The End of the World With You – Series Review & Ending Explained

The End of the World With You is a Japanese BL series about two ex-boyfriends reuniting before the apocalypse.

The End of the World With You is a Japanese BL series about two ex-lovers reuniting before the apocalypse. In ten days, a meteor will strike the earth and decimate humanity. The protagonist is surprised to reunite with his university boyfriend, who once broke his heart. The world's impending destruction forces them to team up together. They go on a whimsical journey of redemption and reconciliation.

With a highly creative concept, The End of the World With You wins many points for a colourful imagination. It offers a quirky, unique take on an epic apocalyptic love story. The unpredictable events, eccentric characters, and gritty relationship drama create a memorable BL series. Although some parts are rushed, I enjoy the heightened emotions and poignant themes of resurrecting hope in a hopeless world.

The End of the World With You Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2023)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




The End of the World With You is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Masumi and Ritsu reunite ten years after they broke up in The End of the World With You.

A meteor will strike the world in ten days, causing global destruction. Some countries have already fallen and report no survivors. Masumi, an ordinary office clerk, is aghast about the helplessness of the situation. After quitting his job, he lounges idly at home and plays video games all day. Unlike all the panicking civilians, Masumi has no other plans for the impending apocalypse.

Suddenly, Masumi's online video game ceased operational service. He is bored and has nothing else to do at home. Masumi visits the university library to read some books. He is surprised to meet Ritsu, his ex-boyfriend. They dated a decade ago, but their relationship ended on terrible terms.

Ritsu and Masumi met ten years ago in university. Masumi was the editor of a niche campus publication. Ritsu, a loyal reader, initiated a conversation and expressed his admiration. Touched by his words, Masumi recruited Ritsu to join his extracurricular club. They quickly befriended each other despite their opposite personalities. The shy, quiet Masumi felt flattered that the handsome and charming Ritsu gave him attention.

Ritsu flirted with Masumi and successfully seduced him. As they coupled up, Masumi was smitten with his boyfriend during their six-month relationship. However, he ended their romance after discovering Ritsu's betrayal. Ritsu didn't seem apologetic during the heated confrontation. In fact, he acted nonchalant and vindictive. A heartbroken Masumi never recovered from their breakup. He resented Ritsu for toying with him and developed severe trust issues.

In the present timeline, Masumi is hostile during the unexpected reunion with his old boyfriend. Ritsu wants to spend their remaining days together, but his ex remains distrustful and distant. However, Ritsu claims to have invented a pill that helps with assisted dying, which makes perishing in the apocalypse less painful. Masumi is intrigued by the idea. In less than ten days, the world will end. Masumi has used this last opportunity to trust Ritsu one more time.

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The End of the World With You Cast



Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹)

Masumi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹).

Masumi is an ordinary office clerk who lives alone. He has no preparations for the upcoming apocalypse. Masumi is surprised to reunite with Ritsu, his ex-boyfriend from university. Their six-month relationship ended terribly, causing Masumi to develop severe trust issues.

Toshiki Seto

Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹) is a Japanese actor. He is born on October 7, 1995.

Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹) is a Japanese actor. He is born on October 7, 1995. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Senpai, This Can't Be Love. He is also the lead of the 2023 drama, The End of the World With You.


Keisuke Nakata (中田圭祐)

Ritsu is portrayed by the Japanese actor Keisuke Nakata (中田圭祐).

Ritsu is Masumi's ex-boyfriend. They dated ten years ago as university students. However, Ritsu betrayed Matsumi and cruelly broke his heart. As the apocalypse approaches, Ritsu wants to spend their remaining days together. He must convince Matsumi of his sincerity.

Keisuke Nakata

Keisuke Nakata (中田圭祐) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 27, 1995.

Keisuke Nakata (中田圭祐) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 27, 1995. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, The End of the World With You.

Supporting Cast

Yuma is portrayed by the Japanese actor Sousyo Tomimoto (富本惣昭).


Sousyo Tomimoto (富本惣昭)

Meguru is portrayed by the Japanese actress Baku Idegami (井手上漠).


Baku Idegami (井手上漠)

Madoka is portrayed by the Japanese actress Baku Idegami (井手上漠).


Baku Idegami (井手上漠)

Hashimoto is portrayed by the Japanese actor Takehiro Ohtsuki (大朏岳優).


Takehiro Ohtsuki (大朏岳優)

Tsuyuguchi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Mizuki Maeda (前田瑞貴).


Mizuki Maeda (前田瑞貴)

Misa is portrayed by the Japanese actress Miyu Nishimura (西村美柚).


Miyu Nishimura (西村美柚)

Masumi's mom is portrayed by the Japanese actress Ryoko Yuui (遊井亮子).

Masumi's mom

Ryoko Yuui (遊井亮子)

Ritsu's mom is portrayed by the Japanese actress Hitomi Okaya (岡谷瞳).

Ritsu's mom

Hitomi Okaya (岡谷瞳)

Ritsu's dad is portrayed by the Japanese actor Osamu Narimatsu (成松修).

Ritsu's dad

Osamu Narimatsu (成松修)

Meguru's mom is portrayed by the Japanese actress Sachi Funaki (舟木幸).

Meguru's mom

Sachi Funaki (舟木幸)

Meguru's father is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kisuke Iida (飯田基祐).

Meguru's dad

Kisuke Iida (飯田基祐)

The salesperson is portrayed by the Japanese actor Munehiro Yoshida (吉田宗洋).


Munehiro Yoshida (吉田宗洋)

Young Masumi had an unhappy childhood.

Young Masumi

Young Ritsu had a happy childhood.

Young Ritsu

Cast Highlights

  • Masumi's actor (Toshiki Seto) starred in the 2022 Japanese BL comedy series Senpai, This Can't Be Love!
  • Meguru and Madoka's performer (Baku Idegami) had a small role in the 2022 Japanese comedy series A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2.
  • The actor who portrays the salesperson in Episode 5 (Munehiro Yoshida) is the star of the 2019 BL drama Mood Indigo. The creator and director of The End of the World With You also worked on Mood Indigo.

The End of the World With You Review


Drama Review Score: 8.4

Masumi and Ritsu share a kiss.

The End of the World With You explores the themes of remorse, rebirth, and reconciliation. Like the best dystopian stories, the apocalypse is allegorical. It represents the protagonist's despair at the start of the series. Abandoned and ambitionless, he feels grim about his bleak future. The world's destruction doesn't faze him since he already lives in doom and gloom. Fortunately, he transforms his outlook after reuniting with an old lover. The End of the World With You is a thoughtful BL drama about resurrecting hope.

Despite the sombre topics, The End of the World With You takes a delightfully whimsical approach to its storytelling. The imaginative series introduces various quirks, from miracle pills to occult powers. It blends surreal plots, eccentric characters, and offbeat humour to create a unique BL drama unlike anything else out there. I love the creative narrative, which constantly surprises me with new twists or unpredictable situations. It's exciting to tune into each eventful episode, not knowing what will happen next. The End of the World With You evokes a sense of epic adventure.

This series features memorable characters with elaborate backstories and colourful personalities. Each goes on an empowering journey of personal growth. Masumi heals from emotional baggage, learning to let go of family angst, relationship trauma, and trust issues. His love interest, Ritsu, seeks atonement for past wrongdoings. They meet Yuma, who loses and restores his spirit for life. The group also helps Meguru to recognize the importance of self-worth. While the short episodes don't examine their arcs profoundly, I still respond well to the narrative themes.

Compared to his previous BL project, Masumi's actor (Toshiki Seto) shines in this role. He showcases his dramatic range with the gritty material, especially a delicate portrayal of repressed grief. His demeanour reveals fragility, melancholy, and a raw sincerity to the sensitive protagonist. Also, he shares a smooth rapport with his costar (Keisuke Nakara). Their interactions propel an alluring sexual tension during intimate encounters. In addition, the cast includes an agender performer (Baku Idegami), strengthening the story's commitment to LGBTQ+ messaging.

The End of the World With You feels rushed, condensing a sophisticated story into eight brief episodes. Many plot points occur erratically since the narrative must squeeze four character arcs into a tight schedule. The series loses complexity and emotional impact due to the lack of development. Worst of all, it doesn't redeem Ritsu successfully. He had hurt his ex too much in the past. Despite showing remorse, his wrongdoings still outweigh his rehabilitation. The End of the World With You should devote more time to highlighting Ritsu's sincerity, growth, and penance.

Ritsu's failed redemption weakens the love story at The End of the World With You. Physically, the couple may kiss or have affectionate sex. Emotionally, Ritsu must do more to regain Masumi's broken trust, making me reluctant to champion their romance. If only this manga adaptation was longer, it could flesh out the brilliant plots instead of streamlining everything. Regardless, I remain impressed with the beautifully poignant and philosophical series. The End of the World With You is an epic BL drama displaying complex ideas, quirky originality & boundless imagination.


Imaginative story

The End of the World With You has a creative story exploring introspective themes in an apocalyptic setting. The eventful plot has unpredictable twists, turning each episode into an epic adventure.

Controversial romance

The couple displays steamy physical passion. However, Ritsu has wronged Masumi severely in the past. The story doesn't rehabilitate him enough. His failed redemption undermines the romance.

Gritty acting

Masumi's actor (Toshiki Seto) portrays repressed grief with raw sincerity. He shares a smooth rapport and alluring sexual tension with his costar (Keisuke Nakara).

Happy ending

The End of the World With You has a happy ending as Masumi and Ritsu rebuild their broken bond. The finale uses its quirky imagination to de-escalate the impending apocalypse.

Sombre artistry

I absolutely love the theme song. Every time the music plays at the end of the episode, it evokes powerful feelings in me. Additionally, the moody visuals create a sombre atmosphere.


The End of the World With You is a unique and imaginative BL drama in an apocalyptic setting. The eventful plot contains unpredictable twists, eccentric characters, and philosophical themes.

The End of the World With You Episodes

Episode Guide

Masumi and Ritsu stare into each other's eyes.

The End of the World With You, also known as Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu, has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 24 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 3 hours. The End of the World With You released on January 30, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Ritsu flirts with Masumi in their university days.

The End of the World With You wins on creativity. A dystopian BL drama is a rare idea in this genre, going against the convention of cute, fluffy school or workplace romances. You must be imaginative to design a romantic tale in an apocalyptic setting. The series also adds an intimate touch to the epic premise, portraying two ex-boyfriends who reunite in the face of impending doom. It combines a tragic history with a desolate future to create a unique love story.

The world is about to end in ten days. Masumi decides to spend his remaining time playing video games at home. Oh my god, that is such a relatable dream~ Forget about fulfilling bucket lists, pursuing epic adventures, or creating memories with your loved ones. The most leisurely activity is to lay in bed and play games until you die. I also aspire to use my final days before the world's destruction finishing as many BL visual novels as possible. Masumi and I are kindred spirits.

I love Masumi and Ritsu's meeting in the school library. You retrieve a book on the floor, look up, and see your former love. The serendipity of the situation oozes romantic fantasy. "Just days before the world's destruction, I was reunited with the one man I didn't want to meet." This epic line sets the tone of the bittersweet reunion. Also, I enjoy seeing the flashback of the characters falling in love. Ritsu is sexy as he flirts, teases, and seduces Masumi. The episode ends with an exciting kiss. At the back of my mind, I already wonder how their relationship will fall apart.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Masumi and Ritsu have lots of sex.

Wow, Masumi and Ritsu have a lot of sex. Keep this up and they may need to rename the series to The End of My Hole With You. 😳 Beyond their physical intimacy, Masumi has developed an emotional attachment. Since Masumi doesn't have much dating experience, he cherishes this relationship more seriously than his promiscuous boyfriend. The one line that strikes me is when he says, "I never knew how different it'd feel having sex with someone I loved." Oh dear. This breakup is gonna hurt.

Masumi and Ritsu dated for six months. During this time, Ritsu acted like the perfect fantasy boyfriend. He prioritized Masumi over a pretty girl, prompting a hilariously smug look from our protagonist. Ritsu also proclaimed "I love you" after sex. Everything was going smoothly for these lovebirds. The saddest part was how Masumi genuinely believed he changed Ritsu's playboy ways through the power of love. Masumi sounded proud and grateful when he declared, "My feelings have made it to Ritsu's heart."

And then, the gut punch came. Ritsu had been seeing others and sleeping around behind his boyfriend's back. Contrary to what Masumi thought, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Their romance was heartbreakingly one-sided. Masumi treated his precious boyfriend as The One, whereas Ritsu only saw him as a fuck buddy in a rotation cycle. Although the cheating scandalized Masumi, Ritsu showed little remorse for his misdeeds. "Bye then," he said after their breakup, not caring enough to apologize. OMFG. I feel so terrible for Masumi. He dated a jackass!

Ritsu threatens his ex-boyfriend with a sex tape.

Holy shit, Ritsu is such a scumbag! Cheating on his boyfriend is bad enough, but his casual indifference worsens the situation. His most heinous behaviour is blackmailing Masumi afterwards, a disturbing action on many levels.

  • One, he films a sex tape without his boyfriend's consent.
  • Two, he threatens to leak the private footage to ruin his ex's public reputation.
  • And three, he weaponizes a gay man's insecurity about his sexuality, manipulating him through the fear of being outed.

I get chills from Ritsu's moral depravity. I'm not even the victim, but the intense cruelty of his actions frightens me. Imagine how much worse Masumi must feel. On top of the devastating betrayal, he suffers from the constant anxiety that Ritsu can sabotage his life. The worst part about Ritsu's breakup and blackmail is that Masumi loved him so much. Yet, his ex retaliated out of spite and callousness. After seeing what his ex did to him, no wonder Masumi breaks mentally. Last episode, I thought their library reunion seemed romantic. Now, I perceive it as a nightmare.

During the reunion, Ritsu jokes, "Gotta squeeze in a good deed for a ticket to heaven." Nope, I don't think you'll be going there! Despite his egregious wrongdoings, I'm intrigued by how their relationship will develop for the rest of the series. Ritsu looks different from his university days. He's dressed in a clean-cut wardrobe than his edgy leather jacket. He resembles a pristine churchgoer than a campus bad boy. Judging by his mature appearance, the story implies Ritsu may be a changed man. Can he be redeemed? Should Masumi forgive him? I'm skeptical, but we'll see.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Masumi and Ritsu are ex-boyfriends who reunite.

Yuma is a fascinating supporting character because he reflects similar storytelling themes as the leads. This troubled teen wanted to die because of the school bullying. Beyond the violence, his aggressors coerced him into shoplifting. Yuma became an outcast when his friends alienated him over the scandal. In addition, Yuma fell into further despair after his favourite idol committed suicide. A celebrity like Madoka filled his life with joy and hope. Her death extinguished the last light in Yuma's life.

There are parallels between Yuma and Masumi's situations. Due to the breakup and blackmail, Masumi felt the mental strain of coercion, social isolation, and a disgraced reputation. When Masumi comforts Yuma, his advice also applies to himself. "Your bully will disappear when he graduates," Masumi tells the teen, speaking from experience. That's how he must've coped after his ex mistreated him. Every line in this thoughtfully crafted conversation alludes to Masumi's past experiences. It took him years, but he changed his surroundings and healed from his heartbreak.

Masumi encourages Yuma to keep living since he may encounter a new love. "Don't focus on the one girl. You may find someone else." The tragic irony in this statement is that Masumi hasn't moved on himself, even ten years later. Although he offers wise advice to Yuma, Masumi is haunted by his past. He never dated again after Ritsu. "To me, sex was a form of trust! You betrayed that!" Masumi exclaims during an argument. His failed romance resulted in lifelong trauma for Masumi, who developed intimacy issues and couldn't love anyone anymore.

Masumi and Ritsu have an intimate encounter in the bedroom after their reunion.

There are also parallels between Yuma and Ritsu. We don't learn Ritsu's backstory until later in the series, but he was friends with Madoka. Her death impacted him, triggering his guilty conscience since he couldn't be there for her. Yuma and Ritsu met because they agreed on a suicide pact. Ritsu backed out and didn't take the pill, but thoughts of killing himself were on his mind. Yuma once described his despair, "I started questioning my reason for existing." That sentiment mirrored Ritsu's inner turmoil. He felt an existential crisis and lost his will to live.

Ritsu wants to reconcile with his ex. He vows to stay faithful for the next seven days, a funny statement that exemplifies the dark humour in this series. Masumi rejects him. "Of course, this pathological fuckboy can promise eternal love to me in his final week alive," Masumi thinks bitterly. He can't forgive Ritsu for the relationship trauma. Masumi's emotional scars outweigh his physical desires. Yet, the episode ends with his conviction wavering. "What a wretched fool I am." Masumi feels self-loathing as he struggles with the complexities of lingering love and lasting betrayal.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Masumi and Ritsu share a happy memory in The End of the World With You Episode 4.

Masumi has trouble overcoming his trauma and cannot open up to intimacy. Although Ritsu hurts him significantly, his ex isn't the only one contributing to Masumi's prolonged agony. The other culprit is his mother, who inflicted years of physical and emotional abuse. As awful as Ritsu may be, at least his betrayal only lasts a relatively short time. In comparison, Masumi's mother has predominantly shaped her son's adolescence, filling it with hatred and bigotry. She is the most toxic person in Masumi's life.

Episode 4 focuses on the theme of emancipation. Masumi learns to let go of past trauma and cuts ties with his abusive mother. The series sends a provocative message, going against conventional thinking that families must always care for each other. The episode showcases the painful process of breaking free from toxic relationships and creating healthy boundaries. Although Masumi's decision to turn his back on his ailing mother isn't easy, it's necessary for his healing. He can't afford to get sucked back into her vortex of hatred, no matter how much guilt she places on him. 

Both Ritsu and Masumi's mother had traumatized our protagonist. However, the difference between them is penance. Ritsu approaches his ex at the start of the apocalypse due to genuine remorse. He wants to make amends and repair their broken bond. In contrast, Masumi's mom only contacts her son since she needs his help. Her apology is insincere, originating from a place of selfishness. The series indicates Ritsu can be redeemed despite his wrongdoings. Yet, Masumi's mom is a lost cause. He's better off avoiding this cancerous influence from his life.

Masumi cuts ties with his mother.

Morally, Masumi struggles with the decision to abandon his mother. There's no way to sugar-coat his callousness. He leaves an old, frail woman to die from starvation, thirst, and neglect. Initially, Masumi's first instinct is to help his mom, following his obligation. However, Ritsu stops him with an outrageous ultimatum. If Masumi reconnects with his mom, Ritsu threatens to not reunite Yuma with his family. This ethical dilemma forces Masumi to prioritize Yuma.

Ritsu's actions may seem cruel, but his intentions contain a complicated kindness. He doesn't want Masumi to feel burdened by the guilt of disowning his parent. Ritsu replaces Masumi's moral obligation with another ethical dilemma, thus lessening his ex's culpability. Rather than outright deserting his mom, Masumi has no choice because he must sacrifice her to help Yuma. Ritsu willingly steps into a villainous role for Masumi's sake, taking away the accountability. Blame me for denying your family reunion. Don't hate yourself for not wanting to reconnect with her.

Although Ritsu shoulders his ex-boyfriend's emotional burden, Masumi still feels awful about his decision. He breaks down, understanding the grave consequences. Masumi admits he doesn't want to see his dying mother"The coldness of my heart filled me with despair," he reflects in his tearful introspection. This anguish may be unavoidable, but the story implies it's only temporary. Earlier, a heavy downpour almost stops the characters from embarking on their journey. Yet, the rain suddenly stops. The weather is symbolic, showing that Masumi's pain will pass.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Yuma and Meguru hold hands.

The End of the World With You teases Yuma's supernatural abilities. This miracle boy has mysterious powers like summoning the weather. Occasionally, the story uses him to explain odd coincidences in the plot, such as running into Madoka's lookalike sibling. Yuma adds a fun quirkiness to the series, evoking a sense of mystical wonder. Notice how Yuma wears a shirt with the word "BOSS", hinting that he controls the circumstances like a god. He's an intriguing character with different interpretations of his true identity.

Remember Masumi's advice to Yuma earlier? Just as Masumi predicted, Yuma finds someone else in this episode. The suicidal teen lost hope after Madoka's death, believing nobody could replace his beloved idol. Yet, he's rewarded for his perseverance and meets Meguru, who resembles the celebrity. Meguru is also approachable, so Yuma forms a social connection instead of admiring from afar. None of this good fortune would occur if he ended his life preemptively. Contrary to his hopelessness, Yuma discovers his temporary anguish doesn't signify the end of the world.

The apocalypse has inspired Meguru to explore gender identity and expression"I never had the courage to step outside as a girl. I decided to try it out before dying." Despite this bravery, Meguru suffers from diminished self-worth. When faced with lewd sexual propositions, Meguru accepts the demeaning behaviour as tolerable. "Jerking one dick is no big deal." These sleazy men meet a pretty girl and sexualize her for physical pleasure. Meguru goes along with the harmful abuse, internalizing their disrespect than opposing it.

Yuma and Masumi encourage their companion to think differently. Meguru, you deserve decency and respect from others. Your value as a human isn't based on how much you can please men. They do not have the right to objectify you for sex, nor should you accept their toxic attitude as okay. Even if jerking a dick is "no big deal", you don't have to degrade yourself. The episode ends with a simple yet elegant chat between Yuma and Meguru. With the poignant music accentuating the sensitive emotions, Meguru reflects on the significance of self-worth.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Masumi and Ritsu kiss in The End of the World With You Episode 6.

Episode 6 focuses on Ritsu's penance. Days before he was about to die, Ritsu reflected on his sad life and felt ashamed. Nobody cared enough to reach out to Ritsu, making him regret his lack of commitment. Madoka's suicide magnified his loneliness, sending him to a dark place. As Ritsu spirals, he misses his ex. Masumi used to be devoted to him. Yet, Ritsu destroyed that relationship. Due to guilt and despair, Ritsu had considered killing himself. Before doing so, he met Masumi one last time, hoping to untie the knot in his heart.

Ritsu's only objective before dying is to become a better person. Ritsu wants to make amends with an ex-boyfriend, whom he wronged terribly. Despite his remorse, he didn't apologize immediately after their reunion. Masumi's hostility made Ritsu hesitant, fearing his reconciliation would be rejected. After Masumi's accident, the near-death experience finally unleashes Ritsu's repressed feelings. "I don't want to see your corpse," he says emotionally before giving a tearful apology. Ritsu proves it's not too late to repent. Don't wait until your loved one is gone to make things right.

Madoka gives ominous last words before her suicide. "If I had a button that'd let me die, then I'd press it." I don't blame Ritsu for missing the distress signals. After all, not everyone is equipped to handle a mental health crisis. That said, Madoka's statement is undoubtedly a RED FLAG ALERT. If your friend made that "joke", especially after experiencing misfortune, you should be alarmed. Sadly, Madoka didn't get the help she needed. Her death triggered Ritsu's guilty conscience, and he started having suicidal thoughts too. "The world is ending? That means I finally get my happily ever after." Although not as explicit as Madoka's last words, Ritsu also expresses an urgent cry for help.

The characters wish for the meteor to go away.

The impending apocalypse symbolizes psychological torment. Ritsu and Yuma's anguish felt so severe that they contemplated killing themselves. It's "the end of the world" for them. While Masumi and Meguru aren't suicidal, they also suffer emotionally. The meteor is an apt metaphor for everyone's mental obstacles. It represents a looming sense of doom, which causes utter destruction and seems impossible to overcome. The impact of the meteor strike is like the breaking point of their mental health, where everything comes crashing down. 

This episode ends interestingly. Yuma challenges Ritsu's gloomy thoughts. Instead, he encourages everyone to wish for the meteor to disappear. "Let's send our energy upwards!" He yells, thrusting his arms in the air. Meguru and Masumi join him in this superstitious act. Although they look silly, the scene is actually symbolic. The story indicates stopping the apocalypse requires mental strength. You should think optimistically and show determination to overcome your hopeless situation. With a positive mentality, you can create a miracle and stop the end of the world.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Masumi and Ritsu reconcile in The End of the World With You Episode 7.

Wow, Masumi's mental meltdown after his breakup sounded pretty severe. The poor guy wasn't just heartbroken. He couldn't complete school, find a job, or function healthily for years. Knowing how much Masumi suffered makes it hard to forgive Ritsu. Despite Ritsu's remorse, he hasn't done enough to be redeemed. Can you undo years of trauma with just a few days of good behaviour? I'm not convinced. I would've liked to see the series emphasize more on Ritsu's sincerity. He should be grovelling!

Although Masumi has forgiven his ex, I find Ritsu unsympathetic. My wariness exists because the story hasn't done enough to flesh out his character's journey. There's so much to expand upon, from his family backstory to the aftermath of Madoka's suicide. Yet, his redemption arc is condensed, diminishing the emotional impact. The same goes for Yuma and Meguru, who need more development too. Despite the sophisticated themes, my main gripe with The End of the World With You is that the story feels rushed. For this reason, the last stretch of episodes never reaches an epic high with me.

love Masumi & Ritsu's chat by the waterfall. Firstly, the scenery is gorgeous. This lush outdoor setting evokes a sense of serenity. Secondly, seeing the shirtless actors prance around with little clothes helps me enjoy a BL series more, teehee~ And thirdly, I appreciate the sentimental dialogue. "I feel like I've wasted my life." Aww, Masumi. 😢 I like when Ritsu reiterates their future together. "This might not be the end. I still want to explore the world with you." It's a moving line since Ritsu emphasizes his commitment to Masumi. He also expresses his desire to continue living.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Meguru & Yuma
Yuma says goodbye to Masumi and Ritsu in The End of the World With You ending.

The ending provides satisfying closure for all the characters. Initially, Meguru was unsure about gender expression, treating it like a secret. Thanks to the group's open-mindedness, Meguru becomes confident. This self-discovery journey reaches a milestone in the finale. Meguru arrives home and feels comfortable enough to come out. The series excludes the parents' reactions since they're irrelevant. Meguru stops focusing on other people's expectations and learns to prioritize the self. As long as I am content, I don't need to appease anyone.

Before parting ways, Meguru leaves behind contact information and wants to stay in touch with Yuma. This gesture excites the teen, giving him renewed optimism. Yuma lost hope at the start of the series and fell into suicidal despair. Fortunately, he meets kind companions who restore his will to live. In addition, Yuma closes the chapter on Madoka. He is thankful his fan letters reached Madoka, offering her a small comfort during distressing times. She may have faced backlash from the rest of the world, but at least one loyal fan rooted for her.

Despite his past setbacks, Yuma discovers enthusiasm for the future. He learns to stop dwelling on the negatives and focuses on the positives. His cheerful farewell indicates Yuma's improved mindset"It was a fun journey," he says flippantly. Instead of remembering the harrowing memory where he almost killed himself, Yuma interprets the past few days as a character-building experience. How's that for perspective? Yuma leaves the series in a better place mentally. This resilient teen proves he is not Hannah Baker. Here are his thirteen reasons to keep living.

Masumi and a shirtless Ritsu approach the apocalypse together.

Like Yuma, Ritsu wanted to die. After failing to save a suicidal friend, he drowned in regret and wished to end his world. Ritsu teetered on the edge of bottomless despair, with his mortality delicately in the balance. As his mental condition deteriorated, he turned to Masumi for help. Ritsu's last lifeline was this ex-boyfriend, the one he had wronged terribly. He hoped to resolve the conflict with Masumi and unload the guilt from his conscience.

Yet, Ritsu discovered he had traumatized Masumi, leaving his ex incapable of intimacy. Ritsu felt accountable for Masumi's pain. Why does he keep hurting everyone around him!? A rueful Ritsu tries to kill himself again, believing the world is better off without his existence. Masumi stops the suicide attempt. Despite their troubled relationship past, he isn't heartless enough to want his ex to die. Masumi had every right to remain angry. He could have gone to his grave holding onto this vendetta forever. Yet, Masumi takes the high road and chooses forgiveness.

Masumi realizes both have suffered after their breakup. Holding onto a grudge perpetuates self-destructiveness. Instead, Masumi prefers they heal from their trauma. Love over hate is the healthier choice. As Masumi reconciles with his ex, Ritsu learns that redemption is possible. Masumi has given him the miracle of atonement. No matter how much wrong Ritsu did in the past, it isn't too late to repent. Even a former scumbag like him transform into a better person. The old, suicidal Ritsu is dead. The new, hopeful Ritsu is reborn, gaining a profound appreciation for life.

The End of the World With You has a happy ending where Masumi and Ritsu continue living.

Unlike Ritsu and Yuma, Masumi wasn't suicidal at the start of the series. Yet, he was severely haunted by trauma. Masumi already seemed dead on the inside, like an empty shell of a human being. He displayed no ambition, didn't pursue relationships, and never ventured into life beyond his room. Tellingly, the first episode's opening scenes show him crying and resting lifelessly in bed. The series paints a distressed protagonist who trudges through each day without hope or purpose.

After reuniting with his ex, Ritsu drives Masumi's life forward. The couple is always on the move, going from one place to another. Ritsu instils a sense of adventure in Masumi, encouraging him to leave his comfort zone. Our protagonist overcomes his trauma by meeting new people, forming connections, and opening up emotionally. Masumi also learns to be hopeful. The finale's defining line is when he says, "I want to live on if it means a future with you." His life was not as bleak as he had assumed. Years later, Ritsu returned and wanted to reconcile. Miracles can occur, so don't feel defeated!

Notice how the closing scenes end with Masumi in bed, just like how the series started. Ritsu pounds him in a love-making session! Beyond sex, it represents Masumi's renewed zeal for life. The bed where he once laid apathetically is now filled with love, energy, and passion. Masumi's most valuable lesson is reviving his desires. From a sexual awakening to an emotional attachment, he embraces intimacy on multiple levels. Miraculously, Masumi comes alive again. He isn't a lifeless zombie in the apocalypse. His eagerness to live for tomorrow has humanized him at last.

The end of the world
The End of the World With You is an uplifting story about overcoming your mental obstacles.

The End of the World With You isn't a typical dystopian love story. Aside from a few references, the plot seldom references the chaos in the surroundings. The protagonists don't have to scavenge for food, fight zombies, or navigate anarchy. The traditional survival elements aren't the focus. Instead, the series highlights each character's mental health crisis. Beyond the world's destruction, they must stay alive from their psychological trauma. The most daunting apocalypse occurs inside their heads.

The series features different kinds of trauma. Meguru's agony is developing and can worsen over time. Ritsu and Yuma have more severe cases, feeling so anguished that they consider suicide. Masumi suffers from repressed trauma, a debilitating condition that makes him live like he's already dead. He has succumbed to utter despair. Fortunately, everyone goes on recovery journeys. The finale shows them resurrecting lost hope and reconciling from past regrets. Despite the dystopian landscape, The End of the World With You sends positive messages about rebuilding your psyche.

The story jokes Yuma can mentally summon away the apocalypse. It is true. Yuma's superpower involves improving his state of mind. The suicidal teen regains his will to live, so the world won't end for him anymore. Masumi, Ritsu, and Meguru have similar abilities, each finding ways to overcome their doom. The meteor symbolizes their self-destructiveness, but it disappears once the characters no longer feel helpless about their futures. The series begins by teasing the end of the world. Ironically, it finishes with hopeful beginnings. Welcome to the start of a new world.

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Futatabi (ふたたび) is the theme song of The End of the World With You. It is performed by HIROBA (水野良樹) and Ai Otsuka (大塚愛).

The End of the World With You Information


Maki Marukido (丸木戸マキ) is the original creator of Pornographer, which was adapted into a Japanese BL trilogy. The franchise includes The Novelist (2018), Mood Indigo (2019), and Pornographer: Playback (2021). In addition, another story was adapted into the 2023 drama, The End of the World With You.


Koichiro Miki (三木康一郎) is a Japanese director. His first BL project is the drama, The Novelist (2018). He also directed Mood Indigo (2019) and Pornographer: Playback (2021). In addition, Koichi made the comedy series, A Man Who Defies the World of BL (2021) and its sequel A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 (2022). He also co-directed The End of the World With You (2023) with Hiroshi Mori (森裕史).

  1. Enjoyed your review and analysis of this unique series. The topic will put lots off as this is far from the world of candy colored engineer students whose only worries are grades and love.
    I would give this series a overall solid B.
    As you noted, the topic/themes/plot are the highlight. Solid A.
    The execution is difficult on a budget as showing the destruction of the world is a big topic. Here all the extras seem fairly deadpan and going about their business.
    Acting in the first minute under this crew/director, young actor Toshiki gives a more complete performance than he did in the whole of Sempai- though he still has moments of screeching/panic that seem out of place. His costar is ridiculously beautiful but acting wise falls flat at times. Another portrayal is straight out of anime:Sousyo as Yuma- either love or hate will ensue- I alternated. Acting is a C for me overall.
    The sex scenes are intense and the director of Pornographer kicks it up a notch. Kudos for the actors going for it. An A here.
    Worth watching for anyone who likes a thoughtful and at times, deeply moving experience.

  2. Wow this show was all over the place. The predatory streak of Ritsu, scorched earth just taking what he wanted because he felt slighted as the illegitimate son, and just grabbing back what he could, was brutal. Years later when he returned, having signed a suicide pact with a child, I mean wow again. This series pushed a lot of buttons and there were several times when I thought no, but I always came back. The mystery and the visuals were really compelling. And the main question of what would you do if your childhood crush who brutally betrayed you resurfaced at the end of the world, is a great provocation. I admit I feared a torture porn moment that Ritsu was just going to play the two boys against each other but that is not what happened. In the end I consider this series extraordinary. A in my book.

  3. Excellent and thorough review. Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze these dramas. You magically capture in words what I sense but am unable to form into coherent words. What a gift you have!!

  4. Great review as usual, thank you ! I have another interpretation for the finale (spoilers ahead).

    Imo, the author just gives us an artifice of a world salvation when we know it's just impossible. It's a way to take our feelings into consideration, just like when you sugercoat or don't tell terrible things to children… but you can still guess these things.

  5. Amazing review, the way you analyse the characters is 🙏🏽 .
    I gave the series a 10. This score doesn't happen often. Last time I gave it was another JBL -Old Fashion Cupcake. It's the first time I enjoy a BL even though I hate one of the main characters and finding it hard to forgive although I would have probably done the same… It is after all the end of the frickin' world, It's best to have some fun before it ends.
    I wish so much for a second season, I want to see more of Meguru and Yumas story. Is Rittsu isnot a F**kboy anymore? Is Masumi happy?

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