In the Merman in My Tub anime, Wakasa is a mermaid who lives with Tatsumi in his bathtub.

Merman in My Tub is a quirky slice-of-life anime adapted from a manga. This comedy series features a larger-than-life merman living with a human in his bathroom. As the characters develop an unusual bond, they are occasionally joined by the merman's eccentric friends from the sea.

There's no BL content in Merman in My Tub, although some elements may appeal to fans of the genre. This charming comedy can win you over with lighthearted stories, silly characters, and offbeat comedy. The series is perfectly enjoyable as long as you don't have any relationship expectations.

Merman in My Tub Anime Summary



Anime Info:

Japan (2014)


1 hour


Slice-of-life comedy


Merman in My Tube is a happy & funny anime.

Is Merman in My Tub BL?

No, Merman in My Tube isn't a BL anime.


Tatsumi and Wakasa spend time in the bathtub.

Tatsumi is a high school student who lives by himself. One day, he finds a weak and injured man by the river near his home. He is Wakasu, a merman who accidentally got washed up to the shore. The kind-hearted Tatsumi brings Wakasu home to take care of him. Later, Tatsumi discovers his acquaintance is actually a merman who can't survive without water.

Instead of returning to the river, Wakasu enjoys the comforts of Tatsumi's modern bathroom. The water is clean, warm, and safe, unlike the outdoors. Tatsumi allows his new friend to take permanent residence inside the bathtub. The two men would share baths together, getting over any initial bashfulness.

Wakasu has a colourful personality and enjoys a lifestyle of extravagant luxuries. He loves bubble baths, gourmet food, and beauty products. In contrast, Tatsumi is more frugal and practical. Wakasu constantly tries to get Tatsumi to pamper him and sometimes even succeeds.

As Wakasu lives in Tatsumi's bathroom long-term, he invites his various buddies to stay with him. They are mainly creatures from the sea, including Tatsumi the octopus, Mikuni the jellyfish, and Maki the snail. Tatsumi is overwhelmed by many new friends, all crammed inside the tiny bathtub. They also have eccentric personalities, turning every day into a memorable new adventure.

Merman in My Tub Anime Cast


Wakasa Yūichirō Umehara (梅原裕一郎)

Wakasa is voiced by Wakasa Yūichirō Umehara (梅原裕一郎).

Wakasa is a merman who befriends Tatsumi and lives in his bathtub. He enjoys the comforts of a modern bathroom over the bodies of water outdoors. Wakasa has a flamboyant personality and enjoys extravagant luxuries, much to Tatsumi's display. The quirky merman is dependent on Tatsumi, relying on the homeowner to take care of his daily necessities.

Tatsumi Nobunaga Shimazaki (島崎信長)

Nobunaga Shimazaki (島崎信長)

Tatsumi is a high school student who lives by himself. One day, he finds an injured merman on land, bringing him home. He befriends Wakasa, allowing him to live in the bathroom long-term. Tatsumi has a younger sister Kasumi, who lives with his parents.

Supporting Cast

Takasu is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (鈴木達央).


Tatsuhisa Suzuki (鈴木達央)

Mikuni is voiced by Natsuki Hanae (花江夏樹).


Natsuki Hanae (花江夏樹)

Maki is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda (津田健次郎).


Kenjiro Tsuda (津田健次郎)

Kasumi is voiced by Ibuki Kido (木戸衣吹).


Ibuki Kido (木戸衣吹)

Merman in My Tub Anime Review


Anime Review Score: 6.5

Wakasa tries to give Tatsumi a kiss.

Recently, a Taiwanese remake of Merman in My Tub has generated attention and interest in BL circles. I don't know anything about the original Japanese manga, but the drama looks promising based on pictures and casting. A comedic series about a shirtless mermaid in a tiny bathroom sounds pretty quirky, right? So, I wanted to watch the short anime adaptation first, giving me an idea of what to expect.

The Merman in My Tub anime is a goofy, lighthearted slice-of-life series with offbeat comedy. The series isn't complex at all, so don't expect logical explanations about how or why a mermaid would live in a human's bathtub. There's no need to overthink the silly jokes, endearing characters, or their amusing interactions. Each self-contained plot passes by quickly with mindless delight. Merman in My Tub can be lots of fun, but the only caveat is that it has zero romantic content.

Merman in My Tub is not BL. However, some elements could appeal to fans of the genre, including a lightly implied bromance. The series panders to this demographic, highlighting the closeness between the two male leads. The characters blush when they do something kind for each other. They also share naked baths together a lot. While the dynamic is ultimately platonic, Merman in My Tub plays around with the ambiguity just enough to interpret their relationship differently. It dips a toe into the BL waters, but doesn't take the full plunge.

As a dedicated BL website, I write my reviews primarily from this perspective. Therefore, Merman in My Tub loses points because it doesn't match my BL expectations. The anime gives the slightest tease about Wakasa and Tatsumi's bond, but I can't perceive it amorously. Tatsumi is more like Wakasa's concierge than a love interest. As adorable as their exchanges are, the interactions lack seductive flirtation and passionate desire. If you compare Merman in My Tub with any true BL story, the romantic content is practically nonexistent.

Merman in My Tub gets a higher review score if I don't view it through BL lenses. The rest of the anime is hilariously whimsical, with random subplots just strange enough to fascinate me. Even though the art is drawn averagely, its cute visual style is brimming with distinctive charm. I'm also fond of Wakasa, a memorable figure with a vibrant personality. Unfortunately, the supporting characters are less enchanting and get on my nerves. I like Merman in My Tub most when it focuses on Wakasa, but less so when the others share the spotlight.

Admittedly, Merman in My Tub veers on the shallow side. The novelty wears off after the beginning, once the similar storylines blur together and repeat the same beats. The good news is that everything moves along rapidly and breezily. Its brief four-minute episodes ensure the weaker subplots don't drag, so there's rarely a lull in the narrative. While I finish this series with a positive impression, I feel underwhelmed by the lack of BL content. Without a romance anchoring it, Merman in My Tub just doesn't have enough substance to stand out as a regular anime.


Funny story

Merman in My Tub has many funny and upbeat slice-of-life storylines. Each subplot is self-contained and finishes satisfyingly in four minutes.

No romance

There's no romantic content in Merman in My Tub. Other than blushing and taking baths together, the characters don't have amorous exchanges.

Average visuals

The Merman in My Tub anime is drawn averagely. The visuals look fine, but nothing stands out as remarkably striking.

Happy ending

Merman in My Tub has a happy and relaxing ending. The lighthearted anime doesn't have much drama in the first place.

Cute style

Merman in My Tub has a cute art style that matches its jolly and cheerful tone. This anime series is packed with lots of distinctive charm.


Merman in My Tub is a perfectly fine anime as long as you don't expect any BL romance. The series has perky characters and amusing humour, but it doesn't feel substantial.

Merman in My Tub Anime Episodes

Episode Guide

Merman in My Tub has a total of 13 episodes. Each episode is around 4 minutes long. It is a short anime, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. The Merman in My Tube anime originally aired on October 6, 2014 and ended its last episode on December 29, 2014.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13

Merman in My Tub Live-Action


49 Days with a Merman 2022 live-action series Drama review

49 Days With a Merman is the live-action remake of Merman in My Tub

Surprisingly, Merman in My Tub gets a Taiwanese remake in 2022. Called 49 Days With a Merman, this live-action series is quite different from the original manga and anime. The characters and merman theme are roughly the same, but that's where the similarities end. While Merman in My Tub is a slice-of-life comedy, 49 Days With a Merman is a quirky fantasy dramedy with an overarching plot. They are almost like two separate stories with no relation to each other.

I really enjoyed 49 Days With a Merman, which entertained me with its energetic humour and boisterous vibe. It parades a lot of shirtless actors and homoerotic exchanges. However, there's no BL in this adaptation either, sticking with the bromance dynamic. 49 Days With a Merman pays tribute to the anime in one of the episodes, where the main character watches an episode of the series!

Merman in My Tub OST

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