My Mate Match – Series Review & Ending Explained

Mix, Match and Ryu live in the same house in the Thai BL series My Mate Match.

My Mate Match is a lighthearted Thai BL series about three strangers who move into the same house. The protagonist posts an ad to find a roommate, but he accidentally accepts two candidates for the same position. A friendly rivalry and a love triangle form as the characters compete to win the host's affection.

With its goofy sense of humour, My Mate Match will appeal to anyone who likes cute and chipper romantic comedies. Although the acting is on the weaker side, this BL drama is bursting with delightful energy. I genuinely enjoy this quirky love story that fills me with giddiness.

My Mate Match Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

5 episodes


Romantic comedy


My Mate Match is a happy & funny BL drama.


Match sleeps in the same bed with Mix and Ryu.

Match is an online content creator who recently rented a fancy house. Due to his unstable income, he wants to find a roommate to help split the monthly rent. However, the house rule has a strict rule about only letting two people live on the property. Match is only allowed to have one roommate or he'll face a hefty fine.

Match posts an online ad to help him search for a roommate. He receives a phone request and arranges a house tour with this prospective candidate. Later, Mix shows up at the property and Match agrees to let him be his roommate. Mix is an aspiring musician and wants to move in because the house is near some convenient performance venues.

However, Match is surprised when another candidate named Ryu shows up for the house tour. It turns out that Ryu, a culinary student, was the originally caller who phoned him earlier. However, Match confused his identity with Mix, who randomly showed up to the property without an appointment. Ryu also wants to move in to the house because it is close to his culinary school campus.

Match is apologetic about his mistake, resulting in two candidates vying for the same roommate position. He can't decide between choosing either Mix or Ryu on the spot. Instead, Match lets both men stay at his house despite breaking the rules. However, he turns their living arrangement into a competition. After a month, Mix will make his decision and pick one final roommate.

Match, Mix, and Ryu spend the next month living together in the same house. Both Mix and Ryu have their eccentricities. Mix is a lazy slob, constantly skipping chores and leaving his belongings scattered around the place. Ryu is secretly a bad chef and his roommates don't have the heart to tell him about his bad cooking. Despite their quirks, the three young men also enjoy each other's company. A friendship, along with a potential love triangle, begin to take shape between them.

My Mate Match Cast


Match Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจษฎากร บัณฑิต) Jet Instagram

Match is portrayed by the Thai actor Match Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจษฎากร บัณฑิต).

Match is an online content creator. He used to create videos with a group of friends, but has left them to pursue an independent career. After renting a luxurious house, Match posts an ad to find a roommate and split the rent. He ends up with two competing candidates due to a mistake.

Mix Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana (กษม กาญจนวัฒนา) Jame Instagram

Mix is portrayed by the Thai actor Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana (กษม กาญจนวัฒนา).

Mix is an aspiring musician who responded to Match's ad for a roommate. He wants to move into the house due to its proximity to various performance venues. Although Mix likes playing music, he's lazy and gets distracted easily. He is also terribly untidy, leaving his possessions scattered around the place.

Ryu Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat (ธนกร กุลจรัสสมบัติ) Big Instagram

Ryu is portrayed by the Thai actor Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat (ธนกร กุลจรัสสมบัติ.

Ryu is a culinary chef who responded to Match's ad for a roommate. He wants to move into the house because it has convenient commute to his culinary school. Ryu likes to cook, but Match and Mix discover his meals don't taste that good. Ryu has an outgoing personality and often keeps his roommates entertained with infectious enthusiasm.

Cast Highlights

  • The actors portraying Match, Mix, and Ryu (Jet, Jame & Big) appear in the 2020 Thai series Gen Y and its 2021 sequel Gen Y 2.
  • Match's actor Jet also starred in the 2020 BL drama The Moment and its sequel The Moment Since. He has supporting roles in What Zabb Man! (2022) and Big Dragon (2022). He also appears in Dead Friend Forever (2023).
  • Ryu's actor Big had a supporting role in the 2022 supernatural BL series Something in My Room. He portrayed part of a straight couple.

My Mate Match Review


Drama Review Score: 7.3

Mix and Ryu are rivals both competing for Match's affections.

My Mate Match is a perky romantic comedy with enthusiastic jokes, endearing characters, and entertaining scenarios. This delightful BL drama is mindlessly fun. No, the story isn't that deep and lacks literary value. Its premise is also a stretch, as unrealistic circumstances force everyone into a living arrangement. Nonetheless, My Mate Match is still cute and enjoyable. The series lets you shut off your brain and focus on the hilarious goofiness.

Many Thai BL dramas have tried combining romance and comedy with disastrous results. It sounds simple, but not every series can tell funny jokes, write sweet exchanges, or create coherent narratives. All things considered, My Mate Match is a successful attempt at this genre. It hits all the necessary benchmarks, from a lighthearted story to an engaging couple. While it doesn't meet top-tier BL standards, the quality is decent enough and seems acceptable for something casual.

I like that the storylines are simple, silly, and slapstick. Perhaps the comedy won't appeal to everyone's sense of humour, but the quirky scenes may induce an occasional chuckle. What works for My Mate Match is its infectious energy. It maintains a chipper, cheerful vibe throughout the episodes. Even when several jokes miss the mark, the series feels jovial and quickly moves on to the next comedic moment. There's rarely a lull in the upbeat momentum.

In my opinion, the weakest part of My Mate Match is the acting. The performances feel cheesy with hammy reactions and amateurish line deliveries. I appreciate the lively cast, but their efforts are too unrefined. Although the leads become more comfortable in their roles, they never improve enough to make me reassess a lousy first impression. At least all three actors are around the same skill level, so nobody stands out as noticeably better or worse.

My Love Match offers a charming romance with adorable BL scenes. The first kiss of the series catches me off-guard, but I like this kind of spontaneous surprise in a story. While the love triangle leads to occasionally amusing moments, the relationship drama becomes too heavy towards the end. My Mate Match works best when the plot doesn't take itself too seriously. However, the second half falters because the annoying angst doesn't feel fun or well-written. Mix's character goes from being lovably obnoxious to moody, irrational, and jealous.

Despite the declining quality, My Mate Match never reaches dire levels. The melodrama is only a bit frustrating, but it's not unwatchable. Thankfully, the series wraps up the messiness early enough, restoring a chirpy and jubilant tone in the finale. This five-episode drama is the suitable length, concluding just in time before it goes downhill and my opinion sours. Overall, My Mate Match is a solid BL entry with plenty of amusing moments. I'm left with positive memories of its vibrant story, vivacious characters, and vivid romance.


Goofy story

My Mate Match is a delightful romantic comedy. While the plot isn't complex, you'll be entertained by lighthearted jokes and goofy characters.

Cute romance

The relationship scenes are adorable in My Mate Match. However, the love triangle angst becomes too heavy towards the end.

Weak acting

The acting might be the weakest part of My Mate Match. Although the actors are lively, their reactions and line deliveries seem amateurish.

Happy ending

Thankfully, My Mate Match resolves the annoying love triangle drama early in the finale. The series concludes on a positive and energetic note.

Average production

My Mate Match has average production values, presentable but nothing special. The whole series takes place inside the same house. There isn't much variety in the filming locations.


My Mate Match is enjoyable and entertaining for a casual BL drama. It maintains a cheerful and chipper momentum throughout the series.


Match and Mix form a connection while playing the guitar.

The story is told primarily from Match's perspective. He's a mildly likable protagonist with a level-headed view most of the time (other than his occasional BL fantasies 😳). While his two roommates have wackier personalities, Match is the sensible one who keeps calm and tells everyone to behave.

With all due respect, I'm not sure why these two guys were fighting over him so badly. Is it because of his online celebrity fame? It wasn't like Match gave off signals or flirted with them intentionally. So, I'm a bit puzzled about the infatuation when Match seems like a pretty normal and ordinary guy.

I like that Match isn't just a love interest in a BL series. We see him do his content creator job with bigger career aspirations. Filming his two roommates in a competition feels like a very YouTuber thing to do. It's totally obnoxious, but I also understand it's the kind of ~content~ that people might want to watch online. The competition has a novelty aspect. I don't hold it against him for being opportunistic and taking advantage of this situation to increase his following.

Mix and Ryu give victory signs to Match.

I love Mix's character and thought he added a lot of comedy to the series with his many personality flaws. He's lazy, disorganized, and behaves like the nightmare roommate from hell. While I wouldn't want to live with him, I think he's pretty entertaining for a character in a BL comedy. Since Mix is so goofy, his obnoxious habits seem harmless instead of malicious. He comes across as a lovable scamp, turning his annoying qualities into endearing traits instead.

His struggling musician subplot is a pretty standard storyline, but I still appreciate seeing more nuance to his character. Failing an audition is a small, relatable plot that works for a casual BL series like My Match Match. The events aren't too stressful or serious, yet there's still enough drama to spice up the plot. It gave Mix character development, expanding him beyond just a goofy caricature.

Ryu works as a model and poses for the camera.

Ryu is also a pretty likable character, injecting a boost of hyper energy to the series. I think the actor can be too hammy, which made his portrayal a bit less endearing for me. Nonetheless, Ryu makes it easy to like him because he's a friendly guy with a bubbly personality. As a roommate, he cooks (albeit poorly), does his chores, and seems amicable. If I watched Match's roommate competition, I'd join the 97% of viewers who voted for Ryu to win over Mix.

Even though My Love Match started as a love triangle, it became obvious Ryu stood no chance of winning Match's affections. I felt bad when he gave his love confession (which did seem random) and then Match laughed it off. I ended up sympathizing with Ryu a lot and wanted him to find a boyfriend too. If My Mate Match has a Season 2, I want to see Ryu with a proper love interest this time.


Mix and Match
Match and Mix fall in love while living together.

I like the romance that develops between Mix and Match. It feels like an organic and easygoing attraction that cultivates over time. They have cute, breezy relationship scenes that are comfortably paced. Their casual romance feels delightful to watch, satisfying the BL cravings in me.

Their kissing scene in Episode 3 startled me. It made sense from a storytelling perspective since Mix and Match had developed feelings for a while. However, I didn't think the characters would kiss in bed with Ryu literally resting next to them. It added intrigue and excitement to their first kiss, the kind of scandalous drama that I love watching in BL love triangles.

What I didn't love about their first kiss was the annoying drama afterwards. The characters had a drunken kiss, but they both felt too awkward to address the moment. This weirdness developed into bitterness and hostility, which dragged on for too long in the later episodes. When Mix started getting jealous and throwing childish tantrums, he got really grating for me. Either speak up or shut up, you know? The couple lost a bit of shine due to this annoying behaviour, but I still liked them enough overall.

Match and Ryu
Ryu develops feelings for his roommate Match.

To be honest, the Match and Ryu romance seemed a bit forced. Their scenes together didn't convey a romantic attraction, so I was just as surprised as Match when Ryu confessed his love. They felt like platonic friends over two guys with a secret crush. I don't know why Ryu suddenly developed feelings for Match?

This love triangle wasn't that successful and I don't have much to say about this pairing. However, what I liked was the rivalry between Ryu and Mix. The lighthearted competition scenes were stupidly funny when the characters competed for Match's attention. Even though the love triangle was a flop from a romantic perspective, at least it led to humorous moments.

Mix and Ryu
Mix and Ryu could make an exciting couple.

Is this couple too niche or am I the only one who thinks Mix and Ryu would make a good pairing? While the Ryu and Match ship does nothing for me, the Ryu and Mix scenes have a spark that makes me take notice. I dunno, there's chemistry between their characters. I genuinely think it would've been an intriguing ~plot twist~ if Mix and Ryu had developed feelings.

I started shipping Mix and Ryu pretty early on. Their feuding dynamic appealed to me, and I was convinced as soon as Match fantasized about them in the premiere. Of course, I didn't think this crack ship would actually happen as the series progressed. However, there's a moment in Episode 3 where Mix puts his hand on Ryu's knee. For a second, I was like OMG IT'S HAPPENING!!! Sadly, it was just a false alarm. Mix and Ryu never realized their feelings for each other in the end. 😢

My Mate Match Ending Explained


Happy ending
Match and Mix kiss each other in the My Mate Match happy ending.

My Mate Match has a happy ending where Mix and Match become a couple. Previously, there was prolonged drama when neither character would admit their feelings for each other. Even after Match kisses Mix for a second time, there was still uncertainty between them. In the last episode, Ryu finally gave them a gentle push, nudging his two roommates to confess their love. Mix and Match clear the air as they engage in a romantic kiss.

In the last episode, Ryu also decides to move out of the house. His younger sister is moving into university, so his parents want him to look after her. Of course, he also doesn't want to be the ~third wheel~ for the newly dating couple. Mix and Match say goodbye to him, leaving on good terms with each other.

The series ends with Match announcing to his followers that Mix won the roommate competition. Mix is worried the viewers wouldn't like him, because 97% of voters wanted Ryu to win instead. However, Match doesn't care about what his followers think as long as they are together!

Season 2
Match and Mix confess their feelings for each other in the ending.

Just when Mix and Match share a kiss in front of the live streaming audience, they're interrupted by a phone call. It's the real estate agent! She announces there's a new rental property, where the landlord allows up to four people to live together. Mix and Match are excited about this announcement. The last scene shows them picking up the phone, presumably to call Ryu about the good news.

This series ends cutely, setting up a fun scenario if there's ever a potential Season 2. To be honest, I would be interested in watching another season of this fun, lighthearted BL series. Give Ryu a love interest please!

My Mate Match Episodes

Episode Guide

My Mate Match has a total of 5 episodes. Each episode is around 40 minutes long. It's a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 4 hours. My Mate Match began on October 9, 2021 and ended its last episode on November 6, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


💋 Episodes with kissing

Episode 3, 4, 5

Match and Mix share a first kiss in the middle of the night.

Match and Mix kiss on three separate occasions during the series as their relationship heats up. Even though Ryu has a crush on Match, no physical intimacy takes place between them.

The first kiss happens in Episode 3. The three roommates had just finished spending the night with games and alcohol. They retreat to the bedroom, all feeling a bit drunk. Match jumps into bed with Ryu by his left and Mix by the right. While intoxicated, Match starts making out with Mix while Ryu is lying next to them. Mix is surprised, but he reciprocates the kiss.

The second kiss happens in Episode 4. After the first kiss, much drama ensued when both characters woke up and remembered what happened between them. However, they feel too awkward to address their drunken kiss. As time passes, Mix gets increasingly frustrated when he sees Match and Ryu flirting. Match and Mix eventually confront each other in the bedroom. Match initiates a second kiss to validate his feelings, except he's not drunk this time.

The third kiss happens in Episode 5. After they clear up further misunderstandings, Mix and Match finally confirm their feelings towards each other. They share a kiss to seal the deal!

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4

Mix and Ryu are shirtless in Match's fantasy.

All three actors get shirtless often in My Mate Match. Various random and ridiculous scenarios demand them to appear on screen without their clothes.

  • Ryu's character gets shirtless right away in Episode 1. His first shirtless scene is when he exits the shower. Later, Mix plays a prank on him and yanks away his towel.
  • Ryu and Mix both appear shirtless in Episode 2. Match has an erotic dream in the middle of the night. He fantasizes about both roommates lusting after him in a menage-a-trois scenario.
  • Match gets shirtless in Episode 3. He was in the middle of taking a shower, but needed to answer a phone call. He comes out of the bathroom with just a towel.
  • Mix appears shirtless again in Episode 4. He was just getting ready for a shower and took off his shirt. However, Ryu confronts him in the bedroom over some love triangle drama.

My Mate Match Information

Star Hunter Entertainment

Star Hunter Entertainment is a Thai BL studio known for making Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021).

Star Hunter Entertainment is a Thai BL studio known for making Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021). Its portfolio also includes The Moment (2020), The Moment Since (2020), My Mate Match (2021), and What Zabb Man! (2022).

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