The Best Story – Series Review & Ending Explained

The Best Story is a simple, sweet, and sentimental high school love story.

If you're looking for a sweet and sensitive high school love story, The Best Story is a short series that you can finish in under two hours. In this Thai BL drama, the main character develops a secret crush on a male classmate, but hesitates to confess his feelings. As the end of their senior year draws near, the protagonist tries working up the courage to give his love confession.

The Best Story has cracked the code and discovered the winning formula to BL dramas. By combining a simple adolescent romance with dreamy music and gorgeous cinematography, it almost comes close to a perfectly endearing series. However, The Best Story falls apart in its final act and won't give you the happy ending that your heart wants.

The Best Story Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

3 episodes


High school romance


The Best Story is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Dew teaches Best how to shoot a basketball.

Best is an ordinary student in his senior year of high school. One day, he walks across the school's basketball court, only to be hit by a flying ball in the head. Knocked unconscious, he is carried to the infirmary by Dew, the student who accidentally hit him with the basketball. Afterwards, a viral video of the incident circulates around school, which embarrasses Best. He angrily confronts Dew, who gives a sincere apology for hurting him.

Later, Best feels bad for using such a harsh tone and offers a reconciliation. Dew takes their exchange in good spirits and the two guys successfully clear the air with each other. Dew hopes they can be friends and start their relationship on a better note. Won over by his amicableness, Best starts to develop a crush on his classmate. Best's friends Tar and Bright notices his crush and teases him about it playfully.

Tar and Bright urge Best to confess his feelings to Dew, especially with a song. Although Best begins writing the song lyrics, he's too shy to give his love confession. His confidence is also shaken every time he sees Dew with his female friend Fern. Dew and Fern seem quite close together, so Best never dares to approach him when she's in proximity.

Best has a habit of writing down his feelings in a journal. Lately, a lot of the entries revolve around his feelings for Dew. During a chance encounter, Best accidentally drops the journal when he bumps into Dew in the school hallway. By the time Best realizes the journal is missing, he has no idea whether Dew is the one who picked it up or not.

Dew’s friends Tar and Dave are in a band together. The two of them are looking for a lead vocalist for an upcoming music festival at school. They notice Best’s skills with the guitar and invite him to join their band. As Best rehearses with his new bandmates, he gets to encounter Dew a lot more often. The friendship between them strengthens, but Best remains too shy to confess his feelings to Dew.

The Best Story Trailer

The Best Story Cast



War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์)

Best is portrayed by the Thai actor War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์).

Best introduces himself as an ordinary high school student who isn't athletic, smart, or talented. Later, we find out he's just super humble, because Best is a great musician who plays the guitar beautifully. Best is best friends with Ray and Bright. He also develops a secret crush on Dew, but finds it difficult to confess his feelings to another guy.

War Wanarat Ratsameerat

War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 23, 1994.

War Wanarat Ratsameerat (วนรัตน์ รัศมีรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 23, 1994. His first BL project is the the 2020 BL franchise, En of Love. He is the lead of The Best Story (2021) and Love Mechanics (2022).


Yin Anan Wong (อานันท์ ว่อง)

Dew is portrayed by the Thai actor Dew Yin Anan Wong (อานันท์ ว่อง).

Dew is a high school student and the subject of Best's secret crush. An avid photographer, he works with his friend Fern to take pictures around the school. Dew is best friends with Tar and Dave, who are both in a band. The three of them enjoy playing basketball together.

Yin Anan Wong

Yin Anan Wong (หยิ่น อานันท์ ว่อง) is a Thai-Hong Kong actor. He is born on October 1, 1998.

Yin Anan Wong (หยิ่น อานันท์ ว่อง) is a Thai-Hong Kong actor. He is born on October 1, 1998. His first BL project is the the 2020 BL franchise, En of Love. He is the lead of The Best Story (2021) and Love Mechanics (2022).

Supporting Cast

Fern is portrayed by the actress Masa Marisa Kittelberger (มาสา มาริสา คิทเทลเบอร์เกอร์).


Masa Marisa Kittelberger (มาสา มาริสา คิทเทลเบอร์เกอร์)

Ray is portrayed by the Thai actor Win Thanakom Minthananan (ธนาคม มีนธนานันท์).


Win Thanakom Minthananan (ธนาคม มีนธนานันท์)

Bright is portrayed by the Thai actor Prat Itthichaicharoen (ปรัชญ์ อิทธิชัยเจริญ).


Prat Itthichaicharoen (ปรัชญ์ อิทธิชัยเจริญ)

Tar is portrayed by the Thai actor Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun (พรรษพล เจนสรรพกิจกุล).


Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun (พรรษพล เจนสรรพกิจกุล)

Dave is portrayed by the Thai actor Bon Phongsakorn Lamprasert (ณดล ล้ำประเสริฐ).


Bonz Nadol Lamprasert (ณดล ล้ำประเสริฐ)

Cast highlights

  • The two costars in The Best Story (War and Yin) also starred in the 2020 Thai BL drama En of Love: Love Mechanics, where they played a couple. The same series also featured the actors playing Ray, Bright, and Tar in supporting roles.
  • Additionally, War and Yin reprise their En of Love roles in the 2022 remake Love Mechanics. They portray the same characters in a similar love story, except the new series has more polished writing and higher production values.
  • Tar's actor (Bever) is the lead of the 2022 BL series 21 Days Theory. The story is about a cute and lighthearted high school romance. Bright's actor (Prat) also has a supporting role in this drama.

The Best Story Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Best is a good musician and sings at the school's music festival.

The Best Story depicts a sweet, simple, and sentimental high school romance. This BL drama doesn't do anything too different from the norm, so the ordinary love story between two teenagers will feel familiar to you. The age-appropriate wholesomeness will appeal to younger (and older) BL fans. It captures the innocence of first love, including all the bashful glances, the playful teasing from your friends, and the butterflies in your stomach when you encounter the boy you like.

Best and Dew are cute to watch together. There's a little conflict at the start, but their other interactions are filled with warmth and positivity. I especially love the scene where Dew teaches Best how to shoot a basketball, showcasing their intimacy through a simple, platonic moment. Other exchanges highlight Best's shyness or apprehension around his crush, which feels authentic and relatable. Overall, their romance seems down-to-earth, relying on small ordinary moments to convey the romantic rapport between the main characters.

Where The Best Story shines is its beautiful cinematography. The drama looks gorgeous with lush colours, warm hues, and a dreamlike ambience that sets a distinctive aesthetic in all the scenes. If you look closely, the entire series is filmed in classrooms, school courtyards, and a tiny bedroom. Yet, the production team transforms these mundane environments with colour grading, lighting techniques, and intuitive camera angles. The artistry gives each scene a polished and stylized look. There's some fabulous production work that elevates the quality of the series.

Although my review has been positive so far, The Best Story falters in its final act. The last episode should've focused on Dew, who doesn't receive as much character development up until now. Instead, we get a big smack of bigotry, jealousy & pettiness from the only two female characters in the drama. I really hate the conflict introduced by the evil mom and the scheming love interest, which clash so much with the pleasant vibe of the series. The last-minute melodrama feels abrupt and forced, as if the storylines are engineered just to drive a wedge between the couple.

The Best Story has been building up a blissful and pleasant schoolboy romance, until the fantasy comes crashing down in the final episode. Not all BL dramas need to have a happy ending, but damn this one hurts. The conclusion makes me take off my rose-tinted glasses as I scrutinize The Best Story with a more critical eye. I start to notice the barebones plot, the shallow characterization, and the disappointing romance that goes nowhere. These storytelling flaws were always there, but I overlooked them because the series had seemed so charming until now.

After the last episode, I feel less enthused about The Best Story. Yes, I am bitter about the sad ending! Nonetheless, that shouldn't diminish the excellent qualities of the series. There's still a lot to enjoy about this BL drama, from the aesthetically pleasing visuals to the positive portrayal of adolescent friendships. Also, the two actors (Yin and War) do a fine job with their roles. They share smooth and comfortable chemistry with each other. Even if the story is nowhere near the best, it's certainly decent enough if you're a sucker for a wholesome high school romance.


Innocent story

The Best Story is a wholesome high school romance that captures the innocence of first love. The story is filled with warmth and positivity until it takes a dark turn near the end.

Sweet romance

This series portrays a sweet adolescent love between two teenagers. However, their interactions are mild and never develop extensively. Their romantic connection doesn't solidify.

Decent acting

The two leads (Yin and War) do a fine job with their acting performances. They share smooth and comfortable chemistry with each other.

Sad ending

The Best Story has a sad ending for this budding high school romance. The last episode spirals into contrived melodrama and vilifies the two female characters in the story.

Stylish artistry

This series has beautiful cinematography with excellent use of lighting, colour grading, and camera angles. The production values create a soft, stylized ambiance to elevate the drama.


The Best Story is a sweet and stylish high school romance that captures the innocence of first love. Yet, the sad ending undermines the positive tone of the story, diminishing any hope for happiness.


Simple story
Best is great friends with Bright and Ray.

The Best Story has a remarkably ordinary story about a high school student with a crush on his classmate. There aren't any twists and turns, scandals and secrets, or curveballs and complexities. It's simply an age-appropriate love story featuring down-to-earth teenage characters and their mundane lives.

The Best Story also does a fantastic job at portraying high school friendships in a positive light. Best really has the best friends in Ray and Bright, who are both so supportive of him during his ups and downs. Sure, there's a little playful teasing from time to time, but these two friends are loyal to Best and always have his back. They offer him love advice, emotional support, and absolutely no judgment. They're there for him when he needs his friends the most.

More than the romance itself, the emphasis on friendship may actually be my favourite part about The Best Story. Even if Best doesn't get with the guy in the end, I think he lucks out having such a positive network of friends. Hey, who needs a boyfriend when you got your bros? 😎


Wholesome romance
Dew gives Best a piggyback after he falls unconscious.

The relationship between Best and Dew is very, very wholesome. Their romance consists of longing gazes, bashful smiles, and pleasant conversations. In fact, I don't even know if there's enough to classify what they have as a romance. It's more like a schoolboy crush, which never develops into anything more.

You may be disappointed to know that Best and Dew don't become a couple at any point in the series. There's no kissing, no affection, and absolutely no physical intimacy between them. In fact, the tragic part about their relationship is that they never confess their feelings for each other. They come close on several occasions, but have to resort to cryptic Instagram stories to communicate their love.

Basically, Best and Dew have a crush on each other. However, it doesn't work out before they can even start dating. The end. 😞


Good acting
The actor playing Best (War) looks so good on camera, radiating in every scene.

The acting from everyone in The Best Story is pretty good, but the one who catches my attention the most is Best's actor (War Wanarat Ratsameerat). Mostly, it's because of how telegenic he looks. This drama is my first exposure to the actor, who caught me off-guard with his wide eyes, rosy cheeks, and angelic smile. He looks so good on camera, almost radiating in every scene.

After watching The Best Story, my first order of business was not to write this review, but it was to look up every piece of information about War online. I checked his age, read his bio, translated his Twitter feed, stalked his Instagram, and marked down all the other BL series he appeared in. After consuming the entire experience, consider me an official fan of this actor. Where do I sign up for his fan club? 🤩


Sad ending
Best cries as he walks away from Dew without a love confession.

I must emphasize how much I hated the ending in The Best Story, which really brought down my overall opinion of the series. Everything in the first two episodes indicated that we were headed towards a happy ending. Best was on the verge of confessing his feelings, Dew seemed to reciprocate the crush, and their romance was progressing nicely. OR SO I THOUGHT.

In the final episode, Best and Dew don't end up together because of Fern's outrageously out-of-line meddling. After Dew rejected Fern, they had a nice conversation and cleared the air with each other. Let's be clear that he didn't lead her on, he was completely honest with her, and he treated her with so much respect. Dew was the perfect gentleman, whom she immediately stabbed in the back. 🔪

What was Fern's agenda when she went to Dew's mom and OUTED HIM behind his back? Did Fern think snitching on him would make Dew like her more? Or was she simply doing it out of spite? Either way, Fern had nothing to gain from outing her closeted friend. It was a scummy lowlife move and she had no right to do that to him. WTF!?

Fern tells Dew's mom that her son might be in love with another guy.

Dew's mom is also trash, reacting horribly to a nasty rumour just because she suspects her son might be gay. She uproots his entire life, chucking him out of the house without listening to her son. What's your endgame here, lady? Are you just gonna relocate your child every time he gets along with a male acquaintance? The next time Dew makes a close friend in Chiang Mai, will you panic again and deploy him to another city instead? 🙄

Worst of all, the mom character feels SO contrived. She doesn't show up at any other point in the series, only existing for this storyline alone. She has no characterization other than being a stereotypical bad parent with no logic or compassion. It's infuriating to see this new character suddenly show up in the final act, and her only purpose is to deny her son happiness.

Ugh, I'm just so angry with this ending, like a painful curveball thrown straight into my face. It feels duplicitous to build up this sweet, sentimental gay love story, only for homophobia to win in the end.

Ending explained
Dew has read the journal entries and he's aware of Best's feelings for him.

What makes the ending in The Best Story so tragic is that we find out Dew had feelings for Best all along. As you may have predicted, Dew read those journal entries and he's completely aware of how Best feels about him. Dew reciprocates these feelings, but he's just as shy and doesn't want to make the first move. He has been observing Best from afar, waiting for him to confess. Except the love confession doesn't happen, and it will never happen now that he's moving away.

The Best Story is a tragic love story about two schoolboys who like each other, but they don’t end up together. Best never confesses because he doesn’t believe his feelings would be reciprocated. However, Dew also doesn’t confess due to shyness, passiveness, and a little hopelessness about their relationship. With such a homophobic mother, can you blame him for not taking more initiative to pursue this romance?

What Best & Dew wrote
Best stops himself from finishing his confession on Dew's shirt.

What Best wrote on the shirt and what Dew posted online are partial sentences that say: "I like-". However, they both stop themselves from completing the full sentence: "I like you." Their love confessions are interrupted midway, each for various reasons.

For Best, he hesitated to finish his confession after seeing Fern's message on the shirt, making him doubtful once again. Like before, he feels insecure about competing against Fern (aka. a girl) for Dew's love. For Dew, he posted that Instagram story to let Best know that his feelings ARE reciprocated. Yes, I like you too! However, he's also unable to complete his love confession. Dew is now forced to move away, plus his mom is strongly homophobic, so he doesn't feel any hope about starting a relationship.

Best sobs because he got confirmation of what he always desired: Dew's reciprocated love. Even though both of them know about their mutual attraction, they can't be together due to circumstances out of their control. That's what Best finds so upsetting, because he finally learns that Dew wants to have a romantic relationship. Except it isn't possible for them to be a couple anymore. Sadly, their romance is doomed before it can even begin.

The Best Story Episodes

Episode Guide

The Best Story has a total of 3 episodes. Each episode is around 30 to 45 minutes long. The last episode is around 48 minutes long. This is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 2 hours. The Best Story aired its first episode on July 9, 2021 and finished on July 23, 2021.

⭐ Best episode

Episode 2

Best and his friends hang out in his room.

Episode 2 was really lovely, highlighting all the strengths of The Best Story. Everything I praised about the series can be found in this episode, coming together in such a magical way.

There's a little bit of drama, a little bit of humour, and a whole lot of romance between the main characters. All of Best and Dew's interactions are super sweet, especially their scene in the basketball court. The episode ends with a beautiful song that conveys their feelings for each other perfectly.

Episode 1 (Part 1)

18 minutes

Episode 1 (Part 2)

15 minutes

ครั้งหนึ่งที่รัก The Best Story EP.1 (Part 2/2)

Episode 2 (Part 1)

18 minutes

Episode 2 (Part 2)

22 minutes

Episode 3 (Part 1)

27 minutes

Episode 3 (Part 2)

22 minutes

The Best Story Information

Rookie Thailand

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021).

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021), 21 Days Theory (2022), Future (2023), and Night Dream (2023). It also produces several variety shows.

  1. Esta serie realmente me encantó. Su desarrollo fue muy bueno y el final era predecible luego de ver el comportamiento de la chica junto a la madre. Aunque el final es triste y el amor de ambos no puede llegar a buen puerto, ellos finalmente toman conocimiento de los sentimientos del uno hacia el otro. Lamentable hubiese sido que terminaran en un total desconocimiento.

    Excelentes actuaciones.

  2. is there any sequel or something? I wanted dew to confess but …… ughhhh it's so upsetting, I really liked them. Seeing best crying I had tears in my eye too , I wish they give us a second part for this

  3. Thank you for the ending explanation. The subtitles are really lacking and the most important things said and written were not subbed. I agree that the ending was very frustrating and they could have done better (maybe they were planning on season 2)

  4. It would be better if the ending was more than best crying and dew moving in with his dad, it would be better if it was a happy ending not a sad ending so i hope you read this comment and think to make a season 2 because this is a really good short film but it would be so much better for a better ending.
    Thank for this short film though it was amazing 😁👍

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