Oh My God – Series Review & Ending Explained

Oh My God is a Vietnamese BL series about a countryside romance.

Oh My God is a Vietnamese BL series about a countryside romance. When the protagonist visits his grandmother in a rural town, he gets into an accident and clashes with a stranger. Their feud worsens after they must live in the same house together. Despite the heated conflict, the two enemies eventually put aside their differences. They hang out, form a bond, and navigate their feelings for each other.

For a first effort, Oh My God is a decent debut from a small indie studio. The beautiful outdoor filming and delicate acting performances leave a positive impression. Admittedly, the uneven story is rough around the edges. Instead of developing the attraction between the leads, it focuses on tired conflicts, silly jokes, and a scheming love rival. Nonetheless, the series ends strongly with an emotional and romantic finale.

Oh My God BL Summary


Tổ Độ

Series Info:

Vietnam (2023)


2 hours and 30 minutes

Total Episodes:

5 episodes




Oh My God is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


An and Thanh didn't get along at the start of Oh My God.

An is a young man who lives in the city with his mother. His grandmother from the countryside invites him for a visit. It has been ten years since they last saw each other, and she misses her grandson very much. An travels to the rural town where she resides, although he doesn't plan on staying long. An's mother is busy with work and doesn't accompany him on this trip.

During his journey, An encounters Thanh on the road. As Thanh drives by him on a motorcycle, he knocks over An's phone and breaks it. The two men squabble over the accident, but neither would admit fault or apologize. An retaliates by kicking over Thanh's guitar. They get into a violent fight, leaving both with bruises and scrapes.

An arrives at his grandmother's house. She's delighted about their reunion. To his surprise, An's grandma introduces him to Thanh. They are both her grandsons. An doesn't recall meeting Thanh before. Apparently, they played together in their childhoods. An assumes Thanh must be his cousin from a distant relative. The grandma wants them to get along, unaware of their earlier feud. An and Thanh remain annoyed with each other. An even plays a prank on Thanh during their group meal.

Later that day, Thanh loses his necklace. It was accidentally dropped into An's laundry basket. Thanh accuses him of stealing his belongings. An gets so aggravated that he tosses away his enemy's necklace just to be petty. Thanh spends the whole night searching the river for his lost jewellery. An is apologetic after learning he threw away a cherished memento from Thanh's deceased mother. An helps him with the search.

When Thanh finds the necklace, he doesn't inform An about it. An continues his futile search throughout the night. However, he has an accident and falls unconscious in the river. He must be hospitalized. Thanh feels guilty about his prank. After such a stressful ordeal, the two men agree to put aside their differences. They start getting along, enjoying their time in the countryside together.

Oh My God BL Trailer

Oh My God Cast



Duong Huy (Dường Huy)

An is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Duong Huy (Dường Huy).

An lives in the city with his mother. His grandmother from the countryside invites him for a visit. She misses him since they haven't seen each other in ten years. An clashes with Thanh during his journey, getting into a petty feud. To his dismay, the two enemies must share a room and live together.

Duong Huy

Duong Huy (Dường Huy) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Oh My God.

Duong Huy (Dường Huy) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Oh My God.


Thien Nhan (Thiện Nhân)

Thanh is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Thien Nhan (Thiện Nhân).

Thanh is an aspiring musician. He leaves home after clashing with his father, who disapproves of his musical aspirations. Thanh goes to stay at his grandmother's house. However, he fights with An and they don't get along. Thanh wears a necklace that his deceased mother gave him. He cherishes this family memento very much.

Thien Nhan

Thien Nhan (Thiện Nhân) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Oh My God.

Thien Nhan (Thiện Nhân) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Oh My God.

Supporting Cast

My is Thanh's love interest.


Thanh's love interest

An lives with his uncle.


An's uncle

An lives with his grandmother.


An's grandmother

Oh My God Review


Drama Review Score: 6.9

An and Thanh spend time together outdoors.

Oh My God begins with a fierce feud in the first episode. The main characters hurl insults, play pranks, fight violently, and clash in every encounter. This animosity is my least favourite part of the romance. It requires finesse to portray a fun, flirty enemies-to-lovers trope in BL dramas. Oh My God overdoes the conflict, which feels too intense. Both leads come across as aggressive and thuggish instead of charmingly roguish. I'm turned off by their antagonistic behaviour initially.

After a rocky start, An and Thanh go from foes to friends in the second episode. The transition is surprisingly smooth. Each casual relationship scene shows them hanging out, getting along, and learning more about one another. Their lighthearted interactions have a good mix of cheeky mischief with playful banter. Also, the beautiful visuals help enhance the coziness. Oh My God does plenty of outdoor filming, which includes many diverse locations. From greenhouses to hiking trails, this series has a knack for choosing picturesque landscapes with a refreshing atmosphere.

Unfortunately, Oh My God gets sidetracked midway through the drama. It introduces My, an annoying female love rival who hijacks the plot for the next two episodes. The series focuses excessively on this supporting character and her obnoxious antics. Her flamboyance dominates every scene, overshadowing the leads. An and Thanh's romance almost becomes a secondary subplot compared to My's noisy shenanigans. Also, her style of exaggerated humour can be very grating. My is better in small doses. The more exposure she gets, the less enjoyable her scenes become.

Based on the mediocre quality of the first four episodes, I would've written a negative review for Oh My God. However, the fascinating finale exceeds my expectations. The last episode peels away its wacky comedy and pivots to a solemn drama. This story may seem lightweight on the surface, but it can deliver sentimental moments with unexpected gravitas. The series handles An's emotional arc elegantly and maturely. In addition, the physical intimacy is romantic yet tasteful. As the characters celebrate their love, each kiss feels tender, delicate, and passionate.

The Oh My God ending is an excellent showcase for An's actor (Duong Huy). He can emote authentically, from his melancholic gazes to his fragile expressions. He gives sensitive performances during various dramatic encounters. You can detect a subtle hint of anguish in him without going over the top. Likewise, he shares a solid rapport with his costar (Thien Nhan). They make a compatible pairing with compelling chemistry. However, the series only gives the leads a few opportunities to shine. Both only have a small handful of scenes to demonstrate their talents.

I wish Oh My God could've shown its potential earlier. It goes through an inconsistent journey before reaching an intriguing climax in the last episode. I want a captivating narrative from start to finish, not just for the final arc. With a better-written story, the ending would resonate more powerfully. That said, I don't want to be too critical. This indie BL drama comes from a small Vietnamese studio with little support. It's already enough of an underdog, so I'd prefer to celebrate its strengths than dwell on the flaws. Overall, Oh My God is a decent effort for a first-time project.


Uneven story

Oh My God gets sidetracked by an annoying female love rival. Her antics overshadow the romance. The silly story turns into a solemn drama in the last episode, showing unexpected gravitas.

Fierce romance

The series portrays a fierce enemies-to-lovers journey. The relationship turns playful after the initial clash. Despite the couple's cheeky rapport, their rocky romance could use more development.

Sensitive acting

An's actor (Duong Huy) emotes authentically with sad gazes and fragile expressions. He gives a sensitive performance in the finale. Also, the two costars are compatible and share chemistry.

Happy ending

Oh My God has a happy ending where An and Thanh proceed with their relationship. The final episode explores An's emotional arc elegantly. Thanh comforts his partner and helps him open up.

Picturesque artistry

The series does plenty of outdoor filming in many diverse locations. It has a knack for choosing picturesque settings with a refreshing atmosphere. The visuals often look beautiful.


Oh My God dwells on the drama & conflicts too much, sometimes eclipsing the BL romance. This indie series redeems itself with an emotionally compelling finale, ending on a satisfying note.

Oh My God Episodes

Episode Guide

An and Thanh eat a meal together.

Oh My God has a total of 5 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 30 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. Oh My God started on February 10, 2023 and ended its last episode on March 12, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
An and Thanh are enemies when they first meet.

dislike An and Thanh's first encounter together. Their animosity is too intense, from the foul insults to the physical attacks. Beating up your love interest over a broken phone isn't a civilized reaction, right? Both protagonists leave this scene looking worse, setting an iffy first impression. Although their relationship improves in later episodes, this early feud is my least favourite phase of their relationship. I want to watch the leads love to hate each other, not aggressively hate one another.

Cousins, hmm? The story teases that An and Thanh are "cousins" in the first episode, but I never really believed it. I was skeptical from the start. A lot of things just didn't add up. These two distant cousins supposedly met during childhood, yet they weren't familiar with each other or their families. I must also admit the subtitles were confusing. When An called Thanh his cousin, I couldn't tell whether it was a translation error. LOL. For all these little reasons, the fake family connection never impacted me while watching Oh My God.

Episode 1

28 minutes

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
An and Thanh get intimate with each other in between the walls.

I like this second episode much better than the first episode. Now that we've moved on from the feud, the leads bond and interact amiably. There's still a tiny bit of edge to their interactions. However, you can tell it's just playful banter instead of actual hostility. Their relationship scenes establish a good rapport between An and Thanh. I can see the potential brewing in their relationship after this episode.

I love that shot of An and Thanh standing intimately between the walls. Wow, that imagery is simple yet effective. What I've noticed from Oh My God is that it shows a knack for finding the best filming locations. The team must've scoured the neighbourhood, found a quirky blue building, and picked it for this scene. Also, filming a romantic moment in the narrow gap between two houses takes immense creativity. Who would've thought this odd location would create such an intimate visual?

I also love the amount of outdoor filming in this episode. The greenhouse is a picturesque location, adding to the countryside atmosphere of the series. I also like the nature trail near the end of the episode. It's another serene setting that enriches the ambiance. In addition, the cinematographer knows how to capture the majesty of the scenery. This is the work of someone skilled in scene composition instead of an amateurish cameraperson.

Episode 2

25 minutes

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
An is scared of cockroaches and jumps into Thanh's arms.

OMG. My is too much. This annoying female love rival dominates the whole episode since her introduction. My's character impedes the love story's momentum. In the last episode, we saw romantic sparks between An and Thanh. I assumed their attraction would continue developing in this episode. Instead, it has turned into The My Show. Her obnoxious shenanigans have overshadowed the romance. Only the last five minutes are dedicated to the leads.

I don't completely hate My's character. A few scenes are amusing. For instance, My tries meddling in An and Thanh's relationship, but her efforts backfire and bring them closer. She also injects lots of undeniable enthusiasm and excitable energy to the series. However, her presence is too overpowering. Her brand of campy, exaggerated comedy also gets grating very quickly. My can stay around, but I just want less of her.

Episode 3

32 minutes

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
An looks sad during Thanh's apology.

An's reaction to the kiss is funny, hehe~ I actually didn't think they were gonna kiss. I expected it to be another fake-out like Episode 2. Maybe there's a sudden diversion, or An turns away at the last moment. Instead, the smooching actually happened! However, the romantic exchange lasts only one second before the scene turns humourous. An is so surprised that he lets go of the cart, causing an accident. Seeing that shot of An's leg waving in the air is comical.

Initially, I was turned off by the bedroom incident between An and Thanh. I didn't like how the series included this unnecessary non-consensual encounter. Even though Thanh was drunk and apologized sincerely afterwards, his aggression felt unpleasant. After watching the final episode, I have a different perspective on this scene. It isn't as gratuitous as I thought. Instead, it's a storytelling device to highlight An's childhood trauma. I understand the context now.

I'm impressed with how An's actor (Duong Huy) emotes during the apology scene. His eyes contain a profound sadness, almost like he's lost in his thoughts. Yet, his melancholy is subtle. It isn't an over-the-top display of anguish. An's reaction is even more significant after you realize what happened to him. As I rewatch Episode 4, I pick up on the nuances of An's expression and appreciate his performance even more.

Episode 4

25 minutes

Episode 4
Episode 5

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Oh My God has a happy ending where An opens up about his childhood trauma to Thanh.

Oh My God ends strongly with the best episode of the series. Until now, the story seemed lighthearted, but the finale pivots to a solemn drama. This last episode has gravitas, revealing more substance to the plot beyond the silly jokes and campy antics. Thanh comes across as very sincere in helping An relieve his childhood trauma. The shadow puppets are a cute, thoughtful idea. I also like how Oh My God hints that the uncle has an intriguing history. There's more to him than just comic relief.

I'm glad Oh My God clarified the relationship dynamics, revealing Thanh is unrelated to An. They shut down that cousin romance in one swift scene, followed by an unbrotherly kiss. I like the tenderness in their physical intimacy. The romantic encounter feels tastefully done. Yet, we still see the leads kiss and touch, so their passion isn't sanitized. Likewise, I enjoy their final exchange. Both leads wear their bead bracelets, a cute reference to the events in Episode 3. Overall, this couple's romance ends on a solid note. I'm excited to see more of them if there's an Oh My God Season 2.

Episode 5

30 minutes

Oh My God BL Information

SGs Production

SGs Production is a Vietnamese BL studio that worked on the 2023 series Oh My God.

SGs Production is a Vietnamese BL studio that worked on the 2023 series Oh My God. It is the studio's first BL project.


Kim Ngan (Kim Ngân) is a Vietnamese Director who worked on the 2023 BL drama Oh My God.

  1. I agree with your comments I found the female character very annoying to the point of stop watching I cringed with her o er the top performance and her assuming that the ml was hers the scenery in this serieswas beautiful I feel that it needed another season or another episode buti suppose that is left to our imagination

  2. I dropped this after first episode but finished it after reading your review- for me the highlights are the setting and cinematography as you mentioned. Also I thought a lot of the music nice addition.
    The acting is ok for first timers for the leads. The story telling is often so clunky even for a small studio- including montages of things the viewer has just seen.
    I found their visit to the beautiful but lonely house of Miss Hai also touching- would like to have seen more of her and less of the crazed admirer My.

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