You're My Sky – Series Review & Ending Explained

You're My Sky is a Thai BL sports drama about student athletes in university.

You're My Sky is a Thai BL sports drama. The main character is a motivated university student who wants to revive his school's ailing basketball team. He encourages his childhood friend to join the squad and pursue his dreams of becoming an athlete. The pair rekindles their close bond as they strive for the championship title.

Although You're My Sky has a rocky start, the series finds a comfortable groove after the first few episodes. It develops into a surprisingly enjoyable drama with an eventful plot, exquisite cinematography, and exhilarating sexual tension. All three BL couples have exciting romantic journeys, taking the viewers through emotional ups and downs.

You're My Sky Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


9 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


Sports drama


You're My Sky is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Torn and Fah are teammates on the same basketball team.

Torn is a university freshman studying sports science. He is excited to attend this school because of a promise made to his childhood friend Fah. Fah taught the younger Torn how to play basketball when they were kids. Torn fell in love with the sport and gained confidence in himself. Afterward, they made a pact to attend the same schools, winning the team championships together.

Unfortunately, Fah lost his motivation to compete as an athlete. Now in his senior year of university, Fah feels discouraged by his school's lacklustre basketball team. There are hardly any resources committed to the unsuccessful squad. They don't even have the budget to hire a decent coach. Plus, Fah is depressed because national basketball clubs haven't scouted him at all. Fah believes his career as an athlete is a failed dream, so he gives up playing basketball.

Upset by Fah's pessimism, Torn is determined to prove him wrong as he revives the school's ailing basketball team. He recruits Coach Big, an assistant coach from Torn and Fah's childhood. The new coach is patient, ambitious, and motivated about whipping his players into shape. Fah is inspired by Torn's enthusiasm and agrees to join the team again. Fah and Torn train together every morning, rekindling their close bond as they strive for the championship title.

Torn's best friend Saen is also excited about attending this school. He harbours a massive crush on Aii, a university senior. Saen has a bold personality and thrives in the spotlight. On orientation day, he expresses his infatuation for Aii in front of the whole campus. However, Aii feels embarrassed by the attention and doesn't reciprocate the same feelings. Their personality clash is apparent in every interaction. Nonetheless, Saen doesn't give up on his object of affection, much to Aii's chagrin.

Fah's friend Dome is part of the school's relay team. They are looking for a fourth member to replace a recently injured runner. Vee, a respected second-year athlete, agrees to join the squad. Since Vee's older sister Pan is dating Dome, the two teammates are naturally friendly from the start. However, Vee and Dome discover their bond goes beyond friendship. The two men wrestle their feelings for each other as the sexual tension mounts between them.

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You're My Sky Cast



Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon (เสือ กฤษณะพงศ์ ศรีภัททิยานนท์)

Torn is portrayed by the Thai actor Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon (เสือ กฤษณะพงศ์ ศรีภัททิยานนท์).

Torn is a university freshman studying sports science. He is childhood friends with Fah, who taught him how to play basketball. Since then, Torn has fallen in love with the sport and follows his older mentor to the same school. Torn is not the best basketball player. However, he is motivated to revive the ailing team and encourage Fah to pursue his dreams again.

Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon

Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon (เสือ กฤษณะพงศ์ ศรีภัททิยานนท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 24, 1998.

Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon (เสือ กฤษณะพงศ์ ศรีภัททิยานนท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 24, 1998. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2020 series, You Never Eat Alone. He is the lead of the 2022 drama, You're My Sky.


Tae Chayapat Kongsub (เต้ ชยพัทธ์ คงทรัพย์)

Fah is portrayed by the Thai actor Tae Chayapat Kongsub (เต้ ชยพัทธ์ คงทรัพย์).

Fah is a university senior who has given up on playing basketball. He feels discouraged by the school's lacklustre team and the lack of career opportunities. However, his childhood friend Torn inspires him to join the squad and chase after his athletic ambitions again. Playfully, Torn gives Fah the nickname "Poker Face" due to his stoic expressions.

Tae Chayapat Kongsub

Tae Chayapat Kongsub (เต้ ชยพัทธ์ คงทรัพย์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 3, 1995.

Tae Chayapat Kongsub (เต้ ชยพัทธ์ คงทรัพย์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 3, 1995. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Y-Destiny. He stars in the 2022 drama, You're My Sky.


Boom Thanut Jiraratchakit (บูม ฐานัตถ์ จิรรัชชกิจ)

Saen is portrayed by the Thai actor Boom Thanut Jiraratchakit (บูม ฐานัตถ์ จิรรัชชกิจ).

Saen is a university freshman and Torn's best friend. He is part of the school's soccer team. Saen has an outgoing personality and thrives on being the centre of attention. He harbours an enormous crush on Aii and lets his feelings known in front of the whole school. Saen comes from a wealthy background and is very close with his family.

Boom Thanut Jiraratchakit

Boom Thanut Jiraratchakit (บูม ฐานัตถ์ จิรรัชชกิจ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 24, 2002.

Boom Thanut Jiraratchakit (บูม ฐานัตถ์ จิรรัชชกิจ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 24, 2002. His first BL project is the 2022 series, You're My Sky.


Jump Kananat Yansukon (จั๊ม คณนาถ ญาณสุคนธ์)

Aii is portrayed by the Thai actor Jump Kananat Yansukon (จั๊ม คณนาถ ญาณสุคนธ์).

Aii is a university senior and good friends with Fah. He is an intelligent and meticulous student aiming for an overseas scholarship opportunity in Japan. Aii feels troubled by Saen's crush on him, especially since they have very different personalities. Unlike Saen, Aii has stern parents and he feels quite distant from his family.

Jump Kananat Yansukon

Jump Kananat Yansukon (จั๊ม คณนาถ ญาณสุคนธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 22, 1998.

Jump Kananat Yansukon (จั๊ม คณนาถ ญาณสุคนธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 22, 1998. His first BL project is the 2022 series, You're My Sky.


Porsche Tanathorn Charoenratanaporn (ปอร์เช่ ธนธรณ์ เจริญรัตนะพร)

Vee is portrayed by the Thai actor Porsche Tanathorn Charoenratanaporn (ปอร์เช่ ธนธรณ์ เจริญรัตนะพร).

Vee is a second-year student and a respected athlete. He joins the school's relay team as a replacement. One of his teammates Dome is dating Vee's older sister Pan. Unbeknownst to her, Vee has developed feelings for Dome. The attraction seems to be mutual. A natural flirt, Vee has a trick of winning over anyone with his dreamy gaze.

Porsche Tanathorn Charoenratanaporn

Porsche Tanathorn Charoenratanaporn (ปอร์เช่ ธนธรณ์ เจริญรัตนะพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 20, 2001.

Porsche Tanathorn Charoenratanaporn (ปอร์เช่ ธนธรณ์ เจริญรัตนะพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 20, 2001. His first BL project is the 2022 series, You're My Sky.


Kris Sakris Strickland (คริส สกฤษฏิ์ สตริคแลนด์)

Dome is portrayed by the Thai actor Kris Sakris Strickland (คริส สกฤษฏิ์ สตริคแลนด์).

Dome is a university senior and part of the school's relay team. His girlfriend is Pan, whose younger brother Vee is Dome's teammate. She is unaware that the two men have bonded very closely behind her back. Dome's first language isn't English and he takes a while to open up to otehrs.

Kris Sakris Strickland

Kris Sakris Strickland (คริส สกฤษฏิ์ สตริคแลนด์) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 26, 2004.

Kris Sakris Strickland (คริส สกฤษฏิ์ สตริคแลนด์) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 26, 2004. His first BL project is the 2022 series, You're My Sky.

Supporting Cast

Coach Tuan is portrayed by Rattanachai Pakdeerat.

Coach Tuan

Rattanachai Pakdeerat

Coach Big is portrayed by Wave Khoo Pei-Cong.

Coach Big

Wave Khoo Pei-Cong

Tupbok is portrayed by Perce Patarakorn Thaveesittikullarp.


Perce Patarakorn Thaveesittikullarp

Pete is portrayed by First Thammarat Janngam.


First Thammarat Janngam

Pan is portrayed by Apple Lapisara Intarasut.


Apple Lapisara Intarasut

Chain is portrayed by Yimkey Kamolwacharathum Suvitayawat.


Yimkey Kamolwacharathum Suvitayawat

Fluke is portrayed by Thanisorn Leethanachai.


Thanisorn Leethanachai

Champ is portrayed by Ohm Suksith Srivivat.


Ohm Suksith Srivivat

Ice is portrayed by Nick Jirakit Pachimasawat.


Nick Jirakit Pachimasawat

Ing is portrayed by Jinny Rinsign Kampeera.


Jinny Rinsign Kampeera

Professor Wirote is Aii's university professor.

Professor Wirote

Vee's teammate is in the relay team with Vee, Pete, and Dome.

Vee's teammate

Cast Highlights

  • Torn's actor (Suar) had a supporting role in the 2020 Thai BL comedy You Never Eat Alone. His character was one of the protagonist's university friends. Suar also appeared in La Pluie (2023) as a part of the secondary couple.
  • Fah's actor (Tae) starred in the 2021 Thai BL anthology series Y-Destiny.
  • Chain's actor (Yimkey) had a supporting role in the 2018 Thai BL drama Together With Me.
  • Coach Big's actor (Wave Khoo) portrayed a gay role in the 2021 Thai series Baker Boys. His character is trying to get back with his ex-boyfriend.
  • The actress portraying Pan (Apple) had a supporting role in the 2021 Thai crime BL drama Golden Blood. She also appeared in the 2019 BL series Dark Blue Kiss and the 2020 BL comedy YYY.

You're My Sky Review


Drama Review Score: 8.1

Torn and Vee share an intimate moment in bed.

You're My Sky is a pleasant surprise and develops into an engaging BL sports drama. However, it doesn't have the best start. The first two episodes were lousy, introducing an unfocused plot and the obnoxious characters disjointedly. I didn't feel inspired by the slow pace, the dull interactions, or the muddled storytelling. After the premiere, I lacked the enthusiasm to continue the rest of the series.

Thankfully, You're My Sky overcomes a dire opening. The series gains momentum around Episode 4 once it moves the storylines in intriguing directions. There's more BL content than previously as the couples heat up their romances. You're My Sky comes to life with revitalized energy, exciting me with an eventful narrative that improves steadily. It might have taken a while for the story to warm up, but I was fully immersed in the gripping drama to the end.

You're My Sky explores the life of an aspiring athlete, depicting the many struggles in an emotional journey. Each subplot covers a relevant topic, from physical injuries to career opportunities. The sports genre isn't my favourite, but the series still appeals to a hesitant fan like me. It conveys universal themes that speak to everybody, such as teamwork, ambition, and pursuing your dreams. Although the story leans into cliches, there are thoughtful and sentimental messages with an uplifting vibe. Like the best sports dramas, You're My Sky feels motivational.

This series features three BL couples, each with a compelling love story. Torn and Fah receive the most focus with plenty of ups and downs. Admittedly, I was more interested in their journeys as athletes than the actual romance. They are an OK pairing with some cute exchanges, but I wouldn't say their chemistry is that remarkable. Nonetheless, they have a multifaceted relationship as childhood friends, teammates, rivals, and lovers. The rich dynamic creates many intriguing scenarios in the narrative.

I like Saen and Aii as a secondary couple, two polar opposites with a scintillating rapport. Saen annoyed me at first, but his vivacious personality won me over just like he did with Aii. The family visit in Episode 6 is a highlight that culminates in a sensational climax. While their interactions are fun, the characters need further development. Give them more material and these two could've stolen the show. As for the third pair, Vee has a juicy love triangle with his sister's boyfriend. This pair shares a sizzling attraction, but the relationship drama dragged on near the end.

You're My Sky is incredibly well-produced. The series carefully considers the best camera placements, lighting positions, and choreographed movements. Their efforts pay off in a significantly polished visual presentation. Watching those basketball matches is a cinematic experience with stunning visuals and breathtaking sequences. In addition, You're My Sky understands how to amplify sexual tension. The intimacy scenes for all three couples are filmed memorably, brimming with seduction and lustful desire.

The acting could be better. While none of the leads are dreadful, there are several awkward moments with stiff expressions or clunky reactions. Vee's performer (Porsche) is decent, a few others are passable, but the rest needs to brush up their skills with on-screen experience. Nonetheless, the cast succeeds in bringing earnestness to this genuine BL drama, which reaches exhilarating emotional heights at the best of times. Although You're My Sky begins rockily, the series is more enjoyable than expected and ends with a positive impression.


Motivational story

You're My Sky is an inspiring BL sports drama that depicts the journey of an aspiring athlete. The story conveys universal themes like teamwork, ambition, and chasing after your dreams.

Compelling romances

The three romances are engaging and help elevate this series. Each pairing has memorable moments with fun interactions and sizzling sexual tension.

Okay acting

Although not dreadful, the young cast is inexperienced and could give better performances. Some expressions and reactions appear stiff or awkward.

Happy ending

You're My Sky has a happy ending after the leads resolve their conflict in a dramatic penultimate episode. The finale is slightly anticlimactic, but it gives adequate closure to all the storylines.

Polished artistry

This series is incredibly well-produced, with polished visuals and thoughtful artistry. The basketball matches are filmed with stunning cinematic flair.


You're My Sky overcomes a lousy first impression and develops into an engaging BL sports drama. The eventful narrative, the thrilling romances, and the gorgeous cinematography are all highlights.

You're My Sky Series Explained


Torn and Fah

Torn and Fah sit on the podium together.

Torn and Fah are childhood friends who share the same ambition. Both aspire to become professional basketball players and compete on a national level. Fah introduced his younger companion to the sport, playing an influential role in shaping Torn's future. Otherwise, Torn would have never discovered his passion for basketball or pursued it as a lifelong dream. Their bond goes beyond friendship. Fah is like his mentor, his role model, and his inspiration.

Torn idolizes Fah and has a crush on him, yet the feelings aren't mutual. Fah doesn't begin the series with romantic notions for his childhood friend. In fact, he underestimates his personal impact on Torn's life. Initially, Fah views him as nothing more than a basketball buddy from his hometown. Their relationship changes once Fah observes how much Torn cares about him. As they spend time together on the basketball team, the line between their friendship and romance becomes increasingly blurred.

The turning point in their relationship probably comes around the time of "Poker Face Fah". Once you send pictures of yourself shirtless and smiling in text messages, you start to give off ~signals~. 😘 It still takes a while for Fah to sort out the confusion and acknowledge his feelings. Do I see him as a friend, a teammate, or a lover? Does he feel the same way about me? Finally, Episode 6 is the emotional climax of their courtship, unleashing a powerful burst of passion between them.

Torn & Fah kiss

Torn and Fah have their first kiss.

Their first kiss is an epic moment, coming at the perfect time in the narrative. Not too soon, not too late, but just the right timing. The leads stand outside where they first meet, a place with thematic significance. They are alone in the middle of the night with electrifying intimacy in the atmosphere. Like always, the cinematography is flawless and produces an elegant ambiance to accentuate the scene.

"How do you feel about me?" Fah asks.

"Why do you want to know?" Torn dodges the question.

"I want to be sure it's not just me," Fah tells Torn nervously. His love declaration has a tinge of vulnerability that adds to the thrilling adrenaline. Here he stands, confessing his love, uncertain if the other person feels the same way. Torn gladly reciprocates his feelings and goes for a memorable first kiss. It's a magical BL moment where all the elements come together, including the majestic soundtrack that heightens the emotions exquisitely.


Fah has given up on his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player.

Unfortunately, Fah faces setbacks in his athletic ambitions. His school's basketball team sucks, reducing his appeal and exposure to talent scouts. Years passed, but Fah didn't receive any opportunities to compete professionally. He takes his lack of success to heart as his goal becomes less and less achievable. Fah's despair reaches a point where he abandons hope and no longer wants to play basketball.

What happens to Fah is a similar experience for many athletes. Professional sports is a competitive field with limited available opportunities. There's one winner, some losers, and the rest who don't even get a chance to compete. Your success isn't based on your skills sometimes, but determined by your resources, teammates, and luck. An aspiring athlete's journey can be frustrating and disheartening, enough to make you doubt yourself.

Torn arrives at the lowest point in Fah's life. His young companion is packed with optimism, energy, and motivation. Previously, Fah lost his spirit after years of defeat. However, Torn successfully rekindles his enthusiasm for basketball. Fah may have never believed in himself without Torn, carrying this regret for life. Thankfully, his childhood friend is there to provide unconditional support, encouraging Fah to chase his dreams again.


You're My Sky progresses happily and predictably for the first eight episodes. The leads persist through their struggles, pulling their ragtag team together to win the championship title. This positive trajectory is pretty standard for any sports drama narrative. However, the series introduces a twist in its final act. Torn suffers every athlete's nightmare when he suddenly becomes injured, putting him out of action for almost a year.

The injury is devastating. Torn's teammates receive incredible career opportunities to audition for a basketball club, and his boyfriend Fah even fulfills his dream of playing sports professionally. Yet, Torn must watch these events unfold from the sidelines. He pretends to feel happy for everyone, but it's a tough pill to swallow. After moving in with Fah, Torn is left alone all the time and stews in his unhealthy thoughts. While Fah works hard doing what he loves, Torn lives in his boyfriend's shadow and becomes self-conscious about his inadequacies.

What Torn needed was a productive way to enrich himself during his injury. He should've taken his mind away from basketball and focused on a new hobby instead. Unfortunately, his inner demons take over and lead him astray. Torn turns to Coach Tuan, who encourages him to be more ruthless. Torn does whatever it takes to catch up to Fah, acting selfish, isolating his team, and playing dirty. Episode 11 is a dark cautionary tale about what happens to athletes on a downtrodden path, overcome with desperation and blind ambition.

Torn's injury

Torn idolizes Coach Tuan after his injury.

Episode 11 is noticeably darker than the rest of the uplifting series, exploring Torn's downward spiral. After the injury, his character's confidence is shaken, feeling depressed, frustrated, and uncertain about the future. Ten months of recovery might not seem that long to us, but the wait is amplified from Torn's point of view. Every day is a lost opportunity to train, improve, and compete as an athlete. 

Torn struggles with his fragile emotional state, made worse by Fah's glaring absence. Instead of supporting his injured boyfriend, Fah is preoccupied with playing basketball. Understandably, he puts in many hours of practice to capitalize on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go pro. However, he neglects and alienates Torn in the process. The loneliness becomes so dire that Torn chooses to move out and live with Saen instead.

"I can't go to practice. My leg still hurts. Living with Saen, at least there's someone to talk to." Torn explains to his boyfriend. It's a cry for help if you read between the lines, but Fah doesn't get the hint. The final straw is when Torn overhears a conversation that Fah might break up with him, a hurtful sentiment with or without the context. Torn has already lost his ability to play basketball, and now his boyfriend wants to dump him too. That exchange pushes Torn to the edge, driving him to follow Coach Tuan's dangerous doctrine.

Coach Tuan

Coach Tuan is the villain of You're My Sky.

Coach Tuan is the villain of You're My Sky, representing a cutthroat mindset in competitive sports. He prioritizes self-interest over collaboration. His coaching style is based on aggression and exploitation. "Not everybody agrees with me. I'm teaching children to be selfish," Coach Tuan confesses. Begrudgingly, he must be doing something right, producing many victories throughout his career. 

As much as we want to believe teamwork makes the dream work, individual performance is essential for succeeding in sports. The harsh reality is that you can't win first place if you suck. So, there is some merit to Coach Tuan's mentoring style. He teaches his players to focus on improving themselves while the coach handles synchronizing the team. In other words, don't worry about others and just concentrate on yourself.

However, Coach Tuan takes this egocentric mentality to an extreme. He encourages his star players to be cruel, vicious, and predatory. He also doesn't mind breaking the rules if it secures him the win. While others disapprove of making fouls, Coach Tuan relies on these dirty tricks to get ahead. His character's views are warped, devoid of decency or sensibility. Evidently, he isn't the best role model.

Torn vs Fah

Fah gives Torn a hug after the match.

Coach Tuan misguides Torn, distorting his priorities. Driven by depression and desperation, Torn gives a disgraceful performance in the penultimate episode. He alienates his teammates and makes everyone resent him. Also, he falls for Chain's provocations and loses his temper in the match. As his reckless behaviour escalates, Torn lashes out at Fah, accidentally smacks his ex-boyfriend, and gives him a bloody lip.

Our protagonist breaks down afterward, having reached his lowest point. Hurting Fah is a wake-up call, bringing out the Torn's repressed conscience since training under his new coach. However, we can't completely blame Coach Tuan or anybody else for causing Torn's downfall. Coach Tuan might be an irresponsible mentor. Likewise, Fah is guilty of being an unsupportive boyfriend. Nonetheless, Torn is responsible for his own actions. It's his choice to go berserk, lose composure, and treat everyone like a jackass. The accountability falls on Torn.

Thankfully, Torn sees the errors of his ways by the end of the episode. Torn doesn't like the selfish, ruthless person that he has become. He cries, reconciles with Fah, and rejects Coach Tuan's invitation to join his team. His character might have fallen to rock bottom, but he's picking himself up and choosing the right path this time. As Torn and Fah give their relationship another go, they gain the conviction to support their loved ones more. They remind themselves of their love for each other, promising to do better.


Fluke is a trans basketball player.

Before we close the basketball chapter of the narrative, I want to highlight Torn and Fah's teammate Fluke. You're My Sky deserves kudos for its inclusiveness towards trans athletes. Fluke might be a minor role and doesn't have much prominence in the plot. Nonetheless, she is treated with dignity and sensitivity in every scene. 

I love what the series does with her character. Fluke is welcomed on the basketball team regardless of her gender identity. She has integrated exceptionally well with her teammates, befriending everybody. She is an equal and ordinary player, even when they are selecting dormitory beds.

Yet, You're My Sky takes care to highlight her unique experiences. Fluke's speech in Episode 9 is commendable, conveying an insightful and sentimental statement on the journey of LGBT athletes. "I am who I am," Fluke says with a self-assured smile. Her character provides positive representation, very welcomed in the BL landscape.

Saen and Aii

Saen and Aii kiss in the finale.

I love Saen and Aii as a couple. However, Saen annoyed me in the early episodes with his childish behaviour. I understand why Aii feels turned off by him. Aii is trying to take his studies seriously, but this shameless guy enrolls in his class to hit on him. Fortunately, Saen curbs his obnoxiousness and shows a sweet side to his happy-go-lucky personality. There's more nuance to him than just the cheeky flirting. Like Aii, I start warming to Saen despite a lousy first impression.

Episode 6 is an excellent showcase of their romance. Saen surprises Aii with a visit to his grandma for their first date, which is actually adorable instead of awkward. We discover Saen is close with his family. He oozes warmth and genuineness around his grandmother, clearly comfortable in his environment. Saen is on his best behaviour, and you can tell it wins him points with Aii. Looking past the silly antics, this guy is rich, hot, and smitten with you. The bottom line? Saen is a catch.

Saen and Aii's storyline shares similar themes to Torn & Fah, except on a smaller scale and with a different flavour. Their central conflict is that Aii wants to study in Japan, but he doubts whether a long-distance relationship is feasible. We see Aii struggle between prioritizing his dream and his romance, unsure how to commit to both. He almost forefeits his scholarship to stay with Saen until his boyfriend talks him out of it. Eventually, the couple finds a compromise. Aii lives out his dreams and still has a cute boyfriend simultaneously, enjoying the best of both worlds!

Vee and Dome

Vee massages Dome's injured leg.

Surprisingly, I don't hate the Vee and Dome storyline. Cheating with your sister's boyfriend seems like a recipe for disaster, so I expected many infuriating scenes. Yet, I was kinda into the juicy soap opera subplot and giggled nervously at the inappropriate encounters. I know what they're doing is wrong, but I'm curious how their messy relationship drama will pan out. It's like watching an inevitable trainwreck, except you don't know when it's gonna crash.

You're My Sky understands the assignment. If you're going to do a cheating storyline, make it hot. The appeal of this couple isn't their emotional connection. Instead, the series emphasizes their physicality, highlighting the many tactile interactions. Dome and Vee always find excuses to touch each other, from stretching exercises to healing an injury precariously close to the groin. Their exchanges are increasingly intimate, with the sexual tension at a sizzling high.

The optics are also stimulating on purpose. Here are these two horny jocks, dressed in their short shorts and stretching out their long legs. It's easy to let your imagination run wild every time the characters are alone. As they rub their bodies and gaze into each other's eyes, there's a thrilling excitement in the atmosphere. Even the background music is heightened, amplifying the tension. You're My Sky knows how to milk the juicy eroticism between Vee and Dome.

Dome and Pan

Dome is dating Vee's sister Pan.

Pan doesn't have a significant presence in the series. She's barely in the story, especially around the beginning. You're My Sky deliberately doesn't develop the female love interest. She's out of the picture and out of our minds. It's easy to forget the girlfriend even exists, which alleviates our guilty conscience from enjoying the adultery.

With that said, Pan's absence in the story doesn't make Dome and Vee's actions any less sinister. What Dome does to his girlfriend is unforgivable. You're dating this girl, but you go behind her back to flirt with her brother instead. That is a dirtbag move. Either keep your hands off her sibling or break up with her before doing anything else. Dome is an unfaithful love rat who tries macking on both family members like a two-in-one combo. His character is sleazy as hell.

Eventually, Dome and Pan end their romance. She sees her ex-boyfriend and brother kissing, but that scandalous moment happens after the breakup. There's some grey area on Dome's culpability. He developed feelings for Vee and came close to being intimate with him. However, they didn't technically overstep their physical boundaries while he was still dating Pan. There could be an argument on whether Dome crossed the line or not, but I won't be the one to debate this issue. My opinion of Dome is that I find him scummy and Pan dodged a bullet when they broke up.

Vee's guilt

Vee hyperventilates after the relay race.

Notably, Vee and Dome don't become a couple at the end of the series. Although they share a passionate kiss in Episode 10, their romance never moves beyond that point. Dome wants them to be together. This guy exhibits no shame, eager to jump into a relationship with his ex-girlfriend's brother. Basically, Dome's response to his breakup is, "Hooray, now we can slut it up in the open! 🥳"

Yet, Vee is overcome with remorse about betraying his sister. After the relay race, he suffers from a terrifying panic attack, aggravated by his conscience. The guilt never goes away, not even in the finale. Pan has found a new boyfriend and moved on from her heartbreak. Nonetheless, Vee still wouldn't initiate anything with Dome. Although Dome claims he'll wait for Vee to change his mind, the door of possibility remains closed for now. 

I like that You're My Sky doesn't give us a happy ending with Vee and Dome. To be honest, they don't deserve one. I might like their sexual chemistry, but I don't ship these two cheaters as a couple. While Dome shows zero redemption, I appreciate Vee's penance. After messing up, he feels terribly guilty and commits to permanent boundaries with Dome. To me, that shows conviction. He comes out of this series as a better person who learned from his mistakes. Vee's character growth is more significant for me than any shoehorned romantic ending at the last minute. 

You're My Sky Episodes

Episode Guide

Vee and Dome train together on the relay team.

You're My Sky has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 9 hours. You're My Sky started airing on January 8, 2022 and finished on March 26, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
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Happy ending

Torn and Fah take a graduation photo together.

You're My Sky has a happy ending for the leads, although they already resolved their conflict in the previous episode. Fah and Torn move back in together as they commit to communicating more. Torn also apologizes to his teammates and wants to win another championship title with them next year. In addition, he receives a recruitment opportunity from a basketball club, signifying his healthy career prospects. Even if Torn and Fah might play in different teams, they promise to support each other's dreams.

Fah and his friends graduate in the final episode. Aii returns from Japan to attend the graduation. Aii's visit is a surprise for his boyfriend Saen, highlighting the playful spontaneity between the long-distance couple. Later, Saen plans his own surprise for his boyfriend. He bought plane tickets to Japan and will spend the school break with Aii. The delighted couple exchanges "I love you" to each other, with their relationship stronger than ever.

Pan has found a new boyfriend and gotten over her heartbreak. She notices her brother is still moping around and encourages Vee to sort out his feelings with Dome. They speak privately at graduation, and both characters affirm they still have the same feelings for each other. Nonetheless, Vee won't commit to a romance with Dome at the moment. His response is simply, "I don't know." Dome tells him that he'll continue to wait until Vee changes his mind. Their relationship status is left uncertain as the series ends.

You're My Sky Special

You're My Sky Information

World Y Entertainment

World Y Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that made the 2022 series You're My Sky.

World Y Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that made the 2022 series You're My Sky. It is their first BL project as a company.

  1. Just finish the whole You're my sky in one day. Must say, everyone is missing out in this gem. You provide so much in dept of this series. Love it.

  2. Thanks for another great review, BLW. Usually I avoid sports stories, but your positive review of this series convinced me to check it out — and I'm glad I did. There’s much to like about this series – much that distinguishes it from other school-based BL narratives.

    1. Tranquility. This is a quiet series that does not rely on violence or unnecessary chaos for sustenance. The writers are able to create drama without tragedy, illustrating that even the most banal twists and turns in a young person’s life are sufficient grist for good storytelling.

    2. Dialogue. Although the script has its share of clichés, most of the dialogue is at a much higher level than what we have come to expect from the genre. Conversations among characters are rational and enlightening. The plot unfolds slowly, but not too slowly, and I felt engaged throughout all twelve episodes.

    3. Kindness. It’s hard not to root for the six main characters. All are likable, though imperfect, and any remotely sympathetic viewer who has managed to survive his teens and 20s will find his heart reaching out to these ever-striving, well-intentioned lads.

  3. I am a huge sportfan so this was just up my ally ❤️❤️❤️ and i love so much about this espesially Torn ❣️ loved him.

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