The Tuxedo – Series Review & Ending Explained

The Tuxedo is a Thai BL series about a talented tailor falling in love with his rich client.

The Tuxedo is a Thai BL series about a talented tailor, his wealthy client, and their love story. The two characters don't get along initially over their family feud and personality clashes. Despite a rocky start to their relationship, they grow closer over a budding romantic attraction. The couple embarks on an emotional journey as they face drama and trauma together.

Unfortunately, The Tuxedo has terrible writing, problematic tropes, and a tasteless portrayal of mental health. While there is some chemistry between the leads, the acting is stiff and the relationship doesn't develop organically. I like the aesthetic and ambiance of this BL drama, but the overall story is a laughable mess.

The Tuxedo BL Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




The Tuxedo is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Aiaoon and Nawee have a serious chat.

Aioun is a talented tailor who designs suits for a living. He runs a successful family boutique with his two younger brothers, Oab and Art. Despite his positive reputation in the industry, Aioun is picky with accepting new clients. He only makes suits for people who built a connection with him.

Aioun's brother Oab faced a mugging in the middle of the night. Sichol, a nearby stranger, rescued him and fought off the assailants. However, his suit jacket got ripped during the scuffle. Oab brings him to his family business, where Aioun gives Sichol an expensive replacement to thank him. Sichol is very grateful, especially since he has a job interview the next day.

Sichol is applying to work as a personal assistant for a man named Nawee, who operates a clothing company. Nawee is a wealthy heir who runs his father's business. However, his personality is snobby, irritable, and condescending. He looks down on everybody and treats them terribly, including Sichol. The job interview doesn't go well. However, Nawee likes Sichol's fashionable suit and hires him to be his assistant. Sichol's first task is to contact the same designer and get a custom jacket made for Nawee.

Sichol uses his friendly social connections to get in touch with Aioun. To his surprise, Aioun doesn't accept the job, no matter how much money Nawee might offer. Sichol discovers there's bad blood between the two families in the past. Meanwhile, Nawee puts pressure on his assistant to get a jacket made. Faced with a tough dilemma, Sichol uses charm and deception to make Aioun change his mind. Finally, the tailor agrees to accept Nawee as a client.

Unfortunately, their first encounter is hostile. Nawee's arrogant attitude rubs Aioun the wrong way. They part ways on awful terms after Nawee makes a patronizing remark. Aioun vows that he will never make a jacket for him. Poor Sichol is left trying his best to repair their relationship. He pleads with Aioun to give his moody boss another chance. Their second meeting comes with a shocking incident, forcing Aioun to look at Nawee in a more sympathetic light.

The Tuxedo BL Trailer

The Tuxedo BL Cast



Green Phongsathorn Padungktiwong (กรีน พงศธร ผดุงเกียรติวงศ์)

Aiaoon is portrayed by the Thai actor Green Phongsathorn Padungktiwong (กรีน พงศธร ผดุงเกียรติวงศ์)

Aioun is a talented tailor who designs custom suits for a living. He runs the family business with his two younger brothers, Oab and Art. Aioun is picky with his clientele and only makes clothes for those with a sincere connection. He doesn't like Nawee initially based on a family feud in the past. They also clash over their personality differences.


Chap Suppacheep Chanapai (แชป ศุภชีพ ชนะภัย)

Nawee is portrayed by the Thai actor Chap Suppacheep Chanapai (แชป ศุภชีพ ชนะภัย).

Nawee is a wealthy heir who runs his father's clothing export company. He lives in a swanky mansion by himself, used to a luxurious lifestyle. Nawee has a rude, pretentious, and condescending personality. His attitude rubs Aioun the wrong way, making a terrible first impression on the tailer. Nawee hires Sichol to be his personal assistant simply based on the jacket he wore for the interview.

Supporting Cast

Sichol is portrayed by the Thai actor Tape Worrachai Sirikongsuwan (วรชัย ศิริคงสุวรรณ).


Tape Worrachai Sirikongsuwan (วรชัย ศิริคงสุวรรณ)

Oab is portrayed by the Thai actor Pond Khunnapat Pichetworawut (คุณพัทธ์ พิเชษฐ์วรวุฒิ).


Pond Khunnapat Pichetworawut (คุณพัทธ์ พิเชษฐ์วรวุฒิ)

Art is portrayed by the Thai actor Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri (ปัณณวิชญ์ พัฒนศิริ).


Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri (ปัณณวิชญ์ พัฒนศิริ)

Nawee doesn't get along with his dad.

Nawee's dad

Nawee's stepbrother is portrayed by the Thai actor Ping Guntapat Kasemsan Na Ayudhya (กันตพัฒน์ เกษมสันต์ ณ อยุธยา).


Ping Guntapat Kasemsan Na Ayudhya (กันตพัฒน์ เกษมสันต์ ณ อยุธยา)

Chanjao is portrayed by the Thai actress Ormsin Supitcha Limsommut (Ormsin Supitcha Limsommut).


Ormsin Supitcha Limsommut (Ormsin Supitcha Limsommut)

Auntie Lek works for Aiaoon.

Auntie Lek

Nawee's stepmom is portrayed by the Thai actress Candy Rakkaen (แคนดี้ รากแก่น).

Nawee's stepmom

Candy Rakkaen (แคนดี้ รากแก่น)

Cast Highlights

  • Aioun and Nawee's actors (Green and Chap) recently appeared in the 2021 short Thai BL series Chapter of Green, portraying the lead couple. Green portrayed a supporting character in the 2022 BL series Something in My Room. He also starred in the 2017 series 2 Moons and its 2019 sequel 2 Moons 2. In addition, he had a role in the 2018 BL anthology series Our Skyy.
  • Chap had a supporting role in the 2021 Thai BL series Lovely Writer. Later that year, he also appeared in the Thai BL anthology series Y-Destiny.
  • Various actors, including Sichol (Tape), Art (Garto), and Nawee's stepmom (Candy) featured in minor supporting roles in the 2021 Thai BL series Siew Sum Noi.
  • The actress portraying Aioun's girlfriend (Chanjao) appeared in the 2020 Thai BL franchise En of Love and the 2022 remake Love Mechanics. She also has a supporting role in La Pluie (2023) and a leading role in the GL series Be Mine.
  • Thawin's actor (Ping) is the star of the 2023 supernatural BL series Low Frequency.

The Tuxedo BL Review


Drama Review Score: 5.5

Aiaoon and Nawee come close to kissing each other.

The Tuxedo seems tailored to my tastes. This fashionable BL drama has a chic aesthetic, an elegant ambiance, and a sexy scenario. I'm partial to attractive men dressed in sharp suits, so the glamorous cast pictures excited me about the potential. Sadly, the messy storytelling, awkward romance, and offensive tropes shatter my hopeful fantasies. Although The Tuxedo produces several atmospheric moments, the rest of the mishandled series is embarrassingly bad.

To be fair, The Tuxedo began as a secret guilty pleasure. I found the early episodes mindlessly enjoyable, delighting me with the outrageous silliness. A memorable example is in Episode 2, when the leads fell into the bathtub and shared a random underwater kiss. Although the scene made no logical sense, the stupidity was so over-the-top that it worked for me. The Tuxedo might look classy and sophisticated on the outside, but it actually appealed to my tacky, low-brow sense of entertainment.

After a while, The Tuxedo loses its charms and oversteps the line into problematic antics. I don't appreciate how Episode 3 uses violence as a comedic punchline. Other subplots make me uncomfortable because they are written thoughtlessly and trashily. The series depicts Nawee's agoraphobia as a sensationalized spectacle, lacking tact, nuance, and accuracy. The Tuxedo doesn't have the skill or knowledge to portray a tasteful mental health storyline. Let's stay in your lane and stick with dumb frivolous scenes about falling into bathtubs.

Nawee is an exhausting lead with endless baggage, including daddy issues, childhood trauma & psychological insecurities. There's too much angst to unpack in eight twenty-minute episodes. His muddled characterization seems convoluted, like he needs intense therapy instead of a BL romance. Nawee also makes an unsympathetic first impression due to his arrogance and rude interactions. The series introduces him as a villain, but it doesn't do enough to redeem his personality. I still don't know what Aioun sees in him, other than the hot body and wealthy fortune.

The clunky love story doesn't feel organic. Aioun and Nawee begin their relationship with much animosity, but they suddenly jump into a cozy dynamic overnight. Their flirtatious exchanges are cringy, salvaged only because the leads share some inherent chemistry. While both performers have stiff acting, I enjoy the aesthetic of this couple and they exude a compatible spark. Their bedroom scene in Episode 7 is a juicy highlight, successfully conveying passionate desire. Yet, most of the romance is shallow and doesn't highlight their attraction compellingly.

The Tuxedo creates a stylish ambiance with clean visuals, a lush soundtrack, and a snazzy wardrobe. The leads waltz around in their dapper suits, looking dreamy and scrumptious. However, the one who stands out is Sichol's actor (Tape), who carries the first few episodes with his bubbly charisma. He's a bright spot in an uninspiring series that could have used more of his effusive energy. Overall, The Tuxedo offers little substance, bogged down by insipid plots and heavy melodrama. It's not even good enough to recommend as a problematic guilty pleasure.


Tacky story

The Tuxedo has a poorly conceived story with heavy melodrama. A few moments are stupidly funny, but the rest is just tacky. It also depicts mental health trauma quite tastelessly.

Awkward romance

This BL romance is clunky and doesn't develop naturally. The characters go from feuding to flirting without a sensible explanation. However, the leads are compatible and share some chemistry.

Bland acting

The two leads are stiff, especially Nawee's actor (Chap) who doesn't seem relaxed in his scenes. Sichol's actor (Tape) is charismatic and carries the early episodes with his enthusiasm.

Happy ending

The Tuxedo has a happy ending after resolving its last-minute drama. Like the rest of the series, the finale is clumsily written. I don't feel interested in learning about what happens to these characters.

Stylish artistry

I like the chic aesthetic and sexy ambiance in this series. The visuals are clean, the wardrobe looks snazzy, and the soundtrack adds an atmospheric vibe to the scenes.


The Tuxedo is a low-brow BL drama that lacks tact and substance. The nonsensical storytelling is a laughable mess. Also, the unlikeable characters and their sloppy romance are uninspiring.

The Tuxedo BL Episodes

Episode Guide

The Tuxedo has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 25 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a medium-length short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. The Tuxedo aired on March 5, 2022 and ended its last episode on April 22, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Aiaoon helps Sichol put on a jacket.

Aioun is a talented tailor who runs the family business. His younger brother Oab faced a mugging while walking home, but a kind stranger named Saichol rescued him from the attack. Oab and Aioun repay him by replacing his ripped jacket for free. Saichol is grateful to have a sharp-looking suit before tomorrow's job interview.

Saichol arrives for a job interview to become Nawee's personal assistant. Nawee is a wealthy heir who runs a clothing export company for his father. He has an rude and arrogant personality. The interview goes poorly, but Saichol gets the job anyway because he wears a stylish suit. For his first task, Saichol is responsible for contacting Aioun to make a custom suit jacket for Nawee.

Episode 1 Review
Nawee hires Sichol to be his personal assistant.

I thought this episode was an okay start to the series, introducing the characters adequately. Nawee seems like a rich prick, but I'm guessing his personality eases up later in the series. I love that his first scene opens with a close-up shot of his nipple, even before seeing his face. Every character should be introduced this way in BL. 😁

To be honest, I expected the story to be more sophisticated. Maybe I made assumptions since these guys wear intelligent suits and live in swanky mansions, giving the impression of grandeur. Is the plot in The Tuxedo literally going to be about making a tuxedo for a rich guy? That seems a little…simple. I guess I can tolerate it, but I anticipated more to the premise.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Aiaoon and Nawee share an accidental first kiss after falling into the bathtub.

Saichol is surprised when Aioun refuses to make a suit for Nawee, no matter how much money he offers. Saichol introduces another tailor to appease his boss. However, Nawee insists on wearing Aioun's designs. Saichol returns for a second time, begging on his knees for Aioun to reconsider.

Oab talks to his older brother and learns about the bad blood between their families. Nawee's dad stole a design from Aioun's dad from the past. Aioun holds a grudge since then. Oab reasons with his brother, stating they shouldn't judge Nawee based on his father's actions. Aioun finally changes his mind and agrees to design a suit for the wealthy heir.

Aioun arrives at Nawee's house for their first meeting. However, Nawee assumes he's the masseuse. They have a heated disagreement. During the scuffle, both men slip and fall into the bathtub. They emerge from the water with an accidental kiss. After the embarrassing misunderstanding, Nawee is extra irritable and snippy. He makes a patronizing comment about Aioun's small no-name shop, offending the tailor. Aioun storms away, vowing that he'll never make a suit for Nawee.

Episode 2 Review
Aiaoon and Nawee have their first disagreement in The Tuxedo Episode 2.

Okay, we need to talk about the bathroom kiss…LMAO. How did the characters defy gravity and fall into a kiss in the bathtub? Is that even physically possible? This scene was so stupid and ridiculous that it circled back to being ICONIC. I love BL because after watching hundreds of dramas, they can still produce an unexpected moment that cracks me up. Falling into a bathtub kiss is a legacy for the history books. Now I've seen everything. 😆

The Tuxedo has made Nawee's character really detestable in the first two episodes. Every scene shows him in an unflattering light with a rotten personality. Honestly, I don't blame Aioun for hating his guts. Nawee can still be redeemed, but I feel like the series went overboard in making him a caricature. There's no need to portray the lead of your love story as such an entitled jerk. Let's scale back on the antagonism and give Nawee a more well-rounded personality.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Nawee and Sichol come up with a plan to trick Aioun.

Sichol revisits Aioun's shop. He finds a suspicious intruder trying to break into the building and stops the alleged thief. However, this young kid is Aioun's little brother Art, who returns from boarding school. Later, a theatrical Sichol begs Aioun to make a suit for his dying friend. It is a blatant lie, because the jacket's measurements belong to Nawee instead. Aioun sees through the deception and refuses to make the design.

Moving onto his next scheme, Nawee assaults his assistant and gives him a bruise on the face. Sichol uses his injury to gain Aioun's sympathy. Aioun finally relents and agrees to make the suit jacket. However, Sichol discovers Nawee has agoraphobia and feels terrified of leaving the house. The episode ends with Sichol hitting his boss and then transporting his unconscious body to the tailor's shop.  

Episode 3 Review
Sichol begs Aioun to make a suit jacket for his dying friend.

Sichol is really carrying The Tuxedo so far. I'm pleasantly surprised by his character's prominence in the story. Maybe he's a little theatrical, but Sichol brings the upbeat humour, vibrant charisma, and silly lightheartedness this series needs. The actor's enthusiasm is noticeable, compared to everyone else and their reserved performances. Sichol (Tape) is easily the standout in the cast.

Ugh, Nawee and Sichol's physical attacks against each other are problematic. I guess it's meant as a comedic moment, but the unnecessary violence crosses the line of decency. Firstly, it's uncomfortable watching a boss hurt his employee, like a gross abuse of power. Secondly, it's irrational. Why would you injure someone just for a suit jacket? These antics are extreme and ridiculous, but not in a fun way. The Tuxedo makes a colossal misstep, going from harmless goofiness to malicious offensiveness.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Aioun and Nawee kiss each other again accidentally.

After beating up his employer, Sichol takes Nawee out of the house and carries him to the tailor's shop. When Nawee regains consciousness, he freaks out about his new surroundings. Aioun tries to calm him down, but their scuffle leads to another accidental kiss. Nawee feels traumatized and faints again. A childhood flashback reveals he was bullied and suffers from nosebleeds when stressed.

Aioun takes care of Nawee gently and sympathetically. They discuss his fear of leaving the house, but Nawee says his agoraphobia is severe and not treatable. They're getting along as the conversation continues, a significant improvement from their last exchange. One of Nawee's shirt buttons fell off, so Aioun helps him patch it up. When the tailor hurts himself with a needle, Nawee grabs his finger and sucks on it. Aioun secretly enjoys the intimate gesture.

The episode ends with an argument between Aioun's two younger siblings. Oab lost his brother's pet turtle years ago, and Art still holds a grudge. Art plays a prank and hides Oab's business ledger, which contains Nawee's measurements for his suit. The book is accidentally thrown away with the trash. Although the brothers make up in the end, the notebook is permanently lost.

Episode 4 Review
Nawee sucks the blood from Aioun's finger.

Let me understand the situation. Sichol knows his boss has agoraphobia, but he still uses violence to forcibly remove Nawee from his comfort zone. Is that necessary? Why not just ask Aioun to revisit Nawee's house to take the measurements? Sichol's actions feel very thoughtless, intentionally aggravating somebody's psychological trauma. Based on what I've seen so far, I have no confidence that The Tuxedo will portray the mental health storyline sensitively. I don't feel comfortable watching this.

What are the chances of the characters having two accidental kisses? To be fair, this one is more in the realm of possibility than the bathtub kiss. Still, pulling the same stunt twice feels like you don't have any other tricks up your sleeves. Their clumsiness was funny the first time, but I've seen it already. Give me a real kiss, please.

Aioun and Nawee's relationship progresses too quickly. They hated each other in their last exchange. Now, they're suddenly intimate to the extent of sucking on fingers. I don't understand the drastic change in their dynamic. It feels unbelievable Aioun develops an inexplicable crush, unless he's really THAT shallow and falls in love after seeing Nawee's shirtless body. 

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Nawee checks out the new suit that Aioun made for him.

Episode 5 begins with a conversation between Nawee and his father. They chat about the dad's upcoming birthday party. Nawee seems eager for parental approval, but his father is emotionally distant. Later, Nawee shares his excitement with Aioun, believing their father-son bond is improving. After all, they finally talk about something other than work. However, Aioun learns from the news that Nawee isn't the legitimate child. Instead, he's the bastard son.

Aioun arrives at Nawee's house to retake the measurements. There's heavy flirting between them and Nawee feels sexually frustrated about their intimacy. Afterwards, Aioun works on designing the suit. Nawee is pleased with how the finished jacket looks on him. The pair flirts again, only to be constantly interrupted by Sichol. The episode ends with Aioun meeting Nawee's dad. Aioun could barely contain his anger against the villainous man who betrayed his father.

Episode 5 Review
Nawee fixes up Aioun's suit.

Aioun and Nawee's flirting scenes were pretty cringy. Measuring someone's body could be a sexy moment, but not how The Tuxedo does it. Their heavy-handed interactions came across as awkward instead. With that said, I like this couple's aesthetic and believe the actors look good together. I also enjoy the dynamic, at least on paper. The love story between a down-to-earth tailor and a wealthy heir is a compelling concept. Unfortunately, the series doesn't explore the full potential.

I thought there would be more emphasis on designing the suit jacket. The series dedicated multiple episodes to this ongoing plot, so it's a prominent part of the narrative. Instead, Aioun finished creating everything after a quick montage. The Tuxedo could've been more imaginative. For example, bring Nawee into the design process and have him give feedback. Make this project a creative collaboration between the couple. The jacket needs focus considering its significance to the story. Otherwise, it's no different from a meaningless suit off the rack.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Aioun and Nawee share their first official kiss in The Tuxedo Episode 6.

Nawee attends his dad's birthday dinner with his stepmother and stepbrother. However, his father has a nasty announcement. He wants to cut Nawee from the family business and disown him altogether. The dad will compensate him with a large sum of money, but they will cease their parent-child ties. Nawee is devastated while his stepfamily gloats. Aioun confronts the dad and calls him a terrible person. Afterwards, Aioun comforts Nawee in his time of need.

It is Aioun's birthday, and his family celebrates by throwing a party. Nawee handmakes a doll as a present. He even delivers the gift in person, overcoming his fear of going outside. However, Nawee is shocked and upset to see Aioun's girlfriend at the party. Nawee and Chanjao clash over dinner, competing for Aioun's attention. Chanjao even speaks of getting married to her boyfriend. The episode ends with Aioun confronting Nawee in private. The two leads kiss passionately.

Episode 6 Review
Nawee's father disowns him and cuts him out of his family.

Wow, Nawee's dad is an asshole. Now we know where Nawee inherited his rotten personality from. In my opinion, I disagree with taking the plot in this direction. Disowning your illegitimate child is too intense and melodramatic, not something you can unpack in a twenty-minute episode. We haven't seen much of Nawee's family until now, so the subplot escalated from 0 to 100 with little buildup. With that said, I kinda love the smug stepmother and bitchy stepbrother. They seem like fun antagonists, and I wouldn't mind seeing them in a few more scenes.

OMG. Aioun's girlfriend was a curveball I didn't see coming. Her existence hurts as much as a sucker punch to my gut, like discovering a boyfriend has been two-timing. I feel BETRAYED by Aioun's character, who seemed likable, trustworthy, and most importantly, single. Knowing he has a long-term relationship made me reassess his flirty scenes with Nawee in the past. Ugh, what a scumbag. I thought Aioun was too good for Nawee before this episode. Now, they're on the same level and deserve each other. 😬

There are interesting parallels between the two plots in this episode. Nawee is relegated to the outsider in his own family, while he is also the third party with Aioun and his girlfriend. Both situations bring out his character's insecurities about not being loved or wanted. Aioun mirrors Nawee's dad, since they are unfaithful and dishonest about their relationships. If Nawee had a backbone, he'd earn my respect by rejecting the kiss in this episode. His stance would've made a powerful statement about not being anyone's second choice.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary
Aioun and Nawee kiss as they have sex.

Chanjao pressures Aioun to marry her. However, he seems unwilling to shop for an engagement ring. She is annoyed, asking him to be honest if he doesn't want to commit to this relationship. He remains wishy-washy and we don't see Aioun give a decisive response.

Sichol is worried that Nawee seems totally reclusive, shutting himself inside his room all day. He calls Aioun for help. Aioun arrives at Nawee's house, where the two men quickly unleash their pent-up sexual tension. They kiss and make love passionately

Later, Aioun encourages Nawee to leave the house. However, Nawee suffers from a panic attack when left alone in a coffee shop. He freaks out, falls into a pool, and almost drowns. Aioun rescues him just in time. However, Nawee is still traumatized and not in a good place emotionally. He also recalls Aioun's plans to marry Chanjao. Nawee insults Aioun on purpose, calling him "nothing but a suit maker". They break up and end their relationship at the end of the episode.

Episode 7 Review
Aioun and Nawee make out as they have sex.

Aioun's girlfriend is such an unnecessary addition to the series. Her subplot isn't interesting, and she serves no purpose other than to make the lead look worse. Aioun went from a mildly likable protagonist to a spineless, despicable cheater. I hate seeing him hem and haw, fake headaches, and make anguished expressions about marrying his girlfriend. His behaviour is very unattractive. The Tuxedo should've focused on Aioun's feud with Nawee's dad and scrapped this storyline.

Nawee's trauma has been handled uncomfortably, almost like The Tuxedo is mocking his condition. Beyond the tasteless mental health portrayal, I'm exhausted with Nawee and his emotional turmoil. It's not fun watching his scenes due to the excessive melodrama. His character is too complicated and he needs to be simplified. Just make Nawee a rich guy with an attitude problem, instead of this tragic figure burdened with heavy psychological trauma.

Aioun and Nawee's sex scene is this episode's saving grace, the only highlight in an otherwise dreadful narrative. I really like the sensual ambiance of their sexual encounter, complete with seductive kisses, sultry visuals, and soulful music. My enjoyment is not that deep. Basically, The Tuxedo appeals to my secret suit fetish. I get a rush watching two hot guys undress from their formalwear and make out for a full minute. 🤤 The experience reminds me of watching an upscale adult film, which sounds like a diss, but I mean it as a compliment! 

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Happy Ending
Aioun and Nawee share a kiss in The Tuxedo happy ending.

Episode 8 begins with a flashback, confirming that Aioun and Chanjao broke up before he had sex with Nawee. Aioun tells Chanjao that he doesn't want to get married. She takes the news amicably, remaining friends with him afterwards. Later, Chanjao introduces Aioun to a designer in England, and he decides to move overseas to expand his company.

Meanwhile, Nawee's stepbrother visits his house to taunt his sibling. Yet, Nawee ignores his insults and doesn't seem upset. He has gotten over being disowned by his father. However, Nawee made cuts to his lavish lifestyle and fired most of his staff. Even Sichol is only working for him on a part-time basis. Sichol is worried about his employer and tells him that Aioun plans to move away from Thailand.

The Tuxedo has a happy ending where Nawee and Aioun reconcile. They become an official couple in the final episode. Nawee leaves the house with determination after learning that Aioun plans to move abroad. Aioun is surprised to see Nawee, who has made a tremendous breakthrough in overcoming his agoraphobia. Nawee pleads with Aioun, who agrees to stay with him instead of moving abroad. They cry, embrace, and kiss. The episode ends with the couple making out.

Ending Review
Aioun is sad after breaking up with his girlfriend.

I hated Aioun and Chanjao's breakup scene. He stood there with a dumbfounded look, mumbled a few insincere lines, and she instantly forgave him for leading her on. There was no emotion, no drama, and no point to this entire storyline. Why did we spend three episodes on this random irrelevant girlfriend? The Tuxedo could've used that precious time to develop the patchy BL relationship.

The drama in this episode is so dull and annoying. Why is Aioun relocating to England suddenly? This last-minute plot has nothing to do with the main story. Instead of forcing unnecessary tension, let's use the finale to show the leads building a future. Maybe Nawee can invest in Aioun's business and they work together. Or Nawee gains his independence, starts a new company to rival his dad, and Aioun supports him by his side. The Tuxedo's lacklustre ending completely wastes its potential, a letdown to an already disappointing series.

The Tuxedo BL Information

  1. Ah dammmnn if it wasn't for them looking so cool in vests and suits, I wouldn't have touched this series- after watching midway and reading this, I'm already giving up XD the review is great! It matches perfectly with my thoughts. Thank you very much! I'll just watch the making out scenes and forget this thing ever existed-

  2. OMG , you nailed the absurdity of bathroom kiss right on the head. I laughed sooooo hard, it was nothing less than cathartic. Still giggling at the memory. Lol


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