After Sundown is a Thai supernatural horror BL series in a historical era.

After Sundown is a Thai supernatural horror BL movie in a historical setting. The main character grew up in the countryside. One day, a wealthy family acquaintance offers him a place to stay in the city. After moving into his new home, the protagonist experiences scary visions and strange nightmares. He meets his benefactor's grandson, who has been cursed with misfortune. The only way to lift the curse is if they agree to be soulmates.

I appreciate the creativity in After Sundown, combining a supernatural mystery with the horror and romance genres. Likewise, I enjoy the unique historical setting, stunning visuals, and elegant atmosphere. Yet, my immersion breaks since the bizarre plot seems unbelievable. Despite the couple's affection, the circumstances that bring them together feel contrived. I also wish the story focused more on character development.

After Sundown Summary



Movie Info:

Thailand (2023)


1 hour and 45 minutes


Supernatural horror


After Sundown is a dark & scary BL film.

Is After Sundown BL?

Yes, there's a BL romance.


Rawee and Phloeng live in the same house.

The time is the 1960s. Rawee is a 21-year-old who leads a simple lifestyle by the countryside. His grandfather, Chantakorn, is a monk. One day, his grandfather's old friend arrives. Parit comes from a wealthy family in the city. The generous Parit offers Rawee a place to live with his family. Chantakorn encourages his grandson to accept this opportunity for a better life, especially since it means he can pursue his studies.

Rawee seems reluctant to leave behind his family. Nonetheless, he agrees to move in with Parit's family. His benefactor lives in a wealthy mansion. They also have employees to assist with various errands. As an invited houseguest, Rawee isn't required to work with the hired help. Even so, he gets along with the staff and happily contributes. Only Pudsorn, a grumpy worker, dislikes him. While Rawee grows used to his new home, he begins experiencing scary visions and strange nightmares. Each night, he is haunted by troubling phenomena.

Parit lives with his son, Patchara, and daughter-in-law, Pimpila. The married couple has a 25-year-old son, Phloeng. He works with his father in the family business. However, Phloeng's parents believe their son is cursed. According to a prophet, Phloeng will suffer grave misfortune this year. His fate is to spend the rest of his life alone. The only way to lift the curse is for him to find a soulmate who meets specific requirements. As luck would have it, Rawee fits all the criteria. He's the ideal candidate to be Phloeng's soulmate.

Phloeng's family worries for his safety. They want him to bind his destiny with Rawee to avoid the impending misfortune. Phloeng, who isn't superstitious, feels skeptical about this arrangement. He has no desire to be soulmates with a stranger. However, Phloeng agrees since it means a lot to his family and will put their fears at ease. Parit also explains the situation to Rawee and asks for his understanding. Parit once showed generosity toward him. Now, Rawee has the opportunity to return the favour to his benefactor.

Rawee and Phloeng don't get along after leaving a terrible first impression of each other. The arrogant Phloeng looks down on Rawee. He accuses the new houseguest of having ulterior motives, suggesting Rawee is after his grandfather's money. Despite the tension, they proceed to become soulmates. According to the rules, they must be under the same roof after sundown. In other words, they need to live together. The couple feels awkward around each other. However, Rawee discovers that his nightmares vanish whenever he's near Phloeng.

After Sundown Cast



NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์)

Rawee is portrayed by Thai actor NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong.

Rawee is a 21-year-old who stays with his grandfather in the countryside. He accepts an opportunity to live with a wealthy family acquaintance in the city. After moving into his new home, Rawee experiences scary nightmares. While Rawee enjoys his new surroundings, he clashes with the arrogant Phloeng. They don't see eye-to-eye due to their class differences. In addition, he also doesn't get along with the grumpy servant, Pudsorn.

NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong

NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 25, 2001.

NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 25, 2001. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Cutie Pie. He appears in the 2023 sequel, Cutie Pie 2 You and its spin-off Naughty Babe. He is the lead of the 2023 movie, After Sundown.


Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช)

Phloeng is portrayed by Thai actor Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช).

Phloeng is a 25-year-old businessperson from a wealthy family. He works with his father. Recently, a prophet predicted that Phloeng would suffer grave misfortune. He may suffer a fate of eternal loneliness. The only way to remove the curse is for Phloeng to find a soulmate. Phloeng's parents and grandfather want him to bind his destiny to Rawee. However, he doesn't trust the new houseguests and looks down on him.

Zee Pruk Panich

Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 10, 1992.

Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 10, 1992. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Why R U? He is the lead in the 2020 series, Why R U? In 2022, Zee stars in the hit series, Cutie Pie. He appears in the 2023 sequel Cutie Pie 2 You and spin-off Naughty Babe. He also stars in the 2023 movie, After Sundown.

Supporting Cast

Parit is portrayed by Thai actor Nu Surasak Chaiat (หนู สุรศักดิ์ ชัยอรรถ).


Nu Surasak Chaiat (หนู สุรศักดิ์ ชัยอรรถ)

Patchara is portrayed by Thai actor Tao Adisorn Athagrisna (เต๋า อดิศร อรรถกฤษณ์).


Tao Adisorn Athagrisna (เต๋า อดิศร อรรถกฤษณ์)

Pimpila is portrayed by Thai actress Meenay Jutai (มิเนย์ กฤศณัฐฐิกา จูไต๋).


Meenay Jutai (มิเนย์ กฤศณัฐฐิกา จูไต๋)

Kannika is portrayed by Thai actress Tubtim Anyarin Terathananpat (ทับทิม อัญรินทร์ ธีราธนันพัฒน์).


Tubtim Anyarin Terathananpat (ทับทิม อัญรินทร์ ธีราธนันพัฒน์)

Pudsorn is portrayed by Thai actor Namping Napatsakorn Pingmuang (น้ำปิง นภัสกร ปิงเมือง).


Namping Napatsakorn Pingmuang (น้ำปิง นภัสกร ปิงเมือง)

Kraipop is portrayed by Thai actor Nammon Krittanai Asanprakit (น้ำมนต์ กฤตนัย อาสาฬห์ประกิต).


Nammon Krittanai Asanprakit (น้ำมนต์ กฤตนัย อาสาฬห์ประกิต)

Chantakorn is portrayed by Thai actor War Jirawat Vachirasarunpatra (วอ จิราวัฒน์ วชิรศรัณย์ภัทร).


War Jirawat Vachirasarunpatra (วอ จิราวัฒน์ วชิรศรัณย์ภัทร)

Danai is portrayed by Thai actor Kokliang Parinya Angsanan (ก๊กเลี้ยง ปริญญา อังสนันท์).


Kokliang Parinya Angsanan (ก๊กเลี้ยง ปริญญา อังสนันท์)

Hom Toei is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Hom Toei

Lee is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Young Parit is portrayed by Thai actor Gun Napat Injaieua (กัน นภัทร อินทร์ใจเอื้อ).

Young Parit

Gun Napat Injaieua (กัน นภัทร อินทร์ใจเอื้อ)

Chan is portrayed by Thai actor Ritz Rueangritz Siriphanit (เรืองฤทธิ์ ศิริพานิช).


Ritz Rueangritz Siriphanit (เรืองฤทธิ์ ศิริพานิช)

Young Rawee is portrayed by Thai actor Ramil Sasit Chatpiroonpun (รามิล ศศิศ ฉัตรพิรุฬห์พันธุ์).

Young Rawee

Ramil Sasit Chatpiroonpun (รามิล ศศิศ ฉัตรพิรุฬห์พันธุ์)

Young Phloeng is portrayed by Thai actor Yochi Suriyawit Thanomchaisanit (โยชิ สุริยาวิชญ์ ถนอมชัยสนิท).

Young Phloeng

Yochi Suriyawit Thanomchaisanit (โยชิ สุริยาวิชญ์ ถนอมชัยสนิท)

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (NuNew and Zee) are best known for starring in the 2022 Thai BL drama Cutie Pie and its 2023 sequel Cutie Pie 2 You. They also appear in the spin-off Naughty Babe.
  • The actor who portrays Kraiphop (Nammon) has appeared in the A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021) and Work From Heart (2022).
  • Pudsorn's actor (Namping) has a supporting role in the 2023 series Night Dream.
  • Parit's actor (Nu) plays a gay character in the 2022 series My Ride. He also appears in A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Lovely Writer (2021), Dear Doctor (2022), and I Feel You Linger in the Air (2023).
  • The actor who portrays Phloeng's father (Tao) has a supporting role in the 2023 series Twins.

After Sundown Review


Movie Review Score: 7.2

Rawee and Phloeng gaze into each other's eyes.

After Sundown displays many creative ideas. This supernatural drama combines the horror, mystery, and romance genres in a fascinating narrative. It also occurs in a historical period, adding another unique detail. While the story doesn't explore the era thoroughly, I still appreciate seeing something different from the norm. The movie feels unpredictable because I don't know what to expect next. After Sundown fuels my curiosity and keeps me intrigued for nearly two hours.

The leads, ZeeNuNew, are best known for starring in Cutie Pie, a hit BL series that made them famous. After Sundown shares some surprising parallels, including an arranged union by a wealthy grandfather. This film takes a similar plot and adds a supernatural spin. It's like a twisted version of Cutie Pie in an alternate universe! Despite the innovative concept, the bizarre story seems unbelievable. I struggle to accept random events like the protagonist moving in with an upper-class family or becoming a stranger's soulmate. After Sundown requires too much suspension of disbelief.

After Sundown is exciting because it builds suspense and teases strange phenomena. Ooh, why does Rawee experience those spooky nightmares? However, the story is heavily plot-driven. It prioritizes eventful twists over character development or world-building. I don't know much about the protagonists besides snippets of their flat personalities and vague backstories. Likewise, the movie hardly portrays what life was like in the 1960s. It doesn't explore the cultural context of the period drama. After Sundown would've benefited from fleshing out these details.

The circumstances that bring Rawee and Phloeng together feel contrived. They suddenly live together and become soulmates due to an inorganic scenario, breaking my immersion in their romance. The shallow characterizations also discourage me from forming an emotional attachment. I end up not caring about this couple. With that said, they have enjoyable interactions in sweet relationship scenes. They're comfortable with physical affection and share healthy chemistry. Despite my skepticism, I see enough proof to believe the leads are infatuated with each other.

After Sundown is a beautifully atmospheric film. It captures the vintage glamour of the 60s, from the luxurious decor to elegant wardrobe. Both leads look dapper in various suits, vests, polo shirts, and suspenders. The movie also showcases majestic scenery, including gorgeous views of the lake. Every shot looks vibrant and elevates the ambiance. In addition, the cast delivers solid performances. Rawee's actor (NuNew) sometimes appears too deliberate with his expressions and mannerisms. However, I like his theatrics in the ghost possession scene.

Scary hallucinations occur throughout After Sundown, including a mysterious phantom. To its credit, the movie provides answers at the end and clarifies the ghost's origins. Although the backstory seems melodramatic, I was satisfied with this explanation. The conclusion provides enough closure to leave a positive impression. Overall, After Sundown entertained me with surprising twists and suspenseful plots. Yet, I don't feel moved by the love story or emotionally invested in the characters. This film has been fun, but my response is mainly casual indifference.


Spooky story

After Sundown combines the supernatural, horror, romance, and mystery genres in a creative narrative. Yet, the bizarre story feels too unbelievable. It's missing character development & world-building.

Contrived romance

The circumstances that bring the leads together are contrived. I can't accept the scenario where they become soulmates. I still appreciate the couple's sweet relationship scenes and physical affection.

Solid acting

The cast delivers solid performances. The leads also display a passionate chemistry. Rawee's actor (NuNew) sometimes appears too deliberate with his expressions & mannerisms.

Happy ending

After Sundown has a happy ending where Rawee and Phloeng become free from the haunted shenanigans. The conclusion provides satisfactory answers and clarifies the ghost's origins.

Elegant artistry

The beautifully atmospheric movie captures the vintage glamour of the 60s, including appropriate wardrobe choices and luxurious decor. It also displays majestic scenery, especially the lake.


After Sundown is a creative supernatural movie that entertains me with suspenseful plots and surprising twists. Yet, the story and romance seem contrived. The character development is also weak.

After Sundown Information

Rawee and Phloeng cuddle in the boat.

After Sun is a Thai movie that released on July 20, 2023. It is a medium-length film, which you can finish in around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Aod Bhandit Thongdee (อ๊อด บัณฑิต ทองดี) is the movie director.

Very Great Company Limited

Very Great Company is a Thai BL studio.

Very Great Company Limited is a Thai BL studio. Its BL projects include Physical Therapy (2022), After Sundown (2023), and Crazy Handsome Rich (2023)


Aod Bhandit Thongdee (อ๊อด บัณฑิต ทองดี) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Even Sun. He also worked on the 2023 film, After Sundown.

  1. Tuve que mover cielo, mar y tierra para poder ver esta película porque en mi país, México, no la está en ninguna plataforma legal y quería verla antes de leer tu review y comentar algo. Y aquí estoy, cuatro horas después a medianoche.

    ¿Por qué se me ocurre ver una película de terror de noche, viviendo sola y siendo tan miedosa? 😖 es decir, no es la película más terrorífica de la historia, pero mis gatitas duermen hoy conmigo.

    Al principio todo lo que podía pensar es ¿qué clase de Cutie Pie de los años 60's es esto? Hahahahahaha santo dios, lo más irreal es que en esa época alguien pregunte ¿no te importa emparejar a DOS HOMBRES? Y el padre diga "no, claro que no" 🙄 entiendo que el abuelo no tenga problemas porque él mismo estuvo enamorado de un hombre, pero su hijo y su nuera son otro cantar. Hubiera estado muy bien qué exploraran un poco más en qué pasó después de la muerte de Kannika, porqué Chan terminó siendo un monje y no un preso en la cárcel hahahaha osea, fue un accidente o defensa propia, pero él de verdad que mató a Kannika si nos ponemos estrictos. Entiendo que el abuelo y Chan no continuaron el romance por todo lo que pasó, supongo, ¿pero de monje?

    Me gusta que el personaje de Rawee plantara cara a Phloeng y no se dejara amedrentar. Decirle que si quería dinero no lo necesitaba de él, qué podría tenerlo de su abuelo qué seguro tenía más, bro, quise chocar los cinco en ese momento con él.

    Sin embargo, como dices, a parte de ablandar los sentimientos del uno por el otro con un pequeño recuerdo de la infancia… meh, no se sintió lo suficientemente orgánico. Es decir, sientes la química qué tienen Zee y NuNew, pero no se siente la química entre Phloeng y Rawee y forzarla sólo porque creen que la química de los actores basta, pues no.

    Eso me lleva a Pudsorn por quien no puedes sentir nada de empatia. Es una persona desagradable desde el momento 1 con Rawee sin motivo aparente y sabes que está enamorado de Phloeng por una sonrisita al saber de su regreso y porque se lo dice a Kraipop. Y ya. Pero, joder, habla con Phloeng UNA VEZ en toda la serie hahahahaha wtf? ¿Cómo se supone que sintamos empatia por su amor imposible cuando no hubo NADA que explicara o nos hiciera sentir que era un amor válido? Cuando lo único que sientes es un poquito de desagrado porque es mezquino sólo porque sí.

    Pero se lo perdono por sus bonitas y pequeñas interacciones con Kraipop. Algo más que debió explotarse un poco más. Pero es mi maldición por esperar siempre más de las parejas secundarias.

    Supongo que hubo limitaciones por el tiempo al ser una película. Debió ser mejor una serie, para que diera tiempo de un mejor desarrollo, pero creo que igual no estuvo mal, un giro interesante ahora que muchas series BL se están adentrando al género del terror, como donde salio Singto con Fluke, pero no recuerdo el nombre o DFF que sigue en emisión.

    Oh, y NuNew se lució bastante con su actuación al estar poseído, creo que tiene bastante potencial o es que lo veo con ojos de amor 🙈

    Zee, como siempre, tiene ese rostro de querer comerse a NuNew 🥴🥴 será que no he visto mucho de él, pero personalmente siempre lo veo haciendo el mismo papel de hombre que se hace el difícil, pero termina perdidamente enamorado a los pies de su amorcito hahahahaha

  2. I give it a B it was good and a little mysterious also and those to actors have so much chemistry I love watching them work together but everyone got their own insights about what they like

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