Dead Friend Forever – Series Review & Ending Explained

Dead Friend Forever is a Thai horror BL series about a group of university friends in a secluded cabin.

Dead Friend Forever is a Thai horror BL series about a group of friends and the scary events in a secluded cabin. The main character plans to move overseas. His former classmates arrange a farewell party and invite him for a vacation in the woods, far from civilization. The protagonist feels awkward about reuniting with his high school crush due to their unresolved feelings. As ugly memories resurface, their time together turns deadly.

A gritty and gruesome BL series, Dead Friend Forever offers a captivating horror story with constant thrills. There's never a dull moment between the suspenseful drama, shocking twists, and scandalous behaviour. Amid the dark atmosphere, there are also several steamy encounters. The outlandish narrative suffers from plot holes, emphasizing less on logic and more on chaos. Regardless, it succeeds as a provocative tale exploring morality.

Dead Friend Forever Summary


เพื่อน ตาย DFF

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Dead Friend Forever is a dark & toxic BL drama.


Jin and Phee are going to a cabin.

Jin is a photography student who will soon move overseas. He plans on settling permanently in the United States and won't return to Thailand after the relocation. Before his departure, Jin's friends want to throw him a farewell party. Por, the son of a wealthy politician, invites everyone on a three-day vacation getaway. His family owns a secluded cabin in the woods, far from civilization. The eight of them can enjoy the privacy and freedom to do whatever they desire, like drugs, sex, or alcohol.

Jin is nervous about reuniting with Phee, his high school crush. They used to have a romantic fling during their senior year. Jin confessed his love and wanted to commit to a relationship. Yet, Phee rejected him after they became physically intimate. Since then, Jin has harboured a grudge against Phee. They haven't kept in contact until this trip. Phee wants to chat and clear the air before his friend's permanent relocation. However, Jin avoids him and doesn't want to confront their unresolved feelings.

Eight friends are attending this trip. Besides Jin, Phee, and Por, the other guests include Top, Fluke, Tee, White, and Tan. Top is the group's comedian, always cracking jokes to lighten the atmosphere. In contrast, Fluke is quiet and serious. This second-year medical student is studying to become a doctor. Tee and White are a couple. Their friends often tease the pair's lovey-doveyness. Tan is Phee's best friend. Jin feels jealous of their closeness, although Phee insists his relationship with Tan is strictly platonic.

The eight friends knew each other since high school. Jin, Por, Top, Tee, and Fluke form the core group, sharing an extensive relationship history. Phee, Tan, and White are transfer students who joined the social circle in their senior year. The three new additions don't know the others as well. During the vacation, the group discovers video footage of a short film. It is produced by Por, who entered a filmmaking contest in Grade 11. Phee, Tan, and White suggest recreating the movie for fun. Tee seems nervous and opposes the idea, but the others proceed anyway.

As tempers erupt, the friends give up on shooting the film. Later, they divide into smaller groups and participate in different activities. Tee and White get cozy in a romantic evening. Jin and Phee have alone time as they discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, Top, Fluke, and Tan watch movies in the living room. Eventually, they realize Por has gone missing from the premises. His absence alarms everyone, especially since the woods can be dangerous at night. They go outside to look for his whereabouts. To their horror, they find their friend's body in critical condition.

Dead Friend Forever Cast



Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak (คอปเปอร์ ภูริวัจน์ โชติรัตนศักดิ์)

Jin is portrayed by Thai actor Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak (คอปเปอร์ ภูริวัจน์ โชติรัตนศักดิ์).

Jin is a photography student who will soon move overseas. He plans to relocate to the United States permanently. Before his departure, Jin's high school friends arrange a farewell trip. They will spend three nights in a secluded cabin in the woods. Jin is nervous about reuniting with Phee, his former crush. Jin confessed his feelings, but Phee rejected him. Since then, they haven't stayed in touch.

Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak

Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak (คอปเปอร์ ภูริวัจน์ โชติรัตนศักดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 16, 2003.

Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak (คอปเปอร์ ภูริวัจน์ โชติรัตนศักดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 16, 2003. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Our Days. He is one of the leads in the 2023 series, Dead Friend Forever.


Ta Nannakun Pakapatpornpob (ต้า นันคุณ ภัคภัทรพรพบ)

Phee is portrayed by Thai actor Ta Nannakun Pakapatpornpob (ต้า นันคุณ ภัคภัทรพรพบ).

Phee is one of Jin's high school friends. Unlike the rest of the group, Phee was a transfer student who only joined them in senior year. As a result, he isn't as acquainted with the others. Phee and Jin used to have a romantic fling. Yet, Phee rejected Jin's confession. It has caused hostility between them ever since. Phee is best friends with Tan, but he insists their relationship is strictly platonic.

Ta Nannakun Pakapatpornpob

a Nannakun Pakapatpornpob (ต้า นันคุณ ภัคภัทรพรพบ) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 23, 2000.

Ta Nannakun Pakapatpornpob (ต้า นันคุณ ภัคภัทรพรพบ) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 23, 2000. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2022 drama, KinnPorsche. He is one of the leads in the 2023 series, Dead Friend Forever.


JJay Patiphan Fueangfunuwat (เจเจ ปฏิภาณ เฟื่องฟูนุวัฒน์)

Tee is portrayed by Thai actor JJay Patiphan Fueangfunuwat (เจเจ ปฏิภาณ เฟื่องฟูนุวัฒน์).

Tee is one of Jin's high school friends. They have known each other for years. Although Tee may seem standoffish, he has a lot of influence over his group of friends. Tee is in a relationship with White. The couple started dating when they were teenagers. Their friends often tease the pair's lovey-doveyness. Unlike his wealthy friends, Tee comes from a poor background and must work part-time to make money.

JJay Patiphan Fueangfunuwat

JJay Patiphan Fueangfunuwat (เจเจ ปฏิภาณ เฟื่องฟูนุวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 29, 2000.

JJay Patiphan Fueangfunuwat (เจเจ ปฏิภาณ เฟื่องฟูนุวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is also known as JJ. He is born on August 29, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Dead Friend Forever.


Fuaiz Thanawat Shinawatra (ฟูไอซ์ ธนวัตร ชินวัตร)

White is portrayed by Thai actor Fuaiz Thanawat Shinawatra (ฟูไอซ์ ธนวัตร ชินวัตร).

White is a second-year engineering student and Tee's boyfriend. They have started dating since high school. White has a sweet and gentle personality, whereas Tee is known for his gruff and aloof demeanour. Despite their differences, they remain a lovey-dovey couple. White became acquainted with Tee's high school friends after they started dating in senior year.

Fuaiz Thanawat Shinawatra

Fuaiz Thanawat Shinawatra (ฟูไอซ์ ธนวัตร ชินวัตร) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 21, 2006.

Fuaiz Thanawat Shinawatra (ฟูไอซ์ ธนวัตร ชินวัตร) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 21, 2006. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Dead Friend Forever.

Supporting Cast

Por is portrayed by Thai actor Us Nititorn Akkarachotsopon (อัส นิติธร อัครโชติโสภณ).


Us Nititorn Akkarachotsopon (อัส นิติธร อัครโชติโสภณ)

Top is portrayed by Thai actor Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจ็ท เจษฎากร บัณฑิต).


Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจ็ท เจษฎากร บัณฑิต)

Fluke is portrayed by Thai actor Bump Pawat Akkradetsakul (บั๊ม ภวัต อรรคเดชสกุล).


Bump Pawat Akkradetsakul (บั๊ม ภวัต อรรคเดชสกุล)

Tan is portrayed by Thai actor Mio Athens Werapatanakul (มีโอ เอเธนส์ วีรพัฒนกุล).


Mio Athens Werapatanakul (มีโอ เอเธนส์ วีรพัฒนกุล)

Non is portrayed by Thai actor Barcode Tinnasit Isarapongporn (บาร์โค้ด ตฤณสิษฐ์ อิสระพงศ์พร).


Barcode Tinnasit Isarapongporn (บาร์โค้ด ตฤณสิษฐ์ อิสระพงศ์พร)

Keng is portrayed by Thai actor JJ Chalach Tantijibul (เจเจ ชลัช ตันติจิบูรณ์).


JJ Chalach Tantijibul (เจเจ ชลัช ตันติจิบูรณ์)

Non's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Non's mom

Non's father is portrayed by Thai actor.

Non's dad

Por's father is portrayed by Thai actor Pong Kittichote Musikabhumma (ป้อง กิตติโชติ มุสิกะภุมมะ).

Por's dad

Pong Kittichote Musikabhumma (ป้อง กิตติโชติ มุสิกะภุมมะ)

Por's mother is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Por's mom

Uncle Dang is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Uncle Dang

Tee's uncle is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Tee's uncle

Perth is portrayed by Thai actor Perth Patsarut Kooncharoen (เพิร์ธ พัธศรุต คุณเจริญ).


Perth Patsarut Kooncharoen (เพิร์ธ พัธศรุต คุณเจริญ)

Tee's dad is portrayed by Thai actor Jade Apivich Rinthapoln (เจต อภิวิชญ์ รินทพล).

Tee's dad

Jade Apivich Rinthapoln (เจต อภิวิชญ์ รินทพล)

Phee's father is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Phee's dad

Cast Highlights

  • Many of the cast members competed in the 2023 reality show, The Hidden Character. The outcome of the competition influenced the casting in Dead Friend Forever.
  • This series includes several supporting characters from the 2022 Thai BL drama, KinnPorsche. The cast includes the actors portraying Phee (Ta), Por (Us), Non (Barcode), Keng (JJ), and Por's father (Pong).
  • Jin's actor (Copper) has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, Our Days. He portrays the main character's little brother.
  • Top's actor (Jet) has previously starred in My Mate Match (2021). He also appeared in The Moment (2020), The Moment Since (2020), Gen Y (2020), Gen Y 2 (2021), What Zabb Man (2022), and Big Dragon (2022).
  • Besides KinnPorsche, Por's actor (Us) has supporting roles in I Am Your King (2017), The Best Twins (2019), The Effect (2019), My Bromance 2 (2020), and That's My Candy (2022).

Dead Friend Forever Review


Drama Review Score: 8.0

Jin and Phee flirt in the bedroom.

Dead Friend Forever is a gritty, gruesome BL drama with a sinister edge. It begins like a typical horror story as the characters arrive at a secluded cabin in the woods. Soon, they are haunted by secrets, scandals, suspicions, and supernatural visions. As trust erodes and fear grows, the friends start turning against each other. The series takes me on a suspenseful journey with shocking twists, fierce emotions, and constant thrills. My pulse never stops racing while Dead Friend Forever unleashes absolute mayhem.

Like many titles in the horror genre, Dead Friend Forever emphasizes less on logic and more on chaos. Don't expect a realistic story. You can easily scrutinize the unreasonable plot holes or laugh at the ridiculous revelations. Also, the characters behave irrationally. They make impulsive decisions and take extreme actions without thinking about their circumstances. The outlandish melodrama may annoy some fans, but it's within my tolerance threshold. Despite the narrative flaws, I still feel immersed in Dead Friend Forever. I enjoy the adrenaline rush and disregard the lack of common sense.

Initially, I wanted the group of friends to survive their misfortune. As their cruel behaviour unravels, they become morally depraved. Our protagonists aren't innocent victims in this tale of retribution. I change my stance and wish terrible fates upon everyone. Death, take them all! Although they aggravate me, I like how each character plays an essential role in the story. They have distinct motives and memorable exchanges. Instead of only focusing on the leads, the screen time is spread evenly among the cast. All the actors get opportunities to shine in the spotlight.

Romance appears at random points in the plot. After a long stretch of melodrama, the focus suddenly shifts to one of the couples. The relationship moments come in rapid succession. Each impactful scene ushers a tidal wave of seduction, sensuality, and turbulent emotions. Most of the time, Dead Friend Forever avoids lovey-doveyness. Sweet exchanges don't fit the vibe of this horror series. Instead, the passion is mixed with angst and conflicts. While the BL content is okay, there's room for improvement. I wish the story paid more attention to developing the romances.

The cast performances are shaky. A few of the leads struggle with emoting. However, I like the intensity that everyone brings in the last few episodes. They convey the fear, anguish, and mental fatigue convincingly. The finale feels intense because all the characters seem on edge. Tan and Non's actors (Mio and Barcode) have the juiciest roles. Both do a great job appearing unhinged, fully committed to their emotional spiral. I also have a soft spot for Jin's actor (Copper). With his sincere gaze and graceful smile, I hope to see this telegenic cutie in more BL dramas.

Dead Friend Forever has a sad, twisted ending with grisly fates for everyone. I like how it doesn't shy away from a dark conclusion. The provocative finale challenges viewers to examine questions about morality. Which characters deserved to live or die? Did everyone receive proportionate punishments for their crimes? After the last episode, I'm still thinking about the complexities, a positive sign of this story's impact. Despite the imperfections, Dead Friend Forever has left a strong impression on me. From plot twists to scandalous drama, this series is wickedly compelling.


Thrilling story

Dead Friend Forever is a gruesome horror story with scandalous drama & thrilling plot twists. The narrative can be unrealistic, from illogical events to irrational behaviour. Even so, the chaos is exciting!

Volatile romance

The series injects bursts of romance at random intervals. These relationship scenes bring a powerful wave of sensuality and seduction. The BL content is okay, but there's room for improvement.

Compelling acting

Despite some weak emoting and shaky performances, I like the intensity that everyone brings in the last few episodes. Tan & Non's actors (Mio and Barcode) are committed to their emotional spiral.

Sad ending

Dead Friend Forever has a sad ending where everyone meets grisly fates. The series doesn't shy away from a dark, twisted conclusion. The provocative finale makes viewers think about morality.

Gritty artistry

The visuals are dark and gritty, capturing the sinister vibe of the story. Some scenes look captivating, especially when filming outdoors. I also like the special effects with the gore & gruesome imagery.


Dead Friend Forever is a gritty horror BL series with constant thrills and sensual encounters. Despite the illogical plot holes and outlandish drama, the provocative story leaves a strong impression.

Dead Friend Forever Episodes

Episode Guide

Tee and White are a couple.

Dead Friend Forever has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. Dead Friend Forever started on December 23, 2023 and ended its last episode on February 9, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Jin and Phee kiss in the cabin balcony.

I love how both couples decide the cabin balcony is the best place to hook up. At least Tee and White moved their naughty antics to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Jin and Phee did it on the spot. They dropped trou, grabbed crotches, and gave head. I laugh nervously when the group realizes they can see the outdoor surveillance footage. If Tee and White felt embarrassed for kissing on camera, imagine what must be going through Jin and Phee's thoughts then.

I have an early favourite character: it's Tan. Firstly, he has asthma but still smokes compulsively. His self-sabotaging duality intrigues me. Secondly, I love his interaction with White in this episode. Tan praises his companion's intelligence: "You're so smart! No wonder you're a computer engineering student!" But White replies, "Uhhh, all I did was charge a walkie-talkie." Oh my god, this socially awkward moment is killing me. The murders hadn't started yet, but I already died of second-hand embarrassment on Tan's behalf.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
The group discovers Uncle Dang's body.

OMFGGGGG. Uncle Dang's over-the-top death is sending me to orbit! WTF just happened!? Did he get beheaded by a deadly wire? Oh, goddamn. (I subconsciously put my hand around my neck to ensure it's still intact.) The poor guy got killed, even though he wasn't even involved in whatever happened in the past. Rest in peace, but I can't stop laughing at his morbidly funny death. After this scene, I'm switching to Team Murderer. Whoever the killer is, I admire his creativity!

Tan has to be the mastermind, right? Based on what we learned, one of the three new guys holds a vendetta against the other five in the group. White and Phee are love interests, whereas Tan is some random character with no relationship to anyone. By the process of elimination, his role is likely to be the villain. Okay, Detective BL Watcher has solved the case once again~ 🕵🏻 After suspecting Tan as the culprit, I study his reactions carefully. It's so funny when he pretends to be shocked by Uncle Dang's death. Dude, you killed him! Stop faking it lol!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Top and Non encounter an accident.

Honestly, it's a miracle that Por has survived for this long. I'm no medical expert, but that wound looks pretty lethal. There's literally a gigantic piece of wood stabbed into his stomach! How is he still alive by the end of Episode 3? Even if Por doesn't die from his deadly injuries, I'm pretty sure Fluke will murder his ass soon. The agitated little twerp is already cracking under pressure. It's only a matter of time before Fluke silences his dying friend before he gets incriminated.

Tan is so obviously the culprit lmaoooo~ Every scene, he behaves sketchy as hell. He must be the one who attacked Top and left him for dead. My current theory is that Tan has an accomplice. He and the masked assailant are working together to kill the others in the group. In the temple scene, the group could have physically overpowered the villain. The fight was four against one, so the odds were in their favour. However, I don't blame them for running away from an axe-yielding murderer. Damn, I'd dash out of there too!

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Fluke points a weapon at his friends.

OMG, Top is the masked guy!? But how!? Is Tan a sorcerer who put an evil voodoo spell on Top? Why is he acting so strangely? Damn, Top killed Por! I didn't think Por was going to survive. However, it's still chilling for the group of friends to turn against each other and murder one of their own. Por's death scene is sadder than I expected it to be. Hearing White's crying in the background evokes despair. White's wails sound so weak and helpless, making me feel bad for his suffering.

OMFG, I hate Fluke so much. This nasty little twerp needs to be the killer's next target! Fluke enraged me when he held a gun at White and threatened him. How dare you! Leave White alone! Honestly, I'm not intimidated by the masked murderer. Instead, I'm more frightened by someone like Fluke because he represents humans behaving inhumanely. When placed under stress, this ordinary guy wants to kill others for self-preservation. This series taps into the horror of human nature, showing how easily people can become cold-blooded monsters in desperate situations.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Jin and Non used to be friends.

Before this episode, I still wanted a few characters to survive their massacre. Now, no more. I'm on Team Murderer! I'm rooting for Non and his brother New (who is masquerading as Tan lol~) to take down these bullies. The group treated Non so terribly! Hearing the nickname "Greasy" makes my blood boil. Non hasn't done anything to offend them. Why can't they be nice to the guy working on their script? Ugh, I despise them for using Non as a scapegoat for the broken camera. THEY ARE THE WORST!!!

Por, Top, and Tee are straight-up bullies, constantly tormenting Non or exploiting their classmate. Fluke is a bystander who doesn't contribute to the harassment, so his culpability seems less severe. Yet, his inaction still makes him complicit in the mistreatment. Fluke fears bringing trouble upon himself and doesn't protect the victim out of self-preservation. Likewise, Jin frustrates me. Despite defending Non occasionally, he doesn't do enough to stop the bullying. Jin cozies up to Non while still enabling his friends' toxic behaviour. Jin, you need to step up and take a stronger stand!

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Non becomes a criminal.

I feel bad for Non's predicament, but his terrible decisions exasperate me. I wanna jump into the fictional universe and stop him from doing the money laundering scheme. Oh my god, that's like pouring fuel on a fire! No matter how desperate his financial situation is, there are better alternatives. Talk to the parents for help, beg Por to show mercy, transfer schools, or start a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. Don't turn to a life of crime over some rich kid's camera!

OMFG, Tee deserves the worst fate possible. I EFFING HATE HIM. Por and Top were in a tight race to be the most vile character, but Tee pulled ahead of them both. All his actions are unforgivable. He tricks Por into joining the money laundering scheme, threatens his victim's life ("you gotta sell your organs" WTF!?), and treats him like a subhuman. As awful as the teenagers may be, the story emphasizes how the parents and adults are culpable. They add to the mental strain, perpetuate the abuse, and lead the children astray instead of guiding them on the right path.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Phee and Non kiss.

Wow, I didn't expect Phee & Non to be ex-boyfriends! The story teased a NonJin ship, only to do a switcheroo. The couple's early relationship scenes are impactful, capturing their whirlwind romance. Since the past episodes depicted Non's life as joyless, I'm glad he had a hidden source of happiness. At least someone comforted him. Phee initially seemed like Non's knight in shining armour, rescuing him from the criminals' wrath. I'm sad they broke up! The episode began optimistically, whereas the ending feels hopeless.

"Move to another school." OMG, I was so happy when Phee suggested this. At last, someone in Non's life looks out for him and gives sensible advice. Unfortunately, he continues to be self-destructive and makes the worst decisions. After Tee had set him up to be killed by criminals, Non should transfer schools ASAP. However, I know he worked hard on the script. The screenwriter in him wanted to bring his creation to life and finish what he started. From a misguided teenager's perspective, there's an incentive to keep hanging out with his bullies.

JIN SUCKS!!! In every episode, I have a new character to hate. They're all despicable! Leaking the sex tape is vile. Just because Jin's feelings got hurt doesn't give him the right to retaliate. Besides that, I'm bothered by his fake allyship. Despite knowing his friends treat Non awfully, Jin downplays their nasty antics. "Playing the villain is the best role, hehe!" He pretends to be nice to Non, luring him to their group. If Jin had Non's best interests at heart, he'd try harder to stop the bullying and protect his friend. Jin shouldn't expose Non to the toxic environment.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Non is teary-eyed as he reads online hate messages.

I understand why Non snaps mentally because he suffers so much. At home, his parents scold him. At school, his classmates bully him. Online, strangers mock him. In romance, his lover abandons him. Any one of Non's misfortunes would be enough to be his villain origin story, yet he has trauma on top of trauma. I feel bad when Non is teary-eyed as he reads those online hate messages (and writes EVIL FANFICTION afterwards). He has no support system whatsoever. The whole world is against him. 😢

"I'm the one who should apologize to you the most." That's the last line Jin says to Non. As much as I hate him, Jin is one of the most fascinating characters. He committed wrongdoings, like leaking the video and enabling the bullies. Yet, he shows a conscience. Unlike his friends, Jin is the only one who treats Non kindly. He refers to Non by his name instead of the dehumanizing nickname. Jin is self-aware enough to realize his culpability in Non's pain, whereas the others ignore the blame. Jin has a lot of moral ambiguity since he's capable of both cruelty and empathy.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Jin and Phee kiss in the bedroom.

This episode's revelation feels gratifying because I pegged Tan (aka New) as the evil mastermind since the start. However, I didn't expect his backstory to be so outrageous. New gives up his promising future, pretends to be a highschooler, and infiltrates his brother's group of bullies. Yet, his deceitful actions inadvertently cause his parents to die. OMFG, seeing your father hang himself at your mother's funeral is the ultimate trauma. Losing your whole family like this is fucked up! 😨

"He's with those assholes, so he's also an asshole." Exactly, New! Don't let Jin get off the hook! I was already on Team Murderer before learning New's backstory, but now I fully support him getting revenge on the culprits. He must execute this vendetta and avenge his loved ones. Destroy them all! Despite the morbid events, New's villain era cracks me up. I love those scenes in the chemistry lab where he concocts magically overpowered drugs. I also laugh at New taking a puff out of his cigarette and saying theatrical lines like, "YOU CAN FUCK ALL YOU WANT, BUT DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM."

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
New reacts happily to Top's death.

Phee is a filthy traitor! I hate that he switches allegiances from Team Murderer to Team Bullies. Besides backstabbing New, Phee betrays Non. Phee once claimed he loved his ex, but apparently ~not enough~ to avenge his death. One sloppy BJ later, Phee is loyal to Jin instead. Non would roll in his grave if he saw his boyfriend defending the guy who leaked his sex tape. Phee's moral code is: "I draw the line at physical murder, but those who psychologically torture someone until they kill themselves can be redeemed."

I'm CACKLING at New's delighted reaction after Fluke shot Top. Everyone else seems tense and scared, whereas New has the most excited grin as Top dies from his wounds. He's having the time of his life! LMAOOOO. In addition, I enjoy the flashbacks of New orchestrating his mastermind plan. From magical hallucinogens to lethal wires, New's convoluted scheme is hilariously BONKERS. I gotta respect him for mindfucking everyone before killing them all. Unlike Phee, I'm loyal to Team New until the bitter end. You can never make me hate this evil bastard~ 🫡

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
White and Tee cry as Phee and Jin threaten them.

Poor Non died so pitifully. At least an assassination (like Keng) would have been quick and sudden, whereas working until you collapse from physical exhaustion is an agonizing way to die. While everyone contributed to Non's demise, Tee played a significant role in introducing him to crime. Even though Tee grew up in unfortunate circumstances, I still can't forgive what he did to Non. I don't need his tragic backstory. I only want him to get his overdue comeuppance!

I hate Tee too much to care about his relationship, but the segment where he falls in love with White is impactful. It reminds me of the Non & Phee flashbacks in Episode 7. In both cases, a rapid succession of scenes establishes the couple's attraction, ushering fierce emotions. White is like a ray of joy in Tee's bleak life. I like how the series uses romance to humanize characters and alleviate tension in the story. Also, poor White. He and Uncle Dang are innocent victims caught up in this twisted revenge scheme. Out of everyone, I do want White to survive. Spare his life!

I like the intensity of the final scene, especially when New coerces Phee to kill the others. Phee argues, "Non wouldn't want you to do this!" But New replies, "I don't care about your fucking ethics. I don't give a shit. You all must die." LMAOOOO. Yes, king! Also, New's magically overpowered hallucinogen is such a hilarious plot device. Taking a whiff of the drug can make you lose your sanity and imagine self-destructive thoughts. There's also an antidote that can break the voodoo sorcery. The whole scenario seems ridiculous, but I go along with it anyway. 

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Ending Review
Non is scary.

ALL MUST PERISH! My ideal conclusion for this series is a cabin full of dead bodies. Phee tries to play hero and gets in the way of a juicy bad ending. Still, the finale has plenty of blood and gore. The series embraces its darkness by making the characters meet their grisly fates. Fluke goes blind before his brutal death, symbolizing how he overlooked injustice. Also, Tee loses his sanity after killing his beloved White. He must agonize while being barely alive, just like Non's final days.

Beyond a tale of bloodshed and retribution, Dead Friend Forever explores fascinating themes about morality. It asks viewers to examine whether the characters deserve to live or die. We also evaluate if they receive their proportionate punishment. The finale presents several ethical questions:

  • Is New right or wrong to exact his revenge on the five people who bullied his brother? Should he have proceeded with his murders, even if it meant White and Uncle Dan would be innocent casualties?
  • Does Jin deserve a harsher fate? Fluke suffered a gruesome death for being a passive bystander to Non's bullying. In contrast, Jin leaked the sex tape and actively contributed to Non's distress. Yet, Jin survives in the finale. Is his punishment equal to his misconduct, especially compared to Fluke?
  • Do any of the characters deserve to die? Jin leaked a sex tape, Por bullied his classmate, and Top made false accusations. As despicable as their actions may be, do these teenagers deserve death for misbehaviours in their youth? Would you change your opinion if Jin shows remorse and the potential for rehabilitation?

Days after finishing the finale, I still ponder my answers to the above questions. The audience, including myself, is quick to condemn the characters for hurting Non. Yet, do they deserve execution as their punishment? As I watch this series, I feel like one of the Capitol residents in The Hunger Games. I'm fascinated by the morbid drama, yet I'm complicit in glorifying vengeance and death. This sobering realization makes me reflect on the story's moral complexities. If Jin & his friends were on trial in real life, how would I judge them? What would my verdict be?

Dead Friend Forever Information

Be On Cloud

Be On Cloud is a Thai BL studio. Its famous BL project is the 2022 drama, KinnPorsche.

Be On Cloud is a Thai BL studio. Its famous BL project is the 2022 drama, KinnPorsche. It has also made the 2023 series, Dead Friend Forever.


Ma-Deaw Chookiat Sakveerakul (มะเดียว ชูเกียรติ ศักดิ์วีระกุล) is a Thai director. His BL projects include Dew (2019), Manner of Death (2020), and Triage (2022), which he co-directed with Aum Natthaphong Aroonnet. He co-directed the 2023 BL series Dead Friend Forever with Chantana Tiprachart.


Chantana Tiprachart (ฉันทนา ทิพย์ประชาติ) is a Thai director. Her BL projects include the 2023 series Dead Friend Forever, which she co-directed with Ma-Deaw Chookiat Sakveerakul.

  1. (Apologies for this turning into an essay) I have many mixed feelings regarding this show. I am glad to see more genres being tackled, yet I found this show to be a lackluster in terms of being a thriller, a horror, or a boyslove. The arguments over morality and expectations kept me engaged well past the point where I felt disconnected from the story due to inconsistent behaviors, bizarre plotholes, and heavy-handed two minutes of hate followed by a quick humanizing arc.

    I began searching for other genre categories for this show. Revenge fiction is like a different kind of death related fiction but focused on emotional catharsis instead of fetish. While that fit, eventually I settled on the show primarily being a type of Greek tragedy. These characters are God’s cosmic chewtoy, or more precisely these characters are written to be hated, pitied, and mourned.

    Tee was my favorite character because he showed the bully gang at their worst yet also developed enough remorse to become a better if still quite selfish person. The shift felt realistic, so he also became the primary lens from which I tended to view how the show creators formed these characters. I do not believe in libertarian free will (the philosophical position holding we humans are capable of violating causal determinism to make choices unfettered from our biology and upbringing) in the real world, and that goes double for fictional worlds.

    If White had come into Tee’s life earlier, I think Tee would have been a much better person because he would have learned greater empathy and less selfish forms of love. Then Tee would have been able to see in Non what he had come to see in White, a precious life worth respecting and protecting. Unfortunately the Tee which did meet Non was no more capable of treating Non with kindness than he could have suddenly started explaining doctorate level quantum physics to Non in fluent Italian. Nobody cannot demonstrate what they did not learn.

    Once I looked at Tee in this way, my feelings towards all the other characters followed suit. Jin had an easy life and had trouble perceiving what hardships others faced. Fluke was non-confrontational to a fault. Non and New (and likely their parents along with Tee’s father and likely Tee) had mental health issues that made them vulnerable to breaking as they did. In a different world, they would truly be friends with each other. Instead all of their flaws and lives set them on an unavoidable course to (self)destruction.

    Watching the ending literally sent me into a depressive state for a couple of days, which included a nightmare revenge fantasy. I was never on team murder. The reasoning was too much like that of a school shooter’s manifesto. I observed the last episode like a slow motion train crash. The inevitable suffering and loss was plain to see, and that was not only because of the questionable writing. Perhaps because I was bullied in school and lost my best friend to suicide due to bullying, I felt both very connected to and deeply horrified by New.

    Thankfully my circumstances were far less melodramatic, but many of those bullies grew up to be decent people who regretted their cruelties and did many things to make the world better. One of our childhood bullies is now a paramedic who has helped save many lives. Escapist fantasy can be useful for releasing pent up attitudes and emotions that would be unacceptable in the real world, but I could ever only use real world morality when I started seeing these characters as people rather than cartoons. For that reason I felt that New committed the worst evils of all of them at the house, though this too was built into his character from both fictional and authorial birth.

    The truth should be revealed, and there should be negative consequences for the actions of the bullies. However executing even a genuine murderer does not bring back the dead. It only prevents any future good and bad that person would have done. I do not believe a life for a life is justice or karma. I do not believe in redemption arcs. People’s lives are too valuable for such exchange rates. The best I know to do is work towards improving things for ourselves and others. In both real and fictional worlds I mourn when people are not given the best possible chance to become better.


  2. I think pondering the valid questions at the end of this review is quite hard, because the story is so outlandish. It easily invites one to join ‘Team Murderer’, because no matter from which angle you view this ‘drama’, it’s all rather absurd.

    I think the bad part of this messy cocktail is that serious problems like bullying, suicide, attempted suicide, mental health issues, corruption, kids ending on the wrong side of life, are portrayed as almost a parody. It’s hard to take these issues seriously when they’re presented so one-dimensional in the midst of a load of entertaining B.S., which never offers any hope. The writers could have handed Non several ways of escaping. Killing the poor kid off was nothing more than a plot device to get the revenge going. Did it need to be this dark?

    Apart from that side note I mostly enjoyed the nonsense. Especially the wire scene (no doubt inspired by ‘Ghost Ship’ or ‘Final Destination part something’) cracked me up, when poor Uncle, despite lacking his head, still reached for the food. Food is important!

    I would have appreciated seeing more of that kind of silliness, to make the whole thing a bit easier to digest. It now feels the makers took themselves slightly too seriously.

  3. honestly, me personally, i would never bat an eye on any seemingly extreme punishment bullies or sex offenders get. i would even go as far as to say it is well deserved. these people are irredeemable to me as i do not believe people who consciously exercise cruelty are capable of feeling remorse or should be given a chance to redeem themselves. at least for the victims' sake.

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