Enchanté – Series Review & Ending Explained

Enchante is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends reuniting after years of separation.

Enchanté is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends who reunite after years of separation. The main character moved overseas and lived in France until his grandmother's death. After returning home, he reconnects with his neighbour and strengthens their close bond. Suddenly, the protagonist receives a flirty message from a secret admirer. He begins investigating who wrote the mysterious note.

I have a soft spot for Enchante, a cute modern fairytale romance with a BL twist. The suave lead actors are cast perfectly in their roles. They also form an adorable couple with easygoing chemistry. However, the overarching plot is dumb and dull. It wastes many episodes on a pointless storyline instead of developing the protagonists or showcasing their relationship. This series squanders its potential, leaving me underwhelmed.

Enchanté Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


8 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes


School romance


Enchanté is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Theo and Akk chat in the dessert shop.

Theo and Akk are neighbours who grew up together. As kids, they often played, read stories, and spent lots of time with each other. However, Theo moved away to France at the end of Grade 6. His family sent him to live abroad with his grandmother. Before leaving, Akk gave his childhood friend a fox pillow as a parting present.

Seven years later, Theo is still living in France. He has gotten used to the language, culture, and lifestyle. However, his grandmother suddenly passed away in an accident. As he mourns her death, Theo wants to be closer to his family. So, he decides to move back home with his parents. Upon his return, Theo and Akk quickly reconnect. Although Theo experiences culture shock when he first arrives, Akk helps him adjust to his surroundings. These two childhood friends constantly hang out, rekindling their close bond.

Theo enrols in university as a literature major. He attends the same school as Akk. Every morning, Theo picks up his friend and drives him to campus. Theo quickly attracts the attention of other students due to his prestige, from his fancy car to his private parking spot. Also, his father runs the university, giving him status and recognition. Theo is self-conscious about being a school official's son. Whenever possible, he doesn't want to rely on his family connections. Nonetheless, his mom and dad spoil him. Akk jokes that Theo lives like a pampered prince.

One day, Theo offers to drive Akk home after school. He waits for his friend in the university library. Feeling bored, Theo scribbles a random message on the back of a library book ("Enchanté" by F.B. Le Corre). Akk discovers what he did and scolds his friend for vandalizing school property. Later, Theo purchases a new book to replace the damaged copy. However, he's surprised that somebody has written a response. This anonymous person calls himself "Enchanté" and states that he wants to know Theo better.

Theo is curious about Enchanté's identity, and Akk offers to help him investigate. Akk puts up posters around the school, requesting to meet this mysterious person. To their surprise, four students have responded, all claiming to be Enchanté. There's Phupha, who gets top grades at school. He is joined by Saifa, a popular musician, Wayo, head of the football team, and Natee, president of the art club. The imposters lie about their identities to take advantage of Theo's reputation. Theo must find a way to differentiate the real Enchanté from the frauds.

Enchanté Cast



Book Kasidet Plookphol (บุ๊ค กษิดิ์เดช ปลูกผล)

Theo is portrayed by the Thai actor Book Kasidet Plookphol (บุ๊ค กษิดิ์เดช ปลูกผล).

Theo is Akk's neighbour and childhood best friend. Seven years ago, Theo moved to France to live with his grandmother. After her death, he returned home to his parents. Theo enrols in university as a literature major. Since his father runs the school, Theo is well-known around campus. Akk jokingly describes Theo as a prince due to his wealthy and privileged background.

Book Kasidet Plookphol

Book Kasidet Plookphol (บุ๊ค กษิดิ์เดช ปลูกผล) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 25, 1996. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2020 drama, Friend Forever. His first leading role is the 2022 series, Enchanté. Book stars in several 2023 Thai BL dramas, including A Boss and a Babe, Only Friends, and Our Skyy 2.


Force Jiratchapong Srisang (ฟอส จิรัชพงศ์ ศรีแสง)

Akk is portrayed by the Thai actor Force Jiratchapong Srisang (ฟอส จิรัชพงศ์ ศรีแสง).

Akk is Theo's neighbour and childhood best friend. They used to play together as kids until Theo moved away seven years ago. Unlike his wealthy friend, Akk comes from an ordinary background. After his parents passed away, he now lives with his older sister and niece. Akk is an avid photographer and works part-time at a camera shop.

Force Jiratchapong Srisang

Force Jiratchapong Srisang (ฟอส จิรัชพงศ์ ศรีแสง) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 9, 1997.

Force Jiratchapong Srisang (ฟอส จิรัชพงศ์ ศรีแสง) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 9, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Enchanté. Force stars in multiple 2023 Thai BL dramas, including A Boss and a Babe, Only Friends, and Our Skyy 2.


Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์)

Phupha is portrayed by the Thai actor Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์).

Phupha is one of the university ambassadors. He is an academic student who has received a scholarship for getting the top grades in school. Phupha attends the same faculty as Theo and serves as his senior mentor. Phupha knows a bit of French and proclaims to be Theo's Enchanté.

Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran

Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 9, 2000.

Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 9, 2000. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Enchanté. Aou also has supporting roles in Vice Versa (2022), The Eclipse (2022), Be My Favorite (2022), and Hidden Agenda (2023).


Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้)

Saifa is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้),

Saifa is one of the university ambassadors. As an aspiring musician, he performs at bars and around campus. He dreams of becoming a professional singer one day. Saifa is a popular heartthrob and has attracted a loyal female audience. Like his fellow ambassadors, Saifa claims to be Theo's Enchanté.

Fluke Gawin Caskey

Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997.

Fluke Gawin Caskey (ฟลุ๊ค กวิน แคสกี้) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, Dark Blue Kiss. He had supporting roles in the Not Me (2021) and Enchanté (2022). He is the lead of the 2023 series, Be My Favorite.


Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn (บูม ธราธร จันทรวรกาญจน์)

Wayo is portrayed by the Thai actor Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn (บูม ธราธร จันทรวรกาญจน์).

Wayo is one of the university ambassadors. He is the head of the Nawawiwat Football Team and has led his club to victory for two consecutive years. Wayo is best friends with Ton, his fellow teammate. Unlike the other ambassadors, Wayo doesn't show much interest in literature. Nonetheless, he still claims to be Theo's Enchanté.

Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn

Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn (บูม ธราธร จันทรวรกาญจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 28, 1998.

Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn (บูม ธราธร จันทรวรกาญจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 28, 1998. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Enchanté. Boom also had a supporting role in Vice Versa (2022) and Hidden Agenda (2023).


Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์)

Natee is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์).

Natee is one of the university ambassadors. He is the president of the art club. Although Natee is talented, he has faced a creative slump lately. He becomes intrigued upon meeting Theo and declares himself as his Enchanté. Natee is best friends with Tan, a fellow member of the art club.

Fluke Pusit Dittapisit

Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997.

Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1997. His first BL project is the 2020 series, The Shipper. Fluke also had supporting roles in the 2022 dramas, Enchanté and The Warp Effect.

Supporting Cast

Im is portrayed by the Thai actress Fon Nalinthip Phoemphattharasakun (ฝน นลินทิพย์ เพิ่มภัทรสกุล).


Fon Nalinthip Phoemphattharasakun (ฝน นลินทิพย์ เพิ่มภัทรสกุล)

Egg is portrayed by the Thai actress Pleng Keetapat Pongruea (เพลง คีตภัทร ป้องเรือ).


Pleng Keetapat Pongruea (เพลง คีตภัทร ป้องเรือ)

Theo's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Koy Narumon Phongsupan (ก้อย นฤมล พงษ์สุภาพ).

Theo's mom

Koy Narumon Phongsupan (ก้อย นฤมล พงษ์สุภาพ)

Theo's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor An Oliver Poupart (อั๋น โอลิเวอร์ พูพาร์ท).

Theo's dad

An Oliver Poupart (อั๋น โอลิเวอร์ พูพาร์ท)

Tan is portrayed by the Thai actor Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​).


Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​)

Ton is portrayed by the Thai actor JJ Chayakorn Jutamas (เจเจ ชยกร จุฑามาศ).


JJ Chayakorn Jutamas (เจเจ ชยกร จุฑามาศ)

Fon is portrayed by the Thai actress Fah Yongwaree Anilbol (ฟ้า ยงวรี อนิลบล).


Fah Yongwaree Anilbol (ฟ้า ยงวรี อนิลบล)

Son is portrayed by the Thai actor Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค).


Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค)

Phupha's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Ngek Kalaya Lerdkasemsap (เง็ก กัลยา เลิศเกษมทรัพย์).

Phupha's mom

Ngek Kalaya Lerdkasemsap (เง็ก กัลยา เลิศเกษมทรัพย์)

The child version of Akk was friends with Theo.

Young Akk

The child version of Theo was friends with Akk.

Young Theo

Theo lived with his grandmother until she passed away.

Theo's grandma

Cast Highlights

  • Theo and Akk's actors (Book and Force) appear in multiple 2023 BL series together, including A Boss and a Babe, Only Friends, and Our Skyy 2.
  • Phupha, Wayo, and Sun's actors (Aou, Boom, and Jimmy) all appeared in the 2022 Thai BL series, Vice Versa. Book and Force also appeared in a small guest cameo during Episode 1, where they portrayed a married couple. In addition, Aou had a supporting role in The Eclipse, which released later in the same year.
  • Aou and Boom are the secondary leads in the 2023 series Hidden Agenda. They play a dating couple and have a make-out session.
  • Saifa's actor (Fluke Gawin Caskey) has a supporting role in the 2021 Thai BL series, Not Me. He's the star of Be My Favorite (2023). Meanwhile, Natee's actor (Fluke Pusit Dittapisit) starred in the 2020 BL drama The Shipper and the 2023 comedy The Warp Effect. Coincidentally, the two Flukes share the exact same birthday as each other. Both are born on August 8, 1997.
  • In Episode 10, the characters visit the same café that exist in the 2021 drama Baker Boys. Two of the actors from that series (Lee and Pluem) have guest cameos in Enchante.

Enchanté Review


Drama Review Score: 7.0

Theo and Akk confront each other in bed.

Enchante is an underwhelming BL drama. My disappointment comes from the fact that it started with great potential. This modern fairytale romance captivated me in the beginning. I enjoy the early episodes, which introduce the charming protagonists and their adorable relationship dynamic. They gel well together, share cute exchanges, and fulfill my favourite trope of childhood friends with secret feelings. Enchante has all the pieces of a promising series, yet it's let down by an idiotic plot.

Enchante wastes so much time on the pointless investigation of the mystery suitor. It milks unnecessary drama from a random message in a library book. Annoyingly, this dull storyline dominates the plot, shifting the spotlight onto the irrelevant supporting characters. I don't care about these imposters or their one-dimensional backstories. As the narrative drags on, it brings out unlikable traits from both leads. Their senseless quarrels, jealous tantrums, and irrational behaviour get on my nerves. For the record, the secret admirer's identity is ridiculous and not worth the agony.

My main takeaway from Enchante is that I really love this couple. The actors portray an authentic bond, delighting me with their natural rapport. Based on their cozy interactions, I'm convinced they grew up together and have known each other for years. What seals the deal is their iconic balcony kiss. Wow, what a rush! I can feel the pulsating chemistry as they unleash their passion. Beyond the physical and emotional intimacy, I'm spellbound by the romantic ambiance. Enchante uses colourful visuals and symbolic imagery to enrich the aura of fairytale fantasy.

Enchante fumbles this dreamy couple by taking too long to develop the relationship. It becomes clear early on that Theo and Akk are infatuated with each other. In the later episodes, these two flirt as sweetly as real lovers. Yet, they continue to repress their feelings. The longer they delay the confession, the more irritated I am by their forlorn gazes and furrowed brows. The story also doesn't elaborate on why the leads hesitate to express their love. They needlessly drag on the sexual tension until my intrigue grows into impatience. Stop stalling the romance!

The suave leads are tailor-made for their roles. Theo's actor (Book) possesses an air of royalty that reminds me of Prince Charming. He exudes innocence, idealism, and slightly out-of-touch naivete. Likewise, Akk's performer (Force) has a scrappy and sincere charm. He works well as his partner's knight in shining armour. Both embody the essence of the characters perfectly, making their personalities and mannerisms seem genuine. Force and Book are also highly compatible, bringing out the best in each other's performances. I became a smitten ForceBook fan after this series.

I have a soft spot for Enchante, which appeals to my fondness for BL dramas about childhood friends. Despite the narrative flaws, I still planned on giving it a decent review score. Yet, the unsatisfying ending breaks my enthusiasm. It doesn't have time to flesh out the new storylines, squeezing the rushed conflicts into a packed episode. I also despise Theo's self-centred actions in the finale. Overall, Enchante is a poorly written series that keeps making unwise choices with the plot. As much as I adore the couple, the dire script dampens all the magic in their romance.


Pointless story

Enchante depicts a cute modern fairytale romance between two childhood friends. Sadly, the plot is dull, pointless, and obnoxious. The story never develops meaningfully after a promising start.

Enchanting romance

I adore this couple. The actors share a natural rapport and cozy chemistry, making their bond feel authentic. However, they drag out the tension and take too long to develop the relationship.

Cozy acting

Both leads are ideally suited for their roles. Theo's actor (Book) resembles Prince Charming, while his costar (Force) exudes sincerity. The performers are compatible and seem at ease together.

Happy ending

Enchante has a happy ending after Theo makes a big life decision. Despite some indecisiveness, Akk overcomes his insecurities and pursues his feelings. They have an epic reunion in the final scene.

Dreamy artistry

The series creates a romantic ambiance through dreamy visuals and symbolic imagery. It achieves the aura of a fairytale fantasy. Also, I love all the adorable tributes to The Little Prince.


Enchante features a mesmerizing couple with passionate chemistry. The leads share a genuine bond. Yet, the frivolous plot and senseless storytelling choices squander this BL drama's potential.

Enchanté Series Explained



The rose petals fall over Theo.

Enchante is anchored by its protagonist Theo, who resembles a modern-day fairytale prince. He's wealthy, privileged, and sophisticated. Theo moved to Paris in his youth and spent years surrounded by a lush, vibrant culture. His storybook life seems idyllic, almost like he has been living in a bubble. On the one hand, Theo is innocent and idealistic, as witnessed by his efforts to save the university's literature discipline. On the other hand, Theo is naive and sheltered. This guy can't even ride a bus!

Enchante is engaging whenever it challenges Theo's perfect fantasy world. At the beginning of the series, he suffers from culture shock, gets lost navigating the city, and causes Akk to lose his job. Near the end, he's heartbroken after his parents' blissful marriage ends. These harsh experiences remind Theo that life is not a fairytale. IMO, the clash between idealism and reality is the most compelling component of Enchante. How will Theo react after the immaculate façade drops and he faces irreconcilable hardships? More importantly, what lessons will he learn from overcoming these struggles?

In theory, this premise sounds intriguing. In execution, the storytelling misses the mark. Enchante is disappointing because it doesn't realize the immense potential of the plot. This BL drama could've been a lighthearted romantic comedy that surprises the viewers with hidden substance. Instead, it focuses on the wrong priorities. This series spends many episodes on a trivial mystery about a secret admirer, whereas the hard-hitting topics get pushed to the finale. Sadly, Enchante's thematic messages are lost and never amount to anything significant.

Akk flirts with Theo and tries to give him static shock.

If Theo is Prince Charming, Akk would be his knight in shining armour. This devoted hero comes to his prince's rescue on many occasions. In Episode 2, Akk jeopardizes his job to ensure Theo's safety. In Episode 7, Akk gets violent with Wayo for hurting his friend's feelings. The recurring theme is that whenever Theo finds himself in trouble, he can rely on his bestie for unconditional support. Akk looks after Theo, almost like a personal bodyguard.

Akk is attracted to his best friend. However, he doesn't confess his feelings for the longest time. His hesitation comes from a sense of inferiority. Akk puts Theo on a pedestal, perceiving him as a fancy and sophisticated prince. In contrast, Akk is just an ordinary joe from a modest background. Due to their class differences, he thinks Theo is out of his league. His rich, popular friend deserves an impressive suitor like the football team captain or the art club president. As Akk's sister candidly tells him in Episode 10, "Maybe Theo has better options than you." 

During childhood, Akk used to imagine fairytale stories about the prince and his knight celebrating victory together. Now that he's older, Akk has become more pragmatic. He believes a lowly knight should stay in his ranks and not fantasize about being with royalty. Yet, the insecurities only exist in Akk's head. The truth is that Theo has never looked down on his friend. In fact, Theo is oblivious to their socioeconomic discrepancies and sees them as equals. Akk's journey involves overcoming this self-doubt. Finally, Akk realizes he's worthy of being Theo's partner.

Who is Enchanté?
Theo is Enchante and wrote the message to himself.

Theo is Enchanté. In a shocking twist, Episode 8 reveals Theo wrote the mysterious message to himself. His rationale is a little messy. After Theo met Phupha, Akk began distancing himself from his friend. Akk didn't want to be the third wheel, so he left them alone. His behaviour annoyed Theo, who felt his crush was drifting away. So, Theo invented "Enchanté" and pretended this imaginary suitor was courting him. He wanted to provoke Akk. If someone showed interest in Theo, maybe that would make his friend pay attention.

This self-devised scheme escalated beyond Theo's original plan. It started as a small prank to test Akk's feelings for him. Theo never expected Akk to take it so seriously, distributing posters around the school. Theo recruited Saifa to be Enchanté. Saifa was supposed to flirt with Theo to make Akk jealous. However, Phupha, Wayo, and Natee had complicated matters by pretending to be the secret admirer. These imposters approached him with sinister intentions. They lied about their identity to get close to the rich student for his money and connections:

  • Phupha wanted to secure his scholarship money.
  • Wayo wanted to clear his gambling debt.
  • Natee wanted a venue to his first art show.

Theo knew these guys were lying. However, he kept up this charade because it gave him an excuse to spend time with Akk. Theo continued the deceit to observe his friend's response. "The more I did, the more I wanted to know how you felt about me." In addition, Theo may feel embarrassed about telling the truth after the events snowballed rapidly. It's hard to admit you orchestrated everything just for your friend's attention. Whatever the reason, Theo causes this pointless storyline to extend until Episode 8. I'm sorry, but the reveal isn't worth the wait. 😞

Secret admirer
Natee draws a picture of Theo.

I was annoyed with the secret admirer storyline because it dragged on forever. It also shifted the spotlight to the supporting characters instead of focusing on the leads. Unfortunately, I found Phupha, Saifa, Wayo, and Natee boring with little depth. With that said, I didn't hate this storyline in the beginning. Enchante reminded me of a BL visual novel initially. The main character has multiple love interests, each with a different romantic route. But after the novelty wore off, I desperately wanted the dumb mystery to end.

The biggest problem with Enchante is the poorly-written plot. With a few tweaks, I believe this modern fairy tale could've shined. Here's my version with some proposed changes:

A vague message in the back of a library book isn't an effective plot device. It's too convoluted. Instead, the scenario should've been more palatable. In Episode 2, Akk arrives at the library and finds a rose bouquet on Theo's table. There's a note attached that says: "Be my boyfriend. – Enchanté". Akk sees the flowers and believes someone is courting his friend. Secretly, Theo planned to confess to Akk and give these roses to him. Yet, Theo loses his courage. He goes along with Akk's interpretation to hide his failed love confession.

Four suitors are too much. Let's get rid of one, maybe Natee or Wayo. The remaining three pretend to be Enchante like in the original plot, but I'd change their motivations. Phupha still gets close to Theo to secure his scholarship money, but let's exclude the unnecessary melodrama with the sick mom. For the other guys, give them different rationales to approach Theo besides exploiting him for money or connections. Please, we can come up with better reasons than a gambling debt or a stalker art gallery!

Some ideas include:

  • Suitor #1 pretends to be Enchante for a scholarship, exploiting Theo for money and status.
  • Suitor #2 pretends to be Enchante for sex. He sees Theo as a conquest and brags to his friends about nailing the university dean's son.
  • Suitor #3 pretends to be Enchante because he secretly loves Suitor #1! He wants to sabotage his crush's plans out of jealousy, mwhahaha~
Natee draws many pictures of Theo in an art gallery.

This secret admirer mystery must be wrapped up before Episode 5 or sooner. Make Theo and Akk confess their feelings by the midway point. Afterwards, we can dedicate the second half of the series to expanding the other plots. Theo's parents getting a divorce could be explored in much greater depth. Likewise, flesh out Akk's insecurities as Theo's boyfriend. Enchante jammed all these dramatic storylines into the last two episodes when they needed more time and development.


Theo and Akk
Theo and Akk come close to kissing over a piece of food.

I adore this pairing. Theo and Akk have such an easygoing vibe, from the cute exchanges to the comfortable rapport. Also, I'm partial to any BL drama about childhood best friends secretly in love. With that said, I don't agree with every part of their romantic journey. Several encounters feel awkward. For example, their first kiss in the art room occurs under such murky circumstances. "Did it happen or not?" is hardly the best aftermath following an intimate scene. 😓

In addition, I got fed up with how long the romance stalls. These two guys are constantly flirtatious and affectionate with each other, yet they won't admit their feelings. How often must you stare into your friend's eyes before he gets the hint? Also, the signals are SO obvious. During the later episodes, their interactions are way too intimate for a pair of platonic buddies. When you guys are nibbling on the same piece of bread or sausage, you can't just be bros anymore.

Despite these grievances, I remain a sucker for Theo and Akk's relationship dynamic. I like their playful banter in the car or their cheesy flirting in the bedroom. They teeter on the right side of the friends-to-lovers trope. Also, there are some genuinely enthralling moments between the couple, including their sensational kisses. For all its faults, Enchante can occasionally capture the magic of Akk and Theo's romance. The best scenes showcase their bond, their chemistry, and their sexual tension enchantingly.

Childhood friends
Theo and Akk have a playful fight in the kitchen.

The beginning of Episode 2 features a sequence of events highlighting Theo and Akk's close relationship. Enchante demonstrates Akk's most attractive qualities, explaining why Theo has developed feelings for his best friend.

Akk is devoted to Theo. It's telling that he rushes to the police station to help his friend instead of going to work. Akk doesn't hesitate between the two choices. In his mind, Theo's well-being comes first. Later, Theo feels guilty because his minor inconvenience causes Akk to lose his job. Yet, Akk is understanding. He spins this negative situation into a positive to ease Theo's conscience. Theo looks touched by how much his friend cares for him.

Akk and Theo recall a fond memory. As kids, they used to call each other on the phone. Akk laughs casually, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that, haha!" However, Theo gives a solemn reply: "You always forget." He seems slightly miffed his friend doesn't seem to cherish their childhood experiences. In the next scene, they eat dinner together. Akk has asked his sister to cook Theo's favourite dish. This thoughtful gesture proves Akk hasn't forgotten about the past. He still remembers intimate details like what his best friend loves to eat. Theo looks delighted for the rest of the meal.

After being fired from his job, you'd expect Akk to be in a foul mood. Yet, he continues to be carefree and playful around Theo. Even though Theo is responsible for his job loss, Akk's behaviour shows he doesn't hold any resentment against his friend. His forgiveness is impressive, and some of us wouldn't have acted as graciously as him in the same situation. Later, the scene ends with Akk and Theo playfighting in the kitchen. I find this casual interaction very charming. Here are two best friends having a silly moment, just like when they were kids.

Je t'aime
Theo and Akk almost come close to confessing each other at night.

In Episode 7, Akk and Theo take pictures in the middle of the night. Akk is intoxicated and lets his guard down. He starts hinting about his feelings toward Theo, making little cryptic remarks. Yet, Akk still can't be honest. He drinks more alcohol, claiming it'll give him the courage to confess. Theo says gently, "I think you can do it without being drunk." There's a tenderness to this statement. As much as Theo wants Akk to admit his feelings, he doesn't enjoy seeing his crush this tormented.

"Je t'aime," Akk declares. He hides his love confession in a song at first. Then, he repeats it again with more decisiveness. When Theo probes him for more clarity, Akk describes what he means, "Look at the stars, look into each other's eyes, or maybe do something more…" He leans closer to his partner, almost headed towards a kiss, but it never materializes. The atmosphere in this scene is electrifying. I watch with riveted anticipation, not knowing how Akk or Theo will react at every moment. Will they kiss? Or will they not? Oh my god!

The scene ends with the leads in the bedroom. Akk grabs Theo toward him and exclaims defiantly, "You know it, right!?" Akk implies, You should know how I feel about you. Although they come close to a full-fledged confession, nothing happens between them that night. Some BL dramas may have used this opportunity to initiate physical intimacy, but Enchante shows restraint. Nonetheless, the sexual tension between the leads reaches an exhilarating high. I've enjoyed this emotionally charged encounter that highlights their attraction.

Theo and Akk kiss
Theo and Akk kiss on the balcony in Enchante Episode 8.

I've mentioned my favourite Akk and Theo moments so far. Admittedly, I excluded all the scenes where the couple puts the viewers through frustrating nonsense. Both are often reluctant, indecisive, and annoyingly passive with their feelings. Also, it's hard to justify the Enchante debacle. I was dumbfounded upon learning Theo's identity and questioned whether his actions made sense. WTF Theo!?

The messy side of me secretly loves Theo for being such a diabolical genius. He has five guys acting like clowns around him over a few silly lines in a library book. Furthermore, this manipulative mastermind knowingly keeps up the charade while playing deceitful mind games with his best friend. He even bribes Saifa to perpetuate the lie. The more I think about it, the more I can appreciate the darkness of this wicked plot twist. I get giddy thinking Prince Charming has transformed into Maleficent instead! 😝

Okay, I'm just kidding. I don't actually think Theo is evil. I see him as a lovestruck boy who invented a cheeky story to confirm if his friend reciprocated his feelings. Anyway, I've forgiven and forgotten every wrongdoing after the leads kiss passionately on the balcony. Instead of scrutinizing the plot, I get swept up by the magical moment where the friends finally confess their love. The exhilarating drama, stunning ambiance, and pulsating chemistry harmonize to produce this iconic scene!


Force and Book
Theo and Akk flirt in the kitchen.

The two leads are ideally suited for their characters. Book exudes sophistication, making him the perfect fit for Theo. From his fair skin to his soft cheeks, he looks like a storybook prince that stepped out of a fairy tale. Likewise, Force is compatible with Akk due to his natural sincerity and salt-of-the-earth demeanour. He has a genuine quality that convinces me Akk is loyal and devoted to his friend. It's a shame Enchante doesn't capitalize on the perfect casting. With a more polished story, Theo and Akk could've been defining roles for the actors.

The leads have a warm, cozy rapport. I know Force and Book are childhood friends in real life. The actors' familiarity shows through their comfortable interactions, adding authenticity to their bantering, flirting, and kissing. With that said, there's room for improvement in their performances. Book can afford to be more emotive. He's too mild-mannered, making him look unenthusiastic in some scenes. For Force, he keeps defaulting to that furrowed-brow expression to depict worry or concern. I want to see him portray negative emotions beyond just making a grumpy face.

2023 is a big year for Force and Book, who will star in multiple upcoming BL dramas. Their next feature project is the office BL romance, A Boss and a Babe. Honestly, the trailer doesn't look promising, but I'd love to be proven wrong. They will also appear in two other series, Only Friends, and Our Skyy 2. GMMTV must've noticed the chemistry between the couple and seems committed to promoting them next year. I'm rooting for ForceBook to get their redemption, hopefully with a more well-received BL drama than Enchante.


Fairytale fantasy
Akk hugs the fox pillow, a gift he gave to Theo years ago.

Enchante has a beautiful aesthetic, reminding me of a fairytale fantasy. I have two minor complaints. Firstly, the series is a little too heavy-handed with the filter. It intentionally makes the scenes look soft and glossy, which can be distracting. And secondly, I have a hard time immersing myself whenever the characters are supposed to be in France. On the one hand, I don't expect them to fly the crew overseas to film a few scenes. On the other hand, I look at the CG backgrounds and can't believe in the authenticity.

Nonetheless, Enchante is a polished production. I enjoy the elegant ambiance, thoughtful imagery, and visual symbolism. The styling and wardrobe are also colour-coordinated to give an elegant vibe. I adore how much the series pays tribute to The Little Prince, including the storybooks, fox pillow, and a red rose. Similarly, it references various fictional characters from famous stories. There are a few cute moments with the cast dressed in ridiculous cosplays. Although silly, I appreciate Enchante for being campy and creative. 

Phupha dresses up as an adventurer.
A shirtless Saifa plays the guitar.
Wayoo dresses up as Luffy from One Piece.
Natee dresses up as Detective Conan.


Happy ending
Theo and Akk have a romantic reunion in France.

Enchante has a happy ending where the leads reconcile and reunite in Paris. They share an iconic kiss before the Eiffel Tower. Previously, Theo was upset upon learning his parents had gotten a divorce. He directed his anger at Akk, who didn't tell his boyfriend about the separation. Akk defended himself, claiming it wasn't his place as an outsider to meddle in family affairs. Their disagreement left the couple on bad terms, which worsened after Theo's friend Sun arrived from France. Akk felt insecure as he observed Theo & Sun's friendship.

Theo tries to rekindle the love between his divorced parents. Yet, Akk tells him to respect their decision. Despite his best efforts, Theo's dad and mom don't get back together. Theo bitterly accepts that his picture-perfect family is broken forever. The separation is distressing and causes him to fall ill. Akk arrives to care for their boyfriend, making up for their earlier conflicts. However, Theo suddenly announces that he'll move away to France with his mom. He doesn't want her to live alone overseas.

Akk pretends to respect Theo's decision. Deep down, he's sad about his boyfriend leaving the country. They part ways awkwardly without discussing the future of their relationship. Akk seems defeated, but Sun encourages him to show more initiative. After time has passed, Theo has settled down at his new home. He's surprised to see Akk, who has earned a scholarship to study in Paris. Akk declares he'll do anything to ensure they stay together. The leads share a reaffirming kiss. In the final scene, Akk jokingly proposes to Theo, who accepts his marriage offer.

Theo reacts poorly to his parents' divorce.

Theo's parents getting a divorce is an intriguing storyline. Their separation shatters his illusion of an idyllic family. He naively tries to resurrect their marriage, similar to his efforts to save the school's literature faculty. Theo is an idealistic guy who lives in a bubble and views life like a fairytale. He clings to the fantasy of his parents being happily married. In contrast, Akk represents a pragmatic view. Akk reminds his boyfriend reality isn't always perfect, so he must accept some unhappiness.

In theory, I appreciate the compelling themes. In execution, the divorce comes too late in the series. We suddenly discover Theo's parents separating in Episode 9, dropping this massive bombshell when the story is about to end. Enchante doesn't have time to process Theo's grief during a packed finale. Instead, Theo's family drama should've been an ongoing subplot introduced earlier in the narrative. Make it a multi-episode arc so Theo can go on a comprehensive emotional journey.

We need more emphasis on Theo's parents. There aren't enough family scenes to make us understand what he has lost through the divorce. The storyteller should show Theo at home, making the viewers invested in the bond with his mom and dad. Don't waste your energy on those four school ambassadors. Instead, use that time to develop Theo's home life. That way, we'll sympathize more when he tries to save his parents' marriage. This storyline has so much emotional potential, but Enchante squanders the material with its poor writing.

Sun vs Akk
Sun is Theo's friend from France.

Sun is an intriguing love rival because of his similarity and differences with Akk. They are alike because both have a deep connection with Theo. Akk is a friend from Thailand, while Sun is a friend from France. Akk is a more suitable love interest than the school ambassadors because of his childhood history with the protagonist. They grew up together. Akk loses this competitive advantage when comparing him with Sun, who also grew up with Theo. Suddenly, Akk meets a fierce rival on an even level playing field.

Yet, Sun and Akk are different characters due to their class discrepancies. It's implied Sun is another globetrotting rich kid who drives fancy cars and travels whimsically. On paper, Sun is actually more compatible with Theo because they lead similar lifestyles. They bond over mutual overseas experiences and a shared language that Theo will never understand. Sun's arrival reveals Akk's insecurities as he mulls over his shortcomings. A prince like Theo belongs with another prince like Sun, not some ordinary joe like Akk.

Remember when Akk doesn't mind after losing his part-time job in Episode 2? Apparently, Akk adopts the same carefree attitude about losing his boyfriend. "I'm okay to let you go," he tells Theo during their farewell. From Akk's perspective, he's trying to be a bigger person. He believes Sun is the perfect suitor for Theo. He doesn't want to get in the way of their happiness. Akk succumbs to his inferiority complex, doubting his worthiness to date Theo. Yet, Theo is annoyed his boyfriend gave up on their romance without a fight. Why are you okay with letting me go!?

Theo and Akk reunion
Enchante has a happy ending where Theo and Akk kiss by the Eiffel Tower.

If Akk has an inferiority complex, then Theo suffers from an air of superiority. I find his behaviour in the finale arrogant and self-centred. Firstly, I dislike Theo for lashing out at Akk over the divorce drama. Get off your moral high horse. Secondly, I hate how Theo abandons his boyfriend and goes to France. He seems so inconsiderate of Akk's feelings. You start a relationship with Akk, knowing it took him so much courage to reach this point. But then, you just pack your bags and leave on a whim. How soul-crushing!

Theo moves to France to keep his mom company so she wouldn't live alone. It's a sweet thing to do, especially since she has struggled with her divorce. However, is that Theo's only option? Must he live permanently with his mom when she's a capable, independent woman? Why can't Theo compromise and find a way to make the relationship work with his new boyfriend? Akk may have given up on their romance, but so has Theo. He breaks Akk's heart and doesn't try to make amends. I really turned against Theo's character in the finale. His actions and attitude are unreasonable.

My opinion sours so much that I almost can't enjoy the couple reuniting in France. On paper, it's a fair compromise for their situation. Akk gets to study in Paris and spend time with his lover. He also gains renewed confidence in his self-worth. However, I wish this journey didn't involve such thoughtless behaviour from Theo. Imagine if he's a supportive boyfriend who helps Akk with his student exchange program. That would've made their separation drama more tolerable. Instead, Theo acts like a royal jerk, tarnishing my goodwill toward this romance.

Enchanté Episodes

Episode Guide

Theo and Akk flirt while cleaning up the rose petals.

Enchante has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is approximately 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 8 hours. Enchante started on January 28, 2022 and ended its last episode on April 1, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I love this relationship dynamic between the two childhood friends. Their personalities are endearing, their interactions are adorable, and their potential is immense. I'm excited about this romance!

Episode 2

So far, I love the easygoing rapport between Theo and Akk. Their exchanges are so cozy and comfortable. I like how Akk shrugs off his job loss to help his friend, which feels very noble.

Episode 3

The four school ambassadors remind me of a BL game with multiple love interests, each with a different romantic route. *lol* I like the analogy of Theo being a modern-day prince while Akk is his knight.

Episode 4

This Enchanté storyline is stupid. I don't care who wrote that trivial message in the library book. Why are we focusing on these supporting characters? Let's steer the plot back to Theo and Akk!

Episode 5

I like the ambiance of Theo & Akk sitting in a dark room on a rainy evening, watching a film from the projector. They're surrounded by lights, raindrops, and a single red rose. The mood feels romantic.

Episode 6

Oh my god, this Natee guy is SO annoying. I'm totally over the Enchanté storyline. Why are these guys making such a fuss over a library book!? FFS! It's the most pointless mystery ever.

Episode 7

Theo and Akk's interactions are adorable, but I wonder why they haven't confessed. They're as lovey-dovey and affectionate as a real couple. I'm tired of them skirting around their obvious attraction.

Episode 8

Theo is Enchanté!? He catfished himself!? Okay, I didn't expect this plot twist because it's so stupid. LMAO. Despite the ridiculous reveal, I love Theo and Akk's passionate kiss. Wow, what a moment!

Episode 9

Theo & Akk's sweet moments make me question why they waited so long to confess. The divorce is intriguing since it shatters Theo's idyllic fantasy world. Yet, it seems late to introduce this subplot.

Episode 10

I'm frustrated by the ending. Why is Enchante wasting time on Theo's friend in the finale!? I also hate Theo suddenly packing his bags and leaving Akk. Why are you ditching your boyfriend!? WTF!

Enchanté Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Film Pawis Sowsrion (ฟิล์ม ภาวิส เสาร์ศรีอ่อน) is a Thai director.

Film Pawis Sowsrion (ฟิล์ม ภาวิส เสาร์ศรีอ่อน) is a Thai director. His first BL as director is the 2018 drama, Our Skyy. He also directed the 2022 series Enchanté. In addition, Film was the assistant director for Theory of Love (2019) and I'm Tee, Me Too (2020).

  1. Hate the portrayal of the leads in this series and for that I give it a D. I feel bad because the actors did a great job but that part of the story ruined it for me!!

  2. The whole 'finding the enchanté' jargon totally spoilt the drama. The plot line was so boring i thought they had to desperately make scenes to increase the number of episodes.
    Though i really do love their chem<3.
    the other suitors are no doubt very sexy.
    you know, i was really becoming more interested to NateeTan when the plot started giving me headaches.
    PS: Sun also played a role in 'bad buddy' series right? (i kinda have a vague memory of him being there)
    And also Saifa played a role in Not me and dbk too i think.

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