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Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2 is the sequel to the Japanese BL series Shimbashi Koi Story.

Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2 is the sequel to the Japanese BL series Shimbashi Koi Story. The second season continues the couple's love story after two years have passed. Both main characters are still happily in love. However, their blissful relationship faces various unexpected obstacles. A new rival, a manipulative ex-boyfriend, and communication troubles threaten to tear apart the romance.

The Shimbashi Koi Story sequel is worse than its first season. The plots are still generic and uninspired. Likewise, the bland protagonists continue to share little chemistry and give amateurish performances. I'm also annoyed by the addition of two shameless rivals who bring obnoxious love triangles. The story seems more preoccupied with relationship drama than highlighting romantic encounters between the leads.

Shimbashi Koi Story 2 Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2022)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

4 episodes




Shimbashi Koi Story 2 is a nice & gentle BL drama.


Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke walk on the beach.

Two years have passed since Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke started dating. Previously, the couple met as customers at a gay bar. Tatsuya was too shy to reach out to him. However, Jun-nosuke made the first move and asked for contact information. Tatsuya's best friend Kotetsu also played matchmaker and helped bring them closer together.

Since then, Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke have been an item. They are also living together. Their relationship proceeds blissfully without much drama. Tatsuya still goes to the bar to hang out with Kotetsu, who remains single. Yet, Jun-nosuke is sometimes busy with work and doesn't accompany them.

One evening, Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke meet another pair of friends at their bar. Shota and Ryotaro are in their mid-thirties, a few years younger than Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke. The four men hit it off as they chat. Shota is lively and extroverted, keeping the conversations going. He develops a romantic interest in Tatsuya, disregarding that his crush already has a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Jun-nosuke reconnects with his ex-boyfriend Yuki. They broke up a while ago. Nonetheless, Yuki seems eager to win back his old partner. Jun-nosuke tries to fend off these advances as politely as possible. Tatsuya also tries to maintain his composure, although he seems bothered by Jun-nosuke and Yuki's closeness. As tensions rise, Tatsuya finds himself seeking comfort in Shota more frequently.

Shimbashi Koi Story 2 Cast



Tatsuya (タツヤ)

Tatsuya is portrayed by a Japanese actor.

Tatsuya is Jun-nosuke's boyfriend. They have been dating for two years and currently live together. Tatsuya often visits the bar with his best friend, Kotetsu, who is still single. The pair befriends Shota, who is a few years younger than them. Tatsuya admires Shota's constant enthusiasm.


Jun-nosuke (ジュンノスケ)

Jun-nosuke is portrayed by a Japanese actor.

Jun-nosuke is Tatsuya's boyfriend. They met at the bar and have been dating for two years. Recently, Jun-nosuke's ex-boyfriend Yuki has gotten in touch with him. Yuki seems eager to reconnect and get back together. Jun-nosuke tries to reject his advances diplomatically, but Tatsuya feels annoyed by their interactions.

Supporting Cast

Shota is portrayed by a Japanese actor.


Yuki is portrayed by a Japanese actor.


Kotetsu is portrayed by a Japanese actor.


Takeshi is portrayed by a Japanese actor.


Ryotaro is portrayed by a Japanese actor.


Shimbashi Koi Story 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 5.6

Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke chat on the beach.

Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2 shares many of the same issues as its predecessor. Like the original, the generic plots are uninspired. Each predictable storyline fails to develop interestingly. The series has no other tricks besides borrowing overused romantic tropes, from petty ex-boyfriends to shameless love rivals. The protagonists are gay men in their forties, a unique demographic with countless mature topics worth examining. However, the series doesn't have the imagination to explore meaningful themes.

The sequel begins with a time skip of two years. The leads have moved in since the first season, showing domesticity and stability in their long-term relationship. Yet, this series lacks lovey-dovey moments. Despite living together, the couple doesn't share many romantic exchanges. They avoid flirting, banter, compliments, intimacy, or affectionate gestures that keep the sparks alive. The protagonists also spend more time with the other supporting characters than their boyfriends. They get too caught up in their exes, love triangles, and unnecessary drama.

Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2 introduces Shota and Yuki, two new additions to the cast. They bring complications to the protagonists' blissful relationship. Their characters annoy me enormously. These shameless love rivals have wicked hearts and try to come in between an established couple. Furthermore, their sole defining trait is stealing other people's boyfriends. We learn little else about Shota or Yuki, making them impossible to warm towards. Unfortunately, they occupy a significant portion of Season 2. I groan and roll my eyes at all their obnoxious antics.

Some of Tatsuya's behaviour toward his boyfriend is aggravating. He keeps a big secret from Jun-nosuke in Episode 2. But then, he gets upset about his partner not communicating with him. Ugh, the problems in your relationship start and end with you. Likewise, Jun-nosuke doesn't define boundaries with Yuki, even though his old lover has an agenda. While Jun-nosuke never does anything inappropriate, he seems obtuse and inconsiderate of his boyfriend's feelings. Both leads get on my nerves at various points in the story. I liked them more during the first season.

Unfortunately, I don't see much improvement in Tatsuya or Jun-nosuke's acting in Shimbashi Koi Story 2. They continue to look stiff on camera and give amateurish performances. Both leads are too bland. They can't add any personality to their characterizations. In addition, the pair shares no chemistry. Despite being boyfriends, their body language doesn't seem comfortable around each other. They can't convey the feeling of being in love. On a positive note, Shota and Yuki's actors are relatively better. Their roles suck, but the actors have a charismatic spark to them.

Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2 has a happy ending as the leads reconcile after their feud. I appreciate the couple's first on-screen kiss in the finale, a cute way to wrap up their love story. The sweet conclusion makes me wonder if I have been too harsh on such a harmless series. After all, this self-produced project comes from a proud LGBTQ+ establishment. My heart wants to give warm encouragement instead of knocking it down. Nonetheless, I must be honest with my critique. Shimbashi Koi Story 2 is a subpar BL drama that doesn't provide me with enjoyment.


Uninspired story

Shimbashi Koi Story 2 borrows many overused romantic tropes, showing little originality. Each generic storyline unfolds predictably. I'm annoyed with the new love rivals and their obnoxious drama.

Annoying romance

Besides not spending enough time together, the leads don't have lovey-dovey moments. They avoid flirting or intimate gestures that keep their sparks alive. The couple doesn't seem in love.

Clumsy acting

The leads don't improve and still give amateurish performances. The bland actors add no personality to their characterizations. Also, they share little chemistry and seem uncomfortable on camera.

Happy ending

Shimbashshi Koi Story Season 2 has a happy ending. The leads reconcile sweetly after their feud. The couple shares their first on-screen kiss in the finale, a cute way to wrap up this romance.

Plain artistry

The production values remain around the same quality as Season 1. Not much has changed other than the actors getting haircuts. There may be a few more new filming locations in Season 2.


Shimbashi Koi Story 2 is worse than its first season. The generic storylines, bland romance, and amateurish acting have not improved. Also, the shameless love rivals bring annoying relationship drama.

Shimbashi Koi Story 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Tatsuya and Shota sit in the bedroom together.

Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2 has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode is around 15 to 20 minutes long. The last episode is around 18 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 1 hour. Season 2 started on November 13, 2022 and ended on December 4, 2022.

Shimbashi Koi Story 2 is a sequel. The predecessor contains four episodes. Its first season started on October 23, 2022 and ended on November 2, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4


Shimbashi Koi Story (2022)

Shimbashi Koi Story is the predecessor to Shimbashi Koi Story Season 2.

Shimbashi Koi Story started as a four-episode series that launched in October 2022. The first season is around 1 hour long. It introduces the main characters, Tatsuya and Jun-nosuke. They meet as customers at a gay bar. You should watch Season 1 before starting this sequel.

The original Shimbashi Koi Story is slightly better than its sequel. Like the sequel, the first season suffers from generic plots. There are often clunky scenes, one-dimensional characterizations, and amateurish acting. The romance is sweet but superficial, never developing with much depth. Nonetheless, I appreciate the earnestness of the series. This gay bar created a BL drama featuring bigger and older men in leading roles. It earns points for providing representation and challenging industry standards.

Shimbashi Koi Story 3 (2023)

Shimbashi Koi Story is the predecessor to Shimbashi Koi Story Season 3.

After the second season, Shimbashi Koi Story released another sequel in October 2023. The four-episode series is approximately one hour long. The story continues after the second season, but there is another time skip. One of the main characters has disappeared without a trace, leaving his lover upset and confused. You should watch Season 1 and Season 2 before starting the third season.

Shimbashi Koi Story 3 takes a dramatic turn compared to the first two seasons. It begins with the main character's mysterious disappearance, making you wonder what happened. Tatsuya eventually returns, but his explanation is unsatisfying. The more this storyline unfolds, the more frustrated I feel. Tatsuya's indecisiveness makes him an antagonistic lead. The third season shows improvements compared to the previous series. The writing seems sharper, while the production values have increased. Yet, it remains lacklustre compared to more polished BL dramas.

Shimbashi Koi Story 2 Information

Shimbashi Tugboat

Shimbashi Tugboat is a Japanese gay bar. Its first BL project is the 2022 drama, Shimbashi Koi Story. It also produced the sequel, Shimbashi Koi Story 2.

Shimbashi Tugboat is a Japanese gay bar. Its first BL project is the 2022 drama, Shimbashi Koi Story. It also produced the sequels, Shimbashi Koi Story 2 and Shimbashi Koi Story 3.

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