Playboyy – Series Review & Ending Explained

Playboyy is a risque Thai BL series about a missing university student.

Playboyy is a Thai BL series about the investigation of a missing university student. The main characters have a friend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A year later, his brother arrives to seek answers. He uncovers scandalous secrets about his sibling's past, including a suspicious connection to an escorting service. The protagonists work together to find out what happened. They also have raunchy hookups and fall in love.

The Playboyy series is a smutty BL drama with many hot sexual encounters. From skimpy outfits to steamy kisses, the gutsy actors push the boundaries of physical intimacy. The story tackles the topic of sex work candidly, doing so with cheeky humour and bold irreverence. However, the dumb plot holes in the mystery are too glaring to ignore. The series also bothers me with how easily it excuses problematic tropes and wicked behaviour.

Playboyy Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


13 hours

Total Episodes:

14 episodes




Playboyy is a dark & toxic BL drama.


Nont and Prom are a couple.

Nant is a politician's son. He is friends with Zouey, First, Captain, and Porsche, all students at St. Paul's University. This famous school has a prestigious reputation, enrolling the children of wealthy and influential families. It also accepts athletes in scholarship programs, even if they don't come from privileged backgrounds. Some students live in dormitories, but Nant and his friends share a rental house. Only First stays at home with his strict father, who controls his son's finances.

A year ago, Nant went missing under odd circumstances. Despite the extensive police search and media coverage, he could not be found. Nont is Nant's twin brother who used to live in the United States. He arrives in Thailand to seek answers about his sibling's disappearance. Nont pretends to be Nant and lies about what happened to him. His friends are suspicious of his cover-up story but agree not to tell the police about his return. As Nont investigates, he discovers Nant was involved with Playboyy, an escorting service.

Zouey is an art student who hopes to display his work in an exhibition one day. He is sexually inexperienced and has never lost his virginity. His friends encourage him to try a casual hookup with an escort. However, he's more interested in drawing the prostitute rather than sleeping with him. Later, Zouey meets Teena, a nude model who visits his art class. Teena is flirty and pursues a relationship. Zouey states he wants to avoid penetrative sex, which makes him nervous. Teena respects his partner's wishes and doesn't pressure him.

Porsche hooks up with Jump, the prostitute Zouey rejected. First also has a sexual encounter with Soong, a pizza delivery guy. However, Nont discovers that Teena, Jump, and Soong all used to be escorts at Playboyy. They quit due to the low pay and now work independent gigs instead. Nont suspects these three may be involved in his brother's disappearance. He seduces Prom, the manager of Playboyy, for information. In addition, Nont recovers a video where Nant has violent sex with a masked partner. Nont believes this anonymous man is the potential killer.

Captain joins the school rugby team. He's hazed mercilessly by Keen, the captain. Despite their initial clash, Captain discovers Keen is closeted and seduces him. They hide the relationship from their homophobic teammates. Keen is acquainted with Nuth and Phop, who used to hook up with him. Puen, another rugby player, joins Playboyy for financial support. He becomes highly coveted among clients. Aob, the top escort at Playboyy, feels threatened by his younger competition.

Playboyy Cast



Dech Narongdet Rungarun (เดช ณรงค์เดช รุ่งอรุณ)

Nont is portrayed by the Thai actor Dech Narongdet Rungarun (เดช ณรงค์เดช รุ่งอรุณ).

Nont is looking for his missing twin brother, Nant. His sibling disappeared under mysterious circumstances a year ago. Nont used to live in the United States with his father, who was a former politician. He arrives in Thailand to investigate Nant's friends and relationships. Nont pretends to be Nant by assuming his brother's identity.

Dech Narongdet Rungarun

Dech Narongdet Rungarun (เดช ณรงค์เดช รุ่งอรุณ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 24, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Playboyy.


Korn Palat Chayutnitiroj (กรณ์ พลัฏฐ์ ชยุตนิธิโรจน์)

Zouey is portrayed by Thai actor Korn Palat Chayutnitiroj (กรณ์ พลัฏฐ์ ชยุตนิธิโรจน์).

Zouey is an art student who used to be Nant's friend. Zouey specializes in painting nude portraits and dreams of hosting an art exhibition. He is sexually inexperienced. Although his friends encourage him to lose his virginity, Zouey feels shy and nervous during sexual encounters.

Korn Palat Chayutnitiroj

Korn Palat Chayutnitiroj (กรณ์ พลัฏฐ์ ชยุตนิธิโรจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 18, 1998. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Playboyy.


Chat Wasutha Phromchainun (ฉัตร วสุธา พรหมชัยนันท์)

First is portrayed by Thai actor Chat Wasutha Phromchainun (ฉัตร วสุธา พรหมชัยนันท์).

First is the son of a wealthy doctor. He lives with his strict father, who controls his child's finances. Although First pretends to be obedient, he has a secret defiant streak. He hooks up with many guys and likes to have rough sex. Recently, First began a casual fling with Soong, the pizza delivery guy.

Chat Wasutha Phromchainun

Chat Wasutha Phromchainun (ฉัตร วสุธา พรหมชัยนันท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 5, 2001.

Chat Wasutha Phromchainun (ฉัตร วสุธา พรหมชัยนันท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 5, 2001. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Vivit Pharunrit Sarutsitphon (วิวิศน์ ปรุฬห์ฤทธิ์ สรุจสิชฌ์พล)

Captain is portrayed by Thai actor Vivit Pharunrit Sarutsitphon (วิวิศน์ ปรุฬห์ฤทธิ์ สรุจสิชฌ์พล).

Captain is friends with Nant, Zouey, First, and Porsche. He is an aspiring athlete who wishes to join the rugby team. His father used to be a national athlete and has high expectations for his son's sporting career. Captain clashes with Keen, who manages the rugby team. Captain seduces Keen after discovering his teammate is closeted.

Vivit Pharunrit Sarutsitphon

Vivit Pharunrit Sarutsitphon (วิวิศน์ ปรุฬห์ฤทธิ์ สรุจสิชฌ์พล) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 11, 2004.

Vivit Pharunrit Sarutsitphon (วิวิศน์ ปรุฬห์ฤทธิ์ สรุจสิชฌ์พล) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 11, 2004. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Fay Chintub Duangkaew (เฟย์ ชินทัพพ์ ดวงแก้ว)

Porsche is portrayed by Thai actor Fay Chintub Duangkaew (เฟย์ ชินทัพพ์ ดวงแก้ว).

Porsche is a wealthy university student. He is good friends with Captain, First, Nant, and Zouey. Porsche helps his father manage an auto shop business. However, he doesn't get along with his brother, Prom. Porsche recently paid money to hook up with an escort, Jump. Porsche also hires Jump to work for his company.

Fay Chintub Duangkaew

Fay Chintub Duangkaew (เฟย์ ชินทัพพ์ ดวงแก้ว) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 22, 2003.

Fay Chintub Duangkaew (เฟย์ ชินทัพพ์ ดวงแก้ว) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 22, 2003. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Shell Thakrit Chaiwut (เชลล์ ธกฤต ไชยวุฒิ)

Prom is portrayed by Thai actor Shell Thakrit Chaiwut (เชลล์ ธกฤต ไชยวุฒิ).

Prom is the manager of Playboyy and enjoys overseeing the escorting service. He doesn't sleep with the clients himself. Prom is Porsche's older brother. However, they don't get along. Nont seduces Prom to get more information about Playboyy, which is tied to his twin's disappearance. Prom used to share relationship history with Nant.

Shell Thakrit Chaiwut

Shell Thakrit Chaiwut (เชลล์ ธกฤต ไชยวุฒิ) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 11, 2001.

Shell Thakrit Chaiwut (เชลล์ ธกฤต ไชยวุฒิ) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 11, 2001. His first BL leading role is the 2023 series, Playboyy. He has appeared in Bed Friend (2023), The Middleman's Love (2023), and Step by Step (2023).


KaowOat Supasin Singhapan (ข้าวโอ๊ต ศุภศิลป์ สิงหพันธ์)

Teena is portrayed by Thai actor KaowOat Supasin Singhapan (ข้าวโอ๊ต ศุภศิลป์ สิงหพันธ์).

Teena is a former escort who used to work for Playboyy. He quit his job due to the low pay. However, he's still friendly with the other escorts and keeps in touch with them. Teena works as a nude model for Zouey's art class. Teena flirts with Zouey and pursues a relationship, even though his partner doesn't want to have sex.

KaowOat Supasin Singhapan

KaowOat Supasin Singhapan (ข้าวโอ๊ต ศุภศิลป์ สิงหพันธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 14, 1994.

KaowOat Supasin Singhapan (ข้าวโอ๊ต ศุภศิลป์ สิงหพันธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 14, 1994. His first BL project is the 2024 drama, Playboyy.


Jack Jaktrin Giacomo Piazza (แจ็ค จักรตฤณ จัคโคโม เพียซซ่า)

Jack Jaktrin Giacomo Piazza (แจ็ค จักรตฤณ จัคโคโม เพียซซ่า)

Soong works in pizza delivery. He used to be a former escort for Playboyy. After quitting, he becomes an independent sex worker and accepts gigs during deliveries. Soong recently hooked up with First. He is interested in his wealthy client, who will inherit a significant family fortune.

Jack Jaktrin Giacomo Piazza

Jack Jaktrin Giacomo Piazza (แจ็ค จักรตฤณ จัคโคโม เพียซซ่า) is a Thai-Italian actor. He is born on June 12, 2000.

Jack Jaktrin Giacomo Piazza (แจ็ค จักรตฤณ จัคโคโม เพียซซ่า) is a Thai-Italian actor. He is born on June 12, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Jeffy Chutipon Limsirithong (เจฟฟี่ ชุติพนธ์ ลิมศิริธง)

Jump is portrayed by Thai actor Jeffy Chutipon Limsirithong (เจฟฟี่ ชุติพนธ์ ลิมศิริธง).

Jump is a former escort who used to work for Playboyy. He and his friends quit due to the poor working conditions. Jump remains an independent sex worker and accepts gigs. Jump meets Porsche, who pays him for a session. Afterwards, Porsche hires Jump to work at his auto shop business.

Jeffy Chutipon Limsirithong

Jeffy Chutipon Limsirithong (เจฟฟี่ ชุติพนธ์ ลิมศิริธง) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 12, 1995.

Jeffy Chutipon Limsirithong (เจฟฟี่ ชุติพนธ์ ลิมศิริธง) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 12, 1995. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Aun Warit Lertjaruvong (อั๋น วริศ เลิศจารุวงศ์)

Aob is portrayed by Thai actor Aun Warit Lertjaruvong (อั๋น วริศ เลิศจารุวงศ์).

Aob is the top escort at Playboyy. He is popular among clients and demands a high asking fee. This 34-year-old has spent over a decade working in the sex industry. Aob doesn't join Teena, Soong, and Jump when they quit the business. Nonetheless, Aob remains friends with them. Lately, he feels threatened by Puen, a new hire. Aob sees Puen as his younger competition.

Aun Warit Lertjaruvong

Aun Warit Lertjaruvong (อั๋น วริศ เลิศจารุวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 24, 1988.

Aun Warit Lertjaruvong (อั๋น วริศ เลิศจารุวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 24, 1988. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Boat Pakorn Tochuensakul (โบ๊ท พากร โตชื่นสกุล)

Keen is portrayed by Thai actor Boat Pakorn Tochuensakul (โบ๊ท พากร โตชื่นสกุล).

Keen is the captain of the rugby team at St. Paul's University. Since the coach was suddenly hospitalized, Keen became the interim manager. He clashes with Captain, a new player. Unknownst to his homophobic teammates, Keen is closeted and secretly hooks up with guys. Captain discovers Keen's sexuality and tries to seduce him.

Boat Pakorn Tochuensakul

Boat Pakorn Tochuensakul (โบ๊ท พากร โตชื่นสกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 11, 1999.

Boat Pakorn Tochuensakul (โบ๊ท พากร โตชื่นสกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 11, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Playboyy.


Parm Pawarate Pakdeelakakul (ปาม ปวเรศ ภักดีเลขะกุล)

Puen is portrayed by Thai actor Parm Pawarate Pakdeelakakul (ปาม ปวเรศ ภักดีเลขะกุล).

Puen is a new rugby player who joins the team. Unlike the other wealthy students, he attends St. Paul's University on a sports scholarship. Puen secretly works at Playboyy to support himself financially. He becomes a popular escort among clients. However, Puen faces competition from his coworker, Aob.

Parm Pawarate Pakdeelakakul

Parm Pawarate Pakdeelakakul (ปาม ปวเรศ ภักดีเลขะกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 25, 2001. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


View Thanathorn Bunsong (วิว ธนาธร บุญส่ง)

Phop is portrayed by Thai actor View Thanathorn Bunsong (วิว ธนาธร บุญส่ง).

Phop is a webcam performer and independent sex worker. He makes money streaming online under the alias Lollipop69. He sends his income to support his mother and siblings. Phop's sessions attract Nuth's attention. Nuth starts paying him money for more risque acts.

View Thanathorn Bunsong

View Thanathorn Bunsong (วิว ธนาธร บุญส่ง) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 12, 2003. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Playboyy.


Win Jirapat Uttayananon (วิน จิรภัทร อุทยานานนท์)

Nuth is portrayed by Thai actor Win Jirapat Uttayananon (วิน จิรภัทร อุทยานานนท์).

Nuth is an aspiring filmmaker whose movies don't make money. He feels lonely and turns to watching sex workers online for companionship. Nuth has taken an interest in Phop, a webcam performer. He spends money on Phop and pays him for risque acts.

Win Jirapat Uttayananon

Win Jirapat Uttayananon (วิน จิรภัทร อุทยานานนท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 3, 1994.

Win Jirapat Uttayananon (วิน จิรภัทร อุทยานานนท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 3, 1994. His first BL project is the 2024 drama, Playboyy.

Supporting Cast

Nant is portrayed by Thai actor Dech Narongdet Rungarun (เดช ณรงค์เดช รุ่งอรุณ).


Dech Narongdet Rungarun (เดช ณรงค์เดช รุ่งอรุณ)

Tutor is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Jason is portrayed by Thai actor Hymn Elisha Triwiwatkul (ฮิม เอลิชา ตริวิวัฒน์กุล).


Hymn Elisha Triwiwatkul (ฮิม เอลิชา ตริวิวัฒน์กุล)

First's father is portrayed by a Thai actor.

First dad

Cast Highlights

  • Prom's actor (Shell) has small roles in Bed Friend (2023), its sequel Middleman's Love (2023), and Step by Step (2023).
  • Jason's actor (Hymn) has supporting roles in War of Y (2022), Bed Friend (2023), and Step by Step (2023).

Playboyy Review


Drama Review Score: 7.6

Puen and Aob kiss in the basement.

Playboyy is an erotic BL drama that pushes boundaries with many hot encounters. The characters prance around with only skimpy underwear, explore each other's bodies, and immerse in steamy kisses. Wow, the sheer amount of physical passion on display makes other series look tame! Besides being raunchy, the exchanges shine with creative flair. The couples don't just have sex, but they put on spectacles. From locker room fantasies to kinky roleplaying scenarios, Playboyy takes pleasure in its lustful imagination.

Some fans may dismiss Playboyy as gratuitous smut, which it is to a large extent. There's no denying that it flaunts sex and nudity as selling points. Yet, I admire the story's boldness. It challenges societal taboos, daring to tackle risqué topics other BL dramas shy away from. The series depicts prostitution candidly and highlights the gritty realities of working in the industry. There's commentary about privilege, prejudice, and power dynamics. In addition, this playful drama has a cheeky sense of humour. Not one to take itself seriously, Playboyy enjoys campy scenarios and naughty jokes.

Playboyy is like the porn parody version of Not Me. Both stories share parallels, including a twin who assumes his brother's identity. This series tries to be a sexy thriller, yet there are illogical plot holes in the mystery of Nant's disappearance. Constant contradictions and ridiculous events break immersion as the investigation unfolds, especially in the last few episodes. Sometimes, I'm baffled when a plot development occurs through exposition dialogue. Due to the incoherent narrative, I treat Playboyy as a dumb joke and laugh mockingly at the nonsense.

Playboyy is provocative, showing a lack of decorum toward sensitive topics. On the one hand, I like its openness around sexuality. Not only does the series discuss consent and boundaries, but it also highlights fetishes and safe practices. On the other hand, it embraces problematic tropes. A few scandalous plots cross the line of decency and seem distasteful. Some characters have mistreated others, including coercion, rape, leaked sex tapes, death threats, and a long list of offences. I'm troubled by how easily Playboyy excuses their malicious behaviour.

Aob & Puen are my favourite couple. I enjoy the sizzling dynamics between the experienced escort and the cocky newcomer. Their initial rivalry grows into a flirty mentorship, blurring the lines between competition and seduction. This romance is surprisingly sweet, and I'd swap the other six pairs for AobPuen content. The performers (Aun & Parm) share passionate chemistry in racy scenes. While the cast aren't great actors, I respect their gutsiness to be intimate on camera. Also, the series specializes in sultry visuals. It captures affection and desire in titillating shots.

I like Phop and Nuth's romance. My heart resonates with the story of two tragic lovers trying to survive misfortune. However, I don't care about the other pairs. Either their dysfunctional relationship drama aggravates me, or they seem incompatible besides sex. I'm also disappointed by the finale, which leaves loose ends untied. Despite all the flaws, this series is my guilty pleasure. From the stupidly absurd plots to the over-the-top eroticism, Playboyy offers campy entertainment. Although I'm embarrassed, I'll admit to enjoying the smutty, sleazy, and shameless BL drama.


Sleazy story

Playboyy embraces eroticism. I admire the story's boldness, tackling taboo topics around sexuality and prostitution. However, it excuses immoral behaviour and baffles me with illogical plot holes.

Smutty romance

This series pushes boundaries with hot sexual encounters. Its over-the-top smuttiness makes other BL series look tame. My favourites are Aob & Puen, who have a sizzling relationship dynamic.

Gutsy acting

Although the cast aren't great actors, I admire everybody's gutsiness in being intimate on camera. The actors engage in steamy kisses, explore each other's bodies, and wear skimpy outfits.

Sad ending

Playboyy has a sad ending for one of the couples. Although the mystery is solved, the villain goes free. The final scene introduces a plot twist, leaving many loose ends untied.

Titillating artistry

This highly sensual series flaunts sex and nudity as selling points. The camera captures physical intimacy in titillating shots. It also experiments with colours and stylish lighting choices.


Playboyy is a raunchy BL series with many hot sexual encounters and a boldness toward risqué topics. Despite the plot holes and problematic tropes, this guilty pleasure offers campy entertainment.

Playboyy Series Explained



Nont holds a party to catch his brother's killer.

I'm a big mystery fan. I enjoy stories about solving murders and investigating disappearances, especially when they contain BL content. The premise of Playboyy is intriguing. A university student seemingly goes missing after a hookup gone wrong. There's a danger in using apps to meet strangers, so the plot has a catchy hook. If written better, I would've been interested in a mystery series about what happened to Nant. Sadly, Playboyy fails to create a coherent narrative.

The story barely explains who Nant is. The early episodes were an excellent time to introduce flashbacks, showcasing Nant as he interacts with each of his friends. Let's highlight his friendships, rivalries, and romances to create a complex web of relationships. Instead, Nant remains a vague figure throughout the series, making it hard to connect with the central subject of the mystery. Why should I care about Nant when I know nothing about his character's backstory?

Also, I don't know why Nont pretends to be his twin. His cover-up story is so outrageously phony, so the main characters seem stupid for believing him. Nont should've admitted his real identity without the convoluted lie. As the plot unfolds, the mystery becomes increasingly bizarre. Some moments are mindlessly fun, like interrogating suspects in a sex party. Others are too farfetched, like the fake suicide video or anything to do with Jason Lee. I struggle to feel immersed in the absurd investigation, which is supposed to be a big part of Playboyy.

Class differences
Porsche places his foot on Jump.

Despite the disappointing mystery, I'm intrigued by the narrative themes. I like how this drama addresses the class differences between the rich and poor. The first episode divides the characters between students from elite families and athletes on scholarships. The narrator describes those on financial aid, "They're the stains of our university." The story constantly highlights the socioeconomic disparity. The wealthy characters have all the power due to their money, whereas the escorts are mistreated by the upper class.

Money is a dangerous incentive that motivates the characters to act without dignity. Escorts like Phop and Puen expose themselves to risky sexual encounters because they desperately need cash. Phop's storyline seems ominous because he could have met a killer. He's lucky to fall in love with Nuth, but this encounter may be the end of him in an alternate universe. Likewise, Puen bleeds during sex because of his client's aggression. First thinks paying money means he can disregard another human's comfort and safety. He uses wealth to breach someone's boundaries.

Like the root of all evil, money also leads to Nant's demise. He incurs a debt as deadly as his drug habit. From Soong's assault to Aob's death threats, Nant's financial troubles cause him to suffer. He resorts to faking suicide to escape his debtors. Likewise, Nuth and Phop have tragic endings due to their desperation for money. The couple must deal drugs to support themselves, yet Nuth gets arrested for his crime. Poor Phop is so heartbroken that he overdoses afterwards. Money may not guarantee happiness, but lacking it ensures your life is hellish.

Power dynamics
Captain and Puen are rugby teammates.

Another fascinating theme in Playboyy is power dynamics. Initially, Porsche blackmails Jump into a master and slave arrangement. Porsche mistreats his love interest, escalating in cruelty. "I bought you with cash. Just do what I say." In Episode 10, he orders Jump to eat dog food! Later, we discover Porsche himself is a victim of abuse. He was groomed at a young age by Jason, who inflicted cruelty on him. The story shows how those who have been oppressed may become oppressors themselves, perpetuating a cycle of harm.

Captain, Keen, and Puen also mirror power dynamics in a group setting. The three gay rugby players must hide their sexuality from bigoted teammates. Despite sharing a common secret, they turn against each other to fit in with the straight guys. Captain joins the homophobic insults against Keen. He also exposes Keen and Puen's sexual conduct, which gets both students expelled. Keen retaliates and betrays Captain, using the same underhanded tactics to restore his reputation. It's sad how they internalize oppression and hurt one another.

Puen calls out Captain's toxic behaviour in the finale. "We're gays in a society where straight men are dominant. We should help each other out, not sabotage each other." Yes, Puen gets it! As he has shown throughout the series, his character has a lot of wisdom. An oppressive hierarchy marginalizes the trio, who are all victims of homophobia. Don't join the abusers and perpetuate the cycle of hatred. Instead, they should support each other and stand united against discrimination. I'm unsure if Captain learned his lesson at the end of the series, but he should self-reflect.


I'm ranking the seven Playboyy couples from best to worst. I'll write about my favourites first (obviously AobPuen) and save my least favourites until the end.

Aob and Puen
Aob and Puen have sex for the first time.

Oh my god, I love Aob and Puen's romance so much. When Puen first appeared in Episode 3, the shallow part of me shipped him with Keen based on their attractiveness. I wanted these rugby players to rub each other. However, Episode 5 pairs Puen with Aob, an even hotter couple with a fun rivalry. Aob is the experienced escort who feels threatened by Puen, the young, cocky newcomer. A battle of the prostitutes is everything I didn't know I wanted from a BL drama until now.

The bedroom scene in Episode 5 made me an instant AobPuen fan. I love the unusual scenario of Aob evaluating his coworker's sex performance. He sits on the bed with his tits out and a come-hither gaze. The neon red lighting adds to the alluring ambiance. Suddenly, Aob puts his hand on Puen's chin and directs his partner's eye contact. He gives pointers and instructions, including the iconic line, "My head. Every head." Aob pushes Puen on the bed, climbs over his body, and demonstrates how to pleasure a man professionally. The sexual tension is so hot that my heart nearly bursts!

After the sex scene, I love their conversation. Puen feels insecure and asks for tips. Yet, Aob gives hilariously bitchy insults. I crack up at "I'm sorry, I'm not a teacher. I'm a prostitute." and "Don't be like me, because you can never be me, loser." Puen responds by flipping him the bird. THE CLAWS ARE OUT. I also love their chat in the restroom. Aob sits between the urinal dividers like a badass. Puen approaches him and tries to defrost our ice king, but Aob remains fierce. "You're not my friend or brother. You're my competitor." Yes, this enemies-to-lovers trope is delivering!

First kiss
Puen and Aob kiss intimately.

As the sex lessons continue, the student overtakes the master. Puen regains his mojo and taunts Aob in Episode 7. "I'll be better than you someday. But that day came so quickly. You lost." I like Puen's swagger during their rivalry, hehe~ However, the lessons have also softened Aob's bitter heart. During an encounter, Puen bends over in a thong, juxtaposed with Aob's look of realization. He must be thinking, "Damn, if it wasn't for my stupid pride, his ass could be mine." 

Eventually, Aob and Puen warm to each other over a cute chicken noodle date. For the first time, they take their relationship outside the brothel. Both open up intimately, sharing their struggles and aspirations. When Puen talks about his athletic ambition, Aob looks self-conscious. Aob has been an escort since 18, spending over a decade working in the sex industry. Now 34, he may regret not fulfilling the dreams from his youth. Aob also talks about his broken heart. Beneath his tough exterior, he has wounded feelings. "I'm old. It's too late to fall in love."

The couple shares their first kiss! They also have their first quarrel, arguing about Puen's virginity lol. It's a trivial issue, but I like seeing Aob get so emotional over love. This ice king puts on a stoic demeanour, only to reveal he's a neurotic mess~ Aob's needy side creates a fascinating duality with his tough-guy front. Aob cries over his boyfriend, yet he also beats up his clients violently. "Red light, red light!" First yelps. "SHUT THE FUCK UP." Aob shouts while threatening First with a gun from his crotch. From sensitive softie to sadistic thug, his transformation is shocking!

Enemies to lovers
Puen and Aob eat chicken noodles.

Aob puts on a tough exterior, confronting dangerous clients like First when necessary. Working in the sex industry has made Aob vigilant. He must protect himself and his colleagues. Beneath his aggression, Aob reveals a gentler and more nurturing side. He treats Puen's wounds, looking after his lover tenderly. I adore their bathroom scene in Episode 11. Aob says he bathes all his clients, but Puen teases him. "If you just said you did this for me, it would've been cute." Hehe, I like how they're still cheeky with each other.

Before meeting Puen, Aob forced himself to be aloof. The emotionally distant prostitute didn't want to be vulnerable and experience heartbreak again. Since then, he has become protective over Puen. "We must take care of each other." Unlike the lone wolf from before, Aob is now willing to open up to companionship. Puen worries about safety in their line of work. "Who will take care of us?" Aob replies, "Me. At least I will." I love his reassuring response. Although they used to be rivals, this couple has grown into devoted partners. Their enemies-to-lovers journey is in full swing.

Aob and Puen face uncertain futures without employment or education. They must live in a basement, worrying about how to earn an income. Outside of escorting, neither has any promising prospects. Aob is discouraged as he lists his skills, "Massaging, working out, and fucking." Sadly, it isn't easy for a prostitute to transition into other professions due to a lack of opportunities. However, I love that Puen encourages his boyfriend to be entrepreneurial and open a business. Although not successful yet, at least it's a start. They can explore a life together beyond sex work.

Puen and Aob gaze into each other's eyes on the bed.

Aob and Puen represent the plight of prostitutes. Although some aspects are dramatized, their experiences mirror the challenges faced by sex workers in real life. The series doesn't glamorize the industry. It can be a dangerous profession where the escorts get mistreated, exploited, or dehumanized. As the couple mentions in Episode 11, prostitutes don't have legal protection. The government shuns their existence, leaving them vulnerable to abuse and victimization.

Despite the dangers, Aob and Puen turn to escorting to support themselves financially. Unlike the wealthy characters, both come from poor backgrounds and lack privilege. They must resort to sex work as a means of survival, navigating a world where economic inequality limits their career opportunities. Puen is a newcomer and intends to quit after a short-term stint. In contrast, Aob has worked for years, becoming a cog in the system. While Puen still has ambitions, Aob feels jaded. His cynicism stems from years in the industry, where he grew disillusioned and resigned to the circumstances.

Aob and Puen are in severely disadvantaged positions in society. Nonetheless, they support and empower each other. I enjoy this relationship partially because of the couple's emotional bond. Two vulnerable prostitutes begin as rivals who compete for power, yet they find common ground and form camaraderie. Their romance symbolizes solidarity. Love can strengthen a couple, helping them overcome hardships. Of course, the other reason I enjoy AobPuen is their physical passion. I like them because they make out and hook up affectionately, hehe~

Phop and Nuth
Phop and Nuth are in the kitchen.

Early on, I felt around 80% sure Nuth wasn't Nant's killer. The misdirection seems too obvious, making me think he must be a red herring. Still, the remaining 20% doubt lingers in my mind. I'm not confident whether Nuth's romance will end with him suddenly murdering his love interest. The danger adds a fascinating thrill to their relationship scenes. I alternate between morbid thoughts of "OMG, is Phop going to DIE???" and "Aww, this couple is falling in love~"

Eventually, my concerns vanish after realizing Nuth is a lonely soul recovering from his breakup trauma. Still, Playboyy keeps casting doubt on his innocence. The story presents random evidence every few episodes and suggests, "Hey, could Nuth be the killer after all???" Give it up, I don't want Nuth to be a bad guy! Leave him alone! Instead of believing the misdirection, I enjoy the cute scenes of Nuth and Phop in their apartment. Nuth works on his script, while Phop dotes on his boyfriend. Life is sweet for the couple, even if their living conditions may be shabby.

I like Nuth's philosophical quote about his work in Episode 5. "For porn to win awards, you must be someone famous. People will think it's art. But for someone like us, it's obscene. It doesn't matter what we create." His observation has a surprising amount of merit. Pornography (or even smutty BL dramas like Playboyy) gets tarnished with poor reputations due to stigma. Society views explicit content as vulgar unless attached to a respectable storyteller. Only then will people recognize its artistic merit. I understand Nuth's point and sympathize with him.

Phop and Nuth kiss.

From the moment of Phop's introduction, I felt sad for his character. He poses seductively for online viewers, yet his expression darkens once the camera shuts off. "I'm not proud of myself," Phop says about his job. The opening scene shows how he must compromise himself to make a living. Later, Phop meets Nuth after being tempted by money. A price board assigns a cash value for each sexual kink, reducing Phop's body to a commodity. Worst of all, it's a scam! Nuth can only pay with drugs.

Our protagonists meet under dubious circumstances. Surprisingly, their bond grows beyond a financial transaction. Phop recognizes a kindred spirit in Nuth, who shares similar hardships. Like Phop, Nuth's life is consumed by misery and misfortune. After a traumatizing breakup, he relies on online companionship to fill the emptiness in his existence. Nuth isn't a wealthy sugar daddy with the money or power to exploit sex workers. Despite his duplicity and desperation, he has no malice toward Phop. Instead, Nuth is only a lonely soul seeking a human connection.

In a society that has marginalized them as outcasts, Nuth and Phop find comfort in each other. With the help of hallucinogens, the couple escapes the pain of reality. Their sex scenes resemble fantasies, like being transported into an ethereal dream. This couple may not have money, status, or power, but at least they have a companion beside them. It's better to suffer together than to face their troubles alone. Nuth relapses into a depressive state in Episode 6, but Phop treats him with love and warmth. Phop becomes Nuth's much-needed lifeline, guiding him out of despair.

Phop proposes to Nuth.

Phop and Nuth enjoy a blissful relationship period. To an outsider, their love nest seems shabby. They squat inside old buildings, sleep on floors, and have no physical comfort. Despite living in poverty, they only need each other to feel happy. Nuth is motivated enough to write again. He also proposes to Phop, who accepts the long-term commitment. Their proposal scene is set against grey skies and a bleak city backdrop. Yet, their love shines radiantly amid the gloomy surroundings.

Many BL fans, including myself, root for Phop and Nuth to prevail against the odds. The characters spend most of their time cuddling in their love nest, blissfully isolated from the outside world. Their romance inspires us, proving that love endures even in misfortune. Unfortunately, reality collides with fantasy. As much as the couple only wants to focus on each other, they need a basic income to survive. From the moment Nuth claimed to deliver "the last batch of drugs", I dropped to my knees and screamed NOOOO. Nuth's ominous final words foreshadowed his impending doom.

Phop and Nuth received the tragic ending I feared Aob and Puen would get. Thankfully, my favourite couple was largely absent from the finale and survived the apocalypse. Phew, I sigh in relief! Still, I'm upset that NuthPhop fell victim to their unfortunate circumstances. I was rooting for them! From incarceration to overdoses, life is so damn cruel to the two characters at the bottom of the societal hierarchy. Haven't they suffered enough!? Meanwhile, all the evil asshats in the series run free without any justice served. Nuth and Phop deserved better!

Zouey and Teena
Zouey and Teena share a kiss.

Besides AobPuen and NuthPhop, my feelings on everyone else range from "meh" to "eww". Zouey and Teena are my third favourite couple by default. The characters seem incompatible since they share nothing in common. Their hobbies, personalities, and sex drives don't mesh, so their attraction baffles me. While I have no strong feelings toward them, they offend me less than the problematic pairings. I don't care about Zouey and Teena, but at least I don't hate the idea of them.

Individually, I like Zouey and Teena's characters. I respect Zouey for setting boundaries with his virginity. Everyone else flaunts their active sex lives around him, yet he doesn't let peer pressure influence his decision. His conviction is admirable. Later, Zouey calls out his friends for behaving awfully. Once again, he maintains independent thinking and doesn't side with the group mentality. Likewise, Teena shows patience and understanding. Despite a few iffy moments in the early episodes, Teena seems supportive of Zouey.

Zouey and Teena peaked during their sex scene in the first episode. I'll never forget Teena grabbing his butt cheeks as over-the-top music plays in the background. However, the rest of their relationship moments are bland. Teena disappears in the second half of the series, becoming irrelevant to the plot. His character is like a piece of art. He looks beautiful, rests idly in the background, and does nothing. The finale also destroys Zouey's likability. As soon as Zouey utters, "I told Jason Lee to kidnap him," he lost my support. This romance declined from "meh" to "oh hell no".

Nont and Prom

Nont and Prom's romance suffers because it's too intertwined with the mystery of Nant's disappearance. Since the investigation scenes are so dumb, my frustration affects how I feel about the couple. From the start, Prom seems the most suspicious. Even Nant's friends won't lend him money, whereas Prom repays the significant debts. His financial involvement suggests he may be a culprit or secret ally. Either way, Nont should have doubted this stranger and not trust him with information. 

I don't find Nont and Prom particularly likeable. Then again, I don't know either character that well, even after fourteen episodes. Nont's scenes revolve around looking for his missing brother, but the series fails to define him outside the investigation. What was Nont's life before the mystery started? A few flashbacks could've given this protagonist meaningful experiences and nuanced relationships. Likewise, Prom remains an enigma until the end. His close ties to Jason have the potential for a complex backstory. Yet, the series barely addresses Prom's background.

Prom is sketchy for hiding pivotal information from Nont. We could've avoided investigating the masked man and the fake suicide if Prom confessed earlier. I also suspect he knows Jason abducted Nant. As the manager of Playboyy and a close acquaintance of Jason, Prom can't be clueless about a captive in the brothel. Nont may have hooked up with someone complicit in his brother's murder, which is creepy! Despite the red flags, Prom & Nont are too boring to evoke strong feelings in me. Their scenes are dull rather than vile. I still hate the other three couples more!

First and Soong
First and Soong flirt in the bathtub.

Out of all the couples, First and Soong's sex scenes give me the most second-hand embarrassment. They like to roleplay, which can be humorous in a campy way. However, some encounters seem too cringy, even for me. The toe-sucking in Episode 8 is a lot to handle, especially with the ketchup and the goofy costumes. Also, I'm mortified when the couple roleplays a kidnapping scenario in Episode 3, which involves recording a video of the abuse. What the fuuuuck.

This couple doesn't bother me because of their sex scenes. Instead, I'm aggravated by their constant relationship drama. They're so toxic together! I can't even keep track of their dumb conflicts after a while. My brain's coping mechanism has automatically filtered the nonsense between them. All I remember is feeling icky and emotionally drained by their tedious exchanges. After multiple arguments, they should learn to stay away from each other. Also, these two don't share anything in common besides sex. They come from entirely different walks of life.

Both characters are walking red flags. Soong has problematic conduct, especially what transpired between him and Nant. Similarly, First riles me up when he abuses Puen during sex. His exploitation feels ugly and distressing. I'm very protective over my precious Puen, so anyone who hurts him is on my shit list. As troubling as this couple may be, Soong & First have shown remorse for their actions. Their guilty conscience humanizes them to some extent. Also, I respect the audacity of these two actors. I gotta give credit for agreeing to lick ketchup off someone else's foot!

Porsche and Jump
Porsche and Jump kiss passionately.

Porsche and Jump's relationship disturbs me. Their romance began like a raunchy porn parody, but it takes a sinister turn after Porsche blackmails Jump and enslaves him. At first, I thought their power dynamic was like a sex thing. However, Porsche's behaviour quickly warps into abuse and exploitation. He gives inhumane commands, like ordering Jump to eat dog food. Porsche also puts his foot on Jump's head, a horrifying image that illustrates his cruelty.

Porsche's actor has a twinkle in his eyes, making me think he'd behave sweetly. Beneath his innocent appearance, this character has a malicious streak. He's quick to torment others and disregard their feelings. In Episode 5, Jump is exhausted after having sex for hours, yet Porsche doesn't give a damn and forces him to continue. Later, Porsche releases a sex tape of Tutor as a revenge scheme. His actions have severe consequences, yet he takes wicked pleasure in disgracing his rival's reputation. In both cases, Porsche's utter lack of empathy is chilling.

Midway into the series, Playboyy drops a plot twist. When Porsche talks about his father, he actually means his sugar daddy. Jason has groomed and mistreated the teenager at a vulnerable age. This backstory sheds insight into Porsche's mindset, helping me understand the origins of his manipulative behaviour. As a victim of abuse, he perpetuates the cycle of harm onto others, including Jump. On the one hand, I feel sorry for both characters' circumstances. On the other hand, their toxic relationship make me too uncomfortable. I can't support this couple.

Captain and Keen
Captain and Keen have a secret romance.

Captain and Keen's romance is impossible to champion. My hatred for Captain burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. He constantly acts like a piece of shit. Keen is no angel and behaves problematically, including the hazing ritual. He coerces Puen, who needs the sports scholarship, into doing sexual favours. With that said, Keen's misdeeds still don't rile me up as much as Captain. I took out my voodoo doll and stabbed so many needles against it. CAPTAIN MUST SUFFER!!!

Captain's secret sex tapes are gross as hell. Early on, he leaks footage of Keen's hookups, outing a gay man to his homophobic teammates. Admittedly, Keen bullied him. At least I understand Captain's rationale in using leverage to protect himself. After they have grown close, he continues to film Keen without consent. Captain sells the footage online and exposes their private moments to everyone. By doing so, he jeopardizes Keen's academic standing. He also leaks a sex tape of Tutor, tarnishing another person's reputation. WTF!? Why are you doing this to them!?

Beyond his gross violation of privacy, Captain fails to take accountability. He has a vendetta against Puen and blames him for exposing the sex tape scandal. First of all, his accusations are false. Puen didn't do it, yet Captain seems convinced based on no evidence. Second of all, the sex tape wouldn't even exist if Captain hadn't filmed them. This whole saga began because of his nasty voyeurism. I'm LIVID that Captain gets both Keen and Puen expelled. Worst of all, Captain still acts like the victim, as if he isn't the culprit who derailed Keen and Puen's lives. FUCK HIM.

Playboyy Ending Explained


Nant's disappearance

Zouey is complicit in Nant's disappearance.

Playboyy has a shock ending and reveals Zouey is complicit in Nant's disappearance. A year ago, Zouey was raped by Jason Lee, the business mogul who funds the university and the Playboyy brothel. The trauma explains why he didn't want to have sex at the start of the series. Zouey confided his secret in Nant, who wished to expose Jason's crimes. Yet, Zouey was scared to oppose his rapist. Jason is wealthy, influential, and dangerous. He could assassinate anyone to hide his misdeeds, so Zouey didn't want to be at the centre of a scandal.

Zouey advised Nant to fake his suicide to escape his debtors. However, Zouey betrayed his friend and told Jason to kidnap Nant. That way, the rape will remain a secret. For the past year, Jason held his hostage in the VIP lounge of the brothel. Since then, Zouey had a change of heart. He sneaked in and released Nant, orchestrating a plan to help him escape captivity. Nant tried to flee, but he got killed instead. Likely, Jason's henchmen found the runaway and ended his life. While Zouey doesn't know all the details, he feels responsible for his friend's death.

My reaction to the ending is WTF. That revelation came out of left field. The logistics seem bizarre, but I'm not against the plot twist. It adds an exciting layer to the mystery, especially in complicating Zouey's motivations. My issue is that the series presents the information too late. I don't want to discover Zouey's involvement in the closing scene. Instead, the story should reveal the twist sooner and expand on the details. Dropping a bombshell and concluding with a "To Be Continued" message satisfies nobody. The finale leaves us with more questions than answers.


Zouey is nervous around Jason Lee.

The Playboyy ending reiterates the story's themes of oppression. Throughout the series, the leads have inflicted their trauma on others. Porsche abuses Jump, mirroring how Jason exploited him. Captain succumbs to homophobic culture and betrays his gay teammates. First's dysfunctional relationship with his dad causes a toxic dynamic with Soong. Like his friends, Zouey was abused. Zouey feels so psychologically scarred that he acts against his best interests. He turns to his rapist for support and betrays a friend trying to help him.

Zouey, Porsche, First, and Captain are all victims of abuse. Zouey was raped, Porsche was groomed, while First and Captain suffered from homophobia. Ideally, we want them to stand up against their oppressors. Let's fight back against the rapists, groomers, and homophobes of the world! Sadly, that's easier said than done. Victims often face emotional barriers. They may feel trapped, powerless, and afraid. Instead of escaping their torment, they self-sabotage and inflict their pain on others. Zouey's betrayal is a symptom of his psychological trauma.

Beyond just a series with gratuitous sex, Playboyy is a dark and gritty story examining power dynamics. The oppressors sit at the top of the hierarchy, like Jason, First's father, or the homophobic teammates. They exploit others below them, including Zouey, Porsche, First, Captain, and Keen. Instead of fighting against their abusers, the characters impose their trauma on those with even less power than them, namely the escorts. We see how oppression trickles down the societal ladder, perpetuating harmful behaviour and dysfunctional relationships.

Playboyy Episodes

Episode Guide

Phop and Nuth are shirtless.

Playboyy has a total of 14 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 13 hours. Playboyy started on November 16, 2023 and ended on February 29, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

WTF. Let me assure you I don't think about sex 388 times a day. Wow, this series is smutty! It's like porn with a plot, but at least I'm having fun. I laugh at the over-the-topic music during the sex scene.

Episode 2

Damn, this mystery is terribly written. Why does this twin brother think he can get away with such an outrageous lie? Despite the raunchy sex scenes, I don't particularly like these couples.

Episode 3

WTF! Who roleplays kidnapping for fun!? This couple is sick. The series is so sleazy. Every scenario leads to hookups. I want to know more about the characters besides their sex lives.

Episode 4

I'm glad Puen calls out Captain on the sex tape. Ugh, all the relationship drama between the couples is annoying. LMAO, I love how Playboyy references the price board from Japanese gay porn!

Episode 5

Puen and Aob are a hot pairing! I love the dynamics between the mentor and the newcomer. "I'm not a teacher. I'm a prostitute." is a funny line. I also like the philosophical quote about porn.

Episode 6

Although the mystery confuses me, I love the story's cheeky humour. Only Playboyy would think of interrogating murder suspects during sex. Wait, Prom & Porsche aren't real brothers!? WTF.

Episode 7

I'm OBSESSED with Aob and Puen's storyline. Give me more of this couple and less of those other annoying characters. Why does Captain keep filming Keen!? Stop it, you asshat!

Episode 8

"My dick is too big to be the bottom." Phop's humblebragging cracks me up. OMG, Soong's toe-sucking scene is unhinged! This series pushes the boundaries, making other BL dramas look tame.

Episode 9

Captain and Porsche are nasty asshats, ruining people's reputations with leaked sex tapes. Beneath Aob's tough exterior, he's this hopeless romantic who cries because Puen lied about his virginity.

Episode 10

"You destroyed my future just because I had sex." Exactly! Tutor reminds me of Ronan Farrow lol. Captain's actions are too villainous and can't be redeemed. Leave my precious Puen alone!

Episode 11

Protect Aob and Puen's romance at all costs~ I love this couple so much. I love how Zouey makes it so obvious he's spying on Jason lol. I'm also glad Zouey calls out his awful friends.

Episode 12

What is Zouey doing to Teena at the pool table!? LMAO, he's destroying his boyfriend. Fuck Captain so much for hurting Puen! I HATE HIM. I like the lighting choices in this episode.

Episode 13

I'm glad First apologized to Aob and Puen. Aww, I hope my favourite couple can have a happy ending. "The last batch of drugs" is ominous. Bad things are about to happen to Phop and Nuth.

Episode 14

I love Puen showing gay solidarity. He has more class than that asshat Captain. First and Soong's romance is toxic. Aww, I feel bad for Nuth and Phop's tragic ending. That's so sad!

Playboyy Information


Copy A Bangkok is the Thai BL studio that made Make It Right (2016). Its portfolio also includes YYY (2020), You Never Eat Alone (2020), and Y-Destiny (2021).

Copy A Bangkok is the Thai BL studio that made Make It Right (2016). Its portfolio also includes YYY (2020), You Never Eat Alone (2020), and Y-Destiny (2021).


Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat ( ธนะมินทร์ วงษ์สกุลพัชร์) is a Thai director.

Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat ( ธนะมินทร์ วงษ์สกุลพัชร์) is a Thai director. His first BL drama is the drama, Make It Right (2016) and its sequel Make It Right 2 (2017). His portfolio of work includes Water Boyy (2017), Why R U (2020), YYY (2020), and You Never Eat Alone (2020). In addition, he directed Y-Destiny (2021), Secret Crush on You (2022), That's My Candy (2022), and War of Y (2022). He also worked on Bed Friend (2023), Middleman's Love (2023), and Playboyy (2023).

  1. Ni siquiera sé por dónde comenzar a hablar sobre Playboyy. Fue una montaña rusa de sentimientos todo el tiempo que duré viéndola PARA ESE MALDITO FINAL. Ugh, joder, no debo enojarme de nuevo hahahahaha.

    Debo decir que mi pareja favorita fue, es y siempre serán Phop y Nuth. Al principio fue de "ugh, van a tener un mal final" pero jugando con mis sentimientos, lleguea tener esperanza sobre que todo estaría bien Y FUE PEOR DE LO QUE ESPERABA. Necesito que alguien venga y seque mis lágrimas porque jamás me había enamorado tanto de una pareja como lo hice con estos dos. Los preciosos ojos resplandecientes de Phop al mirar a Nuth quedaran grabados en mi corazón junto a las preciosas sonrisas que Nuth le dedicaba a Phop. La escena donde Phop finge llamar a la policía porque su novio no le prestaba atención la he repetido mil veces porque, qué carajos, merecían un mejor final laputamadreeeeee.

    Ugh, ya, verlos a ellos y resolver el misterio era lo único que me mantenían en la historia y las dos cosas fue desastrosas. Todos los demás no podían importarme menos, Captain y Porsche eran los que merecían todo lo horrible de la vida. Aunque puedo entender que Porsche tiene una vida complicada, no lo excusa de ser una muerda y Captian, ¿qué carajos? ¡¿QUÉ CARAJOS?!

    Ugh, no… todavía podía soportar a First y Soong -no mucho- o a Teena y Zoey -eran lindos al menos- pero Captain QUÉ CARAJOS.

    En fin, EN FIN. Creo que Playboyy no es para todos y tienes que soportar mucha mierda para apreciar la historia -e ignorar los cráteres argumentales- como fue el caso de muchas personas. Al principio veía mucho hate a la serie, pero para la segunda mitad veía que las personas comentaban de forma más positiva. Creo que no podían encontrar el chiste en todas las escenas eróticas, yo la verdad era lo que más me saltaba, menos las de Phop y Nuth porque, joer, cuanto amor había ahí.

    No debo llorar otra vez, no debo llorar otra vez…

    Como decía, no sé si llamarlo un gusto culposo. Es decir, no es la mejor historia, ni las mejores actuaciones Y CARAJO CON ESE FINAL, pero creo que deja un par de enseñanzas. La forma en que el amor se puede dar de formas más inesperadas, el celebrar tu sexualidad.

    No sé si habrá una continuación, no sé si un día deje de estar tan enojada y dolida, tampoco sé si dejaré de repetir UNA Y OTRA VEZ las escenas de Phop y Nuth porque qué carajos con lo bonitos que eran. Tenían comunicación y se amaban.

    Ay ya, ya, perdón. No pensé ver review de esta serie aquí por todo el hate que recibió, pero me alegra que tenga una buena calificación. Merece más amor totalmente, como tú 🥰

  2. Olvidé comentar algo que me han dejado claro Not Me, Twins y Playboyy, ¿qué pasa con los Tailandeses que no hablan de sus gemelos? ¿Es un tabú? ¿Está prohibido? Hahahahaha si sale una cuarta serie con la premisa del gemelo tomando el lugar de su hermano, voy a comenzar con mis teorías de conspiración.

  3. okay, ngl i was a bit skeptical when i first saw the B- rating (by "bit", i mean "B MINUS?????? WHY IS THIS SERIES NOT A D ALREADY")

    but looking at your justification, it makes sense. romance-wise, i LOVED nontprom and aobpeun. they were the best couples out of all of them. oh, i would love to read your nontprom review. i'm not sure if we'll have the same thoughts (because phobnuth was ranked 2nd) but i really want to hear your thoughts!

    plot wise, however, i'm glad we both agree that it SUCKED. come on, the mystery was not i do love your commentary on how this series was risque but for a good reason – it didn't glamorize the sex industry, of which i do appreciate. but i do think that the plot completely spiraling at the end (BTW, THE ENDING???? HELLO??? WHY IS THERE MORE) ruined it for me.

    if we were to have a season 2, i would love to see more nontprom and aobpeun. shell was THE hottest character on the series and i absolutely need more of him.

  4. The premise was interesting and had an acceptable development perhaps until episode 9-10, then it went completely off the rails. One element that I really hated was that although the series made queer sex work visible for the first time or put the spotlight on it, it was that In almost all couples they fall into the "sex worker falls in love with client" cliche even though the group of rich friends are all very despicable people who commit questionable actions especially towards playboys and never face consequences for it while the Playboys are only trophy boyfriends without any type of agency, it is no coincidence that the only couples that generate sympathy are those of Aob/Puen and Phop/Nuth who interact less with the group of evil college twinks

  5. As I watched this show, I had to ask myself if I have a masochistic personality. At the very least I need to wait until these kinds of shows are finished, so I can emotionally prepare myself with all the trigger warnings and knowledge of who lives and dies.

    My feelings towards the couples matched your own. I hoped Phop and Nuth would beat the odds, but I was unsurprised if no less devastated when they did not. At least Aob and Puen remain to comfort us, and they better not be killed if there is a second season or I'll… probably go cry some more.

    As for the overarching show, Playboyy is overly ambitious. There are too many characters, the plot is overly complicated, and the pacing is uneven at best. The NC scenes ranged from beautiful to surreal to laughable. Every aspect of this show needed more time in development. Those criticisms given, I still applaud the show for that ambition. The creators wanted to push the boundaries of sexual frankness, show the harsh reality of sex work, and make strong statements about the effects of class stratification.

    Puen's statement on solidarity also resonated with me. Sadly people in oppressed groups often turn on each other to gain whatever advantage they can, and despite the exaggerated drama, all the underlying issues faces by these sex workers are quite real. Poor young men sell themselves in an attempt to escape poverty, they use drugs to lessen their suffering, and they are often trapped in low income jobs once they age out of the field. The powerful look down on those they exploit despite those powerful persons being the ones who increase the suffering of the sex workers whose bodies they desire.

    Our world would be a much better place if we treated other people like people instead of means to an end. Unfortunately we have a long way to go before that happens. Empathy is an important part of breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect, but how can we best instill that understanding in ourselves and others? I wish I knew, yet perhaps even imperfect shows like Playboyy can be a small step in that process.

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