Middleman's Love is a Thai BL series about two office employees.

Middleman's Love is a Thai BL comedy series about two office employees. After a new intern joins the company, the main character helps him settle in the workplace. They develop a close relationship from collaborating, carpooling, and chatting after work. The protagonist believes his coworker has a crush on another colleague. He wants to be their matchmaker, not realizing the actual target of affection is himself.

The start of Middleman's Love is too quirky. From the outlandish humour to obnoxious perkiness, the early episodes make me cringe. The series calms down and becomes less over the top, but the storylines are still childish. The plot suffers from pointless filler and immature antics. Also, the romance progresses slowly with little substance. While the final episode is surprisingly enjoyable, it can't compensate for all the awfulness beforehand.

Middleman's Love Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


8 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Office comedy


Middleman's Love is a happy & funny BL drama.


Jade and Mai are coworkers.

Jade is an office worker with an energetic and excitable personality. Recently, a new intern has joined the company. As the mentor, Jade is responsible for helping Mai settle in the workplace. He welcomes the new employee enthusiastically. Although Jade's behaviour can be silly, Mai is charmed by his coworker's quirkiness. Soon, Mai develops a secret crush on Jade.

Jade is a helpful mentor who gets along with Mai. Occasionally, they would carpool to the office. Jade and Mai also hang out after work. They join the other colleagues on social outings. As Mai's romantic feelings deepen, he tries to hint at his attraction. Yet, Jade remains clueless and doesn't return the signals. He thinks they are just being friendly. According to Jade, Mai's kind gestures are typical pleasantries between coworkers.

Jade's friend, Uea, notices what is happening. He warns Mai about the risks of an office romance. Uea and his boyfriend, King, are also colleagues who fell in love in the workplace. So, Uea understands first-hand that a relationship can be complicated. Mai admits he has a crush on Jade and insists on his sincerity. Uea believes him and gives his blessing. He'll only observe them from a distance without intervening.

Mai has gotten close with Gus, another new employee at the company. They become friends who collaborate on projects and hang out around the office. As Jade observes their budding friendship, he believes there are romantic sparks. He thinks they will make a compatible couple. Previously, Jade was successful in being the "middleman" for Uea and King. He brought the two lovers together and helped them become a couple. Confident in his matchmaking skills, Jade believes he can help Mai and Gus become closer.

Jade becomes more involved in Mai's life. He wants to learn about his coworker to help with his matchmaking. As they spend time outside work, Mai's feelings intensify. He keeps dropping hints that he has a crush on someone in the office. Yet, Jade misunderstands him and believes his theory is correct. He becomes even more enthusiastic about playing matchmaker. This confusion leads to hilarious shenanigans between the two colleagues. They must figure out how to interpret each other's mixed signals.

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Middleman's Love Cast



Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ)

Jade is portrayed by the Thai actor Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ).

Jade is an office worker from the company's design department. He has a perky, excitable personality. Jade works closely with Uea, his best friend, and Mai, the new intern. Jade is nicknamed the "middleman" because he likes to play matchmaker. He's also the middle child between an older brother and a younger sister.

Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa

Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 8, 2000.

Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 8, 2000. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Cutie Pie. He stars in the 2023 dramas, Middleman's Love and Our Winter.


Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย)

Mai is portrayed by the Thai actor Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย).

Mai is a new company intern who works for Jade's design team. He is poised and behaves perfectly. Jade takes him under his wing, developing a close bond. Mai has a secret crush on his mentor and tries to hint at his attraction. Mai has a good relationship with his parents and older brother.

Tutor Koraphat

Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 4, 2000.

Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 4, 2000. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Cutie Pie. He is the lead of the 2023 dramas, Middleman's Love and Our Winter.

Supporting Cast

Uea is portrayed by the Thai actor James Supamongkon Wongwisut (เจมส์ ศุภมงคล วงศ์วิสุทธ์).


James Supamongkon Wongwisut (เจมส์ ศุภมงคล วงศ์วิสุทธ์)

King is portrayed by the Thai actor Net Siraphop Manithikhun (เน็ต สิรภพ มานิธิคุณ).


Net Siraphop Manithikhun (เน็ต สิรภพ มานิธิคุณ)

Gus is portrayed by the Thai actor Tai Thanaphat Kajonchaikun (ไต๋ ธนภัทร ขจรชัยกุล).


Tai Thanaphat Kajonchaikun (ไต๋ ธนภัทร ขจรชัยกุล)

Kong is portrayed by the Thai actor Leo Peerapun Chungcharoenpanich (พีรพันธ์ จึงเจริญพาณิชย์).


Leo Peerapun Chungcharoenpanich (พีรพันธ์ จึงเจริญพาณิชย์)

Gun is portrayed by Thai actor Thomas Teetut Chungmanirat (โทมัส ธีร์ทัศน์ จึงมณีรัตน์).


Thomas Teetut Chungmanirat (โทมัส ธีร์ทัศน์ จึงมณีรัตน์)

Mongkol is portrayed by Thai actor Park Parnupat Anomakiti (ปาร์ค ภัทร อโนมกิติ).


Park Parnupat Anomakiti (ปาร์ค ภัทร อโนมกิติ)

Bas is portrayed by Thai actor Mark Sorntast Buangam (สรณ์ธรรศ บัวงาม).


Mark Sorntast Buangam (สรณ์ธรรศ บัวงาม)

Jett is portrayed by the Thai actor Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor (เต๋า เศรษฐพงศ์ เพียงพอ).


Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor (เต๋า เศรษฐพงศ์ เพียงพอ)

Jade's sister is portrayed by the Thai actress Ingkho Inpalee Chotiruntananon (อิงโกะ อินท์ปาลี โชติหิรัญธนนนท์).


Ingkho Inpalee Chotiruntananon (อิงโกะ อินท์ปาลี โชติหิรัญธนนนท์)

Jade's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor Amarin Nitibhon (อัมรินทร์ นิติพน).

Jade's dad

Amarin Nitibhon (อัมรินทร์ นิติพน)

Jade's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Nicole Theriault (นิโคล เทริโอ).

Jade's mom

Nicole Theriault (นิโคล เทริโอ)

Man is portrayed by Thai actor Ngern Anupart Luangsodsai (เงิน อนุภาษ เหลืองสดใส).


Ngern Anupart Luangsodsai (เงิน อนุภาษ เหลืองสดใส)

Mai's father is portrayed by Thai actor Pete Thongchua (พีท ทองเจือ).

Mai's dad

Pete Thongchua (พีท ทองเจือ)

Mai's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Pym Pympan Chalayanacupt (พิมพ์พรรณ ชลายนคุปต์).

Mai's mom

Pym Pympan Chalayanacupt (พิมพ์พรรณ ชลายนคุปต์)

Sakoo is a Thai dog.


Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Yim and Tutor) are supporting characters in the 2022 Thai BL series Cutie Pie. They also appeared in the 2023 sequel Cutie Pie 2 You. In addition, they are the leads of Our Winter (2023).
  • Yim, Tutor, and the actors who portray Uea and King (James & Net) appeared in the 2023 series Bed Friend. Middleman's Love is the spin-off of this original story.
  • The actors who portray Gus and Kong (Tai and Leo) have appeared together in Friend Forever (2020) and You Never Eat Alone (2020).
  • Man's actor (Ngern) appeared in the Love in Translation (2023) as a part of the secondary couple.
  • The actors who portray Jade and Mai's fathers (Amarin and Pete) have supporting roles in the 2023 series Step by Step. Once again, the portray the dads of the lead characters.

Middleman's Love Review


Drama Review Score: 6.2

Jade and Mai almost share a kiss.

The beginning of Middleman's Love annoys me due to the excessive quirkiness on display. The main character has a zany personality and displays too much enthusiasm, which gets tiresome quickly. There are also goofy reactions, comical sound effects, and over-the-top humour, adding to the continual wackiness. The narrative is an incoherent mess. When the pointless filler isn't boring me, the unfunny jokes make me cringe. Based on the opening episodes, I have a terrible first impression of Middleman's Love.

The series calms down and becomes less eccentric after a while. It settles into a typical workplace drama, a welcomed improvement over the start. At least these episodes are watchable. However, the storylines are still too silly and lack maturity. You expect more adult themes from an office BL series, yet the characters get involved in juvenile shenanigans. One of the episodes is dedicated to a sports orientation day, no different from school. I appreciate playfulness in a story, but it becomes an issue when many scenes feel childish. Middleman's Love often comes across as airheaded.

Middleman's Love reminds me of Emma by Jane Austen. Five seconds later, I retract my comparison in horror. I'm sorry for dragging down Ms. Austen's literary classic to the level of this frivolous drama. Even so, the two stories are similar. Both protagonists are self-declared matchmakers who meddle in other relationships and learn valuable lessons. That's a fun premise for a romantic comedy, especially with a BL twist. Yet, Middleman's Love squanders the potential by hardly exploring this plot. It wastes time on goofy antics and dumb filler than meaningful themes.

Jade is an irritating protagonist. The actor (Yim) tries hard to appear perky, albeit annoyingly. Despite his character flaws, I still like him. His dorkiness seems endearing, as is his funny fixation with Detective Conan. However, his personality is polarizing and not everyone's cup of tea. While Jade & Mai share a few cute encounters, their romance takes too long to progress. The love story's climax doesn't occur until late in the series. Since nothing significant is happening in the plot, there's no reason to drag out the relationship. Accelerate the journey and give us BL action!

Uea and King, the stars of Bed Friend, make cute supporting characters in this spin-off. They have reduced screen time, but I appreciate how they don't overshadow the leads. The other secondary couple, Gus and Kong, are my least favourites. I hate Gus, who is a walking HR red flag. From inappropriate shoulder massages to lewd pick-up lines, his so-called flirting resembles sleazy workplace harassment. I groan whenever the plot dedicates time to their dull romance, which has no chemistry. The story can't even give valid reasons why they like each other.

Middleman's Love ends with a surprisingly engaging finale. It focuses on the leads flirting cutely and developing their relationship. These scenes should have happened sooner, but at least we're getting long-awaited BL content. From playful banter to passionate encounters, the series earns last-minute points due to the enjoyable romantic fluff. If this episode were attached to another drama, it'd be a solid hour of entertainment. Sadly, a fun conclusion can't redeem the rest of the embarrassing mediocrity. Middleman's Love is an awful mix of cringiness and childishness.


Childish story

Middeman's Love has a terrible start with too much annoying quirkiness. The rest of the story is frivolous. From childish antics to pointless filler, nothing significant happens in the plot.

Stalled romance

The BL content doesn't occur until late in the series. While Jade & Mai have a few cute exchanges, their romance takes too long to progress. Gus and Kong are an awful couple with no chemistry.

Hyper acting

Jade's actor (Yim) tries very hard to portray a perky character. He gets points for effort. However, he doesn't pull off the portrayal and comes across as annoying. The others are unremarkable.

Happy ending

Middleman's Love has a happy ending as Jade and Mai develop their relationship. The finale is surprisingly enjoyable, containing cute flirtation, playful banter, and passionate encounters.

Chic artistry

The production values look modern and chic. However, there's a slight genericness to the backdrops and locations. None of the settings, especially the office environment, stands out visually.


Middleman's Love is an annoyingly quirky office BL series with pointless filler, childish antics, and cringy jokes. Besides a surprisingly good finale, the rest of the episodes are dull and dumb.

Middleman's Love Episodes

Episode Guide

Jade and Mai talk outside.

Middleman's Love has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 75 minutes long. The last episode is around 75 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 8 hours. Middleman's Love started on November 10, 2023 and ended on December 29, 2023.

Middleman's Love is a spin-off of the 2023 Thai BL series, Bed Friend. It features the same actors and characters. Bed Friend is the first installment in the franchise's chronology. However, watching this spin-off isn't required to understanding Middleman's Love. They can be enjoyed separately.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

What an awful introduction. I'm cringing so hard. Is this an all-male division? Where did all the female employees go? Gus, stop giving massages! Kong said he doesn't like it! Don't touch him!

Episode 2

This episode has two funny moments. First is the absurd kiss under the office desk. Only BL dramas can turn weird places into kissing spots. Second is when Jade vomits after looking at Mai's abs lol.

Episode 3

Is it just me, or does putting expiration dates on someone else's food seem nosy? This episode feels more toned down in perkiness. The Valentine's Day subplot was cute, but I wish it went on for longer.

Episode 4

Ugh, I hate Gus. Kong will smile when he wants to! Stop touching his face! Gus' workplace conduct has been out of line. HR, warn him! Jade channelling his inner Detective Conan is cute, hehe.

Episode 5

Why is Kong suddenly flirting with Gus? His behavioural change is odd. Jade's high school flashbacks need more development. They end too abruptly. Why are we wasting time on this sports day?

Episode 6

"Why do I need to have a reason to love you?" Well, it'd be nice to hear at least one reason… Mai should respect Jade's rejection and leave him alone. No means no, not try again and continue flirting.

Episode 7

Jade and Mai's romance has taken too long to progress. The series is almost over, yet the relationship drama is dragging. Jade should've accepted the confession so we could start the BL content.

Episode 8

I saw shades of myself when Jade was pretending to be an armchair detective. *lol* The sex scenes have such a hilariously dramatic flair. LMAO when Mai took off Jade's glasses with his mouth!

Middleman's Love Information

Mandee Channel

Mandee Channel is the Thai BL studio that made Why R U (2020) and Cutie Pie (2022).

Mandee Channel is the Thai BL studio that made Why R U (2020) and Cutie Pie (2022). This company has a close business relationship with the entertainment agency, Domundi TV. They have co-produced various BL dramas together.


Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat ( ธนะมินทร์ วงษ์สกุลพัชร์) is a Thai director.

Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat ( ธนะมินทร์ วงษ์สกุลพัชร์) is a Thai director. His first BL drama is the drama, Make It Right (2016) and its sequel Make It Right 2 (2017). His portfolio of work includes Water Boyy (2017), Why R U (2020), YYY (2020), and You Never Eat Alone (2020). In addition, he directed Y-Destiny (2021), Secret Crush on You (2022), That's My Candy (2022), and War of Y (2022). He also worked on Bed Friend (2023), Middleman's Love (2023), and Playboyy (2023).

  1. Ok, tendré que escribir esto en español porque necesito sacar muchas quejas de mi corazón y en inglés no se siente igual.

    Estuve esperando mucho por esta serie, mucho más que por Bed Friends, desde que los actores principales no eran Tutor y Yim. Me gusta más la trama simple de Middleman's Live que la dramática en Bed Friends… ¿para qué? Para esto. Y lo dice alguien que de cierta forma disfrutó Secret Crush on You que también tiene su dosis de cringe brutal. El personaje de Jade es insufrible y lo único que uno puede pensar es ¿por qué Mai está tan enamorado? En ningún momento sale un por qué válido para su atracción. Es decir, puedo comprender que Jade se enamore de Mai cuando lo trata de forma tan adorable, ¿pero qué hizo Jade para merecerlo a parte de ser tan ruidoso? Su personaje me gustó mucho más en Bed Friends, era enérgico, pero no tan odioso. Fue un sufrimiento constante que soporté porque me aferré a lo que me terminó de enganchar y son Leo y Tai, desde Friends Forever había quedado con ganas de ver más de ellos y pensé que tendría que sufrir con la incertidumbre de si harán la serie de Punk Spy, hasta que anunciaron que saldrían de pareja secundaria en esta serie.

    Ay no, puras decepciones me he llevado con muchas series en los últimos meses. Siento que la calificación de esta serie fue muy benevolente, o como siempre es mi enojo hablando por mí. Aunque los últimos capítulos no fueron tan odiosos, la interacción de Jade con su familia me pareció entrañable y me calentó el corazón. La mamá de Mai nunca terminó de encantarme, por un segundo pensé que traería alguna clase de problema con esa actitud tan odiosamente sobreprotectora, al final todo fue como un cuento de hadas, sin conflicto real. Tutor y Yim tienen muy buena química, pero siento que sus escenas de cama eran sosas. Buenos besos, pero no sé qué estaban intentando en las escenas finales, hasta me eché unas buenas risas hahahaha.

    Lo que sí disfruté es la relación de Tong y Gus, pero aquí soy cero objetiva. Me gusta que el personaje de Gus fuera tan enérgico y fuera directo por lo que quería. La escena en el restaurante es la más irónica 😆

    En fin, disculpa el largo mensaje. Ni sé si se leera por estar en español, pero queria quejarme con alguken hahahaha

    ¿Has visto Absolute Zero? He esperado a ver si haces un review de esa serie.

    Btw, happy new year! Espero este 2024 traiga buenos proyectos del BL para poder seguirte leyendo con entusiasmo.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Use the language you feel most comfortable writing, and I'll try my best to respond back.

      I like Jade more in Bed Friends. He's very annoying in Middleman's Love, but I like him anyway. Not as much as the previous series, but my feelings are still positive. For me (and Mai), Jade seems nice, sincere, awkward, and dorky. He is "adorkable". I know he's not everyone's taste, but I'm fond this archetype. 🤓

      I prefer the simple, lighthearted plot in Middleman's Love over the angsty story in Bed Friend. Neither is good, but I'd rather have pointless fluff than exaggerated trauma. Uea and King work better in a romcom setting, even though they are only side characters.

      This may be an unpopular opinion, but Bed Friend and Middleman's Love are around the same level of enjoyment for me. They get the same score. Middleman's Love benefited from the last episode, which was easily its best. My review system has a loophole. If a BL drama has an enjoyable finale, it will raise the score even if every other episode sucks. However, I may lower the score in the future, depending on how I feel. This series is in the low 60s for me.

      I like that there isn't much parental conflict! All the family scenes were surprisingly cute and warm. I was expecting some drama with Mai's mom, but she surprised me. I was satisfied with the family portion of the series. I also like that they made Jade the middle child, which is a cute touch.

      The director, Cheewin, worked on Bed Friend, Middleman's Love, and Secret Crush on You. I *adore* how he does sex scenes in all three series. Oh my god, they are my ultimate guilty pleasure. Every sex scene is hilariously over the top. There's always DRAMA! FLAIR! PASSION! THEATRICS! I know I will be entertained. (However, it gets old after a while because he repeats the same style. The first sex scene is entertaining, but the second sex scene is less so, etc.)

      And most importantly, he isn't afraid to inject humour into sex scenes. There are funny moments like when Mai takes off Jade's glasses with his mouth. I also laughed when they were eating the rose petals? WTF. LMAOOOO. 😆 Later, I giggled when Mai was the one wearing the glasses. I have a thing for guys in glasses, so it added to the actor's appeal lol.

      I haven't watched Absolute Zero yet, but I'll start it soon. Maybe the review will come in the 2nd week of the month. I actually haven't decided what to watch or review yet.

      Happy new year! Let's hope for the best BL series to come in 2024!

  2. Oooooh tiene el mismo director de Secret Crush on You. Eso explica muchas cosas. Será que esa serie acabó con mi paciencia por personajes como Jade o Toh… a veces me quedo sólo por las parejas secundarias, como Tong y Gus, o Sky y Jao.

    Pero te doy totalmente la razón con que prefiero Middleman's Love sobre Bed Friends. La interminable encrucijada de Uea el sufrido fue horrible, cual heroína de novela clásica. Qué no le pasó al pobre chico, pero disfruté de las interacciones de Uea y King en esta serie, todo más relajado.

    "Adorkable" 😆😆 me encantó esa palabra.

    Creo que los conflictos con los padres o con la familia han "pasado de moda". Como una vez hablé con un amigo, ahora intentan hacer más orgánicas las relaciones del mismo sexo así que ya no se usa mucho la trama de tener que salir del closet o que los padres hagan un drama por ello, lo cual agradezco enormemente, digo, es como debería de ser. Con la madre de Mai pensé que sería más ella quejándose de, no sé, ¿diferencia de edad? ¿Abuso de poder por ser Jade técnicamente el jefe de Mai? Algo que saliera de su sobreprotectora actitud. No sé, esperaba lo peor porque es un tipo de figura parental que me disgusta bastante. Me alegra por una parte que no fuera así, pero por otra se siente como sino hubiera pasado absolutamente nada en todos los capítulos.

    No sé, tengo que empezar a bajar mucho mis expectativas.

    ¿Realmente pone humor en las escenas de sexo a propósito o será puramente su estilo que al final termina siendo gracioso sin que la intención inicial es que sea gracioso? 🤔 Yo también me río mucho en esas escenas, lo cual lo hace menos incómodo, a veces, porque esas escenas sí me incomodan un poco, como de ¿qué hago violando la privacidad de la gente en sus momentos más íntimos? Hahahahaha pero Uea con orejas de gato, el giro dramático de King en Bed Friends, y ahora Mai y Jade compartiendo una rosa en la bañera o Mai quitando lentes con la boca 😆😆😆 una genialidad. Por lo menos agradezco los besos más naturales, esos sí me gustan, estoy aquí por todo el besuqueo.

    Mai con lentes fue HERMOSO. Él debió usar lentes toda la serie.

    Estaré atenta a ese review 😇

    No sé si también estés viendo Playboyy o, como la mayoría, la dejaste después el primer capítulo. Yo intento seguirla por el "misterio" que se supone que hay, pero estoy sufriendo mucho. Para saber si en un futuro mejor vengo a leerla y evito seguir viéndola 😆😆

    1. This same director also worked on Playboyy! He's the common denominator for all four series that we're discussing. I haven't watched it yet, but I'll make an educated guess based on the director's past works. The story is going to be a cringy mess. The sex scenes will be raunchy with a hilariously dramatic flair. Overall, it'll get a C or C- grade. Let's see if my prediction is correct when the review comes out.

      I think the director is in on the joke when designing these exaggerated sex scenes! I hope so anyway, or else he's an unintentionally funny comedic genius. 😆 You can see his quirky sense of humour in the non-sex scenes. His jokes aren't always successful, but he's trying to be playful and flamboyant. I *adore* all the props lmaoooo. The cat ears, the roses, the glasses – he turns having sex into THEATRE!!!

      Family conflicts in gay love stories are overdone. We've seen it too often in the past few decades. So, it's refreshing to see positivity when the protagonist brings his boyfriend home. This trend also reflects the progressiveness of our time. As society becomes open-minded, sexuality is considered less controversial for modern-thinking parents. It's a promising sign of change. Hopefully, we achieve a future where no gay love stories have family conflicts over LGBTQ+ status. That would mean society has evolved so much that coming out to your parents isn't even a necessity.

      At the same time, I also acknowledge we haven't reached that phase. Different cultures progress at their own pace regarding LGBTQ+ attitudes. Gay stories about navigating family conflicts will still be relevant in many places worldwide. But hopefully, we move in the direction where many stories have positive family interactions over tears and theatrics. 🥹

  3. It's a relief to hear someone had the same view of Gus and Kong. Many people seem to love that relationship the most, but it made me so uncomfortable! Persistent flirting when one character is not reciprocating at all with the goal of "wearing them down" is never my favorite, and it works for me even less in a professional setting.

    As for the rest of it, very much agree. Jade was over the top annoying but I'm also fond of the "adorkable" archetype and I'm an absolute sucker for glasses, just want everyone wearing glasses always. Jade wouldn't have bothered me as much if the story around him wasn't so dumb and pointless!

    Thank you for your reviews! Looking forward to reading more in 2024.

    1. Gus is my least favourite character in the series. He made me uncomfortable since the shoulder massage scene in Episode 1. He seems too eager to touch others or give flirty comments when Kong doesn't want to reciprocate. In Episode 4, I thought the other coworkers would reprimand Gus for harassing Kong. Call out his unprofessional conduct. Instead, Kong got a lecture for not being "nice" to Gus. I was flabbergasted. 😓

      Yeah, I have a soft spot for Jade. He needs better storylines to highlight his endearing qualities. I wish they'd focus more on the "middleman" or "matchmaker" aspect. Jade tries to be the office cupid and pair up his coworkers together. Yet, he keeps making comically false assumptions about their love lives. The failed matchmaking humbles him. By the end of the series, he learns not to meddle in other people's relationships. Jane Austen wrote a book with this same premise. A BL version of Emma would have been entertaining!

      Thank you for leaving the comment! I hope 2024 brings us many BL dramas and reviews!

  4. I agree with your F score of episode 1. For that reason, I dropped the series after 15 minutes even though I like the Uea and King characters both individually and as a couple, and I liked Uea and Jade's friendship in BF.

    However, the director of Middleman failed Jade's actor, and thus the whole production, in my opinion. This show would have been so much better if Yim played his character the same was as he did in BF, as timid but also sensitive, discreet, smart, and loyal (the scenes counseling Uea, the time he couldn't physically protect Uea from his abusive ex but quickly got help).

    His mildness is what would have made his being the lead in this show unlikely and entertaining. But he became so loud and tedious. I stumbled across positive reviews of the last episode here and elsewhere and decided to give it a try. It was ok; Jade and Mai were finally funny and fun, especially with the glasses 🙂 Keen to see Net and James's next project, in period costume and taking a break from Jade.

    1. OMG. The first episode of Middleman's Love was such a shock to my senses. I didn't even know how to react to all the quirkiness during the interview scene. The excessive enthusiasm was not what I expected. It's not my style of comedy at all.

      I gave a D- Yim and Tutor's last project, Our Winter. That mini-series was plotless fluff. Going into Middleman's Love, I thought there was no way it could be worse than that drama. After Episode 1, I was mortified. Oh my god, Our Winter might actually be TutorYim's best BL project in 2023. 😨

  5. I didn't see Our Winter and tbh was not a fan of Cutie Pie (after the brilliant, sizzling versatility of ZeeSaint, ZeeNu was a crushing disappointment to me). It seems that TutorYim have nowhere to go but up 🙂

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