with itself for worst BL ever? I give this a -5/10." LOL, negative 5.

    But then I remembered that once in a blue moon you will overrule your typical disciplined criticality and say instead, I see all the flaws but I like it anyway. And this is the one. I agree that Janus is goofy, silly, and also so beautiful.

    I'm addicted to his face and to the sweetness of Bomb who actually gives good advice to Venus. They are the only reasons I can come up with for having watched this objectively terrible series to the end.


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