The Warp Effect – Series Review & Ending Explained

The Warp Effect is a Thai comedy series about a time-travelling high school student.

The Warp Effect is a Thai comedy series with a BL subplot. The main character is an uncool high school student who causes drunken chaos at a party. After regaining consciousness, the protagonist discovers he has travelled to the future. His adult life is drastically different. All his teenage best friends have become his enemies. Using a set of photos as clues, he must decipher what happened and find a way to return to his original timeline.

From sex positivity to LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, The Warp Effect celebrates progressive themes with powerful messages. It may be one of the most forward-thinking Asian dramas I've ever watched. This hilarious comedy explores social issues in a cheeky and energetic narrative. While the lead is straight, the series features romances involving characters with diverse sexualities. The BL storyline addresses relevant topics that gay couples encounter.

The Warp Effect Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




The Warp Effect is a happy & funny drama.


Army holds a picture of Alex.

Alex is a seventeen-year-old teenager living with his father, grandfather, and younger brother. His mother died in an accident. Before her death, she was a firm believer in chastity. Alex's mom made her son promise he wouldn't have sex until it was the right time. Although Alex is desperate to lose his virginity, he hesitates and backs out of sexual encounters. His mother's warning weighs heavily over him.

Alex is unpopular in high school. He hangs out with his best friend Ew, bonding over their love for photography. They get bullied by the school jocks, Army and Joe. Thankfully, Alex's other best friend Nim has a fierce personality and stands up against the bullies. Nim is an out lesbian in a relationship with Mollie, a recent graduate. The couple has a lovey-dovey relationship. In contrast, Alex and Ew are both single.

Alex has a secret crush on his beautiful classmate, Kat. However, she is Army's girlfriend. Alex's friends believe this popular girl is out of his league, and he sadly agrees. Alex also forges a connection with another student, Jean. She is a passionate activist who rallies for causes like free tampons on campus. Jean and Alex are part of the yearbook club, where they bond over profound chats. Jean shares her dreams of becoming a film director. She doesn't judge Alex when he opens up about his virginity. In fact, Jean reveals she hasn't had sex with anyone either.

Jedi and Rose, a popular couple, are throwing a house party. Everyone is going except for Alex, whose strict father forbids him from attending. Thankfully, his dad is called away to an emergency hospital shift. Alex's grandfather is lax with the rules, allowing him to have fun for the night. Before leaving, Alex receives a mysterious gift at his doorstep. It is a vintage instant camera. Although Alex doesn't know who sent the present, he brings it to the party and takes various pictures.

At the party, Ew gathers the courage to chat with Liu, a pretty classmate. They share a kiss. Meanwhile, Alex and Jean also have an intimate bedroom encounter. The two teens are ready to have sex tonight. As Alex searches the house for a condom, he becomes drunk and loses lucidity. Alex crosses paths with Army and Joe, who harass him. Army snatches the instant camera to take a picture of Alex. After the flash, something unexpected happens. Alex suddenly finds himself in the future. His adult life is drastically different. All his past friends now hate him, including Jean.

The Warp Effect Cast



New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ)

Alex is portrayed by the Thai actor New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ).

Alex is a high school student whose mother died in an accident. Before her death, she made him promise to stay celibate until it was the right time. Alex has a great relationship with his grandfather, who lives with the family. However, he is less close with his strict father, a doctor who wants his son to pursue a medical career. Alex also clashes with his annoying little brother, Ice.

New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun

New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 30, 1993.

New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun (นิว ฐิติภูมิ เตชะอภัยคุณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 30, 1993. His roles include Kiss (2016), Kiss Me Again (2018), Dark Blue Kiss (2019), and Cherry Magic (2023). New also features in SOTUS (2016), SOTUS S (2017), Water Boyy (2017), Our Skyy (2018), and The Warp Effect (2022).


Fah Yongwaree Anilbol (ฟ้า ยงวรี อนิลบล)

Jean is portrayed by the Thai actress Fah Yongwaree Anilbol (ฟ้า ยงวรี อนิลบล).

Jean is a high school activist. She rallies passionately for causes like providing free tampons on campus. Jean and Alex know each other via the yearbook club. During a meeting, they chat intimately and open up about their secrets. Jean expresses her dreams of becoming a director. The two teens also reveal they are virgins. In Jean's case, she just hasn't met the right guy yet.

Fah Yongwaree Anilbol

Fah Yongwaree Anilbol (ฟ้า ยงวรี อนิลบล) is a Thai actress. She is born on January 16, 1999.

Fah Yongwaree Anilbol (ฟ้า ยงวรี อนิลบล) is a Thai actress. She is born on January 16, 1999. Her first BL project is the 2022 drama, Enchanté. She is the star of the 2022 series, The Warp Effect.


Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์)

Army is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์).

Army is a high school jock who bullies Alex. Army is dating the beautiful Kat. However, he is secretly hooking up with his best friend Joe. After Alex travels to the future, Army greets him at the hospital. Surprisingly, they are now coworkers. In a twist of fate, Army has become Alex's best friend. Army has also come out of the closet and lives proudly as a promiscuous gay man.

Fluke Pusit Dittapisit

Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997.

Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997. His first BL project is the 2020 series, The Shipper. Fluke also had supporting roles in the 2022 dramas, Enchanté and The Warp Effect.


Thor Thinnaphan Tantui (โต๋ ทินพันธ์ ตันตุ้ย)

Joe is portrayed by the Thai actor Thor Thinnaphan Tantui (โต๋ ทินพันธ์ ตันตุ้ย).

Joe is a high school jock and Army's best friend. They used to secretly hook up in high school. However, the couple didn't continue their relationship. In the future timeline, Joe works as a football coach at a high school. He keeps his sexuality a secret, fearing it will affect his job security. Army unexpectedly reacquaints with Joe, bringing mixed emotions and sexual tension between the two former lovers.

Thor Thinnaphan Tantui

Thor Thinnaphan Tantui (โต๋ ทินพันธ์ ตันตุ้ย) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 19, 1996.

Thor Thinnaphan Tantui (โต๋ ทินพันธ์ ตันตุ้ย) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 19, 1996. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Star in My Mind. He also has supporting roles in The Warp Effect (2022) and A Boss and a Babe (2023).

Supporting Cast

Ew is portrayed by the Thai actor Sing Harit Cheewagaroon (ซิง หฤษฎ์ ชีวการุณ).


Sing Harit Cheewagaroon (ซิง หฤษฎ์ ชีวการุณ)

Nim is portrayed by the Thai actress Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์).


Jan Ployshompoo Supasap (แจน พลอยชมพู ศุภทรัพย์)

Kat is portrayed by the Vietnamese actress Gigie Chanunphat Kamolkiriluck (Lê Trúc Anh).


Gigie Chanunphat Kamolkiriluck (Lê Trúc Anh)

Liu is portrayed by the Thai actress Ciize Apichaya Saejung (ไซซี อภิชญา แซ่จัง).


Ciize Apichaya Saejung (ไซซี อภิชญา แซ่จัง)

Molly is portrayed by the Thai actress Silvy Pavida Moriggi (ซิลวี่ ภาวิดา มอริจจิ).


Silvy Pavida Moriggi (ซิลวี่ ภาวิดา มอริจจิ)

Tony is portrayed by the Thai actor Joong Archen Aydin (จุง อาเชน ไอย์ดึน).


Joong Archen Aydin (จุง อาเชน ไอย์ดึน)

Jedi is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์).


Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์)

Rose is portrayed by the Thai actress Best Jira Jaroenthamasuk (เบส จีระ เจริญธมะสุข).


Best Jira Jaroenthamasuk (เบส จีระ เจริญธมะสุข)

Ice is portrayed by the Thai actor Phuwin Tangsakyuen (ภูวินทร์ ตั้งศักดิ์ยืน).


Phuwin Tangsakyuen (ภูวินทร์ ตั้งศักดิ์ยืน)

Kim is portrayed by the Thai actress Chaleeda Gilbert (ชาลีดา กิลเบิร์ต).


Chaleeda Gilbert (ชาลีดา กิลเบิร์ต)

Bew is portrayed by the Thai actress Jessica Pasaphan (เจสสิกา ภาสะพันธุ์).


Jessica Pasaphan (เจสสิกา ภาสะพันธุ์)

Blossom is Ew's playmate.


Alex's father is portrayed by the Thai actor Jab Penpetch Benyakul (เพ็ญเพ็ชร เพ็ญกุล).

Alex's dad

Jab Penpetch Benyakul (เพ็ญเพ็ชร เพ็ญกุล)

Alex's grandpa is portrayed by the Thai actor Jim Soontorn Meesri (จิม สุนทร มีศรี).

Alex's grandpa

Jim Soontorn Meesri (จิม สุนทร มีศรี)

Saran is portrayed by the Thai actor Louis Pongphan Petchbuntoon (พงษ์พันธ์ เพชรบัณฑูร).


Louis Pongphan Petchbuntoon (พงษ์พันธ์ เพชรบัณฑูร)

Cha Yen is portrayed by the Thai actor Jay Jatuporn Dangurai (เจ จตุพร แดงอุไร).

Cha Yen

Jay Jatuporn Dangurai (เจ จตุพร แดงอุไร)

Captain is portrayed by the Thai actor Guy Sivakorn Lertchuchot (กาย ศิวกร เลิศชูโชติ).


Guy Sivakorn Lertchuchot (กาย ศิวกร เลิศชูโชติ)

Wiroj is Liu's boss.


Siam is portrayed by the Thai actor Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon (เชิดศักดิ์ ประทุมศรีสาคร).


Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon (เชิดศักดิ์ ประทุมศรีสาคร)

The filmmaker is portrayed by the Thai actress Pepzi Banchorn Vorasataree (เป๊ปซี่ บัญชร วรเศรษฐ์อารี).


Pepzi Banchorn Vorasataree (เป๊ปซี่ บัญชร วรเศรษฐ์อารี)

Cast Highlights

  • Alex's actor (New) is the star of the the 2019 Thai BL series Dark Blue Kiss. He leads the 2023 remake Cherry Magic Thailand, which includes Ew and Nim's performers (Sing and Jan). New also appears in Kiss (2016), Kiss Me Again (2018), Our Skyy (2018), the SOTUS franchise (2016 – 2017), and Waterboyy (2017).
  • Jean's actress (Fah) had a supporting role in the 2022 BL series Enchanté. Army's actor (Fluke) also had a supporting role in that drama.
  • Fluke and Joe's actor (Thor) appeared in the 2023 BL drama A Boss and a Babe. In addition, Fluke starred in the 2020 series The Shipper.
  • Tony's actor (Joong) is the star of the 2022 series Star in My Mind. Also, Thor had a supporting role in that drama.
  • Ice's actor (Phuwin) is the star of the 2021 comedy Fish Upon the Sky and the 2022 series Never Let Me Go.

The Warp Effect Review


Drama Review Score: 9.0

Army and Joe take a picture together.

The Warp Effect is funny, fearless, and fiercely progressive. This lighthearted comedy explores many meaningful themes, including consent, women's autonomy, body positivity, sex education, and LGBTQ+ equality. The thoughtful story champions an emotionally intelligent stance on every topic it advocates. I'm astonished by all the radical ideas in this drama, going against the conservative Asian media landscape. The Warp Effect is a contemporary series that breaks down barriers in portraying sexuality and social justice.

Beyond its open-mindedness, The Warp Effect is incredibly entertaining. The story begins as a bubbly high school comedy, but the first episode ends with a surprise twist. After transporting to the future, the protagonist embarks on a zany adventure filled with humour, drama, and raunchy hijinks. Each episode mixes goofy jokes with savvy messages, so you can laugh and learn simultaneously. In addition, the series has an energetic ensemble cast who exchange sassy banter or hilarious interactions. I love the quirky characters with colourful personalities and delightful friendships.

Many storylines examine the human body, from the inner workings of the vagina to the pleasures of penetrative sex. Despite its inherent silliness, The Warp Effect handles taboo subjects responsibly and candidly. It removes stigma, shatters stereotypes, and clarifies misconceptions. The series ties these themes to the supporting characters, making the lessons a part of their personal growth. I respond positively to all the subplots except for Nim's romances. Her relationship drama seems sloppy, as contrived conflicts arise only because the narrative demands it.

Alex & Jean's plot is my favourite. At first glance, they seem like a typical love story. Both have kind dispositions, treat others respectfully, and stand up for what is right. Their principles are so aligned that they'd make a perfect couple. Yet, their complicated history stands in the way of a potential romance. From Alex's remorse to Jean's anguish, the most powerful moments in The Warp Effect come from their emotional encounters. Also, the leads give stunning performances. Alex's actor (New) exudes so much natural charisma, creating a fun and relatable protagonist.

The Warp Effect features two supporting characters in a same-sex romance. Army is a lovable scamp, and I adore him passionately. His exuberant personality, mischievous charm, and cheeky one-liners bring immense joy to the series. The actor (Fluke) is enthusiastic and flamboyant, perfectly embodying his role. Army and Joe make a decent couple. They have a well-developed subplot with plenty of time in the spotlight. Yet, they aren't the central focus. Compared to proper BL dramas, The Warp Effect serves a slice of gay relationship content instead of the whole pie.

Other than the sparse BL, I enjoy everything else about The Warp Effect. Each episode builds a steady momentum, leading to a stellar finale that wraps up the plot satisfyingly. Upon completion, I feel a sense of giddy elation from watching a fantastic drama. There's so much I love about this inspirational series, such as the inclusive plots, positive messages, and diverse romances. It's a trailblazer in Asian media, setting the precedence for socially conscious storytelling. I hope our future can be filled with stories as charming and heartwarming as The Warp Effect.


Progressive story

The Warp Effect tells a bold, progressive story with meaningful themes, from sex education to body positivity. Beyond the thoughtful messaging, the lighthearted comedy is funny and cheerful.

Side romance

Army & Joe make a decent side couple with plenty of time in the spotlight. Yet, they get less content than a proper BL drama. Army's character is an endearing gay icon and deserves a spin-off!

Charming acting

The leads give stunning performances. Alex's actor (New) exudes a natural charisma and nails his comedic scenes. His costar (Fah) is a confident actress who shines in her dramatic encounters.

Happy ending

The Warp Effect has a happy ending that wraps up the story nicely. After an emotional encounter in Episode 11, Alex learns from his misdeeds to become a better man for Jean.

Vibrant artistry

The series presents bright, vibrant visuals that suit the enthusiastic tone of the story. I love how they dress and style Army. His professional attire with a slightly dishevelled tie is on-brand for him.


The Warp Effect is a hilarious comedy with progressive storylines, positive messages, and powerful LGBTQ+ representation. It portrays sexuality and social justice more liberally than most Asian dramas.

The Warp Effect Episodes

Episode Guide

Alex and Army dance at a disco.

The Warp Effect has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. It is a long drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. The Warp Effect started on December 12, 2022 and ended on February 27, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Jean checks out Alex's chastity ring.

Going into The Warp Effect, I knew it wasn't a BL drama. Nonetheless, that didn't stop me from delusionally fantasizing about Alex and Army as a couple. I started shipping them from their roleplaying scene in the first episode. Seeing them side by side in bed, the sheer physical attractiveness of these two actors swayed my heart. Why is The Warp Effect denying us such a hot BL pairing!? The Alex x Jean or Army x Joe romances never stood a chance with me. I only want Alex & Army to be endgame!

With that said, I like Alex and Jean's relationship too. The first episode sets up a warm, cozy bond between them. Initially, the early scenes introduced Alex as a sex-crazed protagonist. However, he comes across as way more charming and insightful around Jean. She brings out the best side of him. Jean also makes an excellent first impression. I adore this teen activist who champions free tampons, fights misogynist bullies, and expresses liberal views about life. It's easy rooting for the two likeable leads with similar values to be together. Too bad it didn't last…

Despite the lighthearted chat, Alex and Jean's exchange in this episode is full of ominous foreshadowing. Jean says a significant line, "Before you press the shutter, you need to be thorough. If you ruin that photo, then it can't be undone. It's unfixable." She's talking about the Polaroid camera in this context. However, her words also subtly refer to the overarching themes in the couple's storyline. Alex makes a mistake that is impossible to fix. He can never undo the pain inflicted on Jean.

Jedi teases his classmates in the roleplaying scene. He asks Alex and Army about their top-bottom dynamic. The teacher immediately pipes up, "That's none of your business. Don't ask people that. It's rude, you know." Another BL series, A Boss and a Babe, addresses the subject in a similar discussion. In both cases, I love the story for taking a stance and calling out the invasive line of questioning. Reducing a gay man's identity to being "top" or "bottom" has been a widespread phenomenon for many years. I'm glad to see GMMTV dramas recently challenging this mentality.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Alex is shocked to see himself on the poster.

Alex's actor does a great job in this role. Besides looking hot and being skin-friendly, his comedic performance is a highlight. From his goofy expressions to his bewildered demeanour, he plays the hapless protagonist well. I adore the scene where he's hyping himself up in the mirror before having sex with Kat. His monologue is like the hilarious version of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. *lol* I'm very impressed with New who carries this series with his natural charisma.

Army's character transformation from Episode 1 to Episode 2 is hilariously jarring. In the first episode, he was a closeted teen who had ~gay panic~ when pretending to kiss Alex in bed. Fast forward to the future, Army hops into bed and smooches Alex with no reservations. He acts like a completely different guy! Also, Army and Kat used to be a high school couple. Yet, both are now fawning over Alex in their adulthood. The Warp Effect sets up our initial expectations of these characters, only to overturn them in the second episode. The discrepancies lead to funny chaos!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Nim and Bew kiss in bed.

Watching The Warp Effect requires a suspension of disbelief. For example, we must accept that Alex goes from a clueless high school student to a professional gynecologist capable of inspecting women's bodies. The series highlights his new knowledge humorously, showing how Alex learns about pelvic exams from his mentor. Admittedly, this part of the story is unrealistic. However, I can tolerate inexplicable plot points in a lighthearted comedy with time-travel elements. Not everything has to make perfect sense.

I like The Warp Effect's liberal approach to sex and bodily functions. The characters discuss these subjects openly, like a part of their everyday life. The candid dialogue reminds me of Westernized dramas, which are more forthright and unabashed than their Eastern counrterparts. Asian sex comedies aren't a popular niche in a conservative media landscape. Furthermore, this genre is typically centred on straight couples, whereas The Warp Effect has LGBTQ+ inclusiveness. An Asian sex comedy with progressive messaging feels revolutionary, shattering many cultural barriers.

"My nipples are pinker than those, man." Hehehe~ Although I appreciate the progressiveness, the real reason I love The Warp Effect is its humour. Silly lines like Alex's pink nipples can make me laugh. The series has many clever jokes, sassy banter, and funny scenarios contributing to the goofy comedy. I am constantly entertained. And yes, I have examined the footage closely and can confirm they are indeed very pink. 🕵🏻

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Army fixes his tie.

I adore Army so much. He's such an iconic character with a fun, lovable personality. His goofiness is almost cartoonish, yet he possesses enough charm and complexity to avoid becoming a caricature. At the start of the episode, he gives a pouty self-assessment: "I'm just a gay dude who likes doing it in a parking lot, whose best friend despises him and thinks he sleeps around." There's so much psychological baggage to unpack in this one sentence, alluding to Army's insecurities about his sexuality and promiscuity.

I also love Army's styling. The series often dresses him in a rumpled striped shirt with a loosened tie. His face has a light stubble, giving him a slightly dishevelled appearance. Army is constantly on the threshold between looking professional and looking like a party animal. His easily identifiable wardrobe adds to Army's cartoonishness, making him even more comical. He fits with the playful vibe of The Warp Effect perfectly.

Army's actor (Fluke Pusit) is made to play this role, bringing zaniness & flamboyance to his performance. He handles each scene exuberantly, from flirty gazes to pouty expressions. You can tell he has so much fun portraying the character. Also, Fluke is criminally underrated. With his looks and skills, I assumed he'd be more popular with a bigger fan following. Army is a fine showcase of Fluke's talents, highlighting his versatility and charisma. I hope GMM gives him more future opportunities, using Army as a blueprint to promote what Fluke can do as a performer.

Army and Joe kiss in the locker room.

Army's hookup cracks me up because of the inappropriateness. I giggle nervously whenever the police sirens ring in the middle of his sexual encounter. Oh shit! 😆 Despite having the reputation of a horndog, I like that Army behaves responsibly in this scenario and doesn't proceed with sex. I also giggle during Army's reunion with Joe. Their sloppy handjob in the locker room scandalizes me. "I forgive you!" Joe exclaims after ejaculating into Army's hand. LMAOOO I'M SCREAMING!!! 😆

Besides the BL storyline, I find Nim's conversation with her girlfriend in this episode intriguing. "I want us to live somewhere with more opportunities," Bew explains her motivation to move to America. Her sentiment is powerful, reflecting a challenge faced by LGBTQ+ couples in countries with limited liberties. I wish The Warp Effect had explored this subplot with the complexity it deserved. Instead, the series torpedoes Bew's character afterwards, reducing her to a one-dimensional villain. It misses an opportunity to portray an impactful storyline about the pursuit of personal freedom.

I like how the series develops Kat, giving her agency. "I don't like depending on someone else to make me happy." This empowering statement highlights her self-sufficiency. It challenges the traditional narrative of a female character's happiness tied to finding a romantic partner. Kat is a strong, independent woman who doesn't need a boyfriend to feel fulfilled. What an enlightened mindset! The Warp Effect isn't progressive just because it talks about sex candidly. It offers modern views that defy societal expectations and promotes alternative lifestyles as the norm.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Alex and Army share a kiss in the clinic.

In this episode, Army suspects Alex's identity after noticing his unusual behaviour. "You're Alex's twin brother who has come back for vengeance!" lmaooo, not the evil twin conspiracy theory! I also crack up at Army's response after discovering the truth. "This is some Back to the Future, Butterfly Effect, Avengers: Endgame crap! WHAT THE FUCK!?" Finally, a character reacts to the outrageous plot with as much shock and confusion as me. 😆

I like Alex and Army's friendship. Their interactions are so funny. Army states he went through "the darkest time of his life" after coming out, but Alex supported him through the ordeal. This detail adds context to their bond, explaining Army's attachment. Also, I appreciate how Army & Alex share similar themes in their storylines. Both regret their pasts and try to make amends to those they have wronged. On the one hand, I enjoy the healthy platonic friendship between a gay guy and his straight buddy. On the other hand, I still wanna see them make out. 😭

Army deserves a spin-off! Here's my pitch for a new GMMTV drama: a twelve-episode raunchy comedy about Army slutting his way through medical school. Imagine an entire series of Army as the lead, getting involved in hilarious shenanigans and hooking up with various hot guys. The plot covers his journey from a closeted high school bully to the confident gay icon we love. The more I think about it, the more I want to see Army star in his own BL drama. Don't let this brilliant character go to waste!

Alex masturbates in his room by the window.

I thought Alex whacking off by the window would be the most outrageous masturbation scene of the episode, but Ew one-upped him. After Liu refuses to have sex, Ew pleasures himself with videos of another woman in the same room as his sleeping girlfriend. OMFG! Can he at least have the decency to do it in the privacy of another room!? Imagine if Liu wakes up and sees him in the middle of his session. Judging from Liu's reactions in the past, I don't think she'd be too understanding.

"Can't we get just a little bit of space, only 10% of it would be fine, just for us to exist?" This line from Mollie is heartbreaking and resonates deeply with me. Mollie speaks about their experiences of not conforming to the beauty standard in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the words can apply to many other minority groups struggling for representation and acceptance. I respect The Warp Effect so much for voicing these meaningful sentiments. The series conveys the experiences of marginalized communities in a way I haven't seen many Asian dramas do.

The Warp Effect explores numerous progressive ideas, almost like going through a checklist of social issues. This forward-thinking series is so far ahead of what you see in mainstream media. It may take decades before a conventional Asian drama includes a nonbinary love interest like Mollie and portrays them with such care. Yet, The Warp Effect has proudly embraced representation, making it a hallmark of the story. I cannot overstate the cultural significance of this series, setting the precedence for inclusive storytelling. Its commitment to diversity is admirable.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Army and Joe kiss in the shower.

Unlike the cheerful comedy in the first five episodes, the plot takes a dark and dystopian turn. Everything goes to hell. Nim's relationship falls apart, Ew's friendship dismantles, and Joe is betrayed by Army. Worst of all, what happens to Jean is devastating. The contrast between Alex and Jean's experiences after their sexual encounter makes me shudder. He cheers about losing his virginity and becomes a cool kid in school. Meanwhile, she cries about a painful memory and faces torment from her peers. The double standards are so unfair.

I feel awful that Jean doesn't have loved ones to support her in the aftermath. Here she was, advocating for all students to access free tampons. Yet, nobody stood up for her when she was victimized by a bullying campaign. The only person to check in on her was Kat. I like Kat's attitude about ignoring the gossip, but not everyone can be as confident as her. I wish Jean had a support network to help her through the adversity. Unfortunately, she had to fight this battle alone. I sympathize with Jean's trauma, and her sad storyline forms the emotional core of The Warp Effect.

The Warp Effect begins by teasing a raunchy teen romance between Alex and Jean. However, it's actually a tragic story about nonconsensual sex and the lasting trauma it can have on a woman's life. Beneath the silly humour, the plot is dark and solemn. After this flashback, there's no way I can champion Jean and Alex together anymore. As one ship falls, another rises. Who else wants to see Jean and Kat as a GL couple? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I want this female solidarity to turn into a sizzling romance! My ideal ships in The Warp Effect are Alex & Army, Jean & Kat, and Joe & Tony. *lol*

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Army sticks out his tongue.

"Can I get off this table first? It's embarrassing spouting this inspirational crap with my legs spread." Like Nim, I do all my best thinking and philosophizing in this body position~ 🤔 I'm into the idea of Nim carrying a baby through IVF. However, I dislike the story splitting up the pair for contrived drama. It would've been more interesting to explore the real-life challenges of a lesbian couple wanting to raise a baby in Thailand. Instead, I must watch a predictable love triangle drama as Nim reunites with her ex.

I love the idea of a gay man becoming the sperm donor to a lesbian couple. This scenario sounds like something from a utopian world, where humanity has advanced enough to create LGBTQ+ bartering systems. Both Nim & Army have doubts. One of my favourite ongoing gags in The Warp Effect is how much Alex's friends hate Army and think he's a douchebag. Army also asks, "Is it not a problem for you that I'm gay?" Afterwards, he sticks his tongue out to illustrate, like a lizard. LMAOOOO. Random quirky antics like this complete Army's character, making me love him even more. 

Ew and Liu's storyline is interesting because it explores hazy boundaries in relationships. Are Ew's actions considered cheating even though he has no physical relations with another woman? IMO, I believe he crosses the line and Liu is justified in being upset. After the arrest, I love Blossom's attitude in defending herself. "This is my body. Why don't I have a right to use it to earn money?" Once again, The Warp Effect takes an enlightened stance and challenges the usual stigmas. It earns another check mark in the social agenda. 

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Army is tired of bottoming for Joe.

Army gives an iconic line in this episode: "Bottoming is tiring! It's exhausting!" The Warp Effect advocates for ALL marginalized groups, including bottoms in gay relationships. Finally, a series addresses the real hard-hitting issues and acknowledges the thankless hard work of bottoming! 😭 As the subplot develops, it leads to more hilarious lines like Alex stating, "I'll certainly talk Joe into bottoming for you." I'M SCREAMING. I alternate between laughing my ass off and appreciating the meaningful messages of this storyline.

hate Nim & Bew's breakup. This storyline is my least favourite part of The Warp Effect. The series turns her into a selfish villain who abandons her pregnant girlfriend over unfounded jealousy issues. They don't even have many scenes highlighting their tensions. One argument later, Bew is never seen again. What an insulting sendoff for her character, undermining a sophisticated storyline about immigration and liberty. Imagine if Bew sacrifices her American citizenship to stay with a girlfriend in a country that doesn't recognize their bond. The emotional consequences would've been more riveting.

The Warp Effect uses the supporting characters to echo the protagonists' story arcs. As Jean supports Kim with her abortion, it mirrors similar experiences in her past. Likewise, Kat and Joe's subplots reiterate the message of not forcing sex on someone who doesn't want it"Don't blame yourself. Blame that scumbag of a man," Alex tells Kat after her attack. Yet, Alex was also a scumbag who hurt Jean. By consoling Kat, he learns to empathize and understand the repercussions. Alex's rehabilitative journey involves becoming a better person after a grave mistake in his teens.

Kat's storyline is chilling. In this scary fucked-up world, saying no to a man and hurting his feelings can be life-threatening. As Margaret Atwood once said, "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." Despite the distressing situation, I love the empowering message in the end. Supported by friends, Kat conquers her physical and psychological trauma. She won't let this abusive man cast a shadow over her life. "You don't need to be scared anymore. Just keep being your fabulous self. Nothing can stop you from slaying."

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Army and Nim talk about being gay parents.

Does anyone think Jean's movie is going to flop? I love Jean and wish the best for her career, but this low-budget action flick doesn't seem promising. Based on the few cheesy scenes between Mollie and Tony, I'm already cringing out of second-hand embarrassment. What she's filming looks as bad as those straight dramas that GMMTV regularly churns out. 😭 

adore Army and Nim's conversation. Army delivers a poignant line about raising a child, "I couldn't even bring myself to dream about it." Oh, that's heavy. This chat serves as a reminder that parenthood is rare for the LGBTQ+ community. Having kids is improbable for a lesbian like Nim, and even less accessible for a gay man like Army. Asian society doesn't provide gays and lesbians with the infrastructure to become parents. Chatting with Army helps Nim recognize the significance of her pregnancy, like a valuable opportunity not everybody is fortunate to have.

Meeting Alex at the abortion clinic brings back painful memories for Jean. He acts like a modern thinker, saying all the right things regarding Kim's autonomy. Based on his dealings with other characters, Jean recognizes Alex isn't a bad guy. He speaks sincerely about his values, which align with her beliefs. Jean can see glimpses of the sensitive boy she once liked. Yet, she remains traumatized by their past. She can't forget how Alex disrespected her consent on that night. Jean remains skeptical about whether he's a changed man. She has an even harder time forgiving him.

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Jean and Kat become great friends.

I prefer Tony over Alex as Jean's love interest. At least Tony doesn't carry any baggage from the past. However, Kat would've been my top pick. Jean deserves to be paired with another strong, fierce woman instead of settling for a mediocre man. I also love the irony of Alex's two high school crushes choosing each other over him, hehe~ Although I wish for a Kat x Jean romance, I like their platonic friendship. It's great seeing these women have a mutually respectful bond and not let a guy come between them.

Ugh, Nim and Mollie's relationship drama is so aggravating. Was it worth assassinating Bew's character in one scene just to watch Nim and Mollie bicker nonstop for two episodes? What is this couple even arguing about? I wanna raise my baby alone! No, I wanna raise your baby together! Oh my god, this conflict sucks. Considering Nim was recently betrayed by her ex, Mollie should've been more patient and understanding. I like Nim and Mollie as individuals, but they are insufferable as a pair.

Poor Joe. I don't have bold insights to offer except that homophobia sucks. I hate how Joe must hide his sexuality when it doesn't affect his ability to do the job. IMO, Army should've been discreet with their relationship at his boyfriend's workplace. Getting outed jeopardizes Joe's career and exposes him to discrimination. With that said, the blame doesn't fall on Army. He's just trying to encourage Joe to live authentically without feeling ashamed. The culprits are those who perpetuate ignorance and intolerance. They're the ones who should change, not Joe or Army.

We see Alex helping his female friends, like Kat or Liu, stand up to abusive men. Despite his good deeds, he remains accountable for hurting Jean. The last scene highlights her severe sexual trauma. Years later, she struggles with physical intimacy. A perfect guy like Tony comes along, seducing her with his dapper looks and suave behaviour. Yet, Jean is haunted by Alex's violation of her body and cannot accept a new partner. She may never be able to open up to anybody because of him. You, Alex, have warped this woman's life, making it impossible for her to love again.

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Jean is traumatized by what Alex did to her.

The Warp Effect begins like a raunchy teen sex comedy, making you think it'll be a silly and rowdy love story. Beneath the lighthearted humour, the plot is unexpectedly sinister. The leads aren't your typical couple. Instead, the male protagonist violated his love interest's consent during a drunken sexual encounter. He doesn't recognize his harmful actions and seems blissfully ignorant after the incident. However, she carries the physical trauma and lives with psychological torment for many years.

Alex's conscience awakens. Through various experiences with his friends, he gains clarity about boundaries, consent, and the impact of his past actions. Alex tries to be a better man than the reckless teenager who violated Jean's body. He eagerly helps others resolve their personal problems. With each success, their unhappy photographs revert to happier images, reflecting positive changes. Yet, Alex is frustrated since he cannot restore Jean's old picture. This motif is deliberately symbolic. Jean's trauma is irreversible because Alex has made a mistake that can never be fixed.

"Give me another chance. I promise I'll be the Alex you used to like," he pleads. Jean recognizes his sincerity. She has seen his good deeds toward others and tries to forgive him. Yet, she still breaks down after their kiss at the wedding. Alex has inflicted an emotional scar on her heart, affecting Jean's ability to trust or be intimate with anyone. The "warp effect" doesn't just refer to the time warp. It describes the permanent psychological damage that haunts Jean for the rest of her life. Her views on love are forever distorted due to the trauma of nonconsensual sex.

Alex prays at the church.

The final scene shows Alex praying in a church, symbolizing his penance. "I saw how I ruined Jean's life. I'll repent. Just tell me what to do." Alex understands his wrongdoings. He's sincere, remorseful, and enlightened. He promises to be a decent man. Yet, the tragedy of this story is that Alex can never be forgiven. Tellingly, his photo isn't restored either. He can't cum or derive pleasure from sex anymore. Like Jean, Alex is haunted by his past and must carry this lifelong trauma.

The story uses Alex's biological parent to draw parallels to the situation. Saran knocked up his teen girlfriend and derailed her future. This apologetic teacher preaches safe sex and birth control, helping other students avoid the same mistake. Yet, Alex can't forgive him, no matter how much his dad repents. "You can live with the guilt for the rest of your life," he seethes. Alex's anger toward his father is akin to Jean's distress. Some mistakes are so destructive that they leave a lasting impact on those involved. The consequences can warp the trajectory of their lives.

Initially, Alex blames his mother's curse and his father's present for bringing him to the future. "Does the issue lie with the camera or with you?" Saran asks rhetorically. In this critical moment, Alex learns to accept accountability for his actions. The harsh reality is that Alex can't erase Jean's psychological trauma. The only way to ease her pain is by not making the mistake in the first place. After seeing the consequences of the darkest timeline, Alex returns to the present with a valuable perspective. He must behave responsibly and respect Jean's consent during sex.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Episode 12 Review
The Warp Effect has a happy ending where Alex goes back in time and doesn't make a mistake with Jean.

The Warp Effect has a happy ending where Alex returns to his old timeline and fixes his past mistakes. He has learned his lessons, from bonding more with his family to cherishing his friends. Most importantly, Alex respects Jean at the party. He maintains consent and doesn't proceed with a drunken encounter. As a result, it was just a fun, harmless night for Jean. Fortunately, she never has to experience nonconsensual sex, abortion, or lifelong trauma. The happiest ending is that Jean gets to be an ordinary teenage girl.

I also enjoy the happy endings for the supporting characters. It's cute how tiny changes deviate from the first timeline, leading to better outcomes for everyone. Seeing the two couples kiss in the elevator is funny. 😆 I also like Army and Joe's hilariously raunchy bathroom stall sex in the finale. Despite shipping Alex and Army because they're hot, I still like Army and Joe as a couple. My only complaint is we only get a few minutes of BL content in each episode. If The Warp Effect was a proper BL drama, we'd have more time to flesh out their story arc and characterizations.

I really enjoyed The Warp Effect. Although it isn't a conventional BL drama, I appreciate the diverse LGBTQ+ representation. I respond well to its progressive ideas, positive messages, and powerful plots. IMO, the best thing from this series is the adorable Army. This character is so funny, unique, and charming. Although unlikely, I'd love to see a spin-off with him as the lead. There's more to explore with his backstory. Overall, The Warp Effect is an impressive series for breaking cultural barriers. I feel so hopeful after seeing such a forward-thinking story from Asia.

The Warp Effect Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Jojo Tichakorn Phukhaotong (โจโจ้ ทิชากร ภูเขาทอง) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2016 series, Gay OK Bangkok and its 2017 sequel Gay OK Bangkok 2.

Jojo Tichakorn Phukhaotong (โจโจ้ ทิชากร ภูเขาทอง) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2016 series, Gay OK Bangkok and its 2017 sequel Gay OK Bangkok 2. He also worked on Friend Zone (2018), Friend Zone 2 (2020), 3 Will Be Free (2019), and The Player (2021), and Never Let Me Go (2022), which have gay themes. In addition, Jojo directed The Warp Effect (2022) and Only Friends (2023) with Ninew Pinya Chookamsri (นินิว ภิญญา จู่คำศรี).

  1. Thank you for recommending this series. I watched the first half of the first episode a while ago and abandoned it because the loud slapstick vibe was not for me at the time. But a show as high in your estimation as Moonlight Chicken, Old Fashion Cupcake, and He’s Coming to Me? I decided to give it another try.

    I am half way through the series now and New is doing a good job as the lead weaving all the shaggy dog plots together. It’s also nice to see performers I stan from other projects, although it makes me miss their sometime screen partners: Phuwin (minus Pond), Silvy (minus Jeff Satur), Joong (minus Dunk), and Mark (minus Ford). It’s an ambitious series, with a huge ensemble cast, multiple storylines and timelines, and a laundry list of progressive issues. If I were to nitpick, there were a few preposterous premises having to do with casting. There is no way that Phuwin, a six foot tall sulky beast, is 13 years old.

    Similarly the buff and handsome lead could not have been a nerdy outcast in his high school – they didn’t even give him braces or a bad haircut to offset that physique. These are small quibbles. I appreciate the range of topics they tackle with candor and humor, the strong female characters, and the body positivity. In not being exactly a BL, it is actually expanding the creative capacity of the ecosystem.

  2. So glad to see you review this:) We also had exactly the same score- there were some plausibility issues and in how many Asian series will there be "doctors" in their mid 20s?

    (They must all be Doogie Howsers!) But the wit here and almost always handling progressive ideas in an entertaining way (Not Me writer- take note).

    Hard to believe JoJo codirected and wrote this while directing the tepid mess Never Let Me Go in the same year. Yet as far as profits somehow Phuwin/Pond had a big following and no doubt sell merch. Never Let Me Go internationally has 2-3x the views on YT that The Warp Effect has. Bummer. But that's the way of the world.

    Love your idea of Army spin off- that would be great if the script was right- Fluke Pusit as Army was the breakout performance in a sea of very good performances. People don't realize how difficult mixing comedy with drama. Newie and Fah are stellar. Kudos to actors for going for it in some embarrassing out there roles/situations. Sing whose character is into puppy play gamely engages and doesn't send it up.

    Thor is stiff in is role. Mark Pusit and Phuwin do well in goofy times but continue to be unconvincing as a romantic partner.

    A well done, unique series- please people give this a look see….

  3. Thanks for recommending this intriguing series, even though it wasn't a full BL drama. I mostly liked The Warp Effect, except for what I considered to be its true unhappy ending and ultimate dark message, which lessened my opinion of the series. Overall, I found this drama to be extremely depressing, contrary to its forced Back To Future type happy ending.

    Let me explain my reasoning. It all has to do with Jean and the mistakes Alex makes. Ultimately she can't forgive Alex in the future timeline for the following four reasons:
    1) Alex doesn't stop when she tells him when they are having sex for the first time. Despite her initiating the encounter, she is ultimately unready at that moment, and Alex is too drunk even to notice when he violated her.
    2) Alex doesn't keep their sexual encounter secret. Jean believes that Alex went around bragging, but that wasn't the case. While this was unintentional on Alex's part, with Ew dragging him into the boy's bathroom, Alex should have put two and two together to realize that is how the secret got out with someone overhearing them.
    3) Alex enjoys his sudden boost in popularity at Jean's expense. Here you have the double standard of the guy getting points for having sex while the girl is looked down upon and, in this case, suspended from school.
    4) Jean goes through the pain of having an abortion since the two were too drunk to use protection, even though Alex originally went out to find a condom but made the mistake of drinking too much to satisfy Ew, losing all judgment being drunk for the first time in his life. While Jean never tells Alex until the very end that she got pregnant, Alex didn't make any real attempt soon after the incident to see how she was doing, letting her fade from his life.

    So given all this, especially due to reasons (1) and (4), Jean cannot enter a serious romantic relationship or even have sex with any guy since she is constantly reminded of that one time with Alex. She is unable to forgive Alex, despite him doing and saying everything he can to try to earn her forgiveness. True, he essentially committed date rape, being so out of it, and wasn't even aware of what he did since Jean never told him until he pressed her in the future timeline. Because of this inability to unforgive him, both Jean and Alex are doomed in the future time, unable to even have sex essentially for the rest of their lives, where Jean is forever scarred, and Alex is forever cursed UNLESS Alex can magically go back in time to make everything right, which of course he does.

    This drama was heavily inspired by Back to Future, even having a poster of the movie in Alex's room. But unlike the movie, the future timeline isn't that bleak EXCEPT for Jean being unable to forgive Alex, which also keeps her from healing, and Alex from being free of his mother's curse, unable to make it right with Jean.

    I don't consider the purported happy ending where he goes back to fix everything to be the real one since that's not the way life works, really. The real ending was Jean being unable to forgive Alex and the two being doomed as a result. There are many possible ways in which Jean might have been able to get past her issues with Alex, therapy being one, but that was never explored or even considered.

    Everything that happened in the future timeline made sense, and at any one point, Alex was making choices that seemed right to him, even though he was making mistakes. However, the ultimate message of the drama, from my point of view, was that some mistakes are so unredeemable that your life is forever ruined no matter what you do unless you can magically go back in time to fix things. While there is certainly some truth in this message, it's still a very dark and depressing one, which is ultimately why I had a hard time liking this series.

    Up to the point where Jean gives her final rejection of Alex, I was enjoying this drama. But once it went in the direction it did, I found The Warp Effect to be that much less appealing. And even more ironically, Alex, who wanted Jean's forgiveness, wasn't able to give any to his biological father when asked, saying he could never forgive him for leaving his mom. And this happened immediately after Jean ultimately rejected him. It was like he didn't even learn that much of a lesson. True, Alex did seem to forgive him at the end, but that, too, seemed fake to me in the series trying to have a happy and full ending.

    So, in summary, I really don't like when series force happy endings and brush over their darker messages without really addressing them. Still, I'm glad I watched the series since it did have a lot else going for it, as you noted. Instead of Jean simply telling Alex she could never forgive him, if she just said that needed time to heal and she wasn't ready, I would have been fine with the series. But it was her absolute inability to forgive or heal, even after five years, that got to me the most.

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