Gen Y 2 – Series Review & Ending Explained

Wayu and Thanu go on vacation in the Thai BL series Gen Y 2.

Gen Y 2 is the second season of the Thai BL drama Gen Y. This series continues the campus romances between various university students. The sequel follows up on the cliffhanger in the previous finale, as everybody reacts to a shocking development. Afterwards, the characters must hide secrets from each other, repress their romantic feelings, and navigate complicated relationships.

Despite my low expectations, I was unprepared for the utter awfulness of Gen Y 2. This offensively dull sequel feels excruciating from start to finish. I hate the tedious couple, the sappy dialogue, and the banal storylines. Finishing the dreary series is a test of endurance, and I would warn anyone to stay far away from this travesty.

Gen Y 2 Summary


วัยรุ่นวุ่นYรัก 2

Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Gen Y 2 is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Wayu and Thanu practice archery together.

Wayu is a university student who felt heartbroken after his ex-boyfriend dumped him out of the blue. His ex Pha quit school and went missing immediately afterwards, leaving no explanation. Wayu was confused and devastated by their inexplicable breakup. Since then, Wayu slowly learned to get over his ex-boyfriend, a painful memory of the past. He also developed feelings for Pha's friend Thanu.

Before Wayu and Thanu could become a couple, Pha suddenly reappears. Pha doesn't clarify what happened to him previously, but he wants to reconcile. Wayu is upset and can't forgive his ex for hurting him. Nonetheless, he remains torn between his feelings between his ex and his new crush. Wayu doesn't realize Pha harbours a painful secret, his real rationale for the breakup. Only Pha's best friend Kit and his boyfriend Mark know the truth, but they have promised not to tell Wayu.

Complicating matters is Thanu's mysterious connection with Phai. Although these two students met in a chance encounter, they strangely saw prophetic visions of their future relationship. Thanu struggles between his current feelings for Wayu and his predestined bond with Phai. Unwilling to get involved in a love triangle, Phai takes control of his destiny and gracefully stays away from his prospective love interest. Yet, his friend Sandee has sinister plans, using underhanded tactics to split up Thanu and Wayu.

Meanwhile, Phai's friends Pok and Tong have developed feelings for each other. Despite their constant flirting, this couple still has bad blood between them. Their animosity started when Tong rigged Pok's high school grades to help him obtain a university scholarship. Sandee blackmailed Tong after discovering what happened. Under threat, Tong ordered hitmen to assault Pok, causing him to miss a crucial competition. Pok retaliated by forcing Tong to have sex with him against his will. Although their relationship has improved, Pok still can't get over their volatile past.

Amid everyone's relationship drama, Mark and Kit remain happy in a stable, committed relationship. Mark is over-the-top in his public displays of affection, which sometimes embarrasses his boyfriend. Nonetheless, Kit becomes more receptive and learns to reciprocate these gestures. Lately, Kit has been busy and preoccupied with his friend Pha. Mark tries to be understanding, but he misses his boyfriend a lot. Kit's commitment to his medical studies also means the couple spends more time apart, causing a further rift.

Gen Y 2 Trailer

Gen Y 2 Cast



Bas Suradej Pinnirat (บาส สุรเดช พินิวัตร์)

Wayu is portrayed by the Thai actor Bas Suradej Pinnirat (บาส สุรเดช พินิวัตร์).

Wayu is a university student who used to be in a relationship with Pha, his high school student. Their sudden and inexplicable breakup devastated Wayu, although he learned to move on since then. Nowadays, he has a crush on Thanu, both on the verge of confessing their feelings. Wayu is the older brother of Sab.


Dun Romchumpa (ดุล ร่มจำปา)

Thanu is portrayed by the Thai actor Dun Romchumpa (ดุล ร่มจำปา).

Thanu is a university student with a crush on Wayu. He returns to his medical studies after a year of extended absence. Although Thanu has feelings for Wayu, he is confused by his serendipitous bond with Phai. Thanu has an unresolved feud with Padbok, his former friend.


Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee (คอปเตอร์ ภานุวัฒน์ เกิดทองทวี)

Kit is portrayed by the Thai actor Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee (คอปเตอร์ ภานุวัฒน์ เกิดทองทวี).

Kit is a medical student in a committed relationship with Mark. Unlike his boisterous boyfriend, Kit is reserved and feels embarrassed by public displays of affection. Nonetheless, he opens up and starts responding to Mark's flirtations. Kit is the older brother of Phai and the two siblings have a close relationship. Kit is also Pha's best friend.


Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta (คิมม่อน วโรดม เข็มมณฑา)

Mark is portrayed by the Thai actor Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta (คิมม่อน วโรดม เข็มมณฑา).

Mark is an engineering student, currently dating Kit. Mark has a cheeky, outgoing, and playful personality. He likes to tell jokes, play pranks, and tease others with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Mark is devoted to his boyfriend, constantly showering him with love and affection. However, he also demands a lot of attention from his partner, despite Kit's busy schedule.


Bank Toranin Manosudprasit (แบงค์ ธรณินทร์ มโนสุดประสิทธิ์)

Pok is portrayed by the Thai actor Bank Toranin Manosudprasit (แบงค์ ธรณินทร์ มโนสุดประสิทธิ์).

Pok is a university student and a competitive swimmer. He takes his athletic ambitions seriously, hoping to secure the top spot in the swim team. Pok has romantic feelings for his high school friend Tong. However, their relationship is rocked by a volatile history of tension and hostility. Pok hasn't forgiven Tong for causing him to miss a crucial swimming competition.


Bonus Tanadech Deeseesuk (โบนัส ธนเดช ดีสีสุข)

Tong is portrayed by the Thai actor Bonus Tanadech Deeseesuk (โบนัส ธนเดช ดีสีสุข).

Tong is a university freshman and Pok's high school friend. Tong and Pok have developed feelings for each other. However, their relationship is prone to misunderstandings and tense arguments. Tong also has a complicated relationship with Sandee. In the past, Tong rigged Sandee's high school grades, swapping his test scores to help Pok obtain a university scholarship.

Supporting Cast

Pha is portrayed by Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat (ธนกร กุลจรัสสมบัติ).


Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat (ธนกร กุลจรัสสมบัติ)

Phai is portrayed by Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย).


Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย)

Sandee is portrayed by Bank Thanathip Srithongsuk (ธนาธิป ศรีทองสุ).


Bank Thanathip Srithongsuk (ธนาธิป ศรีทองสุ)

Sab is portrayed by Kad Ploysupa (กาด พลอยสุภา).


Kad Ploysupa (กาด พลอยสุภา)

Jack is portrayed by Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจ็ท เจษฎากร บัณฑิต).


Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจ็ท เจษฎากร บัณฑิต)

Koh is portrayed by Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana (กษม กาญจนวัฒนา).


Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana (กษม กาญจนวัฒนา)

Kalae is portrayed by Tung Weeraphong Chankhamrueang (ตั๋ง วีรพงศ์ จันทร์คำเรือง).


Tung Weeraphong Chankhamrueang (ตั๋ง วีรพงศ์ จันทร์คำเรือง)

Klui is portrayed by Bank Theewara Panyatara (แบงค์ ธีวรา ปัญญะธารา).


Bank Theewara Panyatara (แบงค์ ธีวรา ปัญญะธารา)

Padbok is portrayed by Junior Ronnakorn Soontornnon (จูเนียร์ รณกร สุนทรนนท์).


Junior Ronnakorn Soontornnon (จูเนียร์ รณกร สุนทรนนท์)

Jil is portrayed by Fergie Pawarit Power (วันชัย เพาเวอร์).


Fergie Pawarit Power (วันชัย เพาเวอร์)

Yuki is portrayed by Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan (โยชิ รินรดา ธุระพันธ์).


Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan (โยชิ รินรดา ธุระพันธ์)

Taojiao is portrayed by Flluqe Vashirawish Jaruruangphong (ฟลุค วชิรวิชญ์ จารุเรืองพงศ์).


Flluqe Vashirawish Jaruruangphong (ฟลุค วชิรวิชญ์ จารุเรืองพงศ์)

Gen Y 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 3.6

Mark surprises Kit in the classroom.

Gen Y 2 is a catastrophe, astounding me with its dreadfulness. How can a BL drama be this awful? Does the storyteller have any idea how to create an engaging narrative? Every plot is banal, shallow, and utterly pointless. Each episode feels like excruciating torture. I glance at the clock in desperation all the time, wondering when this nightmare would finally end. Gen Y 2 is a lousy sequel and an embarrassing representation of the BL genre.

I had an ominous feeling about Gen Y 2 based on the miserable storylines near the end of the first season. Still, I underestimated the rapid and bottomless deterioration in quality. The premiere begins nonsensically with ridiculous reactions to the previous cliffhanger finale. Each subsequent episode only gets worse. The plots are half-baked and devoid of suspense, yet they drag for hours before their predictably trite resolutions. I'm bored by the repetitive conflicts, stale romances, and dreary leads with lifeless charisma.

Wayu and Thanu ruined the series. I can't fathom why Gen Y 2 devotes so much time to the pairing when they are a total snoozefest. This mismatched couple shares zero chemistry, the dull characters have no personalities, and their mundane interactions drain my energy. All their scenes are cheesy, schmaltzy, and blandly vanilla. Yet, they're constantly pushed to the forefront, so overexposed that I groan every time these two bores appear on-screen. Wayu can't go anywhere without Thanu tagging along creepily because he has no life outside his relationship.

Gen Y 2 oversimplifies Wayu's moral dilemma between choosing Pha and Thanu, mishandling the love triangle drama. All the characters are obnoxious about pushing Wayu towards Thanu, eliminating any tension in the storyline. Also, Pha's delicate situation demands compassion and sensitivity. Yet, his character is reduced to a pitiful plot device to prop up Wayu & Thanu's inevitable hook-up. Worst of all, Wayu seems heartless towards his suffering ex-boyfriend. I hate seeing him giggle and flirt frivolously with Thanu while Pha faces pain and anguish.

The other relationships are dire and cannot salvage the series. Although Mark & Kit have a natural rapport, they're saddled with an idiotic subplot that diminishes their spark. Gen Y 2 ran out of material and didn't know what to do with their star couple anymore. As for Pok & Tong, both are toxic scumbags wrapped up in their trashy drama. Watching them is like a prelude to domestic assault. Annoyingly, all three pairs suffer from excess sentimentality. Their exchanges are too mushy and sappy. The unrealistic dialogue resembles corny lines in a romance novel.

I can continue listing the issues with Gen Y 2, but the gist is I hate everything. Perhaps the biggest problem is the unbearable length. This series stretches a flimsy plot into eleven longwinded hours of tedious content. Finishing all the episodes has been a painful test of endurance, one that I overcame with rolled eyes, clenched fists, and gritted teeth. I'm proud of myself for not quitting midway, although I came close to falling asleep on occasions. I beg you, please don't make a third season. Gen Y 2 deserves an eternal burial in the graveyard of horrid BL franchises.


Boring story

Gen Y 2 is plagued with dull plots, tedious characters, and cheesy dialogue. This series is terribly written, mishandling its flimsy storylines from start to finish.

Dreary romance

Wayu and Thanu are overexposed, constantly boring us with their awkward interactions. The other romances are dire, suffering from corny and schmaltzy exchanges.

Uninspired acting

Wayu and Thanu's actors share no chemistry. They are uninspiring performers who exude little charisma. Watching their scenes drains my energy and enthusiasm.

Happy ending

Gen Y 2 has a predictably happy ending that was telegraphed since the first episode. Still, you must endure eleven tedious hours for this expected conclusion, devoid of interest or suspense.

Good artistry

This series is solidly produced. The cinematography is one of the few highlights in the drama. However, some settings feel familiar, like we've seen the same places in the first season.


Gen Y 2 is a dreadful sequel without charm or excitement. The bland leads take up too much screentime with their tedious exchanges. All the storylines feel dumb, ridiculous, and offensively dull.

Gen Y 2 Series Explained



Pha is ill with a terminal illness. That's why he left Wayu.

Gen Y 2 finally reveals the explanation behind Pha's mysterious disappearance. Drumroll, please… Pha has a terminal illness. After learning about his incurable disease, he broke up with Wayu and didn't want to burden him with the news. He spent the past year seeking treatments, but nothing worked. Now, Pha has accepted that he is dying and wants to spend his remaining days with Wayu.

Pha's terminal illness was one of my earliest theories. When I found out what happened to him, my response was like: "I KNEW IT!" A severe medical condition would explain Pha's erractic actions in the first season. Of course, he could have handled his diagnosis more maturely, discussing it with Wayu instead of breaking up with him. Nonetheless, I understand why Pha freaked out and won't fault him for behaving irrationally.

Was the explanation worth the wait? I don't think so. Gen Y dragged out this mystery for so long to the extent that I don't care about Pha. Even after being introduced this season, Pha is mainly defined by his illness and not anything else. As much as I sympathize with his situation, I don't really know who he is. It's difficult to feel engaged with the Gen Y 2's central storyline when the series hasn't fleshed out Pha's character.

Wayu and Pha

Wayu doesn't realize Pha broke up with him because of a terminal illness.

The Wayu, Pha and Thanu love triangle is insufferable. For starters, the optics are uncomfortable. Gen Y 2 wants the viewers to root against the guy dying of a terminal illness. Seeing Wayu reject Pha on his deathbed kills any mood for romance. While Pha suffers in the hospital, Wayu is busy flirting merrily with Thanu. Oh Thanu, teach me how to hold a bow and arrow, giggle giggle! This juxtaposition makes the leads look awful.

The storyline has no nuance. Wayu's moral obligation to his dying ex-boyfriend should've been a complex issue, handled with empathy. I wanted heartfelt exchanges to address what happened, share their feelings, and discuss the remaining time together. Instead, Pha's disease gets reduced to a shallow plot device. Wayu visits his ex on a few occasions, breaks his heart, and then everyone tells him, "You should be with Thanu!" There's hardly any tension, yet the drama drags on forever.

Wayu pretends to struggle with his dilemma, even though it's clear who he desires. He spends all his time thinking about Thanu, talking to Thanu, and longing for Thanu. It's okay if Wayu doesn't love his ex anymore, but can we trim the unnecessary scenes where he waffles between his love interests? Spare us the disingenuous agony. Gen Y 2 also perpetuates a false narrative, claiming Thanu distanced himself from Wayu after discovering Pha's illness. In reality, he flirted even more aggressively. Thanu's response to his dying friend is: "I gotta compete and I'm gonna win!"

Pha's death

Wayu and Thanu visit Pha's grave.

If there was ever a time to pump the brakes on Wayu and Thanu's relationship, it was the episode when Pha died. Even though they weren't dating anymore, Pha was somebody close to Wayu's heart. Now would be a good moment to ease the character into mourning. Let's take a breather, giving Wayu space to heal. Instead, Wayu & Thanu immediately go on vacation after Pha's death. Are you kidding me!?

I'm not saying Wayu needs to be overwhelmed with grief. However, a romantic getaway after your ex's funeral is tacky and tasteless. No, they don't go on this trip to help Wayu move on from sorrow. Wayu cares so little about Pha that his ex's death doesn't register on his mind. He's already in party mode less than 24 hours after Pha's casket got lowered to the ground. Hey Thanu, let's take selfies and make out in the pool! Wayu seems heartless, unrecognizable from the sensitive soul who cried in the rain during the first season.

Wayu and Thanu

Wayu and Thanu kiss each other.

I didn't hate Wayu and Thanu in the first season. The characters weren't prominent enough to get on my nerves. That changed once Gen Y 2 increased their screentime significantly. Despite having no personality and sharing zero chemistry, Wayu & Thanu dominate every episode. Their scenes are unbearable, making me groan whenever these dullards appear on-screen. Not again. Give me a break from your monotony! 😣

Besides their overexposure, the couple has repetitive and insipid exchanges. Their banal chats offer no humour or substance. Their mundane interactions have no passion or excitement. Ugh, these two guys don't know how to flirt. The worst scenes must be Thanu's archery lessons, which are supposedly "romantic" because the leads stand near each other? Then again, I can't tell the difference between their many relationship moments, which are all generic and vaguely similar.

It doesn't help both characters are bland as hell. Wayu acts like a wet blanket, constantly sulking and moping. Thanu is a charisma vacuum, draining the energy and enthusiasm from every interaction. Pair them together and you'll create a black hole devoid of entertainment. I'm sorry, but neither has enough appeal to lead a BL drama. Making Wayu and Thanu the focus of Gen Y 2 is the biggest downfall for this series.

Thanu and Phai

Phai doesn't want anything to do with Thanu.

Gen Y 2 drudges up the Thanu & Phai subplot again, even though the characters already resolved their relationship amicably last season. Wayu spends an entire episode feeling insecure because of Thanu and Phai's ~destiny bond~. The drama was infuriating because nothing happened between the two characters. While they experienced psychic visions of their future romance, they never actually kissed or became intimate with each other.

Nonetheless, Wayu still throws a hissy fit over their alleged connection. He perceives Phai as a boyfriend stealer even though the latter has done NOTHING inappropriate. Poor Phai has to swear up and down, draw a line in the sand, and almost take a blood oath to clear his innocent name. "I don't like Thanu, I have never liked Thanu, and I will never like Thanu!" The allegations against Phai are completely baseless and ridiculous. Why is Gen Y creating conflict over an imaginary romance that never even manifested?

As awful as the Thanu and Wayu scenes are, I secretly think the Thanu and Phai storyline would be just as unwatchable. Based on what we saw last season, these two characters wouldn't deliver engaging content other than their inane babbles about destiny. Imagine an alternate universe where Thanu gives dreary archery lessons to Phai instead of Wayu. Take everything you don't like about the Thanu and Wayu pair, but add a layer of clairvoyant nonsense to the dialogue. We dodged a bullet when Gen Y scrapped this bizarre relationship subplot.


Sandee keeps meddling with Phai, Wayu and Thanu's love triangle.

Oh my god, Sandee lost his marbles this season. His manipulative actions are beyond comprehension. I don't understand why he meddles in the Thanu, Wayu & Phai love triangle when their relationship drama has nothing to do with him. I think the ~official reason~ is because he feels sorry for Phai after getting dumped by Thanu. However, we know the ~real reason~ is because the writers wanted messy conflict, so they turned Sandee into a one-dimensional villain.

Sandee clearly crosses the line with his petty, underhanded antics. No sane person would go to these lengths to interfere with the relationships of people he doesn't even know. With that said, Sandee's delusion reaches such an extreme that he becomes hilariously evil to watch. Since Sandee antagonized all the characters I hated, I rooted for him to succeed in his schemes. Yes, break up Wayu and Thanu! Yes, end Pok and Tong's romance! DESTROY THEM ALL!!!

Sadly, the fun stopped after Sandee's friends confronted him. His character got nerfed, ostracized, and fell into irrelevance. Then, I thought we would see Sandee's redemption journey or a potential romance with Phai. However, those storylines fizzled out and went nowhere. Gen Y 2 desperately lacked compelling plots, and Sandee stood out as one of the only characters providing entertainment. Although Sandee was a terribly-written villain, at least he seemed messy and fun, more than I can say about the rest of the snoozefest cast.


Thanu and Padbok resolve their differences in Gen Y 2.

Gen Y 2 resolves an ongoing mystery from Season 1, sorting out the conflict between Thanu and Padbok. Basically, Padbok felt betrayed by his former friend, who didn't bail him out of jail. However, the truth is Thanu got arrested after confessing to the crime on his friend's behalf. The so-called betrayal is secretly self-sacrifice. Afterwards, Thanu got suspended from school over the arrest. He didn't tell Padbok this secret, not wanting his friend to feel guilty about the consequences.

Yes, the storyline is as stupid as it sounds. Honestly, Thanu should have just told the truth instead of prolonging an unnecessary feud. The senseless drama resolves in the last episode once Padbok discovers what happened. His first reaction is to PUNCH Thanu, a reaction as inexplicable as the rest of the events in this storyline. They become friends again afterwards, ceasing a silly conflict that seems like much ado about nothing. It took one simple conversation to clear up the misunderstanding. Yet, Gen Y 2 dragged out the tension for a dozen of episodes over nothing. 😑

To be fair, the subplot might have suffered because Padbok's actor didn't seem available for filming this season. He isn't in the opening credits and only appears in a handful of scenes. I suspect the actor's lack of availability impacted how the narrative progressed.

Mark and Kit

Mark plants a surprise kiss on his boyfriend Kit.

You can tell Gen Y 2 ran out of storylines for Mark and Kit since the end of last season. The series has done an excellent job portraying their courtship. I still believe they are the best part of the franchise. However, Gen Y has struggled to come up with new material after Mark and Kit start dating. The couple fades into the background, overtaken by the supporting cast. It's a shame because their characters have the charm, charisma, and chemistry to carry this drama, unlike Wayu and Thanu.

When Gen Y 2 finally introduces a new subplot for Mark and Kit, it's a dud. Firstly, separating your star couple is a terrible idea. You diminish their vibrant dynamic, limiting the interactions that make them fun to watch. Secondly, the logic doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't you want to spend your precious remaining time together if you anticipate a long-distance relationship soon? Instead, both characters suffer from this self-inflicted agony when nobody forces them to be apart. Stop whining and moping. You did this to yourself.

The subplot would feel less infuriating if Kit went and studied in the US. At least the angst would be justified, opening up meaningful storytelling opportunities. Instead, these guys go to the same campus and see each other constantly. It's dumb watching them go along with this phony charade. Worst of all, the events drag out forever. The long-distance relationship experiment should be wrapped up in one to two episodes, yet it extends until the finale. Of course, Kit doesn't even accept the scholarship, making the separation feel like a waste of time.

Mark vs Kit

Mark and Kit have sex for the first time in Gen Y 2.

Mark and Kit have sex for the first time in Episode 11, a long-awaited moment after they read the scholarship results. It was the only highlight in a dreary episode, like a small reward after enduring an hour of Wayu & Thanu scenes. Before consummating their love, Mark tells his boyfriend, "Finally, you long for me as much as I long for you." 

I realize Mark only said this because of foreplay and I shouldn't read too much into it. However, I like this line because it addresses a theme in their relationship: Mark loves Kit more than the other way around. Mark has always been more assertive in their relationship. By comparison, Kit seems reserved, although we see him improve during the series. Gen Y should have explored this dynamic. Earlier, I mentioned how the writers struggled with new material. Here you go, I'm giving you a juicy storyline.

Season 2 could be about the discrepancies between Kit and Mark's fondness for each other. The focus is on Kit's journey as he opens up, becoming more affectionate with his boyfriend. It culminates in a momentous climax when Kit feels comfortable enough to initiate sex. You can even tie the existing storylines into this bigger narrative. Kit's busy schedule and scholarship decision provide tension in their relationship, making Mark feel insecure.

I'm suggesting this example to prove the untapped potential of the couple. Mark and Kit's story doesn't have to end after dating. If Gen Y 2 showed more imagination, there's more to explore with this relationship. Instead, the series botched it and underdelivered tremendously. 😩

Pok and Tong

Pok and Tong share a kiss in the Gen Y 2 ending.

I hated Pok and Tong so much in Season 1, and these negative feelings carried over in Gen Y 2. I can't warm to this couple, unable to overlook their thorny history of violence, rape, and manipulation. Admittedly, Pok and Tong are no longer my least favourite pairing in Gen Y. Wayu and Thanu are so offensively dull that they overtake the notorious title. Nonetheless, Pok and Tong are still unbearable, contributing to my distaste towards the series.

I find these two characters so trashy, and their constant relationship drama is revolting. In Episode 4, Pok learns the truth about his rigged school grades, then proceeds to assault Tong in the shower because he's a neanderthal with no self-control. "You're hurting me! What's wrong with you!?" Tong protests, but that doesn't stop his partner. Of course, this disturbing scene isn't an isolated incident. Pok has shown a pattern of violence in Season 1. What happened in the shower is further proof of his uncontrollable rage issues.

Tong and Pok spend most of the season feuding, involved in some unpleasant drama around the swim team. Fortunately, this dysfunctional couple isn't very prominent in the narrative. The only benefit to Wayu and Thanu dominating all the screentime is that they take away focus from Tong & Pok. The detestable characters show up to irritate me every once in a while, but their scenes don't leave a lasting impression. I'm thankful for their reduced visibility. The less I see of Tong and Pok, the better.

Jack and Koh

Jack and Koh go from enemies to lovers.

Jack and Koh are one of the few bright spots in Gen Y 2. They have a goofy dynamic as bickering enemies who become reluctant lovers. To be honest, they were often the only enjoyable relationship in the series, especially when Mark & Kit went through their slump. At least there isn't any angsty melodrama around Jack and Koh, unlike the other couples. I can always rely on them to provide a solid laugh or two. 

With that said, the characters and their relationship are very one-dimensional. All they do is banter back and forth, a recurring joke that gets repeated for nearly 24 episodes. As funny as their dynamic might be, they don't evolve beyond a comedic punchline throughout the two seasons. I would have loved to see more substantial scenes with Jack and Koh. Yet, Gen Y 2 refuses to develop this couple, a detriment to their longevity. 

Ending explained

Mark gives Kit a kiss at the graduation ceremony in the Gen Y 2 happy ending.

Gen Y 2 has a happy ending for all the couples. Wayu and Thanu are in a stable, committed relationship after declaring their love. Wayu visits Pha's gravestone to return a gift from his ex-boyfriend, signifying he has moved on from their relationship completely. It's what Pha wanted before his death, for Wayu to mend his broken heart and not linger sadly on the past. Gen Y 2 likes to repeat this mantra throughout the series: life goes on, love goes on.

Meanwhile, Mark and Kit stay together without pursuing the scholarship offer overseas. Tong and Pok also reconcile, putting aside their past few episodes of conflict. Even Jack and Koh become an item! The only pair that doesn't get together is Phai and Sandee, but at least they are on amicable terms. Sandee also seems to be accepted by his friends again.

The final scene in Gen Y 2 is their graduation ceremony. The four couples all kiss each other on this festive occasion. Nothing substantial happens in the final episode. If you bailed out of the series due to boredom, rest assured you haven't missed anything significant. The series ends just as boringly as it started. If you actually completed all twelve torturous episodes of Gen Y 2, please give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it for putting up with this agony!

Gen Y 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Gen Y 2 has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 55 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 11 hours. Gen Y 2 aired its first episode on December 21, 2021 and ended on March 8, 2022.

Gen Y 2 is the sequel of the 2020 BL drama, Gen Y. This season is directed by Nob Sathanapong Limwongthong.

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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
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Gen Y Season 1


Gen Y 2020 series Drama review

Gen Y is the first season of Gen Y 2.

Gen Y has two seasons. Before watching Gen Y 2, you should familiarize yourself with the story in Gen Y. The first series introduces the characters, focusing primarily on Mark and Kit. The story begins with Wayu and Pha as a couple, although that dynamic obviously changes over the series. Gen Y ends on a cliffhanger in the last episode, which is addressed in the first episode of Gen Y 2.

Unlike the ill-conceived sequel, I enjoyed the early parts of Gen Y. Mark and Kit are the star couple of the series, lifting the narrative with their rapport. They have a vibrant dynamic with cute banter and playful exchanges. Admittedly, the last few episodes of Gen Y suffer in quality, as unwatchable as Gen Y 2. Still, Gen Y had a promising start, so I was disappointed with this terrible follow-up.

Gen Y 2 Information

Star Hunter Entertainment

Star Hunter Entertainment is a Thai BL studio known for making Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021).

Star Hunter Entertainment is a Thai BL studio known for making Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021). Its portfolio also includes The Moment (2020), The Moment Since (2020), My Mate Match (2021), and What Zabb Man! (2022).

  1. You have no idea how satisfying it was to finally read a review that absolutely sh*ts on gen y 2 😭💀 I just finished it and regret wasting my precious time (that could've been spent on watching much better bl dramas). It also annoyed me how Mark and Kit barely got screen time when they're genuinely the only redeeming couple throughout the series.

  2. I love Padbok and Tong. Wish they were a couple. But I'm genuinely curious,…why did Wayu ended up with Thanu despite knowing very well that Thanu was sleeping around with Phai in season-1?

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