Step by Step is a Thai office BL series about a manager and his employee.

Step by Step is a Thai BL series about an office employee and his boss. When the main character starts working for a corporation, he struggles to fit in with the company's toxic culture. He clashes with his new manager on various workplace conflicts. The protagonist influences his employer to change and become an empathetic leader. As their professional relationship improves, they must also navigate complicated romantic feelings.

I have mixed feelings about Step by Step, a fun yet flawed BL drama. The handsome lead has a sophisticated air, making me swoon. He begins a charming office flirtation that intrigues me despite its inappropriateness. However, the lengthy series takes too long to develop the couple's romance. Their conflicts in the last few episodes are aggravating. Other storylines seem tedious and don't portray workplace issues with enough nuance.

Step by Step Summary


ค่อย ๆ รัก

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


15 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


Office romance


Step by Step is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Jeng is Pat's boss.

Pat is a 25-year-old employee at Jian Group. He works for the marketing department. Fluent in English, his translation skills make him a valuable asset on the team. His coworkers often rely on him for interpretations and copywriting. However, Pat feels disgruntled about his job after one month. He doesn't feel utilized by his colleagues, who make unreasonable demands and see him as a lowly assistant. Pat doesn't feel like he has experienced any career growth since starting his employment.

Jian Group is an award-winning company. It has earned "Best Employer of Asia" for four consecutive years. However, Pat feels differently about the toxic corporate culture. His colleagues are lazy and like to gossip a lot. These employees have grown complacent after working in the same roles for so long. They don't even know how to use technology. Also, Pat believes his male coworkers are sexist pigs who like to harass female employees. Despite reporting his complaints, Pat's manager is too meek to reprimand anyone.

Pat's colleagues have asked him to buy drinks for the rest of the team. While heading back, he accidentally drops a beverage on a stranger's shoe. Pat feels terrible about the accident. Fortunately, the handsome executive was courteous and didn't make a fuss. Later, they meet again at a nearby cafe. Pat offers to buy a meal for the businessman as an apology. The two chat over light snacks and drinks. Pat discusses his marketing job and sounds enthusiastic about a new technological concept. His companion listens intently to his ideas.

After Pat's old manager resigns, the team expects a new replacement for the boss. According to rumours, his new boss is Jeng. He's the son of the company CEO, who will inherit the business one day. Jeng has managed another division in the past. He's known for being a nitpicky perfectionist. To his surprise, Pat discovers Jeng is the guy he talked to at the coffee shop. Unlike his friendly demeanour in the past, Jeng has adopted a strict and professional attitude in the workplace.

After Pat's old manager resigns, the team expects a new replacement for the boss. According to rumours, his new boss is Jeng. He's the son of the company CEO, who will inherit the business one day. Jeng has managed another division in the past. He's known for being a nitpicky perfectionist. To his surprise, Pat discovers Jeng is the guy he talked to at the coffee shop. Unlike his friendly demeanour in the past, Jeng has adopted a strict and professional attitude in the workplace. He likes Pat's marketing ideas. However, Jeng also tends to criticize his subordinates a lot.

Jeng and Pat clash. After Pat's coworkers sabotage him, Jeng blames him for not handling the situation maturely. He also criticizes his employee's presentation skills. Pat becomes upset. He thinks there's a contrast between the friendly coffee shop guy and the mean boss. Outside work, Jeng lives with his brother, Jaab. The free-spirited sibling works for Ban Jay Production House, a video marketing company. Jaab's employer, Kanun, is dating Pat's friend, Ae. Pat doesn't realize that his personal life is indirectly tied to his boss. Their social circles overlap.

Step by Step Cast



Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn (เบน บัญญพนต์ ลิขิตอำนวยพร)

Pat is portrayed by the Thai actor Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn (เบน บัญญพนต์ ลิขิตอำนวยพร).

Pat is a 25-year-old marketing employee at Jian Group. After working this job for a month, he seems disgruntled about his coworkers and the toxic workplace culture. He also clashes with Jeng, the new boss. Pat's sensitive nature doesn't mesh well with his manager's micromanaging leadership style. During his free time, Pat hangs out with his friends, Ae and Beam.

Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn

Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn (เบน บัญญพนต์ ลิขิตอำนวยพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 7, 2001.

Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn (เบน บัญญพนต์ ลิขิตอำนวยพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 7, 2001. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Step by Step.


Man Trisanu Soranun (แมน ธฤษณุ สรนันท์)

Jeng is portrayed by the Thai actor Man Trisanu Soranun (แมน ธฤษณุ สรนันท์).

Jeng is Pat's new manager on the digital marketing team. A natural perfectionist, he likes to micromanage his staff and criticize their work. His father owns Jian Group. As the eldest son, Jeng will inherit the family business one day. Besides his corporate expertise, Jeng has a culinary flair. He runs a gourmet restaurant with his friend, Tae. Jeng helps out during the weekends.

Man Trisanu Soranun

Man Trisanu Soranun (แมน ธฤษณุ สรนันท์) is a Thai-Danish actor. He is born on January 11, 1991.

Man Trisanu Soranun (แมน ธฤษณุ สรนันท์) is a Thai-Danish actor. He is born on January 11, 1991. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Step by Step.


Up Poompat Iam-samang (อัพ ภูมิพัฒน์ เอี่ยมสำอาง)

Put is portrayed by the Thai actor Up Poompat Iam-samang (อัพ ภูมิพัฒน์ เอี่ยมสำอาง).

Put is a famous influencer with many social media followers. His online celebrity status has secured him lucrative sponsorship opportunities. Two years ago, Put and Pat used to be boyfriends. They shared a blissful relationship period once upon a time. However, their romance ended in a breakup. Put has been trying to reconnect with his ex since then. However, Pat has no intention to talk to him.

Up Poompat Iam-samang

Up Poompat Iam-samang (อัพ ภูมิพัฒน์ เอี่ยมสำอาง) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 4, 1994.

Up Poompat Iam-samang (อัพ ภูมิพัฒน์ เอี่ยมสำอาง) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 4, 1994. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, Lovely Writer. He also appears in the 2023 series, Step by Step.


Saint Paramee Mahatthanadul (เซนต์ ปารมี มหัทธนาดุลย์)

Jaab is portrayed by the Thai actor Saint Paramee Mahatthanadul (เซนต์ ปารมี มหัทธนาดุลย์).

Jaab is Jeng's roommate and free-spirited younger brother. They share a luxury apartment flat. Jaab works for Ban Jay Production House, which specializes in video marketing. Despite his goofy personality, Jaab gets along with his colleagues. He has a close relationship with Jen, one of his coworkers. They often joke around a lot. Jaab has developed a secret crush, but Jen is already in a relationship.

Saint Paramee Mahatthanadul

Saint Paramee Mahatthanadul (เซนต์ ปารมี มหัทธนาดุลย์) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 22, 2002.

Saint Paramee Mahatthanadul (เซนต์ ปารมี มหัทธนาดุลย์) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 22, 2002. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Step by Step.


Vin Theerameth Pheerabawornsuk (วิน ธีราเมท พีรบวรสุข)

Jen is portrayed by the Thai actor Vin Theerameth Pheerabawornsuk (วิน ธีราเมท พีรบวรสุข).

Jen is a producer at Ban Jay Production House, which does video marketing. He is responsible for shooting ads, commercials, and other media projects. Jen and Jaab are colleagues. They have a close relationship and like to joke around a lot. Jen doesn't realize his colleague has a crush on him. Jen is currently in a relationship with Mon, his boyfriend.

Vin Theerameth Pheerabawornsuk

Vin Theerameth Pheerabawornsuk (วิน ธีราเมท พีรบวรสุข) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 8, 1992.

Vin Theerameth Pheerabawornsuk (วิน ธีราเมท พีรบวรสุข) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 8, 1992. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Step by Step.

Supporting Cast

Chot is portrayed by the Thai actor Bruce Sirikorn Kananurak (บรูซ ศิริกร คณานุรักษ์).


Bruce Sirikorn Kananurak (บรูซ ศิริกร คณานุรักษ์)

Ae is portrayed by the Thai actress Zorzo Nathanan Akkharakitwattanakul (ซอโซ่ ณฐนันท อัครกิจวัฒนากุล).


Zorzo Nathanan Akkharakitwattanakul (ซอโซ่ ณฐนันท อัครกิจวัฒนากุล)

Kanun is portrayed by the Thai actor Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ).


Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ)

Ying is portrayed by the Thai actress Tui Puttachat Pongsuchat (ตุ่ย พุทธชาด พงศ์สุชาติ).


Tui Puttachat Pongsuchat (ตุ่ย พุทธชาด พงศ์สุชาติ)

Nan is portrayed by the Thai actress Praew Hassaya Isereekul (แพรว หัสสยา อิสริยะเสรีกุล).


Praew Hassaya Isereekul (แพรว หัสสยา อิสริยะเสรีกุล)

Koh's actor is portrayed by the Thai actor Kenji Wasin Panunaporn (วศิน ภาณุมาภรณ์).


Kenji Wasin Panunaporn (วศิน ภาณุมาภรณ์)

Beam is portrayed by the Thai actor Top Sutthirak Tangsutthichai (สุทธิรักษ์ ตั้งสุทธิชัย).


Top Sutthirak Tangsutthichai (สุทธิรักษ์ ตั้งสุทธิชัย)

Tae is portrayed by the Thai actor AA Pattarabut Kiennukul (ภัทรบุตร เขียนนุกูล).


AA Pattarabut Kiennukul (ภัทรบุตร เขียนนุกูล)

Jeng's father is portrayed by the Thai actor Pete Thongchua (พีท ทองเจือ).

Jeng's dad

Pete Thongchua (พีท ทองเจือ)

Jeng's mother is portrayed by the Thai actress Honey Passorn Leowrakwong (ฮันนี่ ภัสสร เหลียวรักวงศ์).

Jeng's mom

Honey Passorn Leowrakwong (ฮันนี่ ภัสสร เหลียวรักวงศ์)

Pat's father is portrayed by the Thai actor Amarin Nitibhon (อัมรินทร์ นิติพน).

Pat's dad

Amarin Nitibhon (อัมรินทร์ นิติพน)

Pat's mother is portrayed by the Thai actress Orn Ornanong Panyawong (อร อรอนงค์ ปัญญาวงศ์).

Pat's mom

Orn Ornanong Panyawong (อร อรอนงค์ ปัญญาวงศ์)

Chris is portrayed by the Thai actor Rice Natid Kaveekornwong (ไรซ์ ณฐิฏ กวีกรณ์วงศ์).


Rice Natid Kaveekornwong (ไรซ์ ณฐิฏ กวีกรณ์วงศ์)

Maan is portrayed by the Thai actress Dee Chanana Nutakom (ดี้ ชนานา นุตาคม).


Dee Chanana Nutakom (ดี้ ชนานา นุตาคม)

Nadia is portrayed by the Thai actress Sabina Meisinger (อจิรภา ซาบีน่า ไมซิงเกอร์).


Sabina Meisinger (อจิรภา ซาบีน่า ไมซิงเกอร์)

Krit is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Sorntast Buangam (สรณ์ธรรศ บัวงาม).


Mark Sorntast Buangam (สรณ์ธรรศ บัวงาม)

Kong is portrayed by the Thai actor Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat (บิ๊ก ธนกร กุลจรัสสมบัติ).


Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat (บิ๊ก ธนกร กุลจรัสสมบัติ)

Mon is portrayed by the Thai actor Jaab Phumisit Veskijkul (จ๊าบ ภูมิสิทธิ์ เวศกิจกุล).


Jaab Phumisit Veskijkul (จ๊าบ ภูมิสิทธิ์ เวศกิจกุล)

Prem is portrayed by the Thai actor Hymn Elisha Triwiwatkul (ฮิม เอลิชา ตริวิวัฒน์กุล).


Hymn Elisha Triwiwatkul (ฮิม เอลิชา ตริวิวัฒน์กุล)

Aim is portrayed by the Thai actress.


Juong is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Jaew is portrayed by a Thai child actress.


Makham is portrayed by a Thai baby.


Pat's doll is a stuffed tiger.

Pat's doll

Cast Highlights

  • Put's actor (Up) is the star of the 2021 Thai BL series Lovely Writer. The actors portraying Chot, Ae, and Toh (Bruce, Zorzo, and Kenji) also have supporting roles in that series.
  • Kanun's actor (Poppy) has prominent supporting roles in various BL dramas, including Why R U? (2020), YYY (2020), Lovely Writer (2021), Cutie Pie (2022), Love Mechanics (2022), and Chains of Heart (2023).
  • Tae's actor (AA) has appeared in TharnType (2019) and The Moment Since (2020).
  • The actress who portrays Ying (Tui) has a supporting part in the 2023 series I Feel You Linger in the Air.
  • The actors who portray Pat's father and Pete's father (Amarin and Pete) also appear in Middleman's Love (2023). They portray parental roles in that drama too. In addition, Krit's actor (Mark) has a supporting role in that series.

Step by Step Review


Drama Review Score: 7.3

Jeng wraps his arm around Pat.

Step by Step is a slow-burn office BL drama that takes time to develop the romance. As the title implies, the series focuses on the couple's gradual relationship. Each episode shows the main characters growing closer and hints at their mutual attraction. They are cautious about expressing their feelings due to the sensitive nature of the workplace dynamic. As a result, enjoying this love story requires patience. With nearly fifteen hours of content, be prepared for a long wait before the climax finally arrives.

I dislike boss-employee romances in BL dramas since the power dynamics and professional misconduct make me uncomfortable. Surprisingly, I don't feel as offended by the couple in Step by Step. They have charming interactions that often occur outside the office. Jeng is also a gentleman who doesn't abuse his authoritative position, at least most of the time. The workplace relationship is tastefully portrayed and avoids the disrespectfulness of similar series. With that said, the love story still has problematic aspects. A few moments seem inappropriate, but I've seen far worse from this genre.

Step by Step addresses many workplace topics. Some subplots are enjoyable, particularly those that lead to character development. Pat polishes his business acumen, while Jeng goes from micromanaging his staff to displaying empathetic leadership. I like seeing both protagonists experience meaningful growth. However, other tedious storylines feel like needless filler. Also, the series simplifies office conflicts and doesn't portray these issues with nuance. The story could have gone deeper into dismantling harassment, hierarchy, and toxic corporate culture.

Jeng's performer (Man) looks incredibly handsome in a business suit, carrying an air of authority and sophistication. The dreamy leading man is tailor-made for this role. His most attractive quality is whenever he smiles bashfully. You wouldn't expect this confident hunk to have such a sweet and shy expression. The sheepish little grin gets to me every time. His costar (Ben) is also a telegenic cutie. Both leads form a desirable BL couple that will fuel your fantasies. However, Ben's acting is on the weak side. All those crying scenes expose his limited dramatic range.

Step by Step has several annoying storylines. The love triangle drags on for longer than necessary. Although I like Put's actor (Up), his minor character doesn't need to be prominent. In addition, the secondary romance between Jaab and Jen feels pointless. Their angsty relationship drama goes in circles. I'd rather see Chot and his boyfriend receive the spotlight instead. My least favourite plots are the aggravating conflicts in the last few episodes. Both leads show poor judgment in their love lives and workplace conduct. Jeng and Pat's strange decisions frustrate me.

Step by Step has a disappointing last episode. The couple separates over a flimsy conflict and takes too long to reconcile. The series wastes precious storytelling time instead of exploring Pat's new career or Jeng's emancipation from his father. These significant plot developments randomly occur in the finale when they deserve proper focus. Overall, I have mixed feelings about the drama. Some moments have made me giggle, swoon, or cheer for the leads. Yet, I expected better closure after hours of emotional investment. Ultimately, Step by Step leaves me unfulfilled.


Lengthy story

Step by Step has a lengthy story that takes its time to develop the slow-burn romance. Some workplace subplots are meaningful, while others seem like tedious filler. The conflicts are often aggravating.

Cautious romance

This series portrays a tasteful office romance. The leads navigate their attraction cautiously and respect boundaries. The couple shares charming interactions, even though you must wait for the journey.

Dreamy acting

Jeng's actor (Man) is a handsome hunk who seems tailor-made for the role. He conveys a natural air of authority and sophistication. His costar (Ben) is a cutie, but he struggles with the crying scenes.

Happy ending

Step by Step has a happy ending where the couple reconciles after their separation. They also make significant career changes. The finale is disappointing since it doesn't explain the plot developments.

Sophisticated artistry

This series boasts modern production values with sharp and sophisticated visuals. The workplace looks like a legitimately high-class corporation, adding to the authenticity of the office scenes.


Step by Step is a lengthy BL series with dreamy leads in a charming office romance. While some subplots are enjoyable, others seem like tedious filler. The last few episodes suffer from aggravating conflicts.

Step by Step Series Explained



Pat and Jeng face each other.

Pat is introduced as a sympathetic protagonist. He's a disgruntled new employee who feels underutilized at work and bullied by his coworkers. These nasty colleagues keep prying on his personal life in Episode 2. Initially, they make him uncomfortable by speculating on his closeness with a female employee. Later, he becomes the victim of homophobic taunts. This company is such a toxic environment. I want him to quit the crappy job and find another workplace that would treat him with dignity.

Fortunately, Pat's job conditions improve after Jeng's arrival. Despite clashing with his boss initially, they come to an understanding. Jeng values Pat's ideas and gives him career opportunities instead of saddling him with menial work. Pat gets to lead presentations and ad campaigns, allowing him to grow professionally. Not everyone supports Pat. They don't think he has experience. Yet, I like how Jeng champions his subordinate, giving him the confidence to prove the naysayers wrong. Over time, Pat goes from being disillusioned about his job to feeling proud of his work.

Another significant change is that Jeng brings in new staff to replace the toxic workers. Prem, the homophobe, is transferred elsewhere. His replacement is Chot, a gay employee. Both Chot and Nan are excellent additions to the team. These qualified professionals bring job expertise and a respectful attitude. You can see Pat relax more around his peers instead of feeling alienated by them. Pat even befriends Chot and gains a workplace confidante. I love seeing the difference in Pat's happiness compared to the start. He finally feels comfortable at his company.


Pat is upset about work.

One of Pat's defining qualities is his sensitivity. He's a delicate willow who can't cope with stressful situations. In Episode 2, he cries in the washroom stall after receiving negative feedback about his work habits. Sure, nobody likes to feel bad about themselves. However, Pat seems to react emotionally over everything. He cries multiple times throughout the series. Whenever Pat gets upset, the tears start to flow. Pat comes across as thin-skinned, unable to endure the challenging demands of the corporate workplace.

Pat never grows to become resilient. Even near the end of the series, he still reacts sensitively to workplace problems. In Episode 10, he's affected by office rumours over his relationship with Jeng. As other employees question the inappropriateness, Pat crumbles under scrutiny. He also responds emotionally in his personal life. After breaking up, Pat ceases all communication with Put and Jeng. The mature move is to remain friendly with his exes, but he's too hurt to face them. Pat can't change who he is. Being in touch with his feelings is part of his natural personality.

The corporate world is ruthless. In this high-pressure world, business professionals speak bluntly. They give harsh feedback, clash over disagreements, and pull manipulative schemes. Some, like Jeng's father, thrive on being as cutthroat as possible. However, Pat doesn't belong to this toxic work environment. His personality is incompatible with a corporate career. Instead, he's well-suited to a smaller company structure. His new employment at a start-up allows him to collaborate with peers equally. I'm glad Pat quits his old job and finds a more suitable workplace.


Jeng smiles sadly to himself.

Jeng, the lifelong perfectionist, arrives at his new job with a strict managerial style. Thinking he knows best, Jeng criticizes the employees for not meeting his standards. He loves nitpicking on Pat's work. However, Jeng gets a rude wake-up call after reading a scathing employer assessment. Among many insults, he takes offence to being called a micromanager, narcissistic, and lacking empathy. ("Learn to be human" was another feedback in Pat's report. He did NOT hold back with his words. 😅)

Contrary to his perfect demeanour, Jeng realizes his shortcomings as a boss. The resentment doesn't only come from Pat. All his subordinates secretly despise him, too. Reading Pat's critiques has made Jeng self-conscious, bothering him so much that he loses sleep. The words hurt more coming from Pat. Before working together, they once shared a pleasant rapport at the cafe. Yet, Pat now holds hateful thoughts and seems intimidated around him. Jeng feels troubled by this change in behaviour. He must have an unbearable personality to turn a friendly acquaintance against him.

Jeng takes the initiative to change. He listens to Pat's advice and "learns to be human". Firstly, he apologizes for his coldness in the past. Saying sorry requires him to let go of his pride and show humility. Secondly, Jeng arranges team-building activities like badminton and karaoke. He's even relaxed enough to sing with his employees, closing the distance between them. And thirdly, Jeng sets up a gratitude board. He aims to spread positivity among his team. Unlike before, Jeng has become an empathetic leader with a compassionate managerial style.


Pat and Jeng kiss for the first time in Step by Step.

Besides empathy, Pat encourages Jeng to be more casual. Jeng used to think that working a corporate job meant behaving formally with everyone. However, Pat proves otherwise. This young employee expresses his gratitude by sending a text with a heart-eyed emoji to his boss. While this message may not seem professional, it is sincere. Learning from his employee's example, Jeng adopts a relaxed demeanour. He invites Pat to meals, shopping, and drinks at the bar. Just because he's the boss, they can still hang out.

Pat is forthcoming. Whether he likes it or not, our protagonist has no poker face. He can't hide his feelings and always wears his heart on his sleeves. In contrast, Jeng seems reserved. Raised by a strict father, Jeng copes by closing himself off emotionally. He puts up barriers so his father's criticisms won't hurt him. Jeng rarely confides in anyone except his business partner, Tae. Due to his repressed nature, Jeng struggles to confess his romantic feelings for Pat. Episode after episode, their relationship doesn't progress because he refuses to be vulnerable.

Jeng's journey involves embracing his vulnerability. Step by step, he works up the courage to stop hiding his feelings. You may notice that Jeng goes shirtless for the first time in Episode 8. His half-nudity is a deliberate storytelling choice to mark the character's liberation. He has removed another layer, exposing more of himself. Subsequently, Jeng becomes assertive as he goes on restaurant dates with Pat. He even comes out as gay at the end of the episode. Pat has inspired Jeng to have the guts to pursue this romance, taking a significant step in self-expression.


Pat and Jeng kiss in the Step by Step ending.

Jeng and Jaab have very different personalities. At first glance, Jeng is the beacon of confidence and composure. In contrast, Jaab is a quirky free-spirit who likes to goof around. Nobody takes him seriously. I initially thought Jeng was the well-adjusted sibling with his life all figured out. Over time, my perception has changed. At least Jaab is brave enough to defy his family and live independently. Contrary to expectations, he's more enlightened than his brother, who constantly obeys his father's commands.

As the eldest son, Jeng will inherit his dad's company. Despite his passion for cuisine, he accepts his fate of working as a corporate executive. This business is his family's legacy, so he must do as his parents say. They almost have a manager-employee dynamic. Jeng is like a subordinate to his father rather than the boss of his own life. Jeng's sexuality complicates this relationship since his father condemns having a gay son. His relationship with a man is considered a "PR scandal". Due to his desire for the missing parental approval, Jeng commits to a career that his dad has planned for him.

In Episode 11, Jeng tries to win his family's approval with a negotiation. If he hits a sales target, Pat gets to keep his employment. However, this arrangement is offensive. The father threatens to fire his son's lover because he views their relationship as "scandalous". WTF!? Jeng shouldn't agree to a deal that insults his boyfriend and puts his career at risk. Thankfully, Jeng finds his courage in the finale. He finally stands up to his father and defies him. No, I won't run your company! Inspired by love, Jeng has taken charge of his own life. His dad is no longer the boss of him.

Step by Step Episodes

Episode Guide

Pat and Jeng are in wedding suits.

Step by Step has a total of 12 episodes. Each uncut episode is around 50 to 80 minutes long. The last episode is around 100 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 15 hours. Step by Step started on April 18, 2023 and ended on July 15, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Guide

Episode 1

It's a cute introduction. I like how the leads first meet outside work, getting to know each other without the boss-employee dynamic. I'm interested in seeing how they navigate the workplace drama.

Episode 2

"Stop acting like a straight white male!" OMG. These work conflicts are unpleasant. While Pat can be more mature, his coworkers suck. Jeng should discipline the team instead of nitpicking on Pat's work.

Episode 3

Pat's nervousness around his boss is cute. I also like seeing Jeng's self-reflection. However, the homophobic employee got off lightly. 😒 Jaab & Jen's relationship is weird to me.

Episode 4

I like seeing Pat and Jeng help each other grow. It's nice to see Jeng relax more. Posting that wrong message is a nightmare scenario omg. My favourite line is: "He is really mother and the moment."

Episode 5

"BL couples profit off the identity of the LGBTQ community." OMG at that ZeeNuNew dig. I'm not a fan of the messy Jaab x Jen relationship. The ex-lover & a few work subplots seem unnecessary.

Episode 6

I like seeing Pat and Jeng bond outside of work. The boss is so handsome when he smiles bashfully. The MLM guy and Pat's ex are similar. Both keep pursuing Pat without knowing when to give up.

Episode 7

Pat's actor isn't good at crying. The series shouldn't keep giving him these scenes. Wow, the PutPat kiss happened before the JengPat kiss! I'm Team Jeng. The pesky ex needs to go away already.

Episode 8

The boss is so SEXY. I'd quit my job and give up any career to be his lover. 🤤 I like Pat & Jeng's restaurant dates, but I wish Pat wouldn't get drunk again. This lazy storytelling device keeps happening.

Episode 9

I'm glad Pat can confide in Chot. He's a good friend. Pat's rejection is severe. He should be gentle toward his love interest, who's vulnerable after the confession. The baby scene feels like a fever dream.

Episode 10

I'm happy for Chot & his boyfriend~ Pat & Jeng's restaurant kiss is wild, especially when they knock the bowls! Jeng is dickmatized. He has shown awful judgment after getting together with Pat.

Episode 11

"You act like a fool every day." Jaab tries comforting Pat, who insults him to his face lol. The marketing sales storyline is dumb and dull. I like how that executive defends Jeng's sexuality. She's an ally!

Episode 12

This breakup drama is unnecessary and undermines the romance. The ending should've focused on Pat starting his own company and Jeng defying his father. The storytelling potential has been wasted.

Step by Step Information

Dee Hup House

Dee Hup House is a Thai studio.

Dee Hup House is a Thai studio. Founded in 2019, its BL projects include Step by Step (2023) and I Feel You Linger in the Air (2023).


Tee Bundit Sintanaparadee (ตี๋ บัณฑิต สินธนภารดี) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, TharnType.

Tee Bundit Sintanaparadee (ตี๋ บัณฑิต สินธนภารดี) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, TharnType. He also directed Lovely Writer (2021), Something in My Room (2022), and Magic of Zero (2022). His other works include Step by Step (2023) and I Feel You Linger in the Air (2023).

  1. I wanted to like this show, and found it promising in the beginning. Jeng’s gravitas and the way he wears a suit, his friendship with his partner in the restaurant, and his sibling bond with Jaab were all charming. His vibe and his accent are a little different (the Danish influence?) lending him an air of mystery in addition to his handsomeness. Jeng and Jaab look nothing alike but I invested in their siblinghood because of the ease and humor of the actors together. Even though I did not appreciate his storyline with Jeng, I admit that the beauty of Jaab’s actor (Saint) kept me tuning in. Had they been casting for actually appearing related, Jaab’s brother would have been played by Bible Wichapas Sumettikul (the similarity is striking). Although he seemed flaky at first, Jaab was a skillful operator; he could be independent because Jeng took all the heat from their father, and he could be bold outside the family by pulling the chaebol card.

    The problem with this show is Pat. Both the way his character was written and the way it was performed were problematic and grew worse as the story progressed. I had a little sympathy for him at first but there was so much moaning and complaining and identification with victimhood that by the time it was over I heaved a sigh of relief. The weeping! So much weeping right until the end. Pat's actor does have a sweet smile, perhaps he would do better in a lighter comedy.

  2. p.s.
    I meant, I don't appreciate Jaab's relationship with *Jen* (the way it unfolded was so uncomfortable for Jaab) but I like his relationship with his brother, Jeng.

  3. I've been waiting so much for this review!!! Today 've just finished the rewatch. Thanks 🙂

  4. Ben gives my least fave performance of the year- he has 3 expressions: smiling, constipated and crying- horrific debut. The director and acting coach (was there one?) deserve some blame too- as Saint as Jaab is also terrible- he can't do anything other than look dreamy and he also is frequently giving crying scenes- which are laughable.

    Up was co producer- and should have replaced Ben. The script and pacing are still a mess- but chemistry and acting can overcome- look at Bad Buddy and Lovely Writer.

    Man made it worth me watching 5 episodes- struggled to get through 10 episodes and started fast forwarding anytime Ben was "acting' or Man was not present.

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