Our Dating Sim – Series Review & Ending Explained

Our Dating Sim is a Korean BL drama that follows the story of two friends reuniting at a video game company.

Our Dating Sim is a Korean BL series about a workplace romance in a video game company. The protagonist is stressed when he reunites with his high school crush during a new job opportunity. Due to a failed love confession, these two childhood friends fell out of touch for many years. They must collaborate in a small office environment, navigating their troubled relationship history and hazy professional boundaries.

From thrilling sexual tension to memorable kisses, Our Dating Sim is a sensational BL series at the top of its game. Elegant in its simplicity, the plot flows effortlessly at a fun, breezy rhythm. The charming protagonists share an enthusiastic rapport, and their seductive exchanges make my heart race with excitement. This small and short series has surpassed many titans in the BL genre. It proves you don't need a big budget to create the best love story.

Our Dating Sim Summary


우리 연애 시뮬레이션

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Office romance


Our Dating Sim is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Wan and Ki Tae are high school friends before their awkward love confession.

Lee Wan is an illustrator who has gained an online following for the beautiful webtoon drawings on his blog. Recently, he was recruited to work for RE: TRY, a gaming start-up. This company wants to hire him as an artist for their upcoming dating simulation game. Wan is nervous and eager to make a positive impression for the business interview. It is his first professional job opportunity.

Upon arrival, Wan is startled when he meets one of the interviewers. Ki Tae, who introduces himself as Eddy, used to be Wan's high school crush. They were friends with a close relationship, bonding over comics and video games. On a fateful graduation day, Wan confessed his feelings and initiated a kiss. However, Ki Tae was taken by surprise and dodged the exchange. Wan was so embarrassed that he immediately ran away. Subsequently, he moved away and didn't remain in touch with Ki Tae.

The two former high school friends now reunite at this company. It's their first face-to-face encounter in seven years. However, Ki Tae doesn't give the impression that he recognizes his classmate. He asks tough interview questions and seems concerned about Wan's commitment to the gaming project. Tae-oh, the company's CEO, is less formal. Tae-oh admires Wan's artistic skills and wants to hire him for the position.

Wan comes from a humble background. He lives with his older sister, who runs a family restaurant. Initially, Wan planned to reject the job offer due to the awkwardness of working with Ki Tae. Yet, he doesn't have any other career opportunities. Despite his hesitation, Wan accepts the three-month employment contract. He begins his first day of work dressed in a suit, clashing with the casual atmosphere in the office. His colleagues, Jamie and Sunny, encourage the new employee to relax.

Soon, Wan settles into his role, adopting the nickname Ian. He enjoys drawing artwork for the company's video game. However, he remains awkward around Ki Tae. Neither has directly addressed the failed love confession. Yet, Ki Tae teases his coworker and makes snide comments about Wan running away from situations. Even their coworkers notice the subtle animosity between them. As the leads continue working together in the small office, their unspoken past takes an emotional toll. Wan struggles to cope with their hazy personal and professional boundaries.

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Our Dating Sim Cast



Lee Jong Hyuk (이종혁)

Lee Wan is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Jong Hyuk (이종혁).

Lee Wan, also known as Ian, is a skilled illustrator with an online following for his beautiful webtoons. Recently, he was recruited to draw artwork for a professional gaming company. He's surprised to encounter his high school crush at the job interview. They haven't met since Wan initiated a failed love confession seven years ago. Wan has an older sister who runs the family restaurant.

Lee Jong Hyuk

Lee Jong Hyuk (이종혁) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 23, 1997.

Lee Jong Hyuk (이종혁) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 23, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Our Dating Sim.

Ki Tae

Lee Seung Gyu (이승규)

Ki Tae is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Seung Gyu (이승규).

Shin Ki Tae, often known as Eddy, is a coder at a gaming company. He is Wan's high school friend, and they used to have a close bond. However, a failed love confession caused them to drift apart over the past seven years. They reunite after becoming colleagues, but their relationship is initially awkward. Ki Tae enjoys teasing Wan and alludes to their history together.

Lee Seung Gyu

Lee Seung Gyu (이승규) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 10, 1999.

Lee Seung Gyu (이승규) is a Korean actor. He is born on July 10, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Our Dating Sim.

Supporting Cast

Tae-oh is portrayed by the Korean actor Yu Seong Yong (유성용).


Jung Jin Woo (정진우)

Jamie is portrayed by the Korean actress Park Si Young (박시영).


Park Si Young (박시영)

Sunny is portrayed by the Korean actress Sung Ryung (성령).


Sung Ryung (성령)

PD Ahn wants to recruit Wan for a career opportunity.

PD Ahn

Yu Seong Yong (유성용)

Jin Seok is one of Ki Tae's high school friends.

Kyung Wu

Lee Jeong Chan (이정찬)

Kyung Wu is one of Ki Tae's friends.

Jin Seok

Lee Jung In (이정인)

Wan's older sister runs a restaurant.

Wan's sister

Kim So Young (김소영)

Ian is a character in Wan's webtoon.


Wan designs a game protagonist that looks like Ki Tae.

Game Protagonist

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Seung Gyu) appeared in the 2021 Korea drama User Not Found. Both had supporting roles.

Our Dating Sim Review


Drama Review Score: 9.4

Wan and Ki Tae have an intimate moment in the middle of the night.

Our Dating Sim is impressive because of its elegant simplicity. The series uses many staples of classic love stories, from childhood friendships to school confessions. It weaves together these familiar romantic tropes into a cohesive and engaging narrative. The plot develops comfortably without clunkiness, like sliding puzzle pieces into the right places. Everything comes together with smooth pacing, suspenseful adrenaline, and satisfying climaxes. Our Dating Sim has created a fun, breezy BL drama that feels effortless.

The series thrives on teasing sexual tension. The early episodes establish an intriguing relationship dynamic, as the leads reunite years after their awkward teenage encounter. Between Wan's bashfulness and Ki Tae's playfulness, their sassy interactions are hilariously entertaining. Every exchange brings them closer, adds emotional nuance, and clarifies their feelings. The seduction builds steadily until everything unleashes in an epic BL moment. With perfect dramatic and comedic beats, Our Dating Sim sets a stellar example of how to write a love story.

Wan and Ki Tae's romance never loses momentum in the second half. Our Dating Sim continues portraying this couple with incredible savviness, from snappy banter to lighthearted flirting. I also enjoy the creative anecdotes at the end of each episode, like cute fluff with a clever twist. Beyond the adorable casual relationship moments, all the kisses are iconic. The passion will make your heart race with excitement. A minor nitpick is that some scenes lack style and ambiance. While Our Dating Sim looks decent, it isn't as dazzling as the more polished BL productions.

Our Dating Sim has nailed the casting with its two charismatic leads. Ki Tae's actor (Lee Seung Gyu) is bursting with charm. This vivacious performer has an endearing impishness, so he can be cheeky without crossing the threshold of obnoxiousness. Likewise, his costar (Lee Jong Hyuk) is a cutie who captures Wan's sensitive personality delicately. His poised performance creates a sympathetic protagonist that viewers can champion. Best of all, both share an easygoing chemistry and flirt enthusiastically. Their natural rapport makes the BL material even more enticing.

As the title suggests, Wan and Ki Tae are colleagues who work on a dating sim. I like the office backdrop, creating unique scenarios for the leads to spend time together. The quirky supporting cast also contributes to the lively atmosphere. Although the game development is a unique angle, it doesn't occupy the narrative significantly. This minor subplot can use more oomph. Generally, the dramatic storylines aren't as compelling as the romantic content. Our Dating Sim isn't a deep series. Its selling point is a delightful couple than complex themes or profound messages.

Our Dating Sim has enough substance and character development for a meaningful ending. The last episode offers Wan a dilemma, but he makes a sensible choice and explains his rationale astutely. Also, the finale is packed with exuberant romance and another show-stopping kiss. As the series finishes, the first word that comes to mind is "wow". This simple love story has surpassed the best efforts from elite studios. Our Dating Sim proves you can make a top-tier BL drama without a fancy budget. Everyone who worked on this exceptional project should feel proud.


Entertaining story

Our Dating Sim offers a fun, breezy love story that flows cohesively. The simple plot combines familiar romantic tropes into an engaging narrative. Everything unfolds without clunkiness.

Riveting romance

The series showcases riveting sexual tension in the early episodes and never loses momentum in the second half. This adorable couple flirts enthusiastically and gives epic kisses.

Charming acting

Both leads share an easygoing chemistry with a natural rapport. Ki Tae's actor (Lee Seung Gyu) is vivacious and impishly charming. His costar (Lee Jong Hyuk) gives a poised performance.

Happy ending

Our Dating Sim has a happy ending as Wan makes a sensible career decision. He has matured from his high school days. The finale also contains exuberant romance and a show-stopping kiss.

Decent artistry

I like the cute high school anecdotes at the end of each episode! This series offers a decent presentation. However, some romantic scenes don't look as stylish as more polished BL productions.


Our Dating Sim is an exceptional BL drama with a simple yet engaging love story. The adorable couple dazzles with cute flirting, iconic kisses, natural chemistry, and riveting sexual tension.

Our Dating Sim Episodes

Episode Guide

Wan and Ki Tae are coworkers in a gaming company.

Our Dating Sim has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 15 to 20 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 2 hours. Our Dating Sim started on March 9, 2023 and ended its last episode on March 30, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Wan and Ki Tae kiss on the school rooftop in Our Dating Sim Episode 1.

Our Dating Sim begins with Wan headed towards a job interview at RE: TRY, a video game company. The company's CEO, Tae-oh, likes Wan's webtoon drawings. Tae-oh wants to hire him to do artwork for his team's upcoming visual simulation game. Upon his arrival, Wan is curious when he sees someone familiar in the elevator. His worst suspicions are confirmed when he meets Ki Tae, one of the interviewers in the job interview. 

Ki Tae and Wan share a complicated past together. They used to be best friends in high school. On Wan's graduation day, he confesses his feelings and initiates a kiss between them. However, Ki Tae dodges and doesn't reciprocate the romantic gesture. Since then, they haven't stayed in touch for seven years. This interview is the first time they have reunited with each other. Wan panics, but he must maintain his composure during the interview.

The friendly Tae-oh seems eager to hire Wan for this three-month position. However, Ki Tae asks tough interview questions. He wants to know if Wan will stay committed to this project, even if another company recruits him midway. "If you were to run away in the middle of it, it'd be hard for us to work together," Ki Tae remarks, subtly alluding to their past. Nonetheless, they never get a chance to talk personally afterwards. After the interview, Wan is noticeably distressed. He reminisces about their history together, including the failed kiss.

Episode 1 Review
Wan had a crush on his best friend Ki Tae during high school.

Right away, Our Dating Sim has hit all my soft spots. Childhood friends, teenage regrets, and unrequited love are the classic romantic tropes that resonate vividly with me. Then, it brings these familiar elements into a workplace environment, mixing personal feelings with professional boundaries. Turning a job interview into a reunion with your high school crush is brilliant. It combines two high-pressure scenarios and creates an intriguing power dynamic between the leads. There are already so many dimensions to this romance in the first episode. 

The name of the video game company, RE: TRY, alludes to the story's central theme of second chances. Wan messed up his high school love confession, causing years of regret. Now, he gets another opportunity to redo the failed relationship. During the interview, the company name is plastered on the wall behind Ki Tae, like an implicit message. It's a clever storytelling technique hinting at the plot's direction. The heart symbol is also placed between the "x" and the "o", teasing the ambiguity.

Likewise, the opening scenes reiterate the concept of redoing the relationship. The first shot of the series is a "Game Over" message on Ki Tae's computer. It's an apt phrase to describe his lack of relationship with Wan after their high school days. When Ki Tae types on his computer, the programming functions include "Find Problem", "Reset Time", and "Restart Game". ODS basically spoils how the love story will develop. These two former childhood friends had an interpersonal issue, but now they get a chance to reset and restart. 

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Ki Tae keeps a high school photo of Wan on his desk.

Episode 2 begins with Wan contemplating a job offer from the gaming company. He leans towards declining the position due to his past with Ki Tae. The story reveals a complete flashback of the rooftop kiss. Wan and Ki Tae use a traditional camera to take a photo together on graduation day. Afterwards, Wan confesses his feelings. He tries to kiss Ki Tae, who pulls away and evades his friend. Wan is mortified and runs away. "I decide to hide away forever," Wan says in his narration.

After the failed confession, Wan moved away and changed his number, so Ki Tae couldn't contact him. Other flashbacks reveal glimpses of their lives during the seven years apart. Ki Tae attended couples' mixers and collaborated with friends at a tech start-up. Meanwhile, Wan stayed to help with his sister's restaurant and focused on developing his art. Wan was sad after his aunt passed away and almost wanted to contact Ki Tae for comfort. Nonetheless, he wouldn't reconnect with his former best friend.

Another flashback showed Wan in another interview at Magic Toon. PD Ahn, the interviewer, rejects Wan from the prestigious overseas artist camp. Ahn claims his portfolio of work isn't diverse enough. He keeps drawing the same character's face with one expression. The interview call for RE: TRY comes after this rejection. Wan cherishes this career opportunity and decides to accept the job after all. The episode ends with Wan smiling at a reader's supportive comment on his webtoons. The anonymous user, "Gameboy", is actually Ki Tae. 

Episode 2 Review
Wan takes pictures with the camera.

Damn, Wan and Ki Tae's rooftop kiss pains me. It's a cautionary tale of how to destroy your friendship with a split-second decision. Imagine if you're Wan. You fall in love with your best friend and finally gather the courage to confess. Yet, you misinterpret his signals and overstep your boundaries. He reacts to your kiss with shock, confusion & evasion. In that instant, you realize your grave mistake, which can never be retracted. Not only are you rejected, but you lose your closest friend.

I like how the story taps into the sentimental side of the romance in this episode. The premiere was more upbeat. Wan was flustered by their reunion, but his reactions seemed relatively lighthearted. In contrast, Episode 2 is solemn, exploring Wan's melancholy and regret. The flashbacks showed how both guys were affected by their alienation. A typical BL drama would've just jumped into the playful banter and sexual tension in the workplace. Instead, ODS takes time to focus on the emotional consequences. These scenes humanize the characters and make their struggles relatable.

Oh, I love the cute high school anecdotes at the end of each episode! The fluffy scenes showcase Wan and Ki Tae's teenage bond adorably. Also, adding the visual sim choices is a quirky touch that makes these scenes more distinctive. Instead of just regular flashbacks, the series connects the exchanges with the dating sim project at the gaming company. How innovative! This extra detail may be simple, yet it shows so much of the storyteller's creativity. An average BL drama wouldn't necessarily have this imagination.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Wan and Ki Tae are coworkers at a video game company.

Wan begins his first day of work at the gaming company. He meets his new coworkers, including Tae-oh, Jamie, and Sunny. However, Ki Tae acts standoffish around him. Both former friends behave like they don't know each other in the past. Wan is wearing a formal business suit, clashing with the casual dress code. Ki Tae gives him a comfortable hoodie to wear.

Wan and Ki Tae have a one-on-one work meeting to discuss the project. Ki Tae acts brash, questioning whether his colleague enjoys the game he is working on. Wan defends himself and points out various improvements. As they work on the laptop, Ki Tae's hand accidentally brushes against Wan's, embarrassing the latter. Ki Tae also gives his colleague a new nickname: Ian. It's the same name as the webtoon character on Wan's blog. Wan is upset that Ki Tae has read his personal blog.

Wan discovers Ki Tae recruited him to the company. Sunny had another artist in mind, but Ki Tae insisted on hiring him. This revelation shocks Wan, who confronts his coworker and questions his motives. Wan believes he's being mocked, but Ki Tae insists he scouted Wan for work. As they argue, Ki Tae remarks snidely, "Don't run away in the middle." He reveals his identity as Gameboy, the commenter on Wan's blog. Wan calls him a stalker. Ki Tae hints that following someone's social media is a sign of their crush. His cryptic words leave Wan with lots to ponder.

Episode 3 Review
Ki Tae is stressed and puts his head in his hands.

A part of Wan's appeal is his earnestness. Jamie describes him best in Episode 1 by calling him Bambi since he possesses a charming innocence. He behaves sincerely, like showing up to work in a business suit. His personality leads to funny reactions whenever Ki Tae teases him. He overthinks, misinterprets, and spirals irrationally. My favourite Wan moments are when he gets stressed and puts his head in his hands. His shy, flustered reactions always look so adorable, hehe~

I enjoy how Our Dating Sim builds the sexual tension between the leads. Their scenes have sassiness, but the conflict doesn't feel overly antagonistic. Ki Tae's actor (Lee Seung Gyu) has an impishness that makes his interactions mischievous. With a less charismatic actor, Ki Tae's hostility could come across as bullying. Yet, this performer is charming enough to interpret the scenes playfully. When other people smirk, they often look arrogant. But with him, he's hiding a naughty secret. If Wan is a deer, then the animal that Ki Tae resembles is a fox. He's sharp, witty, and just as cunning.

Out of all the available places, why does Wan choose the office rooftop to confront Ki Tae? You'd think he knows this location is sensitive for him. 😅 Thematically, I like the parallels. Going from the school rooftop to the company rooftop, Wan and Ki Tae pick up where they left off seven years ago. Ki Tae begins their chat with an intriguing line, "Did I do something wrong?" That's the first question he asks, reflecting the culpability in his subconscious. A split-second reaction to an unexpected kiss caused him to lose his best friend. He felt guilty for driving Wan away.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Wan and Ki Tae visit their old school campus to draw art.

Wan starts avoiding Ki Te around the office. He also warns Ki Tae to stop snooping on his blog. The other coworkers notice their tension, pointing out Ki Tae's recent erratic behaviour. Tae-oh reminds him to be nicer to the new employee. Ki Tae invites Wan to lunch, but his colleague refuses. Ki Tae jokes his handsomeness intimidates Wan, causing further tension.

Wan eats alone at the restaurant, but Ki Tae joins him anyway. An intimate moment occurs when Ki Tae wipes food from his mouth. Later, Ki Tae accompanies Wan as they collect reference material for the game's artwork. They visit their old school campus, where Wan sketches various locations and uses Ki Tae as a model. They banter back and forth with each other. Eventually, they settle down on the bleachers outside, observing the open sports field.

Ki Tae asks Wan why he doesn't use a film camera for his art, like in the past. A self-conscious Wan admits he doesn't take pictures anymore. Ki Tae suddenly takes out his friend's camera, which he abandoned on graduation day. Wan is surprised and demands its return, but Ki Tae refuses. Wan tells his colleague to stop bullying him. Ki Tae retaliates he has been tormented for the past seven years because his old friend misunderstood the situation and ran away. Their confrontation escalates until Ki Tae admits he likes Wan. Wan is shocked to hear his friend's confession.

Episode 4 Review
Wan and Ki Tae confront each other at their old high school.

It's a subtle moment, but I appreciate how Ki Tae's boss mediates the tension between his subordinates. Tae-oh may provide the goofy humour in the series, but he acts authoritatively during the appropriate moments. IMO, I don't believe Ki Tae's behaviour is that severe. Nonetheless, he has made Wan uneasy in the workplace. Tae-oh notices the conflict and gently reprimands Ki Tae, reminding him to treat the new employee better. Like a good boss, Tae-oh does his due diligence to ensure Wan feels respected.

"How can you eat while looking at such a handsome face?" I know he's joking, but why does that sound like it could be true? *lol* Despite his attempts to avoid Ki Tae, that man lives rent-free in Wan's mind 24/7. He constantly thinks about his high school crush. He even spends lunch huffing and puffing about him. I'm sorry, but Wan is totally smitten. Also, I love when Ki Tae removes the rice from Wan's face during the meal. Ki Tae looked confident when performing this intimate gesture. But then he makes eye contact with Wan and gets shy. His reaction makes me giddy!

Ki Tae's love confession is incredible. As the emotions intensify, I experience an adrenaline rush that only the best love stories can evoke. Every captivating line reverberates powerfully, making me anticipate how the leads respond. My favourite moment is when Ki Tae chest-bumps Wan during their exchange. Why do I find that so hot? LMAO. This exciting scene ends with a confession, the one that was seven years in the making. The backstory, the emotions, the acting & the dialogue click together splendidly. As they stare into each other's eyes, I am left breathless!

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Wan and Ki Tae kiss in Our Dating Sim Episode 5.

Episode 5 begins with a company meeting. Wan presents his sketches to the team, including the artwork for the game's protagonist. Although Wan denies it, Jamie points out the physical resemblance between the character and Ki Tae. Later, the team works hard before the game's beta is released. Wan and Ki Tae stay behind to do overtime, but the lights suddenly cut out. Ki Tae uses this intimate moment to follow up on his confession in the last episode. Yet, Wan nervously evades the topic.

The leads arrive at Ki Tae's apartment to continue their work assignments. When Ki Tae states he'll take a shower first, it triggers a hilariously awkward reaction from an overimaginative Wan. Later, Wan examines the flat and discovers their high school photos together. Ki Tae confesses his feelings again, but Wan only focuses on working. They fall asleep at the apartment without anything more happening. The following day, all the employees are working hard again. They finally release the beta and go have dinner to celebrate.

After dinner, Ki Tae and Wan meet alone at night to have drinks together. They make small talk, and Wan thanks his friend for recruiting him to the company. Ki Tae changes the topic back to their relationship. He teases Wan, encouraging him to admit his feelings. Although Wan won't admit it, Ki Tae points out he's blushing. The leads bring their faces closer together. They examine each other's eyes and lips. Ki Tae initiates the kiss, and Wan reciprocates. After making out, the episode ends with Ki Tae saying, "Both of us didn't dodge this time. Should we start over?"

Episode 5 Review
Wan and Ki Tae read a manhwa together.

LMAO. Why does Wan choke when Ki Tae says he'll shower? You go to a guy's apartment to "work overtime", only to inadvertently reveal the real intentions in your mind. Wan may have played too many 18+ dating sims and mistakenly assumed this was an erotic scenario. 🤭 Wan got feisty in the last episode, but he's back to being cute and shy again. Just the other day, Wan yelled at Ki Tae for making a fool out of him. Now, he's blushing, giggling, and making come-hither eyes.

Although it's overshadowed by ~the kiss~, I really like the high school flashback in this episode. The charming little anecdote encapsulates their relationship dynamic so well. Ki Tae cozies up to Wan, who is nervous and tries to distance himself. But Ki Tae reaches out, wrapping his arm around Wan and pulling him closer. They sit side by side, laughing among themselves. Our Dating Sim successfully depicts their close adolescent bond in one quick, effortless scene.

OMG THE KISS!!! After building momentum for five episodes, the climax of the love story doesn't disappoint. As Wan and Ki Tae bring their faces closer, they pause to look into each other's eyes. Both shift their gazes to the lips. Finally, the long-awaited kiss happens! Not just a quick peck or a soft touch like many Korean BL dramas, but it's a proper kiss. They make out even more rigorously in the behind-the-scenes footage, which is left on the cutting room floor. It blows my mind you film this kind of gold-star material and inexplicably exclude it from the main story.

What makes the moment iconic is Ki Tae's epic finishing line: "Both of us didn't dodge this time." Beyond physical intimacy, this kiss is momentous because of its sentimentality. Two star-crossed lovers isolated for seven years, carrying the regret of a failed teenage confession. Now, they get a second chance at redemption. This kiss represents the culmination of all the angst, remorse & repressed feelings. Thinking about their history gives me goosebumps. Our Dating Sim perfectly executes this first kiss, from the passion to the emotional resonance. That is an A+ scene!

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Wana nd Ki Tae walk around having a chat on their first date.

After the kiss, Ki Tae puts his head on Wan's shoulder and dozes off. At a work meeting the next day, Ki Tae admits he pretended to be drunk out of embarrassment. However, his love confession was genuine. Wan plays coy and pretends he needs more convincing. "Please continue trying a little more," Wan smiles and gives his implicit approval. On the weekend, Ki Tae invites Wan out on a date. They meet for a quiet walk in the park.

Ki Tae reveals he developed a crush on Wan after the high school confession, a moment that unlocked his feelings. Wan asks about his dating history. Ki Tae sheepishly admits he dated once, even though it wasn't a serious relationship. Wan playfully teases him, "Your seven years of unrequited love were just a lie." Wan claims he dated too, but it's a cheeky lie. The date ends with the couple chatting casually and eventually holding hands.

The couple hangs out at the apartment and discusses their high school days. Ki Tae teases his boyfriend, "You used to stare at me." Wan denies the allegations, but Ki Tae jokes, "I'll close my eyes now. Stare all you want." At work, Jamie introduces Wan to her friend, and they go out for lunch. Ki Tae gets jealous until his boyfriend reveals she was just a fan of his artwork. The episode ends with the couple flirting cutely on the company rooftop. Wan is nervous others will see them being intimate, which Sunny did earlier. Even so, Ki Tae gives him an affectionate hug.

Episode 6 Review
Ki Tae surprises Wan with an affectionate hug.

I am cackling that Wan plays hard to get with Ki Tae. Now that he has confirmed his best friend's feelings, Wan seizes power in their relationship. "Hmm, I dunno… 😔 I'm not convinced you actually like me… 🤔 I'll need to see more affection from you… 😚" LMAOOO. Wan may act timid and lovestruck, but the flirty minx inside him has jumped out! I like seeing the new sides of the two leads. Wan shows he can be playful, while Ki Tae reveals shyness beneath his bravado. Both become more nuanced characters after falling in love.

I love the relaxed vibe of Wan and Ki Tae's first date. The scene consists of one long take, showcasing their rapport without interruptions. All they do is walk and talk, but their easygoing chemistry carries the exchange. It's great how they talk openly and clear their doubts about each other. I particularly love Wan's snarky comment about Ki Tae's dating history. "Your seven years of unrequited love are all lies then." LMAOOO. Give him sass! Their date ends beautifully with them holding hands. This scene is so elegantly simple, yet it conveys the casual flirtation of a newly dating couple.

The other relationship scenes are just as sweet! From cheeky banter to quick little pecks, this couple seem like they're totally in love. Ki Tae acts extra cute in boyfriend mode and says the cheekiest lines: "I'll close my eyes now, so you can stare all you want~""You thought it was hand-holding, but it's a hug!""Who has a problem with us dating!? BRING THEM HERE!" LMAOOOO. Each exchange fills me with giddiness and warmth. I assumed the romance would peak after the first kiss. To my surprise, the momentum still goes strongly. Wan and Ki Tae are a joy to watch.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary
Ki Tae explains the reason why he likes plants.

Ki Tae meets with his high school buddies for drinks. They're surprised to hear Wan has returned after a seven-year absence. They disapprove of his sudden disappearance, recalling how much Ki Tae suffered due to his missing friend. Later, Ki Tae feels uneasy when his boyfriend meets Director Ahn, who wants to recruit Wan for an overseas career opportunity. Wan hides this job offer from a bigger company. He hasn't made a decision yet.

Wan is curious why Ki Tae keeps so many plants in his apartment, which doesn't suit his personality. Ki Tae explains the potted plants comfort him. They're rooted in their spot and won't go anywhere. Later, Ahn arranges another meeting with Wan to discuss the job details. Wan contemplates working abroad for a year, which will advance his career prospects. However, Ki Tae becomes increasingly stressed and suspects his boyfriend might abandon him"You can't leave me this time," Ki Tae warns him sternly. "I'll make sure of it."

Afterwards, Ki Tae tries apologizing for using a harsh tone. However, Wan doesn't respond to his calls. Ki Tae is worried and frantically searches the neighbourhood for his missing boyfriend. Wan finally appears, revealing he was helping his sister with an emergency at the restaurant. Ki Tae breaks down in tears, fearing that Wan has suddenly disappeared from his life again. Wan is shocked as he comforts his boyfriend. He realizes the severity of Ki Tae's abandonment trauma.

Episode 7 Review
Ki Tae cries when he believes Wan has abandoned him, just like seven years ago.

On paper, I appreciate the storyline exploring Ki Tae's anxieties. It adds complexity to his characterization, highlighting his abandonment fears. Seven years ago, Wan vanished without a trace. Here one moment, gone the next. Ki Tae carried lifelong guilt, blaming himself for Wan's disappearance. Despite their present reunion, Ki Tae remains insecure. History has scared him into believing his happiness won't last. Ki Tae's potted plants reflect his trauma, symbolizing his desire for roots, stability, and permanence.

Unfortunately, Ki Tae's mental health problems are too heavy to condense into a short fifteen-minute episode. This sophisticated topic requires more time and depth for a meaningful portrayal. Instead, the storyline depicts an abbreviated version of Ki Tae's psychological trauma. The handful of scenes seems rushed and doesn't develop his perspective enough. When he breaks down at the end of the episode, his reaction feels like a severe escalation. Ki Tae probably needs counselling more than his boyfriend's reassurances. Overall, I find this subplot underwhelming.

As the series nears its end, I wish we could've seen more content related to the game development. The characters had been working on this titular dating sim for seven episodes. Yet, we only see a few sketches and character designs as signs of progress. The game almost becomes an insignificant background detail, conveyed through several lines of exposition dialogue. At the very least, I would've liked to see a screenshot of the final product, signifying the completion of the project. It's another non-romantic subplot that needs more oomph.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Happy Ending
Our Dating Sim has a happy ending where Wan and Ki Tae kiss on the rooftop.

Our Dating Sim has a happy ending where Wan stays with his boyfriend instead of pursuing the overseas career opportunity. Initially, Wan contemplates his job offer. Sunny notices his indecision and asks, "Why did you start drawing?" She flicks through his sketchbook, revealing all the pictures he drew during his high school years. Wan realizes Ki Tae was the inspiration for his art. Afterwards, Wan makes up his mind. He turns down the opportunity to work with Director Ahn.

Wan explains he began drawing because of his high school crush. "Without that person, my art would be meaningless. At least for now." Even if he may regret it later, Wan believes turning down the offer is the best decision for him. Later, the couple celebrates Ki Tae's birthday. Wan has drawn a webtoon documenting his loneliness during their seven years of isolation. The last panel shows Wan meeting Ki Tae, thus ending his prolonged heartache. Ki Tae calls his boyfriend and tells him, "I love the version of you I didn't know."

The leads meet on the school rooftop during the night. Wan reenacts his failed love confession. This time, there's no rejection as the couple makes out passionately. Later, Wan reveals he received an exciting job offer. An agency wants him to draw a separate webtoon for this dating sim. As everyone celebrates, Wan and Ki Tae secretly hold hands. The episode finishes a year later. The couple has moved in together. Before Ki Tae leaves for work, Wan kisses him goodbye. Wan says in his narration, "Life is a long game of scenarios, and I choose love instead of running away."

Ending Review
Wan and Ki Tae kiss in the high school dating sim.

In my opinion, Wan makes a sensible decision to choose love over work. Typically, I support BL protagonists for pursuing personal ambitions over their romances. It's different in this case. The timing isn't right. Wan and Ki Tae only just started dating, reuniting after seven years apart. Plus, Ki Tae is healing from his abandonment trauma. Leaving him so soon would worsen his anxieties. Your career development isn't everything in life. Sometimes, you should sacrifice a job opportunity to nurture your love life instead.

I like how the finale includes a dilemma, prompting Wan to choose between two options. It reminds me of a typical decision point in a dating sim, hehe. I also like the philosophical question, "Why did you start drawing?" Wan realizes his passion isn't to make money, get famous, or build his career. His artistic inspiration comes from love. By the way, I cracked up when Sunny saw the Ki Tae sketches and said, "I understand ~exactly~ the reason you started drawing." Sunny looked this closeted gay guy in the eye and told him implicitly, "I know what you are."

Aww, the webtoon is such a sweet gift! That said, Ki Tae's REAL birthday present is the make-out session afterwards. Thematically, I like how the leads reenact their love confession, replacing an old regret with a new memory. The story guides us through a flashback of their adolescent days. As we exit the montage, the camera ambushes us with the couple's steamy kiss. We see a close-up shot of Wan and Ki Tae eating each other's faces. OMFG I ALMOST CHOKED. I didn't expect this epic transition from poignant sentimentality to passionate sensuality.

I adore the last relationship scene. It's so cute seeing Wan and Ki Tae as a domestic couple, happily doting on each other. They share many kisses, embraces, and even a cheeky little tap on the butt. Hehe, the butt pat is the best part~ 🤭 This sweet ending is such a contrast from how the series began. Our Dating Sim started with Wan in agony after reuniting with his high school crush. Fortunately, both leads turn their adolescent regret into an inspirational redemption. The delightful finale leaves me feeling more hopeful about love and life.

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Our Dating Sim Information

Studio Winsome

Studio Winsome (스튜디오윈썸) is a Korean BL studio. Its first BL project is the 2021 drama, My Sweet Dear.

Studio Winsome (스튜디오윈썸) is a Korean BL studio. Its first BL project is the 2021 drama, My Sweet Dear. The studio has also made the 2023 series, Our Dating Sim and Love Mate.


Lim Hyun Hee (임현희) is a Korean director who worked on the 2023 series, Our Dating Sim.

Lim Hyun Hee (임현희) is a Korean director who worked on the 2023 series, Our Dating Sim. This drama is her first BL project.

  1. I've waited for this BL for awhile now and I was so excited when the first two episodes came out. This BL is one of the best BL's I've watched so far.


  2. Ah, I was waiting for your review on this since I suspected you might like it as much as I did! Both actors are such charismatic actors, despite being rookies (particularly Lee Seung Gyu).

    The show was just a nice little show. It might not be lengthy or have a big budget, but if I were to introduce someone to the BL genre, I think this would be a great small dose introduction to one. A short and simple story, great chemistry and romance between the leads, and decent production (I thought the single-take scenes, like in the soccer confession scene, and their first date which was also single-take was done really well.)

    Hope to see more like this! I actually wished there was more since it was so decent (but maybe it's good because it's short and sweet). But would definitely love to see more of the actors. They had great rapport, and their kiss behind the scenes was even better than the show.


  3. I loved this one and ended up watching too fast! I'm impressed as well with how the drama manages to have good support characters even being so short. No one seems unnecessary. It's my favorite from Korea for sure!


  4. I’ve been waiting for this and I’m not embarrassed to say I shouted when I saw the grade I Loveeeeeeee this series it’s sooooo cute it’s beautiful it’s everything


  5. Just super charming. Shin Ki Tae's wry smile is everything. Sunny is brilliant, like a Korean Daria. I'd like to see these actors in a full-length story. This mini mini series was a delicate meringue which evaporated before we had a chance to savor it properly.


  6. So many good points to talk about for this series. Only 1 bad point though.. It was toooooooooooooo short~! I mean I honestly didn't feel the time fly past binge-watching this. It was refreshing in the execution of the game part at the end of every episode. The entire series was not draggy at all. The cast especially the main lead were also captivating to watch in the way they portrayed their emotions.. Oh the best ever. I can so do round 2 like right now. Hahaha.

  7. oH My GOD. I ENDED UP REWATCHING IT for 2nd times meanwhile i just finished it yesterday. it is just too good. 10/10 perfect comfort relaxing bl series.

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