Gen Y – Series Review & Ending Explained

Mark tries to convince Kit to be his boyfriend in the Thai BL series Gen Y.

Gen Y is a Thai BL series about the cheeky flirtation between two university students. Even though their personalities couldn't be more different, the lovestruck protagonist becomes smitten with his polar opposite. When his advances keep getting rejected, this romantic infatuation turns into a trial of sincerity and perseverance.

The compelling relationship dynamic between the main couple is the driving force in Gen Y. The two leads carry this BL drama with their playful banter, charismatic charm, and roaring chemistry. However, this series becomes almost unwatchable near the end once the toxic storylines and dull supporting characters dominate the plot.

Gen Y Series Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2020)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


School romance


Gen Y is a happy & funny BL drama.


Mark and Kit argue with each other.

Mark is a charismatic engineering student who won the annual popularity contest on campus. This coveted title has given him a confidence boost for his already overinflated ego. Mark is best friends with Wayu, a sweet and gentle guy from a wealthy family. Currently, Wayu is in a committed relationship with his boyfriend Pha. They are happily in love, and their cute romance is the envy across campus.

Pha is a medical student. His best friend is Kit, one of the top students in his discipline. When Wayu and Pha invite their friends for a meal, Mark becomes smitten with Kit. However, the feelings are not mutual. Kit is turned off by Mark's swagger and finds his flirtatious behaviour annoying. Mark is aware his crush doesn't like him. However, that only strengthens his resolve and he keeps hitting on Kit.

After making a lousy first impression, Mark steps up his game and hopes to win over Kit. He'd wait outside the campus building for a chance to interact with his crush. However, his sincere efforts have not moved Kit, who remains irritated by him. Kit openly antagonizes his suitor, unwilling to respond to any romantic gesture. Nonetheless, Mark is tenacious and continues his courtship despite the multiple rejections.

Kit has a close relationship with his younger brother Phai, currently in his final year of high school. Phai is friends with Wayu's younger brother Sab. They begin an apprenticeship program, working at the café. Their classmate and coworker Sandee seems fond of Phai. However, Phai remains oblivious of his crush and treats him platonically. Thanu is one of the regular customers at the cafe. Despite never meeting each other, Thanu and Phai develop a mysterious connection over their serendipitous encounters.

Phai, Sab, and Sandee go to the same high school as Pok and Tong. Pok is on the swim team, vying for a sports scholarship as his ticket to university. However, his grades aren't the best. In contrast, Tong is one of the best students with top grades. Phai asks Tong for a favour to give Pok tutoring lessons. As they study together, ambiguous feelings develop between the two high school students. Yet, their relationship takes a dark turn when Tong receives an unpleasant surprise.

Gen Y BL Trailer

Gen Y Cast



Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta (คิมม่อน วโรดม เข็มมณฑา)

Mark is portrayed by the Thai actor Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta (คิมม่อน วโรดม เข็มมณฑา).

Mark is a popular engineering student with an outgoing, mischievous, and cocky personality. After winning the coveted title of the Campus Beau, this victory has validated his enormous ego. Mark becomes lovestruck with Kit, confident that his smooth advances will win over the medical student. Despite getting rejected repeatedly, Mark still flirts with Kit at every opportunity.


Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee (คอปเตอร์ ภานุวัฒน์ เกิดทองทวี)

Kit is portrayed by the Thai actor Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee (ภานุวัฒน์ เกิดทองทวี).

Kit is a studious medical student who gets top grades in his discipline. His best friend is Pha, who is currently in a relationship with Mark's best friend Wayu. Even though Mark is interested in Kit, these romantic feelings are not reciprocated. Kit is the doting older brother to Phai, and the two siblings have a close bond.


Bas Suradej Pinnirat (บาส สุรเดช พินิวัตร์)

Wayu is portrayed by the Thai actor Bas Suradej Pinnirat (บาส สุรเดช พินิวัตร์).

Wayu is Mark's best friend. Unlike his boisterous buddy, Wayu has a sweet and gentle personality. Currently, he is in a committed relationship with his boyfriend Pha. They are happily in love and their lovely romance is well-known across campus. Wayu is the older brother to Sab, and both siblings come from an affluent background.


Dun Romchumpa (ดุล ร่มจำปา)

Thanu is portrayed by the Thai actor Dun Romchumpa (ดุล ร่มจำปา).

Thanu is a senior engineering student who took a break from school a year ago. He has resumed his studies recently, receiving guidance from his mentor Kit. Thanu used to be friends with Padbok, Jack, and Jew, but now they are enemies over a past incident. Thanu's hobbies include drawing and visiting the cafe where Phai works.


Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย)

Phai is portrayed by the Thai actor Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย).

Phai is a student in his final year of high school. He's has a cheerful and bubbly personality. Phai is friends with Sandee and Sab, working together in the cafe via an apprenticeship program. He is unaware of Sandee's secret crush on him. Phai is the younger brother to Kit, and they have a solid bond.


Bank Toranin Manosudprasit (แบงค์ ธรณินทร์ มโนสุดประสิทธิ์)

Pok is portrayed by the Thai actor Bank Toranin Manosudprasit (ธรณินทร์ มโนสุดประสิทธิ์).

Pok goes to the same high school as Phai and his friends. He is a talented swimmer who wants to get a sports scholarship for university. However, his grades are dismal and he needs to get tutoring lessons from Tong. Pok hopes to study sports science at university.


Bonus Tanadech Deeseesuk (โบนัส ธนเดช ดีสีสุข)

Tong is portrayed by the Thai actor Bonus Tanadech Deeseesuk (ธนเดช ดีสีสุข).

Tong goes to the same high school as Phai, Pok, and their circle of friends. The intelligent Tong is one of the best students with top academic grades. He starts tutoring Pok to help him with his poor grades. Tong hopes to study medicine at university.

Supporting Cast

Sab is portrayed by the Thai actor Kad Ploysupa (กาด พลอยสุภา).


Kad Ploysupa (กาด พลอยสุภา)

Sandee is portrayed by the Thai actor Bank Thanathip Srithongsuk (ธนาธิป ศรีทองสุ).


Bank Thanathip Srithongsuk (ธนาธิป ศรีทองสุ)

Padbok is portrayed by the Thai actor Junior Ronnakorn Soontornnon (จูเนียร์ รณกร สุนทรนนท์).


Junior Ronnakorn Soontornnon (จูเนียร์ รณกร สุนทรนนท์)

Jack is portrayed by the Thai actor Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจษฎากร บัณฑิต).


Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit (เจษฎากร บัณฑิต)

Koh is portrayed by the Thai actor Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana (กษม กาญจนวัฒนา).


Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana (กษม กาญจนวัฒนา)

Jew is portrayed by the Thai actor Fergie Pawarit Power (วันชัย เพาเวอร์).


Fergie Pawarit Power (วันชัย เพาเวอร์)

Yuki is portrayed by Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan (โยชิ รินรดา ธุระพันธ์).


Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan (โยชิ รินรดา ธุระพันธ์)

Taojiao is portrayed by Fluke Wachirawit Jaruruangphong (วชิรวิชญ์ จารุเรืองพงศ์).


Fluke Wachirawit Jaruruangphong (วชิรวิชญ์ จารุเรืองพงศ์)

Jigchow is portrayed by Haji Phee Pikulngern (พีร์ พิกุลเงิน).


Haji Phee Pikulngern (พีร์ พิกุลเงิน)

Klui is portrayed by Bank Theewara Panyatara (แบงค์ ธีวรา ปัญญะธารา).


Bank Theewara Panyatara (แบงค์ ธีวรา ปัญญะธารา)

Kalae is portrayed by the Thai actor Tung Weeraphong Chankhamrueang (วีรพงศ์ จันทร์คำเรือง).


Tung Weeraphong Chankhamrueang (วีรพงศ์ จันทร์คำเรือง)

The cafe owner hires Sab, Sandee, and Phai to work at his shop.

Cafe owner

Cast Highlights

  • Mark, Kit, and Wayu's actors (Kimmon, Copter & Bas) featured in the 2017 BL drama 2 Moons. They also appeared together in the 2018 series Way Back Home and 2019 series Hotel Stars. In addition, Kimmon and Copter are part of the 2021 BL anthology series Close Friend.
  • Pok and Tong's actors (Bank and Bonus) appeared in the 2022 BL series What Zabb Man! They were the secondary couple, portraying a restaurant chef and a food critic. A few other supporting characters also made appearances. Wayu's actor (Bas) had a guest cameo in Episode 5.
  • Jack and Koh's actors (Jet and Jame) starred in the 2021 BL romantic comedy My Mate Match. Their characters get involved in a love triangle. Yes, they do kiss in this series!
  • Phai and Sandee's actors (Pon and Bank) starred in the 2020 BL drama The Moment and its sequel The Moment Since. The actors who portrayed Sab, Kalae, and Jew also appeared in the first series. Jack's actor Jet had a role in both installments.
  • Padbok and Sab's actors (Junior and Kad) starred in the 2020 BL series Bad Roommate. Klui's actor (Bank) was also a part of the supporting cast.

Gen Y Review


Drama Review Score: 6.9

Mark and Kit have a fun relationship dynamic.

Gen Y started well, engaging me with a cheeky love story in the first half of the series. I would've given a raving review at the midway point of this BL drama. The relationship scenes clicked with me, achieving the ideal balance between playful banter and passionate encounters. My enthusiasm was at an all-time high until the last few episodes took a turn for the worse. The sharp decline in quality was atrocious, almost making me forget everything I enjoyed earlier.

Let's begin with the positives. Gen Y handled the romance between Mark and Kit incredibly well. The drama has a firm grasp over this couple, maintaining a vibrant relationship dynamic that's so much fun to watch. Maybe there're a few missteps with boundary issues, and Mark's aggressive antics should be dialled down a notch. Otherwise, I adore the BL content from this genre-savvy series. It builds up sexual tension gradually, shows restraint at crucial moments, and then unleashes the passion in memorable scenes.

Mark and Kit are lovable leads, endearing me with their colourful interactions. The courtship scenes are often amusing since they showcase Mark's lively charisma, devilish charm, and sense of mischief. He's a captivating protagonist, portrayed confidently by a vivacious performer (Kimmon). The actor is so comfortable in his role and his infectious energy elevates every scene. He also shares powerful chemistry with his screen partner (Copter), propelling a very persuasive relationship. Their juicy rapport will appeal to many BL fans.

It's evident Mark and Kit carry this series, because Gen Y drags whenever the focus shifts away from their characters. Any time the supporting cast shares the spotlight, the momentum stumbles. The Thanu & Phai connection is bizarre while boring me with abstract notions about ~destiny~. Pok & Tong have an outright offensive relationship, defined by problematic tropes, toxic behaviour, and incoherent drama. Once these tedious subplots dominate the final episodes, Gen Y loses the cheerful humour that Mark and Kit used to bring.

Gen Y introduces a prominent mystery early in the series, which keeps you guessing about what happened. The emotional drama could be compelling and leads to several poignant moments. However, the convoluted plot doesn't make progress and never clarifies over time. Many events unfold absurdly, almost like the story is improvised without a long-term plan. As each episode passes, I don't feel confident Gen Y could deliver a rational explanation or satisfying conclusion. 

Gen Y is supported by polished production values, giving this stylish series a sleek and glossy appearance. I also like the soundtrack, which amplifies the ambiance in the romantic scenes. The artistry can sometimes compensate for the plot holes or occasionally weaker writing. Yet, nothing could mitigate those insufferable storylines near the end. The last few hours of nonsense are unwatchable, destroying nearly all my goodwill for this BL drama. If the quality continues on the same downtrodden trajectory, I'm not excited about watching the Gen Y sequel.


Convoluted story

Gen Y presents an intriguing mystery at first, but the plot developments never make progress or provide clarity. The other subplots range from boring to dreadful.

Compelling romance

Mark and Kit have a superb romance, powered by cheeky interactions, playful banter, and amorous encounters. The secondary relationships lack the same appeal.

Charismatic acting

Mark's actor (Kimmon) is superb in his role and he shares excellent chemistry with his partner (Copter). However, some actors in the cast are noticeably stronger than others.

Inconclusive ending

The final few episodes are awful, shifting too much focus to the insufferable supporting characters. You won't get many satisfying answers from the inconclusive finale.

Polished production

Gen Y looks aesthetically pleasant with bright, vibrant, and sleek visuals. I also like the soundtrack that adds ambiance to the romantic scenes.


Gen Y has a compelling main romance with superb BL material. However, the quality suffers when it focuses on other characters or storylines, especially towards the end.

Gen Y BL Series Explained



Wayu cries in the rain after he got dumped by Pha.

Wayu and Pha's relationship becomes a significant focus in Gen Y. The couple was happily in love at the start of the series, and Wayu appeared smitten with his boyfriend. However, the first episode ends with a shocking twist: these lovebirds have broken up. Pha suddenly dumped Wayu without any prior warning. He also quit school and went into hiding afterwards. Everyone was alarmed, confused, and shellshocked by his inexplicable actions.

This breakup is a brilliant bombshell dropped into the plot, sparking a long-term mystery around what happened to Pha. It leads to much intrigue, emotional drama, and several poignant moments during the story. I was compelled in the beginning and came up with many wild theories about Pha's disappearance:

  • Pha was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He broke up with Wayu to spare him the heartbreak. He went into hiding to receive treatment overseas.
  • Pha committed an illegal crime, possibly involving a death. He broke up with Wayu to avoid implicating him. He went into hiding to evade the police.
  • Pha was blackmailed by Wayu's wealthy parents. Wayu's stern father disapproved of their relationship and forced them to break up. Pha went into hiding after being paid a lofty fortune with the condition of never contacting his boyfriend again.

Clearly, none of my theories came true in the end. 😂 However, I liked the speculative part of this storyline, appealing to the side of me who likes solving mysteries. The problem is that Gen Y dragged on this mystery for too long, making little progress and providing zero clues. I lost interest in finding out what happened to Pha when it seemed like the series wouldn't offer any answers. The storyline was a bust with no satisfying resolution after twelve episodes.

Wayu and Mark

Mark comforts Wayu after his breakup.

Wayu doesn't respond well to his breakup. The scenes where he cries in the rain and the shower are a bit over-the-top, but they demonstrate the severity of his heartbreak. Getting dumped is bad enough, but it's even worse when you're blindsided. Plus, you have no idea why your boyfriend uprooted his entire life to avoid you. The shock, confusion, and misery contribute to agonizing circumstances, and I sympathize a lot with Wayu.

In the aftermath of Wayu's breakup, Mark is always there to play the role of a supportive friend. I like how this storyline brings out a different side to his character. Typically, Mark seems flippant and his life revolves around flirting with Kit. However, he shifts his priorities and focuses on comforting Wayu. There're various instances of Mark cheering up his friend or getting angry about Pha. Mark's contest to find Wayu's next boyfriend might seem silly. However, it comes from wanting to make his friend happy again.

Wayu also acts as a good friend to Mark, giving him gentle encouragement in his courtship with Kit. I love the support and solidarity between these two university buddies. They genuinely care about each other without any romantic feelings involved. The friendship between Mark and Wayu is one of the aspects that Gen Y gets right.

Mark vs Kit

Mark and Kit share an intimate moment.

Obviously, Wayu is the most affected by Pha's breakup and disappearance. However, there's also a ripple effect on the other characters and their relationships. The breakup causes loyalties to split between Mark and Kit over their difference of opinions. Mark is staunchly supportive of Wayu and sees Pha as the bad guy for dumping his friend. However, Kit remains defensive over his best friend and still takes Pha's side.

This storyline cleverly introduces a new dimension of conflict to Mark and Kit's relationship. Previously, their rapport was pretty one-sided. Mark would pursue Kit, only to get rejected. This dynamic is fine, but it's simple and limited in scope. However, the breakup pits these characters against each other and both sides have a valid rationale. The different allegiances complicates their relationship dynamic, making it more complex and compelling to watch.

Love confession

Mark imagines giving a spectacular love confession to Kit.

Later in the series, Kit's loyalty to Pha becomes a source of tension in his relationship with Mark. In Episode 6, Kit is so focused on arranging a secret rendezvous between Wayu and Pha that he neglects Mark's stunning love confession. Mark planned for many days to prepare this special moment, gathering signs, flowers, and all their friends in one place. Imagine someone pulling out all the stops to display their love for you, and your first reaction was, "brb! ttyl!" 😓

It wasn't the first time Kit rejected Mark, but this crushing blow made him give up on their relationship. Mark asks a valid question about why Kit is so mindful of Pha's love life and pays little attention to his own. While the scenes were somewhat awkwardly written, I like this kind of nuanced conflict between their characters. I think Gen Y is clever, using Wayu and Pha's relationship drama to cultivate tensions between Mark and Kit. The two BL romances aren't isolated, but they're intertwined to create a cohesive narrative.

After witnessing Mark's despair, Kit reflected on what he did wrong. He vowed to stop getting involved in his friend's relationship affairs. Instead, we see him focus more on Mark, showing increased affection and taking their relationship seriously. As a result, Mark and Kit's feelings strengthen due to their characters overcoming this conflict. 

Mark and Kit

Mark and Kit kiss each other.

Admittedly, I didn't warm to this couple in the beginning. Mark came across as a nuisance, refusing to leave Kit alone even when his feelings weren't reciprocated. He oversteps the line between 'cheeky' and 'creepy' on several occasions. His actions quickly approached harassment territory, not a favourable look for a BL romance. I needed him to tone down his annoying antics.

Fortunately, Gen Y finds the sweet spot with this romance soon enough. After a rocky start, the pairing settles into a more tolerable relationship dynamic. Mark still pesters his love interest immensely, but Kit seems more than capable of standing up for himself. Kit is the one in control, entertaining Mark occasionally and telling him off whenever he oversteps any lines.

The couple engages in plenty of fun interactions, where they flirt, banter, and tease each other harmlessly. Sparks flew, and I really liked this electrifying rapport between them. Every time Mark tries to pull his love interest closer, Kit would push him away but with less resistance each time. Their courtship becomes a test of perseverance until Mark's sincere displays of affection finally penetrate Kit's defenses.

Wayu and Pha

Wayu receives roses from Pha when they were still a couple.

Despite taking up a lot of airtime, there's virtually no romantic content between Wayu and Pha. Their relationship moments are restricted to the first episode and several short flashbacks afterwards. Pha's name comes up constantly, but we never meet his character. This faceless stranger remains an enigma, making it tough to engage with his storyline because we have no attachment to him.

Gen Y doesn't reveal the reason why Pha dumped Wayu, at least not in the first season. However, I can't think of any justification that would make me understand or sympathize with Pha's character. Maybe I'm wrong, and there's a possibility Gen Y surprises me with an insightful explanation in the sequel. Right now, my opinion is that Pha broke Wayu's heart cruelly and insensitively. I can't imagine a scenario where Pha could redeem himself enough to change my stance. As far as I'm concerned, his romance with Wayu is a sunken ship.

Wayu and Thanu

Wayu and Thanu meet for the first time.

My first impression of Thanu was a positive one. In Episode 3, Wayu hugged a stranger and mistook him as his ex-boyfriend. When Thanu turned around, we saw a tall, strapping stud with long mesmerizing eyelashes. The pretty cinematography, soothing soundtrack, and Thanu's wistful expression enhanced the lovely atmosphere. These elements harmonized together, creating a dreamy vibe that captivated me. I was hyped about Thanu's character after this romantic introduction.

However, none of Thanu's storylines developed interestingly. His character was involved in numerous prominent plots, including his two romances and an ongoing feud with Padbok. Despite taking centre stage, Thanu seems distant and I can't muster strong feelings towards him. He's a reserved character with a boring personality. His many scenes come and go without leaving an impression on me. Thanu is a charisma vacuum, draining any excitement from the plot.

Originally, Pha asked his buddy Thanu to look after Wayu. However, Thanu ends up falling in love during their time together. I'm not a fan of this messy relationship dynamic, which adds an unnecessary complication to the romance. I wish Thanu was a separate love interest with no baggage or connections tied to Pha. Between Wayu's two boyfriends, I do prefer Thanu over Pha, but it's not exactly a high bar. Overall, I'm indifferent to this BL couple and believe a spark is missing in their moments together.

Thanu and Phai

Thanu and Phai see future visions of them falling in love.

Thanu and Phai's love story relies heavily on the concept of serendipity. Although the characters haven't officially interacted, they'd show up at the same places and miss each other by a few seconds. Oddly, Thanu becomes fascinated with Phai and I'm not quite sure why. The basis of his attraction is perplexing when he doesn't know the guy and never communicates with him. Those repetitive scenes where they ~almost meet~ feel kinda random and meaningless.

In Episode 9, Thanu and Phai have their long-awaited first encounter. Shockingly, their romance takes an even more inexplicable turn after they meet. When their hands touch, both characters experience psychic visions of their future together. They foresee many passionate yet heartbreaking memories of themselves as a couple. It was a massive WTF curveball considering Gen Y had zero fantasy elements up until now. I was shocked and confused about why this series suddenly changed genres!?

The rest of Thanu and Phai's relationship moments are pretty boring. Their interactions are highly abstract, speculating over a romantic future that hasn't happened yet. Their serious discussions about destiny have a different tone from the fun, lighthearted vibe in Mark and Kit's dynamic. I also don't like how Thanu behaves indecisively near the end, flip-flopping between his two love interests. Just about the only thing I appreciate are the beautiful aesthetics in their scenes together. Otherwise, this bizarre BL couple fails to connect with me.

Thanu and Padbok

Thanu and Padbok have beef between them.

Technically, Thanu and Padbok aren't presented as a romance, but I must admit to shipping them at the start. Both characters were introduced around the same time in Episode 3, a bit later than the rest of the cast. I'm not one to complain when a BL drama suddenly parachutes in two hotties, so they're very welcomed additions to Gen Y. Without knowing much about their backstories, I already entertained the idea of these guys hooking up. My BL gears were turning~ 😚

Thanu and Padbok used to be friends until they fell out over a past misunderstanding. Annoyingly, the series never clarifies what happened between them. Padbok implies he was betrayed by his friend who left him in jail, but Gen Y hints that isn't the full story. Whatever the incident might be, it was significant enough to cause Thanu to defer his studies. While the mystery intrigued me initially, the lack of clarity made me lose interest over time, just like the Pha storyline.

Any fantasy of Padbok & Thanu going from enemies to lovers quickly got dashed. Padbok crosses the line with his aggressive antics. I was wary of his disturbing behaviour from the start, but thought his character could be rehabbed. However, the breaking point was when Padbok strangled Kit in the classroom. He escalated from campus bad boy to violent psycho, and I couldn't ship him anymore. This guy needs anger management classes more than he needs a BL romance. I'm starting to think Thanu left his friend in jail because Padbok deserves to be there. 

Pok and Tong

Pok and Tong have an unhealthy relationship.

Oh my god, I hate this couple so much. Pok and Tong begin as a standard high school romance, but their relationship dynamic grows increasingly toxic. This BL couple raises many alarming red flags, from physical assault to emotional manipulation. I have no idea what was happening in the incoherent blackmail plot, but the scenes were unpleasant and uncomfortable to watch. Worst of all, Gen Y tries dressing up these problematic scenes as sexual tension when their interactions make my skin crawl. 🤢

I despise Pok and Tong equally. Both have unlikeable personalities, commit corrupt wrongdoings, and have zero rationales for their infuriating actions. Tong hires thugs to beat up his love interest, jeopardizing the latter's cherished swimming career. Pok coerces Tong into having sex with him, forcing his lustful feelings onto an unwilling target. These guys don't empower each other. Instead, they tear one another down through abuse and manipulation.

Besides their appalling behaviour, Pok and Tong also have dubious characterizations. They don't come across as complex villains because the writing feels superficial and inconsistent. These guys change their personalities based on whatever the plot demands for a specific moment. In my opinion, Pok and Tong are easily the worst part of Gen Y. The last few episodes are excruciating every time these characters appear. I shudder to think how Gen Y 2 will continue condoning their toxic dynamic to sell a palpable romance to the BL audience.

Phai and Sandee

Phai becomes an anatagonist in the last few episodes of Gen Y.

Sandee doesn't have a significant presence in Gen Y. The first few episodes establish his character has a secret crush on Phai, but these feelings never amounted to anything. The pairing slipped out of my mind and I didn't think much about it initially. However, the Phai & Thanu romance was so dull that the Phai & Sandee relationship seemed more appealing by default. I rooted for Sandee to snatch Phai away from Thanu, if only to spare us from the endless destiny discussions.

For most of Gen Y, Sandee appears to be a mildly pleasant character with an affable personality. His character suddenly changes tracks in the last few episodes, turning into a secretly evil mastermind. Sandee was the one who blackmailed Tong. He also stirred the pot by meddling in Wayu and Thanu's romance. His diabolical actions aren't explained clearly, leaving us confused about this abrupt character transformation.

My theory is that Gen Y realized Sandee didn't stand out previously due to his bland personality. So, they crafted a new storyline on the spot and added a sinister twist to make him more compelling. It worked to a certain extent, prompting me to reassess his character. However, it also made Sandee far more annoying and much less likable. After his plotting and scheming, I can't picture him in a BL romance with Phai anymore. Overall, I think Sandee was slightly better as a boring nice guy than a contrived evil villain.

Jack and Koh

Jack and Koh bond over their mutual interest in Wayu.

Gen Y teases a romance between Jack and Koh, who are good in small doses. They are comic relief characters who bring lighthearted silliness to the proceedings. Their flirting with Wayu is harmless fun, not meant to be taken seriously. While Jack and Koh aren't essential to the plot, I think their small contributions are pretty positive.

These two characters started out as competitors, vying for Wayu's affection. Even though Wayu has no interest in either of them, Jack and Koh continue being intense love rivals. They'd butt heads, bicker about everything, and undermine each other. As their feud continues, these two guys have developed a strange bond from disagreeing all the time. Although they deny their feelings, these former enemies are on their way to becoming an odd couple.

Jack and Koh might be minor characters, but their interactions are more enjoyable than most of the canon romances. They're the only couple to replicate the same upbeat energy as Mark and Kit, something sorely missing in the other relationships. The Wayu and Thanu romance is too angsty, while the Thanu and Phai scenes are too serious. And the less said about the miserable Pok and Tong couple, the better. Gen Y needs more cheerful joy in their storylines, which Jack and Koh can deliver.

Gen Y Ending Explained


Happy ending

Mark and Kit are a couple in the Gen Y ending.

The good news is that Gen Y has a happy ending where Mark and Kit remain a happy couple. Once they started dating a few episodes ago, there wasn't any contrived drama between them. In fact, they go under the radar in those last few episodes, disappearing from the action as the supporting cast takes over the spotlight. The final stretch of the series suffers significantly because we're missing the lighthearted scenes from this couple.

We still see Mark and Kit in several scenes, being adorable as always. Mark dotes on his boyfriend constantly. Kit pretends to be annoyed even though you can tell he doesn't mind the affections. The couple is in a good place by the end of the series, especially compared to how they were in the beginning. Mark's goofy sincerity has touched Kit, who enjoys having a boyfriend completely smitten with him. 😙

Pok and Tong sex

Pok and Tong have sex in the Gen Y ending.

Mark and Kit don't get a full-fledged sex scene in Gen Y. The couple comes close in Episode 10, but they don't proceed with the deed. I guess they're saving themselves for the sequel? Surprisingly, the pair that consummates their relationship in the last episode is Pok and Tong. It's shocking because their characters have the worst relationship and they don't even like each other. Yet, an intoxicated Pok returns to his room and aggressively forces himself onto Tong.

After resisting the first attempt, Tong doesn't want to live with Pok anymore and wants to move out of the room. When Tong screams NO, Pok hears YES and continues harassing his roommate with invasive sexual advances. The interactions are predatory and incredibly uncomfortable to watch. Tong tries to exit the room, but Pok SLAMS his hand on the door and refuses to let him leave. "If you stay here, I can't guarantee what I will do to you!" Pok declares in a threatening voice. Well, maybe take your hand off the damn door handle then, you psycho! 😩

Nauseatingly, this problematic exchange is supposed to be "steamy" and the characters proceed to have sex. Tong makes up some bizarre rule where Pok can do anything except kiss him on the lips. After their sexual encounter, Pok pretends to be sweet and manipulates Tong emotionally. "Are you hurt?" "I'll take care of you." "Don't leave me." It's like watching an abusive boyfriend trying to sweet-talk his way out of trouble. Ugh, I hate this pairing so much and wish they'd disappear from the series.

Thanu chooses Wayu

Wayu and Thanu almost kiss in the Gen Y ending.

The love triangle between Thanu, Phai, and Wayu gets resolved in the Gen Y ending. Phai has another psychic vision in the last episode and foresees Thanu getting hurt. He arrives just in time to prevent a potential accident. However, Thanu finally makes up his mind between his two love interests, choosing Wayu in the end. Subsequently, he tells Phai they should stop seeing each other.

Afterwards, Phai recreates their first encounter in the coffee shop. He asks Thanu to draw another message from the bowl. If Thanu picks the same note again, maybe their destinies are actually intertwined. However, a different piece of paper was picked, confirming they don't have that predestined connection. After Thanu leaves the store feeling reassured, Sandee reveals that Phai rigged the draw and filled the bowl with the same messages. Phai is satisfied with his deception as long as Thanu and Wayu can be happy together.

Earlier, Thanu gave Wayu the cold shoulder as he sorted out his feelings between his two love interests. That made Wayu upset, who thought they forged a meaningful connection. It was the first time he opened his heart after breaking up with Pha, only for Thanu to act insensitively towards him. Seeing Wayu's upset reaction prompts Thanu to realize where his feelings lie. Thanu confirms he wants them to have a romantic relationship. They almost kiss in the last episode, but Thanu hesitates in the final second, leaving their relationship on an ambiguous note.

Who is Pha?

Pha shows up in the final scene of the last episode.

Gen Y makes a deliberate decision to conceal Pha's identity from the viewers. We never see his appearance, which is always obstructed from the camera. There's an air of intrigue about someone you've never met, piquing your curiosity about him. It successfully builds the suspense and intensifies the mystery surrounding his character. With that said, it's annoying how we don't find out what Pha looks like until the final scene in the last episode.

For the viewers, it wasn't that surprising Pha shows up in Gen Y's cliffhanger ending. The series hid his identity for so long that it seems obvious they were headed for this shock revelation in the finale. However, all the characters are stunned to see Pha on campus again. We see his face for the first time, and Pha announces that he's back for good. Seeing his ex-boyfriend again takes Wayu by surprise. And then, the first season draws to an end at that exact moment. We'll have to wait until Gen Y 2 to hear Pha's explanation for leaving Wayu.

To be honest, I thought it was an anticlimactic ending. Pha's mystery was dragged out for twelve episodes and we still don't receive any answers until the final scene. They wanted to build a cliffhanger that encourages viewers to watch the Gen Y sequel. However, this series could've cut the awful subplots in the last few episodes and used that time to clarify Pha's mystery instead. I'm not that excited to watch Gen Y 2 and feel skeptical about the trajectory of the storylines. Whatever reason Pha has for leaving Wayu, I don't think it will be satisfactory.

Gen Y Episodes

Episode Guide

Gen Y has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 70 minutes long. The last episode is around 80 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 11 hours.

Gen Y started airing on November 11, 2020 and finished its last episode on Jan 27, 2021. The story continues through a second season called Gen Y 2, which started airing on December 21, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


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Episode 12


Best Scenes

Mark and Kit's romance is one of my favourite parts about Gen Y. Here's a comprehensive timeline of all their relationship moments throughout the series:

Episode 1

Mark and Kit meeting
Mark doesn't make the best first impression on Kit when they meet.

Mark and Kit meet in the first episode. After winning the campus competition, Mark has developed an ego and thinks he's highly desirable. When Mark takes an interest in Pha's best friend Kit, he starts flirting with him aggressively.

However, his cheesy advances do not impress Kit, who seems immune to Mark's charms. Their first meeting doesn't go well. Kit is already annoyed by his new acquaintance, setting up an antagonistic dynamic between their characters. Nonetheless, Mark continues pestering Kit, who grows more and more hostile towards him. It didn't seem a romance was plausible between them.

Episode 2

Mark and Kit kiss
Kit initiates the first kiss with Mark at the end of Episode 2.

Mark spends the first two episodes pursuing Kit persistently. He would wait outside the medical campus building for hours, just for an opportunity to flirt with his crush. There are days when Mark wouldn't encounter Kit at all, causing him to return home disappointed. However, Kit has noticed Mark's determination and starts warming up towards him. At least they're on talking terms now.

Mark coerces Kit to share a car ride together at the end of the second episode. Feeling annoyed, Kit ignores his other half and doesn't say a word. Mark does all the talking and opens up about his feelings. He just wants Kit to like him and doesn't know how to make that happen. Suddenly, Kit stops the car by the side of the road and leans over to kiss Mark!

Oh my god, plot twist!!! Up until now, their relationship dynamic seemed like a one-sided crush from Mark. However, this kiss was unexpectedly initiated by Kit instead. It looks like Mark's sincerity worked and Kit also developed feelings for his suitor during their time together.

Episode 3

After the first kiss
Mark teases Kit after their first kiss.

We don't actually see the Mark and Kit kiss in Episode 2. The episode stops at a cliffhanger ending, but their romantic moment resumes at the start of Episode 3. It wasn't a fake-out, and Kit genuinely kisses Mark in the car. Mark is surprised at first. As Kit pulls away, Mark reacts quickly and pulls in Kit for an even more passionate smooch. They continue making out for quite a while. However, Kit gets embarrassed, especially when Mark's lips start bleeding because they kissed too hard. 😂

Afterwards, Kit treats Mark coldly and says the kiss won't happen again. However, Mark is secretly delighted because he knows his feelings are reciprocated. Kit can deny it all he wants, but actions speak louder than words. After Mark leaves the car, Kit takes a moment to reflect on what happened and starts smiling. However, he is surprised when Mark suddenly knocks on the car window. Mark teases him playfully about their kiss, now that he knows Kit enjoyed the moment as much as he did. Kit gets flustered and drives away, haha.

I thought it was the perfect moment for this kiss to happen. Their relationship reached a point where Mark courted Kit for too long without indicating there was any interest. Mark was starting to come across as desperate. When Kit initiated the kiss, it unlocked the crucial next stage to their romance and reinvigorated their dynamic. I felt a lot more comfortable with their rapport after this kiss, now that I know Kit reciprocates the feelings. I can sit back, relax, and enjoy how their love story progresses from this moment onwards.

Second kiss
Mark initiates the second kiss with Kit.

Later that episode, Mark, Kit and Wayu have a meal together. Wayu asks his friend how he got that bruise on his lips. Mark teases his crush about their kiss again, prompting Kit to feel flustered and embarrassed. Adorably, Wayu covers his ears right away and says, "I didn't hear anything." Mark infuriates Kit further by saying he needs compensation because his first kiss was "stolen".

After the meal, Wayu goes home and leaves the two lovebirds together. Mark continues teasing Kit again. He doesn't understand why Kit is embarrassed to admit his feelings when he had initiated the affections. Finally, Mark says that he'll stop bringing up the moment if he gets to return the kiss. Feeling annoyed, Kit begrudgingly agrees to these conditions.

Mark leans over to give a tiny peck on the lips. Kit thinks the moment is over, but Mark follows up with an even more passionate kiss. They smooch for a while, with Kit fully immersed in the moment. Once they finally stop, Mark resumes the teasing again and wonders if he's going to get bitten this time. Kit gets really annoyed, realizing that Mark will never stop his cheeky antics. Hehe. 😚

Episode 4

After the second kiss
Kit sends a text message of his lips after their second kiss.

In the next morning, both characters are thinking about their passionate kiss from last night. Mark sends a text message to Kit, attaching a picture of the injury on his lips. He included a cheeky caption, asking Kit whose mouth got bruised more. We also see that Mark had changed his alias to "KI($$)T – MARK".

Kit seems irritated at first, but he replies to the text message with a picture of his own lips. I was pleasantly surprised by his response. Kit has a serious personality and the old him would've simply ignored Mark's juvenile antics. Instead, Kit is going along with the conversation and continues the playful banter between them. It shows that a bit of Mark's mischievous personality has rubbed off on Kit, and their relationship evolved to a point where the flirting is reciprocated.

Of course, Mark is quick with his response and cheekily replies that their third kiss will break Kit's mouth. 😂 Kit responds with many angry emojis, but we see that he's actually smiling about the prospect of another kiss. Whether he admits it or not, it's clear now that he has fallen for Mark's charms.

You're marked
Mark kisses Kit on the wrist.

The lead characters have another dinner together at the end of Episode 4. Mark asks how many times must they kiss before Kit agrees to be his boyfriend. Kit dodges the question, refusing to commit to this relationship. He states that Mark should give up and flirt with someone more receptive.

A part of Kit's hesitation is that he perceives Mark as a playboy. We know this assumption isn't valid. However, Kit has seen Mark getting tactile with other girls on campus. Mark's flirtatious personality also gives him a less credible reputation, making Kit feel insecure and defensive. He's worried that Mark isn't serious about this relationship.

Even though Kit doesn't agree to start dating, Mark won't give up on their relationship. He grabs Kit's hand, placing a soft kiss on his wrist. Mark says Kit is now "marked", a clever play on words with his name. He hopes his sincerity will reach Kit one day. As cheesy as this moment might be, I really liked it. I'm a sucker for these sappy romantic exchanges and I was eating it up every second. So sweet~ 😚

Episode 5

Mark and Kit hug
Mark and Kit hug each other in the middle of the night.

Mark and Kit's special moment at the end of the last episode continues into Episode 5. The intensity of Mark's feelings has resonated with Kit, who seems to be mulling over his words. This scene is getting sentimental, but Gen Y then throws in a bit of lighthearted humour to break the ice. This series is excellent at mixing drama with comedy, using both elements to balance each other effectively.

I thought the characters might be headed towards another kiss. Instead, Mark pulls in Kit and embraces him tenderly. "I just want to hug you," he whispers. The scene ends with Kit resting his head on Mark's shoulder. I really adored this moment. I thought Gen Y showed much restraint, going for a gentle hug instead of another passionate kiss between the characters.

As Kit contemplates his feelings for Mark, it's the right gesture of intimacy at this specific point in their relationship. A kiss would have been too much, but a hug feels sweet and appropriate.

Kit vs Padbok
Mark kisses Kit after his intense showdown with Padbok.

Later this episode, a heated confrontation breaks out between Padbok and Kit. Padbok is still angry about his feud with Thanu, but he lashes out at Kit for some reason. The anger feels misdirected? Kit hasn't even done anything to aggravate Padbok. All he did was mentor his fellow medical student Thanu. Yet, that was enough to provoke that senseless neanderthal Padbok, who crosses into psychotic territory when he strangles Kit.

I like the scene where Mark comforts Kit afterwards. When they are alone in the classroom, Mark places an affectionate kiss on each injury. It's a sweet, tender moment between the characters. Realistically, they probably should've reported Padbok's lunatic ass to the authorities. Or at least take Kit to the first-aid office on campus. However, I understand it's a BL drama, where kissing is a more potent treatment than anything the doctor can prescribe. 😚

Sleep on my shoulder
Kit allows Mark to sleep on his shoulder.

Episode 5 ends with Mark waiting outside the campus building. Mark has fallen asleep outside because Kit studied too long in the library. What Mark is doing feels like a display of unconditional love. He waits outside for hours without knowing when Kit will arrive to meet him. Yet, he doesn't disrupt Kit's studying by going into the library or sending a text message. Instead, Mark is content to sit there and wait for his crush, no matter how long it takes.

Once Mark wakes up, he's excited to see Kit and immediately begins his usual flirting. Mark is his chatty self and talks about getting a meal together. Kit's response is interesting. He sits down next to Mark, telling him to sleep for another 15 minutes. He can tell that Mark is actually exhausted, despite putting up an energetic demeanour. Their relationship has gone up another level, where Kit can sense his partner's emotions beneath the surface.

What happens next is very sweet. Kit allows Mark to rest his head on his shoulder. Even Mark is surprised by this affectionate gesture. I love whenever Kit breaks his icy persona and shows warmth towards his partner. I also adore this moment because it serves as a perfect bookend to how this episode began. Episode 5 started with Kit resting his head on Mark's shoulder. Now, their roles are reversed at the end of the same episode. Both characters being there for one another, as they lean on each other for moral support.

Episode 6

Failed love confession
Kit doesn't respond well to Mark's love confession.

The failed love confession in Episode 6 marked a crucial turning point in the relationship. Mark wanted to plan a big romantic surprise for Kit, pulling all the stops to impress him. He prepared this love confession for many days, gathered all their friends, and even brought props to the location. Mark clearly put a lot of effort into expressing his love, making Kit's dismissiveness an unpleasant shock.

Unfortunately, the storyline is not too well-written, diminishing the emotional impact of the failed love confession. Kit's reaction doesn't make sense. I know he's busy trying to reunite Wayu and Pha. However, it only takes a few seconds to address the situation or give a quick explanation. Why the secrecy? Just tell Mark and Wayu that Pha is waiting right now. Instead, Kit walked away from the love confession and broke Mark's heart cruelly.

Mark was crushed after his confession got rejected. He pinned all his hopes on this big romantic gesture, thinking it will be enough to win over Kit. However, Kit mishandled the situation with zero sensitivity, treating Mark like an afterthought. I don't blame Mark for feeling defeated and giving up on their relationship. This rejection is a crushing blow to anyone's ego, even for an optimist like him.

Second rejection
Mark cries after Kit rejects his love confession again.

Worst of all, the episode ends with Kit rejecting Mark a second time. Instead of apologizing or explaining the situation earlier, Kit doubles down and stomps on Mark's feelings again. Just tell Mark what happened! Why are you hiding Pha's secret!? I really don't understand Kit's behaviour in this episode. His thoughtless actions feel out-of-character, like they are dictated by the plot.

To be fair, Kit is under no obligation to accept Mark's love confession. Nobody is forcing him to say yes. However, he could have handled the rejection a lot more gracefully. He knows how serious Mark feels about him. He also sees how much effort Mark put into the love confession. Even if you don't want to date the guy, at least let him down more gently. Mark can be annoying, but he isn't a bad guy. After six episodes of courtship, he deserves more respect than what Kit has shown him.

In my opinion, Kit's rejection is primarily because of bad writing. However, I also think there's an element of guilt and hubris in his character. Deep down, Kit knows he made a mistake. Yet, he feels too prideful to apologize or grovel for forgiveness. Kit isn't somebody who likes showing vulnerability. It's the same reason why he won't acknowledge having feelings for Mark, because falling in love exposes him emotionally. Kit's bravado prevents him from admitting that he wants this relationship and screwed up at a crucial moment.

Episode 7

Mark gets drunk
Kit takes care of an intoxicated Mark.

While Kit seems reserved with his feelings, Mark is an open book. His character is prone to oversharing all the time. He's clearly upset about getting dumped. Mark wants to move on from Kit, but he can't keep up the charade for long. During their scene in the medical tent, Mark begs Kit for reconciliation again, only to get rejected for the third time. Poor guy.😣

Later in the episode, Kit discovers the extent of Mark's anguish. Mark has been getting drunk every night with his friends, drowning his sorrows with alcohol. His character is in a pitiful state after the rejection, so Kit brings Mark home to take care of him. With the two of them alone, Kit sees Mark in his raw and vulnerable state. Here's someone who wears all his emotions on his sleeves, so heartbroken that he can't hide his misery.

Mark's vulnerability inspires Kit to finally be honest with himself. It makes him reflect on the truth, admitting that he harbours feelings for Mark. "I'm sorry for making you sad. Please don't lose faith in me," Kit gives the apology he should have given in the previous episode. Of course, Mark is too intoxicated to absorb these words. Nonetheless, Kit repeats a similar sentiment again at the end of the episode. It isn't a complete reconciliation, but they take the first step to repairing their relationship.

Episode 8

Kit apologizes
Mark teases Kit in the bedroom after they reconcile.

By the next episode, Mark is back to his peppy self, excited about reuniting with his loved one. Kit gives him a proper apology, promising to focus on their relationship instead of meddling between Pha and Wayu. Kit seems sincere about making it up to Mark. He wants to prepare another love confession to compensate for the previous failed attempt.

Of course, Mark is a bit impatient and just wants them to be boyfriends right away. He sees an opportunity to get a bit frisky with Kit in the bedroom, pinning down his body on the bed. Mark starts unbuttoning the clothes and leans in for a kiss.

However, Kit stops him in his tracks. They aren't officially boyfriends yet and he doesn't feel ready for sex yet. It begins an ongoing storyline over the next few episodes. Mark and Kit come close to consummating their relationship, but they never quite get to that stage.

Kit's love confession
Mark and Kit kiss after a successful love confession.

Later in the episode, Mark plays the guitar and sings a song dedicated to Kit. After the concert, Kit confesses his love. Admittedly, it's a more low-key moment than the last confession scene with no flowers or signages. Nonetheless, the sentiments expressed feel genuine and intimate. Kit reiterates that Mark is the most important person in his life. He finally asks Mark to be his boyfriend.

Kit seems visibly nervous as he waits for a response. Of course, Mark gets a bit cheeky and doesn't give an answer, dragging out the moment for as long as possible. Kit loses his patience and starts counting down from ten. After the countdown ends, the love confession will expire if Mark doesn't reply back by then. Mark immediately stops playing around, planting a kiss on his new boyfriend to make him stop counting. 😁

Once they agree to date each other, Kit has a gift for his new boyfriend. It's a pair of matching mechanical watches, one worn by Mark and the other by Kit. As they sync the time on their watches, the moment signifies that they're officially beginning their time together.

Episode 9

Mark and Kit sleepover
Mark and Kit sleep in the same bed together.

In Episode 9, Kit makes a surprising move. He invites his boyfriend to spend the night together in his dorm room. While Mark is excited about the idea, the evening doesn't go as planned. Kit takes too long with his bedtime studying, and his boyfriend ends up falling asleep long ago. As Kit prepares to sleep on the other side of the bed, Mark instantly jolts awake and ramps up his flirtatious antics.

Once again, Mark is eager to get more physically affectionate with his boyfriend. He starts undressing their clothes, removing his pyjama top. Kit resists the advances once again and even looks a bit fearful at the moment. I think there's a potential storyline about how Kit doesn't feel ready to have sex with his boyfriend. However, Gen Y never addresses the topic explicitly, and I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it.

Instead, Kit skirts around the steamy exchange by asserting himself at the moment. He kisses Mark aggressively and climbs on top of his body, showing a surprising amount of dominance. Nonetheless, they don't go through with the deed in this scene. Kit and Mark simply sleep next to each other, holding hands as they drift off through the night.

Cruise date
Mark and Kit go on a date together in the boat cruise.

Later in the episode, Mark and Kit have prepared a graduation present for Kit's brother and his friends. They rent a boat cruise for the night, celebrating their university enrollment. After dinner, Mark and Kit split from the group to enjoy the evening scenery together. It's a beautiful view with fireworks displayed in the sky.

Mark asks Kit for a romantic dance on the cruise. Kit seems shy initially, especially in front of his brother and his giggling friends. Nonetheless, Mark's sincerity touches Kit and they dance through a quick violin song. Overall, it's a lovely scene between the couple, capturing the sweetness of a newly dating couple.

Episode 10

Kit gets drunk
Kit has fallen asleep while Mark wants to have sex.

Episode 10 begins after the cruise date. Kit unintentionally got drunk after his brother's friends sneaked some alcohol into the beverages. When they return home, an intoxicated Kit is surprisingly frisky. He lets his guard down, asserting himself in steamy foreplay with his boyfriend. Mark is entirely into the moment and they have gotten undressed. However, Kit has dozed off before their sexual encounter can begin. Kit "ran out of batteries" according to Mark. 😅

I must say, I felt ambivalent towards how this scene was written. After Kit has fallen asleep, Mark continues saying uncomfortable lines like, "Even when you're sleeping, I won't stop! I really won't stop!" Okay, here's some advice from BL Watcher: you should stop. Your boyfriend is drunk, asleep, and unconscious. These are all signs that you should close up shop and call it a day.

The good news is that Mark comes to his senses and doesn't proceed with his boyfriend. Despite feeling sexually frustrated, he simply goes to sleep cuddling his boyfriend. Gen Y flirts with danger for a few moments, but Mark doesn't act inappropriately. I sigh in relief, knowing that I can still ship this couple without a problematic sex scene weighing on my conscience.

The morning after
Mark gives a present to Kit and reaffirms his commitment.

The following morning, Kit doesn't remember what happened between them. Mark teases his boyfriend about the wild sex that never actually took place. After some cheeky banter, Mark presents Kit with a gift. It's an engineering gear necklace, custom-tailored to match their watches. During the confession scene earlier, Mark felt guilty because he didn't get Kit any presents, so it's a nice bit of continuity from a previous episode.

As they put the necklaces on each other, Mark and Kit reaffirm their long-term commitment to each other. It's a sweet moment between them, confirming they are serious about this relationship. Unfortunately, it's the last substantial Mark and Kit scene in Gen Y. Their characters take a backseat for the rest of the series, as the supporting cast shares the spotlight instead. It's a shame because those last few episodes suffer without their presence.

Nonetheless, Gen Y maintained a compelling love story for ten episodes. I'm pretty delighted with this BL couple. Although I'm not excited about Gen Y 2 based on the other storylines, I look forward to the Mark and Kit content in the sequel. Hopefully, their romance will keep up the same fun, lighthearted vibe as this series.

Gen Y Season 2


Gen Y 2 2021 series sequel Drama review

Gen Y 2 is the second season sequel of Gen Y.

Gen Y continues its story with a second season, called Gen Y 2. The sequel picks up immediately after the events in the previous finale, as the characters react to the shocking developments. Afterwards, the series continues the various university romances. Unlike the first season, Gen Y 2 focuses on Wayu's character. Mark and Kit fall to supporting roles with reduced screentime.

In my opinion, Gen Y 2 is a terrible BL drama. I sensed the series was going downhill after the last few unwatchable episodes in the first season. However, the Gen Y sequel is worse than I could imagine. The best part about this franchise is Mark and Kit's fun dynamic, severely minimized in the new installment. Instead, we focus on Wayu's tedious relationship drama. Each episode felt like excruciating torture to complete. At least we find out what happened to Pha in Gen Y 2, but I'm not sure if that's worth watching this series.

Gen Y BL Information

Star Hunter Entertainment

Star Hunter Entertainment is a Thai BL studio known for making Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021).

Star Hunter Entertainment is a Thai BL studio known for making Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021). Its portfolio also includes The Moment (2020), The Moment Since (2020), My Mate Match (2021), and What Zabb Man! (2022).

  1. Omg you are my soul mate… I felt the exact same way the only couples that were worth watching was kit, mark, Jack and koh. I kinda liked the glimpse of Thanu and Phai like that whole destiny like going your own path but you end following destiny's path anyway… But they murked it up With Thanu and Wayu. I feel like the couple was paired for visuals only… Frankly speaking Wayu was just as annoying as pok and what's his face… He just ended up being a nuisance and Pah I stopped caring about after he requested kit bring Wayu only for him to pull a Houdin…

    The last episodes of Gen Y pissed me because of the subplots which were stupid and unnecessary. Then came Gen Y 2 watched the 1st 2 episodes and I couldn't stop cursing and the direction the whole thing took… I am sorry but Thanu and wayu have no chemistry at all… Padbok and Sab have better chemistry than them and I want to throw Padbok in the bin.

    Honestly I would to read the actual mangas to see what the real story line was… The series had a lot of potential but they kept on trying to please everyone and ended up making mess.. Of you love Bl I personally recommend bad buddy their chemistry is as Good as boun-prem if not better…the story is not as solid but its consistent to be honest the best Thai Bl plot was Tharn and type hands down even though their chemistry needed a bit of work.. Stay safe and healthy….

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