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Our Winter is a Thai BL series about two protagonists who fall in love during a snowy winter in South Korea.

Our Winter is a short Thai BL series with fourteen one-minute episodes. The two main characters from Thailand travel to South Korea during an icy winter. They hang out and do various random activities, from snowball fights to sightseeing. Their bond strengthens in a fun, whimsical journey.

There's nothing substantial about Our Winter, a mini-series with zero plot. Each episode consists of pointless slice-of-life relationship fluff. The light BL content may appeal to fans of the actors. Otherwise, you won't gain anything from this short and superfluous love story.

Our Winter Summary


우리의 겨울

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


15 minutes

Total Episodes:

14 episodes


Slice-of-life romance


Our Winter is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Tutor and Yim make a heart shape witht heir hands.

Once upon a time, there were two nameless protagonists. Originally from Thailand, both have travelled to South Korea during a snowy winter. They are strangers who don't know each other. The characters meet in the street over a slight misunderstanding. After discovering their common roots, they befriend one another and begin hanging out.

Their daily activities are random and whimsical. Some days, they take photos or go sightseeing in the winter landscape. On other days, they play in snowball fights or share a cup of warm noodles in the cold weather. The couple strengthens their bond over time. Soon, their platonic friendship may have blossomed into something more.

Our Winter Cast

Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ) is one of the actors in Our Winter.

Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa

ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ

Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย) is one of the actors in Our Winter.

Tutor Koraphat

ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย

Cast Highlights

  • The leads Tutor and Yim first appeared in the 2022 Thai BL series Cutie Pie, where they portrayed one of the tertiary couples.

Our Winter Review


Drama Review Score: 4.4

Tutor and Kim kiss in the winter.

Let's make this a quick and brief review. I promised myself not to spend more time writing about Our Winter than it takes to watch the series. This mini BL drama is only fourteen minutes long. Annoyingly, it splits the narrative into many one-minute episodes. The format sucks because it's impossible to pack any substance in under sixty seconds. The sensible approach is to create one cohesive storyline. Yet, Our Winter insists on delivering arbitrary and disjointed scenes episode after episode.

Our Winter has zero plot. The entire story consists of sweet yet pointless relationship fluff. In each episode, the leads do something cutesy for sixty seconds, like smile coyly, swap gazes, or hold hands. There's no attempt to expand on the story meaningfully. The leads don't have personalities, backstories, or even names. They're random guys who meet and flirt for fourteen minutes without context. How utterly unimaginative. I can't feel invested in Our Winter when the protagonists have such empty characterizations. Why am I supposed to care about them?

The romantic exchanges are nothing special. Several interactions may be mildly amusing, but every encounter feels so lightweight. The series suffers from its stupidly self-imposed constraints since any passion must be condensed into sixty seconds. An attraction requires time to cultivate, brewing like a fine wine. Yet, Our Winter rushes hastily and moves on to the next scene after each minute. In addition, the flirting is immature. I can't get excited over the couple making heart symbols at each other. These innocent gestures fail to evoke strong feelings in me.

Our Winter stands out since it's filmed in a snowy environment. Winter conditions are seldom seen in Thai BL due to the country's tropical climate. South Korea's icy landscapes provide a refreshing change of scenery, like a winter wonderland. The seasonal setting adds a unique touch to the usual optics, from billowy jackets to silky scarves. Regrettably, the series uses an ugly vertical video format. It can only showcase the serene locations in a limited scope, restricting the artistry. Also, the viewing experience is unintuitive unless you watch on a mobile device. 

Our Winter relies on excessive music to overcompensate for a meagre plot. The dramatic songs obfuscate the mundaneness of the couple's interactions. It may sound like something epic is happening, only to coincide with the leads staring vapidly at each other. However, not even the snazzy soundtrack can divert from the nonexistent plot and superfluous filler. Our Winter deserves a low score because it popularizes many annoying features I don't want in BL. From the vertical videos to the short episodes, please don't steer the future of the genre in this awful direction.


Meagre story

Our Winter has virtually no plot. This empty story only consists of pointless relationship fluff. The protagonists don't have personalities, backstories, or even names.

Superfluous romance

The short episode length impairs the romantic exchanges. There isn't enough time to develop the couple's attraction. Also, the cutesy flirting feels immature and lacks any genuine passion.

Average acting

Fans of the two leads (Yim and Tutor) may enjoy seeing their favourite stars. Otherwise, they do an average job with the given material. The nonexistent story hardly challenges them.

Cliffhanger ending

Our Winter has a cliffhanger ending that cuts off the couple's romantic climax. Shockingly, this short piece of BL fluff can't even meet the bare minimum and deliver a solid happy conclusion.

Wintery artistry

This series stands out because it films in a snowy landscape, creating unique wintery visuals. However, it uses an annoying vertical video format that restricts the viewing experience.


Our Winter is a short, pointless BL drama with no story or substance. It only consists of cute yet immature romantic fluff. The series wastes the snowy landscape with its ugly vertical video format.

Our Winter Episodes

Episode Guide

Tutor and Yim stare at each other in the outdoors.

Our Winter has a total of 14 episodes. Each episode is around 1 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 14 minutes. Our Winter started on February 3, 2023 and ended on March 19, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14

Our Winter Information

Totsatis Media

Totsatis Media is a Thai BL studio that specializes in making short dramas. It made Our Winter (2023).

Totsatis Media is a Thai BL studio that specializes in making short dramas. It made Chapter of Green (2021) and Our Winter (2023). The studio has also produced several non-BL series.

  1. When I first read "episode length: 1 minute" I thought it was a typo. However, that together with the vertical format tells me this series was made to be consumed on a phone by someone with 60 seconds to kill — in an elevator, or wherever. I agree wholeheartedly that this is not the direction of satisfying drama. Thanks for the warning. I'm not watching this.

  2. I for one I did like it… this is not a proper series or anything like it and if you go watched with that mindset you will be disappointed. These 1 min shorts are just that… 1 min of fluff, cute, beautiful couple just being that… I'm not expecting a background story, or an amazing acting role… there's not time for that and that's OK. I got my 1 min of feel good scenery and I moved on with an smile on my face. This is what I was looking for and I got it on this series. Watchable? in my opinion definitely but go with the right mindset, don't expect KP or Midnight Kitchen 'cos that it ain't and it doesn't try to be either.

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