Y Journey: Stay Like a Local – Series Review & Episode Guide

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local is a Thai BL anthology stories about six couples and their sightseeing adventures.

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local is a Thai BL anthology series with six short stories. Each episode focuses on a couple's adventure at a picturesque location. Some destinations include sandy beaches, waterfront campsites, and riverside resorts. Several main characters are close friends or romantic partners, while others are new acquaintances. They experience delightful journeys of cuisine, sightseeing, and outdoor relaxation.

Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Y Journey: Stay Like a Local is a glorified travel ad with hints of BL content. Each short episode resembles a commercial promoting the destinations. With beautiful scenery and sleek production values, the series looks visually captivating. However, the light storylines are too inconsequential and make no impact. Also, the romances lack intimacy and only offer simple interactions.

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local Summary


Y Journey: Stay Like a Local

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

6 episodes




Y Journey: Stay Like a Local is a nice & heartwarming BL drama.


Neung and North are travel photographers.

This anthology has six episodes, each featuring new characters and telling a separate plot. None of the stories are related, so you can watch one without the other.

Episode 1 is "Friend Zone". Two friends, Na Mao and Tawan, have secret feelings for each other since their high school days. During a reunion, they spend the day hanging out. Episode 2 is "Confession". Mai brings his boyfriend, Win, to visit his parents. However, they don't know about their son's romantic relationship.

Episode 3 is "He's Not Happy". Natee, a new resort employee, struggles in his new job. Jadee, the manager, helps him get used to the tasks and takes him sightseeing. Episode 4 is "Goes On a Trip". North and Nueng are two travel photographers on a work trip. Despite their bickering, they must work together to finish an urgent assignment at a campsite.

Episode 5 is "Let's Say a Lover". A heartbroken man visits a beach after his failed engagement. He's about to throw away his ring, but another man stops him. They get to know each other better. Episode 6 is "Memories". Sailom and Sky used to be friends. Years later, they have separated and must sadly reminisce their old memories.

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local Cast

Na Mao is portrayed by the Thai actor Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai (แฟรงค์ ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล).

Na Mao

Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai (แฟรงค์ ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล)

Tawan is portrayed by the Thai actor Lee Long Shi (李龙世).


Lee Long Shi (李龙世)

Mai is portrayed by the Thai actor Net Siraphop Manithikhun (เน็ต สิรภพ มานิธิคุณ).


Net Siraphop Manithikhun (เน็ต สิรภพ มานิธิคุณ)

Win is portrayed by the Thai actor James Supamongkon Wongwisut (เจมส์ ศุภมงคล วงศ์วิสุทธ์).


James Supamongkon Wongwisut (เจมส์ ศุภมงคล วงศ์วิสุทธ์)

Mai's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor.

Mai's dad

Mai's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Tonaoy Pintira Singhaseem (ต้นอ้อย ปิณฑิรา สิงหเสม).

Mai's mom

Tonaoy Pintira Singhaseem (ต้นอ้อย ปิณฑิรา สิงหเสม)

Natee is portrayed by Thai actor Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร).


Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร)

Jadee is portrayed by Thai actor Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom (ยูโด ธรรม์ธัช ธารินทร์ภิรมย์).


Judo Tantachj Tharinpirom (ยูโด ธรรม์ธัช ธารินทร์ภิรมย์)

Nueng is portrayed by Thai actor Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์).


Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์)

North is portrayed by Thai actor Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์).


Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์)

The first man on the beach is portrayed by Thai actor Bank Mondop Heamtan (แบงค์ มณฑป เหมตาล).

Man #1

Bank Mondop Heamtan (แบงค์ มณฑป เหมตาล)

The second man on the beach is portrayed by the Thai actor Mos Panuwat Sopradit (มอส ภาณุวัฒน์ โสประดิษฐ).

Man #2

Mos Panuwat Sopradit (มอส ภาณุวัฒน์ โสประดิษฐ)

Sailom is portrayed by the Thai actor Dew Nitikorn Pankram (ดิว นิติกร ปานคร้าม).


Dew Nitikorn Pankram (ดิว นิติกร ปานคร้าม)

Sky is portrayed by the Thai actor Yoon Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn (ยุ่น ภูษณุ วงศาวณิชชากร).


Yoon Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn (ยุ่น ภูษณุ วงศาวณิชชากร)

Cast Highlights

  • The first story features Frank and Long Lee. They were costars in Love Syndrome III (2023) and Crazy Handsome Rich (2023).
  • The leads of the second story are James and Net. They portrayed a couple in Bed Friend (2023) and its comedic spin-off The Middleman's Love (2023).
  • The third story includes Fluke and Judo. They first worked together in the 2023 fantasy series Make a Wish.
  • The stars of the fourth story are Nat and Max. They first appeared as the secondary couple in Cutie Pie (2022). They are the leads of the sequel Naughty Babe (2023).
  • The fifth story features Bank and Mos, who starred in Big Dragon (2022). The sixth story includes Dew and Yoon. Both have appeared in several BL dramas, but it's their first time working together.

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local Review


Drama Review Score: 5.2

Natee and Jadee go sightseeing.

Y Journey: Live Like a Local combines a BL anthology series with a marketing campaign. Although each episode contains a simple plot, the real intention is to advertise the destinations. It showcases different facets of Thai culture, from popular attractions to famous cuisine. This promotional agenda comes at the expense of storytelling. Instead of an intricate narrative or a compelling romance, Y Journey: Live Like a Local cares more about boosting tourism. It often feels like I'm watching a commercial.

If I judge Y Journey: Live Like a Local as an ad, its effort is decent. Most tourism marketing campaigns are informational and only focus on highlighting the attractions. They don't bother to create a fictional narrative to introduce the destinations. From a business perspective, this drama shows creativity. In addition, everything is beautifully filmed. As you'd expect from a travel commercial, the professional cinematography displays each location majestically. It inspires you to visit Thailand's beaches, campsites, and villages to experience the stunning scenery.

Unfortunately, the plot is too lightweight. Each episode must wrap up in under ten minutes. It dedicates half the time to promoting tourism, resulting in a condensed and underdeveloped narrative. We hardly know anything about the characters or their superficial relationships. They also lack meaningful experiences besides eating and sightseeing. Furthermore, there's no continuity since the six short stories feature different leads. The series should've considered using the same protagonists, allowing viewers to feel emotionally invested in the accumulative journey.

You may recognize many actors in Y Journey: Stay Like a Local. They have appeared in high-profile BL dramas throughout their careers. Their collective star power gives you an incentive to watch the stories. However, don't expect too much from the lacklustre romances. All the interactions are simple and mild-mannered, displaying little intimacy between the couples. The exchanges are mostly limited to gazes, smiles, and positive vibes. Only one of the pairings is confirmed to be dating, whereas the other five are in various stages of vague bromance territory.

My favourite is Episode 5, the only entry that overcomes the short time limit and builds a successful emotional arc. While the story may not be complex for obvious reasons, it's still an impressive effort for ten minutes. I love how the protagonist's broken engagement ties to the theme of sustainability in a surprisingly clever way. Likewise, I respond positively to Episode 2. The lead's coming-out journey offers a sentimental moment with his family. Even if the plot lacks substance, I appreciate a tourism marketing campaign that embraces LGBTQ+ messaging.

Most stories fail to engage me. Episode 1 is my least favourite because it's the shortest and too blatantly promotional. Episode 3 is forgettable, although it features gorgeous landscapes. Despite seeing more potential in Episode 4, it still suffers from uneventfulness. Episode 6 tries to do something different, but the plot feels dull and gloomy. However, even my favourite entry in this anthology underwhelms me. Y Journey: Live Like a Local doesn't meet standards if I evaluate it as a regular story. It resembles a glorified travel advert over a memorable BL drama.


Promotional story

Y Journey: Live Like a Local has six short and shallow stories. Only Episode 5 contains an emotional arc. The series resembles a glorified tourism ad that heavily promotes the destinations.

Modest romances

Only the couple in Episode 2 is confirmed dating, while the other pairings almost seem like bromances. The couple's exchanges are too simple and modest. Don't expect any intimacy.

Basic acting

You may recognize many familiar BL actors from the cast, bringing lots of star power. The short narratives limit their potential to shine. They don't do much besides smile and gaze at each other.

Happy ending

Y Journey: Live Like a Local has a happy ending for each short story. Five of the six couples strengthen their relationship near the end. Only Episode 5 breaks the norm with a sad conclusion.

Scenic artistry

While the series feels like a travel commercial, it is filmed beautifully. Each episode highlights sleek production values. It displays picturesque scenery, including beaches, campsites & villages.


Y Journey: Live Like a Local is a glorified travel advert with faint traces of BL content. It focuses on promoting the destinations over storytelling. All the romances are too simple and uneventful.

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local Episodes

Episode Guide

Na Mao and Tawan share popsicles.

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 5 to 10 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. Y Journey: Stay Like a Local started on October 14, 2023 and ended on October 29, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Frank looks quite handsome. Also, the locations are filmed beautifully. However, I have no impression of the story. It feels like I'm watching an ad. Is there more than just promotion?

Episode 2

This episode is an improvement. At least there's a solid storyline. I like how the parents responded to the son's coming out. It's nice to see a tourism ad with positive LGBTQ+ messaging.

Episode 3

The surroundings are so pretty, but there's little plot or romance. I have no connection to the leads. If the same characters were in all the episodes, at least there'd be continuity.

Episode 4

I see potential in this relationship dynamic. Two travel photographers visit different places while bantering and flirting. However, not much happens between them. The story is over before I start caring.

Episode 5

This episode is my favourite. I love how the story ties the theme of a broken engagement to sustainability. The allegory is clever! I also like how there isn't a typical happy ending.

Episode 6

The jellyfish display at the aquarium is so pretty. However, the story is dull and gloomy. How am I supposed to care about the couple's memories when I barely know who they are?

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local Information

Half Toast

Half Toast is a Thai studio.

Half Toast is a Thai studio. Its portfolio of work includes the 2023 anthology series, Y Journey: Stay Like a Local. This is the studio's first BL project.


Oil Savit Keawtavee (ออย สาวิทย์ แก้วทวี) is a Thai director. His portfolio of work includes the 2023 anthology series, Y Journey: Stay Like a Local. It is his first BL drama.

  1. Yes , is a series of exquisitely produced BL travel ads lacking deeper storylines, but we have celebrate that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is sponsoring these BL ads, that is milestone.

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