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Kane had multiple fantasy sequences about Kent throughout the series.

Craving You is a Taiwanese BL drama about the love story of a bakery owner and a famous musician. Their relationship seems cute and lighthearted at the beginning. However, it becomes more complicated once an old high school flame is introduced.

Over the course of the series, Craving You gradually feels more serious and dramatic. This BL story strays away from its original premise, putting less emphasis on love and more focus on melodrama. As the sweet romance takes a sour turn in the second half, prepare for a volatile journey filled with tension, conflict, and angst.

Craving You Summary



Series Info:

Taiwan (2020)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes




Craving You is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Kent and Kane get closer during their private cooking lessons together.

Kent is the owner of a successful local bakery, specializing in cakes and desserts. His employee Cora is in charge of the marketing, and she has convinced him to use a celebrity endorsement. She wants to create buzz for the bakery with Kane, a popular singer and songwriter. Kane has amassed a large online following, thanks to his breakout song "8 Seconds", which he wrote to describe his first love.

Kane isn't particularly excited about partnering up with the bakery, especially since he doesn't love sweets and desserts. However, his manager Ray believes this is a great PR opportunity for the up-and-coming singer. He even arranges a special internship for Kane, so that he can take private culinary lessons with Kent.

With their strong-willed personalities, Kent and Kane clashed in their first meeting together. Their relationship slowly improves once Kent proves he's a talented baker, capable of cooking a delicious dessert that even picky eater Kane enjoys. As Kent and Kane spend more time together in their cooking lessons, the two of them begin to forge a closer connection.

However, complications arise when Kane is reunited with Soda, his high school crush. Soda is getting married to another man and has ordered a wedding cake at this bakery. Seeing Soda again has awakened Kane's past memories, as he reminisces over the one who got away.

Craving You Cast


Kent David Chiu (邱昊奇) David Chiu Instagram

Kent is the owner of a successful local bakery. A talented pastry chef, he is known for making delicious and unique desserts. Kent is usually cool, calm, and composed, never showing too much of his emotions, although Kane seems to bring out a more outgoing side to him. Diagnosed with nyctophobia, he is completely terrified of the dark.

Kane Cheng Chang Fan (范成章) Cheng Chang Fan Instagram

Kane is a popular singer-songwriter with a big online following, mostly consisted of female fans. His breakout song is "Eight Seconds", which he wrote himself to describe his first love. Moody and stubborn, Kane has a rebellious streak that always frustrates his manager. Prior to his private culinary lessons, Kane doesn't know anything about cooking.

Soda Alan Song (宋亞倫) Alan Song Instagram

Soda is Kane's secret crush in high school, although the two of them never officially got together. They drifted apart after graduation, reuniting again years later at Kent's bakery. Soda currently works as a music producer. He is engaged to his fiancé Noah, but doesn't seem too interested in the wedding preparations.

Supporting Cast

Noah is played by the actor Chen Xi Teng (陳希騰).


Chen Xi Teng (陳希騰)

Cora is played by the actress Yuan Kuo (郭源元).


Yuan Kuo (郭源元)

Ray is played by the actor Yan Yong Lie (顏哲修).


Yan Yong Lie (顏哲修)

Louis is played by the actor Louis (放火Louis).


Louis (放火Louis)

Justin is played by the actor René (超強René).


René (超強René)

Soda's mom is played by Felicia Huang (黃婕菲).

Soda's mom

Felicia Huang (黃婕菲)

Cast highlights

  • The actor playing Noah appeared in various Taiwanese BL dramas, including Mermaid Sauna (2018) and Be Loved in House (2021). In both series, he played a straight character instead.

Craving You Review


Drama Review Score:6.4

Craving You started decently with a lighthearted relationship between Kent and Kane.

I enjoyed Craving You more in the beginning, back when it was just a simple love story between a baker and a singer. Kent and Kane started out as a sweet, lighthearted relationship. They cooked, they laughed, they flirted, they teased each other playfully… These were all very standard BL scenes that you'd expect from the genre, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

Once Soda and Noah were introduced, Craving You seemed to switch focus all of a sudden. This new couple brought a whirlwind of complicated drama into an innocent romance. They argued, they kept secrets, they got jealous, they were constantly on the verge of breaking up… The constant drama in the second half felt repetitive and unnecessary. After a while, this series just got very tiresome to watch.

Craving You featured a sweet romance that left me with a sour taste at the end. I just want a cute BL series about two guys falling in love at a bakery while they made tasty desserts. Is that too much to ask for? Why did they have to make it so messy? 😒


Kent and Kane

Kane took cooking lessons from Kent.

Kent and Kane were cute to watch at first. The two of them clashed initially with some playful banter between them, which made for an interesting dynamic. Their relationship seemed to be developing at a normal pace, at least in the first few episodes. However, the romance didn't make too much progress and stalled for a long time once Soda and Noah came into the picture.

Even though Kent and Kane were supposed to be the main romance in Craving You, the attention largely shifted towards the secondary couple instead. There were one or two episodes where Kent felt seriously sidelined, as if he wasn't even the main character of his own series. It's kind of ridiculous that a BL drama about a bakery doesn't have the spotlight on the baker himself.

Neglecting the relationship between Kent and Kane made their romance feel hollow. In other words, it was a little half-assed. The two of them didn't have enough screentime to bond in a meaningful way. Kent and Kane were certainly warming up to each other, but they weren't at the stage where an authentic romance would materialize.

When Kent made his surprise love confession, I wasn't fully invested since there wasn't enough build-up in the storytelling. It's a shame because I think Kent and Kane could've been a sizzling couple, with intimate kisses that can go on for days, if only their romance was handled with more care.

Kane and Soda

Kane and Soda shared unresolved sexual tension with each other.

I was actually pretty engaged with the relationship between Kane and Soda. I liked that these two characters had history in the past, with a lot of unspoken and unresolved tension between them. The high school flashbacks were a nice touch, showing us how they fell in love and why they didn't end up together.

At one point, I was more emotionally invested in the romance between Kane and Soda than I was about Kane and Kent. A part of me was rooting for Soda to break off his engagement and get together with his high school crush. He clearly wanted to be with Kane more than Noah, so just follow your feelings and go for it! Team adultery! 😈 

Unfortunately, Soda was so fickle and feckless that the love triangle stopped being fun after a while. This guy can't seem to make up his mind between his fiancé and his old flame. On one hand, I hate that he's playing with Kane's emotions. On the other hand, I also hate that he's dragging Noah along instead of just ending their engagement. It's annoying to watch a guy who can't make any commitments. Both Kane and Noah deserved better than this cad.

After dragging on their messy relationship drama for so long, I didn't like how it got resolved. They teased us with the possibility of Soda and Kane getting together. I thought we were building up to the moment where either one of them would make a pass at each other, leading to some juicy drama. Instead, nothing happened and Soda suddenly stopped having feelings for Kane just because. Ugh, how boring and unsatisfying.

Soda and Noah

I like that Soda and Noah got married. Go, gay marriage!

I'll start by saying that it's refreshing to see a same-sex marriage depicted in a BL drama. Since Taiwan is literally the only country in East Asia where this is possible, it's pretty cool to see this cultural norm reflected in the series. Maybe one day we'll see a diversity of gay men and women getting married in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and other places around the world. But for now, we'll have to settle with Soda and Noah as the poster boys of gay marriage. ⚣

Unfortunately, the relationship between Soda and Noah didn't really do anything for me. I was surprised that Craving You dedicated so much focus on this couple, even at the expense of the main romance. I don't mind that Soda and Noah got emphasis, but my problem is how they didn't do anything interesting with the storyline. Their relationship drama was largely unpleasant, highlighted by lots of arguments, secrets, and indecision. All their scenes were repeating the same few points and they felt like a chore to watch.

From the moment they were introduced, we all knew these two would break up at some point and then get back together in the end. I guess their wedding ceremony was nice, even though it felt kinda undeserved after so much drama. Are you really sure you want to marry him, Noah?

By this end of the series, I already lost all my patience with this couple and felt staunchly indifferent about the two of them. They could've gotten married or gone splitso in the ending, I wouldn't care that much either way.


Poor acting

The acting in Craving You could definitely be better.

To be honest, the acting wasn't that great in Craving You. They are not terrible or anything, but I just found most of them a little lacklustre. They're lacking in enthusiasm when delivering the lines, and their expressions looked lifeless in some of the scenes. I don't think the acting was too detracting, but this isn't one of the strengths in the series.

Best Character


Kane can be a very charming character when he wants to be.

I liked Kane's character the most and can totally understand his appeal. I get why Kent, Soda, and all those female fans are going gaga over him. He's cute, sings well, and has some spunk in his personality. Unfortunately, he lost that spark and got too bogged down by the drama in the second half of the series. Nonetheless, I'm Team Kane!

Skin & Nudity


Soda and Noah had a brief steamy moment in the shower.

Craving You felt like a series that would give us some generous and gratuitous fanservice, so it was a little surprising that we didn't see a lot of skin. We don't see anything from Kane. We only see Kent's back when he is getting changed. We see Soda and Noah getting steamy in the shower and shirtless together in the same bed, but these scenes were quick and not very clear. Overall, there was very minimal display of skin in Craving You.



Kane comforts Kent when he is scared of the dark.

There was a tiny bit of homophobia from some characters, but these were mostly quick comments and nothing that overwhelming. I can't think of anything else too controversial about this series. There was a depiction of nyctophobia (fear of the dark) that got more serious than I expected, but I don't think it would be too triggering for the majority of people.


The songs

Kane's song 8 seconds is about his first love with Soda.

I liked Kane's song "8 Seconds", which had a nice melody and some pretty lovely lyrics. It definitely gave credibility to his character's whole singer-songwriter vibe. The other song that he sang at the wedding was also quite pleasant.


Fantasy sequences

Cora likes fantasizing about Kane and Kent together.

Craving You relied too much on fantasy sequences to portray the romance between Kent and Kane. These scenes were shot beautifully with some great intimate kissing, but I just don't like that they are fantasies. Why do we have to pretend these kisses never happened? Why are they only happening in Cora's head? All the fantasy segments in Craving You would be so much better if they were real scenes that actually developed the plot.


Happy ending

Kent and Kane got together with a happy ending in Craving You.

Craving You had a happy ending with both couples getting together. Soda and Noah got married, while Kent and Kane became an official couple. I liked that Kane went public with his relationship, but wished his coming out journey was more dynamic.

It could've been interesting to explore the consequences of a celebrity coming out, taking us through the emotional highs and lows. Instead, Craving You glazed over his coming out moment in the last few minutes, despite building up this story arc for multiple episodes. Like a lot of the storylines in Craving You, it was resolved in a very half-assed way.

Nonetheless, I did like the final scene between Kane and Kent, which had the same cute and lighthearted tone in the first half of the series. I just wished the entire series was like this moment instead of all the unnecessary drama along the way.

Craving You Episodes

Episode Guide

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


We see a montage of Soda and Noah's most intimate moments in Episode 9 of Craving You.

Craving You has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 9 to 11 minutes long. The last episode is around 17 minutes long. This is a short BL drama, and you can finish the series in a little over 2 hours.

Best episode: My favourite episode in Craving You is Episode 3, where Kent and Kane share their first kiss (even though it only takes place as part of Cora's fantasy). Besides the kiss, there's another cute scene between Kent and Kane in the kitchen. This episode also introduces Soda and Noah, who actually seemed like they could be interesting characters at first and didn't feel that tiresome yet.

💋 Episodes with kissing: Kent and Kane share their first kiss in Episode 3. They also kiss again in Episode 5. Both of these kisses are part of fantasy sequences. The only time they kiss for real is the last scene in Episode 10. Soda and Noah also share a kiss on their wedding day in Episode 10.

💪🏻 Episodes with skin: Kane takes off his shirt in Episode 1, where he shows off his back. You may see quick glimpses of physical intimacy between Soda and Noah in Episode 9.

Best Scenes

Episode 3 – The first kiss

Kent and Kane feel more developed as a couple in the fantasy sequence than the actual story.

This episode had the first kiss between Kent and Kane, which was quite lovely even though it was just Cora's fantasy. I also want to mention the scene leading up to the kiss, where Kane comforted Kent because he was scared of the dark. When Kane started singing his song, I thought it was kinda funny because it didn't seem like a very appropriate thing to do?

Here's Kent totally freaking out, and Kane thought it was a good idea to strum a few strings on his guitar to pass the time. I dunno, maybe it was appropriate, but the scenario was just funny when I think about it in my head. 😅

Episode 5 – The second kiss

There were many fantasy sequences between Kent and Kane.

This episode had another kiss between Kent and Kane, plus a really cute scene of them baking together. When I started watching Craving You, I was totally expecting a scene where Kent would make some excuse to hold Kane's hands while teaching him how to cook. Then it actually happened and I was like, "I KNEW IT!" 😄

Episode 7 – Birthday flashback

Soda and Kane celebrated his birthday in the high school classroom.

This episode featured a high school flashback of Kane and Soda celebrating a birthday together. Kane looked super adorable in this scene. I actually enjoyed all the high school flashbacks in Craving You and thought they were well-executed. This scene particularly gave me the feels and captured the whole essence of first love.

Episode 9 – Airport confession

Soda was at the airport, trying to win back Noah.

This episode took place in the airport, where Soda was trying to win back Noah. This scene went on way too long for me, but I did like that one moment when Soda grabbed the microphone from the airport employee. All along, I thought Soda was a very passive character, so I liked that he took charge in the moment and did something a little ballsy. In this scene, I even liked Soda for a couple of seconds, and then went back to not caring about him again.

Episode 10 – Wedding day

Soda and Noah had a lovely wedding in the end.

Although I didn't particularly care about Soda and Noda as a couple, their wedding in this episode was a lovely moment. Both actors looked very handsome, the location was beautiful, and the atmosphere felt very vibrant. Plus, there aren't too many BL dramas that end with the gay couple being happily married, so I appreciate the sentiment in this special occasion.

Craving You Information

Acrogrowth Entertainment

Acrogrowth Entertainment is a Taiwanese studio that made Craving You (2020). It has also made a few other non-BL projects since then.

Acrogrowth Entertainment is a Taiwanese studio that made Craving You (2020). It has also made a few other non-BL projects since then.

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