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Tae falls in love with Nite, a mythical god, in The Cupid Coach.

The Cupid Coach is a fantasy BL drama made in Thailand. It focuses on a mythical god that arrives in the human world to fulfill a romantic wish. The problem is that it involves an unrequited love, and the cupid finds himself stuck in the human world until this wish is granted.

There's an interesting premise to The Cupid Coach. However, its potential is not fully recognized due to the lacklustre script and the low-budget production. This BL series takes a surprising turn in the second half, and the romance unfolds in a way that you may not initially expect.

The Cupid Coach Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




The Cupid Coach is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Tae and Nite have an enjoyable time as they go on a date together.

Tae is an openly gay football player who has a crush on Bhu, a friendly and easygoing sports therapist. Although Tae's feelings are obvious to his friends, he acts quite shy around his crush. One day, his roommate Namwhan gifts him a morganite gemstone. She tells him about a superstition that when the stone is dipped in edelweiss perfume, it will help him succeed in love.

When Tae tries out the superstition, he is astonished by the magical appearance of a mythical god in his home. This is Nite, short for Morganite, who tells Tae in-person that his wish cannot be fulfilled. It turns out Bhu is already somebody else's soulmate. However, Nite will stay in the human world for the next three months to help Tae change his romantic destiny.

Tae gets used to being accompanied by his new cupid friend, who sometimes uses magic to bring him closer to Bhu. However, the problem is that Bhu still has lingering feelings for Que, Tae's best friend and teammate on the football team. Although Bhu and Que shared a romantic history in the past, Que seems to be closeted. He even pretends to be interested in Namwhan, leading her on with false feelings.

Tae has no clue about the relationship between his best friend and his crush. Unknowingly, he became the third wheel in their romance, occasionally doted on by Bhu to make Que jealous. Although Nite is aware of this love triangle, he still believes Tae can change Bhu's feelings. Nite has a vested interest in helping Tae, since he cannot return to his home world until Tae finally finds love.

The Cupid Coach Cast



Tee Khunakorn Sunantham (ตี๋ คุณากร สุนันธรรม)

Tae is played by the actor Tee Khunakorn Sunantham (คุณากร สุนันธรรม).

Tae is training to be a football player at his university. He lives with his roommate Namwhan, and their next door neighbour is his best friend Que. An openly gay man, he has a secret crush on his sports therapist Bhu. There's a spiritual side to Tae, who prays whenever he is in need of comfort.


Peace Nutchanon Juengdamrongkit (ณัฐชนน จึงดำรงกิจ)

Nite is played by the actor Peace Nutchanon Juengdamrongkit (ณัฐชนน จึงดำรงกิจ).

Nite is a mythical god who arrives in the human world to fulfill Tae's romantic wish. He doesn't need to eat or sleep, and feels awkward when joining other humans for a meal. Whenever Nite activates his magical powers, his body radiates with a pink energy aura.

Nite 2

Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul (ภัค ชวิศพงศ์ พูสมจิตสกุล)

The second Nite is played by the actor Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul (ชวิตพงศ์ภู่สมจิตรสกุล).

The second Nite is a mysterious young man who shares the same name as the mythical god. Tae often notices the uncanny similarities between these two characters, who would behave the same in many ways. Nite's personality is full of perkiness and enthusiasm, especially when it comes to romance.

Supporting Cast

Que is played by the actor X Teerapat Somchaiya (ธีรภัทร์ สมชัยยา).


X Teerapat Somchaiya (ธีรภัทร์ สมชัยยา)

Bhu is played by the actor Seua Pongphisut Tongsamut (พงศ์พิสุทธิ์ ทองสมุทร).


Seua Pongphisut Tongsamut (พงศ์พิสุทธิ์ ทองสมุทร)

Namwhan is played by the actor Noey Areeya Jitwikham (อารียา จิตวิขาม).


Noey Areeya Jitwikham (อารียา จิตวิขาม)

Cast highlights

  • Tae's actor (Tee) starred in the 2022 Thai BL drama 21 Days Theory. This compact four-episode series portrays a sweet high school romance.
  • The actor who portrays Nite 2 (Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul) stars in another 2021 Thai BL drama called Love Area. He plays a waiter who gets involved in a love triangle.
  • The actor who portrays Que (X Teerapat Somchaiya) appeared in another low-budget Thai BL drama Hometown's Embrace. He plays a slightly more likable character in that series.

The Cupid Coach Review


Drama Review Score: 5.0

Nite appears in Tae's house after he applied edelweiss perfume to a morganite gemstone.

The Cupid Coach didn't have a particularly strong start, introducing its premise and the characters in a rather clumsy way. It also has the look and feel of a low-budget production, with shaky camera shots, terrible CGI effects, and an unknown cast full of first-time actors.

Even so, the first few episodes were coherent enough and you can almost follow along the series pleasantly. The story is kind of cute if you can overlook its many flaws. Plus, sports mixed with fantasy elements is such a unique combination, so it managed to retain my interest at the start.

However, this BL drama falls apart in the second half and really struggles to be engaging. The plot goes nowhere, multiple storylines get abandoned, and we keep seeing the same flashbacks repeated over and over again. After a certain point, it's obvious The Cupid Coach just didn't have enough content to fill the episodes.

The writing is shoddy and inconsistent. Despite the unique premise, this story isn't told interestingly. The Cupid Coach focuses on awkward scenes which don't develop the plot, yet fails to capitalize on key moments that can amplify the drama. Without clarity and direction, the romances also suffer in quality. Tae and Nite's relationship lacks substance, while Bhu and Que are so aggravating to watch as a couple.

The Cupid Coach includes a surprising twist that changes the trajectory of the series, but leaves a feeling of incompleteness to the storylines and romances. This twist doesn't seem planned because nobody would purposely choose to end the story this way, unless there's no other choice. Regardless of the reason, The Cupid Coach lacks polish and coherence in its overall narrative. I can't recommend this BL drama unless you're prepared for a very flawed product.



Nite just shows up in the middle of Tae's home one night after he wished for love.

I thought The Cupid Coach had a pretty interesting premise, but it could've been explored so much more. Imagine having a mythical god appear in your life all of a sudden. I would have so many questions about his life, his powers, his history, and his knowledge. What does he do!? Where does he live!? How much does he know!?

Instead, Nite's character was so enigmatic, never receiving much focus outside of his romance with Tae. They barely scratched the surface with his character, and then he just magically disappeared one day without a trace. I finish the drama knowing almost nothing about him as I did in the start. Who is Nite? Where did he come from? What is his story? I guess we'll never know. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Nite 2

Tae meets Nite 2 in the bar after Nite 1 disappears from his life.

The big twist in The Cupid Coach is obviously the character switcheroo that happens in the last few episodes. Nite 1 vanishes after sharing his first kiss with Tae, and then Nite 2 suddenly appears in Tae's life as an ordinary human being. That's way too much of a coincidence, right?

I was intrigued by Nite 2, but believed his character had some type of hidden agenda. The friendlier he was, the more I suspected him. My imagination went wild as I tried to figure out who Nite 2 was. There must be a deeper story behind this mysterious character, or so I thought anyway.

Theory #1

Nite talks to his godly friend about his feelings for Tae.

At first, I assumed Nite 2 was like the human version of Nite 1. Maybe the power of love turned him from a god into a human, but he lost his memories along the way. At the start of Episode 9, there was a scene where OG Nite confided in his godly friend about his feelings, and he was encouraged to ~follow his heart~. Shortly after that scene, Nite 2 suddenly appears. This timeline supported my theory that Nite 2 is actually Nite 1.

I thought Nite's original memories would probably awaken at some point, leading to a climactic reunion in the finale. This seemed like a realistic way (relatively speaking) for Tae and Nite to end up happily together in the human world.

Theory #2

Nite smiles at Tae as they go fishing together at night.

After a while, I had a different theory. Nite 1 used his cupid powers to make Nite 2, an ordinary human, fall in love with Tae. Maybe the OG Nite knew a relationship with Tae was impossible, so he forged this new romance to help him move on. OG Nite thought he can fulfill Tae’s wish this way, by manufacturing a romantic relationship from behind the scenes.

I also thought Nite 1 would eventually get jealous over Tae and Nite 2's close bond. He might appear afterwards, creating some kind of love triangle between Tae and his two Nites.

Theory #3

Tae and Nite share a bed together.

As we head towards the last episode, I started thinking Nite 2 was some kind of con artist. Maybe this charlatan stole Nite's identity and was trying to scam Tae out of his money. That's probably why Nite seemed so perfect and so over-the-top in pursuing Tae, because it's all part of his calculated plan.

Admittedly, this theory didn't seem like a realistic possibility for a sweet, innocent drama like The Cupid Coach. However, I was SO cynical and just couldn't believe Nite 2 was actually who he said he was. To me, it made more sense this guy is a fraud than he is genuine. 😂

Nite 1 and Nite 2 Explained

Tae moved on from Nite 1 and got together with Nite 2 instead.

In the end, none of my theories came true. Although I thought they'd pull back the curtain and make a big reveal in the finale, it turns out Nite 2 was simply a normal human being with no prior relation to Nite 1. We didn't get any winks, nudges, or subtle hints that Nite 2 might actually be Nite 1 in disguise. Nite 2 is who he says he is. This is just a normal guy who works at the hotel and quickly falls in love during a whirlwind romance with Tae.

After reading some online discussions, it seems like they might've introduced Nite 2's character only because ~something~ happened with Nite 1's original actor. The most popular theory is that COVID-19 impacted the original production schedule, although there's no official statement. Instead of recasting, The Cupid Coach made his disappearance part of the plot and brought on a new character to serve as the replacement love interest.

I'm inclined to believe the COVID-19 theory, because it does make sense when you look at what happened to the drama in its second half. A lot of the ongoing storylines got dropped, while most of the other actors didn't appear in scenes outside of phone calls. This also explains why the last few episodes feel so drastically different, and the many flashbacks are to cover up the fact that they can’t film new content.

If this is the reason, I don't blame The Cupid Coach for introducing Nite 2 to the story. It might not be the most conventional way to end a BL drama, with a totally different romance from the one at the start, but it's an understandable workaround given the circumstances.


Tae and Nite

Tae and Nite almost share a kiss together in The Cupid Coach.

Tae and Nite looked cute together, but their romance ended just as it was getting started. Most of their relationship was like a tourism ad, featuring two friends as they visited beautiful outdoor locations across Thailand. Even though Tae claims to have such special feelings for Nite, their scenes feel pretty basic and platonic. The only passionate moment is when Tae and Nite kissed (VERY awkwardly, I may add), but then he just disappeared in a puff of pink smoke, so it was more traumatic than romantic.

The two of them had potential to develop into an epic romance between a human and a god, which sounds interesting even as I'm typing it out. Sadly, their relationship never materialized and Nite's character just disappeared after Episode 7 for whatever reason. This storyline feels totally unresolved, and it's a loose end that will likely never get tied up.

Tae and Nite 2

Tae won't let Nite 2 kiss him at first.

I was receptive to the idea of Tae and Nite 2 being together. The new Nite had more personality and was played by a dynamic actor, so I actually connected with his character better than the original. This relationship also had more focus and development, probably because there were no other subplots to distract us in the second half. The last few episodes were filled with romantic scenes of Tae & Nite 2 behaving like a couple, and they were way more affectionate than anything we got from Tae & Nite 1.

With that said, this romance felt a little too good to be true. Nite 2 just came out of nowhere, started hitting on Tae with an inexplicable persistence, and they quickly ended up together. Other than a little drama about Tae not wanting to be kissed by Nite 2, everything in this fairytale romance felt too blissful, almost like it wasn't real. Although all their romantic scenes were very pleasant, I just couldn't connect with Tae and Nite 2 emotionally.

Que and Bhu

Que and Bhu kept hiding their relationship even after they got back together.

What a loathsome couple. Que is cowardly and despicable, hurting so many people's feelings just because he wasn't ready to come out of the closet. Bhu is just as selfish, not caring about about anyone else as long as he can maintain his sordid love affair with Que. It's fine that you aren't certain about your sexuality, but don't string Namwhan along or egg Tae on knowing that you can't return their feelings.

The Cupid Coach couldn't even deliver the juicy drama after this couple gets exposed. I was expecting tears, arguments, and severed friendships, but the confrontations were so mild and tame. Why build up this storyline for so long when there's so little dramatic fallout? Even after they got together, Que and Bhu's scenes were boring with no passion between them. It just feels like a lot of time was wasted on this unlikable couple with very little satisfying payoff.

Tae and Bhu

Tae had a crush on Bhu at the start of The Cupid Coach.

It's pretty obvious Tae only had a crush on Bhu due to his looks, and not because they had any meaningful connection with each other. I had to laugh when Tae couldn't explain to Nite why he liked Bhu, because he knows his crush is completely superficial. Not that there's anything wrong with crushing on a hot guy, but their relationship just isn't that deep.

I liked that Tae's crush on Bhu faded away once he realized he had feelings for Nite. There was a scene at the end of Episode 4, where Tae admitted that his feelings for Bhu weren't love, compared to how he felt about Nite. That was a nicely handled moment of character introspection.

Que and Namwhan

Namwhan puts on a brave face as she prepares a birthday party for Que.

Man, I felt so bad for Namwhan in Episode 4. Part of me understands it isn't Que's fault that Namwhan has a crush on him, but it's still hard to watch this poor girl have her heart broken. Que really could've let Namwhan down more gently, instead of humiliating her in front of all their friends. It also felt so unnecessary that he pretended to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, instead of just telling Namwhan straight-up he isn't interested. What is with this guy and why does he get high on contrived drama?

And oh my god, that entire birthday party was ROUGH. If I was Namwhan's friend, I wouldn't have asked her to attend that party, where she had to put on a brave face as Que flirted with other girls in front of her. That was so uncomfortable to watch. Poor Namwhan. 😢


Poor acting

Nite is very handsome, but his performance in The Cupid Coach is quite wooden.

The acting in The Cupid Coach wasn't the best. Nite's actor is very handsome, but his performance was so stiff and wooden. I know his character came from a piece of stone, but does he have to behave like one as well? The other actors were pretty much on the same level, like they were just waiting to recite the lines instead of acting in the moment.

The only one who felt natural was Nite 2 (Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul), who injected a boost of energy that was sorely lacking in this series. I believe this actor has another BL drama coming out later this year, so I'm interested to see what his performance is like with a more substantial role.


OK ending

Tae and Nite 2 share a kiss at the end of The Cupid Coach.

The ending in The Cupid Coach surprised me. Up until the last moment, I was still convinced there would be some sort of big revelation with Nite 2's character, which never came even as the end credits rolled. I had to overcome my shock that Nite was really just an ordinary guy, who just happened to share the identical name, and all the other similarities were just mere coincidences.

I never expected Tae and Nite 2 to be the endgame couple. In fact, I cannot think of many BL series that end with a different pairing than the one it started with. I definitely don't think this was intentional, because no drama would want to end the story on such a risky and unconventional note. This ending was most likely the result of unforeseen circumstances, and they would've continued with the Tae and Nite romance if there was a choice.

As surprising as it might be, this was an acceptable ending for me. Obviously, I would've preferred if The Cupid Coach tied up many of the loose ends in the finale, but at least the Tae and Nite 2 romance seemed solid. This ending doesn't feel rushed, and the last few episodes were entirely dedicated to establishing the two of them as a couple. I think The Cupid Coach laid enough groundwork to make this pairing seem plausible.

It actually made sense that Tae would get over the OG Nite, move on from his heartbreak, and find happiness with a normal guy. This might not be a very typical BL ending, but it's realistic and down-to-earth, at least compared to falling in love with a god!

The Cupid Coach Episodes

Episode Guide

This drama has a total of 12 episodes. On average, each episode is around 30 minutes long, but the episode length may also fluctuate between 20 to 40 minutes. The last few episodes tend to be on the shorter side, and the final episode is 30 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 6 hours. The Cupid Coach started on January 12, 2021 and ended on March 30, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12


⭐ Best episode

Episode 4

Namwhan's heartbreak in Episode 4 was an engaging piece of drama.

Ironically, the best episode in The Cupid Coach has nothing to do with BL, but it focused on a girl being rejected by a guy she likes. Namwhan's rejection was an engaging piece of drama, hitting all the right emotional notes that will make you feel sympathetic towards her. This was a well-crafted episode with some powerful and poignant moments.

Besides the drama with Namwhan, Tae and Nite also made progress with their relationship. It was the first episode where Tae acknowledge his growing feelings for Nite, which even eclipsed his crush on Bhu.

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 11

Nite 2 feeds Tae breakfast in bed.

The most romantic episode is probably a tie between Episode 10 and Episode 11. Both episodes featured Nite 2 doing everything he can to win over Tae's affections. We get scenes of them being intimate in bed, talking casually about life, and Nite 2 even brings Tae breakfast in bed.

This whirlwind romance develops quite quickly and aggressively. By Episode 11, it already feels like the romance between Tae and Nite 2 is stronger than what we've seen of Tae and Nite 1.

😭 Tearjerker episode

Episode 4

Namwhan is devastated to see Que flirting with his ex-girlfriend Ming.

Seeing Namwhan get rejected multiple times in Episode 4 tugged at my heartstrings. Every time, she tries to pull herself together and puts on a brave front, only to be devastated when she's reminded of her heartbreak. I couldn't feel worse for her than the moment she stormed out of Que's birthday party in absolute tears. That poor, poor girl. 😥

😡 Most triggering episode

Episode 7

Nite disappears in pink light after kissing Tae.

What could be more triggering than Nite disappearing from bad CGI effects after he shared his first and only kiss with Tae? Imagine kissing someone and then he vanishes right in front of you. The most infuriating part is that we never get a proper explanation as to what happened to him afterwards. He simply disappeared from Tae's life after the kiss, never to be seen again.

💋 First kiss episode

Episode 7

Tae and Nite kiss for the first time in Episode 7 of The Cupid Coach.

Tae and Nite kiss for the first time in Episode 7, but it was honestly not a very good kiss. Both guys looked like they were just jamming their mouths together, and it looked awkward as hell. Nite even got knocked down and almost fell over because the kissing was so awkward. What an embarrassing first kiss for the two of them. 😓

Tae and Nite 2 kissed for the first time in Episode 12, but this was after some drama where Tae specifically instructed Nite 2 not to kiss him. I guess it makes sense, considering how traumatic his first kiss was. As for Que and Bhu, the couple was never seen kissing explicitly on-screen, but they were fake making out in Episode 5.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Episodes with intimacy

Episode 10, 12

Tae won't let Nite kiss him on the mouth.

The relationship between Tae and Nite seemed so chaste, so it was a little surprising that Tae and Nite 2 had an one-night-stand as soon as they met. We saw an extensive flashback of their drunken romp in Episode 10. Since Tae refuses to kiss on the mouth, expect lots of awkward neck kissing instead.

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12

Tae gets shirtless a lot during The Cupid Coach.

Tae gets shirtless the most in Episode 1, 3, and then each of the last four episodes. It really looks his body got more buff in those last few episodes, but my eyes could be playing tricks on me.

The other actors also had shirtless moments throughout the series. Nite 1 was introduced to us in a half-naked state, wearing a ridiculous cosplaying costume. Nite 2 didn’t take long before waking up shirtless in bed with Tae. Que also has some shirtless scenes early in the series.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 10, 11, 12

Tae and Nite 2's relationship progresses very quickly.

I think Tae and Nite 2 didn’t become an official couple until the finale, but they were pretty much behaving like one in the preceding episodes. They already slept with each other and went on a bunch of dates. All that’s left was for Tae to seal the deal with a kiss in Episode 12.

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